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Spoil Satan's Day

When you arise from your bed, with the rest of the day ahead, don’t look down but up instead, and in Jesus precious name, the power and victory claim, that holy angels may quickly assemble, who’ll make Satan and his henchmen tremble, and have them wailing anxiously, “Oh no, heavenly artillery, powerless are we!” as they tumble over each other midst trying to flee.
Then take the hand that God extends, and walk as He intends, striding forth confidently, bristling with heavenly armoury, knowing that God is with you, a God who’s faithful and true, a God who will see you through, for there’s nothing that He can’t do, like dealing with Satan and his hang-dog crew.
So, be a solider of the cross, who considers it no loss, to live a life of self-sacrifice, or to pay the ultimate price, in order that God be glorified — He who on Calvary suffered and died.
Yes, He who offers grace to all, who contritely on Him call, for He’s a God of love, watching tenderly from above, and who on your behalf will act, when by Satan you’re attacked (via his darts cruelly hurled), and Satan then licking his wounds will grizzle (knowing that very soon he’ll frizzle), “Bigger is He who is in you, than he who is in the world.”
Yes, when you arise from your bed, with the rest of the day ahead, may it be that Satan will groan, and be heard to moan, “I wish they’d stayed in bed, they’re a Christian born and bred, whose consecrated life’s a threat, a challenge that makes me sweat, and whose cries summon those I hate, who hang around and wait, ’till I back off and leave the scene, so often seen, when Christians such heavenly forces activate.”
Yes, spoil Satan’s day, don’t let him get his way, for he certainly will if you succumb, or dance to the beat of his worn drum, and thereby another of his marionettes become, who make up a sizable sum.
Rather, seek the Lord in prayer, as time alone with Him you share, thus armed and prepared for the day, lest devilish darts come your way, and so that Satan will cry with dismay, “I’m wasting my time on this one, they’re too connected to the Son.”
And should you somehow stumble, and into Satan’s pathway tumble, call upon the name of the Lord (who faithfulness will soon reward), and He’ll cover you with His grace, stand in your place, deal with the devil and his hoard, who’ll grumble scathingly, “Foiled again by the blood of Calvary.”
Go on, spoil Satan’s day, don’t let him get his way, but rather, make him wish you’d stayed in bed — do things God’s way instead!
Yes, go on, spoil Satan’s day.

By Lance Landall

"My main ambition in life is to be on the devil's most wanted list."
Leonard Ravenhill 

Don't Just Stand There

When the devil whispers, “You won’t make it, he, he, he,” don’t just stand there and timidly take it, acting somewhat helplessly, but rather, remind him of his fiery end, and that Jesus is your best friend, on whom you can truly depend, and who’ll soon triumphantly descend, which the devil will grudgingly admit (and his chiselled and bared teeth grit), knowing that Christ he can never outwit.
Yes, tell Satan you don’t want his evil company, that he’s an antagonistic enemy, one who stirs up controversy, engineers anarchy, delivers adversity, misleads injuriously, causes despondency, and attacks folk subtly or savagely — in other words, a being who sneeringly sniggers, and everything and anything jiggers, as he beavers away fiendishly.
Tell him that he’s just a fraud, that he’s so unlike your Lord, who only seeks your best, and ensures that you’re blest, for He’s a God of truth and love, who watches tenderly from above, and who, when you kneel in prayer, every word stoops to hear, and who you can guarantee will act beneficially, for He doesn’t let anyone down, nor wants sin to choke or drown, but rather than defraud, delights to please and reward, and He does so, very graciously.
Yes, once you’ve put the devil in his place (who by then will have a scowl on his face), instantly turn on your heels and about-face, and via heavenly meditation, biblical application, Spirit led determination, and divine acceleration, leave behind any devilish insinuation, or Satanic accusation, and in the hands of the Lord, who the holy angels laud, anything and everything place.

By Lance Landall

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Rejoice in righteousness, for the righteous are worthy to be called the sons and daughters of a victorious and noble King, and have a future, for they will reign with Him in eternal glory — but the unrighteous are but mere reflections and slaves of a defeated and corrupt devil, and have no future, for they will perish in shame with the “father of lies” forever.

Rejoice in faith, for the righteous have a hope beyond this Earth that gives them an inner peace and joy, a hope that will soon be realised — but the unrighteous, lost in their unbelief, share a pointless existence, no inner joy or peace, and have nothing to look forward to.

Rejoice in truth, for the righteous seeker of truth will discover such through the Spirit’s leading, and find a path that’s clear — but the unrighteous, who sneer at truth and deal in lies, become entangled in falsehood, lose their way, and bring on themselves both troubles and damnation.

Rejoice in love, for the righteous who love like Christ loves, sleep soundly and untroubled, reap happiness-cum-better health, see kindness returned, and inherit the new Earth — but the unrighteous who hate, oppress, rob, injure and neglect, toss and turn in their bed, reap fear and anxiety-cum-worsening health, suffer retaliation, and inherit nothing.

Rejoice in giving, for the righteous giver, even if low in means, will one day receive treasure beyond measure, and in the meantime will have discovered the joy of benevolence — but the unrighteous, many of them coveters and wealthy, will lose everything they have, and in the meantime will have deprived themselves of many blessings.

Rejoice in suffering, for there are character benefits which also result in greater empathy for other sufferers, and take heart, for the righteous sufferer will soon be relieved of his or her suffering — but the unrighteous who suffer, suffer for nothing, and just think of themselves, and thus will receive no relief.

Rejoice in persecution, for the righteous who’re persecuted enter into the very sufferings of Christ, sufferings that He will soon avenge, and their temporary persecution reward with eternal bliss and His permanent presence — but the unrighteous who perpetrate such persecution, or seek to save their own necks via treachery, will not only suffer the coming plagues, but will also suffer God’s justified avenging fire, via which they’ll enter eternal silence in unbelievable agony.

Rejoice in sanctification, (God’s moulding and chiselling), for the righteous who’ve embraced such, are becoming more like their Saviour everyday, and thereby are not only witnessing more truly, but achieving much good, and proving a greater blessing to others — but the unrighteous, who resist the promptings and workings of the Spirit, are becoming more like Satan in every way, their ignorance of Scripture and lack of wisdom leading others astray, and their selfishness and wickedness causing destruction and injury.

Rejoice in prayer, for the righteous have a direct link to the God who controls and rules the universe, are able to seek answers, and more importantly, plead on behalf of others — but the unrighteous, due to their rebellion and rejection, have chosen to sever that link, and thus have no where to turn to, nor do they seek on behalf of others.

Rejoice in song, for the righteous delight in their Creator’s amazing works, praise His providential care, miracles and blessings, daily give thanks for His goodness and mercy, and humbly acknowledge His power and majesty — but the unrighteous revel in their own self-destructive abominations, seek to lord it over others, and shamefully and pridefully bask in their own glory.

By Lance Landall


God of love.
Creator of Earth and man.
Author of the Bible.
Image of the Father.
Our shining example.
Doer of good.
Lover of righteousness.
Hater of sin.
Opposer of evil.
Wielder of justice.
Beacon of light.
Sure foundation.
Upholder of truth.
Fulfiller of promises.
Giver of blessings.
Sender of manna.
Bearer of burdens.
Responsive listener.
Builder of bridges.
Dispatcher of angels.
Searcher of hearts.
Pursuer of the wayward.
Seeker of the lost.
Advocate of the repentant.
Defender of the saints.
Provider of grace.
The pure lamb.
Wounded healer.
Saviour divine.
Waiting bridegroom.
Returning Lord.
King of kings.

And He,

Obedient to His Father.
Victorious at Calvary.
True to the end.
Diligent in prayer.
Faithful under fire.
Honest when confronted.
Prudent when provoked.
Transparent in everything.
Tender with children.
Patient with the weak.
Compassionate to sufferers.
Merciful to sinners.
Straight with the rebellious.

By Lance Landall


Satan is a thief — He tries to steal us from Christ and rob us of eternity; he tries to rob us of quiet time with God, biblical study, Christian fellowship, and family time; he tries to rob us of good health, peace, hope, joy, happiness, and even of life here on Earth.
Satan is a liar — He tries to convince us of the opposite to what God is saying (come heresy); he tries to convince us of the opposite of what is best for us, or others; and he ensures that we get falsely accused.
Satan is a cheat — He lies, misleads, mixes error with truth, uses different disguises and dirty tricks.
Satan is a fraud — He offers what appears great but which soon lets us down, hurts, harms or troubles; and he promises things that he can’t deliver.
Satan is a cad — He gets us from behind, kicks us when we’re down, puts obstacles and stumbling blocks in our way, ups temptation when we’re weaker, discourages us when we’re under siege; and he gets others to do his dirty work for him.
Satan is an abuser — He delights in causing us hurt and pain, be such mental or physical.
Satan is a stalker — He lies in wait, follows us around obsessively, knows our every move, and sends threats our way.
Satan is a schemer — He’s always plotting our downfall and end, and is plotting the demise of humanity as a whole.
Satan is a dictator — He wants us all under his control whether we like it or not, and wants everything to go his way.
Satan is a terrorist — he delights in fear mongering, nasty surprises, ruination, destruction, mayhem and confusion.
Satan is a murderer — He wants to take as many as he can with him into the burning lake of fire; and he incites humans to kill each other.


By Skip Johnson

The church is a charter boat. She is built for the sea--for the wave slap, the salt brine and the chase. In dock she rests, rusts, and rots. She tugs at her moorings, longing for the open skies and the deep.

The church is a charter boat. She is heaven's hunter, the sea's lady, and her Captain's lover. She dreams of the flash of heavy silver at forty fathoms--and fishermen shouting for joy thirty miles from land, dancing knee-deep in albacore
on her decks. She aches for arched poles at her rails, the singing line tugging on every side, and the sea bird's eager cry as the catch is cleaned on the homeward trip.

The church is a charter boat. God is her maker and owner. The patriarchs laid her keel. The prophets set her spars. The apostles hammered her hull and decking. The Spirit christened her at Pentecost. Her anchor is faith. Her engine is truth. Her Captain is Jesus, high on heaven's bridge--steering her course for the choice catch in every age.

The church is a charter boat. The Bible is her locker stocked with nets, poles, lines, hooks, weights, and lures for every need. The bait well stands mid-deck teeming with lively big-eyed squid and blunt-nosed anchovies that melt on the hook. Inside the cabin fishermen crouch, relaxed yet ready. They warm fingers around steaming mugs. A father stoops to lace his son's shoe while the others speak in low tones of fishing past and soon to come. Only the seasick sleep when there are poles to rig and fish to catch. (Is your line in the water?)

The church is a charter boat. The pastor is the bait boy. He takes orders from the Captain and works for everybody. He rigs poles, replaces lost tackle, and encourages the beginners. He clubs the occasional shark, cuts the greedy seabird free from the line, and unhooks bug-eyed bottom fish for the squeamish. He gives bait or advice, gaffs the big ones to the deck, and announces when it is time to reel up or let down the lines. His duty is the fisherman's need. His pleasure is the fisherman's catch. His reward is the fisherman's delight at their heavy sacks of fish, and the big one hanging by his tail at the wharf.

The church is a charter boat. She longs for grey dawns edged with the promise of rose. She yearns for the brilliant blue blaze of deep noon. She trembles for storm-torn peaks of foam and dizzy green chasms of brine. There is life in her.
It strains at the rope as the worms bore holes in her belly and the barnacles weigh her down.

The church is a charter boat. Her passion, the sea. Her purpose, the chase. Her passenger, the fisherman.
(Is your line in the water?)


By reading His Word, sharing His Word, and living His Word.

By telling of His love, emulating His love, and appreciating His love.

By looking after others, encouraging others, and praying on behalf of others.

By looking after His Church, filling up His Church, and supporting His Church.

By looking after His planet, caring for His creatures, and looking after our body.