Poetry With A Mission

...a thought provoking poetical exercise.


Save My Wife And Family

Dear Father up in Heaven, will You please do all you can,
To rescue all my family, and lastly, this pleading man.
Please save my wife and children so forever they will be,
Free from the devil’s clutches, and safely at home with Thee.

Satan’s sought my family, and my wife who’s borne each one,
And he is far from happy to think they might greet Your Son.
And neither would it please him should I also greet Christ too,
But Father, should he claim one, make it me, who pleads with You.

I’d exchange eternal life for the eternal safety
That I, Lord, so desire for my wife and family.
Should it be that I’m saved too, grateful I will ever be,
But earnestly I request, please give them priority. 

I know that it’s my duty to ensure they’re put first,
But any sense of duty in selflessness should be immersed.
May love that’s forged in Heaven shape every thought within me,
For this dear wife You’ve given and this precious family.

Throughout my life on earth, Lord, I’ve been blessed so much by Thee,
For right throughout my life, Lord, You’ve loved and cared for me.
You’ve listened to my prayers, You’ve responded to my cries,
So why should I complain, Lord, should Heaven not be my prize. 

What a joy and privilege it has been to know You, Lord,
To experience Your love, and blessings Heaven’s poured.
Yes, I know You want me also living forever with Thee,
But should it not be so, Lord, please save my wife and family.

Please protect them daily, Lord, from the devil’s evil plans,
Till they surrender all to You, and rest safely in Your hands.
If already they’ve surrendered their hearts and lives to You,
Please keep them under saving grace, and lastly Lord, me too.

By Lance Landall