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I’d love to hear from you, whoever you may be, and I won’t bite,
Unless you’re tasty, perhaps, as I do have a good appetite.
But I’d rather chat, hear what you’ve got to say, so, please contact me,
And as far as what’s on my site goes, you’re welcome to disagree.

Yes, please get in touch, otherwise, I won’t know that you’re there, you see,
Busy checking out my website and perusing my poetry.
I’d hate to miss you, really would, and I’d like you to be my friend,
So, please take a moment (or two perhaps), and a wee message send.

Fill in your name and email address, and I will get back to you,
Unless you say don't bother, and I won't, even though I'd like to.
All you’ve got to do is say, and back to my cubby-hole I’ll go,
Though I would rather have the opportunity to say, “Hello.”

I’d offer you lunch, but technology isn’t that good, clearly,
So, just munch away in front of me, I really don’t mind, truly.
After all, I can’t see you, even when I’m in front of my screen,
But if you’ll kindly leave a message, I’ll certainly know you’ve been.

And that would be nice, for folk seldom make contact, just quietly,
Though when someone does bother, I appreciate it immensely.
So, don’t be concerned, I’d simply love to hear from you, chat with you,
And no, I won’t bite, even if you’re tasty, for I’ve nails to chew.

By Lance Landall


I would appreciate hearing your thoughts and feelings regarding anything to do with my poetry, articles or website, so please feel free to use the feedback form below to submit your comments. Make sure that you fill in all fields.

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If you do not want a reply please say so and your wishes will be respected. Otherwise, I'll reply in order to acknowledge your comments and say thank you.
If you were happy for me to get back to you, not having said otherwise, and you haven't heard from me within a couple of days, then something has definately gone amiss somewhere (either you're feedback going astray or my response to you), and therefore, please let me know, because I wouldn't want to miss your feedback, and wouldn't want you thinking that I've ignored you. I'm a man of my word.

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c) What I might consider as dubious, suspicious.
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c) The usage of my material.