Love's For All



Yes, regardless of anything.

"If love could claim damages for misrepresentation, the world would go broke."
The poet, author


1.  Love's For All

Oh yes, love’s for all, it not selective or partial, but generous and free,
There for everyone, good or bad, and minus racism or bigotry.
Yes, love’s for all, regardless of how we might feel ’bout someone, they precious too,
Another human, amazing creation, despite what they may say or do.

Oh yes, love’s for all, every man, woman and child — yes, it love, remember,
LOVE, not just any old thing, but there from January through to December,
And every year — indeed forever — it true and pure, full of thought and care,
Regardless of one’s age, looks, colour or religion, and wanting you to SHARE!

By Lance Landall

2.  Don't Take Your Eye Off That Ball

When I look at what’s happened in Ukraine, it’s clear someone thinks love’s not for all,
And those who do his bidding, deaf to Someone else’s “Love one another” call.
And thus the problem being in that first person’s heart and mind, where illness dwells,
Because it’s only darkness that destroys a country and its citizens kills.

Yes, this is what happens when someone thinks love’s not for all, but who he chooses,
And why from the bodies of innocent people breath escapes and blood oozes.
And hence that need of a worldwide holler that’ll never end, “LOVE IS FOR ALL!”
Which blesses everyone, and why we should never take our eyes off that ball.

By Lance Landall

3.  We Certainly Wouldn't

He was racist, but one day heard a cry for help, the daylight fading away,
And he rushing to the aid of that person, peering through the darkening grey.
He reached her, she needing support, an assault having taken place, sad to say,
And she clinging to his arm as she rose to stand, glad someone had come her way.

She seemed no different to anyone else — quite attractive, actually,
His heart melting, and he feeling most upset that she’d been treated so badly.
The lights of a passing car soon revealing her darker skin, and there he saw
The stupidity of racism — and how love that day, opened a new door.

Yes, love’s for all, but this oft only seen where ignorance has no time to think,
But just react, and grateful is the needy one at whom love is seen to wink.
Love knowing how we’re prone to making fools of ourselves, thinking things we shouldn’t,
And which, were love in our heart and mind as it should be, we certainly wouldn’t.

By Lance Landall

4.  They're All The Same To Me

I don’t care whether someone’s rich, poor, black, white, a waiter, surgeon, Muslim, Jew, atheist or Christian,
'Cause they’re all the same to me — humanity — brothers and sisters; and as far as my circle goes, still in,
'Cause all belong in this world, none less worthy, nor higher or lower, and I thus there should they call on me,
'Cause that’s how things should be, just how I would like them to treat me, and given we’re all one big family.

So I'll not betray them, kick them when they're down, gossip behind their back, stab them in the back, hold them back,
Nor lay a hand on them, fool them, rob them, mock, threaten or manipulate them, nor get my own back,
'Cause what would such say, and all it would do is, drag me down to a level that wouldn't benefit me,
A level I’ll not sink to, 'cause it’s just a dead-end street, something that works against rather than for, sadly.

I don’t care where they’re from, nor what their past was like, or whether they’re short, tall, slim, fat, cross-eyed or ugly,
'Cause they’re all the same to me — humanity — brothers and sisters, worthy of thought, time, love, care and mercy.
So on their behalf I'll speak, hoping that they'll do the same for me; and if they don't, it still won't stop me,
I thus true to myself, conscience clear, actions transparent and impartial, thus acting honourably.

I’ll decide for myself what they're like, not what I’m told, letting them defend them self, and overtime grow,
Given that we all err, ebb and flow, deserve another chance; and as for others, what do we really know?
Hence why I won’t label or pigeonhole them, misjudge them, cruelly joke, whether they’re three or ninety three,
And why on their behalf I'll battle, 'cause everyone's deserving of the same freedom and liberty.

I don’t care whether they're liberal or conservative, a meat-eater, vegan, prostitute or tramp,
'Cause they’re all the same to me — humanity — brothers and sisters, whether in this camp, that camp, or camp,
'Cause all are precious, and the greater their need, the greater my response, 'cause the test of our decency
Are the misunderstood, different, disadvantaged, vulnerable, suffering and minority.

By Lance Landall

The poem above is simply referring to the love that we should have for all, and yet, fall so far short of.
This poem was upgraded on 20 November 2023.

5.  For This Is Love

Every person should be treated with the utmost tender care, and this why
Every heart should bleed when any person is mistreated, and loudly cry:
“No! Such is not the way, but the folly of the past, so never turn to ill,
But treat every individual, and even every creature, well,"

For this is love,

Which, never looks at ones religion or race, but treats all the same, fair and right,
Because every person is a precious being, someone to love, not fight.
And so, we loving and not hurting, helping and not thwarting, self coming last,
Because this is the only way to heal and bury the mistakes of the past.

Yes, we treating everyone like a precious work of art, or priceless gem,
And wrapping ourselves around them protectively, tending and nurturing them.
They not sapped or felled by unkind words and deeds, but treated affectionately,
And with the utmost sensitivity, because we’re all one big family.

And thus we embracing and accepting everyone, our arms open wide,
Nobody having cause to feel ignored, mistreated, anxious or terrified.
But rather, folk basking in the warmth of our heart’s loving rays, kind words and deeds,
We knowing that what germinates has everything to do with our choice of seeds.

So let us all sow what helps and heals, lifts and strengthens, for this is love, dear friend,
A noble path that leads to greater things, a glorious and triumphant end.
All equal in worth and being, all working together for the good of all,
Each heart marshmallow tender
our love, compassion and grace a welcoming shawl.

By Lance Landall

6.  For Crying Out Loud

You may not approve of same-sex sexual acts, Gay marriages, pornography or abortion,
Cults, certain religious beliefs and practices, door knockers, dope smoking or prostitution
— And that’s your right —
But for crying out loud, don’t ever mentally or physically abuse anybody,
'Cause hate filled words, cruel acts and violence are not only moronic, but weak and cowardly.

Okay, so someone hurt you. So what? 'Cause you don’t have to retaliate, thus acting like them,
'Cause how can you stand tall and protest when indulging in the very same thing that you condemn?
No, striking back is a mug’s game, and who wants to emulate the behaviour of fools and bullies?
'Cause all who treat others badly are partakers in evil, suffering from the same disease.

Yes, you’ve a right to your view, freedom of expression precious, and rightful avenues of protest,
But for crying out loud, never lay hands on anybody, nor in abusiveness invest.
'Cause sad rhetoric and callous behaviour are good friends of bigotry and persecution,
And thus always add to humanity’s problems rather than joining hands in any solution.

You may not be happy with some who’ve authority, their introductions or audacity,
Or you may have a problem with some organisation, and some underhand things that you see.
But whatever or whoever, you get to choose your response, 'cause that response doesn’t choose you,
And whatever that response, it’ll paint you as bad or better, as one’s words and acts always do.

So for crying out loud anyone, stifle those words, unclench those fists, and shun any weaponry,
'Cause though you’ve a right to think and feel differently, you should never mistreat humanity.
And should someone hurt you, don’t jump on the same merry-go-round, but rather, help pull on the brakes,
'Cause the one who doesn’t becomes a party to the crime, and love, wisdom and foresight forsakes.

By Lance Landall

The poem above refers to our general treatment of others, and was tweaked on 13 August 2021.

7.  Loving The Unlovely

Please don’t mock others, or laugh at them, nor treat them indifferently,
Simply 'cause you think that they’re odd, weak, silly or even ugly.
No, please don't ever treat unkindly any human on this Earth,
Remembering that they’re someone’s child too, had no say in their birth.

Yes, love and help the difficult, the misfits and the unlovely,
'Cause they need your love too, even more so, unconditionally.
Yes, we all love the loveable, 'cause that’s easy, natural too,
But loving the unlovely is by far the greater thing to do.

It’s so easy to love our own, 'cause they’re our loved ones, after all,
But for most people, loving the unlovely is the hardest call.
And yet, such love is pure love — and in each of us, that love should be,
'Cause such doesn’t seek to get, but seeks to give, given it’s self free.

Every one of us is different, the product of many things,
Hence why out of everyone's life both good and bad flows or springs.
So take time to get to know people, accept them the way they are,
'Cause tolerance and understanding have always gone really far.

Yes, it’s hard enough that many of them feel the way that they do,
And that they’re struggling with their quirks, anxieties, obsessions too.
And why they need a helping hand, not those whispers, looks or comments,
Nor that thoughtless indifference that to some is far more intense.

Many who're not so well endowed come their looks, physique, or IQ,
Are made to feel inferior by cruel things others say and do.
Yes, you might say that people choose to feel that way or not, but
Is anything quite that easy? And sometimes, things can really cut.

So love and help the difficult, the misfits and the unlovely,
'Cause they need your love too, even more so, unconditionally.
Yes, never just love your loved ones, or those that you’re attracted to,
But show love and care to all, 'cause that is the better thing to do.

By Lance Landall

This poem was upgraded 14 August 2021.

8.  So You're A Homosexual

Okay, so you’re a homosexual — well, that doesn't devalue your worth,
Because you’re still a precious creation, some malfunction preceding your birth.
Well, I presuming so, but whatever the case, and being Gay aside,
You’re no less than any other person, and this where one should be finding pride.

Just ’cause many don’t believe in Gay marriages and same-sex sexual acts
(And such is their right, you know), doesn’t alter the following facts,
And they being, that you’re a human too, that no one should be treated badly,
One's colour, religion and gender having nothing to do with this, gladly.

And so, the debating of Gay marriages and so forth aside, lift your head,
’Cause you’re just as important, still to be loved (like God loves you, it must be said).
So how dare anyone treat you less than they’d like to be treated, ’cause that’s wrong,
Human life sacrosanct, there no levels of worth (such just in the mind), so stay strong!

By Lance Landall

This poem was tweaked on 23 July 2020.

Christian content or degree.
This poem relates to Derek Chauvin (an American policeman)
charged with causing the death of George Floyd.

9.  Christians And Derek Chauvin

Though it’s always good when justice prevails, and bearing in mind Derek Chauvin,
Celebrating someone’s punishment (dancing for joy), isn’t for the Christian.
Oh, how dare Christians, we all fallen, and guilty too, yet who’s shown mercy,
The One who died for sinners — yes, even those who acted so murderously.

Thus those dancing in the street should remember that Christ loves Derek Chauvin too,
And not just us — and as for loving our enemies, Christians are meant to.
Otherwise they aren’t anything like Christ, who loves us regardless of our ill,
And who won’t be dancing over the destruction of the wicked, but sad and still.

“Revenge is Mine,” Christ says, meaning that justice will have its coming day, and so,
None getting away with anything, love not letting justice go astray, no.
But love not rejoicing over punishment, just the end of evil and pain,
And therefore, only those who love, think and act like Christ, joining Him in His reign.

So why were Christians howling for blood like in less refined times, those sad old days?
Christ having sought to change that mindset, it all about forgiveness, nowadays.
Though such is how God has always wanted things to be, hence “Turn the other cheek,”
And why Derek Chauvin’s repentance and salvation every Christian should seek.

Though gifted grace ourselves, we’re like the unforgiving servant in the Bible,
Who, though graciously forgiven by the king, wouldn’t forgive someone else, still.
Yes, punished Derek Chauvin should be, and where the law fails to, not so Jesus,
Who, despite that, wants us to show the same love to Derek that He’s shown us.

But no, Christians acting as if Christ won’t deal with such people, or wanting more,
Punishment now, punishment then — oh, the mentality. What a massive flaw;
One God wants us to get past, because those who don’t forgive, God won’t forgive, and
It all makes sense if a Christian, or a Christian we aren’t, and guilty too, stand.

Yes, because Christians are supposed to be all about love, Christ-like, free of hate,
And any justified anger controlled — otherwise, they’re in that same old state.
Things always best left in God’s hands, and more so were the law’s seen to fail, and so,
We taking the moral high ground, not sinking to levels that are found below.

Christians aren’t meant to be two different people under their professing skin,
But just the one who’s become a new creature (nature wise), thus letting Christ win;
Not a blood thirsty devil who wants us howling for blood, and gavel in hand,
Because the issues bedevilling others, he doesn’t want us to understand.

By Lance Landall

This poem was penned on 23 April 2021.

"But I say to you, Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you" (Matt 5:44, ESV).

"But he that hateth his brother is in darkness, and walketh in darkness, and knoweth not
whither he goeth, because that darkness hath blinded his eyes" (1 John 2:11, KJV).

This poem relates to poem number nine.

10.  Once That Uniform's On

A policeman has an unenviable job, and why once that uniform’s on,
It’s not surprising if he becomes a different person, the other gone.
Thus we shouldn’t be surprised when some policeman loses it, acting wrongly,
’Cause how would you like to deal with rioters, or those who’re evil and nasty?

And so, once that uniform’s on, they’ve got to be prepared for action and ill,
Adrenalin part and parcel of any chase or arrest, and hence that skill.
But under pressure and strong provocation, such training only goes so far,
We all human, as they say, and such is always harder when one’s below par.

Yes, wisdom’s easily compromised by the heat of it all, the confusion,
Hence that understandable brain fade, that could-get-one-in-trouble intrusion.
All why the police should be cut some slack, and because once that uniform’s on,
They oft need to be tough and strong, and why that nice guy might appear to be gone.

By Lance Landall

11.  Stop! In The Name Of Love

We should stop that measuring of whether someone’s worthy of our love or not,
And should love them anyway (selective love being all too easy to spot).
Even the mafia love their own, yet despatch those that they don’t love, and so
Loving those who’re lovable, or who love us, is hardly how real love we show.

The truth is, there’s too much measuring going on, we looking for who’s worthy,
Who appeals, who lives up to our expectations, which is but hypocrisy,
Because who of us is a god or saint, without fault or blemish, and tell me
Who among us is so puffed up that they’d consider themselves far more worthy?

When we indulge in those unfair levels of worthiness, we’re judge and jury,
Participants in a kind of mental eugenics, Darwinian theory.
All why we see racism too, and why no one should be seen as any less,
And why we should seek to repair and restore, thus not adding to all the mess.

Someone wanted the existence of someone to be wiped from our memory,
And therefore, they going out of their way to achieve such legislatively.
Yes, he was a killer, but better we try to change him than leave him to rot,
Because though he should be punished, such anger and hate acts like a mental clot;

And many evil-doers having changed, good coming from bad, though some thought not.

A life’s a life, a human a human, and hope only found where love is real
(Not what passes for love), and why even for the wounders midst us, we should feel.
After all, what takes little boys and girls and turns them into perpetrators,
But possibly you and I, evil oft helped by unwitting collaborators.

But, we fixated on punishment, revenge for our wounds, hence that hate that’s seen,
Our response oft just as inhumane, thus forgiveness seldom part of the scene.
Our love reserved for only those who meet our expectations, those who please us,
Such hardly real love, and thus nothing like that love of the one who’s called Jesus.

Oh yes, we’ve serious cause for reflection, our lives far from squeaky clean too,
Much covered by a creative facade, yet we wanting that love that’s real, true.
Oh, the seeming cheek of it, our mental tape measure at the ready, and how
Right through that clumsy big foot of ours, a bullet of our own making goes POW!

All why we’ll know we’re on the right track when we’ve love for the unlovable too,
Or those who don’t measure up to foolish expectations that we put them through.
It’s time we loved them regardless, disappointment oft not due, we too unfair,
We not having to like, but should always love, showing them the same thought and care.

Its real love that changes people, many not having experienced such, and
That many are carrying heavy burdens, or are ill, we need to understand.
Hence their poor behaviour, some things hard to bear with a smile, so irk people will,
And wound the wounded do, all why we should thoughtfully treat everyone well.

Yes, it’s real love that changes, and thus how an enemy can become a friend,
All because of that wall destroying loving kindness that has no selfish end.
It’s good for us, it’s good for them, because there’s nothing like a love that is real,
And that on the behalf of either friend or foe, is selflessly seen to kneel.

By Lance Landall

12.  How Love's Embarrassed

He picked a fight with me, foot tripped me to the ground, and was soon on top of me,
I on my back and struggling, a crowd of school boys surrounding excitedly.
“Fight! Fight! Fight!” they shouted, but I didn’t want to, though acting defensively,
And managing to turn the tables, I on top of him, though disastrously.

’Cause the headmaster had appeared — oh, what timing, ’cause who looked the villain?
Yes, innocent me, I the one who’d been attacked, unfairness bubbling within.
And oh, how sad that “Fight! Fight! Fight!” — yes, that fuelling of the fire mentality,
Which reminds me of rioters who perpetuate the same insanity.

Such not how to deal with or respond to bad policing, or anything else,
’Cause that’s how we become villains as well, inflicting our own bruises and welts.
Such reminding me of the Christchurch mosque shooting in New Zealand, an evil act,
And a severe test to the survivors and grievers who the courtroom soon packed.

Here they were giving their victim impact reports, and quite a number of them,
Some saying they forgave the shooter, others angrily seeking to condemn;
Yes, hate filled words for the hater who sprayed his bullets, just like they did their words,
Their anger understandable, but love on their part too, thus off with the birds.

So when will we gain the strength to stop the madness, that hate for hate carry on,
That unbelievably comes from many shouting “Love!”, which yes, has up and gone.
Such making a mockery of things, because those shouting “Love” should know better,
And looks just as murderous, like that glare once seen on the face of young Greta.

You see, a sure test of our character is how we treat those we don’t like, or
Those who say or do what rankles, thus hate and revenge or love taking the stand.
To holler “Love!” and yet mistreat those who hate is to declare our own guilt, which
As said, makes a mockery of what we state, and some deep wound will hardly stitch.

In their anger and pain they wanting that man punished to the max, and therefore,
He can rot in prison, when oh, what went so wrong for that boy some mother bore.
How sad when someone’s child goes this way, he like a broken toy that needs fixing,
But fixing not on their mind, so in prison with other bad men he’ll be mixing.

Yes, only forgiveness healing, and fighting fire with fire adding to the ill,
We unable to move forward ’till love draws that needed water from the well.
Yes, just like that fight, no one gaining, we both strapped, and having drawn a crowd,
My turning the tables hardly going in my favour, neither of us proud.

There no pride in venomous words, retaliation and hollow victories,
Which the way ahead can’t see because of that “Fight! Fight! Fight!”, those self imposed trees.
It easy said, I know, but the only way to go, love breaking from the past,
That merry-go-round, that counter productive anger that leaves Heaven aghast.

Such time’s best spent on nursing survivors and the grieving, lessening their pain,
So that a sense of inner peace, and even new found joy as well, they might gain.
All why midst those loud shouts for love, there needs to be that palpable example,
Because where such isn’t, love must surely weep, and be too embarrassed to dwell.

Victims who forgave, and restorative justice, are closer to Heaven’s way,
Because though God’s a God of justice, there’s a grace and redemption interplay.
Yes, love and justice working together, restoration being God’s intent,
Hence why eternity is granted to wrongdoers who sincerely repent,

And how love’s embarrassed when those who shout “Love!”, their seething anger and hate vent.

The truth is, we need to be thinking in terms of repair shops, not rubbish heaps,
The latter what hate's all about, the former what love’s all about, and why it weeps.
Too many humans discarded because of this or that, some evil they’ve done,
When many have turned the corner and a life that’s the opposite have begun.

By Lance Landall

This poem was added to on 28 August 2020.
Note: This poem is not suggesting in any way that the man in question
shouldn't have been punished, but just making a point.

13.  Love Of A Kind

There’s a love that’s tainted by self interest, though mostly unconsciously,
And I meaning, that those who're expressing such love, this sad flaw seldom see.
I’m referring to selective love, love with a biased focus, sadly,
As opposed to love that's there for all, and shown unconditionally.

And that being, love that loves for love’s sake, and not for one’s own sake, you see,
Love that is focused outward, not inward — never on, “What’s in it for me?”
Love that puts another’s best interests first, doesn’t act selectively,
Love that treats everybody the same-cum-always behaves impartially.

It’s easy to love the loveable, those whom we're in love with, family,
A spouse, a friend, those who are pleasant and attractive — well, generally.
But it's quite another thing to love unselfishly, to love for love’s sake,
Thus breaking the cycle of partiality in which self has a stake.

Yes, it’s easy to form a circle of friends, and some form a clique, sadly,
They excluding him or her, be they a parent, a child or family.
They taking an interest in some, but not in others, unfeelingly,
All because of what it does for themselves, consciously or unconsciously.

Such isn’t genuine love, but rather, a form of love, one that is flawed,
'Cause its motivation is introverted — that is, linked to some reward.
Thus, unless they are loved in return, or receive something back in some way,
Many simply don’t make the effort, and thereby, a shallowness display.

Yes, it’s easy to like or love those who like or love us, invariably,
But such hardly shows the true state of our heart, and what might that true state be?
'Cause behind that love for our loved ones or friends, there may be indifference,
A bias, prejudice, even negligence, other damming evidence.

So many point at others they deem odd, or at others they don’t care for,
While lavishing much attention on others that they do like or adore.
Yes, love of a kind, love that is limited, love that’s selective, sadly,
Love that isn’t deep enough, pure enough, and the bane of humanity.

By Lance Landall

This poem is found elsewhere.

14.  We Don't Have To Like, But Should Certainly Love

You may not particularly like me, and may possibly disagree with me,
But LOVE me, treat me like humans SHOULD be treated, be KIND, acting IMPARTIALY.
I might be odd, or frustrate, and you don’t have to like such, but still show THOUGHT for me,
Because I’m no lesser creature, just different in ways, though maybe more needy.

Yes, my world’s been my world, and my life is my life, but hey, we’re all humanity,
Individual links in one big historical chain — so please, still SUPPORT me.
You mightn’t know my issues, my background, and you don’t need to know, but just BE THERE,
Thus showing no less concern, because though you may not care for me, you should still CARE.

Yes, you don’t have to like me, but not loving me would be a shame, and what of you?
Because others may not love you too, which is why the BEST for All, we should pursue.
We not having to like, but should certainly LOVE, because love is an action word,
Something we DO regardless, and why where there’s some human need, our heart should be stirred.

By Lance Landall

15.  Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

Do you want to know why the world's in a mess? Well, it’s because we’re in a mess,
Yes, so many thinking that they’re better than others, but hey, it’s time to confess,
’Cause who’s guilty of fighting fire with fire — in other words, acting just the same,
Hating those who hate, wanting revenge (disguised as justice), even in God’s name?

Oh yes, we’re in a mess alright, only loving those that we deem loveable,
Which means we really know little about love, and thus still indulging in ill.
Yes, full of justifications, but only better by degree — hypocrisy —
Our hearts and minds not there yet either, hence why we’ll remain in a mess, sadly.

“Love your enemies” and thus acting more humane is how we turn things around,
Otherwise we’re part of the problem too, pointing and yet hardly on higher ground.
Yes, many act wrongly, but they’re still a human, and love’s for all, good or bad,
And thus our negative response to negative acts both unhelpful and sad.

Oh yes, how we respond to ill from others says much about us, quite frankly,
It revealing our true character and/or state of development, you see.
Oh yes, we giving ourselves away whilst condemning others, and hence that mess,
’Cause not just their hearts but our hearts need changing — something urgent to address.

By Lance Landall


16.  Precious And Sacred

Take this Earth, strip it bare of humanity, and there goes its crowning glory,
The most amazing of creations, and without whom there would be no story.
But oh, how we take each other for granted, despite each others uniqueness,
One and only appearance, oft thought little of, and therein lies our weakness.

Yes, ’cause when human life is undervalued, even seen as expendable,
Its preciousness and sacredness is lost, and others ours to mistreat or sell.
Or so we think given assaults and murders, wars and torture adding to the gloom,
Our indifference and callousness giving some coming apocalypse room.

And what a tragedy, we going backwards rather than forwards, and thereby
Losing our noble potential, and last chance too, many observers would cry.
Wounded souls to the left, corrupted souls to the right, and the knowing aghast,
’Cause the way things are going, it’s obvious that this world of ours will not last.

Yes, respect for life has been lost, we the judge and jury now, not God above,
Yet having the audacity to wax lyrical about goodness and love.
One left to think that such are our creation, but hardly so given the mess,
’Cause since our odious occupation, this world’s greatness has become much less.

And thus life or death our pronouncement, one’s worth found in human eyes alone, and
Not in one’s very being, new born entrance; we merely particles of sand.
Our complexity, mind boggling engineered body, staggeringly smart brain,
Simply the product of chance, not the work of a Creator, and hence that drain,

Yes, that outlet where the blood of the countless flows, hourly, daily, yearly,
Crying out for divine justice and vengeance given the absence of mercy.
But God dead to their persecutors, or twisted to fit what’s done in His name,
A Bible in one hand, a sword in the other, thus how they lie and defame.

Oh, when will we see, when will we see, or is it too late, given all the hate,
The racism, the bigotry? The minds of so many in such a sad state.
Hence those ills inflicted on others, that pain and suffering that shouldn’t be,
A Hell of our own making, we having disowned and scoffed at the heavenly.

Yes, we putting our own spin on goodness and love, the bar set terribly low,
We accusing and condemning, and only opinions like ours want to know.
Others crucified, held up to ridicule, nasty retorts saying it all,
And yet we thinking we’re better, such vain grading being nothing but a gall.

How dare we question another’s worth, or make them feel inferior to us,
Thus sitting on some pious throne, so unlike that humble and selfless Jesus.
Everyone equal, a medical and scientific marvel, a gift,
Not something we own or control, and why our own hearts and minds we need to sift.

It’s by lifting others up that we rise together, and for the good of all,
Every human given every encouragement, thus helped to stand tall.
Every soul protected and valued, we tuned into a higher power,
That all may excel in celestial growth, and blossom like a spring flower.

And therein lies our strength, we one in purpose and intent (each others well-being),
Thus accomplishing what’s better and best for all, though not always agreeing.
We still having our own opinions, that freedom to say and do, but ill gone,
We exercising love, thought and care, and thus nobody being set upon.

It not a dog eat dog world, nor survival of the fittest scenario,
But a world in harmony with harmonising, those values that all should know.
And above all, lives precious and sacred, everyone held accountable,
That ill and evil may cease, and thus greatness residing in hearts and minds still.

By Lance Landall


17.  Justice Is Paramount For Everyone

Given how many have been locked away for some horrid crime they never did,
And yet were charged by armchair critics who never battered their lazy eyelid,
All should not only be opposed to the death penalty, but wanting to see
Everyone getting a fair trial, and this, despite some looking very guilty.

Yes, all innocent until proven guilty beyond a shadow of a doubt,
No one treating them otherwise in the meantime, no “Hope you rot in Hell!” shout.
And nor a clamouring for much tougher prisons, 'cause behind those sorry walls,
Are many who’re innocent, and then there’s that good man who somehow snaps or falls.

Oh, how often we’ve seen an injustice, heard of evidence that was planted,
Or of those who lyingly accused, or whose convincing story was slanted.
Yes, some innocent soul hardly standing a chance, and one day, possibly you,
Or I, and some defence attorney being the first source of help that we’d pursue.

And he, no doubt vilified too, courtesy of those so sure that we’re guilty,
Yet, were they in our shoes, tarred and condemned, who might their defence attorney be?
None other than that one who defended us, should he have handled our case well,
And why that voice of any armchair critic shouldn’t be so callous and shrill.

Condemning innocent people, outright or in our mind, leaves blood on our hand,
'Cause in our heart we’re guilty of a wrong, and before some judgment bar so stand.
All why we should mind ’till we’ve all the facts, justice paramount for everyone,
Who, shouldn’t have to face kangaroo courts, that vicious gossip that all should shun.

By Lance Landall

In memory of Greg King (1969-2012), a New Zealand criminal defence attorney who sadly
took his own life.
This poem is also dedicated to Sir Peter Williams QC (1934-2015).

Christian Content or degree.

18.  Hating Sin, Not Sinners 

Help me love those outcasts, Lord, despised by society,
Yes, those contemporary lepers who act atrociously.
Who knows why they carry out the terrible things they do,
Which is why I’m glad that the One who will judge them is You.

We’re all sin sick, Lord, terribly flawed — outcasts too, in a sense,
Despite not having committed an atrocious offence.
If You hate the offence, but love the offender, so should we,
Be they a murderer, pedophile, rapist, jailed or free.

Yes, there’s no one that You hate, Lord, though many give You cause to,
And though some may give us cause, You desire we act like You.
And what an example You’ve shown, for look at Calvary,
Yes, that wretched cross You counted no loss for wretches like me.

Thus, help me love like You, Lord — that is, unconditionally;
In other words, even people who act atrociously.
Yes, no matter their crime, their ill, help me to love them still,
As only that way, Lord, will I truly fulfill Your will.

By Lance Landall