Concern For Men



Some poems may seem as if for women, but actually contain thought for men. Hence my struggle as to where to put them.

One article appears after the last poem, and that poem being number 19.

"It's easier to love a boy than mend a man."

1.  Men, Lift Your Head Up

Men, when the world’s making fools of you, treating you as if you’re an enemy,
A threat to women and children, a brute, or one who would act unfaithfully,
And you’re none of these,
Lift your head up, still love and cherish your own, be proud of your manhood, your role,
And blessed be the supportive wife, so that together, you may both become whole,
And each moment seize.

Yes, don’t let the world dumb you down, bounce you around, have you believing its lies,
Men, men, women, women, their clear cut differences being what works and ties.
So, flex your masculinity, indulge your wife’s pleasing femininity;
You the home builder, she the home maker, but neither seeking supremacy.

“Women can do anything men can!” they’re shouting, thus killing the mystery,
And this being why you shouldn’t bow to such ignorant spiel or sophistry.
The world having lost its way, women hardly better off today, except where
Men are treating them rightly, just like you are, with tender loving thought and care.

No, none of us flawless, but oh, those unfair attacks on men; how they’re painted,
Leaving folk thinking that all men with the same unfortunate things are tainted.
Hence those Hollywood buffoons, criminals and predators, and the list goes on,
So lift your head up, you men, because only unfit men should be set upon.

At the end of the day, it is what it is, a boy and girl world, each a half,
’Till in marriage a whole; an androgynous society nought but a laugh.
Knights meant to be real, and women treated like princesses, but what do we see,
Men being hammered, women wearing the armour, and castles sitting empty.

And many men taking it lying down, they foolishly falling victim too,
Courtesy of political correctness, the feminists distorted view.
So honestly, you men, acceptance of faults being one thing (all humans flawed),
But retreating under fire? No, lift your head up, make sure your boats are still moored.

Seems society has thrown a paddy and tipped its toy box upside down,
From which has spilled clowns, naughty monkeys, and shysters who opposing voices drown.
Thus time those toys were put back in their box, that life might return to normal; so
Mind that rudder, men, because despite the nonsense, many of us better know,

Aren’t caught up in that flow.

Sadly, far too many women have got caught up with that throwing of bricks, when
There is many an ill coming from the female quarter, and not just from men.
It’s about working together, building on the best, not dwelling on the worst,
So lift your head up, good men, ’cause men like you help quench a woman’s inner thirst.

By Lance Landall

2.  It's Time That Men Were Spared Some Thought

No one taught him how to raise kids, nor treat a wife, and hey, isn’t that life, well
So often for a man, that is — and thus why future troubles one can foretell.
And how men get a bad rap, little help available, even from their own,
It oft a case of the blind leading the blind, and thus men so accident-prone.

Got to be like dad, shouldn’t cry, must be tough, and there goes sensitivity,
Something that’s needed to bring some balance to that hardnosed masculinity.
But such coming rather late, little taught and learnt when such should’ve been, and why
Married men-cum-fathers so oft miss the mark, and why “Foul!” many woman cry.

Yes, on the one hand men must be this way, and on the other must be that way,
They unable to win, and if they’ve issues, things well and truly go astray.
Then out come the knives, folk pointing to the harm they’ve done, not that most men mean to,
But oh, how they’re destined to fail; and men being males, can’t see from a woman’s view.

Such being why men should be nurtured in the art of love and care from very young;
 And women taught to understand their man, that he may grasp and climb every rung.
And that children also support their father’s growth, not add to his load and pain,
Lest they or their mother create the husband and father of which they complain.

Yes, it seems men can’t win, they oft dammed if they do and dammed if they don’t, sadly,
And why, given they’re caught betwixt and between, they’re often seen to act badly.
And no wonder, James Bond like violence their diet, and lusty bedroom scenes too,
Such aided by callous porn, promiscuous women and that befuddling brew.

The truth is, that women can’t have it both ways, and therefore, must make up their mind,
But surely they preferring men who’re sensitive, loving, caring, good and kind.
Well, if that’s the kind of men women want, best they protest over what is seen
Come those confusing signals that are coming from each family’s TV screen.

Oh, how difficult and painful being a man-cum-husband and father can be,
Men seemingly having to be all things to both their partner and family.
Yes, a provider, protector, rule enforcer, tower of strength-cum-shoulder,
Sage, judge, guide, confidant, blame-bearer, fix-it-man, gentleman and skilled lover.

But wait, there’s more! — yes, he oft having to forgo some dream or worthy desire,
Or having to deal with unsuitable suitors, or men who his wife desire.
And thus the pain a man faces should poor suitors or wife-stealers get their way,
And why men can be over protective, or their protectiveness go astray.

And why men are oft dammed if they do and dammed if they don’t (as mentioned before),
Wolves in the form of opportunists, unemployment, or knockers at the door.
Yes, on the one hand they’re condemned for their violence, and on the other hand,
Condemned where tearful, depressed-cum-not coping and in need of a helping hand.

And thus why it is that many men despair, for they need encouragement too,
A support base, someone who believes in them, understands what they’re going through.
For they not only have to deal with their own lot, both outside the home and in,
But those emotions and moods that oft rule a female’s life and wear a man thin.

Men are generally straightforward creatures, but not so women or children,
The latter demanding perfect parents, and baulking at required discipline.
And why men can’t win, unless they’re blessed with a perfect wife and perfect children,
Such unrealistic too, and why on husbands and fathers they should mind what they pin.

While men are guilty of much, they’re not alone in their guilt, and oft victims too,
Childhood assaults having weakened or damaged their manhood, hence those things some rue.
Yes, many men seemingly programmed, let alone those unfair expectations,
All of which works against men who’re often fending off unfair accusations.

Yes, never mind how much joy his kids may’ve stolen from his marriage-cum-life,
Precious, irreplaceable years spoilt by strife that came between husband and wife.
And so unfairly, but such is how it oft goes, and why many men despair,
Their kids having gone their own selfish way after having left behind less cheer.

Yes, never mind the problems that his wife may’ve posed, of which he had to bear,
For as I mentioned, and thus when it comes to guilt, women must accept their share.
And why here I write in defence of men, husbands and fathers, oft vilified,
And yet who’ve done their best despite it all, and inwardly, many times have cried.

By Lance Landall

3.  I'm Not Sorry

I’m not sorry for being a man, but sorry that many men act badly,
They thus making it hard for the good men out there who get branded too, sadly.
And those good men so easily at risk of being accused of this or that,
When they wouldn’t dream of such, but knocking men today, seemingly where it’s at.

Yes, it’s the old story, come such ill and things oft swing too far the other way,
The entire male kingdom under fire, despite those women who harm and stray.
Yet I don’t see men branding all women the same, because where’s the sense in that,
There being good and bad on both sides, and childish indeed is that tit-for-tat.

Oh yes, that kiss and tell too, maturity simply moving on, life too short,
And given the promiscuity out there, ships docking at many a port.
Risk always associated with confused morality, that can and can’t,
And hence why when it comes to acting self-righteously, both pot and kettle can’t.

By Lance Landall

4.  Women Who're Guilty Too

Just as there’re men who spoil a marriage via mistreating or neglecting a lovely wife, so too
Women, they not appreciating the good man they’ve got — and such foolish women, not a few.
Yes, such sad but true, hence the nagging and bagging, the using and abusing, until somewhere
He walks out the door, or she does, if it’s her husband who’s at fault (she possibly feeling fear).

But here we’re talking about women, women who’ve little reason for their discontent, and yet,
They making life miserable — He remaining faithful, but marriage wise, not without regret.
Yes, he treated like a doormat, perhaps, she moody, difficult and demanding this or that,
And no doubt in some cases, displaying far more thought and affection towards their dog or cat.

And in their discontent, many such women looking elsewhere, such fuelled by movies and TV,
And by the latter I mean, those slick images-cum-spiel that lie so blatantly, or subtly.
Yes, be it those ads or those serials and movies that have far more to do with fantasy
(Not to mention novels), all creating unrealistic expectations-cum-some tragedy.

Well, fools there have always been, and none bigger than those who spoil a marriage-cum-their partner’s life,
And why we’re seeing so many divorces, that seemingly resigned or trapped husband or wife.
Yes, tragedies that oft needn’t be, and though men are more commonly at fault, let’s not forget
That many a woman is just as guilty, or certain problems is seen to aid and abet.

By Lance Landall

5.  Like A Mate

He’s taken you as his lifelong partner, has willingly said, “I do,” so please,
Look after him well, and try to understand just how differently he sees.
Keep him contended via what’s pleasing to a man, shore up his manhood each day,
Letting him know that he’s wanted and loved, because men can so easily stray.

Patiently bear with mistakes he might make, and where needed, gently help him see,
Taking care his ego’s not bruised, and minding what wives shouldn’t share thoughtlessly.
Make a big fuss of him, but give him space when he wants to be alone, and wait,
That he may know you’ll always be there, ready to do things with him like a mate.

By Lance Landall

6.  For Men, Though Women May Peek

It’s my belief,

That men and women have been designed to compliment each other in every way,
And even a few differing roles being part of that magic equation, I say.
For the greater those differences between them, the stronger the attraction, and
Every enhancement producing more satisfaction-cum-lending a helping hand.

So don’t apologize for being a man but be proud of your masculinity,
Just like any woman should delight in her male capturing femininity.
Yes, she not shackled by feminist agitations often born of injury,
But a woman in every way who’s in touch with Nature-cum-plain reality.

All why men should act like men, they enjoying their man cave, rugby or muscle car,
Not succumbing to New Age wimpiness just as a woman shouldn’t burn her bra.
For men were clearly made to be men just as women were made to be women, and
Nestle their sweet head in the bosom of a love that takes in the lie of the land.

Yes, it’s so strange how we’re living in a time where the genders are becoming blurred,
It oft hard to tell the difference at a glance, the situation quite absurd,
Off-putting, actually,
Women dressing and acting like men, and men mimicking women, and why we see,
Some men bending over backwards to apologize where there’s no necessity,

And thus it plain stupidity.

So rejoice in your manhood, men, only flexing any muscle protectively,
And thereby using your brains, no macho nonsense marring your masculinity.
And as for exchanging what you shouldn’t, I wouldn’t, thus retaining dignity,
Though never discarding selflessness, thoughtfulness, a certain sensitivity.

Seems ads on TV are hell-bent on portraying men as jerks, and as for females,
They’re oft portrayed as just as aggressive and raunchy as renegade lustful males.
And why one can’t help thinking at times that there is some kind of twisted agenda,
And why men and women should denounce such ill and do more to preserve their gender.

So never apologize for being a man but act like a man in every way,
Tenderly looking after your little lady while burning rubber on the way,
If you catch my drift.
In other words, treat her like a women but live like a man, for boys should be boys,
And girls should be girls, as anything that says otherwise just distorts and destroys.

By Lance Landall

7.  In Defence Of Men

My, how the world has changed, though some things never change, and hence why I speak in defence of men, and rightly so,
For it’s so easy for men to be wrongly accused, and many haven’t recovered from such a cruel blow.
What am I referring to? Well, a woman only has to cry rape, and some innocent man is in strife,
Be that accusation coming from a treacherous stranger with an agenda, or his very own wife.

And if it isn't rape, it’s some other sexual infringement, including sexual molestation,
But whichever one of these it is, what chance does a man have against such a serious accusation?
Hence why many men can feel uneasy about being alone with some woman, or a child, tragically,
Lest he soon find his life tipped upside down (and despite him being innocent), such happening so easily.

And unbelievably at a time when the world’s in love with promiscuity, and full of pornography,
Thanks to a sexual revolution where just about anything goes-cum–a certain hypocrisy,
For men are so often teased and led on, hence those blurred demarcation lines, and then there’s the angry girlfriend,
(Or wife), who should she have it in her mind to, could sexually accuse, and some man’s happiness thus end.

Hence why men can also feel uneasy using a public toilet, or being alone with their grandchildren too,
They fearing coming under suspicion, given that there are betrayers who paedophilia pursue,
Yes, those men who make it hard for other men, who, though innocent, are at risk of some wrongful accusation,
An unfair sword that awaits every man’s neck, they meantime taunted by so much sexual stimulation.

Yes, the truth of the matter is, that while a woman’s always at risk of being assaulted sexually,
A man’s at risk of being accused sexually, and also of looking when he shouldn't be, apparently.
And as for the latter, men scratch their head, 'cause when women dress up sexually — in other words, sexy —
Isn’t such in order to attract a man’s gaze? And indeed it will. So why do women complain, laughably?

By Lance Landall

Christian content or degree.

8.  Sympathetic But Concerned

When God created a man and a woman, placed them in the garden of Eden,
Eve wasn’t lesser nor inferior; inequality coming with sin.
The fall of man having brought about a fall in thinking, which hardened his heart,
And ever since, women have borne the brunt of such, that then and now worlds apart.

Yes, both having been made in God’s image, thus equal in worth and being, and
Designed to complement each other; working together being what God planned.
 Yes, equal in worth and being, but different, both bringing things to the table,
Until peace and harmony were seen to go, and Cain slew his brother Able.

All why that fall in thinking has seen women treated somewhat murderously,
And has given rise to all that loud, pent-up feminist animosity.
Oh, to think that one day women would have to fight for their rights — what a disgrace!
And thus that understandable backlash being what men have to rightly face.

And as can happen, unfortunately, that backlash sometimes going too far,
And as much ground is gained, as much ground is lost, given they haven’t raised the bar.
But rather, are fighting fire with fire, and thus achievements coming at a cost,
Which is why when one surveys the bloodied scene, one sees so much ground that’s been lost,

Like respect and protectiveness, that ‘girl power’ thing in a man’s face, sadly,
And that ‘attitude,’ let me add, which sees young women acting just as badly.
Men are turned off by such, feel threatened by such, thus their hearts hardened all the more,
They confronted with an oxymoron, something that they can hardly adore.

And the reason why is, because God never intended that things be this way,
That “sugar and spice and all things nice” having fermented, turned a sour grey.
Those feminine charms and ways having been exchanged for the hard, raw and angry,
A battleground instead of a meeting place, and hence why more abuse we see.

Yes, Adam and Eve’s disaster leading to that Cain and Able disaster,
And now, female abuse has metamorphosed into male abuse — oh, how we err.
Fix one problem, cause another, it seems — oh, when will balance return, and sense?
Well, not until we’ve returned to God’s blueprint, I believe, repaired Eden’s fence.

By Lance Landall

Alternative poem.

9.  Men

Given that men and women are completely different (which I as a male am glad to convey, and such far from being pseudoscience, by the way), men should be defended as much as women, and hence this message that I’ve penned for women, because where men aren’t treated as men, it backfires on women, as I’ve seem time and time again, all why those differences should be respected, and thereby, women certainly better protected, because a nagged and bagged man is less likely to be a caring man, at least not to her (his wife, I mean), whose wrong responses only worsen the scene.
All why when a woman wears the pants, and indulges in unbecoming rants (alias belittling and destructive rants), she’s less likely to get what she desires, and how, as I said, it more often backfires, because a man’s ego is very easily crushed, and how from his heart, manly protectiveness is flushed, and given how men operate on a certain level, sweetness encouraging a saint, and sarcasm a devil, men moved by tender appeals to their masculinity, just like women are moved by what strokes their femininity, they thus being treated like females, and not like a males, and in turn, they treating men like men should be treated, as males.
In other words, they treating their man with the same thought and care (lest setting the scene for some torrid  affair), encouraging the best in their man, helping him achieve what he can, standing loyally by his side, he gratefully cherishing his bride, the source of his energy and pride, and thus both being blessed, and as you’ve no doubt guessed, both his and her arms kept open wide.

By Lance Landall

10.  Guys, Know Your Woman


Marry someone who, should you be unfaithful, would simply walk away from you,
Not someone who’d seek revenge, even take it out on you physically too.
'Cause if such is in her heart to do, you made an unwise choice, one that will cost,
And why some old sayings aren’t that clever, like, “It’s better to have loved and lost...”

Such behaviour is not uncommon amongst women, and should be borne in mind,
Lest any vindictiveness, nastiness, cattiness or strife, you too late find.
And often there are telltale signs which one needs to discover well before time,
Lest you dig yourself a very deep hole, one out of which you’ll struggle to climb.

By Lance Landall

This poem isn't condoning unfaithfulness.

11.  I'll Call Him Bobby

The world is full of Bobbys, damaged men who once were innocent little boys,
Having been influenced by, having suffered from, what messes up and destroys.
And hence that worsening stretch in prison, those precious but wasted years and days;
They having done what both experience and an older head knows never pays.

Yes, wisdom seldom found amongst the young, seemingly — and hence their foolish ways,
And ever more so where they’ve been harmed, they oft somewhat like wild and homeless strays.
Yes, desperately in need of help and direction, love that’s foreign to them,
Hence why we need to pause before we point the finger, and mind who we condemn.

And as has been said: It’s easier to love a boy than mend a man; and so
Many years passing before their deep wounds have a chance to heal; the progress slow.
And in many cases there’s no healing, no progress, but just a tragic end,
And this why we need to get involved, because without our help, many won’t mend.

Perhaps they’ve knocked their partner about, or their kids, and you’re angry about that,
And though understandable, don’t forget that they were once treated like a mat,
Emotionally or physically stomped on, even molested, maybe,
And thus our expectations oft unfair and unrealistic, obviously.

Yes, this world’s full of Bobbys — and amongst them, those who’re trying to change, but oh,
How easier such is said than done, and there’s those spanners in the works, you know,
Circumstances that work against, human obstacles, weakened abilities,
And hence why some Bobbys succeed and some don’t, why some disappoint and some please,

But with our help, even more making it through. Will one of those helpers be you?

By Lance Landall

12.  Johnny

Johnny wasn’t a saint, never professed to be, but the biggest wretch of all,
He well aware of his many issues, though despite such, trying to walk tall.
He slipped and oft fell, continued to struggle throughout his life, sad and lonely,
Damage left and right, because the wounded wound, and he past saying, “If only.”

Yes, he tried to do his best, as much as he could, but folk remember the worst,
And thus he feeling that it wasn’t worth bothering, and as if he were cursed.
And I guess he kind of was, because what goes around comes around, hence his pain,
He damaging what mattered most to him, hence loss of love and respect was plain.

Sure he’d oft been loving, had steered his kids in the right direction, but you know,
One needs to be consistent, always setting an example, cheery or low.
And so, mixed signals aplenty, and no wonder, his background just as confused,
And hence why as much as folk were loved and helped, as much they were hurt and abused.

Yes, many thinking the worst of him, and few the best, if at all, and therefore,
Little or no encouragement coming his way, nor opportunity’s door.
He kind of trapped via one thing or another, dammed if he did or didn’t, and
Wanting so much to be valued for something, but who would ever understand?

He died, of course, as all do, having wished and hoped, full of regrets and sorry,
One minute loving and caring, the next, hard and furious as a lorry.
No, help not there as it needed to be, and so it is with many, sadly,
Who stumble their way through jungles of mental tangles, just like mixed up Johnny.

Yes, a simple casket, a few words of farewell, and Johnny a memory,
One soon forgotten, his worth not highly valued, and some might say, “Why should it be?”
Well, worth’s not based on behaviour, Johnny just as precious as us all, but flawed,
And the wounded wound, though their pain oft greater, and the why of it, seldom explored.

By Lance Landall

Do you see yourself in this?

13  I Forgive You, Dad

You didn’t understand me, Dad, and nor knew how to deal with me,
Given that I’m different to you, though I can see you in me.
In fact, when facing a mirror, I sometimes think I’m seeing you,
And that rather disturbs, but there’s little about it I can do.

At times you really frightened me, Dad. Overdid things, didn’t you,
And losing it sometimes, hence why some discipline soon went askew.
I cried out, “I’m sorry!, I’m sorry!” begged you to halt fist and boot,
And how I hated you for it, wished you were dead, thought you a brute.

Mum hated it too, and she condemned it all, but what could she do?
Because despite your wrong responses here, she did in fact love you.
And all said and done, you really were a good man, I have to say,
Whom stress simply got the better of — and background too, one must weigh.

We’re all victims of our background to some degree, and therefore,
The sad consequences of such, it would be unfair to ignore.
And this I’ve come to see, having erred myself, unsurprisingly,
Because I’m the product of your influence, Dad, and genes, you see.

Oh yes, I’ve the scars to prove it, Dad, and they have dogged me daily,
But despite such, I have picked up on those good things you instilled in me.
And hence why I’m quite a mixture, as both good and bad came my way,
Which I’m still dealing with, though much I have dealt with, I need to say.

I know Mum loved me, Dad, though her positive quips irked me;
I often feeling somewhat down, and was looking for empathy.
At times she was silent and sided with you, though wrongly, I thought,
But I guess that in the middle of things, a mother can get caught.

I hope you loved me too, Dad, though you seemed quite a hard man to me,
So independent, capable, but lacking sensitivity.
You weren’t into feelings, Dad, and perhaps were too busy for such,
Or so it seemed to me, ’cause affection wise, I didn’t see much.

Yes, a son needs cuddles too, Dad, a father that he can talk to,
A dad who’ll spend time with him, time that I wished I’d had with you.
And hey, it is okay to cry, so I wasn’t such a baby,
But just a son who needed you — though as mentioned, you too busy.

Oh, how many of your words stung, Dad, not just your actions, you know,
And hence there were those nights on the bridge when I watched the river flow.
But something held me back, I’m not sure what it was — fear, possibly,
And oh, Dad, how it all messed me up, destroyed my security.

Well, I’ve raised my own children, Dad, and boy, it hasn’t been easy,
Given all those inner demons, my struggle emotionally.
But I really tried to do my best, and that’s all that I could do,
Given your flawed example — yes, that tragic legacy from you.

However, I understand things more now, because I’ve felt stress too,
And thus have come to see how our background can affect what we do.
No, I don’t excuse what you did, for no one should, obviously,
But it’s just that I’ve learnt a lot, and now see things differently.

So I forgive you, Dad, and I think I love you now — well, want to,
And am sad that you’re not here now, and hey, I’ve changed a lot too.
Maybe you would be proud of me — oh, it would mean so much to me,
'Cause that and a father’s love, every son wants — needs, actually.

By Lance Landall

"With rights comes thought and responsibility."
The poet, author

14.  How Can Men Take Women Seriously?

“We’re so tired of being sexualised, seen as objects,” they’re saying today,
When they’re also sexualizing themselves, indulging in hypocrisy.
They dressing to kill, oozing sex, furiously spinning a man’s radar, and
Participating in the raunchy and pornie, those movies that should be banned.

No wonder they’re being sexualized, seen as objects, so why all the tears?
Their cruel teasing of men causing frustration that’s simply been building for years.
And frustration usually ends in something, because when men see the sexy
They hardly see the person, just the body, and can’t help note hypocrisy.

If they don’t want men groping them, say, wrongly assaulting them sexually,
They shouldn’t pressurise any bladder that could explode upon society.
All why “It’s my right to dress as I wish to” falls on deaf ears, ’cause all men see
Is women flaunting what turns a key, revs a motor, even redlining it,


So how can men take women seriously, men geared to notice that body,
And notice they will where it’s half naked and flaunted, stirring excitedly.
And it’s all the man’s fault, apparently, and a puppy’s too where there’s a fresh steak,
One waved in front of its nose, dear me, men and puppies acting naturally,

Hence that path some take.

Yes, that puppy barking, that man aroused too, his camera having gone "Click!”
And there in his mind that image replaying, the OFF switch very hard to flick.
Some woman having sexualised herself, made it easy for men to think
She might have sex in mind too, and miscalculating men destined for the Clink.

Of course we know men shouldn’t err regardless, but once stirred, many are prone to,
They kind of fooled by such confusing signals, as if possibly she’d want to.
And thus a little persuasion needed, perhaps, when that’s not how it is here,
But simply women publicly parading what privately they wish to share

With only their boyfriend or their husband, that is, which isn’t exactly clear.

And so, if they don’t like strangers ogling them, nor want to be objectified,
They shouldn’t dress so, nor behave so, because those two worlds are sure to collide.
Such sexiness blinding men like those headlights blind possums, but aren’t women blind too,
Who, the very things that work just as much against them as for them, still pursue?

Women can dress as they want, but men won't change, CAN'T change, they stirred visually,
And thus will continue to stare
and yes, some even acting criminally.
It all too much for many, many already buzzing via pornography,
Which women aid via starring in such, helping lust to figure dramatically.

Men are very visual creatures, and hence why sexy pictures stir them too,
And with porn on tap, such pictures are etched on their mind after what they view.
It corrupting men, destroying their love and respect for women, and so too
Those street scenes that draw them to the body
unfairly, thoughtlessly, in my view.

By Lance Landall

This poem was added to on 9 April 2021.

15.  Don't Storm A Man's Castle

Some things never change, and so it will always be with a man and woman’s mind, for one thing’s clear:
Men and woman think very differently despite many things in common that they both share.
And thus why Nature and not nurture allots to each their own territory-cum-boundaries,
Which if either chooses to cross, usually results in consequences that displease.

Yes, you may smile; or resent such, but it’s as clear as night and day, and why women need to know
(As corny as it sounds), that men like to feel like men, hence that protectiveness that good men show.
And why women soldiers and truck drivers (for example), just don’t cut it with men, underneath,
For such makes men feel that they’re not so much men, and hence that resentment that oft lies beneath.

You see, men like to be “the man,” and where women act like “the man,” men feel threatened somehow,
Such women intruding on their territory, and hence the proverbial marital row,
Or certain assaults (sadly), for where a man can’t take a woman under his manly stretched wing,
(Given her feminist type approach-cum-competing for his manhood), things negatively swing.

And this why many men stop behaving chivalrously (like a boy who’s been told he’s no good),
They feeling, “What’s the point?” or, “Too bad,” hence they not thoughtfully opening that door like they should.
But rather, “You can open it for yourself, Lady,” and as for sex, she more just an object;
In other words, welcome to the world of every man for himself, “Why should I care and protect?”

After all, women can take care of themselves, can’t they? They doing all that any man would do,
And thus they competitors now, all in the same boxing ring where punches only men once threw.
And why women must choose which way they want things to be, for wherever a man can’t be “the man,”
He’ll become a villain or sparring partner, and if that’s what women want, it’s going to plan.

Good men naturally protect, watch over and lovingly care for their wife, such being instinctive,
Hence why women are better off when they happily accept such — that rather than take, men may give —
And by that I mean, they seeking the best interests of every women, and thus being “the man,”
Which women soldiers and truck drivers thwart, and hence how some have jumped from the pot into the pan.

Yes, women are always better off where such boundaries aren’t crossed (some men’s behaviour aside),
For it’s all to do with Nature, not nurture; men being men, women being women, and each with pride.
Yes, for here, it’s opposites that attract, be such in the home or out; though workloads all should share,
For in all things, and given certain circumstances, both sexes should be reasonable and fair.

Though some men may not admit to such (they not in touch with themselves, or conned by New Age folly),
The plain facts are, that that manly domain in which men thrive is their castle-cum-security.
And why when that castle’s stormed by those who’ve their own naturally bequeathed castle, men react,
For both should respect each other’s sphere, the idea being to compliment, add to, and not subtract.

By Lance Landall

16.  A Father's Lot

Given dads are effectively the family policeman given that the buck stops with them (rightly so too),
Their kids can oft see them in a far less favourable light than they otherwise might, and so often do.
However, where the father's keeping law and order correctly, there’s a much greater sense of security,
And also harmony too, and hence why a father should do what he's meant to do, despite any acrimony.

Yes, a father’s lot is far from easy, 'cause what kids may get away with with their mum (not that any should do),
They certainly shouldn’t get away with when it comes to their dad, 'cause with him, discipline shouldn't go askew,
'Cause after all, someone has to deal out those tougher measures, and such is what a father, man, is called to do,
Given that such is more the natural domain of masculinity, of which women will oft appeal to.

And not just seeking some brawn at times, but that manly authority, he the protector of their territory,
'Cause it’s hardly the wife who repels any intruder, and nor should it be, if we’re all thinking sensibly.
Hence why every home — family — needs a caring father, 'cause where there’s no dad, there’s far less law and order,
For here, women weren’t designed to play a policing role, nor to wield an axe, bow or sword; their shoulders less broad.

Sure some have tried to, or may need to where renegade dads are absent, but such is not how things were meant to be,
And such comes a very poor second to the real thing, just the same as a dad hardly makes as good a mum, clearly.
Yes, we’re talking reality, that reason why dads bear the brunt of such a role, an unenviable one,
'Cause at the end of the day, how many applaud policemen? And hence why their kid's affection is oft hard won.

By Lance Landall

This poem was upgraded 25 February 2020.

18.  Disingenuous "Me Too" Supporters

To those disingenuous male sympathizers of the “Me Too” movement, who
Appear to look good in the eyes of such women, and same condemning pursue,
Remember that women can’t have it both ways, starring in porn, stripping to tease,
Baring it all on the street, offering their services, being part of the sleaze.

Yes, women can shout about sexual assaults (and should do), but goodness me,
They’re not helping their case by indulging in the bawdy, horny and raunchy.
Oh, how such cranks men up, and more so the bestial who laws and wails ignore,
Sneering at the hypocrisy, how Hollywood plays the saint, and then the whore.

No, I’ve no problem with genuine sympathisers who’ve a balanced view,
But not so women pleasers, who, scared of flak, over-the-top cries give in to.
All men suspect now, and everything sexist these days, one scratching ones head,
Because women aren’t blameless either, and should face up to what they’ve done and said.

Too many women in these “Me Too” type movements aren’t objective enough, and
Are even out of touch with reality, living in their own little land.
It all about men, seemingly, and women the only victims, one would think,
Yet, how they should mind, when, flushed with any dubious success, their glasses clink.

By Lance Landall

You may wish to read my poem With The "Me Too" Movement In Mind which can
be found on my page Concern For Women, Home page.

19.  Know Where It's At


You can strut the stage jerking your howling guitar and almost mouth the mike too,
Have women screaming at your suggestive gyrations; and no doubt bed some too.
Yes, you can have the crowd falling at your feet and lost in your hypnotic beat,
And it won’t make you a man, for men aren’t made on a stage or under a sheet.

Yes, you can use your little head instead of your big head, tell bawdy jokes too,
And in-between use that foul four letter word, have others applauding you too.
Or you can even stand before a crowd as their president, mayor or MP,
And it won’t make you a man, for men aren’t made by their roles in society.

Yes, you can wear a suit, have a flash title, big pecs, biceps and tight abs too,
Have a black belt or brown belt, tote a gun, wield a knife and use your bare fists too.
Or you could build your wife a house, fill it with this and that and some big trip plan,
Bring home the bacon as regular as clockwork and it won’t make you a man.

But a loving heart will, principles and standards that won’t have you budge from right,
That path that spurns ego, self and folly, steers one towards truth, goodness and light.
And thus you not turning to ill, anything that’s dubious or unworthy.
But rather, you leading by example, sound both inwardly and outwardly.


You can dress as if to kill, smoulder sexually, better other gals too,
Paint your pretty face, cover yourself in bling and no doubt take a man down too.
Yes, know how to wrap a man around your fingers, get what you want and quickly,
And it won’t make you a woman, for women aren’t made by such ability.

Yes, you can use your body instead of your brain, act like one of the boys too,
Guzzle beer, also swear, do the clubs, have your moment of fame and fortune too.
Or you might gain some high position, become a princess, some celebrity,
And it won’t make you a woman, for women aren’t made by status or money.

Yes, you can wear designer clothes, drive a Lamborghini and have the goods too,
Give as good as you get, wear a soldier’s uniform and compete with men too.
Or you could have your own business, help hubby with that house, keep it spick and span,
Even be a dutiful housewife, hostess, and it won’t make you a woman.

But a loving heart will, principles and standards that won’t have you budge from right,
That path that spurns ego, self and folly, steers one towards truth, goodness and light.
And thus you not turning to ill, anything that’s dubious or unworthy,
But rather, you leading by example, sound both inwardly and outwardly.

By Lance Landall

Thoughts Regarding Men

On the one hand they're expected to be loving, and on the other hand, they're expected to kill without emotion come wars.
On the one hand they're expected to be faithful, and on the other hand, they're daily confronted with the sexually tempting, and are supplied with porn, sex-riddled movies, prostitutes and strip clubs.
On the one hand they're expected to be humane, and on the other hand, they're supplied with swords and toy guns as children, or real guns when they're older in order to kill creatures for sport, or to act out war games.
On the one hand they're expected to act thoughtfully to others, and on the other hand, they're encouraged to aggressively compete.
On the one hand they're expected to walk away from a fight, and on the other hand, they're encouraged to foster the killer instinct come certain sports.
On the one hand they're expected to act honourably, and on the other hand, they're encouraged to sow wild oats.
On the one hand they're expected to be a good father, and on the other hand, they're often deprived of one, or a fitting role model.
On the one hand they're expected to act responsibly, and on the other hand, they're copiously supplied with a befuddling, disgracing and hindering substance that’s oft called a man’s brew.
On the one hand they're expected to provide for their family, and on the other hand, they're often made redundant, denied certain skills, given an insufficient wage, unfairly burdened with a crippling rent or mortgage, and are hardly rehabilitated when incarcerated.
On the one hand they're expected to act sensitively, and on the other hand, they're expected to be tough, fearless, and not give in to tears.
On the one hand they're expected to act wisely, and on the other hand, they're applauded for acting recklessly come the likes of extreme sports and unnecessary life risking adventures.
On the one hand they're expected to "act like a man," and on the other hand, they're subjected to the sapping "a woman can do anything a man can do" mantra, feminist putdown quotes like: “A woman without a man is like a fish without a bicycle,” and sitcoms where manhood is ridiculed via dopey husbands and smarter wives.

This article was upgraded 23 March 2017.