Love First And Foremost



"A little love goes a long way, and a loving heart all the way."
The poet, author


Lose yourself in others.
Out with self.
Value humanity's preciousness.
Embrace all unconditionaly.


Live for the good of others.
Open your heart to all.
Vow to never hurt anyone.
Ever seek to give and share.

Take your pick.

1.  Love First And Foremost

Yes, love first and foremost, its flag hoisted above every corporation,
Its perfume waffling from every church, its warm rays falling on creation.
Love that knight in shinning armour, that box of groceries left by someone’s door,
That thoughtful card or caring phone call, that reach for a scrubbing brush, pinafore.

And thus love first and foremost, it never asleep or distracted, but on guard,
Its signature apparent, its sentiments conveyed with the kindest regard.
And nobody left untouched, love never meagre with its tailor-made supplies,
Nor with its random doings, its affirming hollers and soothing lullabies.

By Lance Landall

2.  I'm Love

Hello everyone, surely you recognise me, ’cause I’m Love, all about you,
Not about me, your best interests my priority, thus you always in view.
And I’m always around, even when someone doesn't think so, though such saddens me,
For I’m there for everyone, and all the time, I willing, waiting and ready.

So please, call on me, make good use of me, my care and affection knowing no end,
’Cause I’m a genuine expression, always ready to cheer, hug, comfort and mend.
Yes, I’m tender and kind, don’t like being idle, don’t like being used sparingly,
But generously and passionately that my life changing power all may see.

By Lance Landall

3.  Money In The Bank

It’s best we treat each person that we see, pass or greet, with respect, thought and care,
Because all are someone’s loved one, someone that they consider precious and dear.
And that someone being someone that we may need the help of, sometime, somewhere,
A surgeon, builder, lawyer, nurse or employer, and why foresight oft pays here,

And a noble heart, kindness to all being where it’s at, and bearing in mind
That others will see, pass or greet our loved ones, and will their thoughts be just as kind?
Well, hopefully, love always being money in the bank, a sound investment,
Something we may need to draw on when in need, banked by that kindly word or deed.

By Lance Landall

4.  Lovers Of Others

Encourage the low in spirit, soothe the broken hearted, comfort the grieving,
For love is found in empathy, sympathy, compassion and such relieving.
And blessings will follow, love rewarding the lover of others, the thoughtful,
Those who respond to another’s plight, their kindness admirable and noble.

So please, and from the heart, reach out to the hurting and suffering, the depressed,
Impartiality another jewel in the crown of those sure to be blessed.
For love takes note, its reward in accordance with the deed, the degree of thought,
The degree of loving care that relief or some kind of easing duly brought.

By Lance Landall

5.  What Would It Be?

If I could only convey one little thing, what would it be, what would it be?
Never hurt another soul in any way — and I mean, deliberately.
And thus this the basis of everything said and done, such always love’s way
Because from the path of truth and light, good and right, love is never seen to stray.


This is love, this is love: That we never hurt another soul in any way,
And this a rule, an attitude and principle that blesses every day.
And so, what would it be, what would it be, but simply what I have stated here,
Never hurt another soul in any way, for this is love, and love we share.

By Lance Landall

6.  Make Love Smile

Its always best we seek what’s best for ourselves and others, do what’s right and kind,
Our thoughts and actions selfless and noble, thus our lives becoming more refined.
And this in everyway, and remembering that karma will have its say,
For what goes around comes around, and where there’s ill, evil’s always seen to play.

Therefore, set your sights on higher ground and never shift your gaze, for such is best,
Selfishness, wrong doing, thoughtlessness and folly never ever having blessed.
All why we should’ve learnt by now, love oft shaking its head, gasping in disbelief,

And why I plead, “Please make love smile, not turn and reach for its tear-stained handkerchief.”

By Lance Landall

7.  Where Love's Needed Most

The saddest thing is when someone loses their partner, companion, loved one,
Most intimate of friends, because when they’ve gone, it’s as if they’ve taken the sun.
And thus the darkness and loneliness of that loss almost too hard to bear.
And why such hurting ones should be treated with extra loving tender care.

No one knows such pain until they’ve experienced it, hence why less care’s shown,
Until via their own loss of a loved one that excruciating pain is known.
Though even then, there’s little that eases that pain, which only time helps heal,
And why for those who’ve lost a dearly loved partner, we should more deeply feel.

By Lance Landall

8.  Missing Petals

Love and I were kind of chatting the other day, and love turned and said to me,
“When some things are damaged that shouldn’t be, they’re often damaged permanently.
They far too precious and fragile to be handled so roughly, or thoughtlessly,
And just like with flowers, petals tare and fall, and then enter the unsightly.”

I duly nodded, and love continued on, though it really all in my head,
I listening attentively to everything that love quietly said.
Yes, love’s voice not needing to be raised, missing petals everywhere in sight,
And some flowers having withered; all why hurting others isn’t fair nor right.

By Lance Landall

9.  Love's Cute Way

When you try to help people, some don’t always see it that way, it’s sad to say,
Oft misreading things, jumping to conclusions, and heading the same foolish way.
Or, having less success, making some wrong moves, even pulling away from you,
And what can you do but watch them err, and still be around when things go askew.

They may not deserve such, but that is love’s cute way, it not like some light switch, say,
No, never on and off, but constant, not the one doing the pulling away.
And so, it waiting and watching, having a cuppa, listening for that cry,
Such bound to come, and when it doesn’t, as can happen, love’s still happy with its try.

By Lance Landall

10.  Don't Be A Fake

Yes, don’t be a fake, love everyone warts and all, hear what they’ve got to say,
And if you don’t like their manner, their viewpoint or beliefs — hey, that’s quite okay.
But don’t ignore them, or treat them differently, because then you’d be a fake,
A fool, because shunning folk just because of words and ways is a big mistake.

The truth is, we don’t help or change folk by shunning them, (really sick folk aside),
So, it’s better that we try to understand them, take their bad points in our stride,
Because no one’s perfect, nor the same as us, and love’s no fake, it far from weak,
All why it sticks around, takes no offence, still shakes hands or kisses on the cheek.

By Lance Landall

11.  Loving Kindness

With the world getting worse, and trouble and misery growing, disasters too,
We need to turn up the love, encourage those who’re downcast, and good things pursue.
Yes, it’s time we stopped turning on each other, and helped each other make it through,
Thus switching lights on and not off, minding all those things that we think, say and do.

So let’s stop the cruelty, that selfishness that bedevils, indifference too,
We all in the same boat, and this why putting more holes in it simply won’t do.
And hey, haven’t we learnt that what goes ’round comes ’round, such hardly something that’s new,
Hence that need to plug those destructive holes, which only loving kindness can do.

By Lance Landall

12.  Right On The Money

“A loving heart is the truest wisdom,” Charles Dickens once said, and such is so,
Because if ones heart isn’t loving, unkind words it’ll say, and sad seeds sow.
And the reason why? Because where ones heart isn’t loving, ones mind isn’t sound,
And hence why in the lives of such people, flawed thinking and poor judgments are found.

Those hearts that aren’t loving and minds that aren’t sound, equal a life that is shallow,
And thus there no depth, far less understanding, less room for greater things to grow.
All why a loving heart is a must, such cultivated from birth, taught and shown,
Or it won’t be long before those unkind words are said, and those sad seeds are sown.

By Lance Landall

13.  When Love Weeps

Love weeps when its loving warnings aren't wanted or heeded, it knowing the cost,
And lamenting how its entreaties are oft misread, folk feeling they’re being bossed.
Or, love’s concern simply not suiting them, and some preferring darkness to light,
And love deeply saddened by such, ’cause it only seeks to share what’s best and right.

Hence why love persists, it prepared to risk being thought wrong of, but for their sake,
Because sparing folk from unpleasant consequences is a path it must take.
Otherwise, it would hardly be love, and love prepared to take it on the chin,
It not ashamed, nor forceful, and when it’s proven right, it not rubbing it in.

No, love is humble, only trying to help, aware folk have the right to choose,
But also aware that via their folly, they may well suffer or something lose.
And such would be a shame, they soon full of regret, wishing they’d listened to love,
Even that love had come on stronger, but love not one to bully, push and shove.

By Lance Landall

14.  When Love Hates

Yes, there’re times when love hates, but only what its right to hate, like lies and cruelty,
Violence, bigotry, prejudice and other things that harm humanity.
For how could love not hate such sad things, its heart demanding justice and fair play,
It is not insensitive to wrong, and thus why its seen to measure and weigh.

Yes, love’s deeply upset by any wrongdoing, those words and acts that cause pain,
Because love would never think to say or do what would cause tears or somehow maim.
Such being the enemy of love, it battling to gain the upper, snuff love out,
And why there’re times when love hates, but only what it’s right to hate, and hence its shout.

No, love’s not devoid of feelings, but far from it, love being stronger than strong,
It all about what’s best, good and right, those things that bless, and never about wrong.
And this why it can’t keep silent, can’t sit still, but must stand and speak, play its part,
For love is full of passion, a righteous passion, which should rule every heart.

By Lance Landall

15.  Sorting The Boys From Men

In all and every case, let love win, for there is no better outcome, none!
And this, no matter what was said or done, and this, how real victories are won.
And this, what soon sorts the boys from men, because any fool can do otherwise,
And why when sense gives way to folly, the sad consequences are no surprise.


We can be a jerk, punch someone’s face, smash their letterbox, or whatever,
But that’s just the way of the childish, not those who’re intelligent and clever.
Oh yes, we can lose our cool, rant and rave, but hey, such has all been seen before,
Hence those burnt bridges, wrecked relationships, and all just because someone was sore.

By Lance Landall

16.  A Faceitious Point?

It’s me! Yes, you know me, you saw me yesterday, and I spotted you too,
But given we never chatted, nor introduced ourselves, I can’t blame you.
Maybe I’m at fault, ’cause I could’ve at least have smiled and said, “Hi there,”
So I’d better say, “Sorry,” ’cause at the end of the day, one must be fair.

Yes, you could’ve smiled, said, “Hi there,” and perhaps you should have too, you know,
But not to worry, for what’s done is done, and other seeds you can still sow.
Though tomorrow’s another day, and once again, we might come each others’ way,
And there’s another chance to smile and something pleasantly creative say.

By Lance Landall

17.  Be Near, Be There

Be near, be there, be loving and care, your presence and actions saying it all,
Because distance, business and forgetfulness are how relationships stall,
Even die, we all in need of that daily nourishment, love’s water and sun,
That care that comes from those who’re close in spirit and body; not just anyone.

Though the love, thought and care that comes from friends and strangers can mean a lot to us,
It simply can’t replace a loved one’s daily presence, affection, time and fuss.
Hence why all manner of excuses, even reasons, can mar, hurt or injure,
And why it’s sometimes necessary, and only right, that guilt should strongly stir.

So, be near, be there, because loved ones die sooner or later, and sooner means:
It oft being too late to start doing what we should’ve, hence those teary scenes.
Life teaching us the hard way, leaving us with regrets that take ages to heal,
Regrets that could’ve been avoided, but weren’t, and thus how from others we steal.

Yes, never wait until their poor old heart stops beating and their pupils dilate,
Because no matter how flash and expensive the casket is, it’s far too late.
It’s now our attention’s needed, love’s presence, be we fresh and free or tired and stretched,
Because once they’ve gone, they’re no more — and in our mind and heart, peace or regret etched.

The truth is, we can’t be near and we can’t be there if we’re not near to be there,
Too many loved ones having shifted away from those supposedly dear.
And both those phone calls and infrequent visits nothing but a poor substitute,
And as a consequence, their conscience and feelings are no longer as acute.

In other words, we only miss folk as much as our closeness to them, and so
The results of distance, busyness or forgetfulness are soon sure to show,
Folk missing out, and we setting ourselves up for future regret, keenly felt,
All because our own pursuits won out — which asks, on what is our life really built?

By Lance Landall

18.  This Is How Love One Comes To Know

I’ve met a man whose thought, care and generosity has truly amazed me,
’Cause I’ve rarely experienced such, and it’s a real example, quite frankly.
Yes, I too wanting to show the very same thought, care and generosity,
And why I pray that one day I’ll be blessed with both the means and ability.

Oh, if only the world was full of people like him, he a man among men,
Goodness in his heart, depth in his soul, and the reason why I’ve reached for my pen.
He no doubt the kind of father or brother that many are wishing they’d had,
And why I’m all the better for knowing him, this old world a little less sad.

Such people are like lifelines in a choppy sea, faith and hope returning, and
One once again looking up rather than down, so grateful for that kindly hand.
Yes, his actions pointing out the way, warming my heart, and why I hope it’s so
That you too, have met someone just like him, ’cause this is how love one comes to know.

And love knowing no prejudice or bigotry, but that kindness shown me,
Which hopefully others have experienced, some adrift on same choppy sea.
And with fondness they remembering, some things forever in the memory,
Like this man who’s responded to me with such thought, care and generosity.

Yes, this is how love one comes to know.

By Lance Landall

19.  Should Love Ask You

Should love ask you how you acted today, what would you say, and could you look love full in the eyes,
Or would you choke on your words, stammer and splutter, and if big enough, humbly apologise?
Well, your response would be governed by that choice you made on arising, for love’s an attitude,
One that’s married to doing what’s best and right; and that also maintains an air of gratitude.

Yes, best we arise with a desire to improve the lot of others, self having been snoozed away,
And thus any thoughtlessness and indifference buried in yesterday, not part of today,
For such sorry yesterdays are best left in the past, they never any good to nobody,
Which love’s well aware of, and hence why it doesn’t waste time creating regrets and injury.

Life is very short in the scheme of things, it far too short to just fritter away on folly,
Nor on that which robs us or others of sleep, we guarding our inner peace and serenity,
And thus maximising rather than minimising our happiness, and that of others too,
Who, given our kindness, will be less likely to afflict us somehow, via what they say and do.

So may it be that should love ask you how you acted today, you can smile and in all truth say,
“With all the dignity, nobility and wisdom I could muster, and so too yesterday.”
For anything other than that would have robbed you, detracted from your joy, and this, so foolishly,
As you wouldn’t have got the best from life — just short-changed yourself — and marred other lives too, maybe.

By Lance Landall

20.  In The Form Of You and I

Love saw me coming, it giving me a hug and even complimenting me,
Which not only caught me by surprise, but also planted a big warm fuzzy.
That encounter remained with me throughout the day, capturing my heart and mind,
And why on its energizing emotional nourishment I wined and dined.

Oh, if only every day of the week, love in the form of you and I,
Would give a hug and complement, leaving behind a grateful smile and moist eye.
Yes, there’s nothing like those loving acts that deeply touch and cheer another soul,
Especially amidst those rigors of life that can dishearten and take their toll.

By Lance Landall

21.  Love

People like to talk of love, but in practice what do we see?
Many who're talking of it not doing what they’ve said should be.
Yes, words are used so freely, but actions don't always follow,
Thereby making much that is spoken simply ring hollow.

There's few among us who dispute the worthiness of love’s prose,
And the need of words of love in the midst of another's woes.
But oh, love expressed in action is by far the greater need,
For though it is displayed via words, it achieves far more by deed.

Actions show that we’re genuine, that we mean those things we say,
For saying and then not doing can fill others with dismay.
And that's why love never waits 'till it hears another’s plea,
But instead, it sets out to find what the other’s need might be.

No, love doesn't set a time frame, nor has selfish time constraints,
And thus where greater work's needed, its persistence never faints.
Nor does love place conditions where conditions should never be,
And neither is it selective, or displayed unequally.

Love thinks of the minority, puts its own desires last,
It protecting the disadvantaged, countering hatred fast.
And love never agrees with using force to get its own way,
And nor does it intimidate, try to wrongfully gain sway.

Love is also receptive to someone else's point of view,
And where it may well differ, it gives credit where credit's due.
Love won’t wrongly cause offence during any interaction,
Knowing in its wisdom that such soon sees it losing traction.

Love is also full of mercy, compassion and tender care,
And it's never prejudiced, but always seeking to do what is fair.
Yes, love acts impartially, ever has a listening ear,
And always goes the extra mile, seeks another’s heart to cheer.

No, love will never bear a grudge, it is faithful and bears long,
Not talking behind someone’s back, and it tries to right a wrong.
Love gives encouragement and makes allowance for mistakes,
It not breaking a confidence, nor ever deceives or fakes.

But you know,

Many when they talk of love have such naive, unbalanced notions,
Unmindful love is not just words, good deeds or nice emotions.
No, love is also justice 
 and obviously, rightful law,
Because without such, it's clear that love would simply be no more.

Love also warns folk of danger, it corrects and disciplines,
And wisely upholds order, and thus what is right, underpins.
Love withholding what is harmful, telling it straight and truthful,
And it expecting these same things from both the aged and youthful.

Yes, love is never satisfied with mere mediocrity,
But seeks the betterment of all wherever that need may be.
It also knowing that sometimes unpleasant things are needed
To achieve a turnaround where wisdom has not been heeded.

But it’s always how it’s done, and how it is said, that matters,
And thus when these two are wed, far less things end up in tatters.
And yes, it's also how it’s lived, because love needs to be seen,
And never is it brighter than when selfishness has left the scene!

By Lance Landall

This older poem was upgraded 19 November 2017.

22.  Love's The Only Way

“Forgive and forget,” “Love your enemies,” and also, “Do good to all.”
Yes, I’m sure that you’ve heard such said, and for some folk, such is a hard call.
However, if we want to change this world we're in, there's no other way,
For it’s only love that conquers all — thus, it’s love that should rule the day.

We cannot change this world by using force, except superficially,
For change must start within each heart — that is, it must first begin with, ME.
Therefore, let's forget legislation, for though such no doubt has its place,
Both force and laws can't change the hearts and minds of this errant human race.

No, governments cannot change someone's heart, nor Christian politicians,
For both of them can only change things, just subtract or make additions.
Therefore, everyone needs to realize, and try to help each other see
That if we don’t change our ways, we will write our own obituary.

Everybody should lead by example, and never fight fire with fire,
For such behaviour will always backfire — it’s a treacherous quagmire.
So let us turn our backs on warring, and violence of any kind,
For it's time that we stopped acting so selfishly, shamefully and blind.

The title of an early pop song goes, “What the world needs now is love,”
No, not sexual love, and not self love, but an all-embracing love.
Along with a hatred of cruelty, bigotry and depravity,
Wedded to an active passion for total freedom and liberty.

Yes, every human that's on this earth, and each creature (land, sea or sky),
Should be treated with great respect, never hurt, nor somehow caused to die.
And neither should revenge ever figure in the lives of you and I,
Along with hatred also — and therefore, self we all should crucify.

Yes, let's all stop this merry-go-round that is currently gaining speed,
For it's high time we slammed the brakes on, as there's a very urgent need.
You see, we’re just heading for disaster, as we're fouling our own nest,
Thus, do I hear a call for change, is such strongly beating in your breast?

By Lance Landall

23.  Real Love

Real love knows no other way than to tell the truth, and to tell it straight,
Real love knows that there's a time to speak, and that there is a time to wait,
Real love knows that there's a way — though for some, any way is still too strong,
And hence why they continue to willingly and foolishly act wrong.

Yes, so many folk aren’t thinking, and quite frankly, some don’t seem to care,
Or it simply just doesn’t suit them to ponder on those things they hear.
They might feel forced to change their ways, set aside self, their desires and plans,
Or, figuratively speaking, admit that they have blood on their hands.

Yes, truth has never been popular, nor those folk who dare to speak it,
'Cause it’s only flattery, things folk like to hear, that have been a hit.
No, many can’t take, and do not want, those things that they should take on board,
Which is why their thinking and their behaviour remains narrow and flawed.

We all need to be challenged. Why? Because we’ve all got it wrong somewhere,
And hence why everybody should listen to what others have to share.
Only foolish people ignore any wisdom that they should accept,
And sometime, somewhere, will be forced to realize, that out to sea they've been swept.

Real love can’t stand idly by, for it cares too much, and knows otherwise,
Real love knows that it has a duty to caution, direct and advise,
Real love knows that there’ll be consequences, for truth is often despised,
And the messenger often penalized, stigmatized, and ostracized.

But deliver the truth, real love must, for real love knows no other way,
Therefore, despite any impending threats, truth it will always convey.
Yes, real love has a solid backbone, one that is solider than steel,
Hence why it puts its hand up, stands alone, bows to no one, 'cause it’s real.

Sadly though, such a love is rare, and it has fallen victim to fear,
Or it has fallen victim to self, hence why few are prepared to dare.
And hence why many folk aren’t told those things that they badly need to hear,
And hence why there’s more resistance to truth, and that witness that some bare.

By Lance Landall

24.  Selfless Love

Selfless love is so self forgetful that it’s out the door without some clothes on,
Thus pride and vanity left behind, selfless love having just got up and gone.
Yes, it not having time to think of itself, thoughts being too busy elsewhere,
Its hands and feet just thinking of others, thus personal intentions stripped bare.

And therefore, it not just the naked truth that’s out there, but self devoid of self,
And why any hampering garments of the selfish kind are left on the shelf.
Thus selfless love way ahead, not held up nor caught up, but where it needs to be,
Its bare footprints showing the way, gone the pinch and corns of selfish injury.

By Lance Landall