Food For Thought



The truth is that the fabric of society has been badly torn, almost through, and we're responsible.

"We're living in a world where most seem bent on seeking out those who will tell them what
they want to hear, those who will give them what they wish to have, and those who will let
them do whatever they want to, regardless."

The poet, author

Three introductory poems and special stand alone article

The poet, author

"TV is the single most significant factor contributing to violence in America."
Ted Turner, founder of the Cable News Network

"Violent heroes are more harmful than even violent villains. Children imitate more often the characters
whom they like and find most appealing."
 Dr. Joseph Strayhorn, child psychiatrist, Medical College of Pennsylvania.

"There is no protection against the kinds of influences that are loose in a society that tolerates pornography."
Ted Bundy, serial sex murderer.

Just as the ancient empires of Greece and Rome collapsed when every indulgence of the flesh
took over, we in our society today need to heed the warning.

Ruth Webb

“Music directly represents the passions of the soul. If one listens to the wrong kind of music,
he will become the wrong kind of person.”

"Give me control over he who shapes the music of a nation, and I care not who makes the laws."

"Drug addiction reduces a man to a mindless and ridiculous thing, and creates social parasites and criminals."
Dr T.P. Chia

“A sure sign that society’s in trouble is when the unacceptable has somehow
metamorphosed into the acceptable”
The poet, author

"What's going down in society reveals either progress or decline, and if it's decline,
we should quickly heed that warning sign.
The poet, author

The poet, author

Introductory poems.

As Meekly As A Lamb, Or Like An Eager Child

Yes, society, you’ve accepted it all, and as meekly as a lamb, or
Like an eager child, one who’s rather wild, and hence that destructive open door.
“Come in,” you’ve said, as if it’s a pleasant visitor and not an enemy,
Or is “love” your thing, and why, “Let them have their own way,” you sing, so foolishly.

No, that’s not love, but weakness and folly, hence all the rest you’ve accepted, and
This being why the lookouts on society’s cracked walls are no longer manned.
“No need,” you say, and so you play, destruction nigh, Pandora’s box gaping wide,
And more evils entering, and you unable to see the incoming tide.

After all, you know better, and hence why you’ve despatched all those guards on the wall,
Or been busy castigating them, and some you’ve even seduced so they’d fall.
Yes, you’ve tipped your toy box upside down, have thrown a paddy, got your own way,
An outcome you’ll soon deserve; if only you’d shut the door, put those toys away.

By Lance Landall

"It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society."
Jiddu Krishnamurti

"Civilization today reminds me of an ape with a blowtorch playing in a room full of dynamite. It looks

like the monkeys are about to operate the zoo, and the inmates are taking over the asylum."
Vance Havner (1901-1986)

Contains Christian content or degree.

With The Kakhovka Dam In Mind

On one side Russia, on one side Ukraine, cruelly and terribly set upon,
Then those mines planted on that dam, loud explosions, it’s restraining wall soon gone.
Oh, the devastation, plain madness causing such — wickedness, actually,
Humans, creatures and their environment suffering, it but a tragedy.

And I thinking of society and the dam of morality, right and wrong,
It having had mines planted on it too, or remaining free of such, and strong.
Well, sad to say, cracks and holes have been occurring there too, and some would declare
Loud explosions, it’s restraining wall bulging badly, hence that justified fear.

The ancient paths — known as the better way — simply scoffed at, or the sign posts gone,
Desire and ignorance paving the way for disaster, much been set upon.
Yes, too many at the crossroads having taken the wrong turn, others with them,
And oh, look out those who the foolishness and destructiveness of such, condemn.

Hence that large lake of consequences already occurring, and soon a flood,
Humanity drowning in a roar of its own making, and covered in mud.
God exchanged for gods, those more favoured idols of ours, those loin-bound desires,
Golden calves of many a making — well and truly going, Divine spires.

Man no longer looking up but down, and what’s there here? Everything broken.
So few having paid attention to those more worthy and lofty words spoken.
Even warnings, children knowing better than their parents, and as for us,
We also thinking we know better than our parent, the One they call Jesus.

Oh yes, the holes in Darwin’s theory as numerous as the stars, yet we scoff,
Having done little that’s worth raising our hats to, but in shame, should take them off.
“Oh, stop that moralising and judging,” you say, which thereby condemns God above,
Who, all this prophesied long ago, and tried to help us see too — out of love!

Look around, Friend, the signs not taking a rocket scientist, but crystal clear,
Unless we have our head in the sand of self-indulgent dismissal, oh dear.
There none so blind as those who will not see, it’s been said, and then that past flood came,
And regarding the near and coming moral dam burst, it’ll just be the same.

Yes, that Kakhovka dam once holding in check what Kherson would otherwise rue,
And likewise that dam of morality, which once mined, is ready to burst too.
Many thinking it has burst, but there’s far worse to come, and disaster there’ll be,
Because those self-made cracks, holes and explosions are growing exponentially.

By Lance Landall

"Progression is measured by refinement."
The poet, author

"If God doesn't destroy Hollywood Boulevard, He owes Sodom and Gomorrah an apology."
Jay Leno, American comedian, actor, writer and producer.

"At the rate America is decaying morally, we shall have to change our national symbol from an eagle to a vulture."
Vance Havner (1901-1986)

See my poem No Brakes, More Carnage which is found on my page
Things Worth Pondering.


Special stand alone article.

"The best yardstick for measuring someone is: How loving and honourable are they?"
The poet, author


You've been given a MIND of your own, one to do your own thinking with, to think of others with, to make sound evaluations with, to use wisely and creatively, to collect worthy and valuable data, to grasp right from wrong, truth from error, to tell friends from enemies, benefactors from charlatans, to enhance academically and intellectually, to sense moods and danger, and to think a lot with.

But not for plotting ill, not for entertaining foolish things, not for thinking negatively, not for evil surmisings, not for planting wrong seeds in other minds, not for storing shameful and destructive things, not for wrongful judging, and not for spacing out, dumbing down, depleting of oxygen, or cluttering with rubbish.

You've been given a VOICE to speak out with, to speak on behalf of others with, to warn, rightly educate, pass on helpful experience, encourage and empathize with, to condemn any ill, to apologise, to enquire and ask for help, to laugh and sing with, and to express your gratefulness.

But not for hateful, racist, foul and grubby expressions, not for verbally abusing and hurting, not for lying, mimicking, moaning, talking about others, crying wolf, telling half truths, slandering, deceiving (including that "Just joking"), cursing or dobbing people in with. 

You've been given EYES to watch over others, to seek out truth, to spot trouble, conmen, wolves, foxes and sharks coming, to note other peoples’ needs, to weep over loss and suffering, to close to shortcomings, and to take in the beauty of creation and worthy creations.

But not for watching what degrades or inflames, others' wrong (acted or real), not for mental adultery, not for spying on others, not for looking down on others, not for seeking revenge, and nor for looking for trouble.

You've been given EARS to listen for cries of help, to listen without interrupting, especially when others want to off-load, to listen to truth, sound advice, cautionings, and worthy informative things, to listen to beautiful music and whatever else uplifts (like bird song) and  rightly benefits.

But not for listening to gossip, not for listening to fools, not for listening to what's shameful or unwholesome, not for listening to wrong and falsehood, not for eavesdropping, and not for listening out for a police siren.

You've been given a NOSE to sniff out error, charlatans and toxic substances, to savour wholesome foods, fluids and Nature’s refreshing perfumes, and to take in life-giving oxygen.

But not for holding up in the air, not for snorting at sense, not for being nosey, and not for sniffing injurious substances.

You've been given SHOULDERS to bear life’s trials, to shoulder responsibilities and blame, for others to lean on (including romantically so), and for infants to ride upon.

But not for charging about with, not for forcing yourself ahead of others, and not for throwing your weight around.

You've been given a SPINAL COLUMN to show backbone, to stand straight and true with (and without fear or favour), to bend to aid anyone, and to bend where it's proper and appropriate.

But not for bowing to tyrants with, not for bowing to popularity with, not for stooping to low levels of behaviour or tales with, and not for bending over backwards in order to try and please everyone.

You've been given a HEART to love with, to give to someone special, to keep open and full of warmth and beauty, to prize good, to show thought, care, respect, loyalty and faithfulness, to feel for others, to forgive and show compassion and mercy.

But not for coveting what belongs to others, not for harbouring ill, not for yielding to degrading passions, not for giving into what isn't wise, not for falling for cads, and not for hardening.

You've been given MUSCLES to develop the entire body via exercise so that it may remain healthy, fit for helpful, constructive and necessary tasks, worthy labour and wholesome enjoyment, the protection of others, and so that you can carry your own weight and not live of the backs of others.

But not for muscling your way into things, not for assaulting, not for intimidating or misusing, and not for showing off.

You've been given ARMS to affectionately hug, to intimately cuddle your husband or wife, to embrace all in friendship, to comfort the grieving and frightened, to pull people from harm, to pull yourself up, and to reach out.

But not for embracing evil, error, falsehood, mistresses, unsuitable suitors, undesireable friends, and not for elbowing your way around.

You've been given HANDS to help out with, to share with, to greet others with, to thoughtfully and sensitively hold with, to use productively and bless others with.  

But not for pushing people out of the way, not for taking or receiving what isn’t yours, not for touching what you shouldn't or when you shouldn't, not for greedy grabs, not for physical abuse and cruelty of any kind, not for stabbing people in the back, nor for taking lives.

You've been given FINGERS for creative, beneficial and productive intricacy and dexterity, for tender, loving, skilled pleasurable expressions, to point the way, to prepare and arrange what’s pleasant and pleasing, to ease aches and open doors, to grasp the aging stumbler.

But not for dipping into or tinkering with what you shouldn’t, not for fiddling the books, not for penning falsehood and offensive things, not for pointing at others, not for poking fun at anyone, not for nitpicking, and not for any ill.

You've been given LEGS to run kindly errands, to visit the sick or lonely, to playfully chase the young, to rush to someone's aid, and to run from danger and ill.

But not for running to blab, not for running riot, not for running after the crowd, not for running away from what you should face, not for running away from owning up, not for running away from responsibilities, the difficult, the unpleasant, hard work or study.

You've been given KNEES for humbling tasks, for prayerful thanks and requests, for fruitful searches, for gardening, and for grandchildren to sit on.

But not for knee-jerk reactions, not for kneeling at the feet of others, nor at the throne of self.

You've been given FEET to walk rightly, to stand up for others, to stand up for yourself, for treading carefully, and for taking one step at a time.

But not for walking all over people, not for treating them like footstools or doormats, not for kicking back at them, not for kicking them when they're down, not for putting your foot in it, and not for putting the boot in.

Yes, you've been given a BODY to use correctly, to look after, because your body is you.

This article was added to on 5 September 2023.

2.  Some Things Life Has Shown Me:

That it’s better to expect little than much.
That it’s not about the length of one’s life but the breadth and depth of it.
That little things can bother people more than big things.
That those with more money are less generous than those with less money.
That promises often metamorphose into lies.
That the theory of evolution has given man all the reasons he needs for his evil.
That those who think they know what’s best often don’t.
That there’s enough food for all but that much of it is wasted, misused or over indulged in.
That this world is not overpopulated but just areas of crowded land.
That hypocrites aren’t only in the Church.
That those who call a spade a spade are more honest than those who bow to being politically correct.
That those with agendas are often found sporting sheep’s clothing.
That life has a habit of returning what folk dish out.
That the differences between the sexes are what makes the difference.
That children always know better than their parents until they’re parents themselves.
That adrenaline junkies have a shorter lifespan.
That not all food is worthy of being called such.
That the majority are more often wrong than right.
That what many find impossible to believe is actually the case.
That much carried out in God’s name has nothing to do with God but man.
That people seldom want to hear what they need to know.
That it’s usually better to wait than rush.
That not all that we’re told is good for us actually is.
That a preoccupation with sex is less a preoccupation and more an obsession.
That creatures have as much right to life as we.
That practical jokes have a tendency to backfire.
That it’s not marriage that’s the problem but either partner.
That what’s done to children they inevitably inflict on society.
That every government’s power should be lessened rather than strengthened.
That quality is more important than quantity.
That television is a threat to every family and a hole in the dyke of many.
That some things don’t improve with each generation.
That it’s better to make the best of the worst.
That it’s better to live as though there is a day of reckoning than to not do so and discover that there actually is.
That it’s wiser not to pursue what simply wastes time.
That more joy is found in living for others than for one’s self.
That another’s love isn’t gained by force nor retained by restriction.
That it’s not what you’ve got but what you do with what you’ve got.
That acceptance and contentment are one’s best friends.
That it’s better to learn from the mistakes of others than our own.
That it’s best to let all say whatever they want to lest we be prevented from saying whatever we want to.
That mothers and fathers are just as much a product of their background, and why children should display as much toleration as they desire for themselves.
That violence is the behaviour of fools, bullies and cowards.
That pride gets in the way of too many relationships.
That suicide is terribly cruel to those who’re left behind.
That religion and politics are the worst of bedfellows.
That too many confuse Christendom with Christianity.
That freedom and liberty are the lifeblood of humanity.
That morality is designed to protect rather than restrict.
That forgiveness enriches those who forgive.
That there’s more to history than meets the eye.
That it’s purpose that gives life meaning.
That one only gets as good as the amount one pays.
That those who have the confidence don’t always have the ability.
That the cost of a funeral adds insult to injury.
That the money many spend on weddings would be better spent on marriage guidance seminars.
That many who think they’re good at something, aren’t, and that many who think they aren’t, are.
That retaliation is an infantile act that just feeds the proverbial merry-go-round.
That the signs-of-the-times are getting more urgent.

3.  What Have You Chosen To Be?

The prisoner of your background?
The hostage of your thoughts?
The slave of your passions?
The instrument of your folly?
The chaser of your troubles?
The dresser of your problems?
The minder of your grievances?
The nurser of your wounds?
The victim of your past mistakes?
The casualty of your ignorance?
The stooge of your mirror?
The depository of someone’s trash?
The owner of someone’s lies?
The wearer of someone’s propaganda?
The fool of your own delusions?
The puppet of other hands?
The servant of abusers?
The plaything of users?
The soft-touch of takers?
The pawn of manipulators?
The follower of pied pipers?
The captive of the majority?
Or none of these?

4.  One Way Of Putting Things:

Our greatest asset is LOVE
Our best friend is TRUTH
Our closest ally is FAITH
Our best protection is WISDOM
Our biggest helper is POSITIVITY
Our best strategy is KINDNESS
Our wisest path is RIGHTDOING
Our safest avenue is HONESTY
Our greatest blessing is HUMBLENESS
Our noblest call is SERVICE
Our greatest hope is BELIEVING
Our surest moment is TODAY
Our biggest risk is TOMORROW
Our deepest rest is CONTENTMENT
Our kindest supporter is ACCEPTANCE
Our brightest moment is THOUGHTFULNESS
Our lightest moment is LAUGHTER
Our greatest healer is TIME
Our hardest challenge is OTHERS
Our bravest act is SPEAKING OUT
Our richest source is MANY HEADS
Our best return is GIVING
Our biggest battle is SELF
Our costliest outlay is FOLLY
Our biggest hindrance is DOUBT
Our greatest threat is FALSEHOOD
Our biggest curse is HATE
Our silliest moment is ENVY
Our craziest moment is REVENGE
Our surest mistake is MISJUDGING
Our weakest link is LAZINESS
Our heaviest load is WORRY
Our biggest drag is NEGATIVITY
Our greatest waste of time is SELF-PITY
Our biggest trap is LIES
And our most likely fall is PRIDE.

5.  What A Tragedy Where There's:

Wealth without charity.
Inheritance without foresight.
Teaching without example.
Preaching without passion.
Sex without commitment.
Knowledge without wisdom.
Position without responsibleness.
Power without mercy.
Accusation without evidence.
Judgement without impartiality.
Religion without love.
Belief without practice.
People without power.
Policy without consultation.
Ability without generosity.
Truth without defenders.
Falsehood without exposers.
People without conscience.
Age without maturity.
Leadership without accountability.
Strength without courage.
Money without labour.
Labour without reward.
Time without growth.
Youth without purpose.
Children without discipline.
Parents without discernment.
Musicians without touch.
Entertainers without dignity.
Talent without humbleness.
Politicians without backbone.
Anger without control.
Memory without forgiveness.
Right doing without praise.
Wrong doing without ownership.
Wounds without healing.
Pain without empathy.
Plenty without restraint.
Praise without merit.
Punishment without fairness.
Good looks without sense.
Words without action.
Welfare without responsibility.
Proof without acceptance.

6.  Life Rewards:

The honest seeker.
The conscientious worker.
The good Samaritan.
The cheerful giver.
The willing helper.
The teachable student.
The merciful forgiver.
The selfless spirit.
The loving heart.
The can-do attitude.
The right approach.
The bigger man.
The noble path.
The gentle touch.
The thoughtful surprise.
The humble effort.
The creative mind.
The good sport.
The patient teacher.
The wise parent.
The caring doctor.
The sensitive nurse.
The open-minded believer.
The servant minded pastor.
The people orientated manager.
The kindly judge.
The honourable policeman.
The trustworthy politician.

7.  If You Want To:

Then be a greenie, but not an eco terrorist, lawbreaker, or formulator of ill thought out and unrealistic ideas.
Be a protestor, but not a rioter, disrupter or annoyer.
Be an upholder of woman’s rights, but not a man-hater, insulter, nor unfair or wrong accuser.
Be anti racism, but don’t fight fire with fire, put all in the same pot, nor indulge in reverse racism.
Be anti hate speech, but don’t be unhealthily thin-skinned, nor a danger to freedom of expression.
Be anti animal cruelty, but don’t indulge in sabotage, breaking and entering.
Be an evangelical Christian, but don’t be a political activist, homeland threat nor harasser of others.

8.  Would You?

Your mission, should you accept it, is:

To be a living testimony of all that’s good, right and truthful midst all that’s bad, wrong and false; and which includes acknowledging a source and power beyond yourself.

To love all impartially and with a selfless, passionate concern for their best interests; and which includes standing up and speaking out at personal cost and unreturned affection.

To be true to yourself no matter what, and not the puppet, pawn, plaything or follower of anyone else; and which includes looking after yourself physically and mentally so that you’re fit for the purposes assigned here.

9.  Things Worth Thinking About:

That it doesn't pay to harm, neglect or ignore anyone;
That there's far too much in the bowls of a few, and far too little or nothing in the bowls of many;
That no one's inferior because of their race or gender;
That animal cruelty, paedophilia, child and elder abuse, torture, and human trafficking are abominable crimes;
That helping comes before preaching, and empathy before answers;
That we should be slow to condemn and quick to forgive;
That armchair critics should burn their armchairs, and that judging by appearances is a sure way to err;
That there's no shame in being poor, but rather in being pridefully or miserly rich;
That compassion should be coupled with sense, and that there is in fact a time and place to make judgment calls;
That men shouldn’t mistreat women, and that women shouldn’t frustrate men;
That men and women are completely different (hardwired so, and this fact far from being pseudoscience), they two halves that make a whole, and thus are designed to compliment each other, not compete with each other;
That men should keep in mind that hurting their wife or kids is not only unmanly and cowardly, but self defeating;
That pornography is corrupting men, harming women, destroying relationships and families, and increasing crime;
That when it comes to the brain, porn makes it sick, drugs mess it up, booze dumbs it down, and smoking starves it;
That those who needlessly endanger themselves for any kind of pleasure, display a compromised intelligence;
That the path you choose has more to do with the outcome, and that terrorism is nothing but the product of evil;
That bad people oft hide behind good things, that some seen as good are bad, and that some seen as bad are good;
That it never pays to follow pied pipers of any description;
That the unrestricted voice of all should be heard (except where inciting violence);
That liberty is the only security, and that civil and religious liberty should be sacrosanct;
That there's nothing noble about the herd instinct, and that democracy is endangered by mobocracy;
That swinging to the left or right is how one becomes unbalanced;
That many are deceived because they allow others to do their studying and thinking for them;
That the majority have no idea what’s really going on, nor who's behind who or what;
That danger can lie in what we fail to see, and that those who forget the past are bound to repeat it;
That love and truth are paramount, and that we should treasure individuality;
That morals, principles and standards are protective, thoughtful imperatives, hence the need of their return;
That much done in the name of love knows nothing of it, that much done in the name of God knows nothing of Him, and that Christianity and Christendom are two different things.

10.  Unpleasant Truth:

Before we pat ourselves on the back:

If we withhold from someone that which is rightfully theirs, or deprive them of something that they should get, then we're a THEIF.

If we don’t back someone up when we know that they're right but under siege, then we're a COWARD.

If we hate someone for some reason, and wish they were dead, then we're a closet MURDERER.

If we promise someone something and then don’t deliver when we were capable of doing so, then we're a LIAR.

If we treat someone badly, poorly or indifferently because of their beliefs, then we're a BIGOT.

If we're unfaithful to our spouse after the exchange of our wedding vows, then we're a TRAITOR.

If we listen in to someone's private conversations, then we're a SPY.

If we tell other people things about someone that aren’t very nice and that aren't necessary, then we're a malicious GOSSIPER.

If we only give others compliments and refrain from saying what might upset but what’s really best, then we're a PEOPLE PLEASER.

If we attempt to manipulate, dominate or control someone, then we're a TYRANT.

If we attempt to take from someone that which we've no right without their permission, then we're a PIRATE.

If we hurt someone by doing that which isn’t fair or kind, then we're a BULLY.

If we get delight from cruelly teasing someone, we're a SADIST.

If we tread on someone, or wrongly discredit them, in order to get ahead of them, then we're an ENEMY.

If we try to convince someone of something that we know isn’t true, then we're a DECEIVER.

If we try to convince someone that we’re a certain way when we’re not, we’re a CON-MAN.

If we seek some of the glory that belongs to someone else, we’re a POACHER.

If we tell others intimate details about our past relationship with someone, we’re a CAD.

If we make someone's life miserable via our selfish behaviour, we're a TORTURER.

If we recklessly or negligently bring troubles into someone's life, then we're a SABOTEUR.

If we gain what someone else would've got if we hadn’t acted underhandedly, then we're a CHEAT.

Well, effectively, that is.

11.  With A Car In Mind:

The reason that this world is in so much trouble is,

Because love’s not in the driving seat.

Because the steering wheel of conscience has been stolen.

Because the headlights of wisdom and truth have dimmed.

Because the indicators of purpose and direction have blown.

Because the horn of warning has died down.

Because the clutch of humbleness is gammy.

Because the gears of standards, values, principles and morality have stripped.

Because the brakes of restraint have failed.

Because the accelerator of indulgence has stuck.

Because the wheels of goodness have come off.

Because the mirrors of the past are grimy.

And because the double overhead twin camshaft motor of nobility and integrity has packed up.

12.  Think About It:

If we don’t want a CALLOUS, INSENSITIVE society, we shouldn’t feed people a diet of VIOLENCE, CRUELTY, ROUGHNESS, GORE, HARSHNESS, COLDNESS, PUT DOWNS.
If we don’t want a SEX-CRAZED society, we shouldn’t feed people a diet of PORN, PROMISCUITY, LUST, SEXINESS, SEDUCTION, ADULTERY.
If we don’t want a PHYCOTIC society, we shouldn’t feed people a diet of DOPE, PARTY PILLS.
If we don’t want a DISTURBED society, we shouldn’t feed people a diet of HORROR, the GOULISH or MACABRE.
If we don’t want a NARCISSISTIC society, we shouldn’t feed people a diet of VAIN IMAGES, EGOTISM.
If we don’t want a LAWLESS society, we shouldn’t feed people a diet of REBELLIOUSNESS, DESTRUCTIVENESS.
If we don’t want an UNHEALTHY society, we shouldn’t feed people a diet of JUNK FOOD, ALCOHOL, CIGARETTES.
If we don’t want a FOOLISH society, we shouldn’t feed people a diet of RECKLESSNESS.
If we don’t want an UNINTELLIGENT society, we shouldn’t feed people a diet of TRASH.
If we don’t want a SELFISH society, we shouldn’t feed people a diet of MUST HAVES, ME THINGS, THOUGHTLESSNESS.
If we don’t want a PARANOID society, we shouldn’t feed people a diet of THRILLERS, CRIMES.
If we don’t want a FEARFUL society, we should feed people a diet of WARS, MAYHEM, ANACHY, CALAMITIES, HATE.
If we don’t want a CARELESS society, we shouldn’t feed people a diet of THROWAWAYS, POLLUTANTS.
If we don’t want a DEBASED society, we shouldn’t feed people a diet of DEBAUCHERY, CRUDITY, FOUL LANGUAGE.
If we don’t want a DEVILISH society, we shouldn’t feed people a diet of OCCULT practices.
If we don’t want a HOPE-LESS, society, we shouldn’t feed people the theory of EVOLUTION.

Ops! There pretty much goes the TV.

13.  Here's Another Way Of Saying Things:

Push LOVE and TRUTH out the door and in skips
coldness, darkness, falsehood, deception, treachery and hopelessness.
Push LAW and BOUNDARIES out the door and in skips
anarchy, evil, corruption, villainy, insolence and contempt.
Push MORALS and PRINCIPLES out the door and in skips
depravity, degeneracy, thoughtlessness, dishonourableness, scandal and shame.
Push COMPASSION and MERCY out the door and in skips
insensitivity, callousness, unfairness, abuse, cruelty and injustice.
Push WISDOM and SENSE out the door and in skips
folly, error, misfortune, hurt, injury and regret.
Push ETIQUETTE and THOUGHTFULNESS out the door and in skips
rudeness, cheek, disrespect, offence, unsophistication and embarrassment.
Push CHARITY and KINDNESS out the door and in skips
selfishness, miserliness, greed, indifference, hardheartedness and meanness.
Push TRANSPARENCY and HONESTY out the door and in skips
crookedness, skulduggery, deceit, pretence, lies and fraudulence.

14.  Guilty As Charged:

If the following examples appeared before the court of moral justice,

JAMES BOND (007) would be charged with making acts of terrorism fun, gratuitous violence glamorous, sex with numerous women (and outside of marriage) standard fare, and ego, vanity and luxurious possessions (materialism) cool.

TINTIN with assault and battery, breaking and entering and the reckless discharging of a firearm with intent.

ASTERIX with wanton violence-cum-a love affair with fighting aided by some magic potion.

ROBIN HOOD with using a wrongful means in order to achieve a good end, and with thuggery, villainy and lynch mob tactics.

WONDER WOMAN with copying the atrocious macho behaviour of certain men, and promoting getting results by violent means too.

BATMAN with operating outside the law and thus misleading and wrongly encouraging a youngster, Robin.

PETER PAN with exchanging a love for truth and reality for fantasy and fiction.

HARRY POTTER with witchcraft, occult practices, hocus-pocus and leading millions of young people astray.

CASPER with impersonating the same realm of evil spirits who oft appear as ghosts or a deceased loved one.

SPIDERMAN with taking on a duel man-creature condition that belongs to the underworld too.

HERCULES with propagating more such nonsense and assuming a demigod state.

SHREIK with giving another underworld character the tick of approval.

SUPERMAN with assuming a status that not only takes glory from the Christian God but displaces Him, and with assuming capabilities beyond that of mortal man.

"Violent heroes are more harmful than even violent villains. Children imitate more often the characters
whom they like and find most appealing."
 Dr. Joseph Strayhorn, child psychiatrist Medical College of Pennsylvania.

"Any time the dark side of the supernatural world is presented as harmless or even imaginary, there is the danger that children will become curious and find out too late that witchcraft is neither harmless nor imaginary."
Lindy Beam, Focus on the Family

"I get letters from children addressed to Professor Dumbledore, and it's not a joke, begging to be let into Hogwarts, and some of them are really sad. Because they want it to be true so badly they've convinced themselves it's true."
K.J. Rowling herself speaking to Newsweek

Regarding the ills of drama, role-playing, see my page There's More To Be Said.

15.  Now:

A rhyming article.

Now that the world is appearing to fall apart,
That we’re finding that certain men weren’t good from the start,
That the world’s really being run by those behind the scene,
That whistleblowers are often turning up another revealing bean,
That violators are found in every profession,
That sex has become an all-time obsession,
That martial relationships are no longer forever,
That silly and reckless acts are now seen as clever,
That lawlessness, crime and violence are continually rising,
That the obscene, foul, disgusting and offensive are no longer surprising,
That living together has become akin to, and as common as, trying on shoes,
That there’s a scarcity of rightful don’ts and a proliferation of wrongful dos,
That pornography and drugs are both billion dollar industries,
That television has become a visual sewer that the masses seems to please,
That much is in the hands of a few and little in the hands of the rest,
That things that suit are being put above what’s right and best,
That hope is giving way to anxiety and doubt,
That suicide has become popular as a way out,
That freedom of expression and liberty are under attack,
That customer service has become more sullen and slack,
That women are becoming more objectified,
That immorality has become a badge that’s worn with pride,
That sexual diseases have grown at an alarming rate,
That paedophilia and incest aren’t concerned about any gate,
That men marrying men and women marrying women is looked upon as progression,
That disfiguring ones body is simply seen as personal expression,
That principles and standards are no longer in vogue,
That moviegoers seem more in love with the rogue,
That pollution is at an all-time high,
That wars are common and those starving children that die,
That appetites have lost sight of discipline,
That it’s harder to spot the difference between the feminine and masculine,
That cruelty to others gives many a buzz,
That anything goes and anything does,
Will we look beyond this Earth and trust in God rather than man,
And fall into line with His will and plan?

Christian content or degree.

16.  Who's At Fault, Who Knows Better, And Who's Best Listened To?

God (via His Word) says:
Submit yourself to the governing authorities.
But what do we see:
Unruly protesting, rioting, insurrection, coups, tax evasion...
God (via His Word) says:
Keep sex for marriage.
But what do we see:
Try before you buy (hence the used and dumped), solo mothers, fatherless children, rampant promiscuity (selfish gratification, lust, belt notching) and sexual diseases, pornography... 
God (via His Word) says:
Be faithful to your spouse.
But what do we see:
Roving eyes (aided by seducing images, and porn too), flirting, adultery, divorce (and then broken homes, custody battles)...
God (via His Word) says:
Live in peace and harmony.
But what do we see:
Intolerance, cancel culture, racial hatred, bigotry, civil unrest, terrorism, wars, wrongful accusations and evil surmisings...
God (via His Word) says:
Don’t murder.
But what do we see:
Stabbings, shootings, poisonings, death threats or wishes...
God (via His Word) says:
Look after the planet.
But what do we see:
Overuse, the thoughtless polluting of land, sea and air, deforestation, wastage, the extinction of many creatures...
God (via His Word) says:
Don’t put trust in treasures, financial security.
But what do we see:
An obsession with money, get-rich-quick schemes, gold hunters, drug lords, greed, stocks and bonds, opulent mansions, the accumulation of things well beyond our needs and while others go without...
And along comes stock market crashes, floods, earthquakes, tornadoes, fires, thieves, looters, plunderers, rust, moths and mould.
God (via His Word) says:
Don’t lie.
But what do we see:
Propaganda, misadvertising, misinformation, falsehood, dishonesty...
God (via His Word) says:
Act transparently.
But what do we see:
Deceit, cover-ups, secrecy, secret societies, conmen, charlatans, cunning traps...

God (via His Word) says:
Act lawfully.
But what do we see:
Disorderly behaviour, crime of every sort, court appearances, fines or imprisonment...
God (via His Word) says:
Look after the needy.
But what do we see:
Closed eyes, neglect, indifferent opulence, selfishness, greed...
God (via His Word) says:
Don’t harm children.
But what do we see:
Child abuse, sexual molestation, bad role models and influences...
God (via His Word) says:
Look after your body.
But what do we see:
Substance abuse, overindulgence, junk food, punishing activities, disfiguring...
God (via His Word) says:
Love your fellowman.
But what do we see:
Jealousy, hatred, bashings, torture, general cruelty, persecution, slander...
God (via His Word) says:
Put others first.
But what do we see:
Competitive sports, backstabbing, infighting, ladder hogging, stepping over others...
God (via His Word) says:
Love your enemies.
But what do we see:
Plotting, revenge, Putin type incursions...
God (via His Word) says:
Live godly (goodly) lives.
But what do we see:
Debauchery, prostitution, lack of self-control, intemperance, unwholesomeness, corruption, foul language...
God (via His Word) says:
Leaders are to see themselves as servants, not lords.
But what do we see:
Dictators, tyrants, abusers of their position, false teachers, pied pipers...
God (via His Word) says:
Think and act wisely.
But what do we see:
Recklessness, irresponsibility, stupidity, folly...
God (via His Word) says:
Honour your parents.
But what do we see:
Disobedience, elder abuse, Prince Harry type public bagging of one's parents...
God (via His Word) says:
Don't steal.
But what do we see:
Burglaries, ripoffs, scams, misuse of an employer's time, taking the credit for someone else's work or effort...
God (via His Word) says:
Guard the mind.
But what do we see:
Movies, television programmes, computer games and magazines containing the violent, raunchy, crude, bizarre, goulish, gory, irreligious, false...

And there's so much more that God (via His Word) says, but what do we see...

Christian content or degree.

17.  Another way of looking at it, and the sad truth of it:

God made the trees, but man the statues.
God made the valleys, but man the ghettos.
God made the mountains, but man the pedestals.
God made the stars, but man the spotlights.
God made the creatures, but man the slaughter houses.
God made the flowers, but man the bling.
God made the air, but man the pollutants.
God made the sky, but man made the smog.
God made the forests, but man the concrete jungles.
God made the rainbow, but man the halo.
God made the colours, but man made the graffiti.
God made the grass, but man the asphalt.
God made the water, but man the alcohol.
God made the night, but man the morning after.
God made the plants, but man the drugs.
God made the soil, but man the landmines.
God made the ozone layer, but man the gaping hole.
God made the minerals, but man the weaponry.
God made the sexual organs, but man the brothels.
God made the womb, but man the abortion clinic.
God made the senses, but man the perversions.
God made the first clothes, but man the strip joints.
God made the rules, but man turned his back, and here we are.

"Humanity is reeking from the stench of self, and corrupt at every level, having rejected
a moral God in favour of an immoral
The poet, author