A Declaration



Yes, you're tops!
Which is what my father used to call my mother, "TOPS."

As obvious as this statement appears, YOU'VE BEEN BORN.
And that in itself gives you the same worth as anyone else.
No one having been born gold plated, nor with a plummy accent.
Thus your worth is not decided by either you or others, but is automatic.
And should anyone say otherwise, they would immediately give others the opportunity to decide their worth, for richer or poorer, for better or worse.
Our worth is not only automatic, but until ashes to ashes, given that one’s worth mustn’t be confused with one’s behaviour, just like the worth of a hammer isn’t gauged by the builder who’s using it.
A human is a human, and thus gender and colour making no difference either.
And the size of one’s brain having more to do with the size of one’s heart.
So, when it comes to your worth, and because you’re also a marvel the way that you’ve been put together, don’t let anyone convince you otherwise.



But Just To Be Clear:

SELF-WORTH gives us confidence and a sense of well-being,
but self love leads to vanity and childish demands.

To undervalue ourself leads to despair,
and to overvalue ourself leads to pride.

No one being any higher nor any lower than anyone else,
and so, it's not about self-esteem, but SELF-WORTH.

Self-esteem can fluctuate according to this or that, but
SELF-WORTH is constant because it's your birthright.


"You were born an original. Don't die a copy."
John Mason


"The rungs on your ladder of growth are spaced for your feet alone."
The poet, author

Please note:

The following poems move back and forth between the amusing, the encouraging and the reflective; the first one being simply PROSE, the next thirteen being ALTERNATIVE poems, and the rest that follow being my STANDARD poems.

My alternative poems have been done rather differently to my usual format. However, they generally read much the same. Though not to be read quite like a rap, my alternative poems are kind of like a rap in the sense that they largely continue without a full stop. And so, the regular commas are deliberate. Perhaps you could think of them as fancy prose.

15.  You're The One And Only

Oh, that flash of brilliance, that smile, that laugh, those tears, those fears, that hurt, that pain, and more,
Yes, that depth of feeling, that cleverness, that creativeness, and yet even more.
Those veins, that heart, those eyes, those ears, that nose, those hands, those feet, that brain that runs it all,
Shouts the impressiveness that’s you, and why on this alone, you’ve reason to stand tall.

So dare any think to devalue you somehow, mocking, bruising, destroying, say,
Because you’re no thing, but a human, designed in a very intelligent way.
Yes, not something insignificant, but a walking, talking wonder to behold,
And yet, even more amazing, you’re the beginning and end of just the one mould.

Some may hurt your body, or play with your mind, but you will still be no one but you,
Absolutely irreplaceable, and your departure leaving no key or clue.
Some may copy you, mimic you, but not even the best actor could become you,
Your individuality your hallmark, your path entirely up to you too.

By Lance Landall

16.  My!

My! Aren’t you incredible. Well, look at you, you’re a work of art,
An amazing creation, and why a computer you’d outsmart.
And this why they’re trying to find out how on Earth you came about,
But you’ve got them bamboozled, friend, ’cause you’ve been more than well-thought-out.

You can’t be duplicated, ’cause you’re too unique, one of a kind,
And although you’re entirely human, no one else has the same mind.
Yes, every brain may look alike, comprise of the same things too,
But no one has the very same one, ’cause yours belongs alone to you.

Oh yes, you’re a marvel, a mystery — well, largely so, I guess,
’Cause they have figured out a lot, but are still perplexed, they confess.
’Cause the way that you have been designed, hollers that a mastermind
Has put you all together, and the needed key won’t let us find.

Some say that you got here by chance, but how, they can’t fully explain,
And are often pointing to some strange evolutionary chain.
But that chain has missing links, links that nobody has ever found,
And personally, I’m convinced that their story is far from sound.

Yes, you’re just far too complex, and this all why boffins you perplex,
They bewitched, bothered and bewildered, and adding to that, your sex.
Men and women so alike, yet so different, and you a man,
Hence why those boffins scratch their heads, and mutter, “It’s like there’s a plan.”

Oh yes, you’re so wonderfully made, so intricately designed,
And the more they prod and probe you — sorry — the more they seem to find.
’Cause you’re not just a body, but a beating heart and clever mind,
Hence those thoughts and emotions, ’cause you’re no robot, but humankind.

Yes, you’re a living miracle, and as well, no one's the same as you,
’Cause though someone may be similar, of you there still isn't two.
And even if you were a twin, and identical, as they say,
You would still be no one else but you, and to that, let’s say “HOORAY!”

By Lance Landall

This poem was upgraded on the 18 August 2022.

17.  Don't Doubt Your Worth

Sometimes we can feel like a nobody, lost within the great sea of humanity,
A grain of sand pushed and pulled by life’s tides, or shoved by waves of insensitivity.
Or perhaps a leaf, one that’s detached and floating aimlessly, adrift on a cool breeze,
One caught in some melancholy Autumn, concerned that fate’s careless rake might cruelly seize.

Yes, sometimes life can leave us feeling left out, that we don’t fit in, and we feel alone,
Lost in caverns of introspection, where we wrestle fretfully, and inwardly groan.
Or we struggle to find our way through the maze of past mistakes, regret nipping our heels,
And we wonder — yes, we oft wonder — is there anyone else who the same as us feels?

A nobody, a grain of sand, a leaf, an after thought possibly, or last resort,
Someone who hardly figures in the mind of others, a vessel that’s without a port.
Yes, somebody just like us, aching inside, wanting to be noticed, or even heard,
Who’s seemingly destined to go it alone, others nodding but not saying a word.

And yet, our value is just as great, and our place on this earth just as necessary,
Thus, regardless of how we may feel, we have an important place in humanity,
For every beach relies on every grain of sand, and each leaf has its place on each tree,
Thus, should our time on earth expire, so much the worse for our absence this world would be.

By Lance Landall

18.  Don't Doubt Your Place

Don’t be fazed by film stars, pop stars, presidents, kings, queens or popes, nor consider yourself any less,
For they’re just as human as you are, and no greater, despite their position, power or success.
Yes, they too, have to attend that little room where one is humbled, and they too, become elderly,
For they’re just as mortal as you, simply have a different function, are known far more publicly.

And hence why I’d never pay homage to one who’s as earthly as me, though I’d still act politely,
Aware that some have a certain role to play, a certain authority, responsibility.
But though such be so, I also knowing that they don't have a different body or brain to me,
And hence are thus my equal, and there to serve too, not to lord it over me, or humanity.

History’s littered with ambitious, deluded fools, propelled by delusions of grandeur (their own),
They wanting to make their mark, and boy, they sure do, terribly so, dictating from their self made throne.
Others strut like egotistic peacocks, lapping up the attention, basking in their own glory,
Only to suffer the same fate as anyone else — lost looks, old age, a plot in a cemetery.

Meantime, amidst their power play, or love affair with the limelight, they act as if they’re more worthy,
When in fact they’re often less so, given that their acts or behaviour work more injuriously.
And those who could be deemed as worthy, and even greater, are humbly lost within society,
Where they quietly leave behind a better legacy — selflessly, and even unconsciously.

By Lance Landall

19.  Born To Be Heard And Seen

Deep within each of us there’s a light that is waiting to be shone,
A longing voice that’s wanting to be heard before we’re dead and gone.
A certain something that doesn’t want us forgotten, not noticed,
And that despite how much we may hold it back is sure to persist.

Thus we’re not born to quickly pass like those hillside shadows one sees,
But to shine like the sun and stir the air around us like a breeze.
And why there’s that something within that mourns when it’s not heard or seen,
And why as much as our arrival we want folk to know we’ve been.


Deep within that soul that is us there shouldn’t be chains that bind,
Our precious hearts and minds being the centrality of humankind.
And thus each of us individual expressions heard and seen,
This desire and creativeness hardwired and linking every gene.

So may it never be that anyone is hampered or ignored,
But seated at the same piano where their notes add to some chord.
One within a symphony that’s richer for every expression,
And played by an all embracing orchestra always in session.

By Lance Landall

20.  Be Who You Are

Don’t be afraid of being different to the rest, and nor of being thought of as eccentric, odd or strange,
But just be yourself, because that’s who you are, rather than the outcome of what other people might wish to change.
Yes, far too many bend to suit the selfish whims of others, or due to certain pressures that are brought to bear,
Which stifles their individuality, their uniqueness, their specialness, that no one’s meant to steal or steer.

And hence why many people don’t make some stand that they would have, too concerned over what other people might think,
Or too concerned over how other people might react, which soon sees them from a certain path or action shrink.
A path or action that they’ve a right to take, or even should take, but due to other people, choose not to,
And as a consequence, allow wrong to have its way — or something that could prove beneficial, they don’t pursue.

Nothing makes life more interesting than our differences — that is, all those unique or odd ways of others,
Which some unfair, forced and unnecessary conformity, or someone’s interference, just spoils and smothers,
If one lets such spoil and smother, or bows to the wrongful pressures of others, who’re often the majority,
’Cause this world appears to be full of sheep, those who’re seemingly quite prepared to forgo their own identity.

And that identity is found in being just who we are, not in what others want, unless we’ve some bad traits,
Which, if we’re sensible and receptive like we should be, we’ll do something about, ’cause doing so liberates.
But what’s uniquely us, be it seemingly eccentric, odd or strange, we shouldn’t try to change, but just accept,
’Cause such is what makes us the unique and special individual that we are, and therefore, is better kept.

By Lance Landall

This poem was upgraded 26 January 2020.

21.  No One Else But You

Don’t worry about what others think — no, just be yourself, no one else but you,
Though always seeking improvement and a wholesome and holistic point of view,
'Cause while its always best that we be ourselves, we can hardly claim perfection,
And hence why we should be open to criticism, someone’s fair inspection.

At the end of the day, others will think what they will, and often err, sadly,
But such is life, and why we should simply be ourselves, accept reality,
And where criticism’s warranted-cum-where the cap fits, take it on the chin,
Ego and pride having been put in their place by the honest and genuine.

And where criticism’s not warranted-cum-not fair or true (too oft the case),
Just brush it off your shoulders and keep your head up, knowing nothing’s there to face.
In other words, just be yourself, no one else but you, and as was meant to be,
'Cause no one need change unless there’s a jolly good reason that’s quite plain to see.

By Lance Landall

22.  Regarding "Odd"

Have you ever come across someone who’s said to you that they haven’t come across someone like you before,
Or quite like you; or even a case like yours — perhaps a doctor or counsellor — which leaves you feeling sore?
That is, feeling like you’re an oddity, someone who’s rather odd, and of which they may well let others know,
Regardless of whether it’s true or not — in other words, it simply their opinion, an unfair blow.

Yes, it’s possible you are different, unique, but odd’s another thing, and oft said disparagingly,
And as far as oddness goes, such is in the eyes of the beholder, and often far from reality.
And the reason why usually has something to do with someone not knowing the other person well,
Alias ignorance, a limited encounter, or perhaps bad timing, and hence why some things don’t gel.

And remember this too, that what they may see in you that they feel is odd, is more than likely found elsewhere,
And they, simply not having encountered such before, and hence why that word “odd” you probably shouldn’t hear.
Yes, such is too often used to explain away what some simply don’t understand, nor have even tried too,
Thereby leaving others feeling bad about themselves, and hence why I wouldn’t own such, lest it not fit you.

But having said that, oddness shouldn’t disqualify someone from the same thought, love and care that all should get,
And is often quite an okay thing, even a good thing in the scheme of things, and thus not some cause to fret.
And you know, some who’re not considered odd, aren’t all that nice, and some who are considered odd, oft very nice,
And so, before someone calls anyone odd, they should take a closer look at themselves, and wisely think twice.

By Lance Landall

This poem was upgraded 26 January 2020.

23.  Take Charge

Don’t let anyone kill your spirit, steal your soul, play with your mind, trample all over your hopes and dreams,
’Cause your life’s your life, not theirs, and hence why you shouldn’t give up, give in, no matter how tough it all seems.
And nor should you let anyone weigh you down, pull you by the nose, treat you like a puppet or a pawn,
’Cause you’re your own person, a free agent — a right you automatically received when you were born.

And hey, don’t shoot yourself in the foot by doing your head in via drugs or booze, nor harm your body too
(Be it via this or that), ’cause you’ve a whole life to live, and there’re many possibilities to pursue.
All why you should learn what you can, seek to achieve, strive to be better, give, share, help, support and forgive,
’Cause the wiser, kinder, healthier and more positive that you are, the longer that you will live.

The truth is, your value as a person is inestimable, your potential considerable,
You a power plant of rhythmic, dynamic, creative energy, a living breathing miracle,
You a world of your own, full of emotions and feelings, a scientific and medical marvel,
A being who has the power to choose, and in order for things to work in your favour, must choose well.

You’re no one's property, your heart, mind and body your own, and your conscience only as good as you choose,
All why you should only seek the best of things in life, and anything that’s injurious refuse.
’Cause at the end of the day, our choices largely determine the outcome of our lives, for good or bad,
And whether we’ll look back with much regret and sorrow, or over such, and our decisions, be very glad.

By Lance Landall

This poem was upgraded 26 January 2020.

24.  Scared? Not Me

I’m scared of what folk might think, scared of what folk might say, I’m scared of this, I’m scared of that — well tough!
I’ll brave things anyway, for not worrying’s where it’s at, and besides, I’ve simply had enough!
Yes, I’m tied of being a scaredy-cat, tired of being a chicken too, tired of walking tippy-toe,
And you know, I was born to be me, not you, so look out obstacles and mindsets, its go! go! go!

Yes, why should I restrain my creativity, worrying over what others think of me,
Or say, for at the end of the day, is it my life or theirs, am I a prisoner or free?
No, I’m tired of being scared of this or that, such not where life is at, so out goes that lock and key,
For I’ll not let others chain me, hand them a leash and collar, nor become a wind up monkey.

I’m scared of this, I’m scared of that — No I’m not! — well, not anymore, so goodbye anxiety,
And “Hello” come whatever suits — well, within reason, that is — as I just can’t wait to be me.
Yes, I no longer paying attention to frowns, nor bothered by how I’m viewed, for too long I’ve stewed,
Only to waste my time and creativity, and all because of letting silly things intrude.

No you don’t!

By Lance Landall

25.  Happy Just Being Me

You may not be someone famous, applauded by adoring fans, sought by the paparazzi,
Nor a prince, pop star, actress, best selling author, Olympic champion-cum-celebrity.
But nonetheless just as marvellous, precious, no less worthy, so rejoice in your being,
’Cause you’re an amazing creation, an engineering marvel, even if some aren’t seeing.

Yes, look at you, you’re a walking, talking miracle too, no less than they, and no more than they,
’Cause everyone of us is equally human, composed of water, flesh, blood, bones and clay.
And each of us only spending a limited time here, a time too short to waste on fretting,
’Cause some things we’ll never be, never do, and why time wasted fretting we’ll soon be regretting.

And besides, fame oft ruining character and lives, and many fritting their millions away,
Such having got lost in their own self-importance, and this why so many of them soon dismay.
’Cause their lives aren’t really the norm, but more a fantasy world, one not all that desirable,
And why for so many of them, despite that glossy outward appearance, all isn’t that well.

And so, it’s just being who we are that makes us unique and special, not the stage or limelight,
’Cause such so often just subtracts from people — and the real them, inevitably overwrite.
And is it any wonder, they moulded by an industry that’s simply driven by money,
One that effectively just uses and abuses, has its favourites in society.

So don’t lose heart should you be among the rest and most of us, our lives the norm, reality,
We ourselves, not some generated-cum-same as others who’ve gone before creation — clone, maybe.
Yes, we uniquely who we are, no catalogue look, no borrowed image, and no pampered star,
But quite happy to be the one and only us, that very different person that we are.

By Lance Landall

This poem was upgraded 26 January 2020.

26.  Slaves To An Image

Yes, Mister, Master, Miss or Mrs Sophisticated, they having just stepped out of some fashion magazine,
Or seemingly so — you know, that airbrushed, lacquered hair, tilted head, sexy look, jewelled and high end clothing scene.
Yes, just like one sees on TV-cum-some studio — you know, that artificial world, Hollywood movie,
Or those slick ads that dupe so many, they trying to mirror some image rather than being for real, sadly.

Oh, why do so many buy into that fantasy, that manufactured world, all that hype and fakery,
For strip away the make-up, those unnatural tweaks, props, enhancers and colourings — more disguise, really —
And oh, what a come down compared to that exaggerated picture that’s designed to line certain pockets,
And that has shop assistants busy processing stretched credit cards and filling out the related dockets.

Yes, it’s best we all just be ourselves, lest that untrue picture of us lead to discontent and pain one day,
And by that I’m meaning, our spouse or partner wishing that they could find someone else who always looks that way.
Hence why it’s better not to encourage such in the first place, and given such also wastes time and money,
Which, at the end of the day, could be put to better usage, given that most of us look fine anyway.

And that’s the thing, for ads, movies, magazines and so on suggest otherwise, such having more to do with lies,
A false picture-cum-predatory spiel, for fashion houses and the likes mimic stalkers — well, money wise —
Not that they’re seen as such, they waxing lyrical about creativity and artistic expression,
When it’s all a game, an expensive one — an artificial world that for some, oft becomes an obsession.

Hence those who try to pattern themselves after this person or that person, thus behaving immaturely,
They trying to attract via who or what they aren’t — some sophisticated, worldly look, now more the sexy.
And so it goes, Mister, Master, Miss or Mrs Sophisticated, all acting so cool like, but silly,
Given we all have to visit the toilet where all are reduced to the same level, and very humbly.

By Lance Landall

27.  Your Choice To Sink Or Swim

You may have been hurt, may have been treated badly, may have suffered misery,
But don’t waste your life dwelling on such, dragging it up from the deep constantly.
’Cause all you will do is add to it all via going on about her or him,
Or to put it another way, say: Welcome to life! Your choice to sink or swim.

Now don’t get me wrong, friend, because I’m full of sympathy, even empathy,
Have suffered too — yes, been there, done that, wallowed in it all, yet so pointlessly.
So don’t blame your parents, this person, that person, what they did or didn’t do,
Or else you’ll still be thinking about them when you should be thinking about you.

We can’t change the past, but we can chart our future, grab that rudder, set those sails,
Leaving behind depressing post-mortems, further emotional storms and gales.
I haven’t said that it’s easy, but a must do, ’cause there’s no other way through,
It folly to let such spoil the rest of those years that life’s allotted to you.

By Lance Landall

"Attitude determines your altitude."
Zig Ziglar

28.  Let's Hoist Our Sails

We weren’t born into this creative world to be unnoticed, inactive or silent, but the reverse,
Nor were we earmarked for selfishness, recklessness, lawlessness, cruelty or bigotry, all just a curse.
But rather, were designed to advance, create, improve, mend, tend, contribute, support, share, enjoy and care,
Hence those traits that are opposite to hate, malice, indifference, deceitfulness, cowardice-cum-fear.

Nor were we born to be slaves, puppets, "Yes" men or women, 'cause we’ve a mind, will and conscience of our own,
Which equates to individuality, personal mission, and scorns the idea of being a clone,
'Cause we were born to be no one else but ourselves, thus free and able to choose our own path and journey,
Dreaming, planning, charting — and where desired or necessary, adjusting our sails accordingly.


Let’s hoist our sails, set our course, and leave behind a responsible, esteemed, thoughtful and valiant wake,
And on our deck, leave room for those who’re less able, or needing a helping hand, sanctuary or break.
Our flag flying high — principled, dependable, wise, humble and selfless — our goal clear, always in view,
We fiercely committed to the rights of all, and all that is worthy, healthy, fair, loving and true.

Yes, bowing to no one, 'cause all are equal and deserving of the same, whatever that same may be,
Our value beyond price — and we, amazingly designed and engineered, a marvel structurally,
'Cause we’re no accident, are far too cleverly made
and amidst the billions, there’s no two who’re the same,
Which makes us pretty special, and why our individuality we should loudly and proudly proclaim.

By Lance Landall

This poem was upgraded 12 March 2020.

29.  Be Everything You Are

We need to be ourselves — and I meaning, fully and truly ourselves, thus expressing ourselves freely,
Saying what we think, doing what we believe's right, pursuing our own path, such being true liberty.
And thus not concerning ourselves with those frowns that may come from others, perhaps from insecurity,
They repressed or dysfunctional, say, and too oft getting in the way of others creativity.

Yes, we need to be ourselves, be that seemingly odd or eccentric, and standing up for what we believe,
Even if that means incurring someone’s displeasure, they the ones with the problem, and perhaps naive,
'Cause those who resent others’ openness, inner strength, passion and uniqueness, lack maturity,
And depending on the situation, may well be exhibiting some prejudice or bigotry.

So why should we worry, allowing them to wrongly rain on our parade, hamper our mission, our course,
And given they’ve no right to stand in our way, violate our conscience, or use any manner of force.
No, we shouldn't be anything but ourselves, though making improvements where improvements might better be,
And why not, but not in order to bend or bow to someone’s pettiness, hang-ups, even tyranny.

Sure we err at times, but such is still no reason for others to treat us poorly, 'cause life's a journey,
One where we learn as we go, one we’re meant to travel without losing our individuality,
'Cause how can we truly be who we are if holding back, or dancing to someone else’s bossy tune,
All good reason for us to be ourselves (in every way), doing what’s best for us, reaching for the moon.

By Lance Landall

This poem was upgraded 12 March 2020.

30.  Whatever The Case May Be

Any child who asks his parents, “Was I wanted?” hopes to hear, “Of course you were!” and understandably,
Because such is only natural; that desire to be wanted deep within everybody.
Perhaps unconsciously for some, and possibly awakened by circumstances, but nevertheless,
It lying just under the surface, perhaps buried and hidden, which some are reluctant to confess.

But here, we’re really talking ’bout that child and parent thing, that searching “Do you truly love me?” question,
Which in all fairness (it can be argued), regardless of the answer, requires an honest admission.
And that answer could be, “Not initially,” or, “You weren’t planned — but still wanted and loved? Most certainly!”
Because children can oft just happen, sort of thing, be had for the wrong reasons, or plain unthinkingly.

Many give little thought to the consequences of having children, thus acting irresponsibly,
All why many are the product of one night stands, or as good as, and thus not received with joy, sadly.
And why some don’t know who their dad is, they not just unloved, but abandoned, and hence why I must convey
That if you have parents who love and care for you, don’t fret if “Not initially” or “Unplanned” they say.

It’s better to dwell on blessings, face reality, and move on, not adding insult to injury,
Bearing in mind that our birth’s a miracle, that some things are best left dead and buried in history.
Our life but a fleeting thing, and acceptance and contentment oft more important than answers, ’cause we
Though being an accident, mistake, or poor decision, have been gifted life, a privileged entry.

By Lance Landall

This poem was upgraded 26 January 2020.

31.  Believe In Yourself

It’s a very sad fact of life that those with low self-esteem
Often become the spouse of someone who is far from their dream.
And all 'cause they think they can’t do better, and settle for less,
And hence why their marriage usually ends up in a mess.

Yes, they end up taking whoever they think is all they’ll get,
A choice that sometime in the future they are bound to regret.
And all why we see lovely girls with boys who will cause them pain,
Or really nice boys with girls who will hardly be to their gain.

Time and again such mistakes are made, illogically,
All because of that wrong view that they have of themselves, sadly.
One that’s not based on reality, but negativity,
Not on fact, but fiction, hence those future troubles others see.

Some think that they’re not good-looking, when they actually are,
Or that they aren’t when they’re quite okay, which seems rather bizarre.
Yes, gorgeous girls, handsome boys, but not in their own mind, sadly,
And hence those unhappy mismatched couples that we often see.

Too many worry about their looks, the least of their concerns,
'Cause it’s what’s inside that counts, which sooner or later one learns.
Looks being merely fleeting, and just the cover on a book,
And why it’s behind the cover where one should take a good look.

Those who’re desperate for a partner, tend to be possessive,
And thus about their partners whereabouts, even obsessive.
They’re frightened that they'll lose them, hence their attempts to control,
And thus it like living with a policeman who’s on patrol.

And who wants that? It’s destructive, no way for couples to live,
And besides, it’s not about getting, but rather, learning to give.
And thus the one who’s best for us being someone who will wait,
And not someone who’ll rush at the first one who’s passing their gate,

Nor someone who's at the gate forcing the latch 'cause they can’t wait.

By Lance Landall

This poem was upgraded on 24 November 2022.

32.  I'm A Human, Intelligent Life

Regardless of what you think of me, or how good or bad you may feel I am,
I'm a human, intelligent life, not just any old Joe, John, Bob or Sam.
Yes, no matter my name, colour, religion or gender (though talking male here),
I'm a human, intelligent life, who injury should never have to fear.

In other words, I’m not anyone’s to do what they like with, nor do they own me,
’Cause I stand alone in my own right by my very being; in that sense free.
Rightful laws and consequences going without saying, so please do not dare,
Because you’ll lessen your own value, and the fabric of humanity tare.

So let me say it again: I'm a human, intelligent life, unique too,
And thus never to be repeated, though the very same thing holds true of you.
So mind you don’t harm me, and I minding not harming you, shouting together:
"I'm a human, intelligent life, not to be touched by more than a feather!"

By Lance Landall


33.  You Can Be Anything You Want To Be?

You cannot be anything you want to be — that’s a lie! — outrageously cruel,
Many having sought and tried only to end up even looking like a fool.
You can run for president, but your chances of success are another thing,
Yet, to that full of holes “You can be anything you want to be,” people cling.

Yes, many have sought, tried and failed, and that’s life, but hey, good on you for trying!
There nothing like a tryer, ’cause without the effort there’s no hope of flying.
And many do succeed, but many don’t, and this why you should mind that big lie,
It all part and parcel of today’s New Age nonsense that far too many buy.

The truth is, this world’s full of know-it-all gurus, books on this, books on that, and
People being taken in everywhere, lining someone’s pocket as planned.
You can be this, you can do that, when the truth is a “Maybe” or “No,” and so,
We giving something a go, but with our feet firmly planted until we know.

Yes, the impossibilities as numerous as the possibilities,
Which anyone who is level headed and in touch with reality sees.
Yet, the multibillion dollar sham industry pushing its spiel, some lie,
Like, “You can be anything you want to be,” when you can only simply try.

By Lance Landall

34.  Love Yourself? Who Told You That?

The truth is, that it’s not about loving ourselves, but all about learning to accept ourselves as we are,
Our worth being in our very existence, and not in our loving ourselves, which, to be honest, is quite bazaar.
And another truth is, that contrary to what’s being hollered, self love is today’s plague on society,
Even the Bible condemning those who’re “lovers of themselves,” such love being narcissism, and thus unhealthy.

The “love yourself” gospel is simply repackaged New Age mumbo-jumbo fuelling current introspection;
Such being an injurious preoccupation with one’s self, with its pity party, pampering connection.
It’s time we forgot about ourselves, and lost ourselves in others, the truth being that we love ourselves too much,
Hence our selfish indulgences, our looking after number one, that vanity that has folk in its clutch.

Even our partaking of food is oft done in order to make ourselves feel better-cum-sooth our feelings,
And oh, how we spoil ourselves-cum-treat ourselves, and consider our own interests more in all our dealings.
Yes, it’s not that we don’t love ourselves (for we clearly do and far too much), but that we simply fail to see
That our worth is based on our very existence — and that acceptance, and not loving ourselves, is the key.

Our birth is a miracle in itself, our value beyond pricing, and we, a link in humanity,
Not the chain itself, but a precious link, our worth no less or more than others, so skip pop psychology,
Such being where that “love yourself” gospel derived from, such appealing to our natural selfish tendencies,
All why it’s been grabbed so fast, and wrongly, 'cause when we love ourselves, it’s more ourselves that we seek to please.

By Lance Landall


35.  Worth's One Thing, Character Another

There’s a big difference between us realising we’re a special creation,
A marvel, and being a wonderful person with a good reputation.
All being precious by birth, and life sacrosanct, but goodness another thing,
Character being something that’s developed, and from which good is seen to spring,

Or ill, and hence why we might say of some man, “He’s a bad character,” sadly,
And thus our worth as a human one thing, our condition another, clearly,
And dependant on that path we take, what we embrace or reject, and how we
Become a villain or a saint, thus blessing or hindering humanity.

By Lance Landall

36.  Pimp Your Worth

Though your worth is automatic via conception and that long-awaited birth,
And remains until that ashes to ashes, please don’t stop there but pimp your worth.
And this way you won’t just be a medical and scientific marvel, friend,
But a man or woman with a noble character, one that you’ve sought to tend.

Oh yes, pimp your worth, developing winning traits that’ll stand you in good stead,
Love, thought, kindness and care having captured your heart, and truth and wisdom your head.
And thus you a glowing example of the height to which a human can grow,
A precious creature in all its fullness, someone that we'll all want to know.

Yes, you show them, but not pridefully, ’cause that’ll only prove your undoing,
All why a humble and teachable spirit one should also be pursuing.
So pimp your worth, not fatten your head, no one excluded from your company,
Your right doing and inner beauty matching the wondrousness of your body.

By Lance Landall


Christian content or degree.

37.  A Fallen Mix Of Heaven And Earth

We’re a fallen mix of Heaven and Earth with an inner thirst that needs to be quenched,
’Cause from our loving Creator and Edenic paradise we’ve been cruelly wrenched.
Hence those confused emotions and desires, or battle that’s reluctantly fought,
We pulled this way and that way, and all why Christ and His will aren’t so thoroughly sought.

And Christ not insensitive, but empathetic, He having fought temptation too,
And was further from His home than us, where He suffered on behalf of me and you.
Such no fairytale, but a drama of huge dimensions, a great controversy,
The weight of our sins on His shoulders, that struggle that took place in Gethsemane.

Yes, He had two choices too, one leading to our end, one leading to our rescue,
One leading to failure, one leading to victory, and praise God He made it through!
All why He understands our struggle, no condemnation in His eyes, just concern,
Lest but for a short season of pleasure, we from the path of hope and promise turn.

Oh, what love that takes such time and effort, and that doesn’t force, but encourages,
Aware of all that bedazzles, aware of all that hampers and discourages.
A love that bears long, and delays its return so that more will have time to repent,
And that meantime, the empowering of the third member of the Trinity sent,

The Holy Spirit.

Oh yes, it’s power that we need, things of Earth having weakened and stupefied us,
All why our behaviour and tastes can vary so much from that and those of Jesus.
On the one hand the Holy, and on the other, the unholy, that which distorts,
The image of our Creator poorly reflected, He thus a mix of all sorts.

Yes, kind of reduced to an image of us, which isn’t what the world needs to see,
But the truth, an unchangeable God of goodness, kindness, compassion and mercy.
A God who so wants to save us, hence His amazing grace, ’cause there’s no other way,
Jesus having done it all knowing our inability, not that one should stray.

After all, look at what God has graciously offered given our sad condition,
That dragging of our feet, that flirting with Satan, and even outright rebellion.
Satan being the cause of our fall, by the way, and our murderous enemy,
Who wants to deprive us of what God’s offered, and who deceives intentionally.

Yes, we’re well and truly up against it, and far too at home here, hence God’s warning,
Though the perilous state of our planet and society should’ve been dawning.
Thus hope only found in Christ’s coming, not on Earth, and why to Heaven we’ll go,
He having promised to take us to those mansions He’s preparing, that fools won’t  know.

Oh, think of the loss; joy and happiness untold, wonders that our eyes haven’t seen,
Christ returning in power and glory, but for the foolish, a frightening scene.
God’s loving warning having been ignored, and many not having believed, sadly,
Only to find that the one they flirted with, or sided with, let them down badly.

But not Christ, He faithful and true, and with a deep love for everyone of us,
So please, friend, ditch the devil, and all that other injurious stuff, for Jesus.
Our worth really found in Him alone, and only He able to quench that inner thirst,
All why I long for when through that veil that separates Heaven and Earth, He’ll burst.

So hang in there, Christ knowing the struggle, even pain, those fears and anxieties,
But our weakness His opportunity, how through more sympathetic eyes one sees.
Yes, others are battling too, so in need of someone with skin on who understands,
And who’s well aware of both God’s trustworthiness and Satan’s cruel and evil plans.

Yes, it won’t be long now, those signs of Christ’s return so clear to see (and as stated),
That time and those signs being something that Satan’s always ridiculed and hated.
It curtains for him, but not for those who’ve chosen the wiser path, that God of love,
Who, in the meantime, has been excitedly preparing all those mansions above.

So why cling to a world that’s full of embarrassment, deep regret and broken dreams,
A world of horrors and sorrows, and where so much that sparkles isn’t as it seems?
All why God’s letting reality show its face, because this Earth’s in deep trouble,
And too many addicted to fantasy, hence why love needs to burst their bubble.

Otherwise, too late they’ll awaken, and all hope gone, Earth coming to a close,
Sin and evil about to be despatched, and this dying planet in its death throes.
Satan’s global grab gaining momentum, time to put our faith and trust in God, and
On the side of right where hope, promise, love, truth and goodness are found, take our stand.

By Lance Landall

Christian content or degree.

38.  You're Dearly Loved

In God’s eyes, each one of us is extremely precious, the apple of His eye,
And so much so, that on our behalf (given how we’ve fallen), He chose to die.
Oh, what love, our Creator taking our place — yes, hanging there on Calvary,
In order that we might be saved, and then live with Him for all eternity.

He could’ve left us to it, or wiped us off the map, but that He didn’t do,
His love for us too great, His goodness unfathomable, deep, lasting and true.
All why He’s borne long with us, even delayed His return that more might be saved,
Rather than going to their doom — and meantime, living without hope-cum-enslaved.

Yes, Satan happy to pull our strings, feed our addictions, lusts and desires,
And thus we going nowhere, much like those boy racers with their smoking tyres.
Having fun, we think, but only for a season, because come that sad day will,
When laughter will turn to sorrow, and why the God who loves us is pleading still.

Remember the story of the prodigal son? Well, that’s how things could be for you,
Christ longing for that reunion, waiting with arms open wide, scanning the view.
Oh, how wanted you are, as if the only one on Earth, all why Christ pursues,
Hoping that you’ll heed His anxious cries, because He never forces but woos.

Yes, you’re dearly loved, warts and scars not making any difference, none at all,
Thus your worth unchanged by such, the devil’s cruel insinuations but a gall.
So please, leave the pig pen (if that’s where you are), and make your way back to His arms,
Where you’ll find the depth of His care and that trouble He went to on His palms.

And there too, will truly find your worth as the child of a King, the God of love,
Creator and ruler of the universe (who resides in Heaven above).
No mantle greater, and His amazing grace having supplied — oh, praise His name!
Because you’ll have gone from rages to riches, universal glory and fame.

Yes, dearly loved, the apple of His eye, inestimably precious, oh my,
Hence why all Heaven waits with baited breath until for that gift of grace you cry.
Precious but fallen, needing to return home, where you’ll live for ever more,
Free of guilt, anxiety, wounds and tears, repentance having opened the door.

By Lance Landall

Christian content or degree.

39.  Free To Be And Do

God has not called us to slavery, nor made us robots or clones, but instead,
Has given us the freedom to fashion our own lives, hence that brain in our head.
And I mean, that creativeness and ability of ours, those talents too,
Whereby we can make things happen — though in all things, it’s God who the glory’s due.

And so, we not waiting on God to do this or that, but getting on with it,
And yes, making mistakes as we go, all how we grow, until some bull’s-eyes hit.
We making our own future plans, but in the framework of God’s will, and that is
That they never be out of sync with Heaven, and nor above that will of His.

And so, we getting on with life, not waiting for lightning bolts, some booming voice,
God having made us free individuals, a job or career our choice.
He helping where asked, but not dictating, His plans not removing liberty,
We not having to fit some mould, though could be called for some urgency.

And should we be, God will certainly let us know, we having no need to ask,
But to simply get on with our life until that extraordinary task.
And in our life in general, minding those fleeces, opening, closing doors,
God not some genie to be summoned like that, all why much of it He ignores.

Oh yes, He guides alright, hence that wisdom in His Word, or what else He supplies,
But He no controlling parent (more a coach), and hence that delight in His eyes.
And by that I’m meaning, when He sees His creativeness in us, in our life,
Given we’re planning things, working towards things, seeking out that husband or wife,

Thus fulfilling His wishes in our own unique way, individually,
Serving Him and others in various ways; soul seeking, ending poverty,
And also by our daily witness, words and deeds that are Christ-like, heavenly,
We no puppet dancing to His strings, but our strings, God having made us that way.

Yes, God clearly has His plans, but going by the general rule of Scripture,
When some are called, it’s oft just for a season, then back to that same old picture.
No burning bushes, signalling dreams, no closing or opening doors, and thus
They getting something right or wrong, but exercising that right God’s given us.

And there’s no condemnation in that if our intent’s not selfish, sinful, and
We having sought God’s guidance, though not beyond getting things wrong, lets understand.
Such being the freedom He’s given us, which works best for us where it’s in sync
With all that He desires, and how our own plans and His, we cosmically link.

Yes, we getting to run our own life and be our self, but hey, who died for us,
Who gave us hope and promise, and who knows what is best for us? Yes, it’s Jesus.
And this why our lives should reflect gratefulness, a willingness to harmonise,
We having learnt from the actions of Adam and Eve, not fallen for same lies.

And this where it’s not wrong to say, “I did it my way,” ’cause God’s happy to see
What we’ve done with what we’ve been given — yes, that same godly creativity.
We big and bold enough to make our own sandcastles, God watching with delight,
We having learnt from the master creator, and having sought that which was right.

Yes, God’s will still fulfilled in us by how we live — righteously, and others first —
Which, via that light and love, creates in others that very same godly thirst.
They then drinking at the same fountain, their will and ways thus conveying God’s too,
But personally and uniquely, ’cause dare we stifle such, they not I nor you.

And ultimately, it’s also we who get to choose our own destiny too,
Accepting or rejecting Christ, our witness in harmony or plain askew.
We for God or against Him, all our choices saying “Yes” or “No,” and therefore,
We unable to blame Him, it free will from beginning to end, sea to shore.

And so, we living our own life, minding what others might say or expect of us,
Their “You should do this” or “You should do that” often thwarting the work of Jesus.
And by that I’m meaning, how He wants to work via your life — yes, uniquely so,
You to be yourself, free to be and do, it not someone else’s boat we row.

No, not your pastor’s, your parent’s, your teacher’s, or your fellow human’s, but yours,
Thus listening to what God’s saying to you, no one tinkering with your oars.
Life often as much about unlearning as learning — oh, how precious free will,
When used for good, in sync with God, and humble enough to know when to sit still.

By Lance Landall

We're designed to create our future, not find it.

From The Christian Perspective

Our worth’s not based on what others think of us, but on the fact that:
God loves us (warts and all);
That we’re His creation;
That we're made in His image;
That we’re the children of a majestic King who’s the ruler of the universe and creator of all things;
That He highly values us;
That He views us as worth redeeming;
That He knows our potential (which He’d like to work with for both His and our good);
And that He has great, beneficial and pleasing plans for us.
Therefore, it doesn’t matter what others think of us (people being fickle anyway), because not only does God love us, but His love for us never changes regardless of our shortcomings and issues.
However, and with our permission, He wants to change us into His beautiful likeness, and thus desires that we walk in His ways, well knowing that such will bring us greater success, happiness, and also eternal life.
And so, our past doesn't matter, nor whether we’ve messed this life up, because repentance secures forgiveness, wipes the slate clean, and ushers in the beginning of that new life and new creature that leaves the old creature behind (that one that’s been holding us back and causing both us and others grief).
Hence why Christ not only died for us, but is coming back again in order to rescue His repentant but fallen children who’re like cracked and broken vessels, and He being the only one who can restore them.