Another Poetry Bouquet



Once again, these poems are like a starter, as in a restaurant meal (though not to be eaten either, I must add), and are of no particular subject.

1.  May This Give Heart And Hope

Perhaps you’ve committed the most evil of crimes, or sunk as low as it gets,
And possibly feel you’re beyond saving, despite feeling guilt, having regrets.
Well, let me tell you something, and that is, there’s a merciful God who loves you,
Yes, who loves you still, and always no matter what, and who’s wanting to rescue.

All you have to do, dear fallen one, is call on that life changing name, Jesus,
He quick to forgive and cover with His grace, having died for wretches like us.
Not for saints, but sin-sick humanity, so undeserving of His mercy,
Yet granted it anyway on repentance, ’cause that’s what He’s about, you see.

A love that you’ve no doubt not experienced before, but one that’s real and true,
You like a long lost son or daughter, and Christ searching everywhere for you.
Yes, every pig pen checked, prison, brothel or other — you name it, and more,
And the reason He’s delayed His coming is, love’s reluctant to close the door.

You see, there’s millions like you still out there, and every one of you cared for,
The baptised not considered above you, and God not keeping some kind of score.
It all about grace, and there being no greater way for Christ to show His love,
Hence those nail wounds, His dying so you could live, should you heed His call from above.

And I would, there being no other love, hope or promise like it, believe me,
A mercy some might call scandalous given its staggering generosity.
Yes, so underserved, not one of us worthy of it, yet offered it freely,
Earth no comparison to that joyous Paradise attached to eternity.

Christ never had to do this, you know, so this should tell you how much you’re loved so,
And all the more if your fall is greater, and your appearance more like His foe.
The devil the cause of it all, he wanting your end to be as sure as his,
And hence those beguiling inducements that in time always lose their pop and fizz.

And so, Christ always searching, happy to meet you where you are, and take it slow,
He not one to push and pull, scare the heck out of you, but give you time to grow.
He wanting to reveal His care, the why of Calvary, and that being you,
And grace being Him, it all about His love, and responding’s all we’ve to do.

And on that journey, God doesn’t rub our noses in it, our past or wrongs, that is,
He knowing that our state of development is but light years away from His.
And therefore, He bearing long, it little by little, and even cry by cry,
Satan not wanting to let go, and why to self and lusts we must daily die.

Though none of this in our strength, but God’s strength, ’cause here, it’s still about Him, you see,
He providing, we surrendering, and changes coming inexplicably —
Well, seemingly, it not our doing, but a transformation that’s heavenly,
The God of grace still doing it all — oh, such scandalous generosity.

So, dear fallen one, don’t concern yourself unduly, it all a prayer away,
And Christ responding to your personal locator beacon without delay.
And then, not leaving you high and dry, but supporting you each step of the way,
It all about Him, remember, a loving Shepherd who’s searching for each stray.

By Lance Landall

2.  Willingly, Utterly, Dependant On Thee

Day by day, moment by moment, willingly, utterly, dependant on Thee,
That strength and support that You supply, no credit or pride to be found in me.
The glory but yours alone, Lord, oh God of love and grace, my Hope, Rock and Shield,
My very Creator and Redeemer, to whom I unreservedly yield.

Yes, I’m well aware of my need of Thee, fallen, broken and adrift at sea,
Unable to walk on water too, Lord, all why I must keep my eyes on Thee.
So please still those storms that cause anxiety and fear, that peace and calm may reign,
And so that the indwelling power of Your sweet presence, Lord, will be made plain.

By Lance Landall

3.  Christ Did It Because We Can't

There’s nothing we can do to contribute to our salvation, nothing at all,
Got that? NOTHING! Our only deliverance being when on Jesus we call.
So continue with your good deeds, and continue walking obediently,
But don’t ever think that such contributes in any way, ’cause that’s heresy.

The only thing that saves is GRACE! — Christ’s robe of righteousness — ’cause it’s all been DONE!
And therefore, friend, our hope and salvation found entirely in the Father’s Son;
He who lived an obedient life, He who never sinned, He who died for us,
He who bears the evidence on His hands and feet, He who bears the name Jesus.

So yes, help and care for your fellow man, and walk in harmony with God’s will,
But never in order to secure your salvation, somehow help with the bill,
Because you can’t and it won’t, so don’t, obedience playing no part at all,
It simply the response of a genuine and grateful heart, and so says Paul.

Oh yes, how Paul delighted in God’s Law, though never that he might boast, oh no,
But because of his love for his Lord and Saviour, and thus that the way to go.
Yes, Paul full of love for his brethren too, zealous regarding good works, but hey,
Never in order to be saved, because we’re clearly told there’s only one way.

And that way is, via God's grace, lest stronger Christians crow, and weaker ones miss out,
And because our works will always fall short, and perfection not what it’s about,
But loyalty, hanging in there, sticking with Christ through thick and thin, to the end,
We only to happy to fall in line with the wishes of our new found Friend.

And what bride isn’t eager, willing and waiting to please, her heart full of love,
She happily fulfilling her husband’s wishes — and we, those of God’s above,
No, not perfectly, but willingly, holy intention at the fore, and why
A clear change is seen, the Spirit empowering, that Christ we may glorify.

And where there’s not that surrender, rebellion’s still seen, a love that’s hardly true,
A two timer, it could be said, someone whose thinking and actions are askew,
’Cause Christians should know that God hates sin, that He knows best, and very jealous is,
A righteous Bridegroom awaiting His faithful and Christ-like bride — oh to be His!


Lets make sure we’re there for the wedding, clothed in grace, love for His law in our heart,
We having determined that from His arms, Word, will and ways, we’ll never depart.
And though our steps be faulty, our assurance in Him and all that He has done,
Knowing that salvation’s found in no other but He who the victory won.

By Lance Landall

“...and this is not your own doing; it is the gift of God – not a result of works, so that no one may boast”
(Eph 2:8,9, ESV).

“For the grace of God has appeared, bringing salvation for all people, training us to renounce ungodliness
and worldly passions, and to live self-controlled, upright, and Godly lives in the present age”
(Titus 2:11,12, NIV).

"Do we then overthrow the law by this faith? By no means! On the contrary, we uphold the law"
(Rom 3:31, ESV).

“For this is the covenant that I will make with the house of Israel after those days, declares the Lord: I will put My laws into their minds, and write them on their hearts, and I will be their God and they shall be My people”
(Heb 8:10, ESV).

Because of its importance, this poem is repeated in my Christian section.

4.  Where Was Christ In Las Vegas?


I’ll tell you where. At Heaven’s gates ready to return, and pleading, “Can I go?”
And His Father replying, “Soon, Son, soon. When the time is right I’ll let you know.
I know that it’s breaking Your heart, Son, Mine too, and I every bit as angry,
And longing to end the reign of Our adversary, all the insanity.

Remember the thirty odd years You spent on Earth, Son, and how long that seemed too,
But the wait necessary, and so much riding on it, which of course You knew.
And it’s the same here, Son, and that wait just as painful too, and in fact more so,
Evil and suffering greater, and Satan’s plans for Earth having a way to go.”

Yes, that’s where Christ was in Las Vegas, He knowing wounds, death and wicked men too,
His empathy and sympathy etched on His face, wrath soon making its debut.
But meantime the view excruciating, Las Vegas but one of many scenes,
Satan knowing his time’s short, wickedly using any and every means.

And Christ and His Father not alone in Their sadness, ’cause all Heaven weeps too,
Fallen man blighting the universe, Earth still spinning but terribly askew.
“Oh, when will it end?” angels sigh, and they waiting for the Father to say, “Go!”
And “Go!” He will soon say, and that day of reckoning every sniper will know.

Yes, there’ll come a day when evil men will have to face their Judge, and penalty,
Their end sure and terrible, they having thereby forfeited eternity.
And Satan and his cohorts will suffer with them, a fate that they all deserve,
But Paradise, peace and no more suffering for those who Christ have sought to serve.


Satan’s ultimate goal must play out — total control of Earth — that all may see
(Including the universe), that God was right, and He deserving the glory.
Man having chosen badly, something that won’t happen again; it plain to see
That Christ is the way, truth and life, and soon will end Satan’s confederacy.

Where was Christ in Las Vegas? Yes, I’ll tell you. At Heaven’s gates ready to go,
And His Father replying, “Soon, Son, soon. When the time is right I’ll let You know.”
And though now seems right to us, God knows better, and that’s where faith and trust come in,
And meantime too, as far as we go, hope, love and goodwill to all men within.

By Lance Landall

This poem relates to the shooting and killing of at least 58 people at a music festival in Las Vegas, October 2017.

"You, LORD, hear the desire of the afflicted; you encourage them, and you listen to their cry
" (Psa 10:17, NIV).

“ ‘Beloved, never avenge yourselves, but leave it to the wrath of God; for it is written,
"Vengeance is mine, I will repay, says the Lord’ ” (Rom 12:19, RSV).

“ ‘And the King [Christ] will answer and say to them, ‘Assuredly, I say to you, inasmuch as you did it to one of the least of
these my brethren, you did it to me.’ ‘Then He will say to those on the left hand ,‘Depart from me, you cursed, into
the everlasting fire [meaning total annihilation] prepared for the devil and his angels’ ” (Matt 25:40,41, NKJV).

"...And the whole earth was amazed and followed after the beast [End-time global power]; they worshiped the dragon [Satan] because he gave his authority to the beast [it effectively acting on Satan's behalf]; and they worshiped the beast, saying, "Who is like the beast, and who is able to wage war with him [combat it]?" (Rev 13:3,4, NASB).

"Here is a call for the endurance of the saints, those who keep the commandments of God and their faith in Jesus"
(Rev 14:12, ESV).

5.  Jesus Christ, Trailblazer

Into this fallen, vain, selfish, immoral, lawless world of ours, planet Earth,
Came Jesus Christ, trailblazer, but via the miracle of a virgin birth.
He first a babe in a manger, then a man on a cross, One who died to save,
One who changed the world, a merciful, grace gifting Saviour who rose from the grave.


 Jesus Christ, trailblazer, who dramatically changed the course of things, and,
Showed the world a better way, sent us a Helper, pointed to a promised land.
A God, unbelievably, whose noble, humble, selfless life stands in contrast,
A Holy, righteous, faithful God whose love, goodness and benevolence is vast.

Oh, how He cut through the darkness with His light of truth, heavenly example,
Declaring Satan a liar and deceiver, warning of his cunning ill.
Oh, how Jesus made the way clear and hopeful, assuring us of victory,
The latter the outcome of full surrender, that saving cross on Calvary.

And the undeniable evidence beheld in transformed lives, praise His name!
A trailblazer whose path leads to newness of life, freedom from sin and shame.
Yes, Jesus Christ, trailblazer, we lost and yet found, love showing us the way,
We indebted to a twice giving Life Giver, but it a debt we can’t repay,

And this being why He wiped the slate clean via His innocent blood — oh, happy day!

By Lance Landall

6.  That's LOVE

She’d been burnt, was terribly disfigured, not a pretty sight, yet even so,
Her fiancée married her, and when he could’ve married someone else, you know.
Someone nice to look at, not that nightmare he chose to see each day, and that’s LOVE,
True love, real love, far from evolutionary, in tune with a God above.

Yes, such an amazing act hardly of that dog eat dog theory, believe me,
Something far greater and higher motivating, not earthly but heavenly.
No ape metamorphosing into a human able to become this way,
But rather, someone created in the form of Someone, I confidently say.

By Lance Landall

7.  Did God Lose The Plot?

I guess that title got you going, but there is a ring of truth to it, you know,
Christ dying on behalf of repeat offenders who to Heaven should hardly go.
Yes, it all seems kind of crazy, an act that defies belief, mind-boggling mercy,
A love that’s too hard to get one’s head around, it seemingly an insanity.

Well, I mean to say, when one looks at it from a human point of view, it appears mad,
Though on the other hand, the fact that I feel the need to say this, is rather sad,
Because where would we be without such crazy love, and there is something else it says,
But something about us: That we are far from being as forgiving as Jesus.

Man, what an incredible act, He allowing those nails, those sharp thorns on His head
And hey, don’t forget that flogging, and yet, not a word of condemnation was said.
He literally hanging there, He in excruciating pain, and black and blue,
And to think that Jesus did it all for such a pitiful, erring wretch like you,

And oh yes, for an every bit as pitiful, erring, sinful wretch like me.

And that’s surely where God lost the plot, one might say, ’cause He could’ve stopped it, you know,
And He had every right to, because pure and innocent blood was made to flow,
And thus Satan rejoicing in a madness far greater, man guilty as sin,
Though saved by that blood of that sacrificed Lamb where there’s true repentance within.

And yet, we so undeserving having done the devil proud, and though he hates us,
Calvary disappointing him, he hoping that we would all be doomed like Jesus,
Well, if Jesus hadn’t risen that is, thus the victory snatched from Satan, who,
We should have dispensed with long ago, it we who have lost the plot and gone askew.

Well, as crazy as Christ’s act may appear, and given all that He could have lost too,
I’m so glad that He did what He did, and craziness simply this man’s point of view.
Yes, He may have lost the plot, so to speak, but hey, He foiled a plot, praise His name!
A plot that nearly cost us eternity, and yet, how often Jesus we shame.

But surely not anymore though, for let us turn from what brought about Calvary,
We no willing partner in crime, but we responding gratefully to God’s mercy.
Yes, that madness, that craziness, that thought, love and grace that we cannot comprehend,
And that our daily trials, heartbreak, suffering and misery has sought to end.

Oh, worthy is the Lamb!

But you know, and just thinking, we do get an inkling of such thought even down here,
Some losing their lives in order to save another; or a better kidney share,
And thus someone continuing to live who otherwise wouldn’t, and there is love,
Which, as we know, comes from the Father who selflessly sent His dear Son from above.

Yes, despite our fallen state, we still retaining some of that same craziness too,
Though it paling into insignificance compared to what Jesus chose to do.
And such beyond us, because it required a pure, innocent, perfect Lamb, who,
Something so unbelievable that would even have the universe gasp, would do.

And Christ deeming us as worth it even though our righteousness is as filthy rags,
And despite those issues and grievances we carry around in prized little bags.
Oh, the wonder of it all, because if we were in His place, would we act the same?
And I’m sure that the answer is “No,” and hence Calvary’s magnitude and Christ’s fame,

And why once again, it’s praise His name!

By Lance Landall

"For the word of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to us who are being
saved it is the power of God" (1 Cor 1:18, NASB).

8.  Mind Those Affections

God’s Word indicates that Eve was deceived first, so Adam could have refrained, and
God would have no doubt worked something out, but Adam took things into his own hand.
Yes, he joining Eve in sin; being parted from her seeming too much to bear,
And here we all are, and why given all this, there’s something that I wish to share.

Nothing, and I mean NOTHING, should ever come between God and us, and I mean,
That our feelings for someone shouldn’t endanger our future, repeat that scene.
Thus Adam’s lack of trust and strength a warning, nothing costing eternity,
We putting right before wrong, Christ before others — yes, as tough as it may be.

But oh, how those strong feelings for someone oft get in the way, Christ coming last,
So many Christians copying Samson too, rather than learning from the past.
But whether it be a wrongful match, or Christ less loved than someone else, one thing’s clear:
We endanger our walk and salvation, and that same forbidden apple share.

If Satan had his way, he’d ruin and kill us, and that’s why I’m for Jesus,
And you know what? When we do what Satan says to, Satan points the finger at us!
Yes, “I dare you to do this,” he tempts, and when Jesus shows up, we cop the blame,
Not that we’re innocent either, and we have been told there’s power in God’s name.

So please, mind those affections for someone else, indeed anything, lest you fall,
Even missing out on the One who loves you most, sin dulling your Saviour’s call.
That old serpent appearing in many trees, and Adam and Eves many too,
Hence why I would mind those earthly affections lest an Adam or Eve be you.

By Lance Landall

9.  Take My Hand

Christ says, “Come, take My hand, and we’ll walk together, you and I, and I’ll lead you through both thunder and squalls,
Yes, you and I together, come all of life’s weather, 'cause I'll never forsake you despite what befalls.
And on that journey to the heavenly Canaan above, and through valleys where shadows darken the way,
You can share your thoughts and feelings, and we’ll reason together, concrete or heather, be it night or day.

Under My wings you can safely abide, and there find comfort and joy, 'cause you’re the apple of My eye,
And why behind pearly gates and walls of jasper, I’m preparing a mansion for you to occupy.
And one day soon we will stroll the great street of gold together, just like we did come concrete or heather,
But midst a pleasing temperature that won't alter, 'cause there in Paradise, there’s no moody weather.

So trust Me, 'cause no one cares for you like Me, such engraved and verified by My death on Calvary,
Hence My robe of righteousness, 'cause without such, you'd never have a hope of securing eternity.
Oh, how I long for that day when we'll truly be together, and you, free of all that troubles and pains,
'Cause where I dwell is the heartbeat of love, and why there, there's peace and harmony midst heavenly refrains.

Oh yes, how I long for that day, but meantime, let’s walk together, 'cause My way's sure, and I, trustworthy,
And as we share together, come man-made concrete or divinely made heather, deeper things you will see.
And midst My everlasting love, I’ll provide you with strength and reassurance — all My promises true —
For you’re My child who I made in My own image, and why I say, come, take My hand, because I love you.”

By Lance Landall

This poem was upgraded 13 March 2020.

10.  Just Rest In His Love

Dear child of God, suffering under the depression of ill health, don't forget that your Saviour deeply cares,
That He feels every pang of anguish that His loved ones feel, hears every cry they utter midst their tears.
Oh, how Christ sympathises, having suffered Himself, His love still as deep as that shown on Calvary,
Hence why He’ll never leave or forsake you, 'cause He who died for you, also watches over you faithfully.

So please don’t fret, but just rest in His love, even if clinging to a grain of mustard seed, for that will do,
'Cause just as a loving father holds his child in his arms, so will Christ hold you, when you’re weak and anxious too.
He knows you love Him, and oh, how even deeper He loves you, a friend you can trust, one who always proves true,
A God who cares for each wee sparrow, a God who knows your plight — yes, a God who will always be there for you.

So just rest in His outstretched arms, 'cause that’s all He expects you to do, aware of your weakness, misery,
And if you’re faithful, trusting in His loving care and promises, He'll soon reward you with eternity.
And then, along with others so blessed, you’ll praise Him with a voice of triumph, ever remain in His care,
Daily enjoying His presence, free from burdens that once plagued, courtesy of love and mercy true and clear.

But meantime, midst those shadows that mar your life, don't forget that your loving Saviour is always very near,
That nothing escapes His attention, nor escapes His tender compassion, each moment, day, week, month and year,
'Cause He’s the God of love, a God who cares so much that He gave His life for you, and that with Him you’ll soon be,
Free from that which chokes joy and happiness, free from the depression of ill health, alias infirmity.

By Lance Landall

This poem was upgraded 18 February 2020.

11.  RESET

Too many of us fret over wasted years and past mistakes, we bemoaning what could’ve been,
And feeling that we’ve not achieved this or that, or been hard done by — we tired of some old routine.
Or we nursing past wounds that spoil the present and mar the future — and this, all so pointlessly —
Rather than us making the best and most of things, and we, looking forwards to eternity.


The latter being the whole point — reason for joy! — for despite a wasted, messed up or pain filled life,
We’re going to get another one — a brand new one — it free of pain, regret, heartache and strife.
And why it sort of doesn’t matter if we’ve ruined this one, or if others have ruined it for us,
And thus why we should just throw ourselves into helping others and faithfully serving Jesus.

And you know, that’s exactly where true happiness is found, and how we notice our pain far less,
For our thoughts are lost in others, and our focus outward rather than inward, which God can bless;
And the reason why being: Because such opens the door to possibilities and brighter days,
For what goes around comes around, and rather than surly clouds, we basking in heavenly rays.

Yes, there’s no question that our response-cum-attitude to any negative thing makes or breaks,
And that our fretting and stewing just opens that old oven door where more misery soon bakes.
And as I mentioned, all so pointlessly, for this isn’t the only life we’re going to get,
And hence why it’s far better to move on, make the best and most of things, and forgive and forget…

And this, while losing ourselves in others and faithfully serving Christ — who soon, will press RESET.

By Lance Landall

12.  If Christ Were Visiting

If Christ were on Earth today — visiting, that is — I’m sure I would know where to find Him —  well, mainly so,
'Cause I know how much He cares about the future of sinners, and then there's those who’re suffering, you know.
Oh, how such moves Him, and why He’d be busy visiting them, and those within houses of ill repute,
He waiting outside to tell of Calvary, though “Go and sin no more” He'd say, hugging each prostitute.

Yes, there He’d be, waiting outside casinos, pubs, clubs, and even theatres that screen every vice,
He desiring people not just accept Him as their Saviour, but Lord, and offering Paradise.
He not wanting any to perish, His grace offered freely, then back He’d go to visit the needy,
And how His heart would bleed seeing the suffering, and I’m sure He’d look at us kind of enquiringly.

Yes, no limelight for Him, except for His great return, He meantime strolling suburban and city streets,
Stopping to show and convey His love and concern, He smiling at those passing by or sitting on seats,
Be they tramps, ex-convicts, porn stars, or those who look the part, but are knee deep in every kind of sin,
'Cause Christ’s impartial, unbounding love encompasses all, and it being the very best medicine.

And they needing it, be they caught up in sin, trying to overcome sin, or weighed down by affliction,
He offering what nobody else can, providing them with hope, courage, strength, joy, peace and direction.
And while doing so, He cheerily interacting with wee children, every young person that He met,
And on leaving to return to Heaven, His eyes sad, His heart aching, His loving tear stained face still wet.

By Lance Landall

This poem was upgraded 14 March 2020.

13.  Mind Your Fellow Christian

Yes, mind your fellow Christian, for though we’re called to live up to a high standard, (as we should do),
We are indeed fallen humanity, weakened by thousands of years of sin — the end of the queue.
And oh, how we all have our bad days, and more so those who have lost their health and vitality,
And why one longs for Christ’s coming — yes, that glorious resurrection, and immortality.

But meantime, many struggle with afflictions, become unwell and feel unable, even down,
And oh, how Satan loves to put the boot in, and hence why midst some trial, some feel about to drown.
And that’s where we come in, their fellow brothers and sisters, the Spirit working within and through,
For Christ desires that we be His earthly helpers, and that via our love, they will really know Who.

Therefore, and on our journey, we should make allowances, give folk room to manoeuvre and grow,
And while we’re at it, willingly dispense kind words and deeds, heavenly plants Christ wants us to sow.
For so many are in need of healing, answers that only prayer can bring, words of hope and cheer,
And why Christ has called us to minister to others, for in His eyes, all are precious and dear.

So mind your fellow Christian, bearing long with others just like Christ bears long with us — praise His name! —
For how many times do we let Him down? — and not just accidentally; our excuses lame.
Yes, so let’s not sit in judgement, but help rather than condemn, we showing love and empathy,
For we know how we battle ourselves, the sad evidence so apparent, and hence God’s mercy.

By Lance Landall

14.  My God

Oh God above, how great You are, hence why I in awe survey Your wondrous and amazing creation,
I also knowing You’re more powerful than the combined might of each armed-to-the-teeth earthly nation.
Oh yes, how great You are, homage belonging to You alone, and why I willingly praise and serve You,
For though You have such awesome power — Almighty God — Your love is even greater still, and boundless too.

Yes, You’re the God of Calvary, the one who gained the victory, the great “I Am” who still lives today,
For though they hung You on a cross and left You there to die, You fled the grave, and thus had the final say.
And hence why my heart sings, for You, Lord — the God of Abraham — conquered death and now rightly sit enthroned above,
And there, midst ruling the universe in splendour, continue to display that same gracious, saving love.

Oh, why would I not heed Your call? — for I serve a risen Saviour, one who lives within my very heart,
And why I long for that day when You’ll come in great glory, and if I’m faithful, eternity impart.
And why out of love for others — a love that You first showed me, Lord — I loudly and passionately sing:
“Jesus is coming again. Worship Him who made the heavens and the Earth, and from whom all good things spring.”

Yes, how great You are, Lord, a good friend indeed, who fills my soul with joy, and why “Hallelujah!” I cry,
And why all to Thee I surrender, and seek You in prayer, for only You, Lord, can truly satisfy.
Yes, a God whose giving knows no ending, a God whose wisdom’s unsurpassed, and whose love is deep and true,
And hence why all that fills my soul is Jesus — yes, You, Lord — my Maker and King, to whom all glory’s due.

Yes, my God.

By Lance Landall

15.  Rock Solid

It concerns me that some refer to the apostle Peter as the rock on which Jesus built His Church,
Such being a faulty interpretation, 'cause not all is as it seems, and why deeply we should search.
And here I’m referring to God's Word, it oft speaking of Christ being the Rock, and why in Him we trust,
'Cause Christ is not only the Rock — our security — but rock solid, dependable, loving and just.

Christ's not only rock solid, but most assuredly so, and why on Him we build our foundation, He
The same foundation on which the Christian Church is built, and from whom each Christian takes their authority;
And such including tearing down satanic strongholds via the power of prayer, unlocking chains that bind,
Be those strongholds and chains the evil that's ensnared, or, God forbid, that’s found in our own heart and mind.

Hence why my trust is in Christ, 'cause I won’t put my trust in anything that’s not rock solid, like some man,
'Cause other than Satan who rebelled in Heaven, the human equation is where trouble then began.
There’s nothing rock solid about men, as Scripture attests to, hence why three times Peter denied his Lord,
And so many others have let God down too, 'cause we, despite our best, are hopelessly sin-sick and flawed.

Now don’t get me wrong, 'cause it’s amazing what God can do, hence those miraculous changes that we see,
But no matter how Christ-like someone may become, one thing’s clear, perfection's not found in humanity.
And the reason is, 'cause we’re fallen creatures, and hence Christ’s robe of righteousness — oh, amazing grace —
'Cause via such, and in the sight of the Father, we’re viewed as perfect; will become so when we see His face.

If faithful, that is.

Meantime, my trust and hope is in the Rock — Jesus — 'cause He’s rock solid, unchangeable, steadfast and true,
Someone in whom there's no variation, His love boundless and everlasting, His caring constant too.
Yes, He’s the solid rock on which safety is found, no matter how violent the storm or angry the sea,
All why my trust is in Him — is yours? — 'cause anything else is clay, sinking sand — in other words, folly!

By Lance Landall

This poem was upgraded 18 February 2020.

“He [Christ] is the Rock, His work is perfect: for all His ways are judgment: a God of truth and without iniquity, just and right is He” (Deut 32:4; KJV).

“The Lord is my rock and my fortress and my deliverer; My God, My strength, in whom I will trust...” (Ps 18:2, NKJV).

“They [the Israelites] all ate the same spiritual food and drank the same spiritual drink; for they drank from the spiritual rock that accompanied them, and that rock was Christ” (1 Cor 10:2-4, NIV).

“For no other foundation can anyone lay than that which is laid, which is Jesus Christ” (1 Cor 3:11, NKJV).

16.  Faith A Must

Everyone’s wanting security, Lord, but safety is only found in Thee,
Though not as this old world views such, but in ones securing of eternity.
For here, Lord, we will never be free of those sad things that plague humanity,
And thus can only put our trust in Thee, ask for help and wait expectantly.

And yes, we’ll have our woes, and more so when we take up our cross and follow Thee,
For this world knows nothing of Heaven, and thus its ways and desires being anti.
All why the committed Christian is soon offside with its unkind cut and thrust,
And why true peace and happiness is only found in Thee, and thus faith a must.

By Lance Landall

17.  You Know,

Nowhere in His Holy Word, nor at any time, did Christ tell Christians to war,
To carry guns, inflict any kind of injury, or even an old score.
So please, stop pointing to that ancient theocracy, and more so when it suits,
For Christians must carry their cross like Christ, and we’re told we’ll know them by their fruits.

So where do some get the idea from that it’s okay to hit back, carry guns,
Or to war? Not one of these fallen things being an uttering of the Son’s.
We Christians, remember, not Israelites, Calvary all about love and grace,
So let’s not indulge in what for the Christian would be nothing but a disgrace.

By Lance Landall

18.  In Christ Alone

We look for breaks and summer days midst Earth’s toils and growing calamities,
When the only rest and peace that’s truly found is in Jesus, and on our knees.
He in our heart, He in our hope, we trusting in His Word and promises, and
Still able to smile and praise Him for His greatness when things don’t go as planned.

Yes, we mustn’t rely on breaks and summer days, for life may snatch them from us,
And thus we finding our rest and those warming rays in our contact with Jesus.
We knowing He’s always there, we knowing He’s faithful and true, and answers prayer,
Yes, His love and goodness always found, for He’s the God of love, who’s full of care.

By Lance Landall

19.  That Divine Transformation

I kneel to pray and then out it all comes — yes, everything about poor old me,
My personal upsets, hurts and wants, and therefore, I less concerned about Thee.
Or other folk, Lord, I far too preoccupied with You taking care of me,
And why I’m in need of that same love that You showed for others at Calvary.

Oh, how You cast self aside, not that there’s an ounce of self within You, Lord, no,
Which Calvary showed and hollered to the world, and hence that grace that’s seen to flow.
Yes, we so undeserving, still thinking of ourselves and still clinging to sin,
And why our selfish sighs and groans must tire You, Lord, and cause old Satan to grin.

So please bring about that change that’s sorely needed, that change that only You can,
For we don’t have that ability, Lord — oh, the hopelessness of fallen man.
And hence that struggle we have, self-cum-sin tainting everything we say and do,
And why I plead for that Divine transformation, that I may be more like You.

And that’ll only happen if You soften my heart, Lord, remove that hard crust,
And while You’re at it, Lord, if You could deal with that sad rebellious wanderlust,
For it has given me so much grief, and hence that repetitious, “Please help me,”
Which has me thinking of myself again, when hadn’t I just witnessed poorly?

Yes, I licking my wounds, forgetful of how I had just shamed You — and as well,
Negatively impacted on others, who, their side of the story could tell —
And why when I pray I don’t want it to be all about me now, but instead,
All about what You might do for others, Lord, sin and selfishness having fled…

And I more interested in You too, that selfless Saviour who suffered and bled.

By Lance Landall

20.  Clear As Daylight

I’ve seen the love of God, have heard His voice, and the testimonies of others,
Those supernatural experiences of fellow sisters and brothers.
It’s as clear as daylight that there’s a God, one who responds to every prayer,
Be it “Yes” or be it “No,” and silence never meaning that He isn’t there.

And there’s those signs of the times that are proving true, that wisdom of God’s Word too,
Society less for dismissing them today, and many such folly rue.
No one having bettered what’s in the Bible, nothing having offered more hope
And God still the Rock, this world nothing more than sinking sand, a slippery slope.

And so, when days are dark, and encouragement is needed, know that God is real,
And that it’s all about faith, trust and hope, not about how you might otherwise feel.
God revealing himself more and more to those who are faithful, come sun or rain,
And to whom all things will soon be made plain, when together with Jesus they reign.

By Lance Landall

21.  Take Heart

Because we live in a fallen world where sin has caused death and decay, and such worsening every day,
We see so many things around us that remind us of Adam’s fall, and that Satan’s tinkerings display.
Yes, those Autumn leaves that silently flutter to the ground, their weakened grip oft succumbing to wayward wind,
Which, along with cold, rain, hail and gloomy clouds, so often has us wishing that Adam and Eve hadn’t sinned.

And then there’re those damaged butterflies, a tyre or heel ending their life, or a cat those baby birds that fall,
And oh, how cats love to play with mice — Satan grinning, no doubt — he like a roaring lion who likewise seeks to maul.
And who no doubt had a hand in those discouraging weeds and unkind prickly thistles that can pain one’s feet,
They flourishing with threatening torrents, or drying and sharpening with over exuberant waves of heat.

And yes, there’re those lines-cum-wrinkles that come with age, and that mars those created in God’s image, you and I,
Or that pain that attacks and disfigures failing joints, hence those sudden cries, or that heavy and weary sigh.
And we not alone, for such cruel ravages are seen in the animal kingdom too, even creation,
The Earth itself cracking, shaking and groaning — yes, groaning under the abuses of its population.

Yes, it’s terribly sad, and why our Creator longs to restore His creation to its former glory,
Not just Earth, but humanity — indeed all living creatures, they once again living in peace and harmony.
So let’s take heart despite all those distortions and mutations we see, and that present reign of tooth and claw,
For Christ will soon appear, reward the saints with immortality, and return things to how they were before.

Meantime, remember those roses amidst the thorns.

By Lance Landall

22.  God Doesn't Snooze

Unlike humans who oft need to be pried out of bed come wakey wakey time, God never misses a thing,
He always up and about twenty four seven, not worried should some alarm clock go ring-a-ling-a-ling.
Yes, He never loudly snoring, but rather, watchfully on deck, His caring eyes scanning humanity,
And midst such, every single person noticed, for He has plans for us that’ll stretch throughout eternity.

Oh, how He concerns Himself over you and I, angels at His beck and call, they hard at work for our sake,
And believe me, they don’t linger in bed either, nor take ages getting dressed, they keen, sharp-cum-wide awake.
For the life of each individual is very precious in God’s sight, and why rooms are being built above,
Such awaiting the arrival of the faithful; He being a God who even more so wants to share His love.

Yes, no snoozing for Him, no staying in bed until the morning’s almost gone (one grumpy and half asleep),
For He knows our old adversary doesn’t just roar, but around us, very cunningly is seen to creep,
And that given we’re often stumbling and fumbling our way around, and thus far from bright-eyed and bushy tailed,
We’re likely to fall prey to Satan, or get ourselves in a tangle, and oh, how oft midst some prayer we’ve wailed.

And God to the rescue, angles flitting back and forth, they keeping Satan at bay, or showing us the way,
For far too oft we loose sight of how precious time is, and of how we should spend time with God early each day.
Yes, we not snoozing in bed, nor our head buried under a pillow, but rather, it buried in God’s Word,
Lest the stealthy pitter-patter of evil footsteps, or the sound of the Spirit’s quiet promptings not be heard.

By Lance Landall

23.  Christ-like Heroes

If it wasn’t for Noah who warned and built an ark, we wouldn’t exist, nor our friends and family,
'Cause Noah was spared because of his unswerving faithfulness to God and His will, despite scorn and mockery.
Thus had it not been for Noah, not one member of humanity would've survived the worldwide flood,
Which reminds me of Jesus, 'cause once again, what hope would there have been but for that saving blood?

Yes, if it hadn’t been for Christ’s faithfulness (obedient to the end), and thus His saving mercy,
Mankind would’ve been doomed, but Christ stayed the distance, and just like Noah, endured scorn and mockery.
And such has always been the lot of all who’ve remained faithful, and so it will be 'till the end of time,
'Cause the lives of most, with the will and ways of Jesus (our great example), seldom harmonise-cum-rhyme.

Yes, praise God that throughout this planet’s history, there have been those who’ve stood firm and true, despite the cost,
And who, because of their faithfulness-cum-bravery, have ensured that the lives of others were not lost.
Queen Esther comes to mind, and then there're those who gave their lives so that others could live, and Christ more than all,
Who, the saving of humanity at His own cost, promised to both Adam and Eve after their fall.

Oh, how we love heroes, and there’s none greater than Christ, but how many want to emulate their Lord?
And that meaning, in every way, given that the narrow path's hardly as popular as the broad.
Well, Heaven knows no other way, and nor the heart that’s genuine, loving, true, selfless, noble and sound,
And which only in the lives of that faithful but ever so tiny minority of Noahs, is found.

By Lance Landall

This poem was upgraded 18 February 2020.

24.  The True And Living One

I know a God who makes Superman, Spiderman or Wonder Woman look like wimps, any others too,
And they being, all those fictional storybook heroes who good ends via bad means constantly pursue.
Yes, they relying on brawn, fists and weaponry, thereby leaving viewers with the same mentality,
Who also pursue good ends via bad means, fight fire with fire, thereby acting as hypocritically.

Well, this God I've mentioned, won't pursue good ends via bad means, and He hates violence, which I’m thankful for,
'Cause I don’t want a gun toting, trigger-happy Saviour who reaches for His holster ready to draw.
Nor a God who clenches His teeth and fists, and then socks or flattens some equally violent villain,
But rather, One who uses His head and heart, and never deals with sin and sinners via committing sin.

Yes, this God I've mentioned is loving, and bears long, appealing to the head and heart, force not His style,
He just, merciful, and not wanting any to perish, His behaviour mature, and not infantile.
No back alley brawling for Him, nor wanton hooliganism-cum-smashing this or that on the way,
Such but the staple diet of so many viewers and readers whose flawed heroes bad examples display.

So many love James Bond, when he’s the epitome of fallen man, so often in and out of bed,
Or indulging in the "good life" midst the violence, havoc and destruction his admirers are fed.
He no role model, but just another fool with that typical fight fire with fire mentality,
Which, at the end of the day, keeps spinning that same old carousel which perpetuates such lunacy.

Hence why I’m thankful for my hero, a God who though non-violent, is called the Almighty One,
'Cause He can do far better than any earthly hero, and this, without the aid of fists or a gun.
All He need do is speak, or clap His hands, and He can achieve any seeming impossibility,
And all this without violating any code of decency, thereby retaining His dignity.

Now there’s a fitting hero for you, no shameful bedroom shenanigans for Him, or any other vice,
Nor some sensually designed penthouse, but rather, a holy kingdom-cum-undefiled paradise,
Where there's no need for heroes, and more so those Batman and Robin types, such the concoctions of men,
Who persist in creating heroes as fallen as they, be such via movies or same deluded pen.

Hence why God’s my only hero, 'cause I won’t idolise some fallen human, nor swallow make-believe,
Knowing that such is just the creation of a lying devil, who via such, has set out to deceive.
And most successfully, 'cause everywhere on Earth those flawed heroes are idolised, though pure fantasy,
Unlike the true and living One, who Satan, via such fallen heroes, has deprived of so much glory.

By Lance Landall

This poem was upgraded 14 March 2020.

25.  God's Hurting Too

Some think that You’re heartless, cruel and indifferent, Lord, given all the terrible suffering that we see,
But I reckon it must tear You apart inside, Lord, You no doubt wishing you could’ve stopped it instantly.
But You knew better, for had You done so, there would’ve been murmurings throughout eternity about You,
And all, Lord, wondering if Lucifer had a point, and whether he should’ve been given time and chance too.

For how could he prove his case if the required evidence he couldn’t pursue, he having been zapped by You?
Not that he has ever found any, nor will, but still, fairness would surely give him the chance to such pursue.
And this being why Adam and Eve had to be given the chance to discover who was telling the truth or not,
As your kingdom, rulership-cum-reputation, Lord, can’t afford the slightest doubt, shadow, taint, smear or spot.

And hence why things have to play out, and You knowing the required length of time, for we can’t see things like You can,
You knowing Satan’s ultimate plan, an outcome that the whole universe must see, and not just fallen man.
And meantime, You no doubt wishing it all could’ve been ended long ago, such tearing You apart inside,
But any interference from You, Lord, would defeat Your hands-off transparency, and wisdom override.

Yes, You knowing that those murmurings would resurface, and that therefore, You have to wait as much as we do,
For You never created robots, nor are You a dictator; and thus dammed if You don’t, dammed if You do.
All of which is why things have to play out, and then, all will truly see and understand why such had to be,
But meantime, You bearing the brunt of unfair accusations, Lord, and hurting within just as much as we.

Yes, just like we hurt when allowing our children to go through certain things that we wish they didn’t have to,
Some of them things we could shield them from, but in the long run, such would see them suffer more so, and we such rue.
And thus how we know that You value freedom of choice and expression, and why this lesson will serve all well,
For once the final outcome is seen — forever to be known — no one will doubt You again, Lord, nor rebel.

By Lance Landall

26.  Jesus Died For You!

Before you do those things that Christ wouldn’t do, remember that He died for you, and all because of sin,
Which, should you do those things that He wouldn’t do, you’d be adding to, and thereby, even rubbing such in.
And in the process, replaying that sad scene in Eden each time, same serpent getting the best of you,
All why I’d ponder on how it all began, visualize that tree, and in your mind, note that endless queue,

'Cause there you'd be, reaching out for another apple — yes, just like all the others, ignoring Christ’s pain,
And as you walked away from that very same tree, and guilty too, your footsteps leaving a bloody stain.
Yes, you trampling on Christ’s blood as if He’d died for nothing, His angels gasping at your ingratitude,
'Cause you would have shown callous disregard, and in the process, a selfish, rebellious attitude.

Yes, Christ died for you, the King of Kings himself, but tell me, how much has that reached your heart, or just your head,
So let me say again — JESUS DIED FOR YOU! — the sovereign of the universe, and there, much more than bled,
'Cause there He declared His great love for you in no uncertain terms, thereby wanting the whole world to know,
And only too happy to wipe your dirty slate clean, and upon you, His robe of righteousness bestow.

We call such grace,

But non-believers call such madness, and given our wretched condition, it does seem kind of crazy,
But that’s the great God we have, His amazing mercy undeserved
and our grasp of such pretty hazy,
'Cause look at how we sin at the drop of a hat, so casually, unthinkingly and willingly,
Christ’s death a million miles away it seems, but despite such, not His love, which He hollered from Calvary.

So before you do those things that Christ wouldn’t do, remember that He died for you, and in agony,
And how in love He shed His blood, told the whole world how much He loves you, and then extended His mercy.
All why I’d ponder on how it all began, and the written words of Christ scan, seeking His will, not yours,
'Cause should you do those things that Christ wouldn’t do, you’d only squeeze His tender wounds, and more agony cause.

By Lance Landall

This poem was upgraded 14 March 2020.

27.  The Mystery Of God's Love

Oh, the mystery of God’s love given how we wander from His side-cum-stray,
Given how we even turn our back on Him and foolishly go our own way,
And yet, there His love is, it unchanged and sure, it vigilant and unfailing,
But oh, off we go having forgotten those thorns, that cruel flogging and nailing.

Yes, our sleeping bag stashed behind God’s couch, as it were, we coming and going,
Our roving eyes paining our waiting Bridegroom who is all seeing and knowing,
And yet, though He could turn His back and has a right to, He still keeps wooing us,
For no one else’s love is as deep and forgiving as that displayed by Jesus.

Oh, how merciful and longsuffering He is — yes, such love a mystery,
Our one night stands and long term affairs constantly provoking His jealousy,
And yet, there He is, seeking, calling, even pleading, and where on Earth are we,
But seated in Satan’s playpen or coming and going indifferently.

Yes, the mystery of God’s love, we so undeserving of its warmth and grace,
And oh, how oft we take it for granted and our own crazy, selfish things chase,
And yet, God still persevering with us, hoping that we’ll be faithful and true,
For all that He has in store for us outshines those things we’re so prone to pursue.

And this why God is up all night, He pacing back and forth, His lantern glowing,
He peering into the darkness where ill winds are busy chilling and blowing.
Oh, how our Saviour yearns for our eternal company, our greatest well-being,
Which, once at home, and via the mystery of His love, we’ll never stop seeing.

By Lance Landall

28.  Savers Of Others

Each day I praise my Saviour that there’re those who behave like Him (and shouldn’t that be the way with us all?),
They running to the rescue of anyone who’s being mistreated, thus responding to our Master’s call.
Oh, how they touch one’s heart, and this, as if Christ himself had acted, and in a sense, that is somewhat true,
'Cause any who so aid others, and more so at their own expense, are those who do what Christ himself would do.

And coming to mind (for example), are those who sheltered many from Hitler’s wickedness, as would our Lord,
And they doing so at great risk to themselves, and in my mind, they thus deserving of that coming reward.
'Cause in such acts is found the love of Christ — our Saviour — He no taker of life, nor violent offender,
But rather, when it comes to the mistreated, oppressed and wrongly accused, their most passionate defender.

Thus those who protect and aid the innocent, and condemn the mistreatment of others (a most noble act),
Are but imitators of Jesus, and like Him, any such satanic wickedness seek to counteract.
And this, they also do via their witness, their light exposing darkness, they restoring truth and rightful ways,
But never via means that run contrary to the ways of Christ, they knowing that via such means, one badly strays.

And hence why I praise my Saviour that such folk still exist, though fewer in number, 'cause most give in to fear
(Well, when push comes to shove, that is), they being at risk, or sneered at by the majority, their cowardice clear,
'Cause such requires Christ-like courage and selflessness, all why many won’t make it through Heaven’s pearly gates,
'Cause leaving others to suffer at the hands of wickedness is something that our Saviour condemns and hates.

Yes, savers of others, they imitating Jesus Christ himself, who thought it no loss to die on a cross,
And this, in order that others might live, such the same thinking of savers of others, who take up their cross.
And I praise my Lord that they do, and this, midst my praying that we all may have the same courage, the same heart,
'Cause such is not only the way of our Saviour, but the path He’s always desired each person chart.

By Lance Landall

This poem was tweaked 18 February 2020.

29.  Red And Yellow, Black And White

“Red and yellow, black and white, all are precious in His sight,” a Christian song goes,
And so it should be with us too, which intelligence and maturity knows.
A human a human, colour just colour, and our looks just variation,
We all an amazing, incredible, staggering, mind-boggling creation.

No, not the product of chance, nor some monkey’s relation, but designed to be,
The image of a Creator with a merciful love for humanity.
Yes, a fallen humanity, hence that black and white carry-on that’s bizarre,
It not our colour but our heart and our mind that defines who and what we are.

By Lance Landall

30.  Keep Your Eyes On Christ

One reason why the back door swings is, because many eyes aren’t on Christ — well, not as they should be —
Folk gazing at fallen humanity, and thereby, placing their salvation in jeopardy.
And what folly, for to turn one’s back on God because of others is the craziest of things,
And shows an expectation that’s not based on reality, from which disappointment thus springs.

People will always let us down — and sadly, Christians will be amongst them — not that they should be,
But the inescapable truth is, that many Christians aren’t true Christians, hence hypocrisy.
Yes, even within the Christian Church there are tares amongst the wheat, but hey, no one is perfect,
And hence why when it comes to what fellow Christians should be doing, we should mind what we expect.

At the end of the day, we all have issues, the Church full of broken vessels in need of repair,
And let’s be honest, little happens overnight, despite one’s conversion being very sincere.
The truth is, that growth takes time, we all being at various stages, and don’t forget there’re those tares,
All being good reason for low expectations and focussing on Christ — more so as His coming nears.

Yes, too many focus on problems, the behaviour of others, or what isn’t that should be,
They stewing over this and that — not taking things in their stride — hence that swinging back door we see.
And for many, there goes eternity, their gaze having been on others and not on their Lord,
Or they having nursed some wound instead of concentrating on their walk, which no one can afford.

Sure there’re wrongs within the Church which need addressing, and yes, other Christians can treat us badly,
We finding it all hard going, but such is life, and therefore, moving on a necessity.
Otherwise, we’ll never develop spiritual muscles, and will often be breaking down,
We at the mercy of people and things, even cursing our cross, and thus forfeiting our crown.

Yes, keep your eyes on Christ.

By Lance Landall

31.  Knowing God

It’s not enough to know about our Lord And Saviour, but more importantly
To actually know Him, ’cause relationship wise, that’s the centrality.
In other words, where it’s really at, too many just knowing about Jesus,
And not really knowing Him, having that close walk He desires of us.

The very essence of the Christian walk is that deep relationship, and so,
We spending all the time we can with Him, that His great love we may better know.
Yes, we delighting in His company, getting to know Him better each day,
And growing ever more faithful so that from His side we’ll never think to stray.

By Lance Landall

32.  Please Make Haste

Dear God above, please make haste, for pain and suffering stalk this fallen planet,
Everything going so horribly different to how You first planned it.
The seasons out of kilter, fires, famines and wars the order of the day,
And so many struggling to get by while others horde their wealth, indulge and play.

Yes, so much pain and suffering could be relieved now, but folk will have to wait,
Until You return, that is, food being wasted, others with their empty plate.
And medical help unaffordable, many shivering, shabby, unwell,
Evils, disasters, heartbreak and general misfortune adding to the ill.

So please make haste, dear Lord, grant us strength for Earth’s final days, the devil’s last stand,
Those calamities that serve as judgments, You removing Your restraining hand.
We clinging to Your promises, only able to triumph via Your power,
So please, Lord, sustain us while You make haste, we longing for Your coming hour.

By Lance Landall

33.  Dear Lord

How I pray for those daily expressions that reveal Your loving thought and care,
Your deeply personal interest in me which confirms that you’re very near.
Oh, how I relish those tailor-made assurances of Your saving grace,
And rejoice in those God-incidences where Your creativeness I can trace.

Oh yes, those divine and supernatural occurrences that stagger me,
And that prove Your presence in this world, the truth of what’s stated biblically.
Such increasing my faith and trust in Thee, hollering You’re always there for me,
And why I pray that more and more of those heavenly expressions I might see.

By Lance Landall

34.  Yes, That's Incredible!

Jesus loves me. Wow! Jesus! Wretched me! That’s incredible,
And I’ve been told, should I hurt or neglect Him, He’ll love me still.
Wow! Now that’s love, and I mean, REAL LOVE, love that’s worth dying for,
Thus I’m so honoured and so delighted — in fact, I’m in awe.

And He's a merciful God! Slow to anger, longsuffering,
Hence why angels adore Him and His praises always sing.
He bearing long with us like He bore long with ancient Israel,
And bore the weight of our sins too via each hand and foot and nail.

And you know,

When you were but a tiny child, those same angels cared for you,
And with the same commitment, friend, they still did so as you grew.
So, when ageing and health's ebbing, the same thing holds true as well,
'Cause never are they closer than when one’s lonely, hurt or ill.

By Lance Landall

35.  That Place Of Worship

I love to worship in a Church, Lord, a place that shouts of Christianity,
Yes, such always reminding of You, an oasis within society.
And with You being a jealous God, such seems to make a lot of sense to me,
Yes, something that’s set apart, something so different architecturally.

And therefore, I not reminded of secular, worldly things, but of You, Lord,
Hence that different atmosphere that strikes a particular heavenly cord.
Yes, an unchangeable place, like You, Lord, it the same yesterday and today,
A place that’s respected by all and sundry, one where self doesn't get its way.

By Lance Landall

36.  When Didn't Will Become Did

Yes, God could’ve walked away, turned His back, changed His mind, wiped His hands of humanity,
For those He’d lovingly created, and in His image, had acted treacherously.
In other words, gone along with Satan rather than their Creator, thus rebelling,
Despite having all that one could ask for within their idyllic Edenic dwelling.

Oh, how blessed they were, but not enough, apparently — well, going by the devil’s lies —
Which, once wrongly embraced, led to Adam and Eve’s tragic yet avoidable demise.
Oh, how their foolishness must have distressed them, but not before they’d tried to hide and blame,
Though acutely aware of their newly discovered glaring nakedness, guilt and shame.

Yes, in one foul swoop they’d betrayed their Master, disobeyed and aided His enemy,
And as a result, death and decay became Earth’s lot — enter fallen humanity.
Oh, what a mess, Paradise lost, man infected with selfishness, Earth soon in turmoil,
Falling leaves, thorns, stubborn and plague-like weeds — and now, by the sweat of his brow, man would toil.

Yes, God could’ve walked away, turned His back, changed His mind, wiped His hands of humanity,
But He didn’t, and instead, offered them a way of escape — wow, talk about mercy!
But though Adam and Eve must have sighed with relief, their loss must have haunted terribly,
And the knowledge that all who followed would suffer too, and more so, Christ on Calvary.

Oh, talk about children blaming their parents, and we upset with Adam and Eve too,
And God with even greater reason than us, and yet, their destruction didn’t pursue.
No, for God bears long, is slow to anger, astoundingly merciful and forgiving,
Hence why the angels so willingly worship and praise Him, and of such wondrous love sing.

And it no wonder, for instead of what He could’ve done, He chose to offer us grace,
The Spirit’s empowering, a crown, a coming wedding banquet and heavenly place.
Though only if we’re truly repentant, desiring to sin no more but do His will,
His coming not providing second chances, and He putting a total stop to ill.

Hence why a time will soon come when Christ will say: “He who is unjust, let him be unjust still;
He who is filthy, let him be filthy still; he who is righteous, let him be righteous still;
He who is holy, let him be holy still” — yes, those who do or don’t uphold His will,
And hence that separation of the goats and sheep, the sound of Christ’s coming trumpet shrill.

Yes, God could’ve walked away, turned His back, changed His mind, wiped His hands of humanity,
But such He didn’t, He graciously opening a window of opportunity.
Well, that window’s about to shut, for sin must end, and from Earth’s evil God walk away,
For what He didn’t do, He soon has to do, mercy and justice each having their day…

Such being when didn’t will become did.

By Lance Landall

The text used in verse seven was Revelation 22:11, NKJV.

37.  Starting With A Story

One day an employer was waxing lyrical about a particular employee,
A man who was never off sick, but was always on time, thorough, willing and trustworthy.
And this, despite his lowly position, he taking care of portable toilets, you see,
Which included not just their delivery, but anything else that was necessary.

“He’s been with us fifty years,” the employer stated unable to hide his delight, “And,”
He continued, “Best man I ever employed, he making sure that every thing goes as planned.
Which,” he added, “Is critical to our operation despite it not appearing so,
All why I would hate to lose him, unlike other employees here who tend to come and go.”

“Is he rewarded well?”  “Well enough,” the employer replied, “All his needs attended to,
Though he not one to complain, he cheerfully doing his job despite having a high IQ.”
“So why not promote him?” the employer was them asked. “Well, where would I find someone as good?
For though it’s only toilets that he’s dealing with, things soon wouldn’t be running as they should.”

“You’ve no idea how much trouble I had before,” he sighed, “Which is why I have left him there,
Otherwise I would soon see history repeating itself-cum-past problems reappear.
But having said that, I’ll see that his future is taken care of, he being valued highly,
For few are as faithful, happy to do whatever and for as long as needed, like he.”

Yes, how many Christians are oft complaining: “Why can’t someone else do this? — I’d like a break,”
They desiring a nicer task, or the limelight, rather than some path God would have them take.
And they, overlooking the fact that the reason God may be leaving them there could well be
One similar to that faithful man’s employer — they too perhaps, thought of just as highly.

What a shame it would be to let God down.

Or could God be trying to teach us something — perhaps humbleness, contentment or patience, and
We shouldn’t forget that He may be testing us before He gives us something far more grand.
Or He simply seeing how genuine our walk is, (for not all who take His name are true),
Or, “for better or worse” having gone askew, they bucking something hard He wants them to do.

“Grace?”  “Yes please, Lord.” But as far as better or worse, richer or poorer, in sickness and health, and
Until death do us part goes, it’s a case of, “Hang on, Lord, do grace and such go hand in hand?”
Oh dear, what a question to ask, yet isn’t that exactly how it is with some Christians?
Who, avoid or curse trials, or clutch grace in one hand, and in the other, cling to desired sins.

By Lance Landall

38.  The Closest Thing To Heaven Is You And I

The closest thing to Heaven is you and I, because we were made in God’s image, and
Hence that ability to chose which path, whether to build on the Rock or just sand,
For though power comes from above, the choice is ours, and Heaven either far or near,
Even a heartbeat away — and why upon our hearts God wrote, and placed His Law there.

Yes, our response now willing rather than forced, His code our code, and His way our way,
We not only made in His image, but projecting that by what we think, do and say.
And therefore, we the closest thing to Heaven on Earth, an image of God above,
Who stated, “You will know them by their fruits,” and the greatest fruit of all being love.

And hence why where love is absent, or those other fruits, dark clouds soon block out the Son,
His image no longer seen except in human form, and it a distorted one,
Thus Heaven further away rather than closer, shadows hiding the Son-shine,
And our mere form unable to fulfil God’s desires, nor shout, “Jesus is mine!”

Hence why only what’s written upon our hearts can please our Father, reveal His Son,
Whose perfect example of obedience secured grace, and the victory won.
Hence those heavenly rays reflected via human prisms made in His image, and
That give rise to angelic choruses; angels knowing of that rescue planned.

Oh yes, we bearers of truth to the whole world, ambassadors on Earth, shafts of light,
Our radiance illuminating the way, and glowing just like the moon at night.
And we like those stars in the sky too, twinkling midst the darkness of sin, standing out,
We the closest thing to Heaven on Earth, that the will, ways and love of God may shout.

By Lance Landall

39.  Imaginary Frauds

You know, old Superman couldn’t fight his way out of a wet paper bag, and
Spiderman would just get stuck in his own sticky web, and also need a hand.
So don’t waste your time, kids, on such imaginary frauds who mock God’s power,
Acting as if almighty themselves, and just like those who built Babel’s tower.

Yes, they’re nothing but cartoon characters who only know how to SLAM! and WACK!
They just as violent as the villains, and a knowledge of the real God lack.
In other words, they’re Satan’s substitutes, and as corny as they come, so hey,
Don’t buy into such silly nonsense, nor idolize some hero made of clay.

By Lance Landall

40.  Reminders

I know You love me, Lord, Calvary the clearest of evidence, but you know,
Though we know our earthly parents love us, we still like reminders, things that show.
My spouse knows I love her, but a fool I’d be if I didn’t hug her daily,
That she might see that same strong devotion that I pray I’ll always have for Thee.

I know You’ve done so much for me — enough, one might say — but still those hugs please send,
I sometimes losing sight of things, and my three score years and ten nearing its end.
One never too old for loving expressions, which cheer, encourage and remind,
And hence why I’m beseeching Thee, dear Lord, may each day that I’m given be so signed.

By Lance Landall