All Things Good And Right



The following poems are a special grouping of certain CHRISTIAN poems of mine, which may or may not be found elsewhere on my website.

"Let my heart be broken by the things that break the heart of God."
Bob Pierce

1.  May This Give Heart And Hope

Perhaps you’ve committed the most evil of crimes, or sunk as low as it gets,
And possibly feel you’re beyond saving, despite feeling guilt, having regrets.
Well, let me tell you something, and that is, there’s a merciful God who loves you,
Yes, who loves you still, and always no matter what, and who’s wanting to rescue.

All you have to do, dear fallen one, is call on that life changing name, Jesus,
He quick to forgive and cover with His grace, having died for wretches like us.
Not for saints, but sin-sick humanity, so undeserving of His mercy,
Yet granted it anyway on repentance, ’cause that’s what He’s about, you see.

A love that you’ve no doubt not experienced before, but one that’s real and true,
You like a long lost son or daughter, and Christ searching everywhere for you.
Yes, every pig pen checked, prison, brothel or other — you name it, and more,
And the reason He’s delayed His coming is, love’s reluctant to close the door.

You see, there’s millions like you still out there, and every one of you cared for,
The baptised not considered above you, and God not keeping some kind of score.
It all about grace, and there being no greater way for Christ to show His love,
Hence those nail wounds, His dying so you could live, should you heed His call from above.

And I would, there being no other love, hope or promise like it, believe me,
A mercy some might call scandalous given its staggering generosity.
Yes, so underserved, not one of us worthy of it, yet offered it freely,
Earth no comparison to that joyous Paradise attached to eternity.

Christ never had to do this, you know, so this should tell you how much you’re loved so,
And all the more if your fall is greater, and your appearance more like His foe.
The devil the cause of it all, he wanting your end to be as sure as his,
And hence those beguiling inducements that in time always lose their pop and fizz.

And so, Christ always searching, happy to meet you where you are, and take it slow,
He not one to push and pull, scare the heck out of you, but give you time to grow.
He wanting to reveal His care, the why of Calvary, and that being you,
And grace being Him, it all about His love, and responding’s all we’ve to do.

And on that journey, God doesn’t rub our noses in it, our past or wrongs, that is,
He knowing that our state of development is but light years away from His.
And therefore, He bearing long, it little by little, and even cry by cry,
Satan not wanting to let go, and why to self and lusts we must daily die.

Though none of this in our strength, but God’s strength, ’cause here, it’s still about Him, you see,
He providing, we surrendering, and changes coming inexplicably —
Well, seemingly, it not our doing, but a transformation that’s heavenly,
The God of grace still doing it all — oh, such scandalous generosity.

So, dear fallen one, don’t concern yourself unduly, it all a prayer away,
And Christ responding to your personal locator beacon without delay.
And then, not leaving you high and dry, but supporting you each step of the way,
It all about Him, remember, a loving Shepherd who’s searching for each stray.

By Lance Landall

2.  Take My Hand

Christ says, “Come, take My hand, and we’ll walk together, you and I, and I’ll lead you through both thunder
and squalls,
Yes, you and I together, come all of life’s weather, 'cause I'll never forsake you despite what befalls.
And on that journey to the heavenly Canaan above, and through valleys where shadows darken the way,
You can share your thoughts and feelings, and we’ll reason together, concrete or heather, be it night or day.

Under My wings you can safely abide, and there find comfort and joy, 'cause you’re the apple of My eye,
And why behind pearly gates and walls of jasper, I’m preparing a mansion for you to occupy.
And one day soon we will stroll the great street of gold together, just like we did come concrete or heather,
But midst a pleasing temperature that won't alter, 'cause there in Paradise, there’s no moody weather.

So trust Me, 'cause no one cares for you like Me, such engraved and verified by My death on Calvary,
Hence My robe of righteousness, 'cause without such, you'd never have a hope of securing eternity.
Oh, how I long for that day when we'll truly be together and you, free of all that troubles and pains,
'Cause where I dwell is the heartbeat of love, and why there, there's peace and harmony midst heavenly refrains.

Oh yes, how I long for that day, but meantime, let’s walk together, 'cause My way's sure, and I, trustworthy,
And as we share together, come man-made concrete or divinely made heather, deeper things you will see.
And midst My everlasting love, I’ll provide you with strength and reassurance (all My promises true),
'Cause you’re My child who I made in My own image, and why I say, come, take My hand, because I love you.”

By Lance Landall

3.  Christ Did It Because We Can't

There’s nothing we can do to contribute to our salvation, nothing at all,
Got that? NOTHING! Our only deliverance being when on Jesus we call.
So continue with your good deeds, and continue walking obediently,
But don’t ever think that such contributes in any way, ’cause that’s heresy.

The only thing that saves is GRACE! — Christ’s robe of righteousness — ’cause it’s all been DONE!
And therefore, friend, our hope and salvation found entirely in the Father’s Son;
He who lived an obedient life, He who never sinned, He who died for us,
He who bears the evidence on His hands and feet, He who bears the name Jesus.

So yes, help and care for your fellow man, and walk in harmony with God’s will,
But never in order to secure your salvation, somehow help with the bill,
Because you can’t and it won’t, so don’t, obedience playing no part at all,
It simply the response of a genuine and grateful heart, and so says Paul.

Oh yes, how Paul delighted in God’s Law, though never that he might boast, oh no,
But because of his love for his Lord and Saviour, and thus that the way to go.
Yes, Paul full of love for his brethren too, zealous regarding good works, but hey,
Never in order to be saved, because we’re clearly told there’s only one way.

And that way is, via God’s grace, lest stronger Christians crow, and weaker ones miss out,
And because our works will always fall short, and perfection not what it’s about,
But loyalty, hanging in there, sticking with Christ through thick and thin, to the end,
We only to happy to fall in line with the wishes of our new found Friend.

And what bride isn’t eager, willing and waiting to please, her heart full of love,
She happily fulfilling her husband’s wishes — and we, those of God’s above,
No, not perfectly, but willingly, holy intention at the fore, and why
A clear change is seen, the Spirit empowering, that Christ we may glorify.

And where there’s not that surrender, rebellion’s still seen, a love that’s hardly true,
A two timer, it could be said — someone whose thinking and actions are askew,
’Cause Christians should know that God hates sin, that He knows best, and very jealous is,
A righteous Bridegroom awaiting His faithful and Christ-like bride — oh to be His!


Lets make sure we’re there for the wedding, clothed in grace, love for His law in our heart,
We having determined that from His arms, Word, will and ways, we’ll never depart.
And though our steps be faulty, our assurance in Him and all that He has done,
Knowing that salvation’s found in no other but He who the victory won.

By Lance Landall

4.  My God

Oh God above, how great You are, hence why I in awe survey Your wondrous and amazing creation,
I also knowing You’re more powerful than the combined might of each armed-to-the-teeth earthly nation.
Oh yes, how great You are, homage belonging to You alone, and why I willingly praise and serve You,
'Cause though You have such awesome power — Almighty God — Your love is even greater still, and boundless too.

Yes, You’re the God of Calvary, the one who gained the victory, the great “I Am” who still lives today,
'Cause though they hung You on a cross and left You there to die, You fled the grave, and thus had the final say.
And hence why my heart sings, 'cause You, Lord — the God of Abraham — conquered death and now rightly sit enthroned above,
And there, midst ruling the universe in splendour, continue to display that same gracious, saving love.

Oh, why would I not heed Your call, 'cause I serve a risen Saviour, one who lives within my very heart,
And why I long for that day when You’ll come in great glory, and if I’m faithful, eternity impart.
And why out of love for others — a love that You first showed me, Lord — I loudly and passionately sing:
“Jesus is coming again. Worship Him who made the heavens and the Earth, and from whom all good things spring.”

Yes, how great You are, Lord, a good friend indeed, who fills my soul with joy, and why “Hallelujah!” I cry,
And why all to Thee I surrender, and seek You in prayer, 'cause only You, Lord, can truly satisfy.
Yes, a God whose giving knows no ending, a God whose wisdom’s unsurpassed, and whose love is deep and true,
And hence why all that fills my soul is Jesus — yes, You, Lord — my Maker and King, to whom all glory’s due.

By Lance Landall

5.  The True And Living One

I know a God who makes Superman, Spiderman or Wonder Woman look like wimps, any others too,
And they being, all those fictional storybook heroes who good ends via bad means constantly pursue.
Yes, they relying on brawn, fists and weaponry, thereby leaving viewers with the same mentality,
Who also pursue good ends via bad means, fight fire with fire, thereby acting as hypocritically.

Well, this God I've mentioned won't pursue good ends via bad means, and He hates violence, which I’m thankful for,
'Cause I don’t want a gun toting, trigger-happy Saviour who reaches for His holster ready to draw.
Nor a God who clenches His teeth and fists, and then socks or flattens some equally violent villain,
But rather, One who uses His head and heart, and never deals with sin and sinners via committing sin.

Yes, this God I've mentioned is loving, and bears long, appealing to the head and heart, force not His style,
He just, merciful, and not wanting any to perish, His behaviour mature, and not infantile.
No back alley brawling for Him, nor wanton hooliganism-cum-smashing this or that on the way,
Such but the staple diet of so many viewers and readers whose flawed heroes bad examples display.

So many love James Bond when he’s the epitome of fallen man, so often in and out of bed,
Or indulging in the "good life" midst the violence, havoc and destruction his admirers are fed.
He no role model, but just another fool with that typical fight fire with fire mentality,
Which, at the end of the day, keeps spinning that same old carousel which perpetuates such lunacy.

Hence why I’m thankful for my hero, a God who though non-violent, is called the Almighty One,
'Cause He can do far better than any earthly hero, and this, without the aid of fists or a gun.
All He need do is speak, or clap His hands, and He can achieve any seeming impossibility,
And all this without violating any code of decency, thereby retaining His dignity.

Now there’s a fitting hero for you, no shameful bedroom shenanigans for Him, or any other vice,
Nor some sensually designed penthouse, but rather, a holy kingdom-cum-undefiled paradise,
And where there's no need for heroes, more so those Batman and Robin types, such the concoctions of men,
Who persist in creating heroes as fallen as they, be such via movies or same deluded pen.

Hence why God’s my only hero, 'cause I won’t idolise some fallen human, nor swallow make-believe,
Knowing that such is just the creation of a lying devil, who via such, has set out to deceive.
And most successfully, 'cause everywhere on Earth those flawed heroes are idolised, though pure fantasy,
Unlike the true and living One, who Satan, via such fallen heroes, has deprived of so much glory.

By Lance Landall

This poem was upgraded 14 March 2020.

6.  God Doesn't Snooze

Unlike humans who oft need to be pried out of bed come wakey wakey time, God never misses a thing,
He always up and about twenty four seven, not worried should some alarm clock go ring-a-ling-a-ling.
Yes, He never loudly snoring, but rather, watchfully on deck, His caring eyes scanning humanity,
And midst such, every single person noticed, 'cause He has plans for us that’ll stretch throughout eternity.

Oh, how He concerns Himself over you and I, angels at His beck and call, they hard at work for our sake,
And believe me, they don’t linger in bed either, nor take ages getting dressed, they keen, sharp-cum-wide awake,
'Cause the life of each individual is very precious in God’s sight, and why rooms are being built above,
Such awaiting the arrival of the faithful; He being a God who even more so wants to share His love.

Yes, no snoozing for Him, no staying in bed until the morning’s almost gone (one grumpy and half asleep),
'Cause He knows our old adversary doesn’t just roar, but around us, very cunningly is seen to creep,
And that given we’re often stumbling and fumbling our way around, and thus far from bright-eyed and bushy tailed,
We’re likely to fall prey to Satan, or get ourselves in a tangle, and oh, how oft midst some prayer we’ve wailed.

And God to the rescue, angles flitting back and forth, they keeping Satan at bay, or showing us the way,
'Cause far too oft we loose sight of how precious time is, and of how we should spend time with God early each day.
Yes, we not snoozing in bed, nor our head buried under a pillow, but rather, it buried in God’s Word,
Lest the stealthy pitter-patter of evil footsteps, or the sound of the Spirit’s quiet promptings not be heard.

By Lance Landall


7.  A Mega Grace, Mega Love, And Mega God

Grace, precious grace, often lost sight of in a tit-for-tat, revengeful world, where
Fewer are merciful and forgiving, or long with others are seen to bear.
Yes, it’s a very sad situation, a very messy situation,
Where grace seldom figures, but more some seething, grudge holding accusation.

And so, the story of Calvary where grace shone in bright lights, gathering dust,
And thus in many lives that key to eternal joy just reddening with rust.
And yet, if anyone had a right to brood, seek revenge, not forgive, it was He,
That innocent, loving Saviour nailed to a cross midst howling brutality.

Oh, what mega grace He showed, and given His majesty and authority,
His ability to wipe us off the map, this sad, fallen humanity.
We really having little comprehension of it, thus Calvary a must,
That we might see mercy in its fullness, leave hard feelings behind in the dust.

Yes, too many nurse their wounds, but not Christ, hence why we sing of “amazing grace,”
His forgiving arms extended to all, and no condemnation on His face.
All how it should be with us, we reflecting Him, showing same mercy and grace,
And bearing in mind that if it hadn’t been for Him, there’d be no human race.

I mean, think about it, that puniness of many grievances when compared,
Not that we should ever cling to any, but hey, the hopelessness we’re been spared.
We clearly undeserving, more worthy of the maximum, the death penalty,
Yet spared to live, and for eternity — wow, that’s what I call awesome mercy.

Oh yes, grace, precious grace, love abounding, the story of stories, “Hail Jesus,”
The One who’s deserving of glory and honour, the One who died to save us.
A grace like no other, an astonishing grace, and personal sacrifice,
Christ himself putting His life on the line — oh, what a terrible, shocking price.

But rise He did, oh happy day, and so, “I once was lost, but now I’m found,” and
Have Him to thank, and indeed I do, ’cause righteous before His Father I stand.
Not because of anything on my part, but that gracious robe that covers me,
A divine one, one truly woven with sacrifice and generosity.

Mega grace!

Ours can’t compete with that, but grace and mercy we should extend, and from the heart,
’Cause those who don’t, or grudgingly, will soon hear that terrifying word “Depart.”
Thus that love that Christ showed, we must, flawed as it be compared to the heavenly,
We aware of our own failings, and how to us, God’s acted so graciously.

Oh yes, grace, precious grace, but here, a mega grace, it the grace of God above,
Who, despite everything thrown at Him, kept His dignity, showed great love.
A love (that like His grace), outshines any shown on Earth, except when He was here,
Yes, mega grace, mega love, ’cause He’s a mega God, which the Heaven’s declare.

And as I said, a God who doesn’t hold grudges like fallen humanity,
Because such only poison the bearer, thus acting like a double whammy.
All why grudges, and not forgiving, aren’t the way of Christ, whose followers we are,
And why our sights shouldn’t be on wrongs, but on the coming of the Brightest Star.

By Lance Landall

Poor health.

8.  Just Rest In His Love

Dear child of God, suffering under the depression of ill health, don't forget that your Saviour deeply cares,
That He feels every pang of anguish that His loved ones feel, hears every cry they utter midst their tears.
Oh, how Christ sympathises having suffered Himself, His love still as deep as that shown on Calvary,
Hence why He’ll never leave or forsake you, 'cause He who died for you, also watches over you faithfully.

So please don’t fret, but just rest in His love, even if clinging to a grain of mustard seed, for that will do,
'Cause just as a loving father holds his child in his arms, so will Christ hold you when you’re weak and anxious too.
He knows you love Him and oh, how even deeper He loves you, a friend you can trust, one who always proves true,
A God who cares for each wee sparrow, a God who knows your plight — yes, a God who will always be there for you.

So just rest in His outstretched arms, 'cause that’s all He expects you to do, aware of your weakness, misery,
And if you’re faithful, trusting in His loving care and promises, He'll soon reward you with eternity.
And then, along with others so blessed, you’ll praise Him with a voice of triumph, ever remain in His care,
Daily enjoying His presence, free from burdens that once plagued, courtesy of love and mercy true and clear.

But meantime, midst those shadows that mar your life, don't forget that your loving Saviour is always very near,
That nothing escapes His attention, nor escapes His tender compassion, each moment, day, week, month and year,
'Cause He’s the God of love, a God who cares so much that He gave His life for you, and that with Him you’ll soon be,
Free from that which chokes joy and happiness, free from the depression of ill health, alias infirmity.

By Lance Landall

This poem was upgraded 18 February 2020.


9.  A Marriage Made In Heaven

Greatly blessed are the man and woman in a truly God centred marriage, where
That same selfless, sacrificial love is seen that reflects God’s love, thought and care.
And greatly blessed are any children they have, who benefit from all that too,
And even more so where their own marriage has that same selfless, heavenly hue.

And this all what God intended when instituting marriage, that sacred bond,
Where nothing of a thoughtless nature was meant to cause a ripple in that pond.
Both husband and wife committed to the will of God, He captaining their ship
(Bristling with protective biblical principles, its wheel tightly in His grip).

Yes, God knowing the joy and happiness that His way brings, that heavenly key,
And access to a never-to-be-shared-with-anyone-else intimacy.
Marriage a sanctuary, a safe haven for both them and godly offspring,
Each vow having been witnessed by God from whom all things bright and beautiful spring.

And bright and beautiful are those marriages where God is in each couple’s heart,
Their hope and faith in Him, who, where given permission, creates a work of art.
A tapestry vibrant with divinely woven threads, Christ the head of that home,
Angels guarding the entrance of their citadel with its selfless, bespoke dome.

Husbands to love and cherish, wives to support and praise, neither bottom nor top,
But both being equal in worth and being, behind that duster, broom or mop.
God first, spouse second, and then any children, nothing allowed to come between,
In order that happily ever after may be that whole marital scene.

And should some lot afflict, no matter, hence “In sickness and in health,” love supreme,
That marriage built on a Rock and promise more secure than some romantic dream.
Such security not found in real-estate, nor riches, but a love that’s true,
There in both the good and bad times, like that love of God, to whom all glory’s due.

Yes, “For richer or poorer,” but richer each marriage is where God’s found there,
Hence that width and depth, that appropriate someone else to turn to come some tear.
Christ a confidante that all can trust, the great restorer, doctor who can heal,
The key of the morning and lock of the night where each couple is seen to kneel.

“How can two walk together lest they be agreed?” God’s Word questions, given that
United we stand, divided we fall, hence why unity is where it’s at.
Both husband and wife walking the same path, thus sharing the same beliefs and goal,
Neither working against the other in any way, God fully in control.

Oh, how it all rings true, self and folly why so many marriages soon fail,
God knowing what’s best, but we getting to choose, and hence that sad or happy tale.
But happy is what all desire, and God too, who looks at our eternal good,
And that of our offspring as well, and why doing things His way, is what I would.

That deep closeness between partners should resemble our closeness with Jesus, who
Not only yearns for such, but loves us even greater, all why what He went through.
Thus that union reflecting the love of God and beauty of Heaven, for all to see,
A marriage made in Heaven, signed and sealed on Earth, and giving God the glory.

By Lance Landall

Church and beyond.

10.  Marys And Marthas

The Church needs both Marys and Marthas, ’cause both have their place in the scheme of things,
Mary’s worship of Christ and Martha’s thoughtfulness for Christ, from which balance springs.
And this being how God wants it, both those aspects coming together in us,
We taking care of widows (for example), whilst kneeling at the feet of Jesus.

The heavenly was always Christ’s top priority, and it should be ours too
(As it was with Mary), but Christ needed to eat as well, as us humans do.
Yes, both spheres needing attention, and Martha needing to learn this, clearly,
But Marys can err as well, neglecting those earthly needs of humanity.

So, sometimes, and for a season, and as Christ calls, we might become either one,
A Mary a Martha, a Martha a Mary, so that nothing’s left undone.
And that season even a moment in a day, we at the feet of Jesus,
Or in the kitchen of our neighbour’s need, that there too, Christ will be seen in us.

And all why Marys and Marthas need to learn to live in peace in the same house,
Appreciating each others ministry, Christ not staying where there’s some stoush.
No, He wanting to feel comfortable there, like in that home in Bethany,
Which, via those women, ministered to both divinity and humanity.

And thus each church spiritually passionate and socially active too,
Worshipping divinity whilst also serving humanity, as all should do.
We donning our Mary cap or our Martha cap, though it’s best both be as one,
Wedded to our daily rounds and worship, thus fully representing the son.

By Lance Landall

This poem and the following one were Inspired by the book Chasing God Serving Man by Tommy Tenney.

Church and beyond.

11.  Our Own Aromatic Oil

Oh, how I would’ve loved to have done what Mary did, but hosting Christ as well,
Yes, worshipping at His feet whilst giving Him food and a bed, which LOVE would spell.
And thus I a Mary and Martha rolled into one, the smell of both acts strong,
That passionate worship and thoughtful consideration lingering long.

But lets not forget Christ's children, we seeking the lost and responding to needs,
That more might see the Light, have the same hope, that more might be fed, and why Christ pleads.
Yes, because Christ wants us to be Mary and Marthas in our community,
Thus uplifting others by uplifting Him, and whilst also acting kindly.

And thus the smell of both acts stretching beyond the cross, we at Christ’s feet also,
As well as in the kitchen of humanity, so that the same thought might show.
Yes, Christ enjoying His stay in our home, glad that His children are cared for too,
And shown the way via our worshipful example — His call, their cries, our cue.

Each one of us an alabaster box with our own aromatic oil, and
Having been broken by the Spirit, now humble and selfless, just as Christ planned
(Though only with our approval), and thus we praising and serving, lingering long,
The perfume of our willing devotion and human compassion ever strong.

Oh, how I would’ve loved to have done what Mary did, but hosting Christ as well,
Yes, worshipping at His feet whilst giving Him food and a bed, which LOVE would spell,
And still can! We at His feet like Mary, in the kitchen like Martha, and thus
Learning and growing, loving and ministering, becoming more like Jesus.

By Lance Landall

12.  God And His Big Rig

It was a large and long truck with an equally large and long trailer as well,
And would I drive it for him, he asked, though lacking the experience and skill.
The need being urgent, and his arm broken, but he’d be in the cab with me,
Guiding, directing and encouraging as we travelled on that long journey.

I’d driven trucks, but not a truck and trailer, nor as large and long, scaringly,
But did it I did, come hill, tight gorge, or whatever else loomed threateningly.
It some experience, I learning and growing, and well aware of him there,
’Cause without him I wouldn’t have made it, and thus how the blessing we’d both share.

Well, such reminds me of one’s Christian walk, that journey onwards to eternity,
Christ guiding, directing, encouraging too, as we lean on His ability.
It really Him in the drivers seat, our faith and trust in Him, and via His grace
We getting there, despite any hill, tight gorge, or whatever else we might face.

Those trials and tribulations not an issue with Christ in the cab with us,
We simply steering, braking and shifting gear as we’re empowered by Jesus.
That truck and trailer of life collecting a few scrapes and dents along the way,
But we soon getting there, and that’s the main thing, and hence why we trust and obey.

Yes, Christ knows what’s best, He having been there Himself, a job and journey well done,
All why there’s nothing that we can do but take that gracious offer from the Son.
He there right beside us, shepherding and aiding, hence His empowering too,
That truck and trailer of life bound for glory, the grace of God seeing us through.

Yes, through each day and night, as long as it takes, we pressing on, stopping nowhere,
But for where necessary, one refuelled by the Word and the power of prayer.
We learning and growing at every twist and turn, the Spirit moving us,
We simply looking like we’re in the seat with hands on the wheel, when it’s Jesus.

Oh, the wonder of grace, we submitting, God at the helm and getting us there,
’Cause without Him we wouldn’t make it, and hence why it’s a journey that we share.
Our inability but God’s opportunity, so what will you say, friend?
’Cause once in that truck and trailer of salvation, He’ll be with you to the end.

No, God doesn’t have a broken arm, it’s simply that there’s an offer and choice,
A truck and trailer He’ll help us with if we’d like His company, heed His voice.
Grace getting us there, but that truck and trailer still needing to be driven, and
Every test and trial on the way worth that trip to the promised land.

God and His big rig getting us there, it powerful, equipped with the divine,
But that decision to take up this soon to close offer being yours and mine.
And hence Christ standing there with the door open and motor running, asking you,
So what will you say, friend, what will you do, and will your loved ones come with you too?

By Lance Landall

Inspired by a story I heard.

13.  Homeward Bound

They had come to board a vessel, their tickets tightly held in hand,
For they'd spent twenty years as missionaries in a foreign land.
Feeling very drained and weary, they then boarded the waiting ship,
Struggling with the suitcases that they had often held in their grip.

And upon that ship’s stained wooden deck, they stood waiting to depart,
Both grappling with mixed emotions, and deeply burdened in their heart.
And there, unnoticed and unknown, they stared down at the dock below,
Whereupon a shiny car appeared, midst cheers that began to grow.

A person who was rather famous, judging by the crowd that grew,
Quickly boarded that very same ship, safely ushered by its crew.
And soon he disappeared from sight, deep into the bowels of the ship,
Where throbbing motors signalled that it had begun its homeward trip.

The couple who had been watching such, now turned to face each other,
But emotion deeply felt, the husband could no longer smother.
Thus, a tear trickled down his sad face, and she heard her husband say,
“Twenty years of sacrifice, and not one person cheered us today.”

The rather famous person who had boarded the same home-bound ship
Oft strolled about the upper deck, with drinks held firmly in his grip.
One couldn’t help but notice the special treatment that this man got,
And all the admirers of this man were not difficult to spot.

After a number of weeks at sea, the ship sailed into port,
And just as soon as it had docked, many reporters this man sought.
And midst another growing crowd, and more cheers that soon rent the air,
He slid into a plush limousine that departed who knows where.

Well, soon the couple had embarked, and now homeward made their own way,
Thinking about their humble home where they had often knelt to pray.
And once there, they paid the driver, who had driven them to their door,
Where they made their way inside, dropping their suitcases on the floor.

Exhausted from their journey, they soon slumped into their comfy chairs,
Where once again, she noticed her dear husband’s softly trickling tears.
And taking hold of his hands in hers, she asked midst tears trickling too,
“Does it still upset you, my Love, that not one cheer rang out for you?”

With lowered head he slowly nodded, and then heard his sweet wife say,
“Well, tell God just how you’re feeling, Love, He’s waiting for you to pray.
And I will linger here in this room, and later, when you come back,
You can tell me what He said, while our clothing I quietly unpack.”

Soon her husband had returned from the other room where he had prayed,
And her breast heaved with a sigh, for now a beaming smile was displayed.
“Oh, please tell me what He said, Love, for I know our God truly cares,
And that He always answers without fail, His children’s heartfelt prayers.”

“Well, I told Him how we’re so weary, how we’ve sacrificed for years,
So unnoticed and unknown, and how I had envied all those cheers.
I told Him that I love Him greatly, but had envied all that fuss,
And how secretly I had wished that the receiver had been us.

Then I listened for an answer hoping that something I might hear,
So concerned that my poor behaviour may have turned away His ear.
But kneeling beside the bed feeling very anxious and upset,
I clearly heard a voice say, 'Patience, my son, for you’re not home yet.' ”

By Lance Landall

14.  How I Need Thee

Wrap me in Your arms of love, please keep me safe and secure,
Draw me closer to your heart, and regularly reassure.
Let me bask in Divine warmth, hug me, hold me tighter,
Tell me all about Your love, help faith and hope burn brighter.

Tell me why You love me, Lord, why You died for such as me,
Why You’ve such love for sinners who don’t have such love for Thee.
Tell me all about Heaven, where one day I hope to be,
And help me remain faithful, so that soon, Lord, Thee I’ll see.

Every day I need You, Lord, 'cause I’m weak and full of sin,
Succumbing so easily to that self that lies within.
I know I’ll never make it, unless You, Lord, grasp my hand,
And guide me down that pathway that leads to the Promised Land.

I need Your encouragement, 'cause I falter, slip and fall,
And sometimes I try to walk before You’ve taught me to crawl.
There’re times when I’m discouraged, or my back’s against the wall,
And, sadly, there are times when my confidence seems to stall.

Heaven seems so far away, and sometimes, Lord, You do too,
Midst moments of depression, or those times when skies aren’t blue.
And sometimes I feel frightened by the shadows that are cast
By Satan’s evil angels, or I’m haunted by my past.

I need to know You care, Lord, that You hear my every cry,
That whenever I’m hurting, or am struggling, You’re nearby.
And that despite my failings, there’s abounding love and grace,
Reserving up in Heaven, Lord, a crown, a home, a space.

Yes, I’m longing for that time when free of troubles I’ll be,
When suffering and heartache I’ll no longer feel and see.
But while I’m here on earth, Lord, may I be granted every day,
A little something special that, “I love You,” will convey.

By Lance Landall

15.  That's What Grace Reminds Me Of

God’s grace reminds me of a flower bud, a promise of something wondrous to come,
Repentance soon blossoming into eternity, that new creature we’ve become.
And hence that heavenly honeycomb that within our inner hive others soon find,
The nectar of the Spirit having found its way into our open heart and mind.

The Spirit busy as a bee, going from surrendering flower to flower,
Their radiance reflecting the image of He who’s seen to change and empower.
Yes, the Son shining brightly, those buds having bloomed, their sweet perfume filling the air,
Their petals spread in welcoming gestures, and stating, “God’s love and goodness lives here.”

Yes, a flowerbed bathing in the Light of Life, fed via the nutrients of truth,
And as for a God of love having planted and nurtured them, their appearance proof.
And each flower having its own colour and flair, the stamp of a creator’s hand,
Each one nodding in agreement, awaiting that new Garden of Eden God's planned.

Yes, that’s what grace reminds me of where received with open arms, hence that unfolding,
And as a consequence, the aroma and beauty of Heaven one beholding.
And oh, may it be that many more buds will blossom into a heavenly bloom,
Thus adding to that joyous bouquet soon seen at the marriage of the bride and Groom.

By Lance Landall

16.  Reminders

I know You love me, Lord, Calvary the clearest of evidence, but you know,
Though we know our earthly parents love us, we still like reminders, things that show.
My spouse knows I love her, but a fool I’d be if I didn’t hug her daily,
That she might see that same strong devotion that I pray I’ll always have for Thee.

I know You’ve done so much for me — enough, one might say — but still those hugs please send,
I sometimes losing sight of things, and my three score years and ten nearing its end.
One never too old for loving expressions, which cheer, encourage and remind,
And hence why I’m beseeching Thee, dear Lord, may each day that I’m given be so signed.

By Lance Landall

17.  An Analogy

Covid reminds me of Satan and how sin’s a pandemic, a killer too,
Or if not killing, it leaving sinners with consequences that they’ll rue.
Hence why we need that vaccination of the Spirit, even quarantining,
That separation from the world, and godly masks (shields) helping with such weaning.

Though moving midst the throng, we not infected by the throng, and daily tested,
The Word of God confronting, and time in prayer and study we having invested.
And sometimes lockdowns necessary, a short sabbatical to regain strength,
All so that our trust and hope in our Covid busting God will last our life’s length.

And this being why we need to mind any misinformation that’ll mislead,
Satan having his bogus and misinformed stooges who incorrectly plead.
Oh, the trouble they cause, even amongst the flock, hence those divisions we see,
Despite God’s mandates (like loving like Him), hence that needed booster, and quickly.

By Lance Landall

18.  Working For The Master

You’ve been created with potential, have been given talents, a job to do,
It called the fullness of the Gospel, saving souls and helping souls — honoured you!
Hence your working for the Master, both the Bread of Life and daily bread at hand,
Thereby ministering to the lost and needy who’re found in every land.

Yes, you’ve been created for action, a living witness, worker unashamed,
Not sitting on it all, but running with it all, fear and anxiety tamed.
Yes, “I  can do all things through Christ who strengthens me,” and that meaning, you, dear friend,
And may God say, “Good and faithful servant,” loyal and busy to the end.

Oh yes, willing, ready and….no, not waiting, except for His leading at any time, and
Confident because of His belief in you, thus not needing anyone to hold your hand.
You catching the sense of urgency, daily need, another David, another Daniel,
And thus onward Christian soldier, 'cause oh, how God’s cause one’s soul should stir and thrill.

By Lance Landall

This poem (penned 14 May 2022) was penned for my Special Feature section,
but I thought that I'd put it here too.

19.  A Very Real Parallel

I was thinking about how Sweden and Finland talked about joining NATO,
And how that made Putin angry — ’cause such unity’s a threat to him — and so
He warning of dire consequences, and indulging in propaganda too,
Along with preventing Russians from hearing the truth, like all dictators do.

And I thought of Satan, and how when people talk of becoming a Christian,
He feels threatened, and gets angry too, ’cause such makes it harder for him to win.
Yes, more Christians is what he doesn’t want, hence his propaganda, and why he
Just like Putin, tries to stop people hearing the truth, and talks scaringly.

Hence all that talk of Hell fire, and how God’s exacting and so on, it all lies,
’Cause it’s not God who’s a monster, but Satan, who one’s failings amplifies.
And hence those war crimes that he commits too, that devastation he leaves behind,
The human cost inestimable, he going all out for each heart and mind.

Yes, this is a war too, one between good and evil, and over you and I,
Satan the attacker, we defending with the power God’s seen to supply.
But only if we have joined the heavenly NATO, which will win in the end,
Christ descending to Earth with a loud shout, and He no enemy but a friend,

Meantime, Satan throwing everything at us (though pointing at God, wrongly),
Not an ounce of goodness or mercy in his heart, hence all those victims we see.
Yes, they strewn all over the place having not joined that heavenly NATO, or
Having walked away from it, and now so exposed, ’cause we’re truly in a war.

Satan may well wound, even kill, but there’s life beyond the grave, and pain will end,
All courtesy of amazing grace, that coming rescue (Christ soon to descend).
We kind of in a steel plant too, but like brave soldiers, we not surrendering,
But faithful to the end; and come God’s war tribunal (judgment), Satan will swing.

Oh yes, you’d better believe it, Satan’s just as angry as Putin, and so
He threatening and scaring us, and using deluded humans too, you know.
And some doing so in God’s name, but Christ not a priest who blesses such, oh no,
’Cause He’s a hater of violence, thus noting all that’s going on below.

No, He’s not shooting reporters, raping and torturing, bombing homes and schools,
But rather, leaving behind a healing balm, hope filled promises, not bloody pools.
He not seeking to take but to give, thus one better off, not worse off, and so
I wouldn’t listen to Satan’s lies, but quickly join that heavenly NATO.

Yes, He’s waiting for your call, you pondering such, perhaps, He sending supplies,
But say “Yes!” and you’ll have the direct intervention you want, willing allies.
Yes, angels, the Holy Spirit, God himself, Heaven’s might, and other Christians,
’Cause in this war, it’s not the attacker but the defender (Jesus) who wins.

Yes, Putin’s folly has forced Sweden and Finland to talk of joining NATO,
And now you, dear friend, needing to consider joining that heavenly NATO.
Sure the battle will be fierce, and you’ll have to carry your cross, and daily,
But success here is everything, ’cause we’re talking about eternity.

The best things in life are worth the effort, and so it is with that life to come,
The loss of Paradise (eternal bliss) sure to leave one feeling more than numb.
Oh yes, it’s worth the meantime cost, whatever Satan throws at us, which he will,
But only for a while, eternal summer replacing that short winter chill.

Every battle has its end, and this one isn’t over yet, sad to say,
But end it will, Christ the victorious one, and why by His side we should stay.
And all why He’s been busy rebuilding already — yes, those mansions above,
Where nothing will destroy again, and where on a pure throne, will always sit Love.

By Lance Landall

"For we are not fighting against flesh-and-blood enemies, but against evil rulers and authorities
of the unseen world, against mighty powers in this dark world, and against evil spirits in the
heavenly places" (Ephesians 6:12, NLT).