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This page is not part of the Christian section that's found in my second poetry garden, and thus stands alone.

Poems (and two articles) regarding church and worship begin with poem number 37.

"Let my heart be broken by the things that break the heart of God."
Bob Pierce

1.  May This Give Heart And Hope

Perhaps you’ve committed the most evil of crimes, or sunk as low as it gets,
And possibly feel you’re beyond saving, despite feeling guilt, having regrets.
Well, let me tell you something, and that is, there’s a merciful God who loves you,
Yes, who loves you still, and always no matter what, and who’s wanting to rescue.

All you have to do, dear fallen one, is call on that life changing name, Jesus,
He quick to forgive and cover with His grace, having died for wretches like us.
Not for saints, but sin-sick humanity, so undeserving of His mercy,
Yet granted it anyway on repentance, ’cause that’s what He’s about, you see.

A love that you’ve no doubt not experienced before, but one that’s real and true,
You like a long lost son or daughter, and Christ searching everywhere for you.
Yes, every pig pen checked, prison, brothel or other — you name it, and more,
And the reason He’s delayed His coming is, love’s reluctant to close the door.

You see, there’s millions like you still out there, and every one of you cared for,
The baptised not considered above you, and God not keeping some kind of score.
It all about grace, and there being no greater way for Christ to show His love,
Hence those nail wounds, His dying so you could live, should you heed His call from above.

And I would, there being no other love, hope or promise like it, believe me,
A mercy some might call scandalous given its staggering generosity.
Yes, so underserved, not one of us worthy of it, yet offered it freely,
Earth no comparison to that joyous Paradise attached to eternity.

Christ never had to do this, you know, so this should tell you how much you’re loved so,
And all the more if your fall is greater, and your appearance more like His foe.
The devil the cause of it all, he wanting your end to be as sure as his,
And hence those beguiling inducements that in time always lose their pop and fizz.

And so, Christ always searching, happy to meet you where you are, and take it slow,
He not one to push and pull, scare the heck out of you, but give you time to grow.
He wanting to reveal His care, the why of Calvary, and that being you,
And grace being Him, it all about His love, and responding’s all we’ve to do.

And on that journey, God doesn’t rub our noses in it, our past or wrongs, that is,
He knowing that our state of development is but light years away from His.
And therefore, He bearing long, it little by little, and even cry by cry,
Satan not wanting to let go, and why to self and lusts we must daily die.

Though none of this in our strength, but God’s strength, ’cause here, it’s still about Him, you see,
He providing, we surrendering, and changes coming inexplicably —
Well, seemingly, it not our doing, but a transformation that’s heavenly,
The God of grace still doing it all — oh, such scandalous generosity.

So, dear fallen one, don’t concern yourself unduly, it all a prayer away,
And Christ responding to your personal locator beacon without delay.
And then, not leaving you high and dry, but supporting you each step of the way,
It all about Him, remember, a loving Shepherd who’s searching for each stray.

By Lance Landall

2.  Come Home

“Softly and tenderly Jesus is calling,” an old hymn goes, a lovely one,
Referring to that caring heart within the Father’s only begotten Son.
Yes, “Come home,” He’s pleading, “Come home, all who’re weary, tired of sin and misery,
Because I’m waiting and watching, more than willing to pardon and show mercy.”

Yes, a God who always keeps His promises, so why would any linger so?
Lest via doing so, eternal happiness and boundless love they never know.
So please, heed His call, “Come home, come home,” it earnest and tender, and full of grace,
Yes, wonderful words of life from a loving, caring Saviour who took our place.

By Lance Landall

3.  Loyalty, Affection And Trust

“I would sell my very soul and not regret it,” a well known old song goes,
“For to live without your love, it’s just impossible,” which here, lack of faith shows,
’Cause I though to myself, that could’ve been Adam’s song, as take a bite he did,
That forbidden fruit a test he failed, and the consequences blew the lid.

His trust in God to grant a new mate clearly lacking, and hence another song,
“I only have eyes for you,” his undying affection here, getting things wrong.
So back to that other song, “If I had you, could I ever want for more,” thus
Adam seeming to think that way too, and coming second had to be Jesus.

Oh, the regret Adam must have felt, it proving impossible alright, and thus
Another song, “I did it my way” — yes, Adam, and all why I praise Jesus,
’Cause if Christ hadn’t died on that cross, game over, back to that old song again,
’Cause, “Should you ask me for the world, somehow I’d get it,” showing the folly of men.

Yes, one thinking of self, one dying to self, the latter displaying mercy.
Taking our penalty on Himself, His obedience gaining the victory.
And in His case, it proving possible, He not selling His soul, failing here,
But instead, providing grace, a way out, and that coming rescue very near.

But unsaved many will be, it proving impossible for them too, sadly,
Their affection for the things of this world how they’re selling their soul, foolishly.
Many not even believers in Christ, the real one who they can’t live without,
But there it is, history repeating itself, and why Christ must want to shout.

Oh yes, many reaching for those warned of apples of today, hence that sad song,
Christ able to give them far better, a new Paradise, yet they still choose wrong.
And oh, how they may regret it, as did Adam, who could’ve been spared, but no,
He selling his soul too, Satan pocketing the money, Christ taking the blow.

Yes, that forbidden tree all about loyalty to God, not Eve (thus deceived),
Unlike Adam who would’ve known what he was doing, and how they both grieved.
Yes, he got her alright, not a new wife, but death coming eventually,
And in the meantime, he seeing her aging, and thus soon gone, Eden’s beauty.

And from then on, everyone born experiencing pain and death, sadly,
And many via their sad copying of those two forfeiting eternity.
Christ to come first in our affections, and why trust we need to have, lest we fall,
And “It’s impossible” prove true in our lives, become our song, and lost, is all.

Oh yes, it all about loyalty, affection and trust, God first and foremost,
Everything else coming second, we surrendered, full of the Holy Ghost.
Thus not charmed to death by the serpent’s beguilings, nor lost via some earthly love,
But passionate, committed, faithful and in sync with that Bridegroom who’s above.

Yes, we might feel sorry for Adam, Eve the desire of any man’s heart,
Feminine perfection, and he having bonded with that heady work of art.
No, not just beauty, but personality, she equal in worth and being,
But love is blind, they say, and where God comes second, more sense is soon seen fleeing.

By Lance Landall

4.  Made For Him

When God created us, He did so for His pleasure, which means that you and I
Were designed to worship, enjoy and glorify Him, not ourselves glorify.
Such reminding me of when I once built stereo speaker cabinets, and
They being for my pleasure, their uniqueness and sound leaving me feeling grand.

Yes, they were there to serve me, to bring forth what I desired, and to also
Bear testimony to my creativeness, which everyone would know.
They not there to serve themselves, nor to do as they please, but to showcase my skill,
And I drawing pleasure from such, both speakers working well and serving me well.

But getting back to Christ and us, His pleasure derives from us enjoying Him,
Just like we want our spouse to enjoy us, but when we don’t act right, chances slim.
God hardly pleased by rebellion, disinterest, or half heartedness, and so
We showing our love and gratitude, and how blessings our way begin to flow.

Yes, we’re too often lost in ourselves when we’re meant to be lost in Him, and there
Being where we find contentment, having been made for Him, that glorious sphere.
Yes, an inbuilt purpose having been placed in us, and why things don’t really work
’Till we’re functioning as God intended, where self’s been given no place to lurk.

By Lance Landall

"Thou art worthy, O Lord, to receive glory and honour and power: for thou hast created
all things, and for thy pleasure they are and were created" (Rev 4:11, KJV).

5.  Buzzing With Hope

“We’ve a third world war coming up,” they say, or it’s something else that they point too,
Seemingly obsessed with every event, be it unwarranted or true.
Yes, worried, even panicking, when we’re supposed to keep our eyes on Jesus,
Our hope in His return, and yet, concern after concern still bedevilling us.

Things will get worse, we’ve been told, hence that call to endure, and where one’s cross kicks in,
We hanging in there until Christ’s return, bearing things like a solid Christian.
Yes, not going on about it all, but remaining aware, midst smiles and joy,
The Good News Gospel not meant to freak people out, but to encourage and buoy.

There’s far too much talk about this and that, it enough to have to deal with such,
Which we’re to take in our stride, Christ by our side, lest even more joy Satan clutch.
We’re told there’ll be wars and rumours of wars, but Armageddon symbolic,
The final battle for hearts and minds, but errant views still coming fast and thick.

Oh, if only as much time was spent on loving, rightly witnessing, but no,
The Good News Gospel more often exchanged for that “Did you hear?” negative flow.
Yes, too many wearing gumboots instead of dancing shoes, joy exchanged for gloom,
They bogged down in End-time events, every conceivable thing seeming to loom.

The truth is, Christians should be buzzing with hope, dancing, Jesus soon to appear,
We having made the best of things, borne well with things, thus in Paradise we’ll share.
Yes, truth must be presented, but obsess we mustn’t, lest that joy be lost, and
We waiting with hangdog faces rather than smiles, which Jesus never planned.

By Lance Landall

6.  Christ Did It Because We Can't

There’s nothing we can do to contribute to our salvation, nothing at all,
Got that? NOTHING! Our only deliverance being when on Jesus we call.
So continue with your good deeds, and continue walking obediently,
But don’t ever think that such contributes in any way, ’cause that’s heresy.

The only thing that saves is GRACE! — Christ’s robe of righteousness — ’cause it’s all been DONE!
And therefore, friend, our hope and salvation found entirely in the Father’s Son;
He who lived an obedient life, He who never sinned, He who died for us,
He who bears the evidence on His hands and feet, He who bears the name Jesus.

So yes, help and care for your fellow man, and walk in harmony with God’s will,
But never in order to secure your salvation, somehow help with the bill,
Because you can’t and it won’t, so don’t, obedience playing no part at all,
It simply the response of a genuine and grateful heart, and so says Paul.

Oh yes, how Paul delighted in God’s Law, though never that he might boast, oh no,
But because of his love for his Lord and Saviour, and thus that the way to go.
Yes, Paul full of love for his brethren too, zealous regarding good works, but hey,
Never in order to be saved, because we’re clearly told there’s only one way.

And that way is, via God’s grace, lest stronger Christians crow, and weaker ones miss out,
And because our works will always fall short, and perfection not what it’s about,
But loyalty, hanging in there, sticking with Christ through thick and thin, to the end,
We only to happy to fall in line with the wishes of our new found Friend.

And what bride isn’t eager, willing and waiting to please, her heart full of love,
She happily fulfilling her husband’s wishes — and we, those of God’s above,
No, not perfectly, but willingly, holy intention at the fore, and why
A clear change is seen, the Spirit empowering, that Christ we may glorify.

And where there’s not that surrender, rebellion’s still seen, a love that’s hardly true,
A two timer, it could be said — someone whose thinking and actions are askew,
’Cause Christians should know that God hates sin, that He knows best, and very jealous is,
A righteous Bridegroom awaiting His faithful and Christ-like bride — oh to be His!


Lets make sure we’re there for the wedding, clothed in grace, love for His law in our heart,
We having determined that from His arms, Word, will and ways, we’ll never depart.
And though our steps be faulty, our assurance in Him and all that He has done,
Knowing that salvation’s found in no other but He who the victory won.

By Lance Landall


7.  Calvary Never Did Away With The Narrow Way

That our crucified, holy, righteous, blameless Creator would gift us His grace
Is beyond comprehension — yes, God himself bearing our guilt, taking our place.
Oh, no act more amazing (and so underserved), because lost we all would be,
Yet how are we responding? Have we appreciated the enormity?

Isn’t it wonderful that we don’t have to earn our way to Heaven, but hey,
That doesn’t mean we can’t sin our way to eternal loss, ’cause oh, how Christians stray.
Grace not something to be abused, and what would such ungratefulness say of us?
Is that how little we might think of it all, and how poorly we’d treat Jesus?

Saved, yet choosing to continue to sin. Oh dear, slap God in the face, would you?
One changing back into the old creature arthritic with sin, flagging the new.
Sin having caused Christ’s death! Repentance not symbolic, you know, and all why grace
Only covers the surrendered one, not what simply amounts to a disgrace.

No, the old creature hardly witnessing, no Christ-likeness there, but rebellion,
And all why no one will be saved if they’re continuing to willingly sin.
Yes, grace keeping us out of jail, but only if we’re responding lawfully,
Citizens of Earth and Heaven to act so, or once again, they won’t be free.

Oh yes, salvation’s a huge matter, ’cause we’re caught in a great controversy,
Christ wanting obedience, Satan wanting disobedience, anarchy.
All why Christians can’t wear two hats, follow two masters, nor have a bob each way,
And just hypocrites living that double life, thus black and white exchanged for grey.

You see, grace is only gifted where there’s a response, turn about, change of heart,
Belief in God not enough, because even Satan believes, though cold of heart.
We not name only Christians, nor partial Christians, but full on Christians, ablaze,
Christ not honoured nor pleased by those who’d take grace and still rebel, shuffle or laze.

And rebellion being going contrary to the clear Word and will of our God, who
Still condemns sin though that cross has been and gone, and despite His gift of grace too.
Yes, the starting ground’s here, hence the Spirit’s enabling, and grace honouring such,
Covering our imperfection, because though still fallen, Christ loves us that much.

Tell me, when the lights say red, what should one do? And when God says to stop sinning,
What should one do? Because that’s what God has been saying right from the beginning.
He hates sin, absolutely loathes sin, so why would His grace change anything here?
And all why we’re told to live godly lives while we’re waiting for Him to appear.

And appear He will, reward or penalty in hand, looking for His faithful,
Those who’ve abided by His will and Word, not succumbed to Satan’s push and pull.
Yes, it’s all about loyalty, remaining true to Him, and to remain true
We need to know what we’re meant to do, which is, WALK THE TALK; gratitude Christ due.

Hence why we need to appreciate the enormity of what Christ did, and
The ferocious fight that Satan’s putting up, which means we’re called to make a stand.
We either on God’s side or Satan’s side, straddling the fence costing as dearly,
It all or nothing come God, and fair enough too, He having warned us clearly.

And that’s what love does, and why Christ died on our behalf lest we be lost, and here
Provided grace, not wriggle room for wilful sinners, who with His grace would dare.
God having received so many slaps in the face, because oh, how Christians play,
Singing both hymns and Rock anthems, say, and when God’s said there’s only the ONE way.

Yes, it straight and narrow despite grace, and it certainly should be, quite clearly,
The world a corrupting influence, and thereby, sin costing many dearly.
All why it mustn’t remain in the Christian’s life, and therefore, the broad way out,
Because genuine repentance and loyalty to God is what its all about.

By Lance Landall

“For if we go on sinning willfully after receiving the knowledge of the truth, there no longer
remains a sacrifice for sins [we won't be covered by God’s grace], but a terrifying
expectation of judgment...” (Heb 10:26, 27, NASB).

"Too many Christians treat grace like diplomatic immunity, which simply gives
rebellion continued opportunity."

The poet, author

8.  Just Like The Israelites

Just like the Israelites, we’re complaining and moaning in our wilderness too,
Calvary having rescued, we freed from bondage, the heavenly Canaan in view.
And yet, despite God blessing us in so many ways, we’re demanding quails too,
But in the form of today’s desires, and thus our spiritual walk askew.

In other words, we’re wanting things now, our hearts still in Egypt, hence those flawed dreams,
Because this fallen world is full of torpedoes, tragic and oft random scenes.
A new house ruined by flood waters, a new bride killed by a drunk driver, and
Calamity followed by pestilence, climate change affecting every land.

Oh yes, one could go on, we wanting the best of both worlds, our cross forgotten,
That wilderness slog not to our liking, though freed from the penalty of sin.
The manna of blessings in a cursed world not appreciated, nor recognised,
Or simply not enough, despite that Paradise to come, God not really prized.

No, we barely loving Him for himself, He hardly our everything,
And why out of our woes and disappointments, much murmuring is seen to spring.
Romantic relationships coming before God, and why some don’t want to live,
At least without him or her, and midst such, God a second glance don’t seem to give.

And yet, God should be our first love, nothing coming before Him, He who saves us,
A love that is incomparable, and yet, we still wanting more from Jesus.
Some even making their way back to Egypt, or complaining of giants, say,
Their trust in God badly lacking, and many slacking, even though He’s on His way.

God never having promised a rose garden, sin having overtaken Earth,
All why even our righteousness is as filthy rags — yes, despite that new birth.
The meantime to be borne with gratitude, praise and thanksgiving, thought for others,
Happiness not found in self-seeking, but helping fellow sisters and brothers.

We all needing to be tested, hence that Job experience, pilgrim’s progress,
Grace not a cloak for continued sin, nor excusing spiritual slackness.
But when someone or things mean more to us than God, and discontent lurks within,
We’ve got a problem, a big one, and if it remains, Satan well surely win.

So, we’ve not only got to weather the storm, but to remain faithful and true,
Christ at the helm, steering the ship to safe anchor, and thus He the glory due.
We gratefully walking in accordance with His will, and thus in harmony,
Awaiting Earth’s renewal, immortality, a joyous eternity.

By Lance Landall

9.  Same Path, Same Way, Same Journey

From the moment someone becomes a Christian, gets baptised, they should know God’s will,
What He accepts, likes, and what He doesn’t, so that His wishes they may fulfil.
It’s not about being saved, but becoming Christ-like, reflecting Him, that is,
And pleasing Him too, ’cause we weren’t created for our own pleasure but for His.

So it’s the same path, same way, and same journey for all, that known pilgrim’s progress,
God’s Word not telling different Christians different things, or there’d be a mess.
All Christians going by His Word, repentant and obedient, new creatures,
Self, rebellion, sin (one and the same) to be fought from the start, like Christ teaches.

Yes, it’s all about becoming Christ-like, righteous, not about being saved, and so
It thus about habitation, the Lord Jesus reigning within us, and so,
We surrendering to the Spirit’s moving, moulding, applying what we know,
Having been shown prior to baptism, thereby witnessing from the get go.

Otherwise we’d be wandering all over the place, when God has made things clear,
Lest some think He’s leading them differently, the devil having got their ear.
Though God may work differently in lives, via creative tailor-made things, He
Doesn’t tell people different things, ’cause He wants all in sync biblically.

The truth is, there’s too many excuses for biblical ignorance, and too
Many excuses for still erring, and why God and His Word we’re to pursue.
Hence that need of study, getting to know Him more, building a relationship,
A close one, He our all — and why straight up, those wings of rebellion we must clip.

No, there’s no separate journey, but the same one for all, the same God, same Word,
It simply us going different ways, and too many seeking what’s preferred.
And all why first up we need to know what Christians should or shouldn’t do, and thus
We knowing what’s expected of us before committing ourselves to Jesus.

Yes, too many baptism’s happening too quick, all wanting to be saved, but
Not prepared to surrender their all, and thereby soon may find Heaven’s gates shut.
All why its not about being saved, but becoming Christ-like, RELATIONSHIP,
Doing right for Christ’s sake, not our sake, though via doing so, we too benefit.

Thus God’s grace not for those who’re part-timers or two timers, they not deserving,
But only those whose solid allegiance and faithfulness is sound, unswerving.
Thus one’s baptism not to be taken lightly, and why informed one should be
Lest like a foolish, ignorant sailor, and too soon, they venture out to sea.

Yes, we grow and learn more with time, but the rudimentary things we should know,
Such as, what Christ-like means, ’cause it’s those fruits Christ wants to see, which should daily flow.
They beginning immediately, even though imperfectly, so that all
May see the truth of one’s repentance, commitment; all why on the Spirit we call.

It’s actually not our doing, but the Spirit’s doing, our mind made up,
And thus the Spirit having free reign, working unhindered, and from whom we sup.
We not drawing from two wells — one pure, one polluted — but from just the One, who
Covers stumbling but not rebellion, ’cause we’re to follow one Master, not two.

Yes, different experiences on the way, but it still the same journey,
Same guide book, same rules, same unchangeable God, who faith, trust, renewal wants to see.
We thus not picking our time and place once having accepted Christ and His grace,
But aware, willing and active from the get go, lest Christ we further disgrace.

After all, once we take on His name, we owe it to Him, or hypocrites we’ll be,
Bringing shame on Him, misleading others — a stumbling block in reality.
Christianity having one direction, all to follow the narrow way,
Self to be stomped on, God to be uplifted — yes, not tomorrow but today.

By Lance Landall

10.  If Christ Were Visiting

If Christ were on Earth today — visiting, that is — I’m sure I would know where to find Him —  well, mainly so,
'Cause I know how much He cares about the future of sinners, and then there's those who’re suffering, you know.
Oh, how such moves Him, and why He’d be busy visiting them, and those within houses of ill repute,
He waiting outside to tell of Calvary, though “Go and sin no more” He'd say, hugging each prostitute.

Yes, there He’d be, waiting outside casinos, pubs, clubs, and even theatres that screen every vice,
He desiring people not just accept Him as their Saviour, but Lord, and offering Paradise.
He not wanting any to perish, His grace offered freely, then back He’d go to visit the needy,
And how His heart would bleed seeing the suffering, and I’m sure He’d look at us kind of enquiringly.

Yes, no limelight for Him, except for His great return, He meantime strolling suburban and city streets,
Stopping to show and convey His love and concern, He smiling at those passing by or sitting on seats,
Be they tramps, ex-convicts, porn stars, or those who look the part, but are knee deep in every kind of sin,
'Cause Christ’s impartial, unbounding love encompasses all, and it being the very best medicine.

And they needing it, be they caught up in sin, trying to overcome sin, or weighed down by affliction,
He offering what nobody else can, providing them with hope, courage, strength, joy, peace and direction.
And while doing so, He cheerily interacting with wee children, every young person that He met,
And on leaving to return to Heaven, His eyes sad, His heart aching, His loving tear stained face still wet.

By Lance Landall

This poem was upgraded 14 March 2020.

11.  Knowing God

It’s not enough to know about our Lord And Saviour, but more importantly
To actually know Him, ’cause relationship wise, that’s the centrality.
In other words, where it’s really at, too many just knowing about Jesus,
And not really knowing Him, having that close walk He desires of us.

The very essence of the Christian walk is that deep relationship, and so,
We spending all the time we can with Him, that His great love we may better know.
Yes, we delighting in His company, getting to know Him better each day,
And growing ever more faithful so that from His side we’ll never think to stray.

By Lance Landall

12.  The True And Living One

I know a God who makes Superman, Spiderman or Wonder Woman look like wimps, any others too,
And they being, all those fictional storybook heroes who good ends via bad means constantly pursue.
Yes, they relying on brawn, fists and weaponry, thereby leaving viewers with the same mentality,
Who also pursue good ends via bad means, fight fire with fire, thereby acting as hypocritically.

Well, this God I've mentioned won't pursue good ends via bad means, and He hates violence, which I’m thankful for,
'Cause I don’t want a gun toting, trigger-happy Saviour who reaches for His holster ready to draw.
Nor a God who clenches His teeth and fists, and then socks or flattens some equally violent villain,
But rather, One who uses His head and heart, and never deals with sin and sinners via committing sin.

Yes, this God I've mentioned is loving, and bears long, appealing to the head and heart, force not His style,
He just, merciful, and not wanting any to perish, His behaviour mature, and not infantile.
No back alley brawling for Him, nor wanton hooliganism-cum-smashing this or that on the way,
Such but the staple diet of so many viewers and readers whose flawed heroes bad examples display.

So many love James Bond when he’s the epitome of fallen man, so often in and out of bed,
Or indulging in the "good life" midst the violence, havoc and destruction his admirers are fed.
He no role model, but just another fool with that typical fight fire with fire mentality,
Which, at the end of the day, keeps spinning that same old carousel which perpetuates such lunacy.

Hence why I’m thankful for my hero, a God who though non-violent, is called the Almighty One,
'Cause He can do far better than any earthly hero, and this, without the aid of fists or a gun.
All He need do is speak, or clap His hands, and He can achieve any seeming impossibility,
And all this without violating any code of decency, thereby retaining His dignity.

Now there’s a fitting hero for you, no shameful bedroom shenanigans for Him, or any other vice,
Nor some sensually designed penthouse, but rather, a holy kingdom-cum-undefiled paradise,
And where there's no need for heroes, more so those Batman and Robin types, such the concoctions of men,
Who persist in creating heroes as fallen as they, be such via movies or same deluded pen.

Hence why God’s my only hero, 'cause I won’t idolise some fallen human, nor swallow make-believe,
Knowing that such is just the creation of a lying devil, who via such, has set out to deceive.
And most successfully, 'cause everywhere on Earth those flawed heroes are idolised, though pure fantasy,
Unlike the true and living One, who Satan, via such fallen heroes, has deprived of so much glory.

By Lance Landall

This poem was upgraded 14 March 2020.

13.  God Doesn't Snooze

Unlike humans who oft need to be pried out of bed come wakey wakey time, God never misses a thing,
He always up and about twenty four seven, not worried should some alarm clock go ring-a-ling-a-ling.
Yes, He never loudly snoring, but rather, watchfully on deck, His caring eyes scanning humanity,
And midst such, every single person noticed, 'cause He has plans for us that’ll stretch throughout eternity.

Oh, how He concerns Himself over you and I, angels at His beck and call, they hard at work for our sake,
And believe me, they don’t linger in bed either, nor take ages getting dressed, they keen, sharp-cum-wide awake,
'Cause the life of each individual is very precious in God’s sight, and why rooms are being built above,
Such awaiting the arrival of the faithful; He being a God who even more so wants to share His love.

Yes, no snoozing for Him, no staying in bed until the morning’s almost gone (one grumpy and half asleep),
'Cause He knows our old adversary doesn’t just roar, but around us, very cunningly is seen to creep,
And that given we’re often stumbling and fumbling our way around, and thus far from bright-eyed and bushy tailed,
We’re likely to fall prey to Satan, or get ourselves in a tangle, and oh, how oft midst some prayer we’ve wailed.

And God to the rescue, angles flitting back and forth, they keeping Satan at bay, or showing us the way,
'Cause far too oft we loose sight of how precious time is, and of how we should spend time with God early each day.
Yes, we not snoozing in bed, nor our head buried under a pillow, but rather, it buried in God’s Word,
Lest the stealthy pitter-patter of evil footsteps, or the sound of the Spirit’s quiet promptings not be heard.

By Lance Landall


14.  A Mega Grace, Mega Love, And Mega God

Grace, precious grace, often lost sight of in a tit-for-tat, revengeful world, where
Fewer are merciful and forgiving, or long with others are seen to bear.
Yes, it’s a very sad situation, a very messy situation,
Where grace seldom figures, but more some seething, grudge holding accusation.

And so, the story of Calvary where grace shone in bright lights, gathering dust,
And thus in many lives that key to eternal joy just reddening with rust.
And yet, if anyone had a right to brood, seek revenge, not forgive, it was He,
That innocent, loving Saviour nailed to a cross midst howling brutality.

Oh, what mega grace He showed, and given His majesty and authority,
His ability to wipe us off the map, this sad, fallen humanity.
We really having little comprehension of it, thus Calvary a must,
That we might see mercy in its fullness, leave hard feelings behind in the dust.

Yes, too many nurse their wounds, but not Christ, hence why we sing of “amazing grace,”
His forgiving arms extended to all, and no condemnation on His face.
All how it should be with us, we reflecting Him, showing same mercy and grace,
And bearing in mind that if it hadn’t been for Him, there’d be no human race.

I mean, think about it, that puniness of many grievances when compared,
Not that we should ever cling to any, but hey, the hopelessness we’re been spared.
We clearly undeserving, more worthy of the maximum, the death penalty,
Yet spared to live, and for eternity — wow, that’s what I call awesome mercy.

Oh yes, grace, precious grace, love abounding, the story of stories, “Hail Jesus,”
The One who’s deserving of glory and honour, the One who died to save us.
A grace like no other, an astonishing grace, and personal sacrifice,
Christ himself putting His life on the line — oh, what a terrible, shocking price.

But rise He did, oh happy day, and so, “I once was lost, but now I’m found,” and
Have Him to thank, and indeed I do, ’cause righteous before His Father I stand.
Not because of anything on my part, but that gracious robe that covers me,
A divine one, one truly woven with sacrifice and generosity.

Mega grace!

Ours can’t compete with that, but grace and mercy we should extend, and from the heart,
’Cause those who don’t, or grudgingly, will soon hear that terrifying word “Depart.”
Thus that love that Christ showed, we must, flawed as it be compared to the heavenly,
We aware of our own failings, and how to us, God’s acted so graciously.

Oh yes, grace, precious grace, but here, a mega grace, it the grace of God above,
Who, despite everything thrown at Him, kept His dignity, showed great love.
A love (that like His grace), outshines any shown on Earth, except when He was here,
Yes, mega grace, mega love, ’cause He’s a mega God, which the Heaven’s declare.

And as I said, a God who doesn’t hold grudges like fallen humanity,
Because such only poison the bearer, thus acting like a double whammy.
All why grudges, and not forgiving, aren’t the way of Christ, whose followers we are,
And why our sights shouldn’t be on wrongs, but on the coming of the Brightest Star.

By Lance Landall

Church and beyond.

15.  Marys And Marthas

The Church needs both Marys and Marthas, ’cause both have their place in the scheme of things,
Mary’s worship of Christ and Martha’s thoughtfulness for Christ, from which balance springs.
And this being how God wants it, both those aspects coming together in us,
We taking care of widows (for example), whilst kneeling at the feet of Jesus.

The heavenly was always Christ’s top priority, and it should be ours too
(As it was with Mary), but Christ needed to eat as well, as us humans do.
Yes, both spheres needing attention, and Martha needing to learn this, clearly,
But Marys can err as well, neglecting those earthly needs of humanity.

So, sometimes, and for a season, and as Christ calls, we might become either one,
A Mary a Martha, a Martha a Mary, so that nothing’s left undone.
And that season even a moment in a day, we at the feet of Jesus,
Or in the kitchen of our neighbour’s need, that there too, Christ will be seen in us.

And all why Marys and Marthas need to learn to live in peace in the same house,
Appreciating each others ministry, Christ not staying where there’s some stoush.
No, He wanting to feel comfortable there, like in that home in Bethany,
Which, via those women, ministered to both divinity and humanity.

And thus each church spiritually passionate and socially active too,
Worshipping divinity whilst also serving humanity, as all should do.
We donning our Mary cap or our Martha cap, though it’s best both be as one,
Wedded to our daily rounds and worship, thus fully representing the son.

By Lance Landall

This poem and the following one were Inspired by the book Chasing God Serving Man by Tommy Tenney.

Church and beyond.

16.  Our Own Aromatic Oil

Oh, how I would’ve loved to have done what Mary did, but hosting Christ as well,
Yes, worshipping at His feet whilst giving Him food and a bed, which LOVE would spell.
And thus I a Mary and Martha rolled into one, the smell of both acts strong,
That passionate worship and thoughtful consideration lingering long.

But lets not forget Christ's children, we seeking the lost and responding to needs,
That more might see the Light, have the same hope, that more might be fed, and why Christ pleads.
Yes, because Christ wants us to be Mary and Marthas in our community,
Thus uplifting others by uplifting Him, and whilst also acting kindly.

And thus the smell of both acts stretching beyond the cross, we at Christ’s feet also,
As well as in the kitchen of humanity, so that the same thought might show.
Yes, Christ enjoying His stay in our home, glad that His children are cared for too,
And shown the way via our worshipful example — His call, their cries, our cue.

Each one of us an alabaster box with our own aromatic oil, and
Having been broken by the Spirit, now humble and selfless, just as Christ planned
(Though only with our approval), and thus we praising and serving, lingering long,
The perfume of our willing devotion and human compassion ever strong.

Oh, how I would’ve loved to have done what Mary did, but hosting Christ as well,
Yes, worshipping at His feet whilst giving Him food and a bed, which LOVE would spell,
And still can! We at His feet like Mary, in the kitchen like Martha, and thus
Learning and growing, loving and ministering, becoming more like Jesus.

By Lance Landall

Church and beyond.

17.  Keep Your Eyes On Christ

One reason why the back door swings is, because many eyes aren’t on Christ — well, not as they should be —
Folk gazing at fallen humanity, and thereby, placing their salvation in jeopardy.
And what folly, for to turn one’s back on God because of others is the craziest of things,
And shows an expectation that’s not based on reality, from which disappointment thus springs.

People will always let us down — and sadly, Christians will be amongst them, not that they should be,
But the inescapable truth is, that many Christians aren’t true Christians, hence hypocrisy.
Yes, even within the Christian Church there are tares amongst the wheat, but hey, no one is perfect,
And hence why when it comes to what fellow Christians should be doing, we should mind what we expect.

At the end of the day, we all have issues, the Church full of broken vessels in need of repair,
And let’s be honest, little happens overnight, despite one’s conversion being very sincere.
The truth is, that growth takes time, we all being at various stages, and don’t forget there’re those tares,
All being good reason for low expectations and focussing on Christ, more so as His coming nears.

Yes, too many focus on problems, the behaviour of others, or what isn’t that should be,
They stewing over this and that, not taking things in their stride, hence that swinging back door we see.
And for many, there goes eternity, their gaze having been on others and not on their Lord,
Or they having nursed some wound instead of concentrating on their walk, which no one can afford.

Sure there’re wrongs within the Church which need addressing, and yes, other Christians can treat us badly,
We finding it all hard going, but such is life, and therefore, moving on a necessity.
Otherwise, we’ll never develop spiritual muscles, and will often be breaking down,
We at the mercy of people and things, even cursing our cross, and thus forfeiting our crown.

Yes, keep your eyes on Christ.

By Lance Landall

18.  Yes, That's Incredible!

Jesus loves me. Wow! Jesus! Wretched me! That’s incredible,
And I’ve been told, should I hurt or neglect Him, He’ll love me still.
Wow! Now that’s love, and I mean, REAL LOVE, love that’s worth dying for,
Thus I’m so honoured and so delighted — in fact, I’m in awe.

And He's a merciful God! Slow to anger, longsuffering,
Hence why angels adore Him and His praises always sing.
He bearing long with us like He bore long with ancient Israel,
And bore the weight of our sins too via each hand and foot and nail.

And you know,

When you were but a tiny child, those same angels cared for you,
And with the same commitment, friend, they still did so as you grew.
So, when ageing and health's ebbing, the same thing holds true as well,
Cause never are they closer than when one’s lonely, hurt or ill.

By Lance Landall

19.  God And His Big Rig

It was a large and long truck with an equally large and long trailer as well,
And would I drive it for him, he asked, though lacking the experience and skill.
The need being urgent, and his arm broken, but he’d be in the cab with me,
Guiding, directing and encouraging as we travelled on that long journey.

I’d driven trucks, but not a truck and trailer, nor as large and long, scaringly,
But did it I did, come hill, tight gorge, or whatever else loomed threateningly.
It some experience, I learning and growing, and well aware of him there,
’Cause without him I wouldn’t have made it, and thus how the blessing we’d both share.

Well, such reminds me of one’s Christian walk, that journey onwards to eternity,
Christ guiding, directing, encouraging too, as we lean on His ability.
It really Him in the drivers seat, our faith and trust in Him, and via His grace
We getting there, despite any hill, tight gorge, or whatever else we might face.

Those trials and tribulations not an issue with Christ in the cab with us,
We simply steering, braking and shifting gear as we’re empowered by Jesus.
That truck and trailer of life collecting a few scrapes and dents along the way,
But we soon getting there, and that’s the main thing, and hence why we trust and obey.

Yes, Christ knows what’s best, He having been there Himself, a job and journey well done,
All why there’s nothing that we can do but take that gracious offer from the Son.
He there right beside us, shepherding and aiding, hence His empowering too,
That truck and trailer of life bound for glory, the grace of God seeing us through.

Yes, through each day and night, as long as it takes, we pressing on, stopping nowhere,
But for where necessary, one refuelled by the Word and the power of prayer.
We learning and growing at every twist and turn, the Spirit moving us,
We simply looking like we’re in the seat with hands on the wheel, when it’s Jesus.

Oh, the wonder of grace, we submitting, God at the helm and getting us there,
’Cause without Him we wouldn’t make it, and hence why it’s a journey that we share.
Our inability but God’s opportunity, so what will you say, friend?
’Cause once in that truck and trailer of salvation, He’ll be with you to the end.

No, God doesn’t have a broken arm, it’s simply that there’s an offer and choice,
A truck and trailer He’ll help us with if we’d like His company, heed His voice.
Grace getting us there, but that truck and trailer still needing to be driven, and
Every test and trial on the way worth that trip to the promised land.

God and His big rig getting us there, it powerful, equipped with the divine,
But that decision to take up this soon to close offer being yours and mine.
And hence Christ standing there with the door open and motor running, asking you,
So what will you say, friend, what will you do, and will your loved ones come with you too?

By Lance Landall

20.  When Didn't Will Become Did

Yes, God could’ve walked away, turned His back, changed His mind, wiped His hands of humanity,
For those He’d lovingly created, and in His image, had acted treacherously.
In other words, gone along with Satan rather than their Creator, thus rebelling,
Despite having all that one could ask for within their idyllic Edenic dwelling.

Oh, how blessed they were, but not enough, apparently — well, going by the devil’s lies —
Which, once wrongly embraced, led to Adam and Eve’s tragic yet avoidable demise.
Oh, how their foolishness must have distressed them, but not before they’d tried to hide and blame,
Though acutely aware of their newly discovered glaring nakedness, guilt and shame.

Yes, in one foul swoop they’d betrayed their Master, disobeyed and aided His enemy,
And as a result, death and decay became Earth’s lot — enter fallen humanity.
Oh, what a mess, Paradise lost, man infected with selfishness, Earth soon in turmoil,
Falling leaves, thorns, stubborn and plague-like weeds — and now, by the sweat of his brow, man would toil.

Yes, God could’ve walked away, turned His back, changed His mind, wiped His hands of humanity,
But He didn’t, and instead, offered them a way of escape — wow, talk about mercy!
But though Adam and Eve must have sighed with relief, their loss must have haunted terribly,
And the knowledge that all who followed would suffer too, and more so, Christ on Calvary.

Oh, talk about children blaming their parents, and we upset with Adam and Eve too,
And God with even greater reason than us, and yet, their destruction didn’t pursue.
No, for God bears long, is slow to anger, astoundingly merciful and forgiving,
Hence why the angels so willingly worship and praise Him, and of such wondrous love sing.

And it no wonder, for instead of what He could’ve done, He chose to offer us grace,
The Spirit’s empowering, a crown, a coming wedding banquet and heavenly place.
Though only if we’re truly repentant, desiring to sin no more but do His will,
His coming not providing second chances, and He putting a total stop to ill.

Hence why a time will soon come when Christ will say: “He who is unjust, let him be unjust still;
He who is filthy, let him be filthy still; he who is righteous, let him be righteous still;
He who is holy, let him be holy still” — yes, those who do or don’t uphold His will,
And hence that separation of the goats and sheep, the sound of Christ’s coming trumpet shrill.

Yes, God could’ve walked away, turned His back, changed His mind, wiped His hands of humanity,
But such He didn’t, He graciously opening a window of opportunity.
Well, that window’s about to shut, for sin must end, and from Earth’s evil God walk away,
'Cause what He didn’t do, He soon has to do, mercy and justice each having their day.

And such being when didn’t will become did.

By Lance Landall

The text used in verse seven was Revelation 22:11, NKJV.

21.  That's What Grace Reminds Me Of

God’s grace reminds me of a flower bud, a promise of something wondrous to come,
Repentance soon blossoming into eternity, that new creature we’ve become.
And hence that heavenly honeycomb that within our inner hive others soon find,
The nectar of the Spirit having found its way into our open heart and mind.

The Spirit busy as a bee, going from surrendering flower to flower,
Their radiance reflecting the image of He who’s seen to change and empower.
Yes, the Son shining brightly, those buds having bloomed, their sweet perfume filling the air,
Their petals spread in welcoming gestures, and stating, “God’s love and goodness lives here.”

Yes, a flowerbed bathing in the Light of Life, fed via the nutrients of truth,
And as for a God of love having planted and nurtured them, their appearance proof.
And each flower having its own colour and flair, the stamp of a creator’s hand,
Each one nodding in agreement, awaiting that new Garden of Eden God's planned.

Yes, that’s what grace reminds me of where received with open arms, hence that unfolding,
And as a consequence, the aroma and beauty of Heaven one beholding.
And oh, may it be that many more buds will blossom into a heavenly bloom,
Thus adding to that joyous bouquet soon seen at the marriage of the bride and Groom.

By Lance Landall

22.  An Analogy

Covid reminds me of Satan and how sin’s a pandemic, a killer too,
Or if not killing, it leaving sinners with consequences that they’ll rue.
Hence why we need that vaccination of the Spirit, even quarantining,
That separation from the world, and godly masks (shields) helping with such weaning.

Though moving midst the throng, we not infected by the throng, and daily tested,
The Word of God confronting, and time in prayer and study we having invested.
And sometimes lockdowns necessary, a short sabbatical to regain strength,
All so that our trust and hope in our Covid busting God will last our life’s length.

And this being why we need to mind any misinformation that’ll mislead,
Satan having his bogus and misinformed stooges who incorrectly plead.
Oh, the trouble they cause, even amongst the flock, hence those divisions we see,
Despite God’s mandates (like loving like Him), hence that needed booster, and quickly.

By Lance Landall

23.  Working For The Master

You’ve been created with potential, have been given talents, a job to do,
It called the fullness of the Gospel, saving souls and helping souls — honoured you!
Hence your working for the Master, both the Bread of Life and daily bread at hand,
Thereby ministering to the lost and needy who’re found in every land.

Yes, you’ve been created for action, a living witness, worker unashamed,
Not sitting on it all, but running with it all, fear and anxiety tamed.
Yes, “I  can do all things through Christ who strengthens me,” and that meaning, you, dear friend,
And may God say, “Good and faithful servant,” loyal and busy to the end.

Oh yes, willing, ready and….no, not waiting, except for His leading at any time, and
Confident because of His belief in you, thus not needing anyone to hold your hand.
You catching the sense of urgency, daily need, another David, another Daniel,
And thus onward Christian soldier, 'cause oh, how God’s cause one’s soul should stir and thrill.

By Lance Landall

24.  Imaginary Frauds

You know, old Superman couldn’t fight his way out of a wet paper bag, and
Spiderman would just get stuck in his own sticky web, and also need a hand.
So don’t waste your time, kids, on such imaginary frauds who mock God’s power,
Acting as if almighty themselves, and just like those who built Babel’s tower.

Yes, they’re nothing but cartoon characters who only know how to SLAM! and WACK!
They just as violent as the villains, and a knowledge of the real God lack.
In other words, they’re Satan’s substitutes, and as corny as they come, so hey,
Don’t buy into such silly nonsense, nor idolize some hero made of clay.

By Lance Landall

This poem (penned 14 May 2022) was penned for my Special Poem Cluster,
but I thought that I'd put it here too.

25.  A Very Real Parallel

I was thinking about how Sweden and Finland talked about joining NATO,
And how that made Putin angry — ’cause such unity’s a threat to him — and so
He warning of dire consequences, and indulging in propaganda too,
Along with preventing Russians from hearing the truth, like all dictators do.

And I thought of Satan, and how when people talk of becoming a Christian,
He feels threatened, and gets angry too, ’cause such makes it harder for him to win.
Yes, more Christians is what he doesn’t want, hence his propaganda, and why he
Just like Putin, tries to stop people hearing the truth, and talks scaringly.

Hence all that talk of Hell fire, and how God’s exacting and so on, it all lies,
’Cause it’s not God who’s a monster, but Satan, who one’s failings amplifies.
And hence those war crimes that he commits too, that devastation he leaves behind,
The human cost inestimable, he going all out for each heart and mind.

Yes, this is a war too, one between good and evil, and over you and I,
Satan the attacker, we defending with the power God’s seen to supply.
But only if we have joined the heavenly NATO, which will win in the end,
Christ descending to Earth with a loud shout, and He no enemy but a friend,

Meantime, Satan throwing everything at us (though pointing at God, wrongly),
Not an ounce of goodness or mercy in his heart, hence all those victims we see.
Yes, they strewn all over the place having not joined that heavenly NATO, or
Having walked away from it, and now so exposed, ’cause we’re truly in a war.

Satan may well wound, even kill, but there’s life beyond the grave, and pain will end,
All courtesy of amazing grace, that coming rescue (Christ soon to descend).
We kind of in a steel plant too, but like brave soldiers, we not surrendering,
But faithful to the end; and come God’s war tribunal (judgment), Satan will swing.

Oh yes, you’d better believe it, Satan’s just as angry as Putin, and so
He threatening and scaring us, and using deluded humans too, you know.
And some doing so in God’s name, but Christ not a priest who blesses such, oh no,
’Cause He’s a hater of violence, thus noting all that’s going on below.

No, He’s not shooting reporters, raping and torturing, bombing homes and schools,
But rather, leaving behind a healing balm, hope filled promises, not bloody pools.
He not seeking to take but to give, thus one better off, not worse off, and so
I wouldn’t listen to Satan’s lies, but quickly join that heavenly NATO.

Yes, He’s waiting for your call, you pondering such, perhaps, He sending supplies,
But say “Yes!” and you’ll have the direct intervention you want, willing allies.
Yes, angels, the Holy Spirit, God himself, Heaven’s might, and other Christians,
’Cause in this war, it’s not the attacker but the defender (Jesus) who wins.

Yes, Putin’s folly has forced Sweden and Finland to talk of joining NATO,
And now you, dear friend, needing to consider joining that heavenly NATO.
Sure the battle will be fierce, and you’ll have to carry your cross, and daily,
But success here is everything, ’cause we’re talking about eternity.

The best things in life are worth the effort, and so it is with that life to come,
The loss of Paradise (eternal bliss) sure to leave one feeling more than numb.
Oh yes, it’s worth the meantime cost, whatever Satan throws at us, which he will,
But only for a while, eternal summer replacing that short winter chill.

Every battle has its end, and this one isn’t over yet, sad to say,
But end it will, Christ the victorious one, and why by His side we should stay.
And all why He’s been busy rebuilding already — yes, those mansions above,
Where nothing will destroy again, and where on a pure throne, will always sit Love.

By Lance Landall

"For we are not fighting against flesh-and-blood enemies, but against evil rulers and authorities
of the unseen world, against mighty powers in this dark world, and against evil spirits in the
heavenly places" (Ephesians 6:12, NLT).

This poem was penned on 1 October 2022.

26.  Satan's Busy Annexing Too

Satan’s always been after what belongs to God, and all why it’s clear to me
That he’s been trying to annex Earth from God’s dominion, very wrongfully.
And he, just like Putin, staging a sham vote too, claiming the majority,
Though in his case, having got most humans on his side, force not necessary.

No, he not needing to go door to door soldier-like, but dressed beguilingly,
And very successful he has been, separatists everywhere, sadly.
His promises gladly accepted, his lordship too, but God still trying though,
Hoping He can claim as many as possible back, that the truth they might know.

Meantime, Satan’s upping the anti, thus conscripts coming from all directions,
They helping him with all his snares, and some of them having nasty connections.
And like Putin, Satan regrouping too, and hunting for more artillery,
His missiles continuing to strike deep into residential territory.

But God’s faithful army returning fire, their weaponry His Word and His name,
Many conscripts choosing to surrender, changing sides, newness of life their aim.
They no longer committing war crimes, but pushing back against their old master,
Who a heavenly tribunal will rule against, thus he facing disaster.

Christ winning in the end, that annexing coming to naught, Satan defeated,
His evil, and that of any other Putin type, not to be repeated.
Christ regaining what is His, His sovereign domain having been invaded,
But soon, His foe gone, leaving only the faithful whom Christ lovingly persuaded.

By Lance Landall

27.  Savers Of Others

I thank my Saviour that there’s those who behave like Him (and shouldn’t that be the way with us all?),
They running to the rescue of those who’re being mistreated, thus responding to our Master’s call.
Oh, how they touch one’s heart, as if Christ himself had acted, and in a sense, that is somewhat true,
'Cause those who aid others (more so at their own expense), are those who do what Christ himself would do.

And coming to mind are those who sheltered many from Hitler’s cruel wickedness (as would our Lord),
Doing so at great risk to themselves, and in my mind, thus deserving of that coming reward,
'Cause in such acts is found the love of Christ, He no taker of life, nor violent offender,
But when it comes to the mistreated, oppressed and wrongly accused, their passionate defender.

Those who protect and aid the innocent, and condemn the mistreatment of others (a noble act)
Are imitators of Christ, and like Him, any satanic wickedness seek to counteract,
Which they also do via their witness, their light that exposes darkness, restoring truth, rightful ways,
But never via means that run contrary to the ways of Christ, they knowing that via such means, one strays.

Hence why I thank God that such people still exist, though fewer in number, 'cause most yield to fear,
Concerned about the risk, feeling they'll be sneered at by the majority, their cowardice clear,
'Cause such requires Christ-like courage and selflessness, all why some won’t make it through Heaven’s gates,
'Cause leaving others to suffer at the hands of evil is what our Saviour condemns and hates.

Yes, savers of others, imitating Christ himself, who thought it no loss to die on a cross
In order that we might live; such the same thinking of savers of others, who take up their cross.
And I thank God that they do, midst my praying that we all may have the same courage, the same heart,
'Cause such is not only the way of our Saviour, but the path He’s always desired we chart.

By Lance Landall

This poem was upgraded on 22 October 2022.


28.  Cleaned Up

It’s clear that Satan hates God with a passion, and that hate spilling onto us,
’Cause the last thing he wants to see is any of us becoming like Jesus.
And bearing in mind we were made in God’s image — yes, a special creation,
And why, as he has done with Nature, Satan also seeks our mutilation.

Our bodies once pure, just as God had meant them to be, ’till enter the tattoo,
Satan delighting in such disfiguration, that unsightly black and blue.
Yes, God’s image splattered in graffiti by the one who’s jealous of beauty,
’Cause who’s the ugly one now given that sin has ruined Satan completely.

Oh, how he sought to take things out on God’s creation, enter those thorns and weeds,
And then, the human body, he sowing in humans the same defiant seeds.
They doing to their bodies what offends the Master artist and designer,
’Cause it suggests He needs our help, it but a “How dare you!” that’s far from minor.

Yes, sin having ruined Satan completely, and so too, can it ruin us,
Our heart becoming black, or divided, though nothing twofaced about Jesus.
Those tattoos on Christians showing the hallmark of another master, one who
Also wants our loaned bodies pierced, destroyed by drugs, or whatever else will do.

And although God understands if such was done before becoming a Christian,
He would still like those disfigurements removed, thus saving, where one should begin.
Yes, best forgo that overseas trip, say, the Christian witness everything,
That smirk soon wiped off the devil’s face, from whom all ugly, unhealthy things spring.

Thus the idea being to do what you can, Satan getting no inch of us,
And thus the removal of those tattoos returning us to more like Jesus.
“I’m saved,” you say, but why leave the disgrace of the past there, that old connection,
It all about total loyalty to God here, I not preaching perfection.

Oh yes, God wants to see us cleaned up, and some of that cleaning up we can do,
And surely will do if we truly love Him, just like wrong things we don’t pursue.
After all, though we might cover tattoos up, they’re still there, could somehow be seen,
Adding to the devil’s art gallery, and how others might see where we’ve been.

By Lance Landall

29.  God's No Vladimir Putin

God wants us to love Him as much as He loves us, with love that comes from the heart,
Not forced love, ’cause that’s hardly love at all, and therefore, meaningless, miles apart.
All why He didn’t make us robots, but gave us freedom to choose, ’cause thereby
Our love for Him (if we do love Him) will be genuine, clearly seen to fly.

Well, I was thinking of Putin, his dictatorial rule, and that cruel war,
And how he’s conscripted hundreds of thousands, and they having to yield, though sore.
Most wanting no part in such, but they having to do as they’re told, force at hand,
Hence they hating him, not loving him, ’cause God’s way, Putin doesn’t understand.

Force doesn’t engender love, which God well knows, and why He’s given us free choice,
And borne with humanity as long as He has, hoping all will heed His voice.
He not beating or imprisoning anyone, there no joy in forcing minds,
’Cause forced minds won’t have hearts that love, but rather, hearts that resent, which one soon finds.

No, God doesn’t violate one’s space, nor harms us in any way, but loves us,
Hoping that we’ll love Him, appreciating that huge sacrifice of Jesus.
God’s reputation at stake here, and why He would never act like Putin,
Who’s setting things up for his own destruction, hence any uprising within.

God’s wanting to work with us, and for us, not against us, but with our consent,
Force counterproductive, the way of a tyrant, which people always resent.
All why God’s no Vladimir Putin, but the God of love, who’s wanting our best,
Which only love can provide, not force, and why I would respond to His request.

By Lance Landall

This poem was penned 24 September 2022.

30.  What Colour Is Sin?

Well, “Though your sins be as scarlet…” God says. And so, scarlet it be, seemingly,
And thus a little or big sin (as we see things) just the same colour, clearly.
And so, stealing or murdering both scarlet, and scarlet being what God sees,
Not degrees, and thus we all as crook as each other, having the same disease.

Therefore, we not seeing ourselves as better than others, because we’re not so,
But scarlet too, self-cum-rebellion having caused Christ’s innocent blood to flow.
Thus it not degrees that put Christ on a cross, one spot alone condemning us,
And so, the penalty of death falling on all, enter our Saviour Jesus.

Meantime, having repented, we’re covered by His clean attire (thanks to His grace);
Being changed into His likeness taking time, and currently, we a disgrace.
The problem being self-cum-rebellion, not degrees, and why scarlet all are,
We having a sinful bent, sullied past, and our best being well below par.

Self being the problem, it sin itself, and wrongdoing the result of such,
Many resisting that need to change, thus Satan still having them in his clutch.
No clean white robe covering them, but we not piously pointing a finger,
Because we’re still scarlet underneath, and that won’t cease while on Earth we linger.

It’s great if we’ve repented, accepted Christ as our Lord and Saviour, but hey,
That colour still following us around, even though we’ve chosen to obey.
We simply looking cleaner, and so we should, having chosen the better way,
Stopped that wilful sinning, and Christ at his return blasting that scarlet away.

Yes, sin is sin, and that’s what God sees, SCARLET, not degrees, but SELF, REBELLION,
And just one offence enough to prove such, and the fall of man its origin.
So Someone having had to pay the price for it all, hence that amazing grace,
Only Christ’s clean robe covering, and that final blasting removing, sin’s trace.

So, what colour is sin, that sinning of yours? Yes, scarlet, be it big or small,
And thus you a sinner like everyone else who’s existed since man’s Fall.
That scarlet staining, that scarlet showing, and it all part of your ancestry,
And hence why everyone needs Christ’s cleansing blood that secures eternity.

By Lance Landall

31.  But There's Another Thing

I was dwelling on the funeral of Queen Elizabeth the second, and
All that pageantry, that day long affair, mourners coming from many a land.
Oh, the solemnness, that lying in state, that stretching queue, and I thought, “You know,
Sin caused all that (disobedience, selfishness, rebellion, heeding Satan), oh!”

But there is another thing: Christ’s funeral getting none of that, and in fact,
There really wasn’t a funeral at all, and beforehand, He was attacked!
Oh, the unthinkableness of it, He the King of the Universe, MIGHTY,
The creator of Earth and us, far more worthy than her — yes, true royalty!

And yet, He entering on a donkey, then leaving on a cross — oh, the shame,
Yes, shame on us, humanity, who in great reverence should whisper His name.
There no special tomb for Him, but rather, a borrowed one, and there He laid, oh,
The wrong of it, the ill of it, the hell of it, and hey, it our guilt, you know.

Oh yes, the unthinkableness of it, no days of loving preparation,
But plenty of plotting, then betrayal, that awful sense of separation.
“My God, My God, why have You forsaken Me?!” Christ cried out, but no, it not so,
The Father well pleased with His Son, and hailed in Heaven, but sadly, not below.

By Lance Landall


32.  Just Be Thankful For What You've Got

Now, I don’t mean to sound insensitive, because I do understand and care,
Given that when it comes to hurt, pain and suffering, I too, have had my share.
But what concerns me is that many Christians complain too much, feel hard done by,
When they have so much hope and promise, and a better understanding of “Why?”

We too inward looking, now focussed, despite a new life and world to come, and
Thus seemingly wanting the best of both worlds, everything to go as planned.
And therefore, we not in touch with the reality of our situation,
This world in chaos, the End near — and don’t forget Satan’s brutalisation.

All why we need to keep our eyes on God, making the best of things, and grateful,
Despite missing out on this or that, and thus not giving God a bellyful.
Oh, how ancient Israel drove Him nuts — rescued, greatly blessed, yet still whining,
Which could keep us out of the promised land, and thus not at that banquet dinning.

We having been rescued too — that cross — and yet, we murmuring, questioning “Why?”
Even though having the knowledge we do, and often blessed — oh, how God must sigh.
He compassionate, longsuffering and there for us, yet we still not happy,
All how He’s frustrated so, even angered by Christians too, tragically.

Yes, some Christians suffer terribly due to this or that, and so unfairly,
But most no more than any others born into this world, ’cause that’s life, sadly.
Well, this life, and thus most of us having a fairly good run, some a great life,
Yet still complaining, getting upset because they can’t find a husband or wife.

Well, that’s just one example, yet their single life okay, and their health good too,
And it not mattering given that world beyond our dreams that’ll soon be in view.
Christ coming very soon, but no, we want things now, a spouse, a house and so on,
Rather than losing ourselves in God and others, self not having got up and gone.

No, God doesn’t have a problem with us having these things, but Earth’s not Heaven,
Life random and even cruel, afflicting both non-believers and the Christian.
We thus minding our expectations and desires, and waiting patiently,
Aware of blessings and full of praise, ’cause soon we will enjoy eternity.

Faith and genuineness are tested by what we want and yet don’t get, thus still true,
Or becoming disgruntled, and why some turn their backs, or the wrong course pursue.
Perhaps marrying a non-believer (“No way I’m going to be single!”),
Their faithfulness to God and Scripture holed, thus the winner their will, not God’s will.

Unfairness in life doesn’t excuse or give us the right to act contrary,
Our cross our cross, whatever it be, and thus truth and righteousness there must be.
God hurting over our disappointments as much as we, but that’s life on Earth,
And why we look to our eternal future, Satan not given more cause for mirth.

Like a song goes, “Some are lucky, some are not, just be thankful for what you’ve got,”
Thus enter contentment and acceptance, lest within, our bones begin to rot.
Yes, because the opposite does us no good, gets in the way of moving on,
Being happier — and oh, how soon such wasted days, weeks, months or years are gone.

Yes, it can be tough, but Christ had to tough it out too, all why He understands,
Humanity’s fall having well and truly upset His benevolent plans.
But He helping us via the Holy Spirit, and only a prayer away too,
’Cause we need to gain the victory despite things, remaining faithful and true.

Yes, some are lucky, some are not, but it’s only temporary, soon to end,
And hence why we shouldn’t expect too much from this fallen world, nor things defend.
We getting to have a life all over again, which is reason for joy, friend,
Yes, joy midst the pain, and praise God for that! And why a message of thanks I’d send.

By Lance Landall

33.  There's Only One Real Choice

I think of Christ as being the Tree Of Life, and Satan the forbidden fruit,
We choosing to be branches of the Vine, or like Eve, choosing what seems to suit;
Our eyes being opened too, but to things we shouldn’t see, or do, similarly,
And how we die too — spiritually, that is, or even eternally.

We either walking with Christ in His garden, the Spirit-filled life, truth and way,
Or listening to that same old serpent, and thus how from Christ’s presence we stray.
We having been seduced, lied to, and hence those falling leaves, thorns, weeds, ills and woes
Seen in our lives — yes, that age old curse, that with that same old territory goes.

And there being a variety of apples handed and taken, sadly,
Even though we’ve been warned too, and had the benefit of hindsight, history.
The Tree Of Life — the Vine — providing all we need, grapes in abundance, but we
Exchanging those fruits of the Spirit for the desires of the flesh, sadly.

Satan’s fruit great on the outside, but rotting at the core, soon to make sick,
Unlike that fruit from the Tree Of Life, or Vine, and from which all should choose to pick.
No serpent hiding there, but elsewhere, and why we shouldn’t stray, even admire,
But go for the Designer label, not the counterfeit, made by a liar.

By Lance Landall

34.  Jesus Died For You!

Before you do those things that Christ wouldn’t do, remember that He died for you, and all because of sin,
Which, should you do those things that He wouldn’t do, you’d be adding to, and thereby, even rubbing such in.
And in the process, replaying that sad scene in Eden each time, same serpent getting the best of you,
All why I’d ponder on how it all began, visualize that tree, and in your mind, note that endless queue,

'Cause there you'd be, reaching out for another apple — yes, just like all the others, ignoring Christ’s pain,
And as you walked away from that very same tree, and guilty too, your footsteps leaving a bloody stain.
Yes, you trampling on Christ’s blood as if He’d died for nothing, His angels gasping at your ingratitude,
'Cause you would have shown callous disregard, and in the process, a selfish, rebellious attitude.

Yes, Christ died for you, the King of Kings himself, but tell me, how much has that reached your heart, or just your head,
So let me say again — JESUS DIED FOR YOU! — the sovereign of the universe, and there, much more than bled,
'Cause there He declared His great love for you in no uncertain terms, thereby wanting the whole world to know,
And only too happy to wipe your dirty slate clean, and upon you, His robe of righteousness bestow.

We call such grace,

But non-believers call such madness, and given our wretched condition, it does seem kind of crazy,
But that’s the great God we have, His amazing mercy undeserved,
 and our grasp of such pretty hazy,
'Cause look at how we sin at the drop of a hat, so casually, unthinkingly and willingly,
Christ’s death a million miles away it seems, but despite such, not His love, which He hollered from Calvary.

So before you do those things that Christ wouldn’t do, remember that He died for you, and in agony,
And how in love He shed His blood, told the whole world how much He loves you, and then extended His mercy.
All why I’d ponder on how it all began, and the written words of Christ scan, seeking His will, not yours,
'Cause should you do those things that Christ wouldn’t do, you’d only squeeze His tender wounds, and more agony cause.

By Lance Landall

35.  And Respond I Have

The transforming gospel of Jesus Christ has taught me all about love and grace,
Has pointed me to a man-made cross where the finger prints of sin I can trace.
And there I see a Saviour whose compassion was nothing short of heavenly,
And whose open arms and pierced palms still seek all who wish to live eternally.

And respond I have, because there’s nothing and no one offering more to us,
Indeed hope at all, hence the folly of those who scoff at His return and cuss.
I not amongst them, Christ’s example and proven Word being enough for me,
And that width, breadth and depth that this fallen world’s never seen but for Calvary.

By Lance Landall

36.  About Smiling

There’s a certain point of view that I’ve heard some Christians share,
One that I believe is wrong, and also very unfair.
It asserting that smiles should always grace a Christian’s face,
Which ignores realities concerning the human race.

You see, anyone can smile, and smile many of us do,
Despite living wrongfully, or saying things that aren’t true.
And so, smiles don’t prove a thing, and often a smile can hide
Deceitfulness and cunning, or corruption deep inside.

Sure it’s nice if there’s a smile on every Christian’s face,
But a smile will not always a Christian’s countenance grace.
Nor that of a non-Christian, 'cause there’re times when troubles come,
That can fill a life with pain, leaving one distraught or glum.

No matter how committed any Christian may well be,
Sadness or depression can become their reality.
For many life’s a battle, and thus their smiles may be few,
But their love for Christ and others still very deep and true.

So let’s not burden others by stating a smile should be
Always on someone's face for Earth’s inhabitants to see.
It’s what’s inside that matters, and none of us should forget
We’re all at different stages, and hardly perfect yet.

“Don’t judge books by their cover” applies to Christians also,
'Cause smiles don't always a genuine experience show.
Thus superficial Christians may have a smile on their face
Even though deep within them, true change hasn’t taken place.

Humans look on the outer, whereas God peers deep inside,
'Cause it’s there that truth is found, not in smiles that wrong may hide.
However, I will admit that it’s best if smiles are seen,
But those not always smiling, Christ would not have us demean.

By Lance Landall

This older poem was upgraded on 6 November 2022.


Mixed content.

Includes my articles What Is A Loving Church, and Why The Back Door Swings, which are found near the
bottom of this page.

Regarding worship: What's here is a mere introduction regarding such. For more on church and worship, see my poetry garden number
two, Christian section (The Two Dividers, grey box, and Should I Go Or Should I Stay?,
orange box).

"Holy worship should never be anything but Holy."
The poet, author


37.  The House Of God

Up above are the eyes of Jesus,
And down below are the feet of us.
His sanctuary brimming yet still,
We one in purpose, same in will.

Our mind thus attuned to His great mind,
And our committed heart crossed and signed.
Dress and behaviour likewise aligned,
We growing together, sure in mind.

Our voices hushed or joyously raised,
Our sweet Saviour sought and solely praised.
Our worship deep, sincere, pure and true,
And angels near us, though out of view.

The doors wide open, and all called in,
The wretch, the beggar and the broken.
Yes, God’s house the home of love and truth,
Where hope ascends way beyond the roof.

By Lance Landall

38.  "Well Done, Good And Faithful Servant"

Dear brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ, our Lord, Saviour and pure example:
Let us love each other like God loves us, thus acting selfless and impartial.
We’re all His creation by origin, sorely in need of help and rescue,
Loaded down with burdens, weaknesses and issues, yet such testing must go through.

Hence that need of encouragement, Christ-like affection, intercessory prayer,
And thus ambition, jealously, pride and sad faultfinding having no place here.
It all about reconciliation, working together, forgiveness too,
We not peace keepers but peace makers, nothing hindering the work we’ve to do.

So please, dear brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ, can I hear you say, “Amen!”
That both God and others will view us with favour, have no reason to condemn.
We thus true witnesses, heavenly ambassadors, full of love, thought and care,
Aware of our awesome responsibility, that message of hope we’re to share.

This world’s so broken, and the lives of so many too, who need to see Jesus,
And may it be, dear brothers and sisters, that they will, when they’re looking at us.
They thus drawn by that same beauty of character, all those Christ-like words and deeds,
So that more might be saved, more might be changed; all why we need to scatter good seeds.

And so, where they enter through the doors of any church, and see you and I there,
May it be that they’ll want to come back again, beguiled by that love, thought and care.
Oh yes, that Christ-like example, that godliness, free of what would turn away,
So that, “Well done, good and faithful servant,” we will one day hear Jesus Christ say.

By Lance Landall

39.  If You've A Cold Or The Flu

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, it’s wonderful to meet together in love,
But what is love? Isn’t it showing Christian thought and care, just like God above?
And so, should you have a cold or the flu, please don’t go to church ’till it’s gone, or
If you feel you have to, please don’t go shaking hands, stating why, lest you infect more.

A cold or the flu can take weeks to get over, and even cause time off work,
And all why within that handshake of yours, thoughtlessness, cruelty and shame can lurk.
Such so easily avoidable; lack of thought displeasing to God above,
Who has told us to act kindly, ’cause those germ laden handshakes are hardly love.

All why we need to THINK before we act, lest others go through same misery,
And their misery worse, perhaps, colds and the flu hitting some harder, sadly.
Your body dealing with it better than theirs, and complications could arise,
Serious ones, so please refrain if you’ve a cold or the flu, thus loving and wise.

And also remembering to keep your distance, thus not as close as usual,
Which would surely be standard fare if we truly care, and are rather unwell.
Handshakes not being the only way that things get passed on, but that closeness too,
That sometimes sees an entire fellowship coming down with a cold or the flu.

By Lance Landall

40.  The Healthy Church

The healthy church is a friendly church, one that is loving and caring,
Though not self indulgent; and nor legalistic and overbearing.
It’s very supportive, very affirming, as well as nurturing,
And it utilizes any talents that from converted lives spring.

Its friendliness, concern and loving care is shared with everyone,
'Cause it clearly knows that those of any faith are children of the Son.
In fact, all being God’s creation — yes, even the non-believer,
Who when it comes to our Christian love, should also be a receiver.

And although concerned about each member’s spiritual well-being,
Such is hardly the only thing that it is busy overseeing.
'Cause it’s concerned about every need, anything that may impede,
And hence why it goes seeking, not waiting until it hears someone plead.

It also caters for special needs, and cries from society heeds,
Thus not just caring for its own, but for all, and thereby sowing seeds.
It’s humanitarian and green, all why its stewardship is seen,
'Cause it cares for all of God’s creation, and rights doesn't contravene.

And if a member stops attending because he or she is upset,
The healthy church takes such most seriously, lest it aid and abet.
And so, regardless of who's at fault, and without apportioning blame,
It seeks out the one who is upset, and lest all be engulfed by shame.

Yes, it quickly kicks into gear, thus seeking to heal and restore,
Well knowing that a healthy church should never have a swinging back door.
And so, it attempts to right any wrong, surrounds with its safety net,
And where the fault isn't its own, it is quick to forgive and forget.

All why the healthy church has a reconciliation committee,
Where any such grievance is handled lovingly and impartially,
And where thought, wisdom, fairness and sound biblical guidelines are foremost,
And where the best interests of both parties are always uppermost.

And for those who're emotionally challenged, or anxious and afraid,
And including the inarticulate too, some concessions are made.
Such as someone speaking on their behalf, someone standing in their place,
Or simply being there for them, when that committee they have to face.

And the healthy church treating the minority just as thoughtfully,
Thereby considering quality more important than quantity.
And its desire to serve being far greater than its desire to lead,
And why on behalf of any member it is quick to intercede.

Yes, within the healthy church — class, race, cliques and ego — don't play a part,
And nor does nepotism or cronyism any church affairs chart.
No, its leader doesn’t surround himself with "Yes" men, and nor dictates,
But rather, Christ’s humbleness and transparency always emulates.

And therefore, the healthy church encourages healthy, open debate,
And all why those who hold differing views, it doesn't alienate.
And why too, come its affairs, such it invites members to investigate,
'Cause it doesn’t mislead, bear false witness, and nor from truth deviate.

Yes, this church generates security, stability and respect
Via loving discipline, order and balance that's designed to protect.
And hey, also via its responsible and inclusive leadership,
Rightful worship and sound teaching that seeks to guide, instruct and equip.

And it cares for God’s premises — His house, the building — where Christians meet,
That being, their worship centre that they take pride in and not ill-treat.
'Cause thereby, they show their love for God, thus protecting and respecting
This outward Christian symbol where they come to meet with their Lord and King.

Yes, this building that has been set apart is cleaned, repaired and showcased,
Though modestly so, and its inner sanctum is never ever debased.
'Cause there, respect for Holy things is tangibly, practically learned,
The healthy church having a healthy outlook where the sacred’s concerned.

And also where its health is concerned, and that being, one's own body,
'Cause our body's considered somewhat like God’s sanctuary too, you see.
And therefore, the healthy church looks after its very own body as well,
Lest it disappoint its Maker, and lest any member become ill.

And because body and mind are linked, it also guards the mind too,
Vetting whatever it allows in, thus letting the Spirit renew.
Oh yes, it shuns anything that may harm either the body or mind,
Well knowing that whatever harms such, the old devil's always behind.

Yes, the healthy church is one that's very actively committed to
The eternal good and well-being of all, member, Gentile or Jew.
'Cause it’s like a beacon on a hill, a mouthpiece for its Architect,
It’s visibleness, audibleness, appealing to heart and intellect.

Oh yes, the healthy church has a mission, hence why it’s extroverted,
Thus informing not just its own, but also those who're unconverted.
Hence why its own backyard is tidy, conveying no contradiction,
And all why, via its living connection, it speaks with such conviction.

And all why it loves open-heartedly, its good deeds legendary,
It following God faithfully, obeying and working willingly.
Thus it marked by its unity, its witness bearing testimony,
'Cause its focus is heavenly, and its sound practice in harmony.

No, the healthy church is not an organization, but a people,
Who gather together as one, and under an appointed steeple.
Sure it's an organized body, but it's not an organization,
Thus looking to Christ, not man, to grace and not works, for one's salvation.

The healthy church not seeking the States support, but trusting in its Lord,
It well knowing that any religion that turns to the State is flawed.
The healthy church running its own affairs, thus not courting the State,
'Cause such would make it most unwell, and effectively would seal its fate.

Yes, the healthy church has Jesus as its head, and never any man,
'Cause putting a man at the head is folly, and such never God’s plan.
And therefore, the only kingdom that the healthy church puts its trust in
Is Christ’s coming kingdom, a Divine kingdom, one that is free of sin.

So no, the healthy church doesn't turn to some Egypt or Babylon,
And any man (or any men), and human plans, does not lean upon.
No, it’s not a political animal, and nor an activist,
And thus it does not legislate, police, push, pull, dictate or insist.

Although it's a light and a voice, it knows its place, and won’t cross the line,
Lest it become intoxicated, self besotted, and thus decline.
No, the healthy church is very healthy because it remains apart,
Thereby only letting the Master Physician its healthiness chart.

By Lance Landall

This older poem was upgraded on 15 October 2022.

41.  Centres Of Influence

Every church should have a centre of influence, a connected building,
From which all the benefits of the more abundant Christian lifestyle can spring.
God’s Word not just about love and truth, but mental and physical revelation,
The merits of wise and healthy living, enter practical education.

And thus each church reaching out, and thus drawing in, healing both mind and body,
Whilst also bearing in mind the needs of those locked in hardship or poverty.
And thus each church taking a holistic approach, one mixed with love, thought and care,
A full revelation of Christ, who the burdens of others, said we should help bear.

But the church itself, completely separate, its sanctuary undefiled,
Not marred by worldly intrusions; nor to the desires of the flesh, wrongly styled.
But exuding reverence, respect, rightful practice, policy, example,
It not a crossover venue, nor some social club, but the house of God still,

A spiritual hub.

And thus the distinction between the holy and unholy clear, plain to see;
It not in the church, but on the church premises, where such a centre should be.
And thus no sliding doors, but an architectural separation, whereby
Neither man nor Satan, a marriage made on Earth and not in Heaven, may try.

Once everyone knew what a church looked like, a clear symbol throughout each land,
Until such fell out of favour, revealing a foolish contemporary hand.
One that’s blurred distinctions at a time when they’re needed more, the Church in crisis,
Turning to the world for help, when it should have more sense, and thus truly witness.

By Lance Landall 

42.  Made For God's Pleasure

We were made for God’s pleasure, just like we make things for our pleasure, and therefore,
All we say and do should be pleasing to Him; and how we open Heaven’s door.
Self, rebellion, sin having disappointed God, like something that we made too
That didn’t please us like we’d hoped, and why we possibly turned to something new.

And so, when we do what doesn’t please God, we ignore our purpose, God’s pleasure,
And why the things of Heaven and not the things of this world we’re taught to treasure.
God not pleased with what jiggers or interferes with our godly operating,
And why only with what tugs God’s heartstrings we’re meant to be co-operating.

And come worship it’s the same, not about what we’d like, but what God wants to see,
Or hear, and why nothing of self should corrupt any earthly sanctuary.
That “I” or “Me” where ill begins, we not to be usurpers of God’s glory,
Neither in or out of church, lest we repeat that sad Edenic story.

By Lance Landall

43.  Banter

When it’s difficult to pray in the house of God due to all the chattering,
And more so after a week when mentally one’s taken quite a battering,
There’s something wrong, it no longer a house of prayer, an oasis from the world,
But a noisy, irreverent interruption, hushed respect for God not upheld.

Oh, how sad it is, when same restlessness that’s in the world, invades the church too,
That sacred sanctuary where deep reflections should be coming from each pew.
The Holy Spirit impressing, not entertaining, nor interested in
Inappropriate or ill-placed banter coming from the casual Christian.

By Lance Landall

44.  When We Meet With God

When we meet with God to worship, it’s both a joyous and solemn occasion,
’Cause we’re honouring the God of love, truth, righteousness and gentle persuasion.
An almighty God, one deserving of glory, yet tender, caring and kind,
And thus in our awe and grateful devotion, thoughts of self and Earth left behind.

God no mere pal, but the great I Am, ruler of the universe, king of kings,
And why with deep recognition, the devotee gladly kneels to pray or sings.
Our words and actions marked by reverence, we coming boldly before His throne,
Though never brashly, never rashly, but with careful steps and somewhat hushed tone.

By Lance Landall

45.  All Things His Way And For Him

If angels prostrate themselves before God, who are we to act differently,
Thus responding casually, irreverently and disrespectfully.
And so, come personal devotion or church attendance, how is it with us,
Do we appreciate the holiness, righteousness and majesty of JESUS?

Yes, that awesome power of His, He who reigns on high — oh yes, GOD ALMIGHTY,
Ruler of the universes, those other worlds — EVERYTHING — you and me.
Oh, how worthy of glory He is, even His name to be used with great care,
He not belonging to our fallen world, but rather, that of a higher sphere.

And so, come anything to do with Him, we should tread with the greatest of care,
Lest we foolishly insult and offend Him, as if any Christian would dare!
His things not to be defiled, shared with the devil, mixed with the unholy,
And thus out goes the worldly, the self-serving, and any liberality.

Yes, we having a healthy fear, our God not some kid on the block, common Joe,
But the great I AM, whose great coming, His power to save or destroy will show.
He a jealous God, His things to be set apart, hence His boundary lines, which
Show whose side we’re on, or how committed, salvation not a ride we can hitch.

No, we’re to be the driver of the car, powered by the Holy Spirit, who
Directs, aids and changes the willing who the narrow way and Christ’s will pursue.
Thus no divided loyalties, no drinking from different cups, it God alone,
All things His way and for Him, both us and the Church of which He’s the cornerstone.

By Lance Landall

46.  That Place Of Worship

I love to worship in a Church, Lord, a place that shouts of Christianity,
Yes, such always reminding of You, an oasis within society.
And with You being a jealous God, such seems to make a lot of sense to me,
Yes, something that’s set apart, something so different architecturally.

And therefore, I not reminded of secular, worldly things, but of You, Lord,
Hence that different atmosphere that strikes a particular heavenly cord.
Yes, an unchangeable place, like You, Lord, it the same yesterday and today,
A place that’s respected by all and sundry, one where self doesn't get its way.

By Lance Landall

47.  Something's Amiss

Yes, something's amiss,

 When love is commonly talked about but not so seldom seen,
When purses are healthy but the offering bag's rather lean,
When quantity is viewed as more important than quality,
And when God's truths are sacrificed for the sake of unity.

 Something’s amiss,

 When the noises inside the church sound the same as those outside,
When one’s cries have gone unheard and the backdoor is open wide,
When preaching delivers what is liked rather than what’s needed,
And when biblical instruction’s ignored rather than heeded.

 Something’s amiss,

 When one’s music and the world’s are difficult to tell apart,
When one’s walk has more to do with one's head rather than one's heart,
When what is on TV is pursued more than what's in God’s Word,
And when one is busily repeating what one's overheard.

 Something’s amiss,

 When our salt has lost its saltiness and our light’s a mere glow,
When material interests divided loyalties show,
When behaviour in worship is more laidback and less refined,
And when beat that stirs the body hinders what should stir the mind.

 Something’s amiss,

 When personal rights and desires figure more than the Lord’s,
When one seldom says an “Amen” but more frequently applauds,
When amplification robs each worshipper of meditation,
And when the peripheral encroaches on revelation.

 Something’s amiss,

 When the preaching seeks to satisfy rather than sanctify,
When rather than saying “Yes,” one is more inclined to ask “Why?”
When discipline is seen as a violation of one’s rights,
And when something amusing, and not the Word of God, excites.

 Something’s amiss,

 When one’s Bible looks like a novel and reads as commonly,
When lower necklines and higher hemlines displace modesty,
When the preaching simply lulls and strokes rather than warns and spurs,
And when both a Holy and unholy mixture God’s will blurs.

 Something’s amiss,

 When one’s bottom is used far more regularly than one’s knees,
When it’s others or self, rather than God, that one seeks to please,
When it’s thought that God’s grace covers sin and not just the sinner,
And when the membership isn't growing but getting thinner.

Something’s amiss...

 When dressing up for church is less common than is dressing down,
When instead of a preacher there is an actor or a clown,
When instead of joy and peace there is a discontented frown,
And when the loud voice of the majority attempts to drown.

 Something’s amiss,

 When there is a pandering to the younger generation,
When instead of compassion and mercy there’s condemnation,
When there is a harsh debate rather than a conversation,
And when there appears little taste for reconciliation.

 Something’s amiss,

 When any who speak out are maligned rather than encouraged,
When compromise is common and talking straight is discouraged,
When it’s the “end justifies the means” rather than trust and prayer,
And when visiting and outreach are a spasmodic affair.

 Something’s amiss,

 When sin has been left unchecked, and not called by its rightful name,
When it’s heresy rather than truth that the leaders proclaim,
When both silence and inaction let injustices arise,
And when man’s word, and not God’s Word, any seek to emphasize.

 Yes, something’s amiss alright!

 By Lance Landall

This older poem was upgraded on 15 October 2022.

48.  Those A-Bob-Each-Way Churches

The Bible knows nothing of a church that caters for both conservatives and
Liberals — and I meaning, those separate services that each week are planned.
God never spoke of such, never endorsed such, but just the one path, the one way,
He not a God of confusion, but clear direction — yes, black and white, not grey.

And nor does the Spirit lead some this way and some that way, but to the truth, and
We either walking in it or not — there no smorgasbord, we must understand.
No, God doesn’t accept any worship, but only what He has declared right,
It to be reverent and respectful, not worldly, nor designed to excite.

Yes, it’s more about attitude than latitude, God not all over the place,
And thus choosing to worship in some form that suits us isn’t to be the case.
Our desires to be fully surrendered to His, and His universal,
For everyone, because He’s the author of order and harmony still.

So leave what you want, and what you think, at the door of His Church, it His, not yours,
Too many Christians taking to the living water with their own desired oars.
The living water not Babylon’s wine of confusion, but “Thus says the Lord,”
Accepted by the honest seeker, who at the foot of the cross, and truth, is moored.

By Lance Landall

"Therefore let us be grateful for receiving a kingdom that cannot be shaken, and thus let us
offer to God acceptable worship, with reverence and awe" (Heb 12:28, ESV).

49.  Fictional Yet Factual

Slamming the door shut behind him, Satan charged into the room,
His manner icy as usual, and oozing doom and gloom.
He strutted back and forth in front of his villainous mates
Ranting and raving. “I’ve had enough. Such infuriates!”

Evil had taken its toll, and hatred burned in his eyes;
He was under pressure, had End-time plans to finalize.
He thrust his shoulders back, locked his arms, and scowled as he spoke,
Relishing unveiling another evil master-stroke.

“I am so angry,” he roared, “I want an all-out assault,
I don’t want God getting more glory, it’s me they should exalt.
I’ve had it up to here,” he said, hand brushing past his chin,
“So I’ve got a plan, and here’s the low-down; this’ll make you grin.

I want my things, my ways, installed in their churches, okay?
And as soon as possible — in other words, yesterday.
Yes, I want those churches rocking — literally, that is,
But also to a beat that’s wholly mine, not wholly His.

Start off nice and easy, a little here, a little there;
That’s right, lads, kind of subtle like — otherwise, you may scare.
Introduce things slowly, gently, and then up the anti
As soon as there’s acceptance, a ruling majority.

Take away that reverence that their Saviour wants to see,
Replace it with babble and laughter more appealing to me.
Make churches entertaining, elevate feelings, not minds,
Till you’ve blurred beyond recognition God’s demarcation lines.”

Amidst his verbal tirade he paused momentarily,
And with loathing in his eyes glanced from town to city.
“Look!” he bellowed, pointing his accusing finger madly,
“Wherever you cast your eyes, Christian churches you can see.

They’re a constant reminder to the whole community,
They stand out like a sore thumb, I want them gone, rapidly.
Get folk worshipping in halls, warehouses, any odd place,
But not in churches, they’re too symbolic, a slap in my face.

And you will help bring this about via the former; that is,
By introducing my things, my ways, thereby displacing His.
In time they will treat a church just like any other place,
Which, as you can see, devoted comrades, will help my case.

It’s good Christians are dressing down for church, such pleases me,
For it conveys that they’re hardly meeting with royalty.
I like that,” he continued sneeringly, “It aids my plans,
Such casualness, disrespect, plays right into my hands.

I don’t want Christianity taken seriously,
Nor the One that they worship, for I alone am worthy.
Yes, He kicked me out of Heaven, robbing me of glory,
So I’ve a score to settle, big time, End-time, end of story.”

And with that, he turned on his heels, charging back out the door,
Anger still blazing in his eyes, teeth clenched, cemented jaw.
Yet he could still be heard venting his spleen down a corridor
Leading to a court and a Judge who he’ll soon stand before.

By Lance Landall

50.  Those Ultraconservatives And Liberals

I’ve no problem with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, am honoured to bear His name,
But as a Christian, and regarding wrong done in His name, here I do feel shame.
Aside from those who hide behind the Church with wrong intent — yes, the fake Christian,
There’s the ultraconservatives and liberals who harm the Church from within.

The FORMER often cold and acting thoughtlessly, offensively and harshly,
Caught up on doom and gloom, End-times and judgment, do and don’ts, discouragingly.
The LATTER hard to tell apart from the world, their worship an effrontery,
God’s Word and Church diluted and whittled from within, hence how they stand guilty.

Yes, one exacting, off-putting, in-your-face, and the other wishy-washy,
Warm fuzzy bound, feelings driven, but both defensive, rounding on one quickly.
And yes, both causing divisions and schisms, which God’s Word condemns most strongly,
’Cause it’s supposed to be all about balance, fairness, love, thought and unity.

There’s no place in the Church for self, we going without rather than causing pain,
And minding fanaticism, such not the narrow path but a diverging lane.
Both distorting the Gospel of Jesus Christ, His Church built on love and truth, and
Not about me nor you, but Him, and why guilty or innocent we will stand.

By Lance Landall

The Church and Christians under attack.

51.  Satan's On His Soapbox

With the usual scowl on his face, Satan addressed his comrades angrily.
“Times running out!” he shouted, “Our enemy’s returning soon! Up the anti!
Attack, attack, attack! Don’t let up! Pursue every Christian relentlessly,
But more so those Christians who’re attempting to live righteously and faithfully!”

His comrades nodded approvingly as they listened to his savagery,
Oft applauding when something particularly nasty tickled their fancy.
They were used to his ranting and raving, now occurring far more frequently,
And hardly surprisingly given his outlook apocalyptically.

Satan continued his rant. “Discourage them at every turn, mercilessly,
Keep at them until they give up, and then some, the faithful ones especially!
Ridicule their zeal, and hold them up as examples of fanaticism,
Liberalize, loosen, slacken, destroy any forms of conservatism!”

Such provoked a standing ovation, a new round of applause, hate symphony,
'Cause despite their burgeoning workload, they relished such evil activity.
They dropped to their chairs again, awaiting more of the same, the usual fare.
“And if discouragement won’t work,” Satan continued, “Intimidate, use fear!”

He now leaned forward to emphasize his poisonous ranting. “Work from within.
Create schisms, infighting, have them at each other’s throats, erode discipline!
Turn their sanctuaries into a bedlam of noise — yes, have churches rocking,
De-emphasize reverence, delude, confuse, ’till they’re accepting the shocking!”

Another standing ovation, unbridled admiration, roars of delight,
Satan’s vile biddings wetting their already adulterated appetite.
“Introduce corrupt theology, dilute their doctrines, distort and subvert,
And any material or focus on living righteously, subtly pervert!

Encourage petty squabbles, provoke discontent, resentment and jealousy,
See that pride and ambition get in the way of their witness and ministry!
Malign those who point out sin, accuse them of judging, have folk just talk of love,
And ensure that their worship becomes focused on what’s below and not above!”

More hearty head nodding, piercing whistles and foot stomping echoed round the walls.
“Yea, see that nothing but chaos and misdirection the Christian Church befalls!
Have Christians pursuing the worldly until it’s too hard to tell them apart,
Tempt and ensnare them until their lives and the Church we have sacked, ripped out its heart!”

The devil paused. His eyes took on a sharper glint and his lips curled in a sneer.
“Go for the leaders!” he roared, “Most parishioners are like sheep, easy to steer!
Some even idolize their leaders, treat them God-like, which makes them vulnerable;
In other words, easy pickings for us, indirectly manipulable!”

Laughter broke out, and even Satan managed a grin, “Yea, dupe the leaders!” he said,
“ 'Cause that’s one of the best ways that parishioners can be incorrectly fed!
Once they swallow error, they will defend it, and soon the doors will open wide,
The Church and the Christian’s walk then laced with a cunningly blended cyanide!”

Laughter broke out again and Satan stepped up a gear. “Really hound the faithful!”
The listening legions roared with a resounding “Yes!” their bloodlust palpable.
“Yea, continually hassle them, dog their steps, send trouble and woes their way,
And see that they’re despised among other Christians who less commitment display!”

Yes, that’s Satan on his soapbox, one that we all should take more seriously,
Relying on our Saviour’s armour and promises, shunning complacency.
Though God’s greater than Satan, and on our side and sure to win the victory,
Only those who’re committed and who faithfully endure, receive eternity.

Allow me to digress:

When attending school, there was a girl that some classmates picked on, mercilessly.
Why? 'Cause she was quiet, gentle and sweet, wouldn’t do anything wrong, seemingly.
Despite being bullied so, she still didn’t hit back, but kept her dignity,
Until one day she finally broke, burst into tears, responded angrily.

Well, Satan’s a bully too, who loves to pick on those who’re living righteously.
Why? Because just like that girl, they exemplify everything he hates, you see.
They reflect the One he loathes (all that Satan’s not), which he doesn’t want to see,
'Cause committed, faithful and righteous Christians are a better testimony.

Yes, just like those cruel classmates, it’s his intention to break them, have them lose heart,
'Cause he hopes that by doing so, their commitment to Christ will soon fall apart.
He desires they sink to his level, which makes him feel better, dance with glee,
'Cause Satan doesn’t want them receiving what he won’t receive, eternity.

Yes, Satan’s on his soapbox stirring his troops, with the faithful foremost in mind,
Hence why what he is up to, and what he is all about, I've sought to remind.
Our salvation’s no minor matter, 'cause grace covers sinners, not sin, you see,
Hence why only those who’re truly committed and faithful, receive eternity.

By Lance Landall

This older poem was upgraded on 5 November 2022.

Thought and fairness.

52.  Grace Or Majority?

“The majority rules,” we oft hear said, but should it always,
'Cause so oft from what’s right, or what's good, the majority strays.
All why in a Christian setting I’d rather see grace at work,
'Cause amidst a majority unfairness can often lurk.

Sometimes, and more than sometimes, it’s the minority that’s right,
And the majority that’s wrong, in the dark, and not the light.
And therefore, we should take more care, lest democratically we err,
And thereby, discontent and opposition rapidly stir.

So let’s get beyond majority rule, step outside the box,
And emulate our Lord, who often, conventional thought rocks.
Yes, His ways aren’t always our ways, hence some stories that we read,
That are found in the Bible, and that are quite telling indeed.

Perhaps you will remember them, 'cause I will mention three here,
That away from conventional thought or wisdom seem to steer.
One might say, “They’re all about people,” when no, they’re more about grace,
As with us, 'cause though we didn’t deserve it, who took our place?

The following people weren’t deserving either, we could say,
Yet via these three stories coming, God has something to convey.
And if we're truly receptive to the Holy Spirit’s role,
We’ll pick up on what God’s saying, and more clearly see the whole.

Okay, here they are:

The first story tells of workers who worked for just one hour, yet

Received a full day’s wages, much more than they thought they would get.
The second tells of a wayward son, who undeservedly
Was very generously given a homecoming party.

The third tells of a beggar, who ahead of someone wealthy,
Made it into Heaven, which may seem unfair to you or me.
And yet, here these three stories are, which says a great deal to me,
'Cause they’re all about grace, not convention, nor majority.

By Lance Landall

This older poem was upgraded on 6 November 2022.


53.  Pharisees And Sadducees

Pharisees and Sadducees were a big problem in Christ’s day,
And so it is with Christians too, if they’re acting the same way.
Pharisees were legalists, and Sadducees were liberals,
Whose attitudes and practices were the cause of many ills.

Pharisees were perfectionists, who salvation by works taught,
And Sadducees were compromisers, relying on human thought.
Thus Pharisees and Sadducees often argued with our Lord,
Didn’t like or trust each other, and were seldom in accord.

Sadly, in the Christian church too, such opposing groups exist,
Who also act un-Christ-like, and similar tactics enlist.
Yes, both having strayed off track, and hence those wrong things that we see,
That plague many churches, thus distorting Christianity.

Danger’s found in the extremes, hence why balance God has called for,
However, balanced Christians, God’s requirements still don’t ignore.
So, just like a tightrope walker, the wise Christian treads with care,
Lest via moving to the left or right, they soon off track career.

God’s path is straight and narrow, and with no side tracks on the way,
But there are tracks that the devil left and right has tried to lay.
Thus the legalist or liberal, one way or another,
Both the Scriptures and God’s will, will distort, destroy, or smother.

God wants us to be balanced so we’ll rightly think, say and do,
'Cause Christians that are balanced are like quality scales that read true.
They display more accurately what God’s trying to convey,
Just like a builder's level helps a straighter foundation lay.

Perhaps within each Christian there lies a little bit of each,
A Pharisee and Sadducee that the Spirit needs to reach.
So, has legalism or liberalism led you off track?
And if so, our Lord is pleading, “Stop, there’s danger, please turn back!”

By Lance Landall

This poem was upgraded on 19 November 2022.


54.  Pull Together

Stay with the ship and pull together, I believe God’s saying,
And with greater urgency such I’m sure He’s conveying.
'Cause Earth’s rushing to its end, greater troubles thus ahead,
So let’s respond, and respond we will, if truly Spirit-led.

We should all pull together for the glory of the Lord,
And each other’s benefit, lest any forfeit their reward.
Wherever we may differ, let’s respond as Christ would do,
'Cause He’s given each free choice to reject or accept what’s true.

Where differing in belief, or where differing in view,
Please do so in a Christ-like way as Spirit-led ones would do.
Wherever you may differ, or hold a different view,
By all means reason together, but don’t get riled or argue.

Christ died for His enemies, not just those who Him revere,
Thus He also treats His dissenters thoughtfully and fair.
When we’re opposed by others, Christ wants us to act the same,
'Cause we are His ambassadors whom we’ll glorify or shame.

There may well be a reason, but there’s never an excuse
For unchristian behaviour, including verbal abuse.
Within every single church disagreements will arise,
It’s simply how they’re dealt with, that’s why wisdom God supplies.

So let’s be grateful for free choice, freedom of expression,
Lest we aid the opposite, subjugation and suppression.
And should it be we’re challenged, let’s dwell on that precious fact,
'Cause those who appreciate it, the right to differ will strongly back.

So let’s all pull together and tolerant always be
In areas where we differ, 'cause we’ll not be difference free.
Let’s focus our attention upon the bigger picture,
And strive for Christ-like unity, as admonished via Scripture.

By Lance Landall

However, never unity at the expense of truth!

“So in Christ we who are many form one body, and each member belongs to all the others”
(Rom 12:5, NIV).
“So then we pursue the things which make for peace and the building up of one another”
(Rom 14:19, NASB).

“Not forsaking [neglecting] the assembling of ourselves together [for the purpose of worship], as is the manner of some [those who neglect to do so], but exhorting [encouraging] one another, and so much the more [as a result of trouble, difficulty, persecution] as you see the Day [the Second Coming] approaching” (Heb 10:25, NKJV).

What Is A Loving Church?

1)  One that exudes warmth and friendship to all, which can be felt upon entering and experienced by outward expression.
2)  One that consists of people deeply committed to helping, caring and loving, with special attention being given to those who've certain struggles, be that physical or emotional, and carried out unconditionally without placing limits, bearing in mind that there will be those who will always need constant support because of the nature of their problem or problems.
3)  One that is committed to creating a supportive, nurturing and affirming environment, one that takes into account any special needs, and provides mentoring.
4)  One that encourages open and unrestricted discussion and the exercising of different opinions in a controlled, safe setting, with help given and allowances made for those who have difficulty in expressing themselves, or who lack confidence.
5)  One that makes financial provision for poorer members and is attuned to any need -- seeking rather than waiting.
6)  One that safeguards the individual dignity of each member, and makes every attempt to keep problems between members out of the secular setting wherever possible.
7)  One that provides a fair, non-intimidating, uncomplicated, unbiased and quick avenue for complaint, along with an advocate for those unable to express themselves well, unable to cope with the stress of appearing before a committee, or who genuinely for any other reason cannot appear.
8)  One that always fosters a spirit of reconciliation and love.
9)  One that generates security, stability and respect via loving discipline, appropriate rules, order, balance, responsible, transparent and worthy leadership, soundness in doctrine, and rightful worship of God.
10)  One that takes a pride in its surroundings and personal appearance.
11)  One where the minority is treated as well as the majority, where Christian love, concern and unity comes before majority vote, where the desire to serve is greater than the desire to lead, where quality is considered more important than quantity, and where the ground rules don’t keep changing.
12)  One where class, favouritism, race, selectiveness or cliques play no part.
13)  One that is actively committed to the eternal well-being of those within and without, which would include contact where ever possible and as often as possible with ex-members.
14)  One that does not mislead members, or misrepresent God by false witness, and is true to its calling.

Why might people say a church is not loving? Let's take a look at such a statement:

1) Is there a big difference between the amount of help and caring going on and the amount of help and caring that should and could be going on?
2) Is there a big difference between the help someone is given and the amount of help they need? The fact that certain members do help or show caring to others does not in itself indicate that a church is a loving and caring membership. It only indicates the amount occurring, or points to certain ones.
3) Was the correct help given and when it was needed most?
4) Was the help as they needed or as was decided? Two people can have the same problem, yet each may need a different approach and/or method. One may need help for a while, but for another it may be on going.
5) Were strings attached, unwarranted advice given, poor judgment exercised, dignity offended?
6) Was a complaint that was held by someone not dealt with correctly, not given fair attention?
7) Did the church members or leadership respond with inappropriate Christian behaviour when challenged by those who felt biblically justified in doing so, or when certain individuals, acting in accordance with their conscience, made an unpopular stand.

To deny that a church is not loving or caring just helps to prevent it becoming loving or caring.
Does the amount of ex-members tell us something about its condition?
Isn’t there a greater responsibility on the stronger and more capable members to help and approach the shy, lonely, hurting or struggling members, rather than expecting them to do the seeking?
Obviously then, when people say a church is not a loving church, it must be seen in the context they are meaning. Helping them define their statement prevents misunderstanding, helps to prevent their present feelings becoming unnecessarily compounded and you somewhat responsible. Their comment may will be fair in its context.

Why The Back Door Swings

Though feeling a burden for the young, I can't help feeling at times that there is a disproportionate focus on young folk, hence my putting pen to paper, so to speak, in an effort to provide a little food for thought, and in an effort to also provide some balance, given that so many churches have been bending over backwards in order to get young folk back into the church, given that so many have opted out of church.
Young folk aren't the only ones who can struggle spiritually, nor are they the only ones who're spiritually new to the scene, or spiritually wet behind the ears, given that many folk don't find Christ until well advanced in years, or aren't born again until well advanced in years, and hence why their children are often not well grounded in the spiritual and usually very worldly like their parents, undoubtedly.
However, in order to get young folk back into the church, or to prevent them from leaving, many churches have lost the plot biblically, compromised terribly, and as a consequence, have become nothing more than entertainment centres and social clubs, with a biblically forbidden holy and unholy mix, all froth and little substance.
Not only do I believe that churches have got things terribly wrong in this regard, but that they have failed to see what is really causing that drift out the back door.
Thus I'd like to mention three reasons why I believe young folk (indeed older folk) are leaving their church:
1)  A lack of unconditional love.
2)  A lack of security.
3)  A lack of inclusiveness.
Ask yourself how many churches (church members) really radiate Christ-like love? And who isn't quick to spot such? All of us! How many young folk, (indeed anyone), are going to be attracted to a church that doesn't radiate Christ-like love, warmth, care, and acceptance?
How many young folk are going to want to remain where they are not encouraged to take part and be a part? I'm not talking about them taking over the church, as such would hardly be wise. After all, there needs to be very wise and experienced heads piloting each ship, but young folk must play an integral part.
And lastly, why would young folk wish to remain where the church is always shifting the goal posts, questioning or disputing much in God's Word, and where there's no clear boundaries, no clear instruction, no church discipline, no clear doctrinal beliefs, but rather, where one is just encouraged to accept Christ as their personal Saviour, and that's about it?
And let's not forget the hypocrisy, scraping, and ladder climbing that goes on. Oh, and that nasty grapevine. Hardly a turn on. Unfortunately, many folk don't have a sound enough walk to rise above such, nor to deal with such, more so if new to the faith, or very young.
Let me put it another way in order to make it clearer what I'm getting at.
What young person feels safe and wants to remain in a family home where there is blatant hypocrisy, constant scraping, selfishness, and where they're not loved unconditionally, where there are no clear boundaries, where there's little discipline, no clear direction, no real connection, and no solid or sound foundation?
And therein lies the problem, I believe. Forget the drum-kits, the rock guitars, the drama, the cafe churches, and so on. Not only does this latter lot shift things further away from the Word, the apostolic model, and blurs the church's witness, but such also has young folk feeling that there's little difference between the world and the church, and as a consequence, heading back to where the razzle dazzle is even brighter, given that the world knows even better how to entertain. Who wants so-called Christian jazz or rock when they can have the real thing?
Surely all this compromised pandering to the young (or whoever) shows a lack of faith in the power of the Word, the ability of the Spirit, and declares our spiritual bankruptness. Isn't ancient Israel's foolish behaviour enough of an example for us, with their embracing of worldly (pagan) ways, their holy and unholy mix, their turning away from truth? And what about the Golden Calf? Now there's a classic case of people pleasing for you. How many more examples do we need?
We must also remember that despite the best laid plans, despite doing all the right things, the world (or sin) will always get the better of most, for such has always been the way. Look at how many entered the ark in Noah's day? Likewise, it always has been, and will be, a minority heading through church doors, and it'll be a minority heading through Heaven's gates come Christ's soon return.  Hence why it's quality we need to focus on, not numbers.
God has never been impressed with the lukewarm brigade, those who're people pleasers, those who have a foot in both camps, nor those who don't like rocking the boat. And errant leaders figure even higher on His wrath list, given their sway and godly duty.
In summary:
If you don't want to see young folk leaving the church:
a)  Love them unconditionally.  Make them feel wanted, and that they've much to contribute. Include them. Relate to them. Show you care. Be there!
b)  Give them clear boundaries. Tell them from Scripture what they should and shouldn't be doing, and loud and clear.
c)  Exercise loving discipline in the same way as a parent should wisely rebuke and chastise their child. Remember, it's all about how one goes about it, never about discarding such. Any parent who fails to do so soon loses their child's respect and ensures a rebellious path that brings shame and pain upon all.
d)  Don't dismantle nor manipulate God's Word in order to please. God is the God of truth, and His Word makes it clear that His truths are to be upheld at all times. A church without clear doctrines and standards is a rudderless ship, a social club, nothing more than a bunch of happy clappy members on the same wide path as the unsaved.
e)  Don't reduce worship to anything that resembles the opposite to what it's all about, nor create a wrongful and confusing mixture. Heaven invites change, not worldly imitation. When we walk through the doors of a church, or enter into worship, the difference between the heavenly and the worldly should shout. And underneath, deep down inside, perhaps something in all of us senses that, knows that, albeit unconsciously. They say that opposites attract, and no where should there be a stronger difference than between that which is heavenly and that which is worldly. That difference between the two, and that God intended so, is clearly conveyed and apparent in the struggle that many have to leave the world behind. We can't have it both ways.

The following article is well worth pondering on:

Compromised Youth Ministries Now Admit Failure.

Sugarcoated, MTV-style youth ministry is over, Time magazine reported. The current trend that is packing teens in pews Bible based worship.
Youth ministers have tried to engage teens in the church with a message wrapped in pop-culture packaging to initially attract the young crowd. The approach has successfully drawn a large number of youth to the pews. But it has failed to keep them there.
Research groups have tracked a dropping percentage of young adults still participating in church activities or attending church at all since their teenage years. A Barna survey showed 61 percent of people in the 20-29 age group had participated in church activities as teens but are now disengaged...
The sugarcoated Christianity that was popular in the past few decades was found to be causing growing numbers of kids to turn away from youth-fellowship activities and the Christian faith altogether, according to Time...
One surprising finding that Fuller Seminary's Center for Youth and Family Ministry revealed in an ongoing study was that teens attend youth group because they like their youth pastor and to learn about God. Those reasons were listed by the majority of the surveyed students. The Barna Group found the top reasons listed among teens for attending church was to "understand better what I believe."
Students also said they wanted to have more time for deep conversation and also desired more accountability in their youth groups. Games or other activities were not a desired priority.
Time reported churches now focusing on Scripture and less on entertainment are actually growing.
Over the past few decades churches by the thousands have caved in to the pressure of the culture. They compromised their values and capitulated to "what the kids want." What they wanted was entertainment, a good time, fun and games, rock music, no work, no demands and certainly no standards. Now they are forced to "fess up" to their failure. The churches went along, and so did the kids (for a while).
Then when the kids headed to college they had no spiritual foundation to sustain them; so church was abandoned to whatever was next on their list of things to do.
Kids need to get a steady diet of Bible teaching and strong preaching with an emphasis on Scripture, salvation, sanctification, separation, standards, soul winning and the surrendered life!
Churches need to let young people be young people (there is time and room for fun and games too), but they are the followers, not the leaders. Let the seasoned adult leaders lead with a scriptural agenda and let the kids follow their example.
Our churches should have great youth ministries that are solidly based. What folks want and what they need are often two different things. You and I need to step up and lead. If we do, I'm confident the young people will come along.
One thing is certain (now certified by this research): the entertainment, give 'em-what-they-want youth ministries are woefully deficient, tragic failures.

I'm unsure of the source of this latter article, and author, but I think it may have originated from Christian Witness Ministries (who were drawing from Time magazine,, and Sword of the Lord). Penned 2006?