Poetry With A Mission

...a thought provoking poetical exercise.


Mind That Dog

I, (like you perhaps), am fond of dogs, even though I do not have one,
They’re wonderful pets, great company, even protective, lots of fun.
But unless they’re well trained, and their owners thoughtful, dogs can cause upset,
In other words, irritate or frighten others, who’ll resent your pet.

Therefore, when folk visit, keep your dog away from them, (unless they don’t mind),
For such is the behaviour of owners who’re more thoughtful and refined.
Such people won’t let their dog rush the door, jump all over folk, bark away,
For they’re owners who have good manners, and disciplined pets that obey.

Should they visit someone, they keep their dog in their car, or leave it at home,
Not letting their uninvited pet unceremoniously roam,
Nor letting it leave little parcels scattered over one’s property,
(And nor for that matter, up and down streets, fouling one’s town or city).

Such owners are well aware that some aren’t keen on dogs and will shy away,
So they act appropriately, sensitively, and keep their dog at bay.
And when it comes to hygiene, they don’t stroke their pet and then handle food,
For they’re well aware of the health risks, and also have the right attitude.

I’m fond of dogs, but they have their time and place, (which owners need to face),
And, let me add, dogs shouldn’t be selfishly confined to some little space.
By selfish I mean, for one’s gratification, for dogs one shouldn’t own
If most of the day they’re claustrophobically confined, left alone.

Far too many who don’t have the time or space that’s required for such pets
Thoughtlessly purchase one, and wonder why its constant barking upsets.
Such is irresponsible and cruel, and genuine love doesn’t display,
For if they truly cared, they’d go without, rather than treat a dog that way.

Yes, mind that dog, lest you cause upset, or cause misery for your pet,
And you — an unpleasant reaction from someone — invariably get.
And when it comes to hygiene, bear such in mind also, otherwise
Insidious consequences for both you and others may arise.

By Lance Landall