Creative Love



"If love's not your driving force, you've a compass that's off course."
The poet, author

1.  Always On The Go

Creative love gets up in the morning full of ideas, sleep wiped from its eyes,
It ready and raring to go, its creativity where the answer lies.
Yes, creative love always on the go, thinking, thinking, thinking, night and day,
And thus broken sleep put to good use, another bright idea having its say.

Oh yes, and then creative love taking those thoughts and running with them — yes Sir!
It buzzing with excited passion, positive things that other hearts will stir.
Yes, it coming up with solutions, laughing at things that didn’t work before,
Knowing that creative love is the only answer, the key to every door.

By Lance Landall

2.  Always On Our Case

Yes, creative love’s full of surprises, its aim being to enhance and please,
To invent and solve, to apply grease to any wobbly wheel that’s seen to seize.
Love always trying to keep things going, or replacing such with something new
(Or better), its attitude positive, its energy tireless, set on you.

Oh yes, creative love having everyone’s best interests at heart, and
Why it's always on our case, but in the very best of ways, please understand.
Its thoughts relentless, its plans immediate, its trail marked with smiles and joy,
But when it’s asked, “Did you do that?”, it’s slow to take the credit, and kind of coy.

By Lance Landall

3.  Always Planning Good

The more loving we are, the more creative we are, ’cause that’s love’s energy,
The product of thoughtful thinking, those selfless attempts to make others happy.
And so, out tumbles those creative ideas, those things that help, lift and brighten,
And that the heavy load that somebody is struggling with is seen to lighten.

Oh yes, creative love is always creatively creating this or that;
Nice surprises made up of loving thoughts and wrapped in warmth being where it’s at.
And creative love not always revealing its giver, it not there for praise,
But off in someone else’s direction, more spirits to lift, more hopes to raise.

By Lance Landall

4.  Come The Revolution!


Come the revolution, that love revolt, people refusing to argue or fight,
Such an underground movement that’s warmth would replace all the darkness and gloom with light.
Yes, a joining of hands or linking of arms, kindness and compassion on a roll,
A desire for all that’s good, honourable and worthy soon reigning in each soul.

Imagine it! Handshakes, cuddles, and even kisses, greeting people every day,
They unable to escape the wave of love and benevolence coming their way.
Oh, how exciting to even think of such, 'cause what a difference it would make,
And why I yearn for such a revolution, peace and harmony left in its wake.

Yes, no destructive riots, just winning ways and smiles, happiness and joy seizing hearts,
Everyone making the best of everything, helping out where there’s spilt apple carts.
A revolution where there’s no turning back, all negative bridges burnt behind,
And when it came to coldness, thoughtlessness and oversight, such one hard-pressed to find.

Wow, wouldn’t it be grand, so come the revolution, I say, that Tsunami of love,
And above the door of each home and workplace those fitting symbols, a heart and dove.
Yes, no more selfishness, but a never-ending fountain of everything that’s best,
All thanks to that people changing revolution, the best cause in which to invest.

By Lance Landall

5.  Love's Innovation

A grandchild came to visit with her dad. “Could I have a cuddle?” I pleaded.
She shook her head, the fickleness of a four year old feeling such not needed.
Oh, I thought, that’s a pity, and then, “What lovely wee shoes you’re wearing today,”
And the next minute over she came and cuddled me, love having found a way.

It got me thinking of the power of thoughtful words, praise and affirmation,
And how shut doors can be opened as if by magic — yes, love’s innovation.
Oh, I thought, if only such was commonplace, less human shellfish tightly closed,
And thus those plaintive “Can I have a cuddle” pleas largely going unopposed.

By Lance Landall

6.  We Need You!

“Sam Pitt reporting for duty, Sir!”

  “Good man. Like your presentation."  "Thank you, Sir."  "So what have you to offer, Pitt?”

“Two ears, two eyes, two legs, two arms, ten fingers and one nose, Sir.”  “And is that it?”
“Oh, and one mouth, Sir.”  “Great stuff, because we can certainly use beings like you,
That equipment of yours coming in handy, and so I’ll tell you what we’ll do.

We’ve got positions here for the all-round type, helping others being the plan,
All of those tools you mentioned needed for such, and therefore, help here you can.
I like beings like you, fully equipped for service — yes, people capable,
Ready and waiting, and packed with energy vibrating from every cell.

So thanks for dropping in (I hope you didn’t hurt yourself), and the wage is good,
Beaming smiles, the odd happy tear, and there’re those who may thank you (as they should).
No uniform needed, Pitt, just a nice manner and some sensitivity,
And there’s opportunity to advance — and hey, you’ll love the company.

Yes, there are so many out there, their needs varied, and you having all the skills,
Vocal cords, that listening device, roving camera — and what’s that that smells?
Oh yes, your nose — well, who knows, I’m sure that could come in handy too, so sign here,
That pledge a credit to you, and isn’t that someone already waiting there?”

“Yes Sir!”

“As you were.”

By Lance Landall

Sam Pitt being an imaginary name.
This poem was tweaked on 29 September 2021.

7.  Creative Love

Sadly, too many come to the table with a left or right mentality,
A bias of some kind, or are driven by something that has made them angry.
And as a consequence, a new law or law change is sought; such almost standard fare,
Instead of creative love, which isn’t driven by bias, anger or fear.

And creative love knowing that laws simply punish and not change, and therefore,
Hate still in the hearts of those who’re into hate speech, and who recognise no law.
And hence why that hate just continues, but in a more inventive form, which means
The problem isn’t solved, but pushed underground, where even greater hatred steams.

Yes, the safety valve having been removed, their platform gone, and where are they now,
Unable to be watched the same, countered in some way, and then suddenly, “Pow!”
Such being the reality, laws not changing hearts, which creative love knows,
Seeking better and lasting answers, which those gaping doors of hatred will close.

All why creative love fosters better relationships, educates wisely,
Starting in the home, continuing in the school — but by example, mainly.
Force nothing but force, and oft just anger’s demand, which can trample on rights too,
Simply because of a few, and thus free speech encroached upon, though foolish to.

If it’s in the heart to say and do, it’s most likely it’ll be said or done,
All why rapes and murders continue, and thus laws not how the battle is won.
Such merely patching things, appeasing certain voices, and all when laws there are
That cover those who incite, threaten or injure; so why on earth go too far.

Don’t we realise how precious free speech is, how hard it’s been fought for? All why here,
Creative love should rule, lest further down the track, we have greater things to fear.
Thus some things kept beyond the reach of governments — and one, our autonomy,
That individual right to self expression, that we may be truly free.

Seems everyone’s looking to laws when they’re not the answer, but oft failure, and
In this case, treading on ground that should be sacrosanct, built on rocks and not sand.
Such a law pleasing some whilst angering others, and running a risk as well,
Given free speech is the first thing evil seeks to limit; but push, people will.

To gain something at the expense of what we can’t afford to lose, even partly,
Is folly, and usually the path of those who do not understand fully.
Creative love knowing this too, and that there are those who wait in the shadows,
Who shouldn’t be given half a chance, ’cause any door ajar, simply temps toes.

Those who demand, often scorn those who don’t feel the same way, thus posing a threat
(’Cause all are entitled to their opinion), and how a worrying scene’s set.
Thus where to come the future? Cancel culture taking no prisoners, and so,
It accept or else, democracy their way — and down the tubes, here we all go.

But creative love working in the interests of all, bridging the divide,
Generating both tolerance and understanding whilst favouring no side.
Laws the last thing on its mind, and especially where there’s greater loss than gain,
And why the following quote should be kept in mind midst that “Ban hate speech!” campaign:

"Freedom of expression is the matrix, the indispensable condition of nearly every other form of freedom."
Benjamin Cardozo (1870-1938)
Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States.

Creative love also seeks to find exactly what’s causing that hate, that ill,
Thus working on the root cause, surgery and not punishment serving us well.
In other words, it’s the heart and mind that needs attention — and hey, who knows why,
The lives of many complicated, but we won’t get anywhere ’till we try.

Punishment counter productive here, another law just adding to the list,
And here, courting danger pointlessly, laws not stopping hateful words, some gun or fist.
Laws purely directive and punitive, and thus hardly extinguishing hate,
And so unworthy of any rush that will hardly change that sad inner state,

That only creative love can change.

By Lance Landall

This poem (penned June 2021) appears elsewhere (and was added
to later in June 2021. It can also be seen on Youtube:

For poems on racism, see the purple box titled Racism And Bigotry.

Christian content or degree.

8.  The Creative Lover

Yes, the creative lover, that God who loves us so much that He died for us,
All in order that we might be saved and rescued — and that loving God? Jesus.
Yes, there’s no questioning His love, it having paid the ultimate price, and thus
His creative love working creatively in order to attract and woo us.

Yes, He’s not just the God of love, but a creative lover, all because He
Wants us responding willingly, appreciative of that creativity.
Yes, that whispering in one’s ear, that quiet appeal, He not one to force or yell,
But gently seeking, tugging, that with the same love, our heart and mind He might fill.

And so, regarding our eternal hope-cum-that happy life ever after,
A loving heart and a clear conscience is first and foremost what He is after.
All why He'll only save those who’re living as if He’s in their heart and mind,
But meantime wooing all, hoping that in others too, the same thing He’ll soon find.

Truth matters, that will of His conveyed via His Word, but at the end of the day,
It’s that loving heart and clear conscience (as we understand things) that will hold sway.
God winking at a certain ignorance, certain things we may not know, but here
We not resisting nor withholding, our thoughts and acts of a heavenly sphere.

And oh, how He wants to find that same creative love in us, so that we too
Will be creative lovers of others, and the same noble things will pursue,
’Cause this world’s so in need of creative lovers, those who show thought and care too,
Wooing others just like God does, that their best interests too, they might pursue.

By Lance Landall

Why It's Love That Works:

Because it’s never a threat.
Because it softens rather than hardens.
Because it thinks the best and not the worst.
Because it’s open and not closed.
Because it’s trustworthy and dependable.
Because it listens rather than talks.
Because it soothes and not troubles.
Because it heals and not wounds.
Because it encourages and inspires.
Because it’s gentle and not rough.
Because it’s sensitive and not thoughtless.
Because it’s a giver and not a taker.
Because it’s truthful and wise.
Because its focus is outward and not inward.
Because it’s patient, tolerant, flexible, compassionate, merciful and forgiving.
Because it seeks to reconcile.
Because it’s graciously forgetful, a present help, a forward thinker and believer.

Creative Love:

Creative love knows that force is not the answer, nor laws, which are simply directive and punitive.
Creative love knows that for lasting changes for the better to occur, change must take place within one’s mind and heart.
From a Christian perspective, even God knows this, which is why He has said that He would like His Ten Commandment (moral) Law to be written on the conscience and sown in the hearts of His followers so that they will be carrying out His will because it’s in their mind and heart to do so.
At the end of the day, if we don't have some kind of moral code written on our conscience and sown in our heart, we won't be concerned about breaking any law of the land, and this being why the former is far more important than the latter.
Creative love knows that for change to take place in the mind and heart, there needs to be education and example. Thus new thoughts, facts and understandings need to be planted — right from the cradle, in fact.
So how might creative love go about things in order to achieve what laws can’t (hate still continuing) when it comes to the likes of racism and bigotry?

Well, here’s a few examples that I’m sure could be added to, and that I invite you to add to:

 Hold seminars where qualified speakers explain how physically and mentally there’s no difference between someone who’s black and someone who’s white, other than pigmentation.
Give away free literature that contains information showing this.
Hold public meetings, and create open forums, where people can air their thoughts and feelings (good or bad) regarding certain topics like racism and bigotry, and where those running such (and who have the knowledge and skills) are able to show the flaws in certain statements or understandings being expressed there. And bearing in mind reverse racism.
Foster competitions — poetry, for example — where the best poem on the acceptance of all colours, cultures and religions gets a worthy prize.
Have people touring schools fostering tolerance and better understandings regarding those who’re black or white, Asian or European (for example), Christian or atheist (for example).
Run events where both those who’re black or white, or of different cultures or religions, do things together.
Create a love culture in opposition to any hate culture. Return love for hate.
Seek to understand what’s behind someone’s racism or bigotry in order to better understand why they’re saying what they are, or why they’re doing what they are.