Parents And Seniors



The poems (in defense of) PARENTS are somewhat split between the secular (1-9) and Christian (10-17), and an article appears after poem 9.

The poems on SENIORS start with poem number 18.




1.  Parents

Please go easy on your parents, 'cause your parents can struggle too,
And so many mothers and fathers hurt and hardship have been through.
And parents can also make mistakes which they tearfully regret,
And why pillows their heads rest on — just like some children’s — end up wet.

There are many parents out there who raise their children very well,
Despite most unhappy backgrounds, or a lack of parental skill.
And though struggling with their problems, and erring as they go along,
They still manage to raise good children who choose right rather than wrong.

But by some unexpected wrong that their children may say or do,
Even the very best of parents can end up disappointed too.
And even the best of children who have been given the best start,
Can somehow, somewhere, sometime lose the plot, and from sound paths depart.

Yes, parenting's not easy, it’s somewhat learn as you go along,
Hence why even good parents inevitably get some things wrong.
But sometimes a parent will suffer for no reason of their own,
Due to rebellious children, or a child who's somewhat trouble-prone.

Yes, within every child and parent, complexities can abide,
And within the lives of each, sad inheritances too, oft hide.
Which is why every one of us should be slow to point the finger,
And why all, on such complexity, more thoughtfully should linger.

Often the wrong that some parents do, stems from harm they’ve suffered too,
Or from a very bad example that wrong seeds inside them grew.
Hence why cycles are repeated by some children that parents rear,
Perpetuating problems, and more heartache, that they too, will share.

Yes, there are some renegade parents, whose wrong no one should excuse,
But here we're talking parents who wrong definitely wouldn't choose.
So don’t be too hard on parents — rather, support and understand,
'Cause those errors that they sometimes make, aren’t errors that they have planned.

By Lance Landall

2.  That's Exactly Why

“You did it, Dad, so you can’t speak,” but that’s exactly why dads can,
Or mothers, 'cause that very same way is how their troubles began.
Hence via their bad experience, they’re trying to warn and protect,
And their sound advice — dear young people — you’d be foolish to reject.

In fact, you would be a bigger fool by ignoring what they say,
'Cause you’ve the benefit of their blunder, far less excuse to stray.
But why go repeating history when it’s clear such doesn’t pay,
And via doing so, just join the ranks of the fools of yesterday?

And hey, think about your own children saying the same thing to you,
'Cause such is extremely likely, if you, those same mistakes pursue.
Yes, it pays to listen to your parents and heed their sound advice,
And not go tempting fate, repeating history, 'cause there’s a price.

Believe me, it isn’t worth the pain, and is so unnecessary;
It’s bad enough that they’ve suffered, and experienced misery.
They’re much wiser now that they’re older, but you can be wiser now,
If you’ll just put self to one side, and to their greater wisdom bow.

The results of not listening can follow us throughout our life,
Reminding us in some way, dogging our steps, hurting, adding strife.
Such keeps that old carousel turning, and playing the same old tune,
And is simply a bubble, a deflating hot-air-balloon.

Yes, we may get away with it for a season, but that is all,
'Cause sound advice rejected, invariably leads to one’s downfall.
When we ignore our parents, it makes us just as bad as they were
When they ignored their parents (if they did), and saw troubles occur.

So who’s going to get smarter and break the cycle, snap those chains,
Before once again, via rejecting wisdom, folly another claims?
Will you act wiser — dear young people — than many who’ve gone before,
Or will you too, just like them, experience and wisdom ignore?

By Lance Landall

3.  When Parents Err

Perhaps your father hurt you, or your mother did, maybe,
And you’re still feeling angry, and quite justifiably.
Well, you’re not alone, my friend, 'cause such happens commonly,
And sometimes it can take years to heal emotionally.

However, I’d like to share with you what over time I’ve found,
And that is: Parents are the product of their own background.
Perhaps they were mistreated too, harmed emotionally,
Or simply influenced poorly, even unconsciously.

Now, I know that’s no excuse, but it should be borne in mind,
'Cause we’re all somewhat programmed, and the past seldom leave behind.
Thus what happened to you may have happened to them, in some way,
Therefore, your parents are casualties also, I dare say.

So be kind, try to forgive — plus, that’s the best way to heal,
Otherwise all that resentment future happiness will steal.
They may be nursing hurt too, remember, struggling as well,
And you, friend, may not know that, 'cause some find such hard to tell.

We all swear we won’t do this or that to our children, but
Sadly, we often do, as things are never that clear-cut.
Thus very few get through life unscathed, scarless, issue free,
Hence why your kids too will have an axe to grind, probably.

Your parents may need your help just as much as you need theirs,
And many who’ve hurt their kids have also been shedding tears.
We often do things we regret, sadly, things we don’t mean to,
And sometimes they’re pretty bad, or a case of deja vu.

It’s easy to knock your parents, hang their faults on the line,
But how many kids when they’re parents their parents outshine?
The truth is, parenting’s not easy, hence that wake up call
When you become a parent, and your own kids rebel, appall.

By Lance Landall

4.  A Father's Lot

Given dads are somewhat the family policeman given that the buck stops with them (rightly so too),
Their kids can see them in a far less favourable light than they otherwise might, and so often do.
However, where a dad's keeping law and order correctly, there’s a greater sense of security,
And harmony too, hence why a father should do what he's meant to do, despite any acrimony.

Yes, a dad's lot is far from easy, 'cause what kids may get away with with their mum (not that they should do),
They shouldn’t get away with when it comes to their father, 'cause with him, discipline shouldn't go askew,
After all, someone has to deal out those tougher measures, and such is what a father is called to do,
Given that it's more the natural domain of masculinity, of which women oft appeal to.

Yes, that manly authority, though they seeking brawn too, he the protector of their territory,
'Cause it’s hardly the wife who repels some intruder, and nor should it be, if we’re all thinking sensibly.
Hence why every home needs a caring father, 'cause where there’s no dad, there is far less law and order,
'Cause women weren’t designed to play a policing role, nor to wield an axe or sword, their shoulders less broad.

Sure some have tried to, or may need to where a dad is absent, but such is not how things were meant to be,
And such comes a poor second to the real thing, just the same as a dad hardly makes as good a mum, clearly.
We’re talking reality, that reason why dads bear the brunt of such a role, an unenviable one,
'Cause at the end of the day, how many applaud policemen? Hence why their kid's affection is hard won.

By Lance Landall

This poem was upgraded 21 November 2022.

5.  Hi There, Son

Hi there, son. I was just thinking of you, as I oft do, and it had me feeling melancholy, sad,
'Cause we’ve had our clashes, haven’t we, and I midst issues of my own, haven’t always been the best dad.
Thus it could be argued that I shouldn’t have had kids, son, though if I hadn’t, there wouldn’t have been you,
And yes, I do love you, though in my own flawed way, and those clashes and my wrong behaviour truly rue.

Naught prepares one for fatherhood, and each child is different, thus mistakes are oft made right to the end,
And by that I mean, when one has raised kids, and then you still learn things, or only then fully comprehend.
And hey, our mums and dads weren’t always the best role models, we thus oft repeating their mistakes, sadly,
And consequently reaping what they reaped, a cycle oft perpetuated, albeit unconsciously.

But at least I've learnt to say, “I’m sorry, son," 'cause though you oft rebelled, I sometimes responded badly,
Though not without seeking some help, help that wasn’t there for me, or at least not as much as help should be.
And that’s part of the problem for dads, men being men and all that, though help oft isn’t there for mums too,
Many of them caught in the crossfire, torn between their feelings for both, sometimes not knowing what to do.

Anyway, I’m sorry for where I’ve erred, wish you all the best, and I'm hoping we can have more contact,
Time together, 'cause fewer years are left for me, and health is waning — and oh, how things can distract.
Though my father erred too, I wish he were still around, as these days, I see things rather differently,
And as time goes by, no doubt you, son, 'cause the years teach much which the days never know, unsurprisingly.

Love, Dad.

By Lance Landall

This poem was upgraded 10 February 2020.

6.  Dear Daughter

A father’s love will never be without its flaws, and thus imperfect, sadly,
For fathers are very human, and why any husband will err too, you see.
But despite a father’s failings, those things that can disappoint, irk, hurt or mar,
Father’s still have their child’s best interests at heart; and faults on both sides there are.

And so it is within marriages, for though one partner may be mostly to blame,
How the other responds or reacts to such will either improve or inflame.
Therefore, remembering this will prove a blessing, but forgetting it a curse,
And so too those real or imagined grievances that humans are prone to nurse.

And daughters so prone to that knight in shining armour bubble that’s bound to burst,
Both their father or husband falling short, thus neither fully quenching that thirst.
But sometimes daughters or wives contributing to that less pleasing picture, and,
Why knights in shining armour can lose their sheen, and thus things not turn out so grand.

So please don’t be too hard on your father, for in time you’ll learn a thing or two,
And by then your father may’ve died, and his good and bad traits showing in you.
And how will you explain that to your kids? Probably no better than he can,
We all a bit of everyone, and a man geared to think and act like a man.

Hence those problems between the sexes, and they not about to go soon, clearly,
Though fathers clashing with sons, and sons with fathers — it not just daughters, you see.
But both seeing through different eyes, and we all having issues of some sort,
And why my door is always open; and best you remember that life’s too short.

By Lance Landall

7.  Listen Up, Kids

It’s easy for kids to knock their parents, point out their faults, and accuse them of this or that, but hey,
Parenting's learn as you go, despite all those books out there, and all those things many know-it-alls say.
And this kids discover when they've kids of their own, unless they’re amongst the very fortunate few,
Who, due to a number of fortunate things, don't suffer from many problems that most parents do

(Yes, good parents too), 'cause despite the best they do, kids are kids, and there's all that peer pressure out there,
Along with things in general that work against a parent's best, and that injuriously steer.
Thus no matter how hard parents try, their best intentions often go astray, or get torpedoed,
'Cause they’ve not only their own demons to fight, their own background issues, but those bullets that others load.

And like I said, kids are kids, they don't have older heads, and they seem to have to learn the hard way too,
Hence why despite the best of care, advice and training, the craziest things they so often pursue.
Aside from acting like they’re bullet proof, they're prone to rebellion (disrespect), which can really rile,
'Cause parents are human too, and midst it all (their own heavy load), can’t always grit their teeth and smile.

There’s no such thing as perfect kids, and nor is selfishness uncommon, but there’s another thing too,
Each kid is different, hence why parents are always learning — and along the way, messing up too.
All why they need some leeway, 'cause raising kids is the hardest thing to do, and more so, I must add,
When parents are beset by struggles of their own, past or present, and the proper help haven't had.

By Lance Landall

This poem was upgraded February 2020.

8.  No One's Infallible

Even those who call others to a higher moral standard can fall themselves, no one infallible,
But though they may fall, badly weakening their stand, and also opening themselves up for ridicule,
They’re still bound by duty (perhaps more so given their own fall), to keep preaching that same noble gospel,
Given mistakes hardly cancel out wisdom, 'cause not conveying such, can see others suffer ill.

And hence why parents (for example), despite their past mistakes, should still advise their kids accordingly,
Thus giving their kids the benefit of their sad experience, acting thoughtfully and lovingly.
'Cause what mum and dad who suffered via their mistakes, wouldn’t warn, seek to steer their child away from such ill?
And woe betide kids who say, “You can’t talk!” — 'cause chances are, they’ll soon have a sad tale of their own to tell.

If we only took notice of those who're perfect examples (who, let me repeat, aren’t infallible),
We'd hardly take notice of anyone at all, and what would we do if those folk somehow, somewhere fell?
At the end of the day, we must look at the merits of what's being said, bearing in mind we could fall,
And what if others then didn’t want to listen to sound advice from us? Wouldn’t we foolish them call?

While all who call others to a higher standard should maintain such a standard, life can trip even the best,
Who, while only having themselves to blame, should continue to look to another’s best interest.
And if we’re sensible (mature, that is), we'll continue to listen to what such people have to say,
'Cause if there’s merit in what they’re preaching, and we ignore such, then we too, will no doubt others dismay.

By Lance Landall

This poem was tweaked throughout on 6 January 2023.

9.  To My Children

I don’t ever recall my dad saying he loved me, and nor do I recall
Him ever saying sorry where he erred — and why between us, there seemed a wall.
So, lest I repeat history, though sure I have said “I love you,” and “Sorry,”
I’m saying “I love you” now, and how I’m sorry for where I’ve erred, and deeply.

Just how many men are prepared for fatherhood, and up to such, I don’t know,
And I could say I wasn’t on both accounts, but doing my crippled best though.
We all victims of our background, my dad his, me mine, and you yours, sad to say,
And hence why for your understanding and compassion I can only but pray.

And yes, “I do love you, son,” and “I do love you, daughter,” yet sadly, that love’s flawed,
But a love you could say I’ve been working on, ’cause much I have taken on board.
However, any harm done was not out of malice, but stress and issues, say,
You in my heart and you in my mind, and thus thoughts of you never far away.

As a Christian father, your eternal interests are my greatest concern,
’Cause this world’s all about hurt and pain, and why over your happiness I yearn.
This life is fleeting, and why beyond it is where it’s at, and hence why I pray
That you won’t let the flaws in your dad or others somehow get in Heaven’s way.

By Lance Landall

Thanks Mum And Dad

“Avoid harmful substances,” you said, which spared me from lung cancer, disgracing myself, messing up my head, and wasting money.

“Show respect for authority,” you said, which spared me from making things harder for myself, and kept me onside with those who could and did benefit me.

“Don’t go breaking the law,” you said, which kept me out of trouble, court and prison.

“Don’t indulge in foolishness,” you said, which spared me from unnecessary pain and problems, and others too, who my foolishness might have impacted on.

"Apply yourself to your schooling,” you said, which spared me from having to take just any old job rather than one I would want and enjoy.

“Always dress tidily and present yourself well,” you said, which left a good impression with others and opened doors that otherwise mightn’t have opened.

“Don’t swear,” you said, which stopped me from offending those who consider such unacceptable and even disgusting.

"Don't be cruel to creatures," you said, which saw me displaying tenderness rather than hardness.

"Think of others," you said, which had me sharing and helping, and thus not acting selfishly.

“Refrain from sex before marriage,” you said, which prevented me from selfishly using females, getting a sexual disease, ending up with an unwanted child and crippling maintenance costs.

“Marriage is for keeps,” you said, so I made sure I chose the right partner, which spared me from a divorce,  disapointment and misery.

Christain content or degree.

10.  Fallen Fathers

I’m so glad I have a heavenly Father who’s always there for me,
Because earthly dads can let their children down unintentionally.
Yes, many earthly fathers have issues that seem to get in the way,
And then there’re those renegade dads, who abuse, ignore and betray.

But not so our heavenly Father, who’s very mindful of it all,
And who makes Himself available should any suffering child call.
He responds with great compassion to the outpourings that reach His ears,
Outpourings that pain Him terribly, and more so, when they’re mixed with tears.

Yes, so many are looking for a father figure, a male who’ll care,
Someone they can unburden to, look to, and their inner feelings bare.
Someone who’ll fill that void within, advise, support, lend a helping hand,
Someone who’ll be there for them, just like a father, and who’ll understand.

And there’s no one better than our heavenly Father, who lives on high,
A Father we can call upon, a Father on whom we can rely.
A Father who’ll never let us down, a Father who’ll always be there,
A Father who is faultless, faithful, gracious, loving, and ever near.

So, don’t despair when your earthly father lets you down, or isn’t there,
For you have a Father up above, who, very soon, will reappear.
A Father who’s everything your father isn’t, wasn’t, nor can be,
For one is fallen and earthly, the other, righteous and heavenly.

One’s our template, the ideal, the other, a flawed, blemished reflection,
A broken vessel who will never truly measure up under inspection.
One’s perfect, pure, true, the other, imperfect, tainted, fickle, askew,
A defective role model, not really one we should be looking to.

Yes, “Our Father in Heaven” is who we should look to, and dwell upon,
And more so, where our earthly father has let us down, abandoned us, gone.
Only our heavenly Father can truly satisfy each longing,
Set us free, fill the void, heal that sadness within, and make our heart sing.

By Lance Landall

Christian content or degree.

11.  Honour Your Parents

“Honour your parents,” the only Commandment with a promise, telling indeed,
For such suggests sad consequences if this fifth Commandment children don’t heed.
The implication being, that where one’s parents aren’t respected, aren't treated well,
That in the lives of such erring children, and rather than blessings, there’ll be ill.

After all, if it weren’t for our parents we wouldn’t exist, and this being why
We owe them greatly, bearing in mind that they too are the apple of God’s eye,
And not just us — their kids — hence why regardless of how we may feel about them,
We should never think to treat our parents in a way that our Lord would condemn.

Yes, we need to remember that God’s a parent too, each of us His children,
And why He considers the mistreatment and neglect of our parents a sin.
One that cuts pretty close to the bone, challenges God-given authority,
For our parents — just like Him — are to be obeyed, treated considerately.

And why those who mistreat their parents are oft mistreated by their own children,
Or, due to their rebelliousness, badly err, such how consequences begin.
And thus they bringing on themselves the results of their folly, for God has warned
That such is the outcome where parents are mistreated, neglected, spurned or scorned.

By Lance Landall

Christian content or degree.

12.  Dear Daughter

A father’s love will never equal that of God’s, nor even come close, sadly,
For earthly fathers are human and fallen, and why husbands err too, you see.
But despite a father’s failings, those things that can disappoint, irk, hurt or mar,
Father’s still have their child’s best interests at heart; and faults on both sides there are.

And so it is within marriages, for though one partner may be mostly to blame,
How the other responds or reacts to such will either improve or inflame.
Therefore, remembering this will prove a blessing, but forgetting it a curse,
And so too those real or imagined grievances that humans are prone to nurse.

And daughters so prone to that knight in shining armour bubble that’s bound to burst,
Both their father or husband falling short, thus neither fully quenching that thirst.
But sometimes daughters or wives contributing to that less pleasing picture, and,
Why knights in shining armour can lose their sheen, and thus things not turn out so grand.

So please don’t be too hard on your father, for in time you’ll learn a thing or two,
And by then your father may’ve died, and his good and bad traits showing in you.
And how will you explain that to your kids? Probably no better than he can,
We all a bit of everyone, and a man geared to think and act like a man.

Hence those problems between the sexes, and they not about to go soon, clearly,
Though fathers clashing with sons, and sons with fathers — it not just daughters, you see.
But both seeing through different eyes, and we all having issues of some sort,
And why my door is always open; and best you remember that life’s too short.

By Lance Landall

Christain content or degree.

13.  Are You Breaking Your Father's Heart

Just as God’s heart is broken, so too the hearts of many earthly fathers, who,
Though warning too, can only sit and watch as Satan drags their children from view.
The battle not so much against flesh and blood, but that satanic realm of ill,
Where many intoxicated Christian young people are on their way to hell.

Strong words? Well, dire situation, God-fearing fathers oft up against the wall,
Just as child after child has been removed from their Saviour ever since the Fall.
Be such via unconverted partners or those lusts and amusements that beckon,
And why Satan has a paedophile-like interest in young Christians, I reckon.

Yes, can’t keep his grubby hands off them, he luring, abusing and destroying,
And why certain things many youngsters should no better than to be enjoying.
But no, what do their fathers know, and so much for their heavenly Father too,
Who, just like those earthly fathers, but via His Word, also said, “Such don’t pursue.”

So where are many of those children now? Dead and lost, or seriously harmed,
Seriously hurting, and all because they were not spiritually armed.
And thus they easy pickings, their heavenly Father’s battle gear discarded,
Their earthly father’s dutiful and godly remindings lightly regarded.

Oh, Lord, why is this repeated throughout generations, though the young knowing?
They not learning from the mistakes of others, but ungodly seeds still sowing.
And it hasn’t got better, Lord, and why I pray, please bring them to their senses,
They shaming You and earthly fathers by their inexcusable offences.

And please give their Christian fathers the grace and strength that’s needed here, urgently,
To stand both firm in Thee and bear the pain of such cruel satanic treachery.
Because earthly fathers can only do what they can, they reliant on You,
So please, Lord, wrest such children from the devil, do whatever You have to do.

By Lance Landall

Christian content or degree.

14.  Though You Try To Tell Them

As Christian parents we oft advise our children not to do this or that, don’t we,
Given that we don’t want to see them getting hurt or into trouble needlessly.
And often our children don’t take our advice and nothing goes wrong, fortunately,
Though they not learning and thinking we’re worry warts, and we feeling kind of silly,

A bit like Jonah whose warning didn’t come to pass, our God acting graciously.

And I guess that’s why our kids get away with things, our prayers the reason why they’re spared,
Not that they seem to recognize that, and oh, how many times our soul we have bared.
“Oh Lord,” we pray, “Help our rebellious or foolish children see, realise that we’re right,”
And I can hear God saying, “I’ve a planet full of such children who ill invite.”

Well, it’s true, isn’t it, we all guilty, but nevertheless we wanting what’s best,
Lest our children lose their salvation, or in present and future trouble invest.
And you know, some do forfeit their salvation, reap what they sow, pay for their folly,
For though God’s gracious, He still chastises, and some kids really push the boundary.

Hence those premature deaths, that physical pain and heartbreak, for God gives us free choice,
He sparing but not always preventing, we having ignored or not heard His voice.
Yes, we sometimes tuned out like our children, who, God also bears long with, although He
Never said, “Just do what you like as there’ll be no consequences,” for there will be.

Yes, there are times, even many times, when God spares folk, but there often comes 'that' time,
Thus God not always preventing — and in this world, their oft being no rhythm or rhyme.
And hence why random things happen, God never having promised no deaths, nor no pain,
But what can any Christian expect when from wrong-cum-foolishness they don’t abstain.

I’m sure there’s a devilish element here too, come our children’s ignoring us,
Satan perhaps seeing that things don’t work out as badly as we’ve said or Jesus.
And the reason why being, that then our kids will do such again, sure we’ve got things wrong,
Until they finally get bitten when those sad consequences do come along.

Yes, it certainly pays to be awake to Satan’s trickery, he pretty smart,
And even making things appear as it they’re the answer to a prayer, cross his heart.
Well, he’s a liar, and why we need to remain close to our Saviour who warns as well,
For He’s a father too, who just like earthly parents, tries to spare His kids from ill.

By Lance Landall

Christian content or degree.

15.  Hey Kids

Hey kids, remember that the world doesn’t revolve around you, but everyone,
Your parents having their own life to live, and certain things that God might want done.
And therefore, they not able to spend as much time with you, for Earth’s end is near,
And thus saving souls and warning sinners why mums and dads can’t always be there.

Oh, how they’d love to be, and no doubt try, but can’t you see the sad state of things,
And that terrible end of anyone who to evil-cum-rebellion clings?
Hence why you should look beyond yourself, and understand how your parents are pulled,
They so wanting to spend more time with you, but must reach the deluded and fooled.

All why their head’s oft down and nose to some heavenly grindstone, and Jesus near,
He directing or inspiring them, and they, though pulled, wanting to persevere.
For God should come first, and to be frank, children too oft demanding selfishly,
Unmindful of the pain their parents feel, and Satan oft hassling intently.

Yes, just as young folk can be called, so too parents dealing with some issues too,
They oft having to go without the help that they need, good friends too often few.
But press on they must, for their personal concerns and interests should come last,
Given that it won’t be long before we hear that awesome End-time trumpet blast.

By Lance Landall

Christian content or degree.

16.  So Mind, Kids

You tell your kids not to do certain things because of this or that, but sadly,
Off they go and do them, and again, and oft nothing happens, amazingly.
And this makes parents look silly when they’re not, and children look right when they’re wrong,
And Satan knows this, he kind of protecting ’til that fateful day comes along,

For this way they display that false witness he wants, and more so where rebelling,
And he egging them on somehow, their concerned parents gesturing and yelling.
But no, and ever closer to that edge they get, or further from Jesus stray,
And then they’re lost or beset by troubles; or spared due to those prayers parents pray,

Not that children always see this, their parents agonizing on bended knee,
All why some kids don’t suffer as they might have, God responding mercifully.
And so it goes, somewhat like a tug-of-war, and dare it be Satan wins,
For God won’t force folk into Heaven, nor save ones kids amidst their wilful sins.

Yes, Satan kind of plays with folk like a cat plays with a mouse, until he’s done,
And then, they in trouble, dead, lost or both, that old devil having had his fun.
And meantime parents having suffered too, their name and God’s name tarnished, sadly,
Or their kids having simply chosen poorly thinking they knew better — really?

And such can prove discouraging to parents, for though they don’t want their kids harmed,
Or in trouble, they wish their kids would awaken, but no, Satan having charmed.
And thus those parents seen as spoilers or worrywarts, or simply as errant,
And Satan capitalizing on their agony, mocking either parent.

So mind, kids.

By Lance Landall

Christian content or degree.

17.  Pastors Or Fathers?

Who should you listen too, your pastor or father, given pastors can err too,
And that Christian fathers head the home, and there, they acting much like pastors do?
Yes, they watching over and guiding a smaller flock, but a flock all the same,
Carrying out that solemn God-given responsibility in His name.

So, if your pastor says to you, “Don’t listen to your Dad,” such would be a sin,
He encouraging you to break one of God’s Commandments, enter Satan’s grin.
Such pastors needing to be humbled, rebuked by God, ’cause such they shouldn’t say,
It undermining the father’s God-ordained position, and wrongly could sway.

Such interference could be seen as arrogance, the home not the pastor’s realm,
But that of each Christian father whom God intended be firmly at the helm.
God dealing with any errant fathers just as He would errant pastors, who,
May beg to differ, but not encourage dishonouring parents, who’re honour due.

And is all well in that pastor’s life, or is hypocrisy seen, and I mean:
Can he point the finger if his own home’s not in order, and certain wrong’s seen?
Good fathers doing their best, and many outstripping those who lead flocks astray,
Not just one child like a father might, if something incorrect he were to say.

Don’t listen to your Dad?

Of course you should, whether he’s right or wrong, then asking God where to go from there,
Not allowing servant pastors to act like bosses, cross lines they shouldn’t dare.
It disrespectful and contentious for a pastor to say such a thing, and
Not for them to come between a father and his child, ’cause guilty they will stand.

When it comes to leaders, one must take care, King Saul being a prime example,
For though appointed, he badly erred — and today, such is happening still.
Not just ancient Israel’s leaders straying, but many Christian leaders too,
Who’ll be held more accountable, their clout and influence being but a clue.

Yes, that “Don’t listen to your Dad” perhaps resulting in a “Depart from Me,”
Pastors not beyond judgment, and some of them acting very destructively.
They divulging what they shouldn’t, throwing their weight around, or not impartial,
And hence why that errant “Don’t listen to your Dad” should trigger a warning bell.

And should your pastor tell you that God has called you to do something, mind here too,
Lest it suit his own agenda, and in fact, isn’t actually quite true.
And even where he might be convinced that it’s true, what is God saying to you?
Because pastors aren’t infallible, but like us, prone to getting things wrong too.

By Lance Landall


18.  Life's Autumn Years

Time soon passes, and you see the inevitable telltale signs, the body beautiful much less so,
Pretty and handsome hardly heard the same — that’s if they were, of course, and now not many years left to go.
And even they may be cut short, though it’s still a blessing you’ve lived this long, 'cause many aren’t so lucky,
Though I guess their fate's better than living longer but miserably with some painful infirmity.

Some of us age quicker than others, outwardly and inwardly, health problems coming sooner than thought,
Due to misspent youth, foolish choices or misfortune, who knows which or what, which this or that tends to thwart.
And adding to that, the sadness of seeing those you grew up with aging too, some having passed away,
Which is hardly comforting, a reminder of your own mortality, and your hair silver or grey.

There’re those who cross your path whom you haven’t seen for years, looking so different to how they used to,
And hence why you would never have recognised some of these people if they hadn’t thought to approach you.
And midst the playful banter, perhaps, you feeling not so cheerful given age isn’t always that kind,
And why you can’t help but shake your balding head over those who say age is simply a matter of mind.

Which reminds me: There’re those memories, it strange how some things just wander in and out rather randomly,
Things forgotten in the mist of time, some not welcome, others hauntingly nostalgic — smells, funnily.
And you find it hard at times, 'cause you’re still the same youngster within, but simply so much older now,
Who, upon the stage of life, still wants to be noticed, valued, loved, liked, before that final curtain bow.

Adored as a babe and a toddler, but in the autumn years of one’s life, it’s oft another story,
The older set the butt of cruel jokes, even being seen as a bother, neglected by family.
All of which you may have experienced, including loneliness, not to mention insecurity,
'Cause age makes you feel more vulnerable given your fragility, ever decreasing energy.

Well, life’s autumn years come to all, and as with everything, acceptance our best friend, worry our foe,
Which I’m sure you’re aware of, though such easer said than done, 'cause trials and issues can ebb and flow.
But still, there’s much you’ve learnt, much you’ve gained, having done your bit and played your part, and having raised those kids too,
All of which gives you a worth that’s priceless, and why far more so, folk should surround and your knowledge pursue.

And when that final curtain falls, you’ll still live on in hearts and minds, and in your offspring’s looks and ways too,
And in anything worthy you’ve left behind, a poem, song, book, painting, good deeds you chose to pursue.
So don’t lose heart, 'cause you’re a link in a chain, one that’ll always remain, your birth assuring such would be;
Another precious member of humanity that younger people should treasure, treat respectfully.

By Lance Landall

This poem was upgraded on 27 April 2023.

19.  Such Comes To All

I’m my mother’s child, my father’s son, but they at rest in their “comes a time” grave,
Though it was them that years of selfless care, and even life itself, this child gave.
And now, I quickly approaching that same time when death will see me resting too,
My own children outliving me, and soon, I less in their minds and out of view.

Seems only yesterday I was fussed over, for everyone loves a baby,
But given time, it could soon be a case of, “Alone again, naturally.”
Well, so sung young Gilbert O’Sullivan, he being somewhat the same age as me,
And heading in the direction of that same sad plot, firstly or secondly.

Yes, time passed so slowly once, it racing now, and it just the same for my wife,
Who, God bless her, has shared the same ups and downs, given me the best of her life.
But mortal we are, ships that come and go until no longer seaworthy,
One scrapped before the other, a loss too hard to bear, and where's friends or family?

Yes, I’m my mother’s child, my father’s son, I discarded and laughed at by some,
Until they too, meet those often unkind years that to everybody soon come.
A time when folk need that same fuss that’s given to a baby, maybe more so,
For such a time oft renders folk just as helpless, life ceasing to ebb and flow.

By Lance Landall

20.  When You're Older

When you’re older and certain body parts have been replaced with plastic and steel,
And, every part of your youthfulness, the cruel aging process has sought to steal,
It’s hard to accept such without complaint, without regretting a certain loss,
One no longer as agile, attractive or confident, and fate now the boss.

Yes, you no longer drawing the same attention, and possibly none at all,
Thus one simply left with memories, smells and feelings that continue to call.
And why it can pain to see what you’re leaving behind, it all more in the mind,
And where opportunity was wasted, much more regret one is bound to find.

By Lance Landall

21.  Pause And Weigh

Where are the ones I grew up with, those singers, musicians, neighbours and school friends,
Oh, is this how it ends, it always being the same as life’s curtain descends?
Another generation having come and gone, they now past tense, nouns not verbs,
All why pride and vanity are a waste of time, and oh, how it all disturbs.

Yes, it as if they’d never been, but for recordings, chapter and verse, photos,
Each like a seed that germinates and grows, blossoms for a while, then quickly goes.
And it such a shame, can’t remember their name, but they were part of ones life too,
Most there but not seen, and then gone, and hence that proverbial, quizzical, “Who?”

And thus inhabitants-wise, the face of Earth ever changing, and yet the same,
For midst the crowd, there’re family resemblances, that DNA and surname.
And so it goes, and yes, they too, come that descending curtain, and there they lay,
Having had their fill, their moment, their say, and still no change in the Milky Way.

All why in latter years reality hits, one having mellowed, borne injury,
Having shed that bullet proof fantasy, having developed more empathy.
Hence those regrets, even change in direction, one reaching out, lost in good deeds,
Having seen the results of foolish seeds, and become aware of others’ needs.

And many wondering what’s beyond the grave, time having sobered the blasé,
We mortal and destined to wither, and yet, we far too careless with each day,
And few left, energy and ability declining, the best years savaged,
And oft as a result, though age having its say here too, ones body ravaged,

And why in ones youth and not when older and regretful, one should pause and weigh.

By Lance Landall

22.  When Childhood Returns

A child is born dependant on others, it so vulnerable and fragile,
In need of special care — and naturally, it prone to acting infantile.
And so it is when childhood returns in the form of old age, and why we see
That very same dependency, vulnerability and fragility.

All why tender care and understanding is called for, vitality waning,
Tiredness engulfing, ones body breaking down, once easy things now paining.
And with it all, a certain anxiety, frustrating helplessness, and why
When childhood returns,
Those older folk should be lovingly cocooned ’till off they fly, no more concerns,
Each of us a precious butterfly.

By Lance Landall

23.  No Less Precious

My dear friend, those latter years of yours do not make you any less precious, oh no,
Your body simply saying and showing that you’re nearer to the time when you’ll go.
And a sad day that will be, but meantime, you still worthy of time, effort and love,
And even more so given those scars from earthly battles that you’ve risen above.

Oh, the enemy age is, robbing of youth and health, but you still the same within,
Just that outer shell disguising things, which, at the end of the day, is only skin.
Your heart just the same, and your mind no different either, though a lot more mature,
And lamenting those growing inabilities, like those legs that aren't quite so sure.

But experience you’ve had, and invaluable it is, adding to your value,
Not simply that uniqueness that hollers that there will never be another you.
Missing teeth, receding hair and worldly-wise wrinkles not changing a thing, oh no,
Though perhaps fooling that brief glance from someone who last saw you quite some time ago.

Thus come your departure, we’ll all be the less for it, each plot a sad waste of life,
One less familiar face, and their loved ones no doubt feeling it as if a knife,
And because treasured we should be, every one of us a marvel, young or old,
A creation of substantial significance, and too oft a story untold.

But nevertheless, another important cog and link within humanity,
Part and parcel of that necessary, individual, creativity.
We all bound to each other via origin and lineage, and why I want to shout,
“That it’s not your age and not your body, but your heart and mind that it’s all about!”

By Lance Landall

24.  Seventy

Seventy years old? I wished you hadn’t said. Thirty plus sounding better to me,
And that’s not really fibbing, I feel, ’cause that plus could well be forty years, you see.
After all, what does plus mean but more, and how long is a piece of string, kind of thing,
And why rather than seventy, that thirty plus has a much more appealing ring.

Okay, if one really wants to get picky, how about forty plus years, and hey,
If one looks somewhat younger than they are, what’s with a few years that have gone astray?
And you’re only as old as you feel, they say, oops, so why bother counting, I say,
And hence why I’ll just stick to thirty plus, hoping that they won’t notice all that grey.

By Lance Landall

This poem was penned 2021.

25.  The Elderly

Please don’t laugh at the elderly, nor treat them very thoughtlessly,
'Cause sometime in the future — you too — elderly will also be.
And then you’ll know just what it’s like, and much differently will see,
Should anyone much younger than you, treat you just as thoughtlessly.

These older people you’re mocking are still young people deep inside,
Whose aging skin and muscle their attractiveness and youth now hide.
Yes, it’s just their outer body that so different makes them seem,
And a gait that no doubt reveals that they don’t have quite so much steam.

So many spend their remaining years living very lonely lives,
Doing their best to manage on their own minus husbands or wives.
And many of them — having lost their spouse — now have less will to live,
Therefore, more tender care and kindness the elderly we should give.

Most of these elderly folk have also given up many years
To lovingly raise their children amidst difficulties and tears.
Yes, they have sacrificed and scraped, and have spent many restless nights,
Having stayed up until their night owls returned and switched off the lights.

Too many of the elderly are unnecessarily sent
To an old folks’ residence where their final years on Earth are spent.
It seems that there are many children who too quickly send away
Their elderly Mum or Dad, who, with their children would rather stay.

So let’s treat them with far more care, 'cause they have feelings just like you,
And many of these older folk also get depressed, or feel blue.
No, it certainly isn't easy when one’s health declines with age,
And the years, just like a curtain, glide much quicker across life’s stage.

These older folk have much to offer, and much have contributed,
And much from which we benefit, to them can be attributed.
So, let’s treat them with greater respect and the honour that they’re due,
'Cause without these elderly people there would be no me and you.

By Lance Landall

This poem is repeated elsewhere.

26.  The Aging Singer

Yes, the aging singer, his beguiling voice no longer able — at least, not like it could before,
Yet, he still doing the circuit, running on past popularity, support, years of built up rapport.
Now no longer able to hold those notes as long, nor quite reach the highs and lows that are still required,
But so loath to leave the limelight, the adulation, even though age and health have cruelly conspired.

Yes, an aging lion, his breathing laboured, his movements less nimble, and his presence less commanding,
Yet, so reluctant to relinquish his throne, and steady ticket sales showing that he can still sing.
But not like before, and such not unnoticed too, thus time now his enemy rather than his friend,
And he a crooner, a singer of past romantic ballads, now well and truly bucking the trend.

Yes, the aging singer, so wanting to soar, but his wings somewhat clipped, the lights no longer as kind,
Thus, what once delighted, now less a reality, and each passing year falling further behind.
And perhaps he has lingered too long, his departure thus overdue, and his audience too kind,
But lost in their memories of days gone by, they’re loath to see him go, and seemingly do not mind.

Yes, the aging lion, singer, younger ones casting their shadow, but not quite a shadow like his one,
'Cause despite their popularity, he’s in a league of his own, and despite that red setting sun.
And in the hearts and minds of those who adore his voice, he will continue to remain on his throne,
'Cause even after his departure, and via their own home, they’ll still savour that lilting baritone.

By Lance Landall

27.  As With Aging Cats

Yes, as with aging cats, so with aging men, that warrior that once was, who
Has to back away, or down, sense calling the shots now, even arthritis too.
Thus that aging Siamese cat running rather than staring down, holding his ground,
His ability to match or conquer gone, and energy no longer found.

Yes, that bullet proof vest gone, one’s courage and passion faced with reality,
And walking away oft the better path anyway, which those older eyes see.
Life oft damaged or snuffed too early, and those who’ve got it don’t need to prove it,
Though old age destroying all arguments, one hardly as peacock-like or fit.

Yes, it’s hard to take, accept, but better that than wounded pride, fools aplenty,
Who still like to think they’ve got it, thus entering deflating territory.
They wiser bowing out gracefully, thus wearing their grey hair with dignity,
’Cause no one looks up to fools, and those last years are for enjoying peacefully.

By Lance Landall

28.  Age Is A Killer

Age is a killer, so take care, ’cause one can succumb quickly and easily,
One’s body not up to the job like it once was, and put at risk via folly.
A healthy lifestyle only going so far, and compromised health a concern,
And thus something minor becoming larger, even taking a nasty turn.

And so, though exercise is good, that staying active, one still needs to take care,
Thus cutting the cloth to suit, avoiding what might sicken, strain, bruise, break or tear.
Yes, recovery longer, harder, even more expensive, and thus why we
Should take care when we’re younger too, cutting down on burdens that could later be.

Yes, age is a killer, one not only slowly breaking down, but easy prey,
And so, despite that healthy lifestyle adding further years, death still comes one’s way.
However, those latter years less miserable, unless unfortunate, say,
’Cause both young and old can suffer from life’s randomness, and why is said, “Seize the day!”

By Lance Landall

"There’s a stark difference between infectious disease epidemiology and chronic disease (life style) epidemiology.
A healthy lifestyle offers little to no protection against contracting an infectious disease. This is particularly true of a silent disease like Covid."
Nathan Dunn, biostatistician and former public health epidemiologist.

29.  Thank You, Son

Yes, thank you, Son, because it means a great deal when one’s children show thought and care,
Especially when mum and dad are getting on in years, and there’s some health scare.
And hence that seeming dependence, fragility and vulnerability,
Which rankles with independence, and makes one feel a burden, or pest, sadly.

So, thank you, Son, your offer to do this or that meaning much, leaving me proud,
’Cause that’s a child worth their weight in gold, one who captures sunshine, removes some cloud.
And parents gone before you know it, their presence on Earth but a memory,
One made richer by your thought and care, which I thought I’d share, while life allows me.

By Lance Landall

30.  Time For A Kit Kat

When some parents have got older, having raised a good brood midst difficulties,
Difficulties that have taken a toll, and even had them down on their knees,
They may struggle somewhat with their grandkids, more so any lack of discipline,
Which should be taken into account here, their patience having somewhat worn thin.

Yes, raising children can take its toll, there no such thing as a perfect child, and
Come retirement, what parent wants more such stress, which their children should understand.
Grandparents often desiring a certain peace and quiet, it their kids turn now,
Grandparents not there to begin again, but more to oversee and show how.

Age having taken its toll too, seniors not as agile, robust, and therefore
Shouldn’t be burdened unnecessarily, body and limbs quite often sore.
Their mind and body’s battery easily drained
thus short and sweet here, what’s best,
Poor old granddad and grandma needing to have a regular nap or short rest.

By Lance Landall

A Kit Kat is a chocolate-covered wafer bar confection.