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More thought provoking but older articles of mine.


"We only rise as high as our gaze."
The poet, author

1. Duty And Purpose

Our duty and purpose while here on earth, and more so given the times that we’re living in, is,

To ease the pain and suffering of others whenever and wherever we can.
To defend and ensure each others right to freedom of expression and civil/religious liberty.
To seek disarmament, peace and harmony.
To do all we can to make society safer, healthier, sounder, loving and caring.
To lose ourselves in others and humble self-sacrificial service.
To pull together for the greater good, for the preservation of our environment and its well-being, and in order to undo any damage foolishly created.
To fairly share Earth’s bounties.
To use Earth’s resources, land, sky and sea wisely.
To spread light and brightness, hope and encouragement.
To work to find answers to anything afflicting humanity or individuals.
To uphold the sanctity of life.
To protect innocent creatures.
To learn and grow constructively, and without pain to others.
To develop a tender compassionate heart, a noble, wiser, educated and stretched mind, maximum health, and thus a prolonged life.
To enjoy and appreciate each others company, successes, diversity, individuality, talents and abilities.
To leave this world all the better for our presence.
To play our part in the cycle of life via daily work and duties.
To ensure that the needs of all are met, especially those of the weak, injured, handicapped, disabled, vulnerable, widowed, and aged
To run to the rescue of any who're being abused, violated, oppressed, or attacked.
To defend the wrongly accused or wrongly imprisoned.
To denounce and expose anything and anyone treading on human rights, causing injury, hardship, poverty, suffering, starvation, environmental damage, cruelty to animals, plotting carnage, war and strife, or inciting hatred and bigotry.
To warn of dangers and traps.
To denounce and expose secret societies.
To give equal voice and thought to minorities.
To uphold truth and expose error.
To keep all in positions of authority honest and accountable.
And to lessen government interference.

2. Until

Until everyone is able to follow their own path (without injuring another);
Able to follow their own dream and implement their own plans;
Able to live without being deprived of the necessities of life;
Able to live their life without being intimidated, threatened, violated, hindered, pressured or forced to conform to some majority or new order of things;
Able to defend them self against wrongful accusation or imprisonment via the full and impartial weight of the law;
Able to freely express their opposition, discontent, or disagreement without fear or punishment, and likewise, able to point out wrongs, error, charlatans, and those abusing positions of authority or influence, without fear or punishment;
Able to practice their religion without interference or ridicule, or to discard religion altogether;
There'll never truly be peace on earth, but continued troubles, discontent, hidden agendas and activities, unpleasant surprises and oppressive dominating powers.

3. In Times Like These

In times like these especially, what a difference it would make,

If those who are very wealthy, be they pop stars, actors, entertainers, business men/women, etc, were to refrain from spending their wealth on lavishly indulging themselves, be that on over-the-top parties, outrageously priced cars, jets, super yachts, chattels, mansions here and there, regular extravagant country to country jaunts, etc, and instead, used their wealth to alleviate suffering and poverty at home and abroad, be that via providing equipment, food, medical supplies, clinics, housing, education, clothing, opportunities, etc. It could be said, that how much one has left, after they’ve given, indicates the true state of their generosity. Yes, how much is still sitting in their bank account? Assets? 

If governments, local councils, etc, refrained from spending money on the likes of trips to the moon (that’ll never work for us, can’t), the proliferation of weapons, fire works, extravagant buildings, unnecessary and expensive statues, memorials, events, or titivations, and instead, spent it on animal welfare/protection, food banks, refuge centres, cheaper public transport, recycling, mental health services, free or cheaper medical care and aids (such as crutches, spectacles, dentures, artificial limbs, hearing aids), etc.

If the likes of heads of state, members of parliament, chief executives, refused to accept and justify unacceptable (some would say obscene), unwarranted salaries, bonuses.

If those in the medical profession, be they doctors, dentists, surgeons, optometrists, etc, cut their charges, accepted lower profits, and particularly helped those on low incomes, benefits, be it via free services from time to time, or be it via reduced costs.

If those with skills, be they an electrician, computer whiz, builder, mechanic, lawyer, etc, volunteered their service/ability from time to time, without charge, in an effort to help those in difficulty and struggling financially, and also cut their charges in general so that their services were more affordable to all.

If those who own businesses showed more concern over their staff and the community than their profits, improved wages and conditions (certainly where warranted), sought to produce quality products at a price that showed generosity and thought, rather than possible greed.

If husbands and wives put all their effort into trying to make their partner happy, putting them first, loving and caring for them (self-sacrificially), displaying affection, compassion, sensitivity, building them up, supporting them, being their for them, being faithful, transparent, non-violent, nor manipulative, and not placing unfair expectations on them.

If both parents and children made a greater effort to understand each other, worked together for the greater good of each other, showed mutual respect, were more tolerant and forgiving towards each other, and more sensitive to each others needs, less judgmental.

If you and I lived more humbly, focusing on needs rather than wants, not the indulgent or unnecessary, and instead, used that money (that we might have wasted) to help those in the community who are poorer, struggling, or by giving it to food banks, charities, sponsoring children overseas, doing our bit to halt poverty and suffering around the world, etc.

If Christians truly lived according to their Bible, displayed tolerance, love, compassion, and a non-judgmental, nor self-righteous attitude, allowed others to respectfully challenge their beliefs and actions without responding negatively or showing a bias. 

If all, whether Christian, Muslim, or atheist, put self last, insisted upon a higher standard within society, appreciated and respected values, morals, etiquette, showed tolerance, fairness, and compassion, sought peace, valued the sacredness of life, upheld law and order, freedom of speech, civil/religious liberty, non-violence.

If all in authority humbly sought to serve rather than dominate, to aid rather than hinder, to improve rather than worsen, to give rather than take, to protect rather than injure.

If no one killed creatures for sport, cruelly experimented on them, confined them to cages for self gratification, or mistreated them in general.

If all acted responsibly towards the environment, took pride in themselves and their surroundings, took care of their health to the best of their ability.

4. Words Of Wisdom

Appreciate and treasure your very existence, the opportunities that your birth has presented — yes, appreciate and treasure each moment, day, week, month, and year, for your lifespan is just that, a very limited span of time, one that passes very quickly, but usually unnoticed until you’ve far less time than more.

Appreciate and treasure your loved ones as if you only have that present moment with them, for their life may cease the very moment that present moment ends; and also never treat them less than well, lest their departure leave you with greater pain, deep regret, and even guilt.

Treat everyone as you would like them to treat you, bearing in mind that what goes around comes around (in some form or another), be that sooner or later, and even after you’ve seen the error of your ways, and also bear in mind that those whom you mistreat might seek to harm you, might seek to get back at you somehow.

At all times display courtesy, politeness, good manners, due respect and etiquette, bearing in mind that should you not do so, you might upset the very ones that you’ll have cause to regret upsetting, be they the likes of a potential father-in-law, employer, judge, tutor, or benefactor.

Learn to go without, and cultivate generosity, not just as a character building exercise, but for the sake of others who’re less fortunate, and who have as much right to life’s necessities as you, and bearing in mind that one day you may well be in need yourself.

Always forgive others and even yourself, never seek revenge, and don’t harbour grudges or bitterness, for by so doing, such will turn in on you like a cancer, eating away at you emotionally and physically, and thereby adding to any pain and injustice that came your way, depriving you of hope and joy, preventing you from moving on and being a blessing to others, or negatively affecting those dearest to you.

Value and uphold the rights of others, their right to freedom of speech (be it pleasing or displeasing), and civil/religious liberty, lest you suffer from the same erosion and loss, and join them in becoming subjects rather than citizens.

Avoid gossip, armchair judgments, and unconstructive criticism, lest such return to bite you, and always be honest with others and transparent in all that you do, freely admitting your faults, mistakes and failures, and thereby freeing yourself of skeletons and potential accusations.

Never indulge in bigotry, nor allow bias or prejudice to play a part in your dealings with others, and always give them the opportunity to state their case and disagree, to respectfully challenge what you believe, uphold and practice, thereby being receptive and prepared to change should their argument have validity.

Always put another’s best interests before your own, giving them the time of day and the benefit of the doubt, respecting their right to privacy and quality of life, appreciating their individuality, talents and input, being quick to apologise where at fault, and at all times displaying hospitality, thoughtfulness, compassion, genuine affection, and loving concern.

Always show respect to those in authority, (be they right or wrong, and lest your lot be made harder), and value the wisdom of those who’re of mature years, or experienced in their field.

Always choose good over evil, aligning yourself with that positive force in life that leads to better outcomes and blessings; always act justly, fairly, and impartially, and seek to turn any enemy into a friend that they may thereby cease to be a threat.

Never mistreat any creature [animal, etc], for they’ve the same right to life as you, and are no less deserving of tender loving care, and bear in mind that their very presence (and more so if they’re in one’s care) poses a test that reveals the state of an individual’s heart, or the heartbeat of society.

Value and look after your health via exercise, self-discipline and temperance, via consuming only that which is beneficial, and via avoiding that which could injure, lest your journey be more painful, and your loved ones burdened, thus adding to society’s costs, lessening your lifespan, and leaving your loved ones grieving much sooner.

Appreciate what you have, for many haven’t even that, and appreciate the fact that what you currently have you could easily lose, for life is unpredictable, and has a way of unpleasantly surprising the ungrateful, those who take things for granted, or who don’t give thought to the things they should.

Take time to enjoy the company of good friends, relations, and family, to savour the taste of beneficial food, to listen to uplifting music, to enrich the mind with noble and useful material, to marvel at the wonders of nature, to pursue a constructive and pleasurable hobby, to have wholesome fun, to share experiences that foster hope, and to regain physical and mental strength through peaceful relaxation and heavenly meditation.

Go out of your way to ease the burdens and workload of others, to visit the lonely, the ill, the despondent, the incapacitated, the incarcerated, and to assist in that which is charitable, bearing in mind that your benevolence and kindness should also include vagrants and strangers.

Develop a positive attitude, face your fears, don’t be afraid to express your emotions, roll with life’s punches, allow yourself to be moulded by life’s lessons, and put past mistakes and misfortunes behind in order to move on, in order to give others the benefit of your own experiences, and in order to leave something behind that will make a positive difference and even show a change in direction.

Seek to improve on your capabilities, to gain new skills, to experience and learn all that you can in order that it may help you grow and mature, become more well-rounded, and that it may give more depth to your understanding, thus developing within you a more holistic outlook, an ability to appreciate the lot and concerns of others, to think outside the box and not be confined to the narrow views of some.

At all times maintain your dignity, refraining from course language, crude expressions, bawdy, riotous, slothful behaviour, childish outbursts, pettiness, vindictiveness, and sulkiness.

Never indulge in mind games, nor manipulation of any sort, nor attempt to force others to accept or do something against their will, but rather, use gentle persuasion and sound reasoning, allowing them to decide for themselves which path they'll take, as is their right.

Always do your own research and investigating, drawing from many sources and weighing the various arguments, lest you be taken off track and swayed by the majority (so often wrong, and usually made up of sheep who let others do their thinking for them and thereby decide their destiny), and lest you perpetuate error and mislead others in turn.

Appreciate that a moment of carelessness, any inattention, fooling around, or any unnecessary risk, could result in serious injury to yourself (or others), much misery and suffering, the loss of your hearing, eyesight, a limb or limbs, all of which might thereby deprive you of the ability to participate fully in life, to pursue and enjoy that which once gave you much pleasure, or even deprive you of life itself.

Take pride in your appearance and surroundings, for should you not do so, it could work against you, for others may be less inclined to lend you their things, rent you their home, or may consider you unworthy of their generosity, or unfit for some role that would please you.

Value and look after the environment in all that you do, be that via careful use of contaminants, or their non-usage, be that via recycling and avoidance of wastage (lest you help deplete the earth's vital resources), or be that via taking care of what you possess in order to ensure its longevity, and thus not unnecessarily and irresponsibly add to the stockpile polluting the earth, and which fouls your own nest.

In summary:

Use your time, mind, body, abilities and resources in a way that will bring maximum return rather than minimum, that will produce good rather than evil, that will keep you free of injury, ill-health, and trouble (as much as is humanly possible), that will keep you free of accusation or charge, that will help to resolve, solve, or improve, that will prove of benefit to others and the creatures that share our planet, that will make the world a better and brighter place, and that will leave behind the sweet aroma of your selflessness, bravery, and positive contribution.

5. Could This Be A Sure To Work Plan

...for turning things around?

Ban sexually explicit images, gratuitous violence, gore, crudity and foul language from TV, DVDs, videos, and movies.
Introduce higher standards for advertisers and broadcasting in general.
Require total transparency and accountability from those in positions of trust and leadership, be they politicians, teachers, preachers, doctors, the police, etc.
Instil respect for authority and the aged, and strong penalties for foul-mouthing or cheeking a police officer.
Begin an intensive rehabilitation programme for offenders and the incarcerated.
Install a zero tolerance for violence of any kind (e.g. bullying, beating, animal cruelty, home invasion, rape, murder); for general lawlessness (e.g. graffiti, disorderly behaviour, swearing or spitting in public, intimidation, rioting), and for drink driving.
Outlaw gangs and any organisation that actively indulges in crime or the promotion of violence, vandalism, and outright religious or racial hatred.
Vigorously promote standards, values, etiquette, modesty, chastity, moderation, and selflessness.
Introduce an aggressive recycling programme that leaves no stone unturned, and encourage the production of recyclable products.
Work towards the complete destruction of weapons of war, create a disgust for weapons in general, ban the sale of imitation (toy) weapons, and also the likes of computer games that encourage participation in violence.
Foster contempt for wastage, junk food, abuse, vandalism, intemperance, bigotry, and unworthy intolerance.
Protect, uphold and support heterosexual marriages and families as the bedrock of society.
Require all who indulge in criminal activity, drink driving, (or drug driving), dangerous pastimes, or extreme sports, to pay for or contribute to their own medical costs regarding injuries incurred during such, and enforce reparation for the victims of crime.
Make life and relationship skills a part of a school’s curriculum.
Encourage effective discipline within the home and school, and require a fair accountability from teachers and parents.
Outlaw the killing of any creature for sport, vivisection, and unfair caging practices.
Ensure freedom of expression and civil/religious liberty at all cost.
Foster self respect, due care and appreciation, and pride in one’s appearance and surroundings.
Encourage business owners to be community minded, environmentally responsible, and more staff orientated than profit driven (happy employees, larger profits).
Outlaw corporate greed.
Enforce severe penalties for damage to the environment and zealously work at limiting and phasing out harmful production practices.
Provide a humane safety net for the unemployed, the unwell and injured, and provide the appropriate support services.
Actively address the problem of noise and other irritants within society, including certain dangers (e.g. toxins, genetically predisposed aggressive dogs).
Ensure that all have access to basic needs (e.g. food, clothing, warmth, shelter), free education, affordable healthcare, and cheap public transport.
Find better ways of utilizing the land for greater productivity and sustainability.
Ban brothels, strip joints, and abortion on demand clinics.
Remove pornography, non-medical drugs (which, to be honest, effectively includes alcohol given that it's a drug too), and casinos.
Reduce and set a ceiling on appallingly high salaries of CEOs, mayors, politicians, consultants, etc.
Usher in a return to beautiful, uplifting, relaxing, bright, joyful music on radio stations, in public places, and within the home.
Embark on an aggressive and continual tree planting exercise.
Completely overhaul and streamline the justice system to ensure fairness, neutrality, and sensible sentencing (sentences that fit the offence).
Discourage unnecessary activities, events (e.g. fireworks), even sports (e.g. drag racing), that waste precious resources (e.g. petrol, oil), money (that could aid food banks, etc.), and that pollute and endanger the environment.
Ensure that only those of the highest calibre get held up as public role models.