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Even more poems for pondering on.

A Poetry Bouquet

"When words are pegged in a row, they become a clothesline
of personal expressions."
The poet, author

Even more Christian poems for pondering on.

Another Poetry Bouquet

"If you want to live eternally, don’t settle for mortality."
The poet, author

Four special CHRISTIAN features under which further content
may appear at any time:

Jehovah Jireh

With Love, God

Seeing God

Divine Expressions

May I Never

May I never be so blind, that within my mind, I fail to see what I need to see, and as a result, my own opinions exalt, acting pridefully, arrogantly and narrow-mindedly.
May I never be so blind, that I only seek to find, that which cements my view, or those who think the same way too, and as a result, intelligence and commonsense insult, acting negligently, short-sightedly and perilously.
May I never be so blind, that my affection be confined, to only those who please me, or who appeal to me, and as a result, compassion and impartiality assault, acting selfishly, indifferently and shallowly.
May I never be so blind, that I become aligned, with those who deliver ill, or agencies that violate one’s will, and as a result, more evil catapult, acting shamefully, foolishly and inhumanely.
No, but rather, mingling with all, consulting with many, listening receptively, reading widely, searching open-mindedly, examining thoroughly, debating objectively, and then considering it all, always acting respectfully, charitably, thoughtfully and prudently.
Yes, may I never be so blind, because I could well find, that as a result, something, somehow, somewhere, sometime jolt, very
painfully and regretfully.

By Lance Landall

This poem was upgraded 25 January 2020.

Your Majesty, Poetry

Poetry is but itself — unashamedly expressive, audaciously creative, generously imaginative, intriguingly inventive, rhythmically seductive, courageously provocative, intentionally persuasive, thoughtfully affirmative, ingeniously informative, enjoyably instructive, regularly figurative, metaphorically decorative, historically authoritative, and as far as prose goes, poetry is its highbrow relative.
Yes, poetry has its own personality, character, originality — it’s often cheerful, amusing, humorous, even mischievous, but sometimes it’s perturbed, vexed, anguished, melancholy — in other words, temperamental, decidedly moody.
But whatever its mood, it says things very succinctly, even economically, though when it chooses to, it waxes lyrical — gushes, you might say, but always very eloquently.
Poetry is all about rhythm and rhyme, hence its appeal — it has a certain energy, vibrancy, poignancy, conscious and unconscious feel.
It weaves an exquisite tapestry, it says things differently, be its approach Shakespearian or contemporary, or it’s compositions amateurish or masterly.
It’s a symphony of words composed and conducted personally, a treasury of thoughts and feelings shared universally.
It’s a cathartic exercise, an engaging way to connect, delight, touch, empathise, encourage, inspire, spur, impart, even romantically surprise.
Yes, poetry is but itself — heroically honest, confidingly candid, disarmingly sincere, intensely earnest, passionately purposeful, endearingly meaningful, absorbingly colourful, thoroughly self-possessed — and with your permission, a very worthy and entertaining guest — one that’s a little toffee-nosed, maybe, but very charmingly — literary aristocracy, Your Majesty, Poetry.

By Lance Landall

My Own Poetry Quotes

“Poetry is the utterings of the heart.”
“Poetry is far too worthy and effective to be dismissively seen as just being poetry.”
“Poetry is an art form that paints pictures in the mind.”
“Unless it ryhmes, it's merely prose, not poetry as some suppose.”
“Poetry has a way of saying something that prose can only desire.”
"Poetry is vowels and consonants waxing lyrically."
"Poetry is language in love; a mischievous, excited, passionate, and even emboldened, wordy expression."
"Poetry is language on show; words that have taken to the stage."
"A song is but a poem sung."


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Laughter lubricates the family.

Amusing poetry from the pen of an aging child

These poems are of a light-hearted, humourous nature. Something to read if you're simply looking for whatever will have you smile, or whatever will have you giggling or laughing.

Happiness is infectious, and laughter is contagious too,
An icebreaker, a body healer and relationship glue.
It stirs the endorphins, zaps the blues, puts a zing in the air,
Hence the following light-hearted poems which I’m hoping you’ll share.


And dozens more light-hearted poems, along with some
general nonsense.

"A well-developed sense of humor is the pole that adds
balance to your steps as you walk the tightrope of life."

William Arthur Ward (1921-1994)


“If you try to fail, and succeed, which have you done?”

George Carlin

Original and uncategorised poem list.

  1. I Would If I Could

    Theme: When poetry won't flow.         

  2. Just For Kids

    Theme: Animal fun.
    Includes an alternative version

  3. That Love Bug

    Theme: That cute little thing called love.

  4. Earthlings

    Theme: We're a funny lot.

  5. Under Surveillance

    Theme: Thieves in the night.   

  6. What A Cat!

    Theme: Siamese cats.     

  7. Take Care

    Theme: Bumblebees.     

  8. The Nocturnal Visitor

    Theme: Hedgehogs.     

  9. A Chat With A Bear

    Theme: Grizzly bears.     

  10. A Tale

    Theme: A clandestine operation.    

  11. Incey Wincey Spider

    Theme: Perseverance.     

  12. They're Taboo

    Theme: Caterpillars.     

  13. High Noon For The Blues

    Theme: Taming the blues.     

  14. Come To Think Of It

    Theme: Creature expressions.     

  15. Doctor Sunshine

    Theme: Dealing with the blues.
    Includes other poems see orange boxes     

  16. A Play On Words

    Theme: Having fun with language.     

  17. Another Play On Words

    Theme: Having fun with language.    

  18. Hi There

    Theme: Let me introduce myself, so to speak.

  19. Did You Hear About...?

    Theme: A bit of fun.     

  20. Adorable Scallywags

    Theme: Siamese cats.   

  21. A Mystery?

    Theme: Diet.     

  22. Something Odd

    Theme: Do you know what it is?     

  23. Mind That Bike!

    Theme: Watch out for cyclists.

  24. Animals

    Theme: More animal fun.

  25. Day Dreaming

    Theme: Fanciful wishing.     

  26. A Close Encounter

    Theme: Endangering life and limb.     

  27. I'm In A Tizz

    Theme: Oh dear, my minds gone blank.     

  28. My!

    Theme: You're special, unique, amazing, and part of a plan.    

  29. Just This Once, Okay?

    Theme: A yummy recipe.     

  30. Bedtime

    Theme: Of dreams and such.

  31. Why Not?

    Theme: Pet elephants.         

  32. It's Strange

    Theme: Those odd things people say.

  33. The Big Kid's Alphabet

    Theme: Our A B C.         

  34. Seasonal Nonsense

    Theme: It's sooooo cold!         

  35. What's Going On?

    Theme: Ants.

  36. Dizzy Heights

    Theme: High heel shoes.         

  37. Senile Moments

    Theme: Forgetfulness.         

  38. Just Relax?

    Theme: Visiting the dentist.

  39. Waggish Poetry

    Theme: Mischievous poems.

  40. Well Connected

    Theme: Words.         

  41. Mister Blackbird

    Theme: Another one of my friends.         

  42. Pussycat, Pussycat

    Theme: Cats.         

  43. Bionic?

    Theme: Bionic bodyparts.

  44. Henry Sturgeon

    Theme: Positivity.
    Includes other poems see orange boxes

  45. Scary Stuff

    Theme: Best you check this out.

A Little Kiss

It was only a kiss, a little kiss, but wow! Kapow! Oh! Oh! Oh! And how!
So outrageous, perhaps heroically courageous, and certainly contagious.
Yes, everything just went crazy, momentarily hazy, leaving me upside down, back to front, inside out, hopelessly topsy turvy, wobbly, dizzy and woozy, yet wanting to jump, skip and shout.
I guess you won’t believe me, probably think it imaginary, the result of electrified chemistry, but out of the blue, as if right on cue, cymbals suddenly clashed, lightening cracked and flashed, light bulbs fizzed and popped, clocks and watches stopped, trumpets and trombones blew, hundreds of lovebirds flew, buds burst open and flowers bloomed, rockets flew and cannons boomed, lampposts and streetlamps swayed, lemons metamorphosed into lemonade, parish bells swung and chimed, sunflowers appeared and climbed, water pipes and fire hydrants burst, elephants charged and reversed, waiters dropped their knives and forks, bottles popped their corks, manhole covers flipped, statues teetered and tipped — and oh dear me, I just stood there so helplessly, sporting a grin (butterflies flitting within), breathing with difficulty, waiting very patiently, goose bumps all over my skin.
Yes, the love bug had bitten (just like it’s said and written), and I was helplessly smitten, the consequence of that little kiss, which I have to confess, certainly didn’t distress, but rather, pleased me no end, and started a marital trend, which we vowed we wouldn't end!

By Lance Landall

Jeremy Jibber

Jeremy Jibber was a terrible fibber, who lived in a world of fantasy, an inventor of tales, who spoke of acrobatic snails, and ice-cream flavoured broccoli.
Yes, nothing was too absurd, hence no one believed a word, and just nodded at his inventions, for he spoke of lamas in pyjamas, that holidayed in the Bahamas, and various other contentions.
Oh yes, he really told big whoppers, spoke of chimps flying choppers, and of penguins in tuxedoes, but the craziest thing he said, was regarding poor old Fred, who he reckoned had a parakeet nose.
Now, I don’t mind a bit of fun, for I’m not one who’s into none, but elephants on tricycles? Piping hot icicles? Nappy clad buffalos? Suntanned Eskimos? Cabaret crooning frogs? Alligators wearing togs? Nurseries full of storks? Lions into knives and forks? Centipedes sporting boots? Octopi in wetsuits? Intoxicated lobsters? Law-abiding mobsters? Blubbering seasick whales? Ladybirds tipping the scales? Honey bears using spoons? Baboons playing bassoons? Eagles afraid of heights? Bats with built in headlights? Fireflies that ignite? Owls that won’t go out at night? Centrally heated igloos? Gnus paddling canoes? Gorillas wearing jeans? Well behaved teens? Weightlifting fleas? And mice made of cheese?
I think that’s a bit overdone!
Yes, Jeremy Jibber was a terrible fibber, with a wild imagination, an inventor of fiction, whose creative addiction, quickly led to his isolation.

By Lance Landall

Mister Misery

Gregory was Mister Misery, a complainer who moaned about this and that — yes, someone who’d always grumble, and his discontent mumble, as he lazed about getting fat.
He was dreadfully moody, terribly broody, someone who would whine all day, and when he wasn’t cantankerous, he was annoyingly obstreperous, until he finally got his own way.
Yes, nothing passed his inspection, nor altered his sullen complexion, which left shadows wherever he went, and should someone smile, he would stand and glare awhile, and more doom and gloom present.
Nothing shifted his frown, nor lifted him up from down, hence why wretched he remained, just muttering his displeasure, which a barometer could measure, and which happiness and energy drained.
And when in time he expired, and underground lodgings acquired, he was duly farewelled, and as they lowered him down, still sporting a frown, they breathed a sigh of relief, and minus grief, vigorously filled.
The moral of this story?
Though misery loves company, company doesn’t love misery.

By Lance Landall

Billy Shocker

Billy Shocker was a very clever budgie, with an amazing vocabulary — yes, he certainly had the gift of the gab, and some personal things would blab, hence why folk would pass him with care, and a certain degree of fear, lest anything be overheard, and repeated word for word, for oh, how Billy loved to share.
Yes, most thought he was just a bird (and that he could speak, never occurred), but oh my word, how they soon changed their view, when Billy showed what he could do, and things one shouldn’t hear were heard.
He never used discretion, would holler out someone’s confession, or juicy gossip that left folk red, and there were some things he said, that suggested he was out of his head, or to be somewhat fair, though it’s really not clear, ’twas possibly artistic expression.
But nevertheless, no one likes bad press, and as to Billy’s date with fate, sooner on the cards than late, one could pretty well guess (in fact, even stress), for one day Billy went too far, and his little wire door was found ajar — perhaps a guest, suitably unimpressed, with a scandalmonger budgerigar.
And suffice to say, he hasn’t been seen since that day, and as to his end, I wouldn’t pretend, but no one knows, for that’s how it goes, when tittle-tattle words offend.

By Lance Landall

Robby McSneeze

Robby McSneeze was an incorrigible tease, a vexing inventive provoker, and a hardcore practical joker — yes, a creator of surprises, which came in various guises, and which certainly didn’t delight or please.
Oh, the things he would do, that over time grew, drove people to distraction, for his mischief knew no end, and at anytime would descend, causing the desired reaction.
And oh how he’d shriek with joy, and then further antics employ, for there’s nothing like success, though his bent he couldn’t suppress, which one’s peace would duly destroy.
Now, I’ve chosen not to mention any wretched invention, lest some other Robby McSneeze on those same antics seize, but suffice to say (or via poetry anyway), life was most unpleasant when Robby McSneeze was present (as you’d guess), ’till one day he badly blundered, and repercussions thundered, which soon saw him in quite a mess.
Yes, Robby McSneeze was an impossible tease, a roguish pretender, an outrageous offender, who the last time I heard (via someone’s reliable word), exited as quick as a sneeze.

By Lance Landall

Timothy Twitchit

Timothy Twitchit was a compulsive fidget, who simply couldn’t keep still, a restless soul, with no self-control, who as soon as he’d scoffed his meals, would vanish as if he were on wheels, rather than stay and rest a spell.
Yes, he seldom ever stopped to rest, barely had time to get dressed, and would grab his lunch and rush the door, which left his wife feeling distressed, and unsure whether she’d been kissed, but for the smudged lipstick she bore.
Even when he was lying in bed, he would jiggle his legs and wriggle his head, just restlessly toss and turn, which kept his dear wife awake, given how the bed would shake, and the bed lamp often burn.
Yes, even midst a conversation, Timothy caused much consternation, for he’d suddenly apologise and fly, leaving folk wondering why, and not to mention peeved, and Timothy thus poorly perceived, for such he could seldom justify.
And such would have continued to this day (so to speak), if a lesson hadn’t come his way, (one busy week), for midst his restless rushing about, he unsurprisingly forgot to watch out, and from there on slowly had to make his way, a walking stick showing that haste doesn’t pay, and that all a slower pace should seek.

By Lance Landall

Messy Johnny

Johnny was rightly nicknamed, and somewhat kindly, some claimed, for he was dreadfully untidy, his bedroom such a site to see (a bombsite, effectively), for when Johnny undressed (as you no doubt would’ve guessed), his clothes were scattered shamelessly.
Nothing was where it should be, but rather, was strewn chaotically, though with a certain flair (alias casual air), for Johnny had it down to an art, hence no one knew quite where to start, and to be perfectly honest, wouldn’t dare.
He was badgered by friends and family, who entered his room rather gingerly, lest they stumble or tumble perilously, but despite their regular complaining, nothing stopped clothing and whatnot raining, which added to the chaos and anarchy.
How he managed to traverse those piles was a constant source of mirth and smiles — that is, midst the ongoing irritation, not to mention exasperation, for the carpet barely saw the light of day, and a vacuum cleaner seldom wound its way, adding to the diabolical situation.
However, eventually and providentially, help arrived in the form of a female friend, who demanded that such untidiness end, lest their engagement she suspend, which soon saw Johnny as busy as a bee, given that so deeply in love was he, which clearly just goes to show, as us grey-haired young folk know, that it oft takes a charming little lady.

By Lance Landall

Reginald Rude

The infamously known Reginald Rude, had a most inconsiderate attitude, apparent in his poor behaviour too, which very regularly upset, and which many didn’t forget, and over such, would often mutter or stew.
Yes, discourteous to the point of outrageous, incredibly ill-mannered, so shockingly audacious, an embarrassment to friends and family, though friends soon became just a few, and even family shunned his company too; and those remaining friends, eventually.
Midst scoffing his food with open mouth, he would wildly gesture and talk, and oft just use grimy fingers, rather than a knife and fork. Or he would pile his plate with food (which the table would soon denude), brushing noses as he overreached, and etiquette thus once again breached, while those who were sitting at the table, wiped spilt food off their clothes as best were able, and silently seethed as they chewed.
Yes, he was downright rude, uncouth, tactless and gruff, not to mention terribly rough, which soon saw innocent visitors grimace or balk, and in the other direction quickly walk, and oh, how they too, would then disparagingly talk.
His language was most offensive, unfittingly comprehensive, thus insulting remarks often flew, which saw faces turning pink or red (particularly those of the well-bred), and the air both a riled black and sullied blue.
Yes, his rudeness was beyond belief, the cause of much anger and grief, until comeuppance came his way (or Karma as some folk say), for someone much rougher and tougher, and believe it or not, even far gruffer, was also mistreated and offended, which saw Reginald’s appalling reign ended — albeit some say, possibly via foul play — but whatever the case, such is what one can face, if foolish enough to act that way.

By Lance Landall

Worth Noting

I’ve done a lot, seen a lot, read a lot — oh, I almost forgot — I’ve also heard a lot, and consequently, many things have learnt, which the right to pass on, I feel I’ve well and truly earnt.
So acting rather thoughtfully, or so it seems to me, and given my concern for humanity, and perhaps in order to be fair, the following list I’ve decided to share.
Are you ready?
It seems one can’t eat peas without some bouncing off the plate; Nothing’s quite as shocking as an unnoticed roller-skate; It’s never very pleasant when you stub your biggest toe; It doesn’t pay to shave when the batteries are running low; Your socks are best removed when you are somewhere on your own; It never pays to overdo any eau de Cologne; It isn’t always wise to partake of another slice; Asking any woman her age is treading on thin ice; Noodles can be terribly embarrassing to eat; If you don’t like backchat you shouldn’t buy a parakeet; Fires are cosy but quite hazardous to bottom and legs; Hanging out the daily washing requires sufficient pegs; It’s hard to remove things that you’ve lacquered with sticky paste; One shouldn’t squeeze their toothpaste heavily or in haste; If you can’t remember where you’ve left something, ask your wife; It pays to squint when you’re slicing oranges with a knife; It appears that one gets older with the passing of years; Peeling a sizable onion can soon bring one to tears; Be careful what you loan as some consider it their own; It's seldom cause for humour when you hit your funny bone; Doing the dishes and scrubbing the bath isn’t much fun; It certainly doesn’t pay to fall asleep in the sun; I wouldn’t pick a fight with a fella who’s twice your size; If you bump a busy tattooist, quickly apologise; It’s clear that it doesn’t pay to make the same mistake twice; Before you purchase something, make sure that you check the price; One’s mail is more often nothing but notices and bills; Its always very costly when a dentist prods and drills; Lack of knowledge isn’t something that I would advertise; Sneezing without looking is very risky and unwise; One's bathroom seems to attract both soprano and baritone; One's back has an unpleasant habit of making one groan; A cream bun and a beard (or a moustache), aren’t the best of friends; Going without a shower a certain signal sends; Eating lemons and grapefruit can distort a pretty face; And last but not least, a cuddle goes down well anytime, but hey, mind the place!
Well, what do you think?

By Lance Landall


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Wisdom's generally free, experience often expensive.

Impassioned poetry from the pen of a concerned fellow human


“What the masses are fed, they eventually become, and how unwittingly they’re led, and mischief is done.”
The poet, author

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 The poems that are near the top of this page accessed via my page A POETRY BOUQUET.
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When we intentionally and knowingly hurt another person physically or emotionally; when we hamper or deprive them of their right to freedom of expression and civil/religious liberty; when we intimidate, manipulate, or subjugate; display bigotry, act indifferently, or incite hate, we've no argument, no reason, no excuse, and have joined the ranks of the evil, the unenlightened, the duped, the selfish and cowardly, who're bound to reap what they sow, and upon whom the sword of justice falls deservedly.
On the other hand, we know that we're on the side of right when love motivates all we do, when we only seek what's best and blessed, when we rise in defence of others, when we seek to serve rather than to be served, when our feelings for both man and beast are tender and impartial, and when our thoughts are seldom on ourself.

We can wax lyrical about love, believe in the God that's above, but if we’re unkind,
Our words are plain meaningless, even offensive, and God’s hardly in our heart and mind.
Yes, we can say all the right things, but how hollow it all rings, should our life be a lie,
For what others hear from our lips but don’t see in our life, they’re hardly likely to buy.


“The significant problems we have cannot be solved at the
same level of thinking which created them.”

Albert Einstein (1879-1955)

Progression is measured by refinement.

“The Devil pulls the strings which make us dance;
We find delight in the most loathsome things;
Some furtherance of Hell each new day brings,
And yet we feel no horror in that rank advance.”
Charles Baudelaire (1821-1867)

A Man

A man is called,
To always act honourably;
To labour conscientiously;
To care for his wife and family, steering them in truth and right;
To shoulder blame, and bear with the shortcomings of others;
To live at peace with all men;
To live in harmony with Nature;
To treat creatures kindly;
To safeguard society’s best interests;
To stand against tyranny;
To expose falsehood and deception;
To protect the innocent and vulnerable;
To show compassion and mercy;
To win the respect of his enemies;
And to leave this world a better place for his having been.
The poet, author

"Vice is a monster of so frightful mien,
As to be hated needs but to be seen;
Yet seen too oft, familiar with her face,
We first endure, then pity, then embrace.
Alexander Pope (1688-1744)

Also see my page:


Which includes my page: Odds 'n' Ends.


May your health be good and longevity follow;

May your trials be few and any burdens light;
May your life be fulfilling and successful;
May your presence be desired and appreciated;
May your mind and heart be sound and caring;
May your path be selfless and noble;
May your friends be many and loyal;
May your partner be loving and true;
May your children be admired and a blessing;
May your home be open to all and welcoming;
and may your twilight years be full of happy
The poet, author

"If the devil does not exist, and man has therefore created
him, he has created him in his own image and likeness."
Fyodor Dostoyevsky

"The things that do us the greatest good are often exchanged
for the things that do us the greatest harm."
The poet, author

"The further a society drifts from the truth,
the more it will hate those who speak it.
George Orwell (1903-1950)

"Discernment is not a matter of simply telling the difference between right and wrong; rather it is telling the difference
between right and almost right."
Charles Spurgeon (1834-1892)

"It is curious that physical courage should be so common
in the world and moral courage so rare."
Mark Twain (1835-1910)

Never let patriotism, pride, bias, prejudice,
training, education, religious beliefs, relationships, or the media somehow prevent or hamper you from discovering truth and uncovering falsehood.
In other words, read broadly, listen open-mindedly, investigate thoroughly, and think deeply, dismissing nothing and checking everything, for what you dismiss could well be true, and what you fail to check could well be false.
Hence why one's right to freedom of expression should always be upheld as sacrosanct, despite any downside such as hate speech, which, when prevented by legislation, just opens the door to further and future encroachments.

The reason that humanity at large is so often duped and led down the garden path is simple:
Most are largely ignorant of that which they’re best to know — oft a self-inflicted malaise — enter ill.
At the end of the day, if we’re not informed and correctly so, we’re very vulnerable indeed,
And misfortune likely, and we, only having ourselves to blame if sense and duty we didn’t heed.

What Have You Chosen To Be?

The prisoner of your background?
The hostage of your thoughts?
The slave of your passions?
The instrument of your folly?
The chaser of your troubles?
The dresser of your problems?
The minder of your grievances?
The nurser of your wounds?
The victim of your past mistakes?
The casualty of your ignorance?
The stooge of your mirror?
The depository of someone’s trash?
The owner of someone’s lies?
The wearer of someone’s propaganda?
The fool of your own delusions?
The puppet of other hands?
The servant of abusers?
The plaything of users?
The soft-touch of takers?
The pawn of manipulators?
The follower of pied pipers?
The captive of the majority?
Or none of these?

By Lance Landall

This list of older uncategorised poems is where my poems originally started. Since then I have been trying to place them in subject matter via the orange boxes to the left and right of this page, along with new ones.

  1. There's No Excuse

    Theme: Physical or mental abuse.  

  2. Will You Please Think Again

    Theme: Thinking of others.

  3. Badly In Charge

    Theme: Tyrannical leadership.

  4. Real Men

    Theme: Real men aren't bullies.
    Includes No You Don't! 

  5. Renegade Dads

    Theme: Deserters.   

  6. It's Time

    Theme: It's time love conquered all.

  7. Beyond The Pale

    Theme: Pointless and dangerous risks.

  8. Looking Down The Barrel

    Theme: Random shooting sprees and suicides.
    Includes other poems — see orange boxes       

  9. The Silent Majority

    Theme: Remaining silent when you shouldn't.

  10. A New World

    Theme: Longing for a better world.

  11. Time

    Theme: Our life is but fleeting.
    Includes other poems — see orange boxes     

  12. A Great Idea

    Theme: Turn the tables on wrong.     

  13. The Sparrow

    Theme: Tenacity.
    Includes other poems — see orange boxes      

  14. Pied Pipers

    Theme: Are you a follower of men?     

  15. Those Two Words

    Theme: Regarding, "If only".    

  16. Play It Again, Sam

    Theme: Regarding, "If only" and "I wish".     

  17. Too Accommodating

    Theme: Compromise

  18. Would You Mind?

    Theme: Intimacy in public     

  19. A Path I've Chosen

    Theme: Gratitude.

  20. Daffy Pigeons

    Theme: Too much of a good thing.         

  21. Sorry, But I Disagree

    Theme: Love isn't all we need.     

  22. Misunderstood?

    Theme: We're so complex.

  23. What's Child Abuse?

    Theme: Child abuse.
    Includes other poems — see orange boxes     

  24. Foes of Humanity

    Theme: Turning on our own.

  25. Karma

    Theme: What goes around, comes around.
    Includes other poems — see orange boxes

  26. Better Scars Than Wounds

    Theme: Dealing with hurt.     

  27. What's Done Is Done

    Theme: Dealing with shame.     

  28. Give The Man A Chance

    Theme: When a man badly errs
    Includes other poems — see orange boxes

  29. Believe In Yourself

    Theme: Low self-esteem and relationships

  30. Love The Girl

    Theme: Women.
    Includes other poems — see orange boxes     

  31. Where Wisdom's Paramount

    Theme: Marriage.     

  32. Bottled By A Bottle

    Theme: Alcohol.
    Includes other poems — see orange boxes

  33. Sexual Criminality

    Theme: Regarding sexual assaults on women.
    Includes When Will Some Women Learn?          

  34. That Defence Mode

    Theme: Dealing with criticisim.

  35. Get Over It

    Theme: Move on.
    Includes Ain't That A Shame       

  36. Someone Doesn't Like You?

    Theme: We can't demand friendship.

  37. Good And Evil

    Theme: There's no inbetween.  

  38. Don't Blame God

    Theme: We, have caused Earth's problems.

  39. An Anomaly

    Theme: Are you an anomaly?    

  40. Reality

    Theme: When bad things happen.     

  41. Damaged Men

    Theme: Adding to the results.
    Includes other poems — see orange boxes     

  42. Persuasion, Not Force

    Theme: My mind is my mind, not yours.     

  43. Real Heroes

    Theme: Risk takers and risk taking.     

  44. Sticks And Stones

    Theme: Regarding those words we use.     

  45. Carefully Weigh

    Theme: Regarding one's children.

  46. Moonstruck

    Theme: Regarding living on the moon.     

  47. As Was Meant To Be

    Theme: Pushing the right buttons in marriage.     

  48. It's Your Choice

    Theme: Which will you choose, right or wrong?

  49. Will You Be Caught Out?

    Theme: Procrastination; Indifference.     

  50. Who's To Blame?

    Theme: Regarding criminals and crime.   

  51. What On Earth Is Going On?

    Theme: Misusing money sorely needed.     

  52. If Only

    Theme: My, how things have changed.

  53. Let's Stop This Evil Cycle

    Theme: Wrongfully taking human life.     

  54. Wisdom Is Still Valid

    Theme: Saying but not doing, in perspective.     

  55. Hares And Hounds

    Theme: Politicking and game-playing.     

  56. Who's The Victim?

    Theme: Are perpetrators victims too?    

  57. Anti-Christian?

    Theme: Christianity not for you?    

  58. Follywood

    Theme: What gets your mind, gets you.
    Includes other poems — see orange boxes     

  59. Mind That Joke

    Theme: Your humour is revealing.

  60. Why Must It Take Pain?

    Theme: Sometimes only pain brings needed change.     

  61. Don't Bolt It

    Theme: Keeping an open mind.     

  62. "When In Rome ..."

    Theme: Our home, our rules.     

  63. The Death Penalty

    Theme: Sanctioned killers.     

  64. Something To Ponder

    Theme: Are we aiding and abetting?     

  65. Pointless Risks

    Theme: Extreme sports.     

  66. Deep And Virulent

    Theme: We've a very ill society.
    Includes What's Up With Us?

  67. Worth Pondering

    Theme: What's holding you in check?     

  68. Conversations

    Theme: Have folk got your full attention?     

  69. Are You Violating Rights?

    Theme: Human rights.

  70. Let's Face Up To It

    Theme: The moral collapse of society.
    Includes Figuratively Verbalizing

  71. Blurred Vision

    Theme: Don't knock welfare.     

  72. Feminism

    Theme: A destructive force.     

  73. White Lies And Pranks

    Theme: White lies and pranks.     

  74. Don't Be Fooled

    Theme: Supernatural experiences.     

  75. Let's Get It Right

    Theme: Imprisonment/rehabilitation.

  76. Careful, Now

    Theme: Jumping from the pot into the frying pan.     

  77. It's All About Others

    Theme: Noble professions.

  78. The Force

    Theme: Appreciating the police.

  79. Husbands And Wives

    Theme: Spouse first, self last.
    Includes other poems — see orange boxes

  80. Just Be There

    Theme: Words aren't always needed.
    Includes other poems — see orange boxes   

  81. Beauty Beware

    Theme: Beauty has a downside.
    Includes other poems
    — see orange boxes

  82. Make A Stand

    Theme: Don't remain silent or inactive.     

  83. Charlatans

    Theme: Con-men come in various forms.     

  84. Could Such Be So?

    Theme: Who? What? When? How? Why?     

  85. Secret Societies

    Theme: Secret societies.     

And Love Is ...

Going without so that others can have; Speaking up when no one else is prepared to; Going to someone’s aid when you’re as frightened as they are; Seeking reconciliation even when it isn’t you at fault; Doing those menial things that others don’t want to do; Settling for less so that others will have more; Saying, “No,” when you’d love to say, “Yes”; Letting others climb the ladder ahead of you; Listening when you’d rather be talking; Watching out for others rather than yourself; Telling the truth even should it cost you; Refraining from giving as good as you get; Looking for the potential in everyone; Reaching out to others when you’re in need yourself; Thinking the best of others rather than the worst; Being charitable to those who’re not charitable to you; Setting an example even when you’re feeling less able; Admitting you’re wrong before you’re forced to own up; Giving everyone a fair chance and a fair say; Checking to see if something’s actually true before repeating it, and then, only if you should; Looking for a solution rather than casting blame; Graciously accepting constructive criticism; Seeking to praise others rather than to be praised; Not doing what you wish to do so that others can do what they wish to do; Leaving someone’s past behind so that they can have a future; Being there, even when it’s inconvenient for you; Being quick to say “I’m sorry," “I forgive you,” and “I love you”…

By Lance Landall


Well, dwell on this: Your worth isn’t based on your job or career but on your very existence, your individuality. Upon the way you live, the way you treat others, the depth and breadth of your heart, and the integrity of your mind.
Take this time to ponder on the deeper issues of life, to take in the beauty of creation, to attend to those little things so often overlooked, and to notice and respond to the needs of others also.
View your unemployment as an experience, not a set-back, as a time to reassess, perhaps change direction, to study and learn new things, new skills, and to make new friends.
Keep heart, be strong, bearing in mind that life has a mind of its own.
Thus, your success, even happiness, is dependant upon an acceptance of the situation, a belief in yourself, and naturally, receptiveness.
In other words, your response will determine far more than your situation will.
You’re worth it, walk tall. And remember: It’s just a change, not a fall.

By Lance Landall

It's Your Call

Life can be hard, life can be cruel, life can be so unfair, and if it hasn’t been so for you, skies pretty blue, it certainly has been, and is, for others, some finding such too much to bear.
Many are experiencing pain, loss and despair, even fear, are lonely, are hurting, are deeply in debt, full of regret, are trapped in poverty, and no doubt are thinking, “If only.”
Yes, many are in need, have their backs against the wall, their life has begun to stall, they’ve borne the brunt of another’s wrong, haven’t a song, and are yearning for that arm around the shoulder, that thoughtful call.
So, wherever there’s a needy brother or sister — that is, humanity — make a stand, extend a helping hand, show compassion, thought, greater sensitivity.
Why? Because one day you yourself might experience the very same thing that is afflicting them — but rather, do it for love’s sake, for that’s the more noble path to take — yes, do it because you care, want to be there — and duty wise, more so if you’re near.

By Lance Landall


There’s a window through which I gaze at the world. A window through which only I can gaze. This window has been designed with just me in mind. Its pane (just like spectacle lens) has been tailor-made, it reflects my character and personality.
No one else can see through my window; they’ve a window of their own, but though they may observe the same things as me, they still won’t see as I see, for what is observed, is framed individualistically.
And the reason why, is because that window is our mind’s eye, aided by two frontal lens that each captured image for processing sends, which mentally and uniquely is interpreted by you and I.
Yes, there’s a window through which I gaze at the world, and gaze at you, and also a window through which you gaze too. It’s our mind’s eye (the inner you and I), which, because it’s tailor-made, will often mystify.
So let’s take care, acting more thoughtfully and tolerantly, lest we err judgmentally, as only through our own window do we see.

By Lance Landall

Cerebral Galleries

Our eyes are but a window to the world, and all that we see via the lens of our life is captured, processed, and forever stored in the cavernous recesses of our mind.
Occurrences, incidents, activities, deeds, events and scenes (emotional and unemotional) are recorded by our brain’s incredible network of nerves and cells — a veritable camera — one that captures the wanted and unwanted, the pleasant and unpleasant, the healthy and unhealthy, the trite and edifying.
Thus, billions of images are at our beck and call, often coming to the forefront of our mind of their own accord (triggered by the unconscious).
These images are framed in nanoseconds, and throughout our lifetime they constantly vie for our attention, even shuffle about in our dreams.
These images — mental pictures — are often formed by how we see things — that is, via our outlook, our attitude, the interpretations of our emotional and intellectual focus, leaning — in other words, by those settings on our camera (some that we’ve set, some that others have set) and by where we choose to point our camera.
And it’s our choice as to which images will be plucked from our brain’s inner vaults and hung in our mind’s gallery — showroom — and there, regularly dwelt upon — yes, pictures we’ve enlarged, and with bolder frames than those that we’ve left behind in the shadowy recesses of our mind.
That gallery, that centre of focus — is us — for there in that cerebral gallery is what our gaze is fixed upon, and what we fix our gaze upon we become. Hence why we should be extremely careful about what we hang in our gallery; and what we focus our lens on.
Yes, though we naturally take in all within our sphere (for our lens is always active, our camera always rolling) we do have a considerable degree of choice over those images captured, those pictures hung, a choice which is aided by our conscience, a component designed to act like a filter; a compass, in fact. And hence why I respectfully enquire: Which images get your permission, and what might they convey? Which pictures are hanging in your cerebral gallery — and could it be, that some are publicly on display?

By Lance Landall

Two Options, One Choice

In all we do and say, we align ourselves with either good or evil, for there’s really no in-between — one is white, one is black, one is right, one is wrong, and our choice invariably either weak or strong.
Therefore, what we do or say, is either for the better or the worse, a blessing or a curse, and propelled by one of these two forces within the universe.
Either we’re on the side of darkness, or we’re on the side of light, as transparent as day, or as
concealing as night.
And all should be aware that the world of wizardry, sorcery, witchcraft and the likes, is clearly a world that doesn’t emanate from good nor light, a world that one shouldn’t even utilize for good purposes because it belongs to the realm of evil and darkness — the occult.
After all, there’s no such thing as a good witch, sorcerer, or wizard. Such is an oxymoron, a clever con.
Yes, two forces, good and evil — neither should be blended, and only good should be defended, befriended, and conscientiously tended.
It’s your choice, for you get to choose, but I’d be very careful which one you do choose.
With one you’ll gain, with the other you’ll lose.

By Lance Landall

Life's Lone Flowers

There it stood (and like it should), one sunny day — a pretty little lone flower, but somehow at the wrong hour, for the others (well past their best), were passing away.
Yes, oddly late in bloom, with a refreshing perfume, and clearly a mind of its own — a passing delight, so colourful and bright, and yes, sadly all alone.
Indeed a magnet to the eye, that someone no doubt would spy, and so it occurred, and oh my word, how nice it sat on display, but as time went by, it no longer caught the eye, for it duly wilted and passed away.
Yes (well past its best), and finally laid to rest, it thus shared the others’ natural fate — a lone flower late in bloom, that stood alone in a room, and that life with the others didn’t celebrate.
And such we see in humanity, for there are those who shun company, seemingly preferring their own, somewhat like that flower late in bloom, that spent its life in a room, pretty but all alone.
And as time goes by, they too, no longer catch the eye (but well past their best), duly wilt and pass away, returning to dust and clay, having shared the same natural fate, but who life with the others didn’t celebrate.
Yes, life’s lone flowers.

By Lance Landall

Love's Sunshine

Just like little flower buds, all are in need of love’s sunshine, those little rays of kindness — yes, yours and mine, be they spontaneous or by design, and which thought and action combine.
Oh yes, how those little buds flourish, that we lovingly nourish, and which return a sweet perfume, the result of a lovely bloom, that was triggered by love’s sunshine — yes, those rays of yours and mine.
And may it be, that more and more we’ll see, rows of blooming flowerbeds, the result of nourished little heads, buds that were tendered affectionately, intentionally, regularly, and generously.
For after all, the depth of our soul is measured by the depth of our love, which like a dove (and with another’s best interest being its goal), should wing its way throughout humanity, descending on all, great and small, unconditionally, unceasingly, and impartially.
Yes, just like little flower buds, all are in need of love’s sunshine, for by design, such is love’s pedigree, and meant to be, via those rays of yours and mine.
Yes, love’s sunshine.

By Lance Landall


Scroll down for poems.

God intended that Christians not just be a light but also a voice 
a strong, clear, truthful one.

Challenging poetry from the pen of a back room revivalist


"If the foundations are destroyed, what can the righteous do?" (Ps 11:3, NKJV).

Base your FAITH, HOPE and BELIEFS on the BIBLE alone (like it says to), not on the words of man, not on
 the uninspired, error bound apocrypha, and not on any paraphrased Bible (where more dangers lurk).
Christians must interpret the world via the lens of Scripture, not interpret Scripture via the lens of the world.

More Christian poems (and so on) can be accessed via:
1)   The four special Christian features that reside in the middle of this very page and close to the top of this very page, and they being — JEHOVAH JIREH — WITH LOVE, GOD — SEEING GOD — DIVINE EXPRESSIONS.
2)   The page ANOTHER POETRY BOUQUET, same area.
3)   The lilac buttons on the right hand side that give one access to my Christian alternative poems, same area.
And don't forget the Christian poems that are on my Home page. Perhaps you've already visited them.

But as for the following poems:
On the scroll down list that follows, the colour blue denotes what are simply general poems given that the rest of the poems are issue related. 
The issue related poems cover a variety of topics related to the Christian walk and biblical doctrine, and have been designed to get people thinking. Thus many of them address:
1)   The lukewarm, worldly, deluded and/or rebellious condition within Christendom, and in that sense, not that of the genuine newcomer to the Christian faith who needs time, instruction, guidance and loving support as opposed to any strong rebuke.
2)   The heresy-apostasy that's apparent within Christendom, having largely departed from the apostolic teachings.
3)   The un-Christ-like and even bigoted behaviour that's seen within Christendom.
4)   The erring leadership within the Christian Church. God having always expected the following from leaders given their clout, influence and commission:
Transparency, truth and example.
And thus those leaders being who God holds more accountable.
5)   The liberality-worldliness that's going on within the Christian Church.
Yes, it's one thing for us to struggle in our Christian walk, quite another for us to harm our fellow Christian, pervert the truth, witness badly and wrongly, and assault the set apart house of God.

All why Christians should take note of the following:

“These things happened to them [Israel] as examples and were written down as warnings for us,
on whom the fulfillment of the ages has come” (1 Cor 10:11, NIV).

So what are these lessons that we should have learnt from? Well, for example:

God’s chosen people embraced and adopted unacceptable ways, rituals, practices and methods of the pagan societies that surrounded them, even incorporating them in their worship of God.
God’s chosen people embraced certain erroneous beliefs and fell into apostasy (even worshipping pagan gods and sacrificing children too).
God’s chosen people made forbidden alliances.
God’s chosen people married non-believers, those not in harmony with God’s will.
God’s chosen people spurned, mocked, mistreated and even killed God’s prophets.
God’s chosen people trampled on His Law and attempted to earn their way to Heaven (even though both Abraham and David knew that salvation was by faith alone, Rom 4:2,3,6).
God’s chosen people didn't always exercise the faith and trust in Him that they should have, and even lost their knowledge of Him.
And their kings (mostly bad) and leaders lost their way too, thus leading astray. And some good kings became proud.
Though we're at a different time in history, the same principles still apply.

God’s standard clearly remains as unchangeable as His righteousness, and therefore, His grace
hardly removes that standard, but simply covers imperfection, our inability to save ourselves,
and glorifies Him rather than man.

The NRSV has been used except where stated otherwise.

Using some borrowed words as well:
In the sight of Christ who’s soon to return (so apparent in the signs of the times), it’s time to choose between the religion of the Bible and the religion of tradition and fable, bearing in mind that we are living in a time of universal deceit where truth is being bludgeoned at every turn; where the "antichrist" will perform marvellous works that are nothing but lying signs and wonders; where Satan's counterfeits will very closely resemble God's truth; and where the “false prophet” alias the “image” of the historic persecuting “beast” power alias the “lamb” that becomes a “dragon”
[Revelation chapter thirteen in particular] is emerging to cleverly ensnare and enslave humanity — yes, a time in which only the sincere, earnest, receptive, committed seeker and studier of God's Word will be able to discern the lies, the false, the error, the dangers, and Satan’s End-time workings. Unfortunately, history will repeat itself, but this time (midst naive applauding (Rev 13:3) and smoke screens and mirrors Rev 13:13,14), we’ll see it repeated by sleight of hand (Rev 19:20) — the grand finale.
Yes, God could intervene now, bring an end to it all, but we’re caught in the midst of a battle that’s raging between two forces, good and evil, and thus planet Earth effectively being a coliseum where (midst the meantime sufferings and carnage) the coming result (Satan’s real and ultimate evil plan, currently disguised) has to be awaited, so that no one will ever again desire and take that path which leads to such, and given that the whole universe is watching with baited breath.


"Truth is not what I believe. Truth is not even what I know.
Truth is fact. I may not believe it. I may not know it. That does not change it.
It is there nevertheless, waiting to be discovered and believed.
Truth does not depend on the unsettled and changing opinions of men.
It was truth before it was believed. It will remain truth, whether it is believed or not.
Reason does not originate or create it. It merely discovers it.
Consequently, reason is not a source. Truth goes back beyond reason.
Others would have us believe that the Church is the source of authority,
particularly in matters of theology. They are WRONG!
The Church is the product of truth. It does not originate it.
It came into being by accepting divine revelations. It is not the source of that revelation.
Truth goes beyond the Church, it is antecedent to it."
Carlyle B. Haynes (1882-1958).

"A soft and sheltered Christianity, afraid to be lean and lone, unwilling to face the storms and
brave the heights, will end up fat and foul in the cages of conformity."
"If you want to be popular, preach happiness. If you want to be unpopular, preach holiness."
"If we preach the whole counsel of God, we shall be accused of extremism, not only by the world
but also by a professing church that cannot endure sound doctrine."
“Our Lord sent His disciples out as sheep among wolves; now the wolves are being invited into the sheepfold.”
"Somehow the idea has gotten around that it is unchristian to take a stand against heresy. Some of
us need to read the New Testament again."
"The temple of truth has never suffered so much from woodpeckers on the outside as from
termites within."
"Most church members live so far below the standard, you would have to backslide to be in
fellowship with them."

"Salvation is not a cafeteria where you take what you want and leave the rest. You cannot take
Christ as Savior and refuse Him as Lord and be saved."

Vance Havner (1901-1986)
"Churches don't need new members half so much as they need the old bunch made over."
Billy Sunday (1862-1935)
"The idea that God will pardon a rebel who has not given up his rebellion is contrary both to the Scriptures
and to common sense."
A. W. Tozer (1897-1963)
"Christ did not come to tell you "You're OK." He came to tell you that you're not OK, but deeply loved,
that you need radical surgery of the soul, and that He is just the surgeon to do the job."

Dr. Chris Thurman

But midst all this,


That God’s promises are more sure than your faith.
That God’s search is more passionate than your longing.
That God’s grace is greater than your sin.
That God’s forgiveness is bigger than your mistake.
That God’s compassion is deeper than your sorrow.
 That God’s shoulders are broader than your burden.
That God’s arm is longer than your reach.
That God's hold is more secure than your grip.
That God’s hand is more steady than your walk.
That God’s heart is more tender than your wound.
That God’s ears are more intense than your cry.
That God’s strength is tougher than your battles.
That God’s ability exceeds your need.
And that,
His amazing love will always challenge your comprehension.

By Lance Landall

When tempted to think that all is lost, don’t count the cost, but those blessings that remain,
And bow with humble heart in prayer, and there, strength and victory in Jesus Christ claim.
Then take His hand and let Him lead, and always plead, “Your will be done, dear Lord, not mine,”
And there you’ll find no better rest, no better quest, for you’ll have linked with the Divine.

That word Calvary Cross, Anti-type, Love, Victory, Advocate, Redemption, Yahweh
And then there's Christ 
—  Christianity, Hope, Righteousness, Incarnation, Salvation, Truth


Which includes the  following articles:
1)  Some Keys To Understanding God's Word
2)  The Importance Of The Book Of Genesis.
3)  Something Else For Christians To Consider

"I know that most men can seldom accept even the most obvious truth if it would oblige them to admit the falsity of conclusions which they proudly taught to others, and which they have woven, thread by thread, into the fabric of their lives."
Leo Tolstoy (1828-1910)

"For the time will come when people will not put up with sound doctrine. Instead, to suit their own desires, they will gather around them a great number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear" (2 Tim 4:3, NIV).

Also see my pages (which include related poems):

Which includes my article: Sin, Calamities And Judgment.

Which includes my article: Getting The Millennium Right.
Which includes another page titled: Regarding Dating.
Which includes a few poems on the wrong and ill of drama.

"For there is one God, and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus" (1 Tim 2:5, KJV).
"Salvation is found in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given to mankind by which we must be saved"
(Acts 4:12, NIV).
"...Only God can forgive sins!" (Luke 5:21, NLT).
So who would dare to say otherwise?

“But even if we or an angel from heaven should preach a gospel other than the one we preached to you, let him be eternally condemned!” (Gal 1:8, NIV).


"We are not to be isolated but insulated, moving in the midst
of evil but untouched by it. Separation is contact without contamination."

Vance Havner (1901-1986)

Includes a general sermon by my son.

When I can no longer challenge your beliefs, and you can no longer challenge mine,
Liberty has been assaulted, God offended, and those in power have crossed the line.

When we can no longer point out error, and a charlatan or tyrant expose,
Freedom has become a memory, man enslaved, and truth dismantled by its foes.

"To be right with God has often meant to be in trouble with men."
A. W. Tozer (1897-1963)

"Keep one thing in view forever the truth; and if you do this, though it may seem to lead you
away from the opinion of men, it will assuredly conduct you to the throne of God."

Horace Mann (1796-1859)

"Too many cling to cherished but erroneous beliefs that are protected by close-minded fences,
biased security cameras, and even soldiers of tradition."
The Author

Mind what some claim as culture bound:

These things God has revealed to us through the Spirit. For the Spirit searches everything, even the depths
of God. And we impart this in words not taught by human wisdom but taught by the Spirit, interpreting spiritual truths to those who are spiritual” (1 Cor 2:10,13, ESV).
“And we also thank God constantly for this, that when you received the word of God, which you heard from us,
you accepted it not as the word of men but as what it really is, the word of God, which is at work in you
believers” (1 Thess 2:13, ESV).

And never take a text in isolation, for though the Bible says:

"That if you confess with your mouth, "Jesus is Lord," and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the
dead, you will be saved" (Rom 10:9, NIV).

It also says:

"Pursue peace with all men, and the sanctification without which no one will see the Lord" (Heb 12:14, NASB).
“For if we go on sinning willfully after receiving the knowledge of the truth,
there no longer remains a sacrifice for sins [we won't be covered by God’s grace], but a terrifying expectation of judgment...” (Heb 10:26, 27, NASB).

Good that comes from something that’s done isn’t proof that the right thing was done,
Though often, when something wrong is done, that it is evidence, we see spun.
However — in spite of, not because of — is why sometimes good occurs,
'Cause God, out of some wrong thing that’s done, and for His cause,
good brings or spurs.

This list of older uncategorised poems is where my poems originally started. Since then I have been trying to place them in subject matter via the orange boxes to the left and right of this page, along with new ones. 

  1. Tugging God's Heart

    Theme: Intercessory prayer.
    Includes Revive Us, Oh Lord        

  2. Just As Guilty

    Theme: An eye for an eye.
    Includes Hating Sin, Not Sinners

  3. Christ's Telling Words

    Theme: How are you treating others?

  4. Prone To Wander

    Theme: Straying from God's umbrella.
    Includes Drifting; and May It Be         

  5. On Thee I Call

    Theme: Poetry in song.
    Includes Only A Fool         

  6. God Of Revelation

    Theme: Install in me Your truth, Lord.         

  7. Lift Me Higher

    Theme: Calling upon the Lord.           

  8. On Bended Knee

    Theme: When under satanic attack.         

  9. Heaven Yes, Or, Heaven No

    Theme: When you wrong someone, you wrong Christ.         

  10. Healthy Fear

    Theme: When a little healthy fear isn't such a bad thing.
    Includes Faithful, Obedient And True; and
    Fool's Gold

  11. Fallen Fathers

    Theme: When our fathers let us down.         

  12. Little Faith, Little God

    Theme: On partitioning God.         

  13. The Folly of Winning

    Theme: Competitiveness.
    Includes other poems — see orange boxes         

  14. When God Spits

    Theme: Hypocrites who ridicule the faithful.
    Includes Seems Only So In Name        

  15. Dead Dogs

    Theme: It's the faithful that Satan is after.
    Includes other poems — see orange boxes          

  16. Houston, We Have A Problem

    Theme: Marital unhappiness.         

  17. King David

    Theme: Was David truly a man after God's own heart?
    Includes other poems — see orange boxes        

  18. Of Course We Should Judge!

    Theme: Regarding judging others.
    Includes other poems
    — see orange boxes    

  19. An Inside Job

    Theme: The enemy within.         

  20. Match Of The Day

    Theme: Which side are you playing for?
    Includes One Foot Barely In God's Camp         

  21. Pacifism, My Take

    Theme: Pacifism.
    Includes other poems — see orange boxes         

  22. Soldiers Of The Cross

    Theme: Standing firm for Christ, no matter what.
    Includes Christianity Isn't For Wimps         

  23. That Swinging Back Door

    Theme: No church should have one.         

  24. Last One Out ...

    Theme: That swinging back door.         

  25. Struggle On!

    Theme: Remain in the battle.
    Includes Spiritual Muscles     

  26. Not So Fast

    Theme: Helping those beyond our shores.         

  27. Sins Of Omission

    Theme: Misdirecting money.         

  28. Hammers And Nails

    Theme: Are we daily re-crucifying Christ?

  29. Unity Within

    Theme: Unity within the fellowship.         

  30. That's How Much

    Theme: For those who feel that God does not love them.       

  31. That Blood Soaked Cross

    Theme: Greater love hath no man...

  32. More Than True

    Theme: Give your heart to Jesus

  33. I Saw Jesus

    Theme: Christ working through humanity.

  34. God's Not Like That

    Theme: For Christians who feel unsaved.         

  35. Unlimited Love

    Theme: When we rage, and question, "Why?"

  36. He's Ever Near

    Theme: God's presence.

  37. Grace

    Theme: God's amazing grace.

  38. Hang In There

    Theme: Suffering.
    Includes other poems — see orange boxes         

  39. Why Go To Church?

    Theme: Do you have a reason or excuse for not going?         

  40. Imagine Life In Heaven

    Theme: Imagine life in heaven.         

  41. Come Soon, Lord

    Theme: Longing to go home. Christian version of A New World 

  42. It's Not God's Fault

    Theme: Regarding defects, deformities, etc.
    Includes Contemporary Complainers      

  43. Satan's Doing

    Theme: Satan's past and present activities.     

  44. Don't We Know Better?

    Theme: Regarding the satanic.         

  45. Gracious Love

    Theme: Love and grace.
    Includes other poems
    — see orange boxes

  46. The Grace Train

    Theme: All aboard!         

  47. Bigotry

    Theme: Are you guilty of such?
    Includes other poems
    — see orange boxes

  48. Silencing The Watchmen

    Theme: Regarding those who rightly speak out.
    Includes Woe Betide Silence         

  49. Only That Cross

    Theme: It's all about Christ.

  50. Where Are They?

    Theme: Regarding what happens when someone dies.
    Includes three other poems — see orange boxes
    Also includes a diagram         

  51. What Rapture?

    Includes other poems — see orange boxes         

  52. Pets In Heaven?

    Theme: Regarding whether our pets will be in Heaven.         

  53. No One Burns Forever

    Theme: Why those rejected by Christ will not burn forever.
    Includes one other poem — see orange boxes          

  54. The Lake Of Fire

    Theme: Why those rejected by Christ will not burn forever.
    Includes a diagram         

  55. He's Coming!

    Theme: Christ's soon return.
    Includes How Much Longer?

  56. An Angel Of Light

    Theme: Will Satan soon pretend that he is Christ?         

  57. Perfection

    Theme: God's doing, not our doing.        

  58. It's That Simple

    Theme: How to be saved.         

  59. Born Again

    Theme: God's grace doesn't cover sin, just sinners.         

  60. Predestination

    Theme: Biblical predestination.         

  61. Excuse My Concern

    Theme: Godly advice.         

  62. Preaching

    Theme: There's a right way and a wrong way.

  63. A Personal View

    Theme: Money.    

  64. Where Are The Men?

    Theme: Daring to be a Daniel.    

  65. Pseudo Christians

    Theme: Christian in name only.
    Includes The Convenient Christian     

  66. I Like It, But ...

    Theme: Regarding Christian music.         

  67. Glory For Who?

    Theme: Christian music and worship.         

  68. It Needs To Be Said

    Theme: Church is no place for the sexual.

  69. To Judge Or Not To Judge

    Theme: Regarding passing judgement on another.     

  70. Flawed Instruments

    Theme: God attempts to bring good out of bad.     

  71. Quickly

    Theme: Wounded Christians.

  72. Stop The Charade!

    Theme: On behalf of hurting Christians.
    Includes other poems 
    — see orange boxes

  73. Mr. Big Foot

    Theme: Putting one's foot in it.         

  74. Away With Your Gloom!

    Theme: I'd rather dwell on grace.         

  75. The Healthy Church

    Theme: As I see it; and Scripture conveys it.         

  76. Something's Amiss

    Theme: Regarding the church or the Christian's walk.         

  77. Not For Sale

    Theme: Can God depend on you, come what may?
    Includes Be An Eagle         

  78. The Cheek Of Hypocrisy

    Theme: It's time we cleaned up our own backyard.
    Includes Count Me Out; and Backchat

  79. The Numbers Game

    Theme: The faulty "seeker sensitive" church growth theory.     

  80. There's No Middle Ground

    Theme: The two End-time groups within the Church.     

  81. Shout, Lord

    Theme: Christians selling out.
    Includes Were Christ Born Today     

  82. Time To Awaken

    Theme: Are you ready for Christ's coming?
    Includes A Modern God          

  83. An Unbalanced Gospel

    Theme: Leaving out what doesn't suit.
    Includes other poems 
    — see orange boxes    

  84. Lawless Saints?

    Theme: Regarding the Ten Commandments.
    Includes other poems — see orange boxes
    Also includes diagrams

  85. A Dangerous Doctrine

    Theme: Once saved, always saved.         

  86. Once Saved, Always Saved?

    Theme: Don't believe it for a minute!
    Includes It's Odd         

  87. Could Such Be So?

    Theme: Who? What? When? How? Why?        

  88. An Interview With Satan

    Theme: Head to head with the devil.
    Includes other poems — see orange boxes         

  89. Don't Fall For It

    Theme: Big Brother in ecclesiastical dress.         

  90. Satan's On His Soapbox

    Theme: Take your walk seriously.         

  91. God's Gift Of Grace

    Theme: Grace and God's law.
    Includes diagrams.         

  92. Balancing Grace

    Theme: Grace and God's law.         

  93. Grace And Obedience

    Theme: A fusion of various poems.
    Includes diagrams.         

  94. When Heaven Spoke

    Theme: Obedience has its place. My mother's testimony.
    Includes How Could Any Argue With This? 

  95. God's Law (Part One)

    Theme: The Ten Commandments.         

  96. God's Law (Part Two)

    Theme: God's holy Sabbath day. Includes a Story I've written about this day.

  97. That Sabbath In God's Law

    Theme: The seventh day Sabbath, Saturday.
    Includes It's Jewish!  

  98. Yes, A Judgment Does Take Place

    Theme: God's Judgment.         

  99. Put Things Right

    Theme: God says to.         

  100. Regarding God's Judgment

    Theme: Righting wrongs and due prudence.
    Includes The Apocalyptic Angels         

  101. Christians

    Theme: Christian behaviour/witness.

  102. On Whose Authority?

    Theme: Regarding the ordaining of women as elders/pastors.
    Includes other poems — see orange boxes        

  103. Is There Any Chance You've Changed?

    Theme: Worship.         

  104. Should I Go Or Should I Stay?

    Theme: Worship.
    Includes other poems — see orange boxes
    Also includes a link to diagrams         

  105. It's Not Just A Guitar

    Theme: Worship.         

  106. A Certain Type Of Beat

    Theme: Worship.
    Includes diagrams         

  107. The Worrisome Drum-kit

    Theme: Worship.         

  108. Modern Calves

    Theme: Worship.

  109. Fictional, Yet, Factual

    Theme: A devilish agenda.         

  110. Who's Fooling Who?

    Theme: The plight of those who point out error.         

  111. Building Or Dismantling

    Theme: Putting God first.         

  112. Rejecting Or Accepting

    Theme: On being receptive.         

  113. Take My Selfish Heart

    Theme: On having the heart of Christ.         

  114. I've Surrendered

    Theme: Testimony.         

  115. Only Christ

    Theme: Only God is the answer.         

  116. Mystery Divine

    Theme: God's love for humanity.        

  117. He Means All The World To Me

    Theme: Testimony.

  118. How Could I Act Otherwise?

    Theme: The right to choose your own path.         

  119. It's Just A Theory

    Theme: Evolution.         

  120. The Rock, The Keys, And Peter

    Theme: Explaining Matthew 16:18,19.         

  121. Oh, Ancient Israel

    Theme: The demise of ancient Israel.
    Includes a diagram         

  122. The Sanctuary Parallels

    Theme: The heavenly and the earthly temples.
    Includes a diagram         

  123. A Tragic Parallel

    Theme: Christians repeating history - paralleling ancient Israel.         

  124. The Realm Of Darkness

    Theme: The territory of Satan.         

  125. Christ's Coming Kingdom

    Theme: Church and State.         

  126. We've Been Warned

    Theme: This world will not get better this side of Christ's return.         

  127. Please Do Whatever's Needed

    Theme: Heaven sent plea.         

  128. Please Help Me To Remember

    Theme: Guardian angels.         

  129. What A Fool I'd Be

    Theme: In God I trust.         

  130. Only A Loving Heart

    Theme: Empathy.

  131. That's An Oxymoron

    Theme: Regarding Christ's humanity.

  132. Listen To Your Dad, Son

    Theme: On choosing a wife. Christian version of Mind The Wife You Choose, Son

  133. But Meantime

    Theme: The desire to be with God, yet faithful, while still here.

  134. Pharisees And Sadducees

    Theme: Legalism and liberalism.         

  135. Go Easy On Your Brother

    Theme: Tolerance and understanding.         

  136. Till Death Do Us Part

    Theme: Marriage and divorce.         

  137. Those Beasts

    Theme: History and prophecy unfolded.
    Includes a diagram         

  138. If I Were The Devil

    Theme: The danger within Christianity.         

  139. Mind Those Miracles

    Theme: Don't judge truth by miracles.         

  140. Charlatans

    Theme: Con-men come in various forms.     

  141. Oh Yes, There's A God Alright

    Theme: On God, I'll build my faith.        

  142. He's Going Down

    Theme: Don't let Satan take you with him.         

  143. If

    Theme: How would you feel if Christ called in on you?         

  144. The Leopard And The Grapevine

    Theme: Gossip -- Destroying another's reputation.         

  145. There's One Who'll Help You Through

    Theme: Give God a try.         

  146. Help And Rescue

    Theme: Divine aid.         

  147. Molehills And Gnats

    Theme: Regarding overconcern and priorities.       

  148. Pastors

    Theme: Pastors are human too.

  149. Leaders

    Theme: Those who lead, God will hold accountable.         

  150. Mary, Mother of Jesus

    Theme: Mary, mother of Jesus.
    Includes other poems — see orange boxes
    Also includes a link to articles and quotes 

  151. Trojan Horses, Golden Calves

    Theme: The contemporary Christian music scene.         

  152. God Bless America?

    Theme: Such is clearly conditional.         

  153. Which Power Fits?

    Theme: Regarding Revelation chapter thirteen.        

  154. Head The Cries Lord

    Theme: Persecution.         

  155. "It's Heaven Calling"

    Theme: Where are you at?.         

  156. Religious Cults

    Theme: Religious cults.         

  157. Secret Societies

    Theme: Secret societies    

  158. Grace, Or Majority?

    Theme: Which should rather rule?.         

  159. Simply Love Them

    Theme: Responding correctly to those who differ.         

  160. Up The Garden Path

    Theme: Don't be fooled by Satan. Christian version of Don't Be Fooled

  161. Wrongfully Preoccupied

    Theme: Regarding problems within the Church.         

  162. Save My Wife And Family

    Theme: A personal plea.         

  163. I've Often Paused To Wonder

    Theme: Could it be you were tested? Christian version of The Vagrant

  164. Waves Of Error

    Theme: Regarding the "Da Vinci Code" and "The Passion Of The Christ".         

  165. Earnestly I Pray, Lord

    Theme: Wrong occurring amongst Christians.         

  166. Who Am I?

    Theme: Someone who's evil.          

  167. Pull Together

    Theme: Let's focus on the broader picture.         

  168. Questions

    Theme: There's One who knows the answers.         

  169. Surprised, I'm Sure We'd Be

    Theme: Regarding those who'll be in Christ's coming kingdom.         

  170. "Excuse Me?"

    Theme: Asking God's forgiveness prematurely.        

  171. Little Boxes

    Theme: Pigeon-holing people. Christian version of Those Boxes   

  172. Prophets

    Theme: Prophets in perspective.         

  173. Seventy Times Seven Plus

    Theme: Forgiving others.
    Includes other poems 
    — see orange boxes    

  174. Such Love

    Theme: A Story.             

  175. About Smiling

    Theme: Let's not make smiling a test.         

  176. Food For Thought

    Theme: Church buildings and worship.

  177. Colloquial Folly

    Theme: Tampering with God's Word.         

  178. Dear Liberal Christian Friend

    Theme: Double standards.
    Includes other poems 
    — see orange boxes    

  179. Who's Coming First?

    Theme: Dressing down for church.         

  180. Longing

    Theme: Longing for Christ-like Christians.         

  181. An Incremental Thing

    Theme: Compromise.         

  182. Tainted Testimonies

    Theme: Some things are better not said.        

  183. Always Make Time

    Theme: Could your busyness become a sin?    

  184. God's Ten Commandments, Paraphrased/Expanded

    Theme: The Ten Commandments.
    Includes other poems 
    — see orange boxes

A Paraphrased Message

Nobody owns you, not even your parents — you’re Christ’s.
You’re wonderfully made, intricately designed — a marvel!
You’re royalty, the child of a King, the creation and image of a God — He being, the one and only God.
You’re the apple of His eye, the focus of His attention, the product of His boundless love, the object of His gift of grace, and the charge of His watchful angels.
This Creator, Life Giver, Saviour, and Ruler of the universe, has a place prepared for you in His Heavenly kingdom, to which He longs to take you when He returns to gather all who’re faithfully waiting for Him.
He values you so highly that He died (and rose) for you, that you might live eternally in Paradise with Him should you accept His claim on you, for He has given you the right to choose.
Only in Him will you find joy and peace, fullness and meaning, healing for your wounds, strength for today, hope for tomorrow, and happiness beyond.
He loves you unconditionally, has a purpose for you, has your best interests at heart, is always there for you, and understands you like no one else.
So, take His hand, He’s got something special planned.

By Lance Landall

Holy, Holy, Holy

My God is an awesome God, seated on a heavenly throne, surrounded by countless adoring angels, who, before this King of the universe, willingly and humbly submit themselves, and do His bidding.
Aware of His righteous character, holiness and majesty, they worship Him reverently, respectfully, appreciating not only His amazing love and profound wisdom but also His incredible might, creative power (ability to command and it is done, or begun).
Thus, how could I act differently, given that these holy angels treat Him so, for they live in His presence and His greatness and standing far better know?
How could I not willingly and humbly bow before Him too, display the same respect He’s due, that same hushed reverence, that same praise utter in word and song as the angelic throng?
My God’s the unchangeable God, still worthy of the greatest respect, for He’s a God to whom all are subject, a God who’s fair, crystal clear, sound in judgment, open, transparent, direct. A loving, compassionate and gracious God, but one who rebukes familiarity, for though we’ve direct access, and Him may personally address, He’s still a king, “His Majesty.”
Yes, my God is an awesome God, whose name I’ll never utter causally, flippantly, a God whose goodness is unsurpassed, eternally cast, the great “I Am,” the God of the future, present and past.
Is your God the same as mine, holy, righteous, almighty, majestic, Divine? Does your worship and manner show you’re in the presence of a King? Does it willingly and humbly respectfully and reverently ring?

By Lance Landall

The Godhead

Commonly known as the Trinity, the Godhead is comprised of three, three separate beings who work together in perfect harmony.
God the Father, Christ the Son, and the Holy Spirit — three, yet one — that is, like a rope made up of three strands, or, like a family of three, who though three, are still considered as one — one family — unity
at the core.
Though equal like each member of a family, each member of the Godhead, or Trinity, has a different function, for even in Heaven there’s order, you see.
And each member of the Godhead has the same character traits, even emotions, and each, on the well-being of the universe concentrates.
Oh yes, even the Holy Spirit has feelings, for the Holy Spirit’s not some mystical source, mechanical force, but, according to Scripture, a being who can be lied to, insulted, and grieved — the latter, by not being received.
Yes, three separate and distinct beings, God the Father, Christ the Son, and the Holy Spirit — three, yet one.
The Godhead, or Trinity, working together in perfect harmony — actively, graciously, generously, conscientiously, faithfully, righteously, holistically, excellently, willingly, longingly, jealously, incredibly, creatively, universally — for the good of all, for you and I, our future destiny — a heavenly symphony.

By Lance Landall

The Rainbow

Ponder on each rainbow next seen arching in the sky, for they’re God’s supernatural sign, when days aren’t fine, that cheer and wondrously beautify.
They’re a treasure to behold, more precious than gold, a promise from God Himself who reigns on high, a colourful reminder, one foretold, God’s loving concern written in the sky.
Yes, each beautiful rainbow, vibrantly on show, reminds us that there’ll not be another worldwide flood, drowning flesh and blood, like there was in Noah’s day, and to that I say, “Thank you, Lord, I’ll delight in each reassuring display. And when I see each rainbow, heavenly high, but witnessed from below, arched across the sky, please help me to also remember, Lord, for it’s on record, that there’s a rainbow above Your throne, Your own, an emerald one, befitting the Son, for Your glory, Lord, even outshines the sun.”
Perhaps that rainbow represents justice and mercy, a combination that characterises God so aptly.
So, treasure each rainbow, lovingly on show, that God promised and installed long ago, for when rainbows appear, one thing is clear, God via the rainbow is conveying He’s near.
Yes, praise God for the rainbow, Heaven’s neon light, a glorious sight, with its colourful Divine glow.

By Lance Landall

Reason Enough

In order to prove the Bible’s validity, one can argue such theologically, point to its historical accuracy, every fulfilled prophecy, the evidence from archaeology, its wisdom, power and clarity, and even refer to its incredible against-the-odds longevity.
And when it comes to God — our loving creator God — one can also turn to theology, point to His living example and time on earth historically, His impact on society, but further evidence — for either, actually — is found in what one can see and experience personally, even supernaturally.
Yes, that loving gentle touch that says so much, those genuinely thoughtful deeds that attend to others’ needs, the sympathetic ear, the empathising tear, that warm embrace, that hug, that squeeze, those acts of forgiveness, mercy and benevolence one sees, the sharing, the caring, the going without for another’s sake, the firm and friendly handshake, the courageous act, the concerned contact, the give-and-take, the sunny smile, that going the extra mile.
The beautiful sunsets, those moonlight silhouettes, those picturesque scenes, the evergreens, the forest that enchants, the variety of exotic and beautiful plants, our amazing body, human intelligence, honour and respect, morality, those manly attempts to protect, the answered prayer, those wholesome joys we share, the surprise gift, the encouraging lift, the amazing creativeness found in creatures (and in everyone’s features).
Those coincidences that just have to be God-incidences, a mother’s love, that colourful rainbow arching above, that “I love you,” that “I love you too,” those pretty flowers that brighten one’s view, a beautiful singing voice, talented artistry, miraculous healings, our innermost feelings, the wonder of a new born baby, and being born again, undoubtedly — one’s personal testimony.
Yes, life itself, the ability to live and breathe, to laugh, to think, to play, to work, to write, to say, to achieve — yes, reason enough to believe, and I do, for the evidence shouts that God is true, for real, hence why I kneel, and willingly pay Him the homage He’s due.
Yes, there’s reason enough.

By Lance Landall

Heavenly Patriotic

I’m heavenly patriotic, and very passionately, for Christ is my King, and thus Heaven is my territory, the saved ones’ nationality — or at least it will be, when Christ returns triumphantly, to retrieve those who’re still walking faithfully.
Thus, though currently loyal to my earthly land, I’ll join no earthly patriotic band, no hollering mixed multitude, with a boastful attitude, for why pit country against country, given each inch of earth was intended for all humanity?
It wasn’t God who set up such territories, these kingdoms on earth that one sees, each with their national flags and protected boarders, and nor is God into New World Orders, that somehow, sometime, the rights of all seek to cunningly seize.
Besides, there’s only one land where we’ll ever truly be free, and where we’ll find lasting peace and harmony — yes, a heavenly land, and on its soil we’ll soon stand, if we remain true to its King, about whom we will sing, and of Heaven wax lyrical patriotically.
Yes, Heaven, the true land of the free, a kingdom whose King offers true liberty, not that which currently passes for such, for there’re always those who’re seeking to clutch, what God in His wisdom gave as our right, in order that He might then delight, in those who via freedom of choice, would willingly raise their voice, and shout, “Only Thee!” with all their might.
Yes, I’m heavenly patriotic, hence my poetical rhetoric, for of Christ I can rightly boast, and I will, (whilst His will I fulfil), and to the uppermost.
And when the New Jerusalem descends, after that time in Heaven ends, I’ll still be heavenly patriotic, and very passionately, for then, with Christ forever dwelling amongst men, life will continue just as heavenly.

By Lance Landall

Midst Setting Sun

It seems that only now, Lord — that is, in my closing years — that I see the error of my ways, along with those wasted days — midst waning health and many tears.
Yes, it has taken me so long, and now less strong (via lost vitality), I lean on Thee more heavily, as I should’ve done, right from my life’s sunrise, and not its setting sun.
And now, with furrowed brow, I bear the sad results, suffer from daily assaults — that is, those things that painfully remind, and that in my mind, would leave me without peace, a state that wouldn’t cease, were it not for Thee, and that release that’s found in Calvary.
Thus, on Thee I call, on Thee I lean, for fear and anxiety would have me fall, even leave the scene, and I, a pawn again (the bane of men), would still labour in sin, or having left the living, and no more fellowmen outliving, a new life would never begin, given suicide's a grave sin (though God has the final say, knowing the heart and mind, and what gave sway).
Hence why I remain, and from past mistakes refrain, using what time I’ve left on earth, that far from past days of mirth, a more serious intention give birth, in order that I might leave behind, something that might benefit mankind, and I (then more satisfied), cross that divide between Heaven and earth, and when in Heaven, the results of better sown seeds find.
But whilst I’m living here, lost in Your Word and bowed in prayer, may I daily be heavenly occupied, and may the fruitage of each day be multiplied, for I wasted so much time, a crime, given that workers are few (and the truly righteous too), and the way narrow rather than wide.
Yes, midst setting sun, I call on Thee, that one day when all is done, another sunrise I may see — one that’ll usher in eternity, and life forever with Thee.

By Lance Landall

Creative Truth

The devil has a suitcase full of tricks, one from which he gets his evil kicks — yes, a suitcase bulging with treachery and snares, for nothing is as it appears, but rather (unsurprisingly), atrocious, heinous, villainous, scandalous chicanery, alias poison-tipped arrows, darts and spears.
Although Satan has a suitcase (a tattered and well used disgrace), he never goes on vacation, nor relinquishes his station, a base from which he wickedly scans, and devilishly schemes and plans, in order to trap the unwary, caught short without their armoury, or who’ve recklessly strayed, and thus his day
just made.
Yes, the devil works unceasingly, never takes a break, is always wide awake, never nods off, misses a thing, nor any opportunity, for he has every intention of winning, hence why he keeps folk sinning, and keeps his suitcase packed, with its code that the Lord has cracked, thus exposing its vile contents, that deceive, entrap, and that God misrepresents.
Well, God has a suitcase too (but His looks shiny and new), and He also, never goes on vacation, nor relinquishes His station, a base from which He lovingly scans, and in our best interest ponders and plans, in order to save, supply and restore, that we might be with Him for evermore.
And He too, works unceasingly, never takes a break, is always wide awake, never nods off, misses a thing, nor any opportunity, for He also, has every intention of winning, hence why He’s anti-sinning, and in time will indeed win (again), removing the devil, sin, and rebellious men.
And hence why His suitcase is bulging with blessings, truth, hope, strength, love and grace, not treachery and snares, and why all is as it appears, relieving one of anxiety and fears, for God’s not into treachery and snares, but rather, only what’s beneficial, shares — yes, for He’s a God of love, who rightfully reigns above, unlike the devil, who forfeited his former level, and now skulks about on earth below (as we know), and who only the unconverted scares.

By Lance Landall

In Our Own Sphere

Don’t look to greener pastures, and nor to faraway fields, for the answer lies in neither, as either, a better or bigger result seldom yields.
Life is in the living, in the sharing and giving, in the toiling where we are, attending to those who’re near, especially those who’re dear, and then the neighbour, those with whom we labour, the stranger, and those who’re further afar.
Yes, we’re to work within our own sphere, witnessing for our Saviour there, via our words, behaviour and deeds, taking care of those challenging “Whys?” and needs.
For right there, within our own sphere, is where Christ wants us to begin, contented within, lest via leaving our own pasture behind, we eventually and regretfully find, that we’ve lost what we had back there, and achieved very little elsewhere, or at least, paid some kind of price, having rejected worthwhile advice, so sure that we were right, only to find we weren’t (in hindsight), and all because we failed to see, that where God has called us to be, is right here, in our own sphere, unless He specifically says differently.
Yes, too many go seeking elsewhere, neglecting those within their own sphere, not making the best of where they are, nor of what they have, but discontentedly, perhaps rather thoughtlessly, following some self convicting star.
Yes, too often we’re well-meaning but misled, even injuriously fed, thus leaving behind our own sphere, meandering here and there, when all along (like an old song), the answer lay here, in our own sphere, which is our first port of call, for we can’t save nor help all, and also need to realise that what we should prize, usually lies near at hand, and when this we understand, we then produce our best, and more contentedly rest, sharing and giving, reaching and teaching, joyously living, in our own sphere.

By Lance Landall

Boy Meets Girl

We shouldn’t treat relationships lightly, as people aren’t objects, some item that one indifferently
selects or rejects.
When we enter into a relationship, we enter through someone’s heart, a door not meant to be rushed, casually opened, nor closed behind us as we depart.
It’s a door to one’s inner sanctum, a vault where deep feelings reside, a vault with a lock designed to
keep selfish intruders outside.
Thus, the only ones who should gain access to that vault, are those who can be trusted, those whose intentions one can’t fault.
Otherwise, someone’s heart could be badly broken, its inner sanctum exposed, its vault pillaged — and due
to such damage, that door pulled shut from within, permanently closed.
It could be our heart or someone else’s heart that’s shattered or battered (and thus a tale that does the rounds), so be careful, watchful, for not all is as it appears or sounds.

By Lance Landall

Take Care In The Present

Your past will always remain your past regardless of whether you choose to leave it behind or not.
However, you can certainly improve upon your past by doing things differently today, and when tomorrow dawns, today will become yesterday, and the beginning of a better past.
Given that it’s the present we live in, (for yesterday has been, and tomorrow’s yet to come), we should fill the present with what tomorrow we’ll not regret about today.
That way, it won’t matter whether we leave the past behind or not, for we’ll have no regrets, having behaved in the past like we’re behaving in the present, and having remembered that the present sets our past as much as it does our future.
Yes, today will give way to tomorrow, and when tomorrow dawns, today will become yesterday.
So, take care in the present, for your past and future are decided by today.

By Lance Landall

Lift Your Gaze

The view we have of life is determined by our focus — thus, when our gaze is downward, we need to look upward, adjust our lens, perhaps alter our outlook.
That way, we’ll be better able to appreciate each day; our family, our friends, our colleagues; others
who come our way; those little things in life that actually mean a lot, and we’ll gain greater pleasure from heightened senses, pleasant activities, good food, good music and books, and welcome company.
We’ll also be better able to handle adversity, rejection or loss; be better able to think and act humanely, wisely; be better able to take advantage of worthwhile opportunities, and to walk with a dignity and consistency that conveys loyalty and reliability.
Such strengthens our character, leaves us feeling more tranquil, hopeful and thankful, skies appear blue rather than grey, and sunshine rather than darkness marks our way.
Yes, life always looks better when our gaze is upward, in focus (in other words, positive), for that’s the way we’ve been designed to operate — it’s how humans happier live.

By Lance Landall

Count Your Blessings

It’s best we be grateful for what we have, for what we have, many haven’t, and may never have.
If our vision and hearing are good, if we can talk, walk, and exercise without difficulty, if we can use our hands to create, build, write, caress — then we should rejoice, be thankful — as we’re blessed, we’re rich.
Let’s not dwell on what we don’t have, for often such leads to the loss of what we do have.
If we have our daily bread, a shelter, warmth when needed, clothing, a job, friends, family, a loved one — then we should rejoice, be thankful — as we’re even more blessed, richer.
Many who have what we don’t have aren’t truly happy, thus it’s sometimes better not to have what some do have lest such befall us too.
If we can breathe without difficulty, freely take part in events and activities, and can set and accomplish goals — then we should rejoice, be thankful — as we’re blessed and rich beyond measure.
Yes, we should appreciate what we have while we have it, for time and chance are robbers, but even more so, ingratitude and discontent.

By Lance Landall


Life’s a somewhat mysterious carousel, whereby, what goes around comes around, good or ill, and we
rejoice or cry.
It’s said that we reap what we sow, the fruits of our wrong, which such many know, having experienced so.
You see, it’s all about how we treat others, and creatures too, for the one who mistreats creatures, the rights of their own kind invariably breaches.
What we wrongly leave behind, tends to unpleasantly remind, when further down the track — a delayed kickback — we find; a boomerang pang.
Though there’s often a reason for our wrong, there’s never an excuse, no justification that we can produce.
Thus, it’s better not to do what we may regret, for life has a way of not letting us forget, and as many know, very painfully so.
Yes, mind that boomerang you throw, lest you receive a blow; and those seeds you sow, lest some wretched harvest grow.

By Lance Landall

A Certain Torch

Everyone should have a certain torch, one that’s close at hand, a quality brand, a torch with a penetrating light, one that’s very bright, a torch with lifelong batteries, ever ready, a torch held steady, one used with care as we peer, and with a certain expertise.
A torch that we can shine into the recesses of our heart and mind, lest we find, that both are lined, with things that rather than free, sadly bind, and act injuriously.
A torch that we can use to search for truth, a better way, and least we go off track, end up on our back, down a blind alleyway, a dead-end, where into some unknown and darkened abyss we slowly or quickly descend.
A torch that we can use to search for any in our circle who’re absent in some way, or who’ve perhaps gone astray, are counting the cost, or are lost, needy, fearful, struggling, hurting, the victim of foul play.
Yes, everyone should have a certain torch, for their sake and others’ sake, a torch with a lens that’s cleaned regularly, even replaced, should it not be functioning correctly. A lens that might be cracked, inexact, foggy maybe, for a torch with such a lens, has a ray that distorts and bends — in other words, it reflects inaccurately, which doesn’t help one to see things rightly.
Have you a certain torch, one with lifelong batteries, ever ready, a torch that’s always steady, and with a penetrating light that’s very bright, and a lens that’s clean, whole, and focused accurately?

By Lance Landall


When the sun is cherry and bright, or at night when we’re backed by light,
we cast a shadow, long or short, wherever we go.
Well, so it is with life, for everywhere we go, we leave the shadow of our deeds, our words, effectively little seeds, that beautify agreeably, or balefully grow.
Yes, day or night time shadows, long or short, that quietly escort, given so little attention, which here I mention, sincerely so, for you to thoughtfully consider amidst your busy schedule and lifelong journey,
as you go.
For once a shadow is cast, it’s in the past, for better or worse, a blessing or curse, and your colours in the eyes of others invariably nailed to your mast, colours that your presence on earth may well outlast.
So, mind those shadows that from your presence spread, that go wherever you go, either as friend or foe, behind or ahead, and that provoke a pleasant comment, or that leave distaste, and some comment unsaid.
Yes, shadows that accompany, that upset and sadden, or delight and gladden, an image for all to see, a shadow reflecting what’s either worthy or unworthy — you, actually.

By Lance Landall

Viva La Difference!

If someone seems odd, strange and perplexing in a unique or eccentric way, treat them just the same as you would anyone else, for if they’re not hurting anyone, such is fine, okay.
“Variety is the spice of life,” it’s said, and humanity wise, variety is very broadly spread — something that we should rejoice over, for who’d rather be clone-like instead?
Everyone is different in varying degrees — thus, odd may have less to do with oddity and more to do with how one sees.
“Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder,” it’s also said, and so it is with some oddity too, I suspect, rather than such being what some or many might consider a defect.
We should let others be themselves, accept them as they are, as differences aren’t for knocking, but rather, are good reason for a “Hurrah!”
It’s better to embrace each others differences, rather than to see them as flaws, and sometimes, what we dislike in someone, another person adores.
And there’s surely no bigger differences than those between male and female — some that’ll no doubt always remain hidden behind that mysterious veil. Yes, odd, strange and perplexing, yet, without those differences there’d hardly be the same attraction, don’t forget.
Hence why I say, “Viva la difference!” — yes, reason for joy, not dismay.

By Lance Landall

Happily Ever After?

Happily ever after, love and laughter, has more to do with us than circumstances, unquestionably, for when
it comes to marital relationships, not hands, lips and zips, one must face reality, not live within the realms
of fantasy.
The proverbial knight in shining armour and Cinderella princess, that sigh, coo and caress, simply belong in story books, fairy tales, in which only the unwise or adolescent invest, rather than in what is best, inviting later marital woes and wails.
Success here, is found in commitment, conscientiousness, selflessness and faithfulness, attributes couples should share, and which they should always have in mind when they date or court — and all of which, fairytales subtly and subconsciously tend to thwart.
Marriage isn’t for the impatient, the spoilt and lazy, hence why one’s understanding and approach needs to be clear, sincere, not self-focused, short term and hazy.
Yes, happily ever after, love and laughter, needs to be worked at — for it’s perseverance, and sometimes abstinence, that’s required, not the unrealistically, inappropriately, or unreasonably desired, otherwise, all
will fall flat.
Longevity and mutual satisfaction aren’t built on attraction, but rather, on a mature, informed, reality based and wholehearted interaction.
Happily ever after? Love and laughter? Such depends on what one’s seeking after.

By Lance Landall


There’s something about pretence that really bothers me, considerably, for pretence has more in common with insincerity. Pretence is but a lie, the actor aiding and abetting, seemingly forgetting, that drama is but deception’s smiling alibi.
Yes, a vehicle acceptable to the masses, whereby, what’s feigned and false, society willingly seeks to glorify, perhaps for some so-called good, not that society surely should, for, “The end justifies the means” simply truth demeans, and is how so many things go awry.
Pretence looks one in the eye, tells a lie, or mutually delights in invention, make believe, it’s intention to deceive, or via such means, to titillate for pleasure’s sake via those stage or movie scenes.
Oh, how such has become an art form, the norm, and yet, still deception, receiving a warm reception, via the likes of Romeo and Juliet, that actors on the stage or movie set, via fakery perform.
No, there’s something terribly wrong with pretence, yet, who considers such an offence, a lie, and that’s obviously why both actor and acting we glorify, and ironically, use make believe as our defence.
Now there’s pretence!

By Lance Landall

Brighten The World

This world’s in need of cheering up — thus, here’s some helpful do-it-yourself advice; tips that are focussed on the positive, the thoughtful, the lovely, the pleasant and nice.
Give someone a friendly wave, a warming smile, an uplifting compliment or two — mention you’ve enjoyed the chat too, whilst you lingered awhile.
Plant a pretty flower that’s appearance and aroma will delight, send an encouraging email, visit someone regrettably in jail, set a table for two bathed in candlelight.
Leave a vagrant gratefully clutching a generous donation, help relieve aching arms by sharing a load, aid someone with their rehabilitation, see an elderly person safely across the road.
Whistle an arresting little chirpy tune, feed a hungry stray creature and treat visiting birds, tell someone you’ll see them soon, ease another’s pain, offer a lift to someone waiting in the rain, sympathise and empathise via kindly hugs and compassionate words.
Rescue someone’s washing, assist someone changing their tyre, after another’s welfare inquire, ways of solving others’ problems explore, give someone a break from a taxing chore, another’s handiwork appreciatively stand and admire.
Surprise someone with a pleasing gift, call on someone who’s lonely, unwell, or in hospital, invite someone home for a meal, take a shut-in for a drive and outing via an automobile, on good things and blessings dwell.
Run to the defence of any in trouble, be available for those who need you, enjoy having good clean fun, and other ways to brighten more lives pursue.
Leave a little love note that’s peppered with noughts and crosses, tidy and brighten up your surroundings, tell someone you’re sorry, tell someone you care about them, share anything that hope and joy brings.
Yes, this world’s in need of cheering up, and you can play a part, motivated by the promptings of a spontaneous and searching, loving heart.

By Lance Landall

If The Cap Fits...

Once married, many let themselves go, and it can certainly show (even from head to toe), and then they turn and say, to their partner’s dismay, “If you loved me (that is, truly), you’d accept me as I am,” and thus their partner’s disappointment slam.
“For better or for worse,” they remind, which is self-centred and unkind, for their state is hardly accidental, given that they were instrumental, in their body’s sad decline. And given that they could, and should, reverse the situation, not resort to condemnation, for after all (let’s recall), their partner didn’t marry that new creation, one hardly worthy of the same adoration, nor able to generate the same visual stimulation.
Both the husband and wife, throughout their married life, should consider their mate, and also appreciate, that the physical side is part of the deal, and should have due appeal, lest downward their marriage slide, ’till they’re no longer groom and bride, courtesy of that age old Ferris wheel.
Though age may have its way, we have a certain degree of say, exercised by exercise (and healthy living, let me emphasise), which the ravages of age can delay, thus keeping age somewhat at bay, and which marriage wise (surprise, surprise), one’s efforts will repay.
Yes, confront the problem, not the one you should treasure, for they’ve a right to their displeasure, should your appearance display lack of care or neglect, which you could correct, and which they’ve a right to expect, given that they’ve given their life to you, and daily have you in their view.
No, don’t pass the buck, nor remain where you’re stuck, but do it for their sake, even your sake, and lest a certain path they take, for discontent can often ferment, taking advantage of your consent, and leaving you to deal with trouble and heartache.
So make each day pay, for contented partners seldom stray, and are more likely to say, “My, you look
lovely today!”

By Lance Landall


When skies are cloudy and grey, and rain is on its way, or things aren’t going your way, break into a smile, show your plucky style, and whistle a catchy tune, for relatively soon, positivity will beguile.
Things will seem a little brighter, your steps a little lighter, and vexations further away, for you will have had your say, rather than that gloomy day, and shown you’re a fighter.
Yes, show the day who’s boss, don’t get bothered or cross, nor sit around and brood, and you’ll much clearer see, far more amicable be, having shifted the blues, through daring to choose, as attitude can
alter one’s mood.
Arise from despondency, invigorate your chemistry, in order that you may take charge, minimise rather than enlarge, for why add to misery, become a willing casualty, the victim of some gloomy day, whose countenance looks just as grey?
No! Arise bright and early, not late, bleary-eyed and surly, nor pessimistically down in the dumps, long-faced, dejected, or nursing grumps, but rather, shake of that lather, and your thinking realign (creatively redesign), in order that you may soar instead, and be streets ahead, radiating sunshine, a human neon sign, with a twinkle in your eye, no longer emitting a sigh, but acting as if all is fine, as gloominess you decline.
Yes! Give the blues the boot, act like life’s a hoot, be jolly, cheerful and merry, don’t let your sunny mood vary, and let your spirits soar, spark on all four, or six, or eight, acting as if all is great, and advantageous
things explore.
Cloudy skies and rain come and go, and bothersome winds sometimes blow, but amidst it all, it’s always your call, as to whether you’ll weather the weather, go for high or settle for low, inwardly shrivel or grow, quicken your stride or begin to slow, a sunny smile or dreary frown show.
Yes, you get to choose — besides, you’ve nothing to lose — but rather, far more to gain, so don’t get ruffled nor complain, for inevitably you will find, that happiness is really a state of mind, as attitude can alter one’s mood, and you, the victory thereby attain.

By Lance Landall

You're Yourself

Perhaps such sounds a little silly or trite, but in its own odd way it’s right, thus I’d ponder on such thoughtfully, so that better off you may be.
Yes, you’re yourself, life, so look after yourself, you’re you, life, so take great care, mind any wear and tear, via minding what you do or pursue.
If you don’t look after yourself, you may very well cease to be, or, end up suffering from this or that miserably.
Thus, midst looking after others, pursuing wealth, or enjoying things, don’t neglect yourself — that is, your health — lest your looking after others, your pursuing of wealth, or your enjoying of things, be detrimental to yourself.
After all, you’ve a life to live, a body and mind that need care, lest they fall into disrepair, and a much shorter life you then live.
Life is you, yourself, not things, (be they pleasurable things), but rather, your brain, your limbs, your face, each eye, each ear, for with such you enjoy, see and hear, move, are, live — thus, when you harm such, it’s yourself you destroy.
Yes, you’re yourself, you, life, so take great care, mind what you do or pursue, lest too soon you’re no
longer here!

By Lance Landall

Simply Older

I can see you don’t recognise me anymore. Well, I’m still who I was before. I’m simply older — yes, a lot older, and age has taken its toll, for I can’t stop those years that roll, and that my original appearance stole, but that left me with the same emotions, passions, feelings, even desires, that one from birth naturally acquires, and that when much older, against one, oft cruelly conspires.
Yes, I’m still who I was before, and as far as wisdom goes, I like to think I’ve more, and that my words and deeds are more praiseworthy, and I, displaying more compassion and sensitivity, having put behind me that which was foolish, having grown less childish and selfish, though sadly, less physically appealing, given things that maturity is unkindly revealing.
Yes, I’m still who I was before, though edging closer to life’s closing door, hence any infirmities, and those other tell-tale signs one sees, which rather than attract, seem to repel some, and that certainly detract, which can see me crying or sighing inside, resenting that downward slide, and knowing that behind that aging skin, and perhaps an embarrassed smile or grin, I’m still who I was before.
So please don’t treat me differently, nor even make fun of me, but rather, life’s ravages snub and ignore, given that you too, aren’t absent from that queue, that’s edging its way down the same corridor.

By Lance Landall

On Welfare?

Dear struggling, unfortunate, and genuine beneficiary (suffering enough, undoubtedly), there’s no shame in being on welfare, nor in receiving accommodation assistance too, so just ignore those who unfeelingly criticize and sneer, and who cruelly point the finger too — yes, armchair critics who judge and misconstrue, and who if they had their biased way, their harsh and unenlightened say, would soon have things going askew.
Any noble and caring society, ensures that welfare’s a priority, for there will always be those in need, who such help should be guaranteed, lest despair and frustration, fuelled by some other combination, both theirs or another’s well-being impede, and to further ill within society lead.
So, hold your head up, dear friend, for many, time on a benefit spend, and they’ve a right, given their plight, which may be long or short, and they, in need of loving support, for life isn’t always fair, filling many with anxiety and fear, who would suffer even more so, if that welfare net wasn’t there.
No, it’s not those on welfare who should feel shame, but those who their axe at welfare aim, and who’re usually blessed with far more, but who for some sad reason are feeling sore, and thus who hard-done-by holler and claim.
Yes, better higher taxes and less in the pocket, than to do away with welfare, or to heavily padlock it — yes, far better that there be wastage, and bludgers too, than to see support for any genuine folk going askew.
So, take heart dear beneficiary (often baring the brunt of hypocrisy), for you’ve paid taxes too, and still do, and like all, who on harder times fall, have a right to shelter come those rainy days that sometimes queue.
Yes, you’re hardly there by choice, and hence why I raise my voice, having suffered ridicule, bigotry, and hardship too, and knowing how cruel life can be, and how many who’re better off don’t see, till things in their life go painfully askew, and who, then rush to join that unfairly bashed welfare queue.

By Lance Landall

Open Minds

The best way to test an open mind, and thus the truth of the matter find, is to confront it, for by doing so, either an open or shut window will show, thus allowing you to know that whatever you mention, will receive worthy attention, in case it should be accepted, or prudently rejected.
Yes, many like to think that they’re open-minded, when in fact they’re not, or simply broad-minded, which certainly isn’t the same, despite what any might claim, for one is more discerning, and even for truth yearning, while the other, given its liberality, oft embraces what acts injuriously, for it’s more concerned with pleasing and pleasure, is less inclined to weigh and measure, nor seek what’s right, and thereby invariably succumbs to appetite, feelings, senses and anatomy.
Yes, the open mind is truly so, not what some may like to think as so, and when confronted with an opposing view, it doesn’t feel threatened, nor some exit pursue, but rather, cordially greets each exchange, always open to change, should such be the right way to go, and knowing that a regular test, should be treated like a welcome guest, for such challenges help us grow.

By Lance Landall

Mind Your Fellowman

A duty of all who walk this earth, midst daily toil, reflection and mirth, is to lend a hand, and where needed, to make a stand, lest some poor soul fall by the way, or fall victim to foul play, for life is full of trials and traps, temptations and faulty maps, things that somehow mesmerise, or subtly anesthetise, and we, so prone to erring, and vice, more oft preferring, until of course, we meet remorse, or even our end, and lifeless descend, for selfishness and foolishness are the bane of humanity — and oh, how oft we don’t want to see, and just like a child, cling tenaciously, so very stubbornly, to some cherished yet unwise belief, act or desire, that against us seeks to conspire, or that misleads another soul, who beaches on some painful shoal, another unwitting casualty, and so unnecessarily, perhaps betrayed, and who dearly paid, and simply because of us, arguably.
Yes, it’s our duty to lend a hand, or where needed, to make a stand, and to mind what we say and do, least others too, via our influence and behaviour, some ill pursue, and suffer from what they needn’t, nor shouldn’t have to, and who as a consequence (invariably), further the offence, via allowing such to ripple, which sadly, happens all too frequently.
Yes, mind your fellowman.

By Lance Landall