Simply Love



"Love casts no shadow but its spell."
The poet, author

1.  Open The Door

Open the door to love, seat it at the head of your table, place it on a throne,
And let it reign unhindered, steal the show, call the shots, save the day and set the tone.
Yes, let love direct your heart, take the wheel, circle each day on your calendar too,
That it may pave the way, heal some wound, bridge some gulf, and pursue the right avenue.

Oh yes, let love stalk the wayward, scale any wall, pull back the curtains, scent the air,
Surround each crib and farewell each casket, hover tenderly where there’s any tear.
Yes, let love choose the right time and place, even words, arrange the notes in every tune,
Thus taking you and I to greater heights via an all-embracing hot air balloon.

By Lance Landall

2.  A Love Drone

I wish I had a love drone that could drop love bombs, and then busy I would be,
I spying out those targets in need of bombing, the hard of heart or teary.
And, “Bombs away!" "Bull's-eye!” Folk momentarily staggering under love’s spell,
And then skipping and dancing with loving passion and a feeling that all’s well.

Oh, how my expertise would grow, no person beyond my reach, my spying eye,
Love bombs bursting wherever someone was grumpy, angry, seen to sniff and sigh.
Yes, my battery always charged, my drone always ready for action, and, “Fire!”
Heat seeking love bombs raining day and night, and I hardly about to retire.

By Lance Landall

3.  Stronger Than A Summer's Sun

Love says a lot without saying a word, though it’s not beyond using words too,
But hey, where it excels is in doing, 'cause actions speak louder than words do.
And thus love busy where it’s at, scratching where it itches, rubbing where it’s sore,
Words only used where necessary — yes, love more a silent ambassador.

But it the greatest example of all, hence why love’s welcomed everywhere,
It pulling back the curtains, opening the window, changing the atmosphere.
Oh yes, how it waxes lyrical without saying a single word, not one,
And why wherever it’s present there’s a warmth that’s stronger than a summer’s sun.

By Lance Landall

4.  Traces Of Love

Traces of love, traces of love, conveying where love’s gown brushed past on its way,
It touching enough to leave an impression that only love’s manner could say.
It soft on the cheek, light on the arm, warm in the heart, and easy on the mind,
A butterfly with slippers on, a Summer day that a gentle breeze has signed.

Yes, traces of love, traces of love, their sweet perfume lingering here and there,
Kind messages that remain in the memory ready and waiting to share.
Silky caresses, cotton wool dabs, powder puff strokes, feather duster swishes,
All leaving behind their own cute little something, and conveying best wishes.

By Lance Landall

5.  Sherlock Love

Love’s a spanner in the works given that it gets in the way of any ill,
Holding up selfishness and even stopping it, oft making things turn out well.
Yes, it’s sometimes a fly in the ointment, but a good fly, one that has clean feet,
And a habit of doing things that are beneficial, life-changing and neat.

Oh, how it soon stops things in their tracks, turns evil on its head, and saves the day,
Thus changing frowns into smiles, sending callousness and coldness on their way.
Yes, it charming its way around things, melting icebergs, softening hard faces,
And hence how it has earned a reputation for cracking the hardest cases.

By Lance Landall

6.  Love's Tender Way

There’s nothing like affection — yes, those physical expressions of thought and care,
That either say, “This is how to treat all,” or an intimate, “I love you, Dear.”
Yes, that affirming, supportive, reassuring touch, or warm engulfing embrace,
That anytime and anywhere is this changing world is never out of place.

Oh yes, there’s nothing like affection, it never wasted, but love’s tender way,
Its arms, hands or fingers backing up whatever it has chosen to convey.
However, love’s physical expressions oft occur where there’s no words at all,
Leaving someone feeling far less down in the dumps, or possibly ten feet tall.

By Lance Landall

7.  Ladies And Gentlemen!

Pull back the curtains, flood the stage with lights, and let the orchestra gaily play,
For love should be the centre of attention, a star in its own cabaret.
So on with the performance, that masterly touch — yes, that talented display,
For nothing outshines love, and may each one of us be love’s protégé.

Yes, we joining love on stage, dancing in harmony, and applauded loudly,
For who isn’t a fan of love, a fanatical follower, devotee?
And thus we all joining hands in some grand finale, though one that never ends,
Others rising to their feet in appreciation, love bucking all the trends.

By Lance Landall

8.  Go For It

There’ll never be too much love in the world, so pop it in letters and emails,
And ensure it’s delivered by speedy cheetahs and not time consuming snails.
Spare no expense on the wrapping, tie it with the biggest most colourful bow,
So that unbridled extravagance and a passionate energy will show.

In other words, tuck it everything, and take it wherever you go,
Leaving plenty behind for others, little heart shaped impressions that will grow.
Spread it around like graffiti, leave its tap running and unravel its hose,
Toss it just like snowballs, bounce it just like basketballs, and let it boldly pose,

And if you dare, rub its little feather under noses, let it tickle toes.

By Lance Landall

9.  Love Bombs

Forget about water bombs, it’s time for love bombs, as nuclear as can be,
Oh yes, the bigger the better, and so that they will mushroom generously.
Yes, love bombs, love bombs, exploding everywhere, engulfing everyone,
All basking in the wondrous fallout, and not a single person seen to run.

Oh yes, love bombs, love bombs, boom! boom! boom!, their radiation invigorating,
And thus any moment and every day people excitedly waiting.
“Here they come!” they shouting, eyes closed and arms open wide, getting soaked to the skin,
And thus warm fuzzy feelings and spirit lifting endorphins buzzing within.

By Lance Landall

10.  That's Love For You

You can see love coming, no cloak and dagger stuff, except when it’s surprising,
Cooking up something that will cause a squeal of delight, without ’em realising.
Yes, they walking into a room and there it is, or somewhere else, and, “Surprise!”
And if they’re not dancing and whooping, there’s tears of joy welling up in their eyes.

But otherwise love just being its self, openly expressing its feelings,
Full of thought and care, loving concern, and always honest about its dealings.
It nodding its head, winking knowingly, even smiling mischievously,
Or it looking for opportunities to act extraordinarily.

By Lance Landall

11.  Love's Naughty Side

Love can be a little rascal, but in the nicest way — yes, naughty but cute,
Because it often buys things that someone says, “Oh, you shouldn’t have, but it’s beaut!”
Kind of funny, huh, but love can’t help itself, and so it’s off to town it goes,
And far more money than it should have, according to someone dear, gladly blows.

Yes, it costing far too much, but oh the joy, it just what she wanted, you see,
And love having a jolly good giggle, it known for its generosity.
“Oh, that’s very naughty,” she says, but kisses coming all the same, love excused,
And why over love’s naughty cuteness that’s so appreciated, here I’ve mused.

By Lance Landall

12.  Love's A Little Thief

Yes, love’s a little thief, because it oft steals hearts and takes someone’s breath away,
Or the ground from under the feet of lovers who’ve lost their sense of time or day.
And yes, it even removing stony hearts, though very subtly, of course,
Or it removing the appetites of the lovesick who once could eat a horse.

Oh yes, love’s a little thief alright, oft stealing things just for fun — slippers, say,
Someone wondering where they’ve got to until a cheeky smile gives things away.
But no harm done, just bursts of laughter, and then a chase, which sees love stealing time,
But never being punished though, because who on Earth would see such as a crime?

By Lance Landall

13.  If Love Came In A Spray Can

If love came in a spray can I would purchase it immediately,
Spraying it wherever I went with unbridled generosity.
Oh, how liberal I’d be, enter repetitive strain injury,
My finger always on that button, pressing unconditionally.

Oh, what fun I’d have, what joy, I going through can after loving can,
Cries of happiness coming from every babe, girl, boy, woman and man.
And thus my graffiti artistry seen and felt everywhere on Earth,
The best use of a spray can, and innovation having given birth.

By Lance Landall

14.  Love's Innovation

A grandchild came to visit with her dad. “Could I have a cuddle?” I pleaded.
She shook her head, the fickleness of a four year old feeling such not needed.
Oh, I thought, that’s a pity, and then, “What lovely wee shoes you’re wearing today,”
And the next minute over she came and cuddled me, love having found a way.

It got me thinking of the power of thoughtful words, praise and affirmation,
And how shut doors can be opened as if by magic — yes, love’s innovation.
Oh, I thought, if only such was commonplace, less human shellfish tightly closed,
And thus those plaintive “Can I have a cuddle” pleas largely going unopposed.

By Lance Landall

15.  I Wish Love Was A Snowball

I wish love was a snowball — oh, the fun I’d have, “Watch you’re head!” and then that splat,
Yes, love all over someone’s face, and then another smiling “How about that?!”
Yes, people reeling everywhere, passionate snowballs swishing through the air,
Every bull’s-eye pleasing its target, and conveying heaps of love and care.

Yes, everyone a snowman or snowwoman, an all day target of mine,
My actions always intentional, everybody in my firing line.
I enjoying it all as much as they, my heart muscles growing by the day,
My aim improving, my targets splattered, all and sundry shouting “Yes you may!”

By Lance Landall

16  Love's Little Messengers

Grab a warm fuzzy, put it in an envelope and seal it with a kiss, or,
Put it behind a cushion, under a pillow, even tape it to a door.
Yes, let it surprise, cause a smile or squeal of delight, thus making someone’s day,
For warm fuzzies are love’s little messengers that certain things succinctly say.

Oh, how they please folk with their irresistible tidings and warm fuzzy ways,
Appearing out of nowhere, leaving a little footprint that “Guess who?” conveys.
And why I’d grab one and place it here or there, deliver it personally,
For warm fuzzies are love’s little messengers that think and act creatively.

By Lance Landall

17.  The Best Of Visitations

Love gets up in the morning, packs its briefcase with kindness, loving thought and care,
And heads off to work much like a doctor, or a surgeon with a special flair.
Yes, love busy, busy, busy, and constantly digging into its briefcase,
Something for everyone, and thus bright smiles left on everyone’s face.

An energising injection here, a dab of comfort there, or soothing swab,
It all happening like magic, no need to look in someone’s ears, nose or gob.
No, none of that stuff, love soft and gentle, warm as a summer sun, calming too,
And it never gets up late in the morning, ’cause it cares too much about you.

By Lance Landall

18.  Off With The Cover

Off with the cover and let love glow, let love bask, its beauty clear for all to see,
For it's not meant to be hidden or withheld, but displayed and shared generously.
So place love at the forefront, hit it with the spotlight, applaud with vigour and verve,
Allowing it to leave its autograph, energise sinew, tissue, bone and nerve.

Yes, pop the corks, raise the trumpets, announce love’s arrival with gusto and fanfare,
Let it waltz amongst the throng leaving its passion and lasting fragrance everywhere.
Yes, give love the floor, roll out the podium, don love with a kingly crown and robe,
That it may govern every heart, capture each day, and ceaselessly circle the globe.

By Lance Landall

19.  Let It! Let It! Let It! 

Yes, let love sneak through open windows and doors, duck and dive down any chimney,
And waffle its warming way from room to room blessing the entire family.
Let it breeze its way ’round the garden, let it tickle each flower in its bed,
Rustle each leaf with enthusiastic intention, and then, paint the town red.

Yes, let love throw itself about with gay abandon, prance down each street and lane,
Saunter in and out of every dwelling, and glide across every field and plain.
Let it tug at the heart of every living soul, smile at any creature too,
And forever and ever leave its calling card, or at least a little clue.

By Lance Landall

20.  Nothing More Sure

Love’s a key, a tool, the best of expressions, the better way to get things done,
A path that’s more successful when it comes to waking up the bleary eyed sun.
A way of saying and doing things that leaves sweet buds bursting out everywhere,
And that has chirpy birds flitting from branch to branch filling each tree top with cheer.

Yes, love’s a plaster, a bandage, a tonic, a sorter-outer, a soother,
A magic wand, if you like, something that’s certain to have things running smoother.
And why love is the first thing to turn to, and best used from beginning to end,
For there’s nothing like it when it comes to others, and nothing more sure to mend.

By Lance Landall

21.  That's Love For You

Oh, the power of love, it catching folk by surprise — anytime, anywhere —
They moved by its passion and daring, clever things that it’s seen to engineer.
All why it’s so irresistible — so very successful, I have to say,
Folk succumbing to its charm, its cheery manner, even mischievous way.

Yes, it’s not long before love has hooked someone, got them with its spicy arrow,
Knocked them off their feet and raced them along in its seductive little barrow.
And why love is oft around the corner, either waiting or lying in wait,
For it simply can’t help itself, is always seeking new ways to captivate.

By Lance Landall

22.  Love Is Very Special

"Should love come my way, would I recognise it?" enquired the little boy.
"Oh yes," I replied, and I hugged him, and at such he expressed much joy.
"Was that it?" he asked, and I nodded my head, for love he hadn't known,
And I wondering if he ever would have if such I hadn't shown.

Yes, love is very special, and it’s kind of heart shaped, or so I’m told,
And they say it's red, though others say he or she has a heart of gold.
Well, although that makes things confusing, it really doesn’t bother me,
Just so long as love is beating within me, and universally.

By Lance Landall

23.  Love Buds

The only pistol that one should carry is one that fires love buds,
Each bud bursting on impact with intoxicating little thuds.
Yes, people stopped in their tracks by a bullet made of warm fuzzies,
Each little fuzzy designed to delightfully tickle and please.

And there you have it, for no other pistol will do but this one,
It firing off rounds that pepper folk with happiness, joy and fun.
And they in turn reaching for a love packin' pistol of their own,
Its chamber filled with love buds too, each made to shatter hearts of stone.

By Lance Landall

24.  Where Does Love Come From?

A little child asked, “Where does love come from, Mum?” And her mother replied, “From above,
It as high as the heavens, yet deep as the sea, wide as the Earth, and like a dove.
It’s harmless yet powerful, it’s tender yet firm, everything good that’s been said,
It snuggles you in warm blankets, reads you to sleep, and kisses you on the forehead.”

Then love tiptoed away, it turning off the light, leaving the bedroom door ajar,
Because love has an ear that listens carefully, and this why it doesn’t go far.
Except, of course, when it spreads its gossamer wings and flits from soul to precious soul,
Because treating everyone the same way — with the utmost thought and care —- is love’s goal.

By Lance Landall

25.  A Fine Appearance

“LOVE. Guilty as charged!”  “Thank you, Your Honour.”  “You’re welcome, and therefore free to go,
No jail for you, but an absolute pardon. Wish I’d more such cases, you know.
Yes, you couldn’t be more guilty, and that’s just how I like it come such cases,
And why prior to your rightful appearances, my heart suddenly races.

Yes, you’re welcome in my court anytime, and I’ll always throw the book at you,
Guilty on all counts! But I not sending you away, ’cause that just wouldn’t do.
No, we need you out and about, not locked away, but freely roaming the streets,
Committing all those loving acts, audaciously inspired life changing feats.”

By Lance Landall

26.  The Perfect Snatch

Okay, the coast is clear, no one’s watching, so put love in your pocket and run,
Out the door, ’cross the street, down the road and as far as you can go, the job done.
But forget the pawn shop, that shady figure who’s lurking in some dark alley,
And instead, dispense your booty throughout every town, byway and valley.

Yes, it being the break-in of the century, your dabs all over the scene,
You as bold as brass, as cool as a cucumber, all knowing where you have been.
And you a hero, no repercussions, but a pardon and “Hip, hip, hooray!”
’Cause you stole the moment, hit the jackpot, pulled off the perfect snatch, saved the day.

By Lance Landall

27.  Let It Have Its Way

Love gets up in the morning (as if it ever sleeps!), dons its clothes and heads out,
Hence that cheery smile, that warm and affectionate hug, and that “Good morning!” shout.
Yes, love’s not backward in coming forth, it taking the initiative, you see,
For love can’t help itself, its bubbly effervescence coming naturally.

Oh yes, love’s not shy, but extroverted, it a playful pup, a huggy bear,
A busy, busy beaver, an all embracing octopus and a doe-eyed deer.
Yes, love’s everything we need, always ready and waiting, its keys in hand,
For love holds the answer; so let it have its way, for love has everything planned.

By Lance Landall

28.  If Love Came In A Tube

If love came in a tube we could rub it all over our body, but you know,
It’s better for love to be within lest a shower wash it away, oh no!
And even if we could eat love via a nice snack, or swallow a tablet, say,
It wouldn’t be that long before it squiggled and gurgled and was flushed away.

Sure some would be absorbed, but only some, and thus more food would be needed, so
Best love enter otherwise and remain, it busy working from head to toe.
In other words, it always residing there, sweet, tender and meandering,
It both a tonic and antibiotic, and its warm fuzzies on the wing.

By Lance Landall

29.  Never On Vacation

Love is never on vacation because it hasn’t time, it far too busy,
It working twenty four seven, year to year and century to century.
It devoted to its task, its mission, it full of passionate energy,
And it always thinking of others, delighting in blessing humanity.

It never plays hide and seek, snakes and ladders, solitaire or monopoly,
But rather, gives everyone a big teddy bear that’s furry and cuddly.
Yes, love’s always seeking to please, it in that, “Bless you,” when you sneeze, that, “Take care,”
Because love is simply all about love, and why it’s always seeking to share.

By Lance Landall

30.  Love Has Keen Eyes

Love has a powerful pair of binoculars, a large spyglass, if you will,
Whereby it keeps an eye out for any need — and who it helps, it doesn
t tell,
But quietly goes about its loving rounds having detected someone’s plight,
Selflessly emptying its pockets, or making someone’s cloudy day turn bright.

Oh yes, love never stops searching, its eyes glued to those binoculars, spyglass,
Lovingly looking afar (showing foresight), or observing who’s seen to pass.
Yes, everyone the object of its attention, its thoughtful love and care,
Those binoculars never out of its hands, love ready to help, give and share.

By Lance Landall

31.  No Bigger Celebrity

If ever there’s a celebrity, it’s love, worthy of the stage and limelight,
Winner of every award for services to you and I, day and night.
Yes, love the longest running show — in fact, even the greatest show on Earth, and
It still breaking records, still winning hearts, fans and fan clubs in every land.

Oh yes, there’s no bigger celebrity than love, its signature highly sought,
That lasting impression, that special moment, those words and acts that can’t be bought.
Love always on tour, every show a sell out, everyone super pleased,
And all the better off for love’s performance, hearts and minds well and truly seized.

By Lance Landall