Have A Nice Day



"Never apologise for being yourself. It's not your fault."
The poet, author

 1.  Have A Nice Day

Yes, I hope you have a nice day, that the sun will appear and a bright blue sky,
That passers-by will stop and chat, and very sweetly smile, having first said, "Hi."
That the wind will take a day off, or just tickle you with a lovely warm breeze,
And that everyone that you have need of in any way will seek to please.

Yes, I hope you have a nice day, that a kiss, hug or cuddle will come your way,
That someone will pay you a nice compliment, or something encouraging say,
That someone will surprise you in a really special way, somehow make your day,
And that any opportunity or chance that you take will wondrously pay.

By Lance Landall

A mistake on this poem was spotted and corrected on 8 March 2021.


2.  We Need You!

“Sam Pitt reporting for duty, Sir!”  “Good man. So what have you to offer, Pitt?”
“Two ears, two eyes, two legs, two arms, ten fingers and one nose, Sir.”  “And is that it?”
“Oh, and one mouth, Sir.”  “Great stuff, because we can certainly use beings like you,
That equipment of yours coming in handy, and so I’ll tell you what we’ll do.

We’ve got positions here for the all-round type, helping others being the plan,
All of those tools you mentioned needed for such, and therefore, help here you can.
I like beings like you, fully equipped for service — yes, people capable,
Ready and waiting, and packed with energy vibrating from every cell.

So thanks for dropping in (I hope you didn’t hurt yourself), and the wage is good,
Beaming smiles, the odd happy tear, and there’re those who may thank you (as they should).
No uniform needed, Pitt, just a nice manner and some sensitivity,
And there’s opportunity to advance — and hey, you’ll love the company.

Yes, there are so many out there, their needs varied, and you having all the skills,
Vocal cords, that listening device, roving camera — and what’s that that smells?
Oh yes, your nose — well, who knows, I’m sure that could come in handy too, so sign here,
That pledge a credit to you, and isn’t that someone already waiting there?”

“Yes Sir!”

“As you were.”

By Lance Landall

Sam Pitt being an imaginary name.

3.  Ah-choo! 

I’ve finally figured out what’s happening when certain people go, “Ah-choo!”
And that being, they’ve been caught out without a hanky, are wanting a tissue.
Yes, how could I have missed it, and some people appear to want more than just one,
Given how they repeat themselves, keep fiddling with their nose, which is seen to run.

So perhaps I should always carry a full box of tissues around with me,
Such surely more helpful than just saying, “Bless you,” dodging uncomfortably.
And a sneeze having a mind of its own, thus it no good shouting, “Hey, Fever!”
But rather, one whipping out a tissue — poor woman — such sure to reliever.

By Lance Landall

4.  The Flower

It’s a beautiful flower — yes, a belle in a flowerbed,
One cradled in pink petals, and with a fetching lilac head.
It brightens up the garden, it cheers the hearts of passers-by,
Who stop to view its beauty, and also, its type identify.

It stands tall amidst the others that adorn the garden too,
The Queen of all the flowers that were planted and quickly grew.
Yes, it surveys the scenery with much dignity and style,
For it’s truly a lady, one that will have you pause awhile.

It relishes the sunshine, and it’s seen waltzing to the breeze,
It jostles with the raindrops, even causes some folk to sneeze.
It brings joy to the observer, it plays host to busy bees,
And delights the gardener too, who each day this monarch sees.

Yes, it is lovingly tendered and watched over faithfully,
It’s a classic, a prize-winner — all the judges would agree.
It’s the pick of the bunch, it’s out on its own, royalty born 'n' bred,
But in a vase inside a home this charmer will go instead.

By Lance Landall

5.  A Hug Means A Lot

When the world’s in a mess, and what’s next is anyone’s guess, a hug means a lot,
And the more reassuring hugs the better when your tummy is in a knot.
Oh, the difference it makes when one awakes and another hug is given,
'Cause such is a soother, an uptightness smoother — oh, now that’s really livin’.

And all because it hollers love, love, love, that all is well despite any ill,
That there’s someone who’ll help you deal with it, help you climb that daunting hill.
And on the way, encouraging things do and say, hence your steps all the lighter,
'Cause loving hugs that start and end each day, always leave one feeling much brighter.

By Lance Landall

6.  When Life Up And Gives Us A Boot

We often wish that the rain would go away, but without it where would we be?
And so it is with set backs and so forth, growth occurring via adversary,
Or hopefully.
’Cause calm seas never make good sailors, and a trouble-free life bears little fruit,
And hence why we should simply rub our bottoms when life up and gives us a boot.

Yes, it’s better to splash in life’s puddles, to sing in the rain or laugh out loud,
’Cause wherever reality is, there’ll be a spot of rain or surly cloud.
And sometimes a winter, and hence that need of mental coats and umbrellas too,
’Till that wind and hail has passed, and there with a big summer smile stands steadfast you.

By Lance Landall

7.  Public Libraries

Behind those library walls, that quiet full of mystery, those furtive glances periodically,
There’s a world of its own, enjoyed there or on loan, and found within books of every category.
A world that awaits that lifting of each cover, where there’s much to discover, come those turned pages,
That see shelves assisting elbows, seats supporting some bottom (down orderly rows), and oft for ages.

Someone in their own little world, their novel or textbook attentively held, their minds oft far away,
Lost in some adventure (distractions worthy of censure, 'cause libraries aren’t some place to talk and play).
Or perhaps they're engrossed in something academically — history, mathematics, philosophy —
But whatever it be, they're head down and somewhat focussed hypnotically, words holding them firmly.

Their minds full of various pictures, they seriously reflective or in stitches, even tale bound,
Thus not there but elsewhere, perhaps another hemisphere, or on some planet, no one making a sound.
Some minds full of equations and theories, others full of pirates, soldiers, queens and fairies (who knows what),
Each in their own little world, a preferred book resting or held, they lost in deep ponderings or some plot.


The pulling power of words, such captivating romantics and nerds, light and serious readers, who,
Those thousands of books at each library, charged for or free, peruse accordingly, be they old or new.
And thus are lost in each sentence and paragraph, hence those furrowed brows, that sigh or laugh, or busy pen,
Or should those books be loaned, temporarily owned, that glowing bed lamp still burning come something a.m.

By Lance Landall

This poem was upgraded 8 March 2020.

8.  So Cleverly Feathered

Hi wee sparrow, are you coated with a silicon seal, or wax of some sort,
Or could it be you’ve an inbuilt umbrella, so that in rain you don’t get caught?
It all seemingly like water on a duck's back, rain hardly bothering you,
And I guess that’s because come rain or shine, those squiggly worms you must still pursue.

Yes, a flutter of your wings and that wet stuff is gone, when the rain stops, of course,
Because you’re still out there when it’s pouring, and even when the wind is gale force.
I battling such wind like a frustrated wrestler, ducking the odd spot of rain,
While you just hop around unbothered like, seemingly daring the wind and rain.

By Lance Landall

9.  Better Watch Out

Yes, you’d better watch out, because love’s going to get you, and get you good — POW!
And down you’ll go in a joyous heap, unable to do a thing, but now,
You standing there unsuspectingly, love waiting around the corner for you,
And when it strikes, you’ll have no chance to run, not that anybody would do,

Would they?

No, when love gets you it gets you, one melting like an ice-cream on a hot day,
Oh, the ecstasy of love’s warm emotions, that inner gooey crème brûlée.
Yes, one unable to do a thing about it, and so, “Bring it on!” I’d shout,
And even paint a WELCOME sign, love quickly appearing, no need to watch out.

By Lance Landall

10.  Let's Not Add To ill

I don’t like to see folk suffer (be they good or bad), hence I’d rather return good for ill,
For any other way is flawed, doomed to fail, and there goes one’s inner peace, for all’s not well.
No, it’s better to treat everyone well, despite what they may do to us, for good returns,
Whereas evil’s to our loss, steals from our soul, and thus only trouble and suffering earns.

Yes, better to have no malice within, no desire to repay ill done, or even said,
For wrong intent and negative emotions toward others put us back and not ahead.
It’s better such folk become like us, rather than we become like them, and pay the same price,
For good leads to an inner security, unlike ill, which tosses and turns like a dice.

Evil’s an ill wind that blows us wherever, one that oft takes us where we’d rather not go,
But such is how it is when the very same baleful seeds as some evil doer we sow.
And oh, how they sprout, ruining our garden as well, where only healthy produce should dwell,
Nurtured and nourished by loving effort, which in turn, invigorates every living cell.

Yes, it’s better to have a pure heart, one that’s undefiled by wrong, and one that’s merciful,
Thus extending forgiveness to those who mistreat us, such being a more potent arsenal.
For loving kindness can oft change the errant heart, but never so, any evil returned,
A lesson that far too many, and far too late, have learnt, and thus heartache and problems earned.

By Lance Landall

11.  Gratitude

Even midst the woes on Earth, and our personal struggles and difficulties,
There’s still wonders to behold, and blessings within each day, which gratitude sees.
Oh yes, it’s so easy to complain, life full of ups and downs, but even so,
There’s an awful lot that we can still be thankful for, even heartbeats, you know.

Yes, many do suffer terribly, but far too often whines come too quickly,
Blessings overlooked or forgotten, when gratefulness declares they shouldn’t be.
After all, we know this world isn’t perfect, so make the best of things we should,
Busy salvaging every drop of joy, and counteracting ill with good.

By Lance Landall

12.  Squeeze Me

Could I have a squeeze, please? That’s right, a cuddle, hug,
One that’ll make me feel good, and at my fluttering heart tug,
A big squeeze, a loving squeeze, a really think you’re neat squeeze,
Yes, one that’ll have me beaming, one that’s tailor-made to please.

Oh, please can I have a squeeze? One that’ll have me gasp for air,
One that'll give me goose bumps, even electrify my hair,
An I won’t let you go hug, a hug that would please a bear,
A beaut hug, even cute hug, one that’ll say how much you care.

Please can I have a squeeze? One that’ll say, “No one else but you,”
One that will leave me glowing, and tingling all over too,
Yes, a squeeze I’ll remember, a hug that’ll remain,
One that’ll set off fireworks, ignite charges in my brain.

Pleeeeease. I only want one, at least for now. I’ll close my eyes!
Quickly, before I open them, or you’ll spoil that surprise.
I’m waiting...come on...please don’t be a big tease...JUST SQUEEZE ME!
Oops, now I’ve done it, and I was waiting so patiently.

By Lance Landall

13.  Nothing Says More

In this rough and busy world there is nothing that says more than a tender touch,
That reassuring rub that conveys someone’s empathy and can mean so much.
Or that reassuring word that is thoughtfully given when it’s needed too,
Both coming from the heart and touching hearts, hence those tears that may come into view.

Yes, tears of gratitude, such touches often long in the coming for many,
And thus they even catching by surprise, some souls not having received any.
All why those tender touches are worth their weight in gold; more needed everyday,
And why I pray that Earth may be rich in such, for much those tender touches say.

By Lance Landall

14.  Was That You I Saw?

Was that you I saw today helping someone on their way? Their burden heavy,
But you kindly easing the weight, hence that lilt in their gait, “Thank you” plain to see.
Oh, what a difference it makes when we sooth someone’s aches, lift their spirits too,
And all it takes is oft a little, which helps to whittle, and improve their view.

Yes, it’s wonderful seeing someone acting lovingly-cum-a heart that’s warm,
For sad to say, and in this cold old world today, such caring isn’t the norm.
But even though that be the case, and such not commonplace, it doesn't stop you,
Nor me, from doing what we can to help our fellowman, and no matter who.

And this, even when our own life’s rough, and the going tough, for though it be so,
The pleasure in helping others, our sisters and brothers, can oft lift our low.
For though our lot may remain, we’re less aware of the pain, our thoughts being elsewhere,
We more able to see how others are worse off than we, who less have to bear.

So if it was you I saw today helping someone on their way, good on you,
For you’re an everyday hero, and even more so, if much you’re going through.
And though small your help may seem, it’s adding to life’s kind stream, which you’ll help to swell,
That it may overflow and everywhere go, and more gloomy shadows dispel.

By Lance Landall

15.  Pretty As A Picture

Hi there little flower, pretty as a picture, and you such a cherry thing,
Your presence always appreciated come another joyous round of spring.
And all because someone popped you in the ground, planted that leafy tree,
Which is why I often pause and marvel over such beguiling artistry.

Oh, how each coloured petal preaches so, and conveys beauty’s sweet expressions,
Which the inner soul of every passing admirer lightens and freshens.
Yes, you may be tiny, but you're very fetching, a delight to gaze upon,
And why it’s sad come those colder days, and much duller skies, and you’ve up and gone.

By Lance Landall

16.  Come And Get It!

It’s such a shame to live our lives without considering the little sparrow,
Who knows to wait until his seed bowl’s filled when that kindly person’s seen to show.
Oh, how that little bird loves to splash about in the water provided too,
Of which he also sips from after having his fill, like we all kind of do.

Oh, how that seed bowl’s soon surrounded, more sparrows joining in, and well aware
That tomorrow when that kindly person appears, more seeds they will get to share.
Yes, they not too slow on the uptake, and cute to boot, a pleasant sight indeed,
Only returning to their viewing towers after having polished off each seed.

By Lance Landall

17.  Night Time Conversation

I was asking my wife whether snoring might be night time conversation, and
Even romantic where couples are involved, of memories or something planned.
She never said a word, and therefore, I left to contemplate such on my own,
’Cause sometimes that snoring’s only heard from me, perhaps talking to myself alone.

But nevertheless, it conversation, a language of the night, possibly,
Sometimes very loud, thus who knows what’s going down, or one waxing lyrically.
The mind still busy, not enough time in the day to say it all, and therefore,
One able to get a few things sorted while asleep, or off one’s chest, what’s more.

By Lance Landall

18.  Musing Out Loud

When I look at Earth’s beauty, the miracle of birth, and that love that I see,
Or feel, I sense that life’s not just about me but a bigger reality.
And that I have been blessed with something that I may never have had, and am glad,
Despite any negatives, things and acts that one can only deduce as bad.

And so, reach out I must, self lost in giving, aiding both dying and living,
And I, moving on, not griping at misfortune’s ill, and always forgiving.
For there’s always a pretty flower, a brighter day, happier hour, and you,
Another precious human who shares the same sun and skies having made it too.

And here I sit, nourishing food before me and scintillating company,
We each unique yet joined by that long umbilical cord of humanity.
And then we link arms, forging rivers, crossing seas, scaling heights, sharing the load,
Resting our heads after work and play, after having traversed that time worn road.

And so, I enjoying trees, the birds and bees, and every other creature found,
The beaches and the sunsets, polka dot serviettes, and when my head’s on the ground.
Oh, how stars twinkle and the silence of the night stirs, for there is majesty,
Grandeur as deep as canyons, as high as mountains, and one more reason to be.

By Lance Landall

19.  My Feathered Friend

Let me ask again, little sparrow, what did you see today when on the wing,
Was it cruelty or kindness, was there reason to wail or more reason to sing?
Oh, how you must notice it all, the lame and the fit, the well-off and the poor,
The free and the imprisoned, those with less burdens to carry and those with more.

And what about yourself, little sparrow, were you fed by that which humans shared,
Was your thirst quenched by water left, was your tiny little heart saddened or cheered?
And how’s your nest? Is it undisturbed and your wee ones safe, and you resting too?
For midst my concern for others, I also take the time to think about you.

By Lance Landall

20.  Where Has The Whistling Gone?

Could someone tell me where the whistling’s gone, that once was heard much more frequently?
Its cheery sound greeting one’s ear and exhibiting a certain artistry.
Yes, such more common in days gone by when folk seemed more contented and happy,
And more relaxed, I might add, rather than uptight, dissatisfied and snappy.

Oh, how long ago it seems since I heard somebody whistling, their head erect,
And thus some pleasant little rhapsody having a beneficial effect.
Yes, both the whistler and hearer receiving a message that suggests all’s well,
And where it isn’t so, such still casting its little ray of sunshine-cum-spell.

My father used to whistle, something that I soon picked up on, thus chirping too,
Just like those little birds at dawn that whistle their wee hearts out and right on cue.
Yes, come rain or shine, they still lifting their feathered heads and chirping happily,
As should we, for despite life’s ills, there’s no point in responding negatively.

All why it’s a shame that whistling’s seldom heard today, for such is needed more,
Shadows seemingly at every turn caused by poverty, oppression or war.
Yes, woes of every kind, heartbreak too, which that missing whistling only adds to,
And why we should make the best of things, improve on things-cum-whistle our way through.

By Lance Landall

21.  "Ladies And Gentlemen!"

The biggest heroes are those who bear up under testing trials, hurt and pain,
They doing their best to cope with such — in other words, they singing in the rain.
And oh, the effort it takes, they battling against all the odds, but holding fast,
Hence they true heroes indeed, valiantly dealing with their lot, even the past.

And many of them busy helping others, they shuffling their cares to one side,
Their arms and legs engaged in acts of kindness, their tears not even having dried.
And there is seen heroism, 'cause such acts take strength and courage, bravery,
One having to rise to the challenge, rise above one’s own pain-cum-misery.

And thereby, one joining the quiet ranks of those everyday unsung heroes,
They no doubt few and far between, 'cause so many of us succumb to life’s blows.
But who knows, strength and courage oft coming with time, one learning to duck and roll,
And midst the pain or ill, we reaching out to another hurting, struggling soul.

Yes, the biggest heroes are those who bear up under testing trials, hurt and pain,
Such no spur of the moment act, but a daily affair, heroic campaign.
And where they reach out to others who’re likewise beset, the podium’s all theirs,
And they, worthy of the biggest, shiniest trophy, our applaud and loud cheers.

By Lance Landall