All Things Bright And Beautiful



"My health may fail, and my spirit may grow weak, but God remains the strength of my
heart; He is mine forever" (Ps 73:26, NLT).

The truth of it:

God made the trees, but man the statues.
God made the valleys, but man the ghettos.
God made the mountains, but man the pedestals.
God made the stars, but man the spotlights.
God made the creatures, but man the slaughter houses.
God made the flowers, but man the bling.
God made the air, but man the pollutants.
God made the sky, but man made the smog.
God made the forests, but man the concrete jungles.
God made the rainbow, but man the halo.
God made the colours, but man made the graffiti.
God made the grass, but man the asphalt.
God made the water, but man the alcohol.
God made the night, but man the morning after.
God made the plants, but man the drugs.
God made the soil, but man the landmines.
God made the ozone layer, but man the gaping hole.
God made the minerals, but man the weaponry.
God made the sexual organs, but man the brothels.
God made the womb, but man the abortion clinic.
God made the senses, but man the perversions.
God made the first clothes, but man the strip joints.
God made the rules, but man turned his back and here we are.


1.  I'd Love Another Hug

You know even more than me, Lord, how a child needs a hug, and regularly,
Such helping them to feel loved and thus creating a sense of security.
And hence why I like receiving hugs too, Lord, because I am a child of Yours,
One who also wants to feel loved, sensing that same security in Your pause.

Yes, I know that You’re busy, Lord, for You’ve a world to run, twenty-four hours,
And seven days a week, You a hardworking parent too, who blessings showers;
And I the recipient of so many, and why I really can’t complain,
But where You have the time, Lord, I’d love another hug, and more so when in pain.

By Lance Landall

2.  Nothing Will Compare

There’s no question that we’ve a musical God, and that He’s a master musician,
And thus our own ability to sing and play being of heavenly origin.
And so too that dawn chorus that’s heard coming from those little birds that greet the day,
And that, “All things bright and beautiful, the Lord God made them all,” loudly seems to say.

Oh, the beauty of a talented voice, one that meanders melodiously,
It reminding me of how wonderfully God must sing, and no doubt stirringly.
Oh, those goose bumps we’ll feel when in Heaven, and that the angels must feel already,
Are making me want to shout when kneeling in prayer, “Lord! Lord! I’m waiting and ready!

By Lance Landall

3.  Always There

God smiles via the flowers, caresses us via a summer breeze, and says, “I love you,”
His love speaking via His creation, that yellow sun, those green fields, the sky of blue.
Yes, anywhere where there’s His touch, those creative masterstrokes that awe and inspire,
That mountain top grandeur, magical sunset, intricacy that has us enquire.

Oh, how we love those waterfalls, those bubbling brooks, those natural fountains we see,
All the handiwork of a caring God whose love is transparent and heavenly.
And how He reaches down from Heaven and lets us know that He’s never far away,
And one day soon He’ll be right beside us, and, “I never really left you,” will say.

By Lance Landall

4.  With Stars In Mind

Twinkle, twinkle little star, so near, so far, I know who hung you there, and made you shine,
And He the very same Creator that made me too, One who is Holy and Divine.
Yes, a God who can do the miraculous, what we might consider impossible,
And why it is that you’re still hanging there, and this Earth still spinning like a carousel.

So shine on, little star, for whenever I see you twinkling so brightly in the sky,
It reminds me that I was meant to shine as well, and thus of that same God testify;
For light down here is needed just as much as up there, so that others may find their way,
Taking that path that sees them shining too, that they might be heavenly bodies one day.

By Lance Landall

5.  Three, Two, One…

I could board a waiting spaceship, don a spacesuit and orbit around the Earth,
And we’re told that men have landed on the moon and have explored its bumpy girth.
And maybe soon men will rocket past another planet, even land on one,
But why would I want to bother so when I can simply wait upon Christ the Son.

And then I’ll be able to visit any planet I wish, whoosh past a star,
Even leave the moon behind, travel the milky way, visiting near and far.
And this via the power of Jesus, no manmade spacesuit and spaceship needed,
For anything awesome that man has achieved, my Creator has exceeded.

By Lance Landall

6.  Take One, Take Two

If I could make a movie about Heaven, Christ would be the only star, and,
He featuring in every take, anyone else behind the scene, just as planned.
Yes, my camera’s gaze would be fixed upon our Saviour, enter Calvary,
Nothing more dramatic, nothing more exciting, Heaven shouting, “Victory!”

Oh, the grandeur of the Holy City, Christ having ascended to His throne,
Though He keeping a close eye on His Church of which He's the head and cornerstone.
And there would be angels coming and going, they singing His praises aloud,
My camera still rolling as He returned to Earth, you and I midst the crowd.

By Lance Landall

7.  All Why We Pray And Yearn

Every soul is precious, though some to evil turn,
Their deeds a gall and crime, and some men never learn.
But though that be the case, each life’s a precious thing,
And years but fleeting, like a bird upon the wing.

So treasure souls we should, bearing with one and all,
For even the best of us have been known to fall.
And thus love effecting change, many to return,
Their heart restored — praise the Lord! — all why we pray and yearn.

By Lance Landall

8.  Behold

Don’t you see, my fellow, the works of God that you enjoy,
Those trees that shelter and delight each growing girl or boy,
Those flowers that grace some home, those striking creatures that roam,
Or that the very width, height and depth of creation comb?

Yes, behold the mountains and fields, those sunsets that impress,
And that the name of Jesus should have everyone confess,
For His handiwork is clear, His fingerprints everywhere,
And why no other god I’ll follow, worship or revere.

By Lance Landall

9.  A Tincy Wincy Poem

Jesus made the busy bee,
 Jesus made each bud and tree.
Jesus made the sky and sea,
And last of all, little me.

And Jesus said He loves me,
Watches very tenderly,
Wants me home so I can be,
In His care eternally.

By Lance Landall

Christian version.

10.  Short But Sweet

To stoop to wipe away a tear,
 To stop to give a word of cheer,
To say that of their loss you care,
 That, my friend, is of Heaven’s sphere.

To give what cuts into your own,
To linger where some soul’s alone,
To bear with someone’s moan or groan,
 That, my friend, sees God leave His throne.

By Lance Landall

11.  Midst The Darkness Of Tribulation

Midst the darkness of tribulation, lighten my way, Lord, that I may see
Glimpses of heavenly love and grace, rays of hope and promise, sent from Thee.
Help me hear the melodious strains of the heavenly angelic choir,
And quicken within my breast, Lord, a stronger, deeper heavenly desire.

Yes, midst the darkness of tribulation, surround me with your loving care,
And those angels too, Lord, who keep watch and praises and requests upward bare.
Grant me strength to carry on, and that peace and joy that’s only found in Thee,
So that I may be a true and faithful witness, secure the victory.

By Lance Landall

12.  Eden

Oh, how I would have loved to have seen the incredible Garden of Eden,
And working in it no doubt a pleasure, one simply planting, never weedin’.
Yes, flowers and shrubs of every description, the temperature always right,
And bountiful fruit trees that would more than satisfy anyone’s appetite.

And midst the munching, amazing creatures coming and going, they unafraid,
And also enjoying the same paradise where nothing would decay or fade.
Yes, a place of beauty, peace and harmony, one never tired, chilled or aching,
But basking in the healing warmth of Eden’s Creator of whose love we sing.

By Lance Landall

The following four older poems, which have been removed from elsewhere and placed here, are a set,
and have been designed more for children.

13.  Who?

Poem A

Who put the stripes on zebras, who gave the peacock its tail,
Who gave the cat its whiskers and made the spouting whale?
Who made the emperor penguin, gave elephants their big ears,
Who made the burrowing mole and adorable polar bears?

Who gave armadillos armour, chameleons a long tongue,
Who gave the birds their chorus that each dawn is loudly sung?
Who put the humps on camels, who gave the turtle its shell,
Who gave the reindeer antlers, and the skunk....oh dear....that smell?

Who put the spots on leopards, gave the platypus its bill,
Who gave the walrus tusks and the spider its weaving skill?
Who made the praying mantis and the tiny ladybird bug,
Who made the giant panda that many would love to hug?

Who made the tree hanging sloth, created the pesky gnat,
Who gave the rhino its horn and attached wings to the bat?
Who made the swinging gibbon, the baboon and gorilla,
Who made the prickly hedgehog and elassssstic caterpillar?

Who made the electric eel, created slugs and snails,
Who gave giraffes a long neck and animals various tails?
Who made the flashing firefly, glow-worms that glow in the dark,
Who made the clever beaver and the odd hammerhead shark?

Who gave the cheetah its speed, who made the rabbit and hare,
Who made komodo dragons-cum-lizard extraordinaire?
Who made the lion that roars and gave coyotes their howl,
Who gave the rooster its crow, kittens their plaintive…meooooow?

Well, I know who’s responsible, One who love and beauty shares,
Our Creator, whose ability everywhere on earth appears.
But I hardly need to say this, for surely everyone can tell
Only God who reigns in Heaven has the power and the skill.

By Lance Landall

14.  Who?

Poem B

Who made this earth we live on, who filled it full of creatures,
Who made male and female and gave them unique features?
Who gave them eyes to see with, their ears so sounds they’d hear,
Who gave them toes and fingers and covered their heads in hair?

Who filled this earth with plant life and carpeted it with grass,
Who shaped the hills and mountains, saw that seasons came to pass?
Who made the lakes and waterfalls, the forests, brooks and beaches,
And who, via things in nature, lessons and wisdom teaches?

Who put the warmth in sunshine, who made the rivers and sea,
Who made the stars that twinkle, the gigantic redwood tree?
Who sends the coloured rainbow and the gentle cooling breeze,
Who gave the sky its colour, put pollen in flowers for bees?

Who makes the moon shine nightly, who keeps this planet turning,
Who sends those perfect sunsets, who for our love is yearning?
Who has the spring buds bursting with blossoms that our hearts cheer,
And who sends us reminders of His constant love and care?

Who gave us a guide book, one that's designed to spare us pain,
One that shows eternal life His true followers can claim?
Who tells us via this Bible of a love beyond compare,
That right now, and forever, we can experience and share?

Who shows repentant sinners mercy and covers them with grace,
Who such ones has promised that in Heaven they’ll have a place?
Who so loved humanity that a dreadful price dared pay
In order that those repentant could forever with Him stay?

So who is this being then, that such wondrous things hath done,
For this amazing being my dear heart has already won?
A Saviour and Creator, Jesus Christ our Lord and King,
That’s who; One whose praises all on earth should loudly sing.

By Lance Landall

15.  Who?

Poem C

Who made the friendly dolphin, who made the rainbow trout,
Who gave the seal its flippers and the aardvark its long snout?
Who made the ring-tailed lemur, gave the kangaroo its pouch,
Who made the flying squirrel and gave porcupines their...ouch!?

Who made the brawny bison, gave the stork its skinny legs,
Who made the spotted cuckoo and the hen that gives us eggs?
Who made the Bengal tiger, the panther, puma and lynx,
Who made the comical chimp that delights us with its high jinks?

Who made the pink flamingo, gave the ostrich its long neck,
Who made the slithering snake and the twiggy walking stick?
Who made the golden eagle, the remarkable hummingbird,
Who made the warty frogfish that I must say looks absurd?

Who gave the duck its waddle, gave the toucan its bright bill,
Who made the striped hyena, the impala and gazelle?
Who made the testy woodchuck and the noisy cockatoo,
Who made the little sparrow and tiny elephant shrew?

Who made the gobbling turkey, made the octopus and squid,
Who made the long horn beetle, the butterfly and katydid?
Who made the hippopotamus, the ocelot and jaguar,
Who made the salamander and very hairy tarantula?

Who made the cute wee chipmunk, the ferret, weasel and stoat,
Who made the wide eyed owl, gave the yak its shaggy coat?
Who made the crab and lobster, the seahorse, frog and toad,
Who made the industrious ant that totes an amazing load?

Yes, we all know who, don’t we, One with an amazing skill,
One with a sense of humour, One who everything does well.
One who made and rules this earth, Jehovah-Jireh, Christ our King,
The God we love and worship and from whom all good things spring.

By Lance Landall

16.  Who?

Poem D

Who made the weeping willow, the sycamore and oak tree,
The hawthorn and the chestnut, all fashioned so uniquely?
Who made the birch and elm tree, the maple, olive and pine,
The cypress and the cedar, (all clearly made by design)?

Who made the rhododendron, azalea and gum tree,
The alder, ash and lilac, camellia and hickory?
Who made the palm and fig tree, the juniper and cherry,
The wattle and the holly, the poplar and mulberry?

Who made tulips and roses, marigolds and daffodils,
Forget-me-nots and lilies, dandelions and bluebells?
Who made poppies and pansies, geraniums and daisies,
The orchid and carnation, all frequented by busy bees?

Who made yummy strawberries, apricots, apples and pears,
The leek, and wholesome onion that when peeled brings forth those tears?
Who made plums and gooseberries, passion fruit and nectarines,
Silver beet and broccoli, celery, lettuce and beans?

Who made mangoes and pawpaw, oranges and lemons too,
And nutritious prunes that one eats wisely lest trouble brew?
Who made gherkins and garlic, capsicums, carrots and peas,
Asparagus and spinach, and as for corn — yes, more please?

Who made pumpkins and beetroot, swedes, potatoes and parsnips,
And those juicy watermelons with their rather large sized pips?
Who made chives and cabbages, tomatoes and avocadoes,
Bananas, peaches and dates, ginger and tamarillos?

'Twas our wonderful Creator, a craftsman extraordinaire,
A generous provider, One who good things loves to share.
This God who created us and whose love is deep indeed,
Knew right from the beginning good things that we’d like and need.

By Lance Landall

17.  No Artist Like Him

We oft admire the work of artists, but nothing compares with God’s artistry,
For His has come to life in the form of living creatures and humanity.
And though humanity’s His crowning work, who’s not amazed by tigers they see,
Such being one of the most impressive examples of God’s creativity.

Yes, living, breathing artwork, big pussycats — and pre-Fall, they just as smoochy —
For God has expressed His love via all His work, it so full of care and beauty.
Hence why we shouldn’t doubt His love, taking note of His work, those tigers we see,
That one day soon we’ll get to pat and hug, they no doubt purring just as warmly.

By Lance Landall

18.  Made In His Image

A baby’s a precious bundle of living, breathing life — a gift from the Lord,
A blending of a mother and father who the treasure of that birth have stored.
Hence those very first photos that remind of that bonny miracle of birth,
That martial coming together that God has blessed, instituted on Earth.

And so we give thanks for another safe, cute and healthy arrival, new life,
Which cements and enhances that special union between a husband and wife;
For God intended that children be a boon and each home with happiness fill,
Thus "blessed is the man whose quiver's full of them," that more in God’s kingdom may dwell.

By Lance Landall

This wee poem marks the arrival of our third grandchild, Friday 8th January 2016.

The following poem is the Christian version of the secular one that appears on my secular Anything page.

19.  Midst

Midst the depth of loss, that pain and loneliness that your loved ones death left behind,
Someone says, “I’ll take their place, that once again, peace and happiness you may find.”
Midst the depth of depression or anxiety, when you truly need a friend,
Someone steps up, gives encouragement and hope that peace may return and fear end.

Midst the depth of  sizable financial need, ill looming for lack of money,
Someone goes without in order to help you, responds very generously.
Midst the depth of wrongful accusations, and your reputation in tatters,
Someone takes your side, shares the cost of doing so, knowing such really matters.

Midst the depth of health robbing age and lessening beauty, though still young inside,
Someone makes you feel good, shows respect and appreciation, returns your pride.
Midst the depth of hurt, those wounds that far too often are caused by  humanity,
Someone puts their arm around your shoulder, responds lovingly and tenderly,

And there, is God; there in deed is God.

By Lance Landall

20.  I'm Not A Lollipop

No, I’m hardly a lollipop, so tell me, why's this Siamese cat licking me?
Well, I guess he's grown rather fond of me, and such being a pussy’s way, you see.
For God didn’t just give you and I the ability to show affection,
But creatures too, who, when it comes to their owners, form a loving connection.

Hence those rough licks I get, as if my hands aren’t clean enough, or perhaps they aren’t,
But I’ll be the judge of that, dear pussy cat, though I can’t bear to say, “You can’t."
For such is how cats show their love, and why we should thank God above, praise Him too,
These creatures adding to our happiness, and simply doing what pussies do.

By Lance Landall

21.  The Lord Is Good

Thank you for the warmth of that sunshine, Lord, for without it everyone would freeze,
And as far as kids go, and those of us still young at heart, thank you for the trees.
And for those stars that twinkle in the sky, and that moon that’s also seen each night,
For both lighten and brighten, and while they’re there, we know that everything’s alright.

Yes, thank you for the flowers too, they as pretty as a picture, and more so,
Reminding us of a tender God from whom all good things and blessings flow.
All why we praise you, Lord, for you’ve surrounded us with beauty that shouts your love,
And that reminds us that we’re in for an awesome time when we join You above.

By Lance Landall

22.  "Is That You, Father?"

I so wish I could grab a phone and ring up God, get an answer there and then,
Or just grab a bike an cycle over, and thus not have to wait until when.
Yes, if only I could send an email and the answer suddenly appear,
I having checked my in-box, and my God's kindly response well thought out and clear.

Oh, if only, if only, He always near or never far away, “Hello,
I got your message and the answer  to your question I thought I’d let you know.”
Oh yes, how helpful and wonderful that would be, and it will be so one day,
For He will dwell amongst His people, and right there and then any answer convey.

By Lance Landall

23.  All About Christ

Yes, scrub yourself from head to toe, and it won’t make the slightest difference, you know,
For you will still be stained with the grubbiness of sin that simply can’t help but show.
And hence God’s robe of righteousness that true repentance sees one covered with, and oh,
Happy day, for in the sight of God, one goes from looking grubby to white as snow.

That’s right, white as snow — in fact, whiter than snow — we soon seen without blemish or stain,
And this, all courtesy of amazing grace, a love that’s so wondrous and humane.
Hence why we would be wasting our time with soapy suds, for nothing on Earth will do,
Because it’s all about Jesus and nothing of us;
 the Spirit’s soap and shampoo.

By Lance Landall

24.  Give Me A High Five

Every day there’s a following night, and every night there’s a following day,
And a sun always shining, though oft not seen ’till goodbye surely clouds of grey.
But whether there’s a clear blue sky or a claustrophobic cloudy canopy,
This old world still spins, the stars stay put, and the moon continues to wink at me.

Yes, everything seems so programmed, as regular as clockwork-cum-guaranteed,
Including that botanical nuisance that we humans have nicknamed a weed.
And hence why it’s all looking like Someone set things in motion way back when,
And they did! I more wised up than Chicken Licken, that baby rooster or hen.

By Lance Landall

25.  Pressing On

They say God’s not real, and, here’s the deal: You keep Him to yourself and we’ll get on fine,
But inevitably, and somewhere, one’s commitment to Christ soon crosses that line,
For even one’s righteous walk rebukes and offends every wrongdoer and scoffer,
Who doesn’t know the joy of willing obedience, nor that grace that’s on offer.

And therefore, midst that peace and joy of knowing God, each Christian has a cross to bear,
And still those truths that Jesus has told every follower of His to boldly share,
Though prudence being a wise thing, of course, and that prayerful patience that yields fruit in time,
Others exchanging their dirty garments too, joining that throng on it’s upward climb.

By Lance Landall

26.  God's Marshmallow Heart

God’s heart is like a marshmallow, it so much softer than any human heart,
And so easily melted by selfless requests and cries caused by any dart.
Oh yes, God’s heart the tenderest of marshmallows, it as soft as soft can be,
Every one of its ingredients oozing love and care for you and me.

All why I sing “Amazing Grace”, our Saviour bearing long, extending mercy,
His marshmallow heart reaching out when pinned to that hardboiled cross on Calvary.
And His heart still just as tender, as easily melted as it was back then,
And it beating with love for all, its sweetness delighting again and again.

By Lance Landall

27.  Rhythm And Rhyme

Tell me, little bud, how do you know exactly when to bloom come that season?
It happening just like clockwork and not because you’ve got some random reason.
Yes, you slowly unfolding, and then that bloom that hollers creativity,
And why I believe you’ve been programmed, not just got your entrance down to a tee.


You’re as pretty as a picture, Someone having had something to do with you,
A sculptor and painter with love in His heart, and a certain colour code too.
’Cause you’re just one of many, Earth dotted with little buds that bloom in due time,
For when it comes to God’s creation, nothing happens without rhythm and rhyme.

By Lance Landall

Christian version.

28.  My Feathered Friend

Let me ask again, little sparrow, what did you see today when on the wing,
Was it cruelty or kindness, was there reason to wail or more reason to sing?
Oh, how you must notice it all, the lame and the fit, the well-off and the poor,
The free and the imprisoned, those with less burdens to carry and those with more.

And what about yourself, little sparrow, were you fed by that which humans shared,
Was your thirst quenched by water left, was your tiny little heart saddened or cheered?
And how’s your nest? Is it undisturbed and your wee ones safe, and you resting too?
For midst my concern for others, I like my Saviour aren’t unmindful of you.

By Lance Landall

29.  Who Can Understand?

Yes, who can understand a God whose heart melted for fallen humanity,
A rebellious bunch of selfish misfits who indulged in such insanity?
Who can understand a God who exchanged a paradise for cruel years down here,
And who let folk spit on Him, crown Him with thorns, flog Him and pierce Him with a spear?

Who can understand a God who cried, “Father, forgive them,” whilst on Calvary,
A God who after all that men had done, turned around and offered them mercy?
But I’m glad that there is such a God, and that He’s my God, for what greater love?
And why I’ve chosen to follow him, and daily praise Him — oh, great God above!
By Lance Landall

30.  Too Marvellous For Words

Busy buzzy bees, featherweight butterflies, tincey wincey ladybird bugs,
Leafy reaching branches, smiley nodding flowers, greeny, grassy, tickly rugs,
Regal looking peacocks, cuddly clothed pandas, colourfully lacquered macaws,
All speak of a God with an amazing flair and give us good reason to pause.

Oh yes, because there’s an artistry present in all that has been created,
A purpose and design behind everything that can hardly be debated.
All too marvellous for words, hence those furry animals and feathered birds,
All an expression of a heavenly love that everything on Earth girds.

By Lance Landall

Christian version.

31.  Out And About

It’s good to roam the countryside for pleasure, health, education and chance meetings,
The air pregnant with the scent of Nature’s bounties and those passing friendly greetings.
And then to return to a meal that replenishes, a favoured chair by the fire,
And a sound and comfortable sleep in a cosy bed that was heated prior.

One soon lost in dreams after a day well spent, blessed by the exercise, sun and air,
And those momentary stops for purifying water that’s needed here and there.
Yes, it’s so good to roam the countryside, to lose oneself midst heather, brooks and trees,
For there, the loving heart and creative mind of our caring Creator one sees.

By Lance Landall

32.  God's No Thug

Batman, Superman and Wonder Women come along and simply go Whack! Pow!
But Christ comes along in quietness and confidence and really shows them how.
Yes, He tells folk to love their enemies, turn the other cheek and trust in He,
And not return violence with violence like our evil adversary.

And this because Christ knows better, He no comic book hero, but for real,
A Saviour who isn’t seen to punch and flatten, but calm, sooth, restore and heal.
For that’s the better way, and He the only way, comic book heroes more thugs,
But Christ all about treating others as we’d like them to treat us, hence His hugs.

By Lance Landall

33.  So In Awe

I saw You at work today, Lord, and it really blew me away, humbled me,
I so in awe of Your loving concern and out-of-this-world ability.
And so, I just had to put it in writing, preserve it in my memory,
So that in the future, and midst some low, I will remember how You helped Me.

Yes, I prayed and You heard, Lord, another person’s kindness Your response, and wow!
’Cause not only was a problem taken care of, and my prayer answered, but how!
For You’ve a thousand ways of which we know not one, and hence why I turned to Thee,
Our having run out of options how You can better show Your ability.

By Lance Landall

34.  No Matter The Storm

Keep your eyes fully on Jesus, depending solely on His power, for there,
You’ll find your only safety, and there, He will bear every burden and care.
Yes, Christ will be there no matter the storm, how rough the sea, or how far the shore,
Bidding you come like He did Peter, so go, put an end to that tug-of-war.

Oh yes, Christ can calm the sea, still the storm, supply your need, get you through it all,
So don’t look down, but straight ahead, putting your trust in His outstretched arm and call.
And one day soon, you’ll reach Heaven’s shore, discover the beauty of Paradise,
The home of He who saw our sad plight, and considered it worth the sacrifice.

By Lance Landall

35.  In Fellowship With God

The devil came my way and he whispered in my ear, “Now here's is a tempting thought,”
And it was, but I said, “No,” having the support of the Holy Spirit sought.
Yes, Satan always at it, never giving up, and why we’re doomed on our own,
And hence why we should always walk in fellowship with God and never alone.

Yes, there’s power in  the name of Jesus, hope when we surrender to His care,
Joy when we trust in His promises and not foolishly let Satan ensnare.
And there’s a heavenly home awaiting us where we can spend eternity,
Free from the promptings and snares of a devil, who in that same world will not be.

By Lance Landall

36.  Step Inside

Lets open the heart of Christ and step inside. How might we feel, what might we see?
Oh, the sweet aroma of love, the thought and care, the peace and tranquillity.
Oh, the beauty of purity, the width, breadth and depth of its interior,
That’s clad with promises and hope that seal its nailed, blood red exterior.

Oh, what a surprise, the door’s already open, a welcome mat greeting us,
And hand sketched portraits of each one of us within; that just so much like Jesus.
Yes, we always in His heart, and the door always open — so please, step inside,
And there in the warmth of love, and the assurance of grace, forever abide.

By Lance Landall

37.  A Heavenly Bell

You deserve the best, Lord, a house that’s set apart for You, a worship day too,
A tenth of all we earn, the glory and benefit of things we say and do.
We begrudging nothing, Lord, but willingly responding to Your love and care,
Aware all we have isn’t ours, but Yours, and why we give thanks for what You share...

And why we should be found immersed in Your Word, down on our knees or saying grace,
Out and about on Your errands, seeking the lost who an eternal cost face.
And why we should be making You proud, both via obedience and example,
Always placing You first, Lord, that the name Christian might ring a heavenly bell.

By Lance Landall

38.  One Day Soon

We find our life in Jesus, our very Creator, in whom we find our all,
And hence why, if we want true happiness and joy, we will respond to His call.
He having crafted us, made us in His image, implanted that need within,
And hence why only Christ is the answer, and why we take on the name Christian.

Yes, He’s our rock, hope and salvation, our Saviour and Lord, our compass and guide,
All why we aren’t ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, but stand by His side.
We knowing where the answer lies, we also knowing of His goodness and grace,
And one day soon, having been faithful and true, we’ll get to meet Him face to face.

By Lance Landall