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As the title suggests, the following quotes are my own creation. When we create a quote of our own, we naturally draw from not just our own experience, but also from all that we have accumulated over time. Thus, there's always the possibility that what we create may be very close to an already existing quote. I have noticed this amongst the quotes of the ages, for often I've found someone of note being credited with a certain quote that's virtually the same, (or very similar to), someone else's. It's also clear that some quotes are credited to the wrong person — therefore, it pays to do some sort of check before using them. 
Well, I hope you find value in my effort. Please feel free to use them, but on the condition that their origin is attributed to me — in other words, bears my name, and without any error in reproduction. I hope I haven't repeated any quotes by mistake.

Secular/Generic Quotes

Life responds to the way we treat it, and so it is with people.

It's better to die for what's right than to live for what's wrong.

Sow love wherever you go, that its seeds may root and grow.

The love that we share, proves that we care, and the good we do, conveys this too.

If love could claim damages for misrepresentation, the world would go broke.

Best we practice what we preach, as that's the greatest way to teach.

Where there's little love there's little growth.

Bravery is doing something noble regardless of how we feel or the consequences.

Ignorance is more oft an excuse than a reason.

A palace is grand, but a humble cottage is where it's at.

The ones who tell us what we don’t like to hear are usually the ones who truly care.

It’s in the heat of the moment that a match is struck.

Truth bows to no one’s displeasure, but may choose its time and place.

The acceptance of something that’s not good or right is usually preceded by incremental steps.

Good governing spurs no whistleblowers.

There’s no greater hypocrisy than acting violently when protesting against the mistreatment of humanity.

Flawed desires usually seek advice that supports them.

You know you're on the right side of things when you don't have to justify what you're doing.

To be defensive of any cherished belief when confronted with evidence to the contrary, is to simply deceive ourselves and continue to propagate error.

Love is light, hate is heavy.

What people refuse to believe, they often call a conspiracy.

Sadly, and ironically so, those with the best of intentions often create as much conflict and misery as those whose intent is but evil. Hence why even the purest of motives should pass through the sieve of objectivity and wisdom, and be placed before the scrutiny of others.

Wealth is a fact of life, stinginess and greed the way of selfish men.

Politically and generally speaking, it could be said of those on the right, that their head’s not connected to their heart, and of those on the left, that their heart’s not connected to their head.
Perhaps the same could be said of ultra-conservative and liberal Christians, for it often appears that one upholds truth at the expense of love, and one upholds love at the expense of truth. Since when should one be divorced from the other? Oh, may balance gain the ascendancy.

Compromise: Something that’s either positive or negative.

A passion for truth will spare us from lies and deception.

We've gone from talking openly about sex to being obsessed and offensive with it.

Oft subtle is the web that ensnares.

The end justifies the means” is often stated by those to whom the “means” is really their “end” and of whom the “means” often is their “end.

A world without love would be a world where one merely existed, a world where relationships merely begat, or satisfied lust, a world where one was merely a tool or weapon, a user or abuser, and where one merely killed time on a mindless merry-go-round that at some time would spin off its axis.

If you're going to take sides, wait until you've heard both sides.

True love — rather, real love — puts wisdom first and feelings last, but the wisdom it applies, it applies with feeling.

It's never too late to do a good deed, and never too soon to right a wrong.

If those on the left won't listen to those on the right, and if those on the right won't listen to those on the left, neither will find the balance that's missing from either.

People can't be elevated by adoring what is no higher than themselves.

A generous heart is always full.

Those who rubbish conspiracies are often up to their neck in them.

Memories are always better when they're preceded by wise choices and selfless acts.

To push ahead with the unnecessary when it’s going to hurt folk, is to not only show no heart, but also a lack of sense.

The thin end of the wedge is sloped accordingly, which is why it’s so often used conveniently.

Despite laws to the contrary, (and there should be), torture will always be used by someone somewhere, who either doesn’t care, is zealously deluded, driven by hatred, revenge, or sadism, or who fails to see the evil that’s behind such a means and why it should never be employed.

No man's of God who persecutes and murders.

Those who exchange rights for security are but the biggest of fools, for such security is but an illusion, and such a perilous exchange a gift to any would-be enemy-cum- those whose cunning is well versed in cause and effect.

If it matters to someone, it should matter to you.

Our life is shallow and empty until it’s filled with loving words and deeds that quench the thirst in others.

It’s better to own up than to be forced to confess, for trouble wise, the latter tends toward more, while the other, tends toward less.

The best way to test whether a mind is open or not is to confront it.

Vanity loves to be seen, but what's seen, is simply vanity.

No one’s life was meant to be ruled, and while all should submit to legitimate boundaries, no law should encroach upon freedom of expression and civil/religious liberty, nor violate a conscience thats compass is worthy, honourable, and opposed to injury.

When someone considers them self as either a republican or democrat, say, they reveal their inability to see the flaws in either and the foolishness of such left and right enslavement.

They say money talks. Well, judging by what I've seen, I don't think I'd particularly want to listen.

Deceit is weakness.

Beware any man who's bowed to, worshipped and followed, for what mortal would have the gall to soak in such God-like adoration?

Laughter lines are the only kind of wrinkles that one could consider as enhancing.

I've heard folk say, "Silence is golden," but it can also be deafening, or cowardly.

Speech is a blessing, and words are a gift that will either lower or lift.

Thoughts are like drops of rain, they either water or drown, cleanse or stain.

Don’t seek more when you’ve enough, lest it’s to share.

If you have a bowl of soup, don't fret if someone takes a spoonful, but rather, be grateful that you have a bowl of soup, and indeed the larger portion.

Power in the hands of a fool simply makes him a bigger fool, and a greater danger.

I’d rather kiss and make-up, than quarrel and break-up.

No matter how noble the cause may seem, soldiers are but sanctioned killers, and we implicated via our enlisting their help or our patriotic cheers.

Love knows nothing of self, contemplates no wrongful act nor injurious word, harbours no grudge, entertains no evil surmisings, leaves no time for gossip, has no room for jealousy or bias, subtracts no rights and adds no impositions, and seeks neither reward, fanfare, popularity or fame.

I’d rather be generous to the point of folly, than prudent to the point of miserly.

It's not what you were like yesterday, but what you're like today.

Your past is not the present, unless you let the present remain your past.

Don’t bolt the door and leave the window open.

I’d rather share a crust with the homeless, than a three course meal with the haughty.

Before you leap, make sure you can make it.

Only the watchful, informed and knowing see those nibbles at liberty that eventually lead to its being devoured entirely.

Freedom of expression must never be negotiable, but rather, always demanded and the bottom-line.

Often what envy envies, isn’t worth envy envying.

If it’s wrong to lie, it’s wrong to feign.

Don’t get so caught up with swatting flies that you overlook the wasp.

I’d rather walk a mile in peace than drive a block in anger.

A good result doesn’t necessarily mean that the right method was used, nor that it was right to use it.

It could be said, that generosity is measured more by what you have left than by what you have given.

Pride loves company, for without it, there’s no one to impress

A white lie is simply painted so.

Evolution is man’s attempt to avoid accountability.

Gentleness is strength.

Sense comes with age but seldom with the ages.

A promise is only a promise if it’s kept — otherwise, it effectively becomes a lie.

The greatest cowardice is to not speak up or do anything when there’s little threat and mere ridicule.

While age adds to our experience, nothing adds more so than our willingness to learn.

One can’t walk tall if one’s stooping to a low level.

It’s funny how many who complain about their lot, seem to have the lot, or somehow confuse or equate their envied standard of living with being on the breadline.

Bad choices, bad consequences.

Commonsense is in short supply due to a growing demand.

Those who don’t learn to stand up may be reduced to crawling.

Smiles are the cheapest facelift.

It seems rather bizarre to me, and somewhat Jekyll and Hyde, to be sitting at your table devouring a creature while at the same time lovingly stroking another as your pet. But then again, when one’s raised that way, I guess the irony (some would say hypocrisy) isn’t so easily seen.

Show me a man who can slit a creature's throat as unemotionally as he would slice a tomato, and I'll show you a man whose savaged sensibilities are fertile ground for murderous intent to grow.

I would rather stroke, cuddle, pamper and protect a creature, than slit, shoot, pluck, skin, gut, stuff, and eat one.

There’s not a doubt in my mind that a lust for killing creatures is an illness.

Politically speaking, a swing to the left or right is equally as injurious. However, a swing to the left has never, as far as I’m aware, produced religious zealots falsely claiming authority to persecute.

Beauty is only skin deep, unless it's within the heart, and where it is within the heart, that person is beautiful indeed.

Any politician who’s prepared to sell his or her country’s assets is a politician unworthy of being one.

Shallow thinking results in shallow answers due to shallow reasoning.

Competitive sports — something that swells or deflates, delights or upsets.

Voices not raised are voices soon silenced.

The reason why tale-bearers flourish is because there are always those who’re foolish enough to waste their time listening to them.

Telling tales about others actually reveals more about ourselves.

Slander is like the sun, it can burn those who bask in it.

Accusations have a way of soiling the accuser.

If someone has upset you, tell them, not the world, and make sure that what you’re saying is reality based and not the product of your imagination.

Jealousy has a habit of giving itself away.

Jealousy is often found where there is an inferiority complex.

One's tongue is either an instrument or weapon.

What a scandal, what a crime, that innocent men and women, soldiers, have died in wars that were deliberately and secretly generated in order to profit financially, or in order to achieve some misguided or unscrupulous end, and of which those innocent men and women, soldiers, had no idea. Yes, there just has to be a day of accountability.

It’s funny how many who complain about their lot, seem to have the lot, or somehow confuse or equate their envied standard of living with being on the breadline.

Truth is often only seen when it's desired.

Too many seem to want the naked truth covered with a garment of their own choosing.

Truth is truth, whether it's recognised or not.

Truth can stand on its own. Falsehood, however, needs supporters.

Truth is conveyed via it being spoken or written, regardless of ridicule, hindrance, or opposition, and because there are few prepared to pay that price today, truth’s now seen in lesser quantity, and often closer to a shade of grey.

It’s the thin-skinned who complain the loudest when the needle of truth pointedly pricks.

Ideals should be seen as goals, not fodder for criticizing those who fall short of them.

Promiscuity is simply a generous form of prostitution with whoever suits.

The words we utter on arising can set the tone of someone's day.

Life's not so much what you make it, but how you live it.

Each and every day of our life is a clean blackboard, and thus those words and actions we choose, a new piece of chalk.

The backbone of many seems to have fallen victim to an insidious form of osteoporosis.

If you're blessed with wealth, and are free of life's financial burdens, don't complain about taxes and the cost of living, unless it's on behalf of those who're less well-off, for complaining when your plate and tummy are full, and when you've no concerns over tomorrow's needs, is to display not only ungratefulness, but greed, shame, ignorance and  selfishness.

Love is proven by its fruitage.

Given that fewer voices are speaking out these days — like they should be, that is — those fewer voices need to be louder and stronger.

"Just following orders" may be one's reason, but it can never be one's excuse.

A soldier is only as good as his character, when all's said and done
it has very little to do with his uniform, skill or gun. He may be a fighting machine, earn a medal or two, but if he’s not sound within, he’s actually a threat to all, in my view.

Giving up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety is sheer folly, and more so given that any situation that has folk seeking such an exchange may well be one that has been deliberately and cunningly orchestrated by those with tyranny in mind. Those who don’t learn to stand up may be reduced to crawling.

Ignorance isn't always excusable.

We will never truly see sound government until the day we get truly sound men and women in power.

Love says what others don't, won't, or can't, and the reason it does is, because it should and must.

Experience comes with time, and the longer the length of time, the greater and deeper the experience,
and hence why older heads are usually wiser than younger heads.

When some party builds its policies around a concealed or partly hidden agenda, rather than around the best interests of all, it not only can’t be trusted with the welfare of its citizens, and isn’t fit to govern, but also takes that country down a path that can only lead to injury.

Anyone who lifts a hand to violently strike another person who poses no physical threat, automatically places them self in the territory of cowards, bullies, low-lifes, and the infantile.

Shame on you, because you can't find the money for those things your citizens are badly in need of, yet have no apparent difficulty in coming up with the money necessary to wage war.

Those with war in mind will always malign the pacifist stance via their propaganda.

Bigotry is the product and bedfellow of propaganda, misinformation, fear, insecurity, ignorance, arrogance, narrow mindedness, bias, failure to relate and understand, inability to reason and accommodate, and tends to shun the lot of something due to a little.

If you’ve fallen victim to people pleasing, political correctness, remaining silent and not rocking the boat, you’re no longer your own person but the slave and puppet of others, and are caught in the current of a majority flow.

The majority are always seduced by the majority.

We’re living in a time where most prefer fables to truth, and where truth is indeed being exchanged for fables.

When the common man is fainting from the cost of living, and dying is too expensive, yet those in power well-off,  well-fed, well-kept and doing fine, we have an unjust imbalance that has in it the seeds of oppression and tyranny — that is, if such hasn’t already taken place.

The sexy look just fosters lust, not an appreciation of beauty.

Worry is a grinding stone that blunts the richness and fullness of life whilst sharpening the edge of misfortune and misery.

Many who knock those who’re out of work and on a benefit, are in jobs that they don’t need — jobs that they also aren't particularly required for — and thus are one of the reasons why many are out of work and on a benefit.

The welfare system is seldom understood, appreciated, nor wanted by those who have no need of it, and whose lifestyle is supposedly squeezed by it.

It takes far more effort and courage to deal well with the assaults of life than it does to achieve great things that bring us fame and fortune.

All who torture their enemies, are as bad as their enemies.

What is war but someone’s son killing someone’s son, someone’s brother killing someone’s brother, someone’s father killing someone’s father, someone’s husband killing someone’s husband, someone’s uncle, cousin or nephew killing someone’s uncle, cousin or nephew, and all, killing someone’s sister, daughter, or mother, either intentionally, indirectly, accidentally,
or inevitably.

Though we may not approve of someone’s religion, nor of those things that someone may indulge in, seek or promote, and though we’ve every right to speak up and speak out in order to inform, and every right to appropriately do what we can in order to change things for what we believe is the better, we should never curse, belittle, mistreat, nor injure them, for by so doing, we simply reveal ill and wrong within us, and if we’re a Christian, that we’re no true follower of Jesus Christ, but rather, a hypocritical zealot.

Dignity never stoops, except to aid another, shoulder the blame, and bear any burden.

Our thinking and thoughts are only as deep as we dwell, as wide as we see, and as high as we look.

The worst excuse that you can come up with is that your parents did it.

Many who make hay while the sun shines could do with feeling the pitchfork of justice.

"You should accept me as I am" shouldn't mean what one has become through lack of effort and care.

"I'll be back in a moment" is seldom so.

The remorse of many is more often over the results than their foolish action.

If we can’t express our personal opinion, or differing view, (in a reasonable and legitimate way), either privately or publicly without being treated unpleasantly, alias some vitriolic attack, then those responding in such a way are more to be feared and condemned, for they’re a grave threat to freedom of expression, liberty and democracy.

Those who’re militantly unhappy with allowing others to have their controversial say, need to realise that they’re repeating history, which could see the rights of all going astray.

If as much effort, zeal, thought and time went into marriages as generally goes into weddings, I’m sure that there would be less couples seeking divorce.

If you don’t like what I’m saying, that’s fine; If you wish to disagree with what I’m saying, that’s fine;
If you wish to tell others you don’t agree with what I’m saying, that’s fine; But if you try to prevent me from what I’m saying, chances are you’ll restrict your own freedom to say what you think.

Never pursue a good end via bad means.

Freedom of expression must never be negotiable, but rather, always demanded and the bottom-line.

Religion and politics are the worst of bedfellows.

Despite what some may think, or how things may appear at anytime, we’re headed for another dark age — a final age, I believe — where liberties and freedom as we know them will once again be removed from the masses under the guise of some common good, such no doubt being authenticated by cunning and clever doings. Therefore, and drawing from history, raise your voice and wield your pen like you’ve never done before, for now’s your last chance.

History repeats itself, but this time, midst naive applauding, and midst smoke screens and mirrors, we’ll see it repeated by sleight of hand — the grand finale.

Failure to accept where we've erred is failure indeed.

The stronger the government, the weaker the people.

If you’re not a seeker of truth, chances are, you’ll never find out what you need to.

Open minds are precious things, for such are seldom found and sorely needed.

Failure is when we fail to learn from our failures.

One of the problems today is that kids are raising kids.

An indication of how much regard we have for humans can surely be seen in how much regard we have for creatures.

In an age of supposed enlightenment, why is there so much ignorance and darkness?

It’s interesting how many who’ve never been in prison have the strange idea that prisons are holiday camps.

Being poor gives one no excuse or reason for untidiness and roughness.

The way we talk, and of what we talk, can talk as much as our talking.

No person will ever be at peace or whole until their mind, heart and hands are free of any evil;
that which would dare to hurt another in any way.

If you hear a voice in your head saying, “Kill,” it’s not a heavenly one but a Satanic one — the product of delusion, derangement or drugs.

Chaos, fear and confusion can be the hallmarks of some who have an agenda.

Sense always makes sense because it is sense.

If love were silent, there would only be the sound of darkness.

Marriage is only as happy as the two people make it; discontent, pride, laziness and selfishness sure to break it.

Woman may think that they’ve a right to wear what they like, but one thing's for sure, they can’t escape what certain clothing, or lack of it, will invite.

Each day is a new page for us to write on, but best we remember that what we write on it, can’t be erased.

The only time we should use our fist is when we thump the table in defence of others.

Strong characters are formed by tough circumstances.

Those who don’t learn to stand up may be reduced to crawling.

One should always display a greater tolerance-cum-generosity, kindness and sensitivity, towards the errors and ways of besieged and hurting strugglers attempting to keep their head above water and swim in the right direction.

Though we often suffer due to others, others often suffer due to us, which is why we need to pause before we point.

When any man mistreats his wife, he brings a curse upon his own life.

Those who sell their country’s assets aren’t thinking of their country, for once gone, they’re no longer assets.

Whatever you may think of your parents, always remember that if it weren’t for them you wouldn’t exist — such being why you should treat them well, for you owe them greatly.

When we get what we want via going about things the wrong way, or via the wrong means, it not only robs us of inner peace and stains our character, but can come back to bite us.

Mistakes in our youth can set us up for a lifetime of problems, and hence why it pays for young folk to listen to experienced voices and apply sound advice.

It oft intrigues me how many who wish to be counsellors are in need of counsellors themselves.

The statement “Do it once, do it right” is how we should live our life.

We can give a reason for our wrong behaviour, but never an excuse.

Remember that we’re growing all the time and that someone’s turning the corner may come tomorrow and thus they no longer like you’re still thinking.

The difference between marriage and living together is that living together only concerns itself with the current day and where the exit is.

When society sanctions both the unacceptable and unnatural, scorns the fact that there may be a God whose wrath is kindled by such, or mistakenly thinks that He’ll accommodate such, trouble and calamity are undoubtedly a possibility.

Don't judge many by a few.

When bad men act so, they taint no one but themselves, but when good men act badly, they taint every good man.

Relish debate lest the time come when only the one side is given the right to speak.

It’s intriguing how some who want to become a psychologist actually need one.

The more sexy a woman dresses, the greater the risk of her being objectified.

That there are more criminals outside of prison than there are within prison is one reason why prisons achieve very little.

Innocent until proven guilty is not only godly but love’s bottom line.

The proof of a man’s goodness is found in his refusal to hurt, maim or kill.

We’re so used to wanting others to understand us that we fail to understand them.

Given how some folk make something out of nothing, one might be forgiven for believing in evolution.

The sky is always blue, and thus it's simply cloudy days that are hiding it from view.

When younger it’s all about sex, when older it’s all about intimacy.

Those who rescue can just as easily become those who enslave.

The way a child's raised will soon see it cursed or praised.

Good intentions should be wedded to wisdom.

The biggest hypocrite is someone who condemns you for some wrong that you’ve done to someone else that they then go and do to you.

Oh for that generous heart that neither questions nor counts.

Desire seeks supporters, but wisdom sage counsellors.

What folk need to hear is seldom what they want to hear.

When journalists become puppets, or prisoners of their own bias, they no longer aid but injure, no longer protect but betray.

Lateness never sings one’s praises.

Scary times, scary laws.

Why's it becoming more and more once upon a time?

When a man wounds the heart of his wife via betrayal — adultery — he sells his soul for thirty pieces of silver.

There’s no greater cost than the bearing of truth in a world that's fast forsaking it.

The State's role in the lives of its citizens should be as minimal as possible, and likewise, the Church's role no larger than an individual desires.

We should always respect another’s right to their view, and no matter how objectionable it may be, for what is personal expression if it can’t be expressed, and given that their right to such is that very same right that we have?
— one too precious to lose due to anyone objecting.

Loneliness doesn't necessarily imply that one’s alone.

Let's look after those poor creatures that we raise to butcher and eat — oops!

One can’t be in tune with nature and out of tune with their fellowman.

Kindness never costs a thing but is money in the bank, an investment bearing interest that on life's share market always rises and never sinks.

Sex has become nothing more than the favourite pastime of a morally bankrupt society.

Never mistake straight talking for coldness, hardness or legalism, as it's simply truth with its working clothes on.

If someone has created their own unfortunate situation, it not only doesn’t pay to rub their nose in it, but  speaks volumes of us if we do.

Opinions show a thinking man or woman.

Most people are fooled because of their ignorance or disbelief.

Discontent is folly’s opportunity.

Duty is often nothing more than a poor substitute for willingness.

The scarcity of facts is the lifeblood of armchair critics.

If Robin Hood were alive today, his excuse would no doubt be the same.

It’s better to whistle than grump.

Poverty tests society,  wealth humanity.

The better things of the past are often exchanged for the worst of the present day.

A dance, sex and booze fusion doesn’t equate to life but more debauchery.

Good people aren't born but are the product of their choosing.

The home is the training ground, the intention being, that once trained, forever worthy.

Throwing antidepressants at children is no small crime.

When truth-cum-what’s right-cum-what people need to hear is presented, they either rise up against it,
(become worse), or bring their life into line with it, (become better). 

Treasure's often not appreciated until it's plundered.

Everyone is guilty of wrongdoing, but none more so than those whose acts are planned, deliberate and violating.

Our responding badly to someone’s personal expressions makes us just as worthy of the same condemnation that’s coming from us.

Love should always be the begining and end.

Life's a gift that many don't unwrap.

Lose it in an argument and you've lost the argument.

The greatest friend in any argument is backed up facts.

Love is genius, hate is idiocy.

Love aches, lust burns.

Sometimes the way ahead is discovered by returning.

Much that's true and makes sense, looses out to much that isn't and doesen't.

To get on with everyone at the expense of truth and right, is to display weakness, selfishness, and a lack of sense.

When good men try to acheive things via wrong means, they're not good men.

The absurdity of racial prejudice is black and white.

Where love is absent, evil's not.

Where condemnation's due, condemnation's right.

If we can't take criticism, we don't value liberty.

The biggest lies are often the nicest sounding.

When danger is seen, it's often seen too late.

The darker the world gets, the less light there'll be.

People are deceived and even perish because they don't study deeply, don't research thoroughly, and don't
observe watchfully.

Many find it hard to believe what they can't imagine is so, avoid investigating what they hope isn't so, and choose
to go with what they prefer to be so.

Better to look at how far some have come, rather than concentrating on how far they've yet to go.

When we fail to stand, our strength is lessened, and our weakness is seen.

A fat purse is often connected to a lean heart.

To fight truth because of cherished error, is to perpetuate the lie and deceive yourself.

Never judge a person by what they say in the heat of the moment, nor treat it as gospel.

Too often we're offended by things that weren't intended.

Without a noble purpose, and loving intention, our lives are simply but parts in a shallow soap opera.

Few want to face what’s best, hence how truth’s soon laid to rest.

Christian Quotes

Where God’s Word is not the final authority, someone obviously thinks that their word is.

When what we desire clashes with what God wants, we have a problem of our own choosing.

If you want a spiritual high, don’t dwell on what’s below.

Many are very knowledgeable when it comes to God’s Word, but grossly ignorant about what it’s actually saying.

When we’ve dressed down for church, we’ve clearly forgotten to look up.

One cherished little sin can have as detrimental an effect as that little stone that felled the giant Philistine.

Truth is no more popular today than it was in Christ’s day.

Instead of saying a prayer, be an answer to a prayer.

A watered down gospel may stretch further, but it won’t be as filling, nutritious, satisfying, or lasting.

Little faith, little God.

A one size fits all new age spirituality, or generic religion, may appeal universally, but it will never appeal to the God who proclaims specific truths that are not to be added to, subtracted from, nor exchanged for peace or unity.

When preachers mix the Gospel with comedy, guess Who’s not laughing?

I’ve yet to see a faith healer who can replace a missing limb, restore sight to the certified blind, heal a paraplegic, or cure the likes of Down’s syndrome.

When faith healers achieve superstar status, live extravagant lifestyles, and sport the trinkets of their success, you can rest assured that they’re not of heavenly origin; not in harmony with Scripture; that their healings are unable to withstand serious scrutiny; and that their bank deposits are the result of a well orchestrated campaign.

Given that Scripture clearly states that God is the head of the Church, upon whose authority would any man claim that he is?

I find it intriguing how many discard the Old Testament, yet conveniently point to it in order to prove the validity of a certain action they take.

Grace is a non-exchangeable gift.

God’s Word — believe it, trust it, uphold it, defend it, read it, dwell on it, live it, preach it, share it, apply it, and test all and everything by it.

Christians should be carriers of infectious joy.

God's Ten Commandments are commandments, not suggestions.

Self esteem is built on man, (just sinking sand), while self worth is built on God, (the solid Rock).

Too many confuse grace with licence, when it was licence that created our need of grace.

It's interesting to note that the Sabbath commandment is the forth one, and that the commandment not to steal is the eighth one. Thus, could there be some connection, and could that be one reason why God begins the forth commandment with, "Remember...?"

Christians need to remember that throughout God’s Word the issue has always raged around loyalty to God or man, (Satan), true worship as opposed to false worship, truth as opposed to heresy, obedience as opposed to rebellion, willing adherence as opposed to legalistic adherence, true Christianity as opposed to a form of Christianity, and that the great controversy is all about Satan attempting to get the glory and honour that belongs to God.

Given that Satan is in the business of cunningly presenting counterfeits that closely resemble the truth, each Christian needs to be very in tune with their God, His Word, will and ways.

"I'll pray for you" too often means instead of.

The saddest thing that I've seen in Christianity is bigotry, and this, just because someone walks a different path, and views things differently.

"Thou shalt not kill" — but I'll just keep this gun in case I need to. Did I just miss something?

Grace shows God’s love for us. Obedience shows our love for Him. Thus, mercy on His behalf, and gratefulness on our behalf — our genuine gratefulness being displayed by our fruits, which are but the workings and empowerings of the Holy Spirit in union with our receptive, willing, and conscious daily application of God’s will, having come to a knowledge of such, and so desiring to become like Him in character, word and deed.

If grace secured salvation without obedience from there on, then sinners could keep on sinning so long as they “believed,” which would be sanctioned hypocrisy — and what point our Lord’s example?

Christ died for sinners, not the rebellious.

Grace is not an immunity pin that frees us from the consequences of continuing in sin.

If grace freed Christians from the consequences of disobedience, obedience would no doubt become a forgotten word, Christians only so in name, and God’s Law nothing but a relic from the past that unfairly penalized pre-Calvary and showed its author to be unjust.

To pursue some Christian good while not being good to some Christian, is hardly Christianity, and more a charade.

It’s biblical to disagree with another Christian, and to challenge and refute their beliefs, but it’s never biblical to mock either them or their beliefs.

Evidence of un-Christ-like prejudice and unbiblical behaviour within Christianity is soon discovered by those who become a member of a minority denomination.

Halloween teaches young children that the macabre and ghoulish are fun, thus paving the way for an interest in the occult where everything from blood sacrifices to sexual initiations come orgies are an integral part of its evil, demonic doings.

The alienation, mistreatment, or persecution of any Christian or Christians, regardless of their denomination, is a crime that God views as being of no mean order, and thus those who indulge in such coming under His judgment of condemnation. Matthew 25:31-46 applies in principle to any neglect or mistreatment, and clearly includes every single person on Earth given that Christ died for all, and that all are His creation.

God’s gift of grace is for the fallen, not the perfect, (not that anyone is perfect) — grace being something that’s extended to the guilty and undeserving who can’t work, buy, bargain, or argue themselves out of their situation.

When Christians turn to the State as their collective saviour, they show their lack of faith in their personal Saviour.

Best we pray like we mean it.

There’s no such thing as Christian rock, unless we’re talking about the Christian’s Rock, who, unlike carnal, earthly beings, would never be seen to rock.

Sin always has its price tag, and is never a bargain.

Grace isn’t a door mat to wipe our sin on.

If we truly love our children, we, as part of the love we have for them, will set boundaries, instruct, advise, warn and discipline them. So tell me, why are most churches only interested in dishing our warm fuzzies and generic sermons — such being somewhat akin to a diet that only consists of sweets, cakes and puddings.

What we do to others, we always do to God’s children.

If we don't like it straight, we're at odds with God and His Word.

It’s not enough for anyone to simply accept Christ as their Saviour and nothing more, (in order to be saved), as all who do accept Christ as their Saviour need to clearly know His will for the Christian via prior teaching. For should such folk later discover that His will doesn't suit, and thus they not falling into line with it, their initial acceptance of Christ as their Saviour will amount to a sham, and as a consequence make a mockery of their profession of faith — they mere hypocrites who desire Heaven but not God’s righteousness, and who thereby void His grace.

If ever there was a generation of followers less prepared for the return of Christ, it’s this one, given their worldliness, compromise and biblical ignorance.

If grace is mercy, then there’s nothing we can do to earn it, for such would cancel it out.

God’s love never runs out of puff.

Eternity with Christ will never be long enough.

That Satan’s still alive is evidence that he misread our Creator.

God’s grace is a temporary shelter made permanent by loyalty.

Our victories are but the Spirit’s triumphs.

A lack of faith in God is often the reason why we pursue what or whom we shouldn’t and end up without or regretful; and this, after having insulted the One who can do the impossible but whose timeframe oft requires patience.

God's grace is a gift that longs for evidence of gratefulness which is shown by obedience.

It’s funny how God’s clarity isn’t clear to many Christians.

Worldliness will cost you your Christian integrity.

If Noah came back to life, I'm sure that he would be called on again.

Satan had his motives and Christ bears the evidence.

Truth is like a jigsaw puzzle. Either you get it all together or you don’t. And if you don’t....

Where people have a problem with the words of God it’s usually because of the words of men.

If you’re not on Satan’s hit list, you’re hardly an asset to God.

Compromise is somewhat like a promise one never kept.

The only thing one misses out on by living a righteous life, is the destructive, degrading and imprisoning.

The further one moves from God, the less one recognises it, and therefore, what one wears, watches, reads, listens to, or does, becomes less and less in line with Christian principles and standards, and thus further from the path of righteousness.

Too many Christians have taken the Christ out of Christianity.

The love of many Christians only goes so far, and this is why they only partly know Christ.

The more men reject God's truth giving light, the more they plunge into Satan's realm of darkness.

To try and do without God is to try and do without nothing.

If your religion can't handle criticism, it's a dangerous one.

By Lance Landall