A Declaration



As obvious as this statement appears, YOU’VE BEEN BORN.
And that in itself gives you the same worth as anyone else.
No one having been born gold plated, nor with a plummy accent.
Thus your worth is not decided by either you or others, but is automatic.
And should anyone say otherwise, they would immediately give others the opportunity to decide their worth, for richer or poorer, for better or worse.
Our worth is not only automatic, but until ashes to ashes, given that one’s worth mustn’t be confused with one’s behaviour, just like the worth of a hammer isn’t gauged by the builder who’s using it.
A human is a human, and thus gender and colour making no difference either.
And the size of one’s brain having more to do with the size of one’s heart.
So, when it comes to your worth, and because you’re also a marvel the way that you’ve been put together, don’t let anyone convince you otherwise.

(see note just to the right),
Which move back and forth between the amusing, the encouraging,
the thoughtful and/or reflective.


21.  Don't Doubt Your Worth

Sometimes we can feel like a nobody, lost within the great sea of humanity,
A grain of sand pushed and pulled by life’s tides, or shoved by waves of insensitivity.
Or perhaps a leaf, one that’s detached and floating aimlessly, adrift on a cool breeze,
One caught in some melancholy Autumn, concerned that fate’s careless rake might cruelly seize.

Yes, sometimes life can leave us feeling left out, that we don’t fit in, and we feel alone,
Lost in caverns of introspection, where we wrestle fretfully, and inwardly groan.
Or we struggle to find our way through the maze of past mistakes, regret nipping our heels,
And we wonder — yes, we oft wonder — is there anyone else who the same as us feels?

A nobody, a grain of sand, a leaf, an after thought possibly, or last resort,
Someone who hardly figures in the mind of others, a vessel that’s without a port.
Yes, somebody just like us, aching inside, wanting to be noticed, or even heard,
Who’s seemingly destined to go it alone, others nodding but not saying a word.

And yet, our value is just as great, and our place on this earth just as necessary,
Thus, regardless of how we may feel, we have an important place in humanity,
For every beach relies on every grain of sand, and each leaf has its place on each tree,
Thus, should our time on earth expire, so much the worse for our absence this world would be.

By Lance Landall

22.  Don't Doubt Your Place

Don’t be fazed by film stars, pop stars, presidents, kings, queens or popes, nor consider yourself any less,
For they’re just as human as you are, and no greater, despite their position, power or success.
Yes, they too, have to attend that little room where one is humbled, and they too, become elderly,
For they’re just as mortal as you, simply have a different function, are known far more publicly.

And hence why I’d never pay homage to one who’s as earthly as me, though I’d still act politely,
Aware that some have a certain role to play, a certain authority, responsibility.
But though such be so, I also knowing that they don't have a different body or brain to me,
And hence are thus my equal, and there to serve too, not to lord it over me, or humanity.

History’s littered with ambitious, deluded fools, propelled by delusions of grandeur (their own),
They wanting to make their mark, and boy, they sure do, terribly so, dictating from their self made throne.
Others strut like egotistic peacocks, lapping up the attention, basking in their own glory,
Only to suffer the same fate as anyone else — lost looks, old age, a plot in a cemetery.

Meantime, amidst their power play, or love affair with the limelight, they act as if they’re more worthy,
When in fact they’re often less so, given that their acts or behaviour work more injuriously.
And those who could be deemed as worthy, and even greater, are humbly lost within society,
Where they quietly leave behind a better legacy — selflessly, and even unconsciously.

By Lance Landall

23.  Poverty Doesn't Lessen One's Worth

No, poverty doesn’t lessen one's worth, wealth nothing but goods and money,
So all have the same value whether in a desert or land of milk and honey.
Neither a ghetto or a mansion changing a thing, thus goodbye snobbery,
’Cause those who mentally devalue indulge in emotional robbery.

And therefore, snobbery's nothing but an infantile game and form of cruelty,
Not to mention a gall, 'cause many who’re poor live lives that are exemplary.
Yes, they able to teach the wealthy a thing or two about nobility,
The antics of the rich and famous oft lacking sense, thought and humility.

So no, poverty doesn't lessen one's worth, devaluing someone somehow,
All why there’s no one on Earth to whom any of us should feel that we should bow.
Such nothing but the footprints of tradition and oppression, we all as one,
And hence why when it comes to who might be lower or higher on Earth, there’s none!

By Lance Landall

Both this poem and its title were altered on the 13 October 2020.

24.  You're The One And Only

That flash of brilliance, that smile, that laugh, those tears, those fears, that hurt, that pain, and more,
That depth of feeling, that creativeness-cum-imagination, and even more,
Those veins, that heart, those eyes, those ears, that nose, those hands, those feet, that brain that runs it all,
Shouts the impressiveness that’s you, and why on this alone, you’ve reason to stand tall.

So dare any think to devalue you somehow, mocking, bruising, destroying, say,
’Cause you’re no thing, but a human, designed in a very intelligent way.
Yes, not something insignificant, but a walking, talking wonder to behold,
And yet, even more amazing, you’re the beginning and end of just the one mould.

Some may hurt your body, or play with your mind, but you’ll still be no one but you,
Absolutely irreplaceable, and your departure leaving no key or clue.
Some may copy you, mimic you, but not even the best actor could become you,
Your individuality your hallmark, and your path entirely up to you.

By Lance Landall

The following poem (and others like it that I've penned) has been appreciated by coloured people that
I've shown
it to. However, those involved in the Black Lives Matter movement might prefer the poem
(and different take) that follows after this one.

25.  Three Cheers For Colour!

My dear brown friend, I like your colour because it has strength and warmth to it, but hey,
It’s not that colour means anything, anyway, just something that I thought I’d say.
At the end of the day, a human’s a human, and that’s what it all comes down to,
We all the same except for pigmentation, and our uniqueness, what makes you, you,

What makes me, me.

 And you know, difference makes this funny old world go ’round, they say, and it’s so true,
Variety the spice of life, and a change as good as a rest, our colour too.
Yes, the world plain boring if all were the same colour, be it brown or be it white,
Or other, and why in each others artistic pigmentation we should delight.

By Lance Landall

Also see my poem To White Supremacists which is found amongst the poems in the
orange box tltled Just Be There, poem list page, secular section.

Different Take.

26.  Yes, Black Lives Matter

Yes, emphatically and totally, BLACK LIVES MATTER, no question at all,
Hence why any violence against some black person should outrage and appal.
Lives being sacrosanct, and if that’s not clear enough, NEVER ATTACK OR KILL,
’Cause violence or murder that you might commit, a lot about you would tell.

Yes, black lives matter because they’re lives, not objects that are made of wood or steel,
Their dreams, aspirations, hopes, abilities and contributions just as real.
Hence why any black life should never have been treated any differently,
Mistreatment but the product of a sickness that’s infected humanity.

And so, we registering and receiving both colour and culture warmly,
Thus accepting black people for who they are, relishing the variety.
It all adding beauty to our world, though such lost on that sad racist mindset,
That though registering colour and culture, somehow perceives them as a threat.

Oh, that crazy racist carry-on, it belonging to those sad dark ages,
That same foolish mentality that turns imagined minors into majors.
Though here, such not even a minor to start with, just not an issue at all,
And such thinking but a hang-up that creates a self-made view-obstructing wall.

Thus the only time black should repel is when it’s in someone’s heart, and then
We educating, which is the whole exercise of my oft ink depleted pen.
We doing ALL we can, WHERE we can, without acting in a similar way,
Lest others quickly point at us, and something as unflattering rightly say.

By Lance Landall

Christian content or degree.

27.  To Love One Another

The Bible tells us that God made ONE race, the human race, us, humanity,
And in His image, beginning with Adam and Eve, thus we their progeny.
And thereby, everyone of us God’s creation, tint immaterial,
Colour having nothing to do with our worth, racism but a poisoned well.

The Bible also tells us that we’re very precious in God’s eyes, but fallen,
Hence why He died on our behalf — and this, when mankind was still knee-deep in sin.
His grace covering the repentant, but His love searching for all, and calling,
Tears in His eyes over the lost, great concern in His heart over the stalling.

The Bible doesn’t tell us what colour Adam and Eve were, and that being
Because colour wasn’t important, only something the racist are seeing.
And without cause, because no matter how those variations may’ve begun
(Adaptation, for one), such means absolutely nothing in the eyes of the Son.

But what does mean something to God, and very much so, is our heart and mind’s state,
Whether we seek what’s right or wrong, what’s kind or cruel, and whether we love or hate.
The racist person hardly fit for Heaven, nor worthy of Christ’s gift of grace,
All having been made in God’s image, and He personally knowing each face.

Yes, we could be purple and covered in pink spots, and it wouldn’t matter, no,
Jesus more interested in our eyes, they having a lot to say, you know.
It all about the inside, not the outside, and Christ well knowing what’s within,
None of us free of sin’s infectiousness, and that includes every Christian.

Oh, how God wants to see our hard hearts changed, racism out, love for all within,
And acknowledgement that all are His Children — yes, whether they’ve black or white skin.
Children of a King, loved, wanted and sought, and this why He’ll soon be coming back,
And it not mattering whether we live in a plush mansion or rundown shack.

So lets major on kindness, this world so full of suffering, heartbreak and pain,
God not having deserted us, it just a devil staging a cruel campaign.
And racism just distracting and hindering when the world’s in need of love,
That impartial, tolerant, accepting and longsuffering Saviour above.

Yes, God made HUMANS, and thus that where the matter should lie, we His creation,
And thus every life sacrosanct, to be surrounded with affirmation.
We living, breathing images of our Creator, and of royal decent;
And when Jesus Christ said to love one another, that’s exactly what He meant!

By Lance Landall

28.  Hand In Hand

No one should ever think in terms of race or religion, but humanity,
Because people are people, and thus hatred and cruelty but insanity.
Yes, every life sacrosanct, not for assaulting via hand, mouth or some law,
And why wherever a single soul is accosted, the rest of us should roar.

In other words,

Every Jew, Muslim, Christian, atheist, black man, white man, male and female,
Is precious, equal and human, their life not for taking, their rights not for sale.
And moving forward overdue, history strewn with madness and bloodshed,
And all because, in every case, a loving heart wasn’t wed to a sound head.

No, now’s not the time for more foolish words and actions, but calm heads and gloved hands,
A new and better way of thinking, not those old, tattered, tired, short-sighted plans.
No one excluded, and all embraced, love and not hate every country’s anthem,
And, “Hand in hand we will walk together,” our collective and personal hymn.

By Lance Landall

29.  So You're A Homosexual

Okay, so you’re a homosexual — well, that doesn't devalue your worth,
Because you’re still a precious creation, some malfunction preceding your birth.
Well, I presuming so, but whatever the case, and being Gay aside,
You’re no less than any other person — and this, where one should be finding pride.

Just ’cause many don’t believe in Gay marriages and same-sex sexual acts
(And such is their right, you know), doesn’t alter the following facts,
And they being, that you’re a human too, that no one should be treated badly,
One's colour, religion and gender having nothing to do with this, gladly.

And so, the debating of Gay marriages and so forth aside, lift your head,
’Cause you’re just as important, still to be loved (like God loves you, it must be said).
So how dare anyone treat you less than they’d like to be treated, ’cause that’s wrong,
Human life sacrosanct, there no levels of worth (such just in the mind), so stay strong!

By Lance Landall

This poem was tweaked on 23 July 2020.

30.  Detective In Search Of

Name’s Jack Smith, I’ve been investigating a case of mistaken identity.
An amazing creation that someone associated with a monkey,
But that wasn’t the case, not at all, because it was clearly a human, you know,
No furriness, no tail, just a bit of aping ’round, a chump, not a chimp, so,

I reported back, the others on the case not surprised, ’cause what do you know,
Yes, they were humans as well, each one having a little pinkie and big toe.
No banana peels lying around, no under arm scratching, nothing at all,
Much like that creature I checked out, who, not surprisingly, thought I had a gall.

“What! Me a monkey?” he cried, and I had to admit he didn’t look like one,
And nothing in a state of metamorphose either, and I thought, “Job well done.”
It just someone’s mind working overtime, as if they’d come up with a theory,
But that human was too clever for words, and seemingly getting less hairy.

He rubbed his balding head and said to go. “The very thought!” he shouted at me,
And I kind of blushed, ’cause he certainly hadn’t been swinging from tree to tree.
“Not even related!” he cried, so Charles had obviously got things wrong, and
“Not surprisingly,” I thought, given his missing links, that human far too grand.

Yes, if looks could kill, he no gorilla though, so I coolly made my way out,
The odd check over my shoulder verifying things midst another loud shout.
But I let it go, because it wasn’t an evolving case, more a dead end,
There nothing to go on, and going by the files, it naught but a foolish trend.

Yes, it’s the same old story, case after case of mistaken identity,
I only finding beings uniquely special, and far from a monkey.
It all wasting my time, I not having millions of years, and there’s no cold case,
It open and shut, there nothing out there like us, not a dickybird, not a trace.

And I not interested in ape-like fossils, have come across such before,
Tampering with the evidence a crime, you know, plain monkey business, what’s more.
And too many making something out of nothing, just baboons of themselves, and
This detective left shaking his head, ’cause like I said, humans are far too grand.

By Lance Landall

Person's name fictitious.

31.  No Less Precious

My dear friend, those latter years of yours do not make you any less precious, oh no,
Your body simply saying and showing that you’re nearer to the time when you’ll go.
And a sad day that will be, but meantime, you still worthy of time, effort and love,
And even more so given those scars from earthly battles that you’ve risen above.

Oh, the enemy age is, robbing of youth and health, but you still the same within,
Just that outer shell disguising things, which, at the end of the day, is only skin.
Your heart just the same, and your mind no different either, though a lot more mature,
And lamenting those growing inabilities, like those legs that aren't quite so sure.

But experience you’ve had, and invaluable it is, adding to your value,
Not simply that uniqueness that hollers that there will never be another you.
Missing teeth, receding hair and worldly-wise wrinkles not changing a thing, oh no,
Though perhaps fooling that brief glance from someone who last saw you quite some time ago.

Thus come your departure, we’ll all be the less for it, each plot a sad waste of life,
One less familiar face, and their loved ones no doubt feeling it as if a knife,
And because treasured we should be, every one of us a marvel, young or old,
A creation of substantial significance, and too oft a story untold.

But nevertheless, another important cog and link within humanity,
Part and parcel of that necessary, individual, creativity.
We all bound to each other via origin and lineage, and why I want to shout,
“That it’s not your age and not your body, but your heart and mind that it’s all about!”

By Lance Landall

32.  Born To Be Heard And Seen

Deep within each of us there’s a light that is waiting to be shone,
A longing voice that’s wanting to be heard before we’re dead and gone.
A certain something that doesn’t want us forgotten, not noticed,
And that despite how much we may hold it back is sure to persist.

Thus we’re not born to quickly pass like those hillside shadows one sees,
But to shine like the sun and stir the air around us like a breeze.
And why there’s that something within that mourns when it’s not heard or seen,
And why as much as our arrival we want folk to know we’ve been.


Deep within that soul that is us there shouldn’t be chains that bind,
Our precious hearts and minds being the centrality of humankind.
And thus each of us individual expressions heard and seen,
This desire and creativeness hardwired and linking every gene.

So may it never be that anyone is hampered or ignored,
But seated at the same piano where their notes add to some chord.
One within a symphony that’s richer for every expression,
And played by an all embracing orchestra always in session.

By Lance Landall

33.  Be Who You Are

Don’t be afraid of being different to the rest, and nor of being thought of as eccentric, odd or strange,
But just be yourself, because that’s who you are, rather than the outcome of what other people might wish to change.
Yes, far too many bend to suit the selfish whims of others, or due to certain pressures that are brought to bear,
Which stifles their individuality, their uniqueness, their specialness, that no one’s meant to steal or steer.

And hence why many people don’t make some stand that they would have, too concerned over what other people might think,
Or too concerned over how other people might react, which soon sees them from a certain path or action shrink.
A path or action that they’ve a right to take, or even should take, but due to other people, choose not to,
And as a consequence, allow wrong to have its way — or something that could prove beneficial, they don’t pursue.

Nothing makes life more interesting than our differences — that is, all those unique or odd ways of others,
Which some unfair, forced and unnecessary conformity, or someone’s interference, just spoils and smothers,
If one lets such spoil and smother, or bows to the wrongful pressures of others, who’re often the majority,
’Cause this world appears to be full of sheep, those who’re seemingly quite prepared to forgo their own identity.

And that identity is found in being just who we are, not in what others want, unless we’ve some bad traits,
Which, if we’re sensible and receptive like we should be, we’ll do something about, ’cause doing so liberates.
But what’s uniquely us, be it seemingly eccentric, odd or strange, we shouldn’t try to change, but just accept,
’Cause such is what makes us the unique and special individual that we are, and therefore, is better kept.

By Lance Landall

This poem was upgraded 26 January 2020.

34.  No One Else But You

Don’t worry about what others think — no, just be yourself, no one else but you,
Though always seeking improvement and a wholesome and holistic point of view,
'Cause while its always best that we be ourselves, we can hardly claim perfection,
And hence why we should be open to criticism, someone’s fair inspection.

At the end of the day, others will think what they will, and often err, sadly,
But such is life, and why we should simply be ourselves, accept reality,
And where criticism’s warranted-cum-where the cap fits, take it on the chin,
Ego and pride having been put in their place by the honest and genuine.

And where criticism’s not warranted-cum-not fair or true (too oft the case),
Just brush it off your shoulders and keep your head up, knowing nothing’s there to face.
In other words, just be yourself, no one else but you, and as was meant to be,
'Cause no one need change unless there’s a jolly good reason that’s quite plain to see.

By Lance Landall

35.  Regarding "Odd"

Have you ever come across someone who’s said to you that they haven’t come across someone like you before,
Or quite like you; or even a case like yours — perhaps a doctor or counsellor — which leaves you feeling sore?
That is, feeling like you’re an oddity, someone who’s rather odd, and of which they may well let others know,
Regardless of whether it’s true or not — in other words, it simply their opinion, an unfair blow.

Yes, it’s possible you are different, unique, but odd’s another thing, and oft said disparagingly,
And as far as oddness goes, such is in the eyes of the beholder, and often far from reality.
And the reason why usually has something to do with someone not knowing the other person well,
Alias ignorance, a limited encounter, or perhaps bad timing, and hence why some things don’t gel.

And remember this too, that what they may see in you that they feel is odd, is more than likely found elsewhere,
And they, simply not having encountered such before, and hence why that word “odd” you probably shouldn’t hear.
Yes, such is too often used to explain away what some simply don’t understand, nor have even tried too,
Thereby leaving others feeling bad about themselves, and hence why I wouldn’t own such, lest it not fit you.

But having said that, oddness shouldn’t disqualify someone from the same thought, love and care that all should get,
And is often quite an okay thing, even a good thing in the scheme of things, and thus not some cause to fret.
And you know, some who’re not considered odd, aren’t all that nice, and some who are considered odd, oft very nice,
And so, before someone calls anyone odd, they should take a closer look at themselves, and wisely think twice.

By Lance Landall

This poem was upgraded 26 January 2020.

36.  Difference Is No Reason Or Excuse

I don’t have a problem with someone’s colour, nor their religion, but only any negative traits,
And as far as their culture or ways go, that’s personal taste, you know (which delights or irritates).
Thus, it’s really just a people thing, ’cause whatever colour or faith, people have their good points and bad points,
And why it all comes down to whether someone’s behaviour, attitude and ways, pleases or disappoints.

We may not agree with someone's beliefs, nor care for some of their cultural ways, and fair enough too
(And yes, there're those negative traits), but never should we treat people badly, as that’s only what fools do,
’Cause difference is no reason or excuse for such, never has been, and nor will be, ’cause wrong is wrong,
And to be frank, not only folly, but the behaviour and attitude of those who’re more weak than strong.

At the end of the day, it’s very easy for us to act badly, but much harder to act rightly,
’Cause the latter takes a certain inner strength, unlike that lack of control that’s displayed by a bully.
And we acting like bullies too, should we ever treat anyone badly-cum-very thoughtlessly so,
But dare such be ’cause of their colour or faith — such prejudice and bigotry — and better we should know.

We don’t have to like someone’s ways, be they cultural or other, nor their beliefs or negative traits,
But treating folk badly is quite another thing, and such, inner weakness and unkindness radiates.
All how we give ourselves away, show the true state of our heart and mind, be such in some small or big way;
And just as much as this, another thing that we need to realise is, that such behaviour doesn’t pay.

By Lance Landall

This poem was upgraded 17 June 2020.

37.  Take Charge

Don’t let anyone kill your spirit, steal your soul, play with your mind, trample all over your hopes and dreams,
’Cause your life’s your life, not theirs, and hence why you shouldn’t give up, give in, no matter how tough it all seems.
And nor should you let anyone weigh you down, pull you by the nose, treat you like a puppet or a pawn,
’Cause you’re your own person, a free agent — a right you automatically received when you were born.

And hey, don’t shoot yourself in the foot by doing your head in via drugs or booze, nor harm your body too
(Be it via this or that), ’cause you’ve a whole life to live, and there’re many possibilities to pursue.
All why you should learn what you can, seek to achieve, strive to be better, give, share, help, support and forgive,
’Cause the wiser, kinder, healthier and more positive that you are, the longer that you will live.

The truth is, your value as a person is inestimable, your potential considerable,
You a power plant of rhythmic, dynamic, creative energy, a living breathing miracle,
You a world of your own, full of emotions and feelings, a scientific and medical marvel,
A being who has the power to choose, and in order for things to work in your favour, must choose well.

You’re no one's property, your heart, mind and body your own, and your conscience only as good as you choose,
All why you should only seek the best of things in life, and anything that’s injurious refuse.
’Cause at the end of the day, our choices largely determine the outcome of our lives, for good or bad,
And whether we’ll look back with much regret and sorrow, or over such, and our decisions, be very glad.

By Lance Landall

This poem was upgraded 26 January 2020.

38.  Bullies Don't Pick On A Nobody

Bullies don’t pick on a nobody, but a somebody, this reason to take heart,
You hardly insignificant if they’re honing in on you, but possibly smart,
Or there’s something about you they’re jealous of, and bullies are oft cowards inside,
Who can’t tackle big fish, so they go for smaller fish, who’re stranded by some low tide.

Therefore, when they pick on you, you’re given some importance, a fact one can’t ignore,
’Cause they wouldn’t waste their time if you weren’t a person of interest, just a bore.
And so you must have something going for you, it just bullies who hardly appeal,
All why I’d puff my chest out and stand up to them, and don’t be surprised if they squeal.

By Lance Landall

39.  Happy Just Being Me

You may not be someone famous, applauded by adoring fans, sought by the paparazzi,
Nor a prince, pop star, actress, best selling author, Olympic champion-cum-celebrity.
But nonetheless just as marvellous, precious, no less worthy, so rejoice in your being,
’Cause you’re an amazing creation, an engineering marvel, even if some aren’t seeing.

Yes, look at you, you’re a walking, talking miracle too, no less than they, and no more than they,
’Cause everyone of us is equally human, composed of water, flesh, blood, bones and clay.
And each of us only spending a limited time here, a time too short to waste on fretting,
’Cause some things we’ll never be, never do, and why time wasted fretting we’ll soon be regretting.

And besides, fame oft ruining character and lives, and many fritting their millions away,
Such having got lost in their own self-importance, and this why so many of them soon dismay.
’Cause their lives aren’t really the norm, but more a fantasy world, one not all that desirable,
And why for so many of them, despite that glossy outward appearance, all isn’t that well.

And so, it’s just being who we are that makes us unique and special, not the stage or limelight,
’Cause such so often just subtracts from people — and the real them, inevitably overwrite.
And is it any wonder, they moulded by an industry that’s simply driven by money,
One that effectively just uses and abuses, has its favourites in society.

So don’t lose heart should you be among the rest and most of us, our lives the norm, reality,
We ourselves, not some generated-cum-same as others who’ve gone before creation — clone, maybe.
Yes, we uniquely who we are, no catalogue look, no borrowed image, and no pampered star,
But quite happy to be the one and only us, that very different person that we are.

By Lance Landall

This poem was upgraded 26 January 2020.

40.  Your Choice To Sink Or Swim

You may have been hurt, may have been treated badly, may have suffered misery,
But don’t waste your life dwelling on such, dragging it up from the deep constantly.
’Cause all you will do is add to it all via going on about her or him,
Or to put it another way, say: Welcome to life! Your choice to sink or swim.

Now don’t get me wrong, friend, because I’m full of sympathy, even empathy,
Have suffered too — yes, been there, done that, wallowed in it all, yet so pointlessly.
So don’t blame your parents, this person, that person, what they did or didn’t do,
Or else you’ll still be thinking about them when you should be thinking about you.

We can’t change the past, but we can chart our future, grab that rudder, set those sails,
Leaving behind depressing post-mortems, further emotional storms and gales.
I haven’t said that it’s easy, but a must do, ’cause there’s no other way through,
It folly to let such spoil the rest of those years that life’s allotted to you.

By Lance Landall

"Attitude determines your altitude."
Zig Ziglar

41.  Let's Hoist Our Sails

We weren’t born into this creative world to be unnoticed, inactive or silent, but the reverse,
Nor were we earmarked for selfishness, recklessness, lawlessness, cruelty or bigotry, all just a curse.
But rather, were designed to advance, create, improve, mend, tend, contribute, support, share, enjoy and care,
Hence those traits that are opposite to hate, malice, indifference, deceitfulness, cowardice-cum-fear.

Nor were we born to be slaves, puppets, "Yes" men or women, 'cause we’ve a mind, will and conscience of our own,
Which equates to individuality, personal mission, and scorns the idea of being a clone,
'Cause we were born to be no one else but ourselves, thus free and able to choose our own path and journey,
Dreaming, planning, charting — and where desired or necessary, adjusting our sails accordingly.


Let’s hoist our sails, set our course, and leave behind a responsible, esteemed, thoughtful and valiant wake,
And on our deck, leave room for those who’re less able, or needing a helping hand, sanctuary or break.
Our flag flying high — principled, dependable, wise, humble and selfless — our goal clear, always in view,
We fiercely committed to the rights of all, and all that is worthy, healthy, fair, loving and true.

Yes, bowing to no one, 'cause all are equal and deserving of the same, whatever that same may be,
Our value beyond price — and we, amazingly designed and engineered, a marvel structurally,
'Cause we’re no accident, are far too cleverly made
and amidst the billions, there’s no two who’re the same,
Which makes us pretty special, and why our individuality we should loudly and proudly proclaim.

By Lance Landall

This poem was upgraded 12 March 2020.

42.  Be Everything You Are

We need to be ourselves — and I meaning, fully and truly ourselves, thus expressing ourselves freely,
Saying what we think, doing what we believe's right, pursuing our own path, such being true liberty.
And thus not concerning ourselves with those frowns that may come from others, perhaps from insecurity,
They repressed or dysfunctional, say, and too oft getting in the way of others creativity.

Yes, we need to be ourselves, be that seemingly odd or eccentric, and standing up for what we believe,
Even if that means incurring someone’s displeasure, they the ones with the problem, and perhaps naive,
'Cause those who resent others’ openness, inner strength, passion and uniqueness, lack maturity,
And depending on the situation, may well be exhibiting some prejudice or bigotry.

So why should we worry, allowing them to wrongly rain on our parade, hamper our mission, our course,
And given they’ve no right to stand in our way, violate our conscience, or use any manner of force.
No, we shouldn't be anything but ourselves, though making improvements where improvements might better be,
And why not, but not in order to bend or bow to someone’s pettiness, hang-ups, even tyranny.

Sure we err at times, but such is still no reason for others to treat us poorly, 'cause life's a journey,
One where we learn as we go, one we’re meant to travel without losing our individuality,
'Cause how can we truly be who we are if holding back, or dancing to someone else’s bossy tune,
All good reason for us to be ourselves (in every way), doing what’s best for us, reaching for the moon.

By Lance Landall

This poem was upgraded 12 March 2020.

43.  So Much More To Life

This world’s full of people we haven’t met, such both exciting and amazing,
Because there are billions of others who something else to our table could bring.
Yes, humanity full of surprises well outside of our own little sphere,
Given every one of us is unique, has something different to share.

And some may indeed come our way, and more so if ’round the globe we make our way,
Or simply extend our circle and a “Hello there” are often heard to say.
Even smiles are oft returned, and who knows what might come our way, ’cause one thing’s sure,
That when it comes to loneliness, or pleasant change, friendliness is oft the cure.

By Lance Landall

44.  Whatever The Case May Be

Any child who asks his parents, “Was I wanted?” hopes to hear, “Of course you were!” and understandably,
Because such is only natural; that desire to be wanted deep within everybody.
Perhaps unconsciously for some, and possibly awakened by circumstances, but nevertheless,
It lying just under the surface, perhaps buried and hidden, which some are reluctant to confess.

But here, we’re really talking ’bout that child and parent thing, that searching “Do you truly love me?” question,
Which in all fairness (it can be argued), regardless of the answer, requires an honest admission.
And that answer could be, “Not initially,” or, “You weren’t planned — but still wanted and loved? Most certainly!”
Because children can oft just happen, sort of thing, be had for the wrong reasons, or plain unthinkingly.

Many give little thought to the consequences of having children, thus acting irresponsibly,
All why many are the product of one night stands, or as good as, and thus not received with joy, sadly.
And why some don’t know who their dad is, they not just unloved, but abandoned, and hence why I must convey
That if you have parents who love and care for you, don’t fret if “Not initially” or “Unplanned” they say.

It’s better to dwell on blessings, face reality, and move on, not adding insult to injury,
Bearing in mind that our birth’s a miracle, that some things are best left dead and buried in history.
Our life but a fleeting thing, and acceptance and contentment oft more important than answers, ’cause we
Though being an accident, mistake, or poor decision, have been gifted life, a privileged entry.

By Lance Landall

This poem was upgraded 26 January 2020.  

45.  We Need You!

“Sam Pitt reporting for duty, Sir!”  “Good man. So what have you to offer, Pitt?”
“Two ears, two eyes, two legs, two arms, ten fingers and one nose, Sir.”  “And is that it?”
“Oh, and one mouth, Sir.”  “Great stuff, because we can certainly use beings like you,
That equipment of yours coming in handy, and so I’ll tell you what we’ll do.

We’ve got positions here for the all-round type, helping others being the plan,
All of those tools you mentioned needed for such, and therefore, help here you can.
I like beings like you, fully equipped for service — yes, people capable,
Ready and waiting, and packed with energy vibrating from every cell.

So thanks for dropping in (I hope you didn’t hurt yourself), and the wage is good,
Beaming smiles, the odd happy tear, and there’re those who may thank you (as they should).
No uniform needed, Pitt, just a nice manner and some sensitivity,
And there’s opportunity to advance — and hey, you’ll love the company.

Yes, there are so many out there, their needs varied, and you having all the skills,
Vocal cords, that listening device, roving camera — and what’s that that smells?
Oh yes, your nose — well, who knows, I’m sure that could come in handy too, so sign here,
That pledge a credit to you, and isn’t that someone already waiting there?”

“Yes Sir!”  “As you were.”

By Lance Landall

Sam Pitt being an imaginary name.

But let's remember this:

46.  Worth's One Thing, Character Another

There’s a big difference between us realising we’re a special creation,
A marvel, and being a wonderful person with a good reputation.
All being precious by birth, and life sacrosanct, but goodness another thing,
Character being something that’s developed, and from which good is seen to spring,

Or ill, and hence why we might say of some man, “He’s a bad character,” sadly,
And thus our worth as a human one thing, our condition another, clearly,
And dependant on that path we take, what we embrace or reject, and how we
Become a villain or a saint, thus blessing or hindering humanity.

By Lance Landall

47.  Pimp Your Worth

Though your worth is automatic via conception and that long-awaited birth,
And remains until that ashes to ashes, please don’t stop there but pimp your worth.
And this way you won’t just be a medical and scientific marvel, friend,
But a man or woman with a noble character, one that you’ve sought to tend.

Oh yes, pimp your worth, developing winning traits that’ll stand you in good stead,
Love, thought, kindness and care having captured your heart, and truth and wisdom your head.
And thus you a glowing example of the height to which a human can grow,
A precious creature in all its fullness, someone that we'll all want to know.

Yes, you show them, but not pridefully, ’cause that’ll only prove your undoing,
All why a humble and teachable spirit one should also be pursuing.
So pimp your worth, not fatten your head, no one excluded from your company,
Your right doing and inner beauty matching the wondrousness of your body.

By Lance Landall

Christian poem or degree.

48.  A Fallen Mix Of Heaven And Earth

We’re a fallen mix of Heaven and Earth with an inner thirst that needs to be quenched,
’Cause from our loving Creator and Edenic paradise we’ve been cruelly wrenched.
Hence those confused emotions and desires, or battle that’s reluctantly fought,
We pulled this way and that way, and all why Christ and His will aren’t so thoroughly sought.

And Christ not insensitive, but empathetic, He having fought temptation too,
And was further from His home than us, where He suffered on behalf of me and you.
Such no fairytale, but a drama of huge dimensions, a great controversy,
The weight of our sins on His shoulders, that struggle that took place in Gethsemane.

Yes, He had two choices too, one leading to our end, one leading to our rescue,
One leading to failure, one leading to victory, and praise God He made it through!
All why He understands our struggle, no condemnation in His eyes, just concern,
Lest but for a short season of pleasure, we from the path of hope and promise turn.

Oh, what love that takes such time and effort, and that doesn’t force, but encourages,
Aware of all that bedazzles, aware of all that hampers and discourages.
A love that bears long, and delays its return so that more will have time to repent,
And that meantime, the empowering of the third member of the Trinity sent,

The Holy Spirit.

Oh yes, it’s power that we need, things of Earth having weakened and stupefied us,
All why our behaviour and tastes can vary so much from that and those of Jesus.
On the one hand the Holy, and on the other, the unholy, that which distorts,
The image of our Creator poorly reflected, He thus a mix of all sorts.

Yes, kind of reduced to an image of us, which isn’t what the world needs to see,
But the truth, an unchangeable God of goodness, kindness, compassion and mercy.
A God who so wants to save us, hence His amazing grace, ’cause there’s no other way,
Jesus having done it all knowing our inability, not that one should stray.

After all, look at what God has graciously offered given our sad condition,
That dragging of our feet, that flirting with Satan, and even outright rebellion.
Satan being the cause of our fall, by the way, and our murderous enemy,
Who wants to deprive us of what God’s offered, and who deceives intentionally.

Yes, we’re well and truly up against it, and far too at home here, hence God’s warning,
Though the perilous state of our planet and society should’ve been dawning.
Thus hope only found in Christ’s coming, not on Earth, and why to Heaven we’ll go,
He having promised to take us to those mansions He’s preparing, that fools won’t  know.

Oh, think of the loss; joy and happiness untold, wonders that our eyes haven’t seen,
Christ returning in power and glory, but for the foolish, a frightening scene.
God’s loving warning having been ignored, and many not having believed, sadly,
Only to find that the one they flirted with, or sided with, let them down badly.

But not Christ, He faithful and true, and with a deep love for everyone of us,
So please, friend, ditch the devil, and all that other injurious stuff, for Jesus.
Our worth really found in Him alone, and only He able to quench that inner thirst,
All why I long for when through that veil that separates Heaven and Earth, He’ll burst.

So hang in there, Christ knowing the struggle, even pain, those fears and anxieties,
But our weakness His opportunity, how through more sympathetic eyes one sees.
Yes, others are battling too, so in need of someone with skin on who understands,
And who’s well aware of both God’s trustworthiness and Satan’s cruel and evil plans.

Yes, it won’t be long now, those signs of Christ’s return so clear to see (and as stated),
That time and those signs being something that Satan’s always ridiculed and hated.
It curtains for him, but not for those who’ve chosen the wiser path, that God of love,
Who, in the meantime, has been excitedly preparing all those mansions above.

So why cling to a world that’s full of embarrassment, deep regret and broken dreams,
A world of horrors and sorrows, and where so much that sparkles isn’t as it seems?
All why God’s letting reality show its face, because this Earth’s in deep trouble,
And too many addicted to fantasy, hence why love needs to burst their bubble.

Otherwise, too late they’ll awaken, and all hope gone, Earth coming to a close,
Sin and evil about to be despatched, and this dying planet in its death throes.
Satan’s global grab gaining momentum, time to put our faith and trust in God, and
On the side of right where hope, promise, love, truth and goodness are found, take our stand.

By Lance Landall

Christian poem or degree.

49.  The Divine Lincoln

(With Abraham Lincoln in mind)

“There is neither Jew nor Greek...slave nor free...male nor female, for all are one
In Christ Jesus,” Scripture says, and there is the Divine Lincoln, the Father’s Son.
Yes, Christ’s emancipation declaration, and open to every nation,
Each individual who accepts Him, and who thereby secures salvation.

Though all are God’s children given that He created us, not all desire such,
Having fallen for Darwinism, come under the spell of a devil’s clutch.
They thus victims of a cunning usurper, without hope and promise, sadly,
And of no worth to Satan, except where it suits his lies and savagery.

Jesus not having wanted us to be slaves to anything or anyone,
All why He created us free and equal, until Satan began his fun.
Enter tyranny, racism, human trafficking, spouse abuse and much more,
And on a personal level, Satan has knocked and we have opened the door.

Oh, the folly and grief of addiction, those things so certain to destroy us,
Those things we seem enslaved to, all why we need the saving power of Jesus.
Porn, drugs, unhealthy foods and beverages, the list goes on, it’s sad to say,
And self being our biggest addiction, all why Heaven wise, we’re far away.

Just like Abraham Lincoln sought to free black slaves, God has sought to free us too,
But mostly from the penalty and chains of sin, courtesy of you-know-who.
Yes, the greatest slave master this world’s seen, an angel who became a devil,
Turning this planet (which was once a beautiful paradise) into a hell,

Hence that fight for freedom in every which-a-way, there so many slaves still.

Yes, we’re slaves in a contemporary Egypt, needing to be rescued too,
Addictions to the left, oppression to the right, Christ the Moses to turn to.
He never having even wanted robots, and hence why we’ve freedom of choice,
And thus are able to accept or reject His ever-pleading loving voice.

If anyone knows that black lives matter, it’s Him, having created the one race,
And why on Calvary (bearing all our sins), He died in everyone’s place.
He a friend to tax collectors, prostitutes, lepers, Gentiles, Samaritans,
And a friend to you (black or white), none of us being free of issues and sins.

Both Christ and Lincoln died for their cause, believing in freedom and liberty,
The complete and utter removal of the insanity of slavery.
We all God’s children, He measuring the heart and soul of every country,
Colour nothing but pigmentation, and a human a human (clear to see).

Yes, we’re all descendants of Adam and Eve, and are made in God’s image, who
Taught love for all, and who also taught that peace and harmony we should pursue.
No one lower, no one higher, and all having the same worth — yes, black or white;
The hater of others walking in darkness, the lover of others in light.

All why Christ will soon step in, rescuing the repentant and setting them free,
Though freedom starts once we’ve accepted Him, hence those wondrous changes others see.
Oh, the joy of amazing grace, that working of the Spirit that empowers,
And the Divine Lincoln rejoicing over each new bud that opens and flowers.

By Lance Landall