Poetry With A Mission

...a thought provoking poetical exercise.


Nature's Jewellery

Flowers may well win prizes, but sitting in a home they're best,
For there they prove a blessing, and thus there, should more often rest.
Although they’re Nature’s jewellery, adorning this world we’re in,
They also sooth and calm when inside, much like good medicine.

They’re so colourful and cheery, and attractive to the eye,
Thus Earth would be more dreary if flowers didn’t beautify.
And though some take them for granted, and hardly notice that they’re there,
They would very soon awaken should all flowers disappear.

Oh yes, I’d rather have flowers than material treasure,
Given that Nature’s sweet bounties give one far greater pleasure.
So give me gardens I can view as through life I make my way,
For every diamond or pearl nature’s jewellery will outweigh.

Yes, no plastered-cum-painted face, nor some jewel bedecked body,
Can out-do Nature’s striking yet humble natural beauty.
Be such those flowers I’ve mentioned, some breathtaking scenery,
That star studded sky or sunset-cum-far greater finery. 

By Lance Landall