Poetry With A Mission

...a thought provoking poetical exercise.


Of Course We Should Judge!

“ ‘Do not judge according to appearances, but judge with
righteous judgment’ ” (John 7:24, NKJV).

If someone says, “You’ve no right to judge me,” they may actually be incorrect,
For there’s judging and there’s judging, something on which we need to carefully reflect.
Generally, judging is just evaluating any given situation,
Which is something that we’ve cause to do each day, for much needs close examination.

And then, once weighed, we make our judgment call, which is perfectly acceptable,
For anyone who doesn’t act this way is clearly very irresponsible.
Everyone needs to weigh the behaviour of others, lest that behaviour lead astray,
And also what others, or any source of information, might somehow convey.

Only foolish folk don’t carefully consider what they have been told, heard, or read,
For at the end of the day, that’s why we have a brain positioned within our head.
A brain where knowledge and experience should be regularly stored and employed,
For how else can we much pain, misery, heartache, or material loss avoid?

Only foolish folk don’t weigh the actions of others, whatever those actions be,
For there are so many folk acting incorrectly, selfishly and foolishly.
Thus, I wouldn’t get too caught up on that “You’ve no right to judge me” mentality,
For often the ones who say such, don’t want to accept they’re acting injuriously.

As far as Christians go, warning a straying brother or sister is their duty;
This may mean pointing out another’s wrong, which is hardly acting judgmentally.
Those who do act judgmentally have a critical spirit, and act self-righteously,
They’re somewhat obsessed with fault finding, have a ‘holier than thou’ attitude, sadly.

The long and short of all this is, that we can judge, but we should judge appropriately,
Not hypocritically, unjustly, carelessly, thoughtlessly, arrogantly.
It’s only this latter judging that God condemns, not rightful judging, which makes sense,
For ignoring any indulgent destructive sin is surely a bigger offence.

By not confronting offenders, we deny them the opportunity to learn,
Which later could be to their detriment, and which could see us God’s displeasure earn.
“Don’t judge me” comments are rooted in relativism, a humanistic tenet,
A tenet that with Scripture, loving concern, and plain common sense, just doesn’t fit.

Anyone who says that we shouldn’t judge others is not in touch with reality,
Or they’ve not defined the context in which their statement may have some validity.
It’s simply not possible to live our life without making judgment calls, so,
Let’s be sensible, and the “You’ve no right to judge me” mentality, quickly outgrow.

Tell me, who gets married without making a judgment call?
Shouldn’t judge?
Of course we should judge!

By Lance Landall

“...And I [Paul] have already passed judgment on the one who did this…” (1 Cor 5:3, NIV).

“ ‘And why do you not even on your own initiative judge what is right?’ ” (Luke 12:57, NASB).

“ ‘You hypocrite, first take the log out of your own eye, AND THEN you will see clearly
to TAKE the speck out of your brother's eye’ ” (Matt 7:5, ESV).

"If your brother sins against you, go and tell him his fault..." (Matt 18:17, ESV).

"Pay attention to yourselves! If your brother sins, rebuke him, and if he repents, forgive him..."
(Matt 17:3, ESV).

Regarding tolerance:

We can’t “tolerate” other folk unless we disagree with them. Or to put it another way, we don’t “tolerate” those who share the same views as us. In other words, we don’t “tolerate” something that we accept or are plain indifferent towards, and the reason why is, because it requires nothing of us.
Tolerance is something that’s reserved for those whom we consider wrong. Tolerance, (by definition), implies disagreement or dislike. Given that tolerance requires a disagreement and an initial objection, it surely follows that the least tolerant person is the one who accepts everything. Why? Because such people aren’t required to overcome any internal objections. Hence why much that masquerades as tolerance today is hardly genuine tolerance at all, but rather, cowardice — yes, such folk frightened of becoming unpopular in the eyes of our relativistic culture. In the context of church discipline, many so-called tolerant memberships that fail to discipline erring members, simply betray their impotence or lack of backbone.

Regarding even more on judging, see my page Regarding Judging Others which is in my
secular section, purple button.

2.  Too Afraid To Say

Christians should never be afraid of saying what God wants said, and besides, such is their God given duty,
And even more so where they’ve been entrusted with a leadership role within the Church — and this, quite clearly —
For those who lead, direct, and instruct the flock, do so on God’s behalf, who wants nothing smoothed or diluted,
And nothing left out, but presented boldly, no matter how much such is disliked, or even refuted.

“But some young person may stop coming to church because of such,” the people pleasing Laodiceans say,
Or those who’re genuinely mistaken, they oft having been convinced by those who certain things wrongly weigh.
For what about those who stray because of what isn’t said? — and possibly to their eternal damnation,
And all because of those who’re effectively more concerned with someone’s feelings rather than their salvation.

To mind this or that, would see so much never mentioned, and thus, the pastor and watchman gagged, effectively,
Which is what Satan wants, for such leaves folk to snooze and play, hampers revival, laughs at accountability.
Yes, for where there’s no stomach for the straight word, there’s usually little desire for church discipline as well,
And why within most churches today, anything and everything is going down — a tragic parallel. 

For God’s people have been there before — remember ancient Israel? — they bucking the straight word-cum-God’s will too,
And then enter the half converted in Constantine’s day, Christianity being the ‘in thing’ to pursue.
And it’s no different today, thanks to that rebellious, worldly, self pleasing, easy street lineage;
One that prefers Aaron type leaders who coo and cuddle, and that the holy and unholy seeks to bridge.

In fact, if ever there were a time for pulpit thumping preachers, it’s today, for things are in a bad way,
And the very reason being — that those things that need saying — frightened, weak and erring leaders are loath to say.
Hence God makes it clear what He thinks of those who save their own skin, they betrayers of Him, effectively,
For the hour of His judgment has come, and why all that needs saying must be said, and without apology.

And another thing: What about those who stop coming to church due to what they see as wrong introductions,
Such as certain contemporary worship styles and music-cum-drums, or clowns and dramatic productions?
And bearing in mind that a church wasn’t designed as an entertainment centre, social club, nor hospital,
But as a house of prayer, instruction and study — the focus on God, not us — for there, such is God’s will.


It seems we’re oft too concerned over what we shouldn’t be, and not concerned enough over what we should be,
Our focus more on ourselves, or the pleasing of others, rather than on acting rightly and faithfully.
And since when has the straight word hurt anyone? — other than when such has been conveyed pharisaically,
And even then, if it’s truth it’s truth, which only a fool ignores, but what’s right we’re to do, and willingly.

Yes, say whatever's needed, and say it straight, but with tears in your voice, love in your eyes, and Christ in your heart.

By Lance Landall

“Then I saw another angel flying in midair, and he had the eternal gospel to proclaim to those who live on the earth — to every nation, tribe, language and people. He said in a loud voice, “Fear God and give Him glory, because the hour of His judgment has come. Worship Him who made the heavens, the earth, the sea and the springs of water” (Rev 14:6,7, NIV).

"Also, I set watchmen over you, saying, 'Listen to the sound of the trumpet!' But they said, 'We will not listen.' " (Jer 6:17, NKJV)

"For the time will come when men will not put up with sound doctrine. Instead, to suit their own desires, they will gather around them a great number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear. They will turn their ears away from the truth and turn aside to myths" (2 Tim 4:3,4, NIV).

"For am I now seeking the approval of man, or of God? Or am I trying to please man? If I were still trying to please man, I would not be a sevant of Christ" (Galatians 1:10, ESV).

"All scripture is God breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness, so that the man of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good work" (2 Tim 3:16,17, NIV).

"Pay attention to yourselves! If your brother sins, rebuke him, and if he repents, forgive him..." (Matt 17:3, ESV).

"It is a poor sermon that gives no offense; that neither makes the hearer displeased with himself nor with the preacher"
George Whitefield (1714-1770)

3.  His Mouthpiece

Yes, I could keep quiet and just focus on being nice, seldom disagree,
Saying nothing that would upset, nothing that would have people dislike me.
In other words, be a people pleaser, pleasing everyone, everywhere,
But when I read the Holy Word of God, there’s no instruction like that there.

Rather, it tells me there’s a time and place, a time to rebuke and correct,
And also times when and where certain behaviour one should rightly expect.
In fact, my failing to warn a straying one could see God displeased with me,
And that’s the last thing I want, nor another lost for all eternity.

I’ve a duty, for things aren’t getting better, and most are afraid to speak,
And a life of obedience many now no longer uphold or seek.
It seems that grace is all they talk about, seldom referring to God’s will,
And rather than His Word, it’s mans’ word and ways I’m seeing them fulfil.

As God’s Word enlightens me, so must I enlighten all within my sphere,
And such I can do, not just by my example, but with Scripture I share.
Though my conduct should be a sermon, God wants me to be His mouthpiece too,
For words and deeds go together, and where one’s right with God, they always do.

By Lance Landall

4.  They're Not Being Judgmental

When you’re doing something that God has said “No” to, and someone reminds you so,
They’re not being judgmental, but stating what you as a Christian should surely know,
For it’s the duty of every Christian, and surely their heartfelt desire too,
To familiarize them self with God’s Word-cum-what they should and shouldn’t do.

Such being why that defensive “You shouldn’t judge me!” is far too oft occurring,
As there’s nothing judgmental about reminding the erring that they’re erring.
And such also being a Christian’s duty, though surely the act of one who cares,
And thus that same concern that Jesus has, lovingly and courageously shares.

Yes, it’s true that some folk remind too often, or remind rather gratingly,
But that doesn't make them judgmental, just more an irritation, quite frankly.
However, some people seem to need reminding a few times — yes, quite a few —
Given that that kind warning that could spare them much pain just isn’t getting through.

The reality is that sin can cost us, both now and eternity wise,
Hence why we should listen carefully to warnings, and those words of wisdom prize.
Yes, we realizing that when it comes to such people, they’re not being judgmental,
And that warnings can come in stages, the steps of folly oft incremental.

By Lance Landall

5.  Such Isn't Always Gossip

There are those who accuse you of gossip the moment you talk about someone behind their back,
But is such always gossip, (or as some say, an underhand or malicious verbal attack)?
Well, here I’d like to argue that such isn’t always gossip, (though spoken behind someone’s back),
But rather, an unpleasant necessity, and thus not thoughtless idle words, nor some cruel attack.

You see, the truth is, that there’re times when it’s prudent and needful to ask questions about someone,
And given that the horse’s mouth doesn’t always tell the truth, and why to others, folk oft run,
Particularly where important matters are concerned, or where one suspects skulduggery,
And surely we’ve all heard about discretion, things it’s better folk don’t know — we shielding thoughtfully.

So what’s actually gossip then? Well, such is when people simply enjoy blabbing idly,
They thus sharing what they don’t need to, but want to, or they asking questions that are plain nosy.
Or they tuning into what others shouldn’t convey about someone, their ears all too ready,
And they then passing that unnecessary information along — such rumours, frequently.

Yes, something that’s oft not true, or that’s only half so, certain facts missing, added or altered;
In other words, pointless, thoughtless, unkind, harmful-cum-evil comments that should’ve been halted.
Not something said or asked that had validity, a sound reason behind it, and hence okay,
For there’s certainly a time and place, and such not gossip, but oft the avoidance of foul play.

Therefore, when we talk about someone behind their back, such isn’t always gossip, and nor wrong,
Despite us quickly shelving some discreet conversation when that very person comes along.
And such sometimes even displaying a tender regard, or common sense where there’s real concern;
Such chats oft being the only way that necessary things we learn; though what we don’t know can burn.

Yes, our talking behind someone’s back oft being for their benefit, not just our own benefit,
The latter made more necessary when certain things someone says don’t gel, and uneasy sit.
And why people need to be careful what they label gossip, lest they accuse someone falsely
Whose intentions are worthy, and they weighing wisely what they sought out of some necessity.

By Lance Landall

This poem is also found in my secular section.

The following poem is a take on Las Vegas.

6.  Earth Vegas

Earth Vegas, the only one of its kind in the universe, Satan’s headquarters, recruitment centre, and,
The home of fantasy, fiction, falsehood, craftiness, deception, illusion-cum-devilish sleight of hand.
Yes, Earth Vegas, where everything’s at your finger tips, and where we
Satan's cohorts eagerly await your call,
If you'll just dial — 0800 Forfeit Life — where you can then gamble away eternity, see it all.

And indeed you will, for midst the most attractive and sophisticated surroundings, so much will beguile,
For here on Earth Vegas we have the lot, everything for the discerning sinner, so please, come stay awhile.
Yes, we have anything and everything, vice and lust our specialty, for we’re so in tune with fallen man,
Who, via partaking of our services, thus ensures the furthering of what we initially began.

And lest I forget, we welcome Christians, many already members — and in fact, even helping us out,
For most of them are adept at merging this with that, thereby increasing our sales, territory and clout.
So don’t hold back — and, let me add, some of them are a part of our team, even thanking God for their success,
All of which fits in nicely, for such is like a seal of approval, though quite ironic, I must confess.

Yes, you’re sure to love Earth Vegas, unless such isn’t your thing, though we do our best to convince otherwise,
Hence those slick ads where sin is airbrushed and coloured to suit-cum-anything but the truth — in other words, lies.
After all, some would see us coming, and we might lose customers, the very last thing that we’d want to see,
For our narcistic boss delights in numbers, and if he had his way, he'd take in all of humanity.

In fact, that’s why he’s very interested in gaining Christians, though very hostile to some, I must say,
They being, those who’re opposed to Earth Vegas, and who accuse our boss of foul play, (though not so many today).
And hence why Satan's on their tail, midst collecting those other Christians who’re not so concerned, and thus easy meat,
They being the bulk, and more in tune with us and our aspirations — yes, lovers of pleasure-cum-Easy Street.

And that’s where we come in, only too happy to oblige, though some aren’t too happy with the way things turn out,
And they then badmouthing us, turning to Christ, or back to Him — and that we’re just frauds, having the cheek to shout.
Well, you can’t win them all, I say, though we do our best, and seriously hassle those who give us bad press,
Particularly those who’ve shunned Earth Vegas, annoyingly kitted out in their spiritual battledress.

Meantime, we’re upping the razzle-dazzle, giving our customers everything they want, and seeking new ones,
For we don’t want anyone going elsewhere, and thereby, receiving anything that’s labelled “The Son’s.”
Such is in opposition to our thrust, and why regarding such, we keep folk in the dark, naturally,
For Earth Vegas is all about fun, (self), living for the day, not about joy and peace, (others),  eternity.

By Lance Landall

7.  God Hasn't Changed

No, God hasn’t changed one single bit, hence why His expectations and desires are the same,
And hence His judgment, for there’s no Heaven for the rebellious, nor for those who their God shame.
Unless they repent of course, having not died before doing so, and hence that need for care,
For God’s no fool, and that He has His demarcation lines, and coming hour, is very clear.

And hence why obedience still figures highly in His Book, and yes, reverence also,
For He’s still a Holy God, the ruler of the universe, who’s observing all below.
And although He extends His grace to all, it’s not for those who want to continue sinning,
For once we have accepted Christ as our Lord and Saviour, such is purely the beginning.

From there on, via the Spirit’s empowering, and thus in God’s strength, we’re to do what is right,
That is, we’re to emulate our Saviour, but willingly so, shedding darkness for the light.
Thus, with truth, law, love, respect and reverence
combining, we show God’s unchangeableness,
That is, we witness to His will and ways, His character, His majesty and holiness.

Yes, God hasn’t changed one single bit, for though only grace saves, obedience has its place,
And reverence also, no less than was expected before, and as if we’re face to face.
Thus, in our worship of Him, and in our daily living, we must always keep this in mind,
For culture and time have no bearing — hence why it’s Him, and not man, that we get in behind.

Yes, regardless of the man, his position,
commission, mission, or proposition.

By Lance Landall

"Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever" (Heb 13:8, ESV).

"Whatever is good and perfect comes down to us from God our Father, who created all the lights in the heavens. He never changes or casts a shifting shadow" (James 1:17, NLT).

8.  There's Something About Sin

Yes, there’s something about sin, something that appeals to sinners, but that never once appealed to our Saviour,
And hence our disturbing love affair with the realm of darkness
— yes, our selfish and rebellious behaviour.
Well, there’s always a price for foolishness, and where the realm of darkness is concerned, that price is high indeed,
Hence why Christ seeks to deter us from entering that land of lies and demons, hoping that we’ll heed His plead.

Yes, there’s something about sin, something that appeals to fallen humanity, and that meaning
, you and me,
Which even sees us erecting tents in our enemy’s territory, and despite the great controversy.
And though hard to believe, even fraternising with our enemy, learning his language, habits and ways-
-Cum-Satan’s snares, evil and falsehood; which thereby, dishonours and betrays the Son of God, and Him dismays.

It’s as if the promise of eternity isn’t enough, and nor the terrible cost of Calvary,
Given that sin still has us in its grip, and we, hardly protesting, strangely addicted to slavery.
Yes, loving the ride, though a rollercoaster about to come off its track, scattering its besotted load,
Who, the seeds of their tragic and eternal fate — little by little, or liberally — foolishly sowed.

Yes, worse than the ignorant Egyptians, worse than the privileged Israelites, for we’ve hindsight on our side,
That is, we’ve the benefit of history, the Word of God, and these days, can see the high incoming tide.
And yet, despite all the warning signs, here we are, cavorting with Philistines, daring to say we’re Christians,
Foot loose and fancy free in the serpent’s territory, whilst shelving God’s will and heavenly disciplines.

Yes, there’s something about sin, something that appeals more where one’s less in tune with God, less au fait with the Word,
(Alias the straight and narrow), and where the broad way and disguised demonic enticements seem more preferred.
And where the love of God, and the shocking cost of Calvary are not appreciated like they should be,
Such falling victim to the desires of the flesh, and deceiving spirits, who, weakness size up eagerly.

Yes, there’s something about sin, something that lures whilst corrupting, harming and endangering — the latter being:
One’s salvation, for grace only covers sinners, not the rebellious, which many folk clearly aren’t seeing.
And as a sad consequence, thinking that they can have a dollar each way, the biggest deception of all,
For those who think and act so, are bound to perish forever, and meantime, into the snares of Satan fall.

Well, there’s no doubt that we’re fallen creatures, and that as a sad consequence of such, there’s something about sin,
But yielding is quite another thing, and so too, the degree of that “something about sin” that lies within.
And hence why I pray that that “something about sin” will wane with time, and one soon day cease to appeal at all,
For I long to spend eternity with Christ — and you, whom He died for too, if you’ll only but heed His call.

By Lance Landall

9.  Little By Little

Yes, little by little, and next we’re there, and too often paid up members, our conscience no longer pricking,
But rather — those things that we once clearly acknowledged and understood as sins — vigorously defending.
At one time considered wrong — next, as something minor — and then, simply as not worth considering at all,
And us, soon unaware of how far we’ve fallen — and incredibly, delighting in what once would appal.

It’s funny how we arrive at such, having been in possession of the truth of such, but oh, no longer,
And don’t we think we’re smart, having worked it all out, such now not something over which we consider we err.
Yes, signed, sealed and delivered — a done deal — no longer shackled by what’s now seen as a legalistic trifle,
And merrily heading in a new direction, one that leads to what many often refer to as Hell.

There are those who dive straight into the deep end, but for many of us, its that little by little affair,
Just like nibbling at a cookie until its all eaten, and we, no longer feeling guilt, or godly fear.
A bite here, a bite there, so unlike Daniel who wouldn’t give an inch to Satan, and nor should we as well,
Remembering that it was only one bite that saw sin enter this world, and then, the ranks of sinners swell.

Yes, little by little, a bit here, a bit there — little bites that soon become mouthfuls we’re bound to choke on,
For Satan’s cookies are not only unhealthy, but can jam on the way down, and the next minute we’re gone.
That being forever, us having no further opportunity to repent, courtesy of the devil,
Who eagerly watches all those little steps we take, and over each eternal loss, is seen to revel.

Thus, its time we wiped that grin off his face!

By Lance Landall

10.  When It Feels We're Acting Unchristian

As a Christian, we may have to take a course of action that seems unchristian,
Somebody’s behaviour having been unacceptable, or having worn thin.
And so, we distancing ourselves, even cutting ties, but feeling terrible,
Despite such steps being necessary due to their wrongfulness or some ill.

Perhaps they’ve been an abusive spouse, an ex-boyfriend who just won't accept, “No,”
And one having to take firm steps, and as for the former, pack ones bags and go.
Yes, we not acting like fools, nor aiding their folly, but acting like Jesus,
Who, though a loving and faithful God, may one day say, “Depart from Me,” to Us,

Should we too, perilously act up, thereby provoking those words from Jesus.

By Lance Landall


11.  Are You Breaking Your Father’s Heart?

Just as God’s heart is broken, so too the hearts of many earthly fathers, who,
Though warning too, can only sit and watch as Satan drags their children from view.
The battle not so much against flesh and blood, but that satanic realm of ill,
Where many intoxicated Christian young people are on their way to hell.

Strong words? Well, dire situation, God-fearing fathers oft up against the wall,
Just as child after child has been removed from their Saviour ever since the Fall.
Be such via unconverted partners or those lusts and amusements that beckon,
And why Satan has a paedophile-like interest in young Christians, I reckon.

Yes, can’t keep his grubby hands off them, he luring, abusing and destroying,
And why certain things many youngsters should no better than to be enjoying.
But no, what do their fathers know, and so much for their heavenly Father too,
Who, just like those earthly fathers, but via His Word, also said, “Such don’t pursue.”

So where are many of those children now? Dead and lost, or seriously harmed,
Seriously hurting, and all because they were not spiritually armed.
And thus they easy pickings, their heavenly Father’s battle gear discarded,
Their earthly father’s dutiful and godly remindings lightly regarded.

Oh, Lord, why is this repeated throughout generations, though the young knowing?
They not learning from the mistakes of others, but ungodly seeds still sowing.
And it hasn’t got better, Lord, and why I pray, please bring them to their senses,
They shaming You and earthly fathers by their inexcusable offences.

And please give their Christian fathers the grace and strength that’s needed here, urgently,
To stand both firm in Thee and bear the pain of such cruel satanic treachery.
Because earthly fathers can only do what they can, they reliant on You,
So please, Lord, wrest such children from the devil, do whatever You have to do.

By Lance Landall

12.  Honour Your Parents

“Honour your parents,” the only Commandment with a promise — telling indeed —
For such suggests sad consequences if this fifth Commandment children don’t heed.
The implication being, that where one’s parents aren’t respected-cum-treated well,
That in the lives of such erring children, and rather than blessings, there’ll be ill.

After all, if it weren’t for our parents we wouldn’t exist, and this being why
We owe them greatly; bearing in mind that they too are the apple of God’s eye,
And not just us — kids — and thus why regardless of how we may feel about them,
We should never think to treat our parents in a way that our Lord would condemn.

Yes, we need to remember that God’s a parent too, each of us His children,
And why He considers the mistreatment and neglect of our parents a sin.
One that cuts pretty close to the bone, challenges God-given authority,
For our parents — just like Him — are to be obeyed, treated considerately.

And why those who mistreat their parents are oft mistreated by their own children,
Or, due to their rebelliousness, badly err, such how consequences begin.
And thus they bringing on themselves the results of their folly, for God has warned
That such is the outcome where parents are mistreated, neglected, spurned or scorned.

By Lance Landall

13.  Though You Try To Tell Them

As Christian parents we oft advise our children not to do this or that, don’t we,
Given that we don’t want to see them getting hurt or into trouble needlessly.
And often our children don’t take our advice and nothing goes wrong, fortunately,
Though they not learning and thinking we’re worry warts, and we feeling kind of silly…

A bit like Jonah whose warning didn’t come to pass, our God acting graciously.

And I guess that’s why our kids get away with things, our prayers the reason why they’re spared,
Not that they seem to recognize that, and oh, how many times our soul we have bared.
“Oh Lord,” we pray, “Help our rebellious or foolish children see, realise that we’re right,”
And I can hear God saying, “I’ve a planet full of such children who ill invite.”

Well, it’s true, isn’t it — we all guilty — but nevertheless we wanting what’s best,
Lest our children lose their salvation, or in present and future trouble invest.
And you know, some do forfeit their salvation, reap what they sow, pay for their folly,
For though God’s gracious, He still chastises, and some kids really push the boundary.

Hence those premature deaths, that physical pain and heartbreak, for God gives us free choice,
He sparing but not always preventing, we having ignored or not heard His voice.
Yes, we sometimes tuned out like our children, who, God also bears long with, although He
Never said, “Just do what you like as there’ll be no consequences,” for there will be.

Yes, there are times, even many times, when God spares folk, but there often comes 'that' time,
Thus God not always preventing — and in this world, their oft being no rhythm or rhyme.
And hence why random things happen, God never having promised no deaths, nor no pain,
But what can any Christian expect when from wrong-cum-foolishness they don’t abstain.

I’m sure there’s a devilish element here too, come our children’s ignoring us,
Satan perhaps seeing that things don’t work out as badly as we’ve said or Jesus.
And the reason why being, that then our kids will do such again, sure we’ve got things wrong,
Until they finally get bitten when those sad consequences do come along.

Yes, it certainly pays to be awake to Satan’s trickery, he pretty smart,
And even making things appear as it they’re the answer to a prayer, cross his heart.
Well, he’s a liar, and why we need to remain close to our Saviour who warns as well,
For He’s a father too, who just like earthly parents, tries to spare His kids from ill.

By Lance Landall

14.  Hey Kids

Hey kids, remember that the world doesn’t revolve around you, but everyone,
Your parents having their own life to live, and certain things that God might want done.
And therefore, they not able to spend as much time with you, for Earth’s end is near,
And thus saving souls and warning sinners why mums and dads can’t always be there.

Oh, how they’d love to be, and no doubt try, but can’t you see the sad state of things,
And that terrible end of anyone who to evil-cum-rebellion clings?
Hence why you should look beyond yourself, and understand how your parents are pulled,
They so wanting to spend more time with you, but must reach the deluded and fooled.

All why their head’s oft down and nose to some heavenly grindstone, and Jesus near,
He directing or inspiring them, and they, though pulled, wanting to persevere.
For God should come first, and to be frank, children too oft demanding selfishly,
Unmindful of the pain their parents feel, and Satan oft hassling intently.

Yes, just as young folk can be called, so too parents dealing with some issues too,
They oft having to go without the help that they need, good friends too often few.
But press on they must, for their personal concerns and interests should come last,
Given that it won’t be long before we hear that awesome End-time trumpet blast.

By Lance Landall

15.  So Mind, Kids

You tell your kids not to do certain things because of this or that, but sadly,
Off they go and do them, and again, and oft nothing happens, amazingly.
And this makes parents look silly when they’re not, and children look right when they’re wrong,
And Satan knows this, he kind of protecting ’til that fateful day comes along…

For this way they display that false witness he wants, and more so where rebelling,
And he egging them on somehow, their concerned parents gesturing and yelling.
But no, and ever closer to that edge they get, or further from Jesus stray,
And then they’re lost or beset by troubles; or spared due to those prayers parents pray...

Not that children always see this, their parents agonizing on bended knee,
All why some kids don’t suffer as they might have, God responding mercifully.
And so it goes, somewhat like a tug-of-war, and dare it be Satan wins,
For God won’t force folk into Heaven, nor save ones kids amidst their wilful sins.

Yes, Satan kind of plays with folk like a cat plays with a mouse, until he’s done,
And then, they in trouble, dead, lost or both, that old devil having had his fun.
And meantime parents having suffered too, their name and God’s name tarnished, sadly,
Or their kids having simply chosen poorly thinking they knew better — really?

And such can prove discouraging to parents, for though they don’t want their kids harmed,
Or in trouble, they wish their kids would awaken, but no, Satan having charmed.
And thus those parents seen as spoilers or worrywarts, or simply as errant,
And Satan capitalizing on their agony, mocking either parent.

So mind, kids.

By Lance Landall

16.  Dear Daughter

A father’s love will never equal that of God’s, nor even come close, sadly,
For earthly fathers are human and fallen, and why husbands err too, you see.
But despite a father’s failings, those things that can disappoint, irk, hurt or mar,
Father’s still have their child’s best interests at heart; and faults on both sides there are.

And so it is within marriages, for though one partner may be mostly to blame,
How the other responds or reacts to such will either improve or inflame.
Therefore, remembering this will prove a blessing, but forgetting it a curse,
And so too those real or imagined grievances that humans are prone to nurse.

And daughters so prone to that knight in shining armour bubble that’s bound to burst,
Both their father or husband falling short, thus neither fully quenching that thirst.
But sometimes daughters or wives contributing to that less pleasing picture, and,
Why knights in shining armour can lose their sheen, and thus things not turn out so grand.

So please don’t be too hard on your father, for in time you’ll learn a thing or two,
And by then your father may’ve died, and his good and bad traits showing in you.
And how will you explain that to your kids? Probably no better than he can,
We all a bit of everyone, and a man geared to think and act like a man.

Hence those problems between the sexes, and they not about to go soon, clearly,
Though fathers clashing with sons, and sons with fathers — it not just daughters, you see.
But both seeing through different eyes, and we all having issues of some sort,
And why my door is always open; and best you remember that life’s too short.

By Lance Landall

17.  Pastors Or Fathers?

Who should you listen too, your pastor or father, given pastors can err too,
And that Christian fathers head the home? — and there, they acting much like pastors do.
Yes, they watching over and guiding a smaller flock, but a flock all the same,
Carrying out that solemn God-given responsibility in His name.

So, if your pastor says to you, “Don’t listen to your Dad,” such would be a sin,
He encouraging you to break one of God’s Commandments, enter Satan’s grin.
Such pastors needing to be humbled, rebuked by God, ’cause such they shouldn’t say,
It undermining the father’s God-ordained position, and wrongly could sway.

Such interference could be seen as arrogance, the home not the pastor’s realm,
But that of each Christian father whom God intended be firmly at the helm.
God dealing with any errant fathers just as He would errant pastors, who,
May beg to differ, but not encourage dishonouring parents, who’re honour due.

And is all well in that pastor’s life, or is hypocrisy seen, and I mean:
Can he point the finger if his own home’s not in order, and certain wrong’s seen?
Good fathers doing their best, and many outstripping those who lead flocks astray,
Not just one child like a father might, if something incorrect he were to say.

Don’t listen to your Dad?

Of course you should, whether he’s right or wrong, then asking God where to go from there,
Not allowing servant pastors to act like bosses, cross lines they shouldn’t dare.
It disrespectful and contentious for a pastor to say such a thing, and
Not for them to come between a father and his child, ’cause guilty they will stand.

When it comes to leaders, one must take care, King Saul being a prime example,
For though appointed, he badly erred — and today, such is happening still.
Not just ancient Israel’s leaders straying, but many Christian leaders too,
Who’ll be held more accountable, their clout and influence being but a clue.

Yes, that “Don’t listen to your Dad” perhaps resulting in a “Depart from Me,”
Pastors not beyond judgment, and some of them acting very destructively.
They divulging what they shouldn’t, throwing their weight around, or not impartial,
And hence why that errant “Don’t listen to your Dad” should trigger a warning bell.

And should your pastor tell you that God has called you to do something, mind here too,
Lest it suit his own agenda, and in fact, isn’t actually quite true.
And even where he might be convinced that it’s true, what is God saying to you?
Because pastors aren’t infallible, but like us, prone to getting things wrong too.

By Lance Landall

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