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"Climate change is telling us to change."

"To foul, deplete and destroy our planet is not only gross thoughtlessness, and
even selfishness,
but the greatest of insanities."
The poet, author

"The first law of ecology is that everything is related to everything else."
Barry Commoner

The well-being of humanity is dependant on the well-being of both every person and this planet that we're on. And never more so has this been shown than where Covid and climate change are concerned.



About our planet.

1.  R.I.P Planet Earth?

This world’s a beautiful creation, I a believer that it was designed,
Everything so precise, so finely tuned, staggeringly complex, and mankind.
I unable to grasp how things could have simply evolved, more so from nothing,
And why everything on this Earth seems to have that must-have-been-created ring.

But that aside, Earth happens to be our nest, and we clearly alone, you know,
Evidence suggesting human invention regarding any UFO.
So why are so many destroying their own habitat, and that of creatures?
For in the scheme of things, deforestation, plundering and war largely features,

And look out for those mines.

Oh, so many cities now concrete ruins, the ground full of poisons that harm,
And the folly of nuclear power and its waste adding to the alarm.
All it taking is an earthquake, but evil creating its own disasters,
And soon, if not now, this old planet that we’re living on well beyond plasters.

So to those of you behind any ill, your success will see you suffer too,
Certainly as time goes by, and this why what you are doing is so askew.
But do you really care, for hate and anger are blind, so unable to see,
And why its all a waste of time, and good not on the side of the bloodthirsty,

Nor on the side of the indifferent, those who're into vice, debauchery.

It’s all in the mind, you know, how one thinks, we either peacemakers or fighters,
Building bridges or starting fires, the latter via bigoted filled lighters.
Yes, a flick of the thumb, and there’s another newspaper headline, callous act,
And that such is a sickness is not an opinion but an obvious fact.

And in the end, no one a winner even if they’re flying their flag, and so
What on earth are folk thinking, doing, though by their fruits we are told that we’ll know.
And there is clarity for you, for those who harm this earth and humanity,
Declare their real agenda, self, evil, and their own end is a surety.


Earth spoilt by renegade humans, some having more in common with a devil,
Their terrible acts knowing no end, they taking things to a whole new level.
And promises on Earth no more trustable than that evolution theory,
Or those who kill in the name of God or Allah, devoid of love and mercy.

By Lance Landall

We're choking the rivers, emptying the sea, degrading the soil, poisoning the air,
and hacking away at Earth's lungs — the rain forrests. And to add insult to injury,
encircling our planet with a huge amount of space junk.

About our planet.

2.  How Love Must Weep

Oh yes, how love must weep seeing all the hatred in the world, all the cruelty,
The dreadful destruction, pollution, poverty, suffering and tyranny.
Love all about the opposite, and it wanting to be heard above the din,
Love so concerned about where it’s all heading, ’cause Earth won’t take it on the chin.

Can’t, in fact — it too abused and recoiling from it all, traumatized, lets say,
The likes of selfishness, thoughtlessness, money and power having had their way.
Love having tried to speak, but everything getting in the way, hence Earth’s state,
And why those things that are badly needed to turn it all around cannot wait.

By Lance Landall

About our planet.
A parody on Louis Armstrong's What A Wonderful World.

3.  Oh, Louis Armstrong...

It’s really not such a wonderful world after all, 'cause,

I see creatures gone, and forests too
Sense harder times for me and you
And I think to myself, what a terrible world.

I see skies of grey, feel winds that chill
Earth's less like Heaven now, more of a hell
And I think to myself, what a depressing world,

The fog of pollution is so heavy in the sky
Anxiety's on the faces of people going by.
I see friends shaking heads, saying, "What’s going on?"
They really meaning, “Something’s wrong.”

I see babies die, things that horrify
There’s poverty and war, so much awry
And I think to myself, what a pitiless world,
Yes, I think to myself, what an endangered world,
Oh yeah!

By Lance Landall

Here's Louis singing the original:

About our planet.

4.  Earth's Protesting Too

Oh yes, this planet’s in trouble, it weeping and howling, both sad and angry,
Fools, bad men and madmen having deeply wounded it, created misery.
Hence it protesting too, but via the likes of climate change, cause and effect, you see,
The ground and very air we breathe having been poisoned — and oh, how sick the sea.

Yes, this planet’s in trouble, its protesting having been ignored for too long,
All why it’s running a fever now, the sun’s rays having never been as strong.
Hence those icebergs melting, and there’s that torrential rain, killer wind and rising sea,
Earth’s protest now a riot, hence those calamities and disasters we see.

Yes, Earth’s weeping and howling, it attacked via bombs, pollution, rubbish and greed,
Humans having indulgently plundered, gone for more than simply what they need.
Earth gasping now, infected by a Covid that’s come from humans, thoughtless ones,
And hence why its protesting, the sins of the fathers having passed to their sons.

By Lance Landall

"When we enter this world, we either become a blessing or a curse,
and thereby making things better or making things worse."
The poet, author

About our planet.

5.  For Sale, Planet Earth

Yes, for sale, planet Earth, the ultimate restoration project, so best be quick,
’Cause time’s running out, there no other chance like it, it the ultimate buyer’s pick.
Prime location, private access, but previous tenants having let it run down,
Though it’s still showing vestiges of having been the jewel in our galaxy’s crown.

Current price well below original valuation given the work needed,
All the entreaties and warnings of the once proud owner not having been heeded.
And so, a never to be repeated offer, though not for the faint-hearted, who
Despite the all day sun, and handy locality, will have a great deal to do.

Yes, for sale, as is, where is, because there’s no guarantee, and thus the risk all yours,
And the ideal owner being someone who loves spending a lot of time outdoors,
’Cause forests, lakes and rivers need some serious attention, heaps of TLC,
And there’s the issue of an ever changing climate, iceberg laden rising sea.

But well designed, spacious, open plan living, full of features and natural light,
Brilliant for indoors or outdoors entertaining, perfect for watching stars by night.
And then there’re stunning views, bush clad hills, grassy plains, heaps of off-road parking too,
The world your oyster given there’s no boundary pegs, nor legal hoops to go through.

All in all, it’s a perfect opportunity for the optimistic buyer,
Who’s prepared to tackle both the known and unknown (albeit it dyer).
And thus it better for the first-time home buyer desperate to enter the scene,
Even if the return might fail to materialise, and no matter how keen.

After all, pollutants abound, and thus a major clean up is necessary,
With smog likely to impede at times, and who knows what those tenants chose to bury.
And restoration attempts likely to be hampered by dwindling resources, though
Restraint and careful usage will certainly help here, and if one’s not too gung-ho.

By Lance Landall

About our planet.
Greta Thunberg is an evironmental activist (17 years old when this
poem was penned - January 2020).

6.  Dear Greta

I understand your contempt for the disregard and recklessness you’ve called out,
Because over all the damage that’s been done, there are others who want to shout.
We well knowing that now’s not the time for silence, but urgent action, which we
(The also concerned), have been saying for ages, but enter reality:

Things have been left far too long now, and quickness isn’t a friend of industry,
Some wheels only able to move slowly, and climate change ticking too quickly.
Not that this excuses ignorance and arrogance, but is playing a part,
And a rush leading to other problems, which is why there’s an ache in my heart.

Yes, I understand your anger, my life ending soon, yours beginning, and so
The pain and upset more acute for you, and cleaning up this mess a hard boat to row.
But though that be the case, and whatever the outcome, mind that anger that burns,
Grabbing what joy you can in life, lest you be short-changed by those rightful concerns.

And should the worst eventuate, you’ll have seized from life what you were able
(I not knowing whether you believe in life beyond, or think it's a fable),
And thus you also playing while working, your head and heart in harmony,
Though may it be that after it all, you’ll be basking in eternity.

Your concern is admirable, many not doing anything at all, and
Even choosing the wrong path, unlike you, and why I commend your selfless stand.
But mind how you go, Greta, it all about the way we go about things, and
That example we set, which much experience has helped me to understand.

By Lance Landall

About our planet.

7.  There's A Dirty Secret

Yes, there’s a dirty secret, ’cause to be clean we’re making dirty residues,
Creating new environmental challenges, which doesn’t seem to make the News.
Metals needed for batteries, solar power and wind farms bringing ill too,
Having to be mined as well, thus enter other pollutants, more ills we’ll rue.

Yes, such also having negative impacts, and they could be worse, possibly,
Thus we no further ahead when the cost is counted, having rushed too quickly.
Though we need to respond urgently, we have left things far too long, sad to say,
And haste leading to poor decisions; such metals less plentiful, by the way,

And less known about them, how they might affect us, and time not on our side,
One problem just exchanged for another, thus two different worlds may collide.
Yes, we’re too quick to embrace some things, and certain quarters lean on the truth, which
Is why we need to proceed more carefully when one thing for another we switch.

By Lance Landall

About our planet.

8.  She'll Be Right

Yes, green, green, green, but tell me, where do the batteries go, toxic as can be,
But to landfills everywhere, and why a greener future its hard to see.
Poisoned air simply being exchanged for poisoned ground, both in the making and
In the getting rid of, and therefore, another castle being built on sand.

Oh, and there’s those lithium iron explosions, those flames that are hard to quell,
They but a minor matter, one would think, and so in the meantime, sell, sell, sell.
Yes, we’ll worry about it later, though bearing in mind those planes in full flight,
And that black odour filling the cabin, or luggage compartment, but she’ll be right.

By Lance Landall

About our planet.

9.  Nature

Nature’s like a woman, meant to be treated with the uttermost thought and care,
Never taken for granted, nor abused, but having our heart, mind, eye and ear.
We responding quickly to her cries, not that we should be the source of her tears,
But sensitive to her needs, that she not suffer over the days, months or years.

No, Earth’s not for plundering and raping, her beauty not to be marred or scarred,
She only responding to tender actions, not that which is selfish and hard.
Nature willing to please, and her bounties is happy to share, day after day,
But not if mistreated, ’cause when it comes to women, one can’t treat them that way.

Yes, Nature’s but herself, not our property, though faithful to us she will be
If we treat her rightly, aid her growth, appreciate her natural beauty.
Earth not an object either, but a living, breathing thing, a life of a kind,
That we’re so dependant on; and her child-like creatures too, should be kept in mind.

Oh yes, her summer breezes, romantic sunsets, babbling brooks and shady trees,
Are but her character and personality, all why Nature’s seen to please.
She precious, a wondrous creation, we her minders, not her owners, and thus
All why she should only (and always) receive the very best treatment from us.

By Lance Landall

This (analogy type) poem simply contains poetic, artistic expression and is
not hinting at a belief of any kind.

About our planet.

10.  Peace On Earth And Good Will To all Men?

Yes, wouldn’t that be lovely, but we can’t even look after our own nest, sadly,
Having treated our environment so carelessly, and in fact, downright badly.
Such hardly showing goodwill to all men, their best interests hardly looked after,
And there goes peace on Earth, anxiety and fear now replacing joy and laughter.

Yes, peace isn’t just about the end of wars, but all those other anxieties,
The fear of what’s happening given climate change, that harm to our land, sky and seas.
Our planet turning on us, we having only thought to eat, drink and be merry,
And now we’re reaping the sad consequences, what happens when our heads we bury.

By Lance Landall

About our planet.

11.  Help! Save The Whales

There’s little we can do, for we’re defenceless against man, his weaponry,
So he savagely plunders our pods, tears us apart from our family.
Thus the depths that we roam become bloodied, haunted, and echo with our cries,
And why extermination looms closer as senseless man such justifies.

We’re dragged aboard their killing machines that wait like a vulture on the sea,
Yes, hellish factory ships that hunt us down and then slay us ruthlessly.
Though we’ve a right to life and freedom, and to roam ’neath the oceans they ply,
They refuse to show us mercy, become our enemy, not our ally.

By Lance Landall

About our planet.

12.  Harm Earth, Harm Us

The Earth is as surely us as is our body, ’cause when we foul the Earth, we
Destroy what sustains us, thereby attacking our very selves, effectively.
’Cause we’re as dependant on Earth as we are on our bodies, ’cause mess them up,
And both will cease to be — and thereby, we having placed poison in our own cup.

Just like us, our planet’s a living, breathing organ that’s easily harmed too,
And all why sense shouts, “Look after both!” — carelessness seeing either go askew.
Yes, our body’s us, and Earth too, they so dependant on each other, and so,
We looking after them and they looking after us, so mind what seeds you sow.

In other words, we and Earth are intimately connected — wedded, lets say,
Utterly in need of each other, and hence why we’re caretakers, by the way.
In other words, clearly called to look after both, ’cause when we don’t, there’s trouble,
And the sad consequences of such soon bursting some selfish, thoughtless bubble.

And that bubble now one that’s worldwide, sadly, folly having gone on for years,
Pollutants, deforestation, plundering and the likes soon followed by tears.
Unheard of storms, raging fires, famines, pestilences and more to follow,
Unless we act now! — and might it be too late given those in sleepy hollow?

By Lance Landall

About our planet.
This poem was penned around 2007.

13.  Planet Earth

This planet that we all live on, we have treated very badly;
In fact, there are those who would say that we’ve really acted madly.
We've poisoned the air that we breathe, we've polluted lakes and seas too,
And we've wrecked havoc on land, all of which we’re having cause to rue.

Oh, why have we been so foolish and this beautiful planet messed,
’Cause surely everyone knows that you never foul your own nest?
And once we have burnt all our bridges, there will be no turning back,
And so, before there's no hope left, let’s attempt to get back on track.

We can't exchange this planet for another one that's shiny new,
Though given our track record, we’d simply mess up that planet too.
However, we’ve only got this one, so forget trips to the moon,
And we'd better act very quickly, lest calamity hit soon.

It really is that urgent, ’cause this planet's in a dreadful state,
Given that the damage we have inflicted isn't small but great.
Yes, this old planet’s reeling badly from assaults upon its crust,
And hence why it's in need of repairing, and repair it, we must!

Yes, the future generation could be terribly affected
By those dreadful catastrophes that scientists have predicted.
Yes, they’ve warned us that such will happen if we don’t act right away,
And stop all those things that we’re doing that are causing Earth’s decay.

But despite all our best efforts, the reality that we face
Is that we may not succeed given this planet’s a sorry case,
’Cause many have chosen to ignore just how serious things are,
And hence all the damage that’s been done that may now have gone too far.

But despite such, we should still try and do everything that we can
To decelerate and halt all those disastrous doings of man,
’Cause there will be no hope at all if we do not act right away,
And therefore, lets all pull together, not tomorrow, but today.

By Lance Landall

About us, really.

14.  Am I Missing Something?

Oh, how I want to change the world, stop corporate greed and halt poverty,
And I’m worried about global warming, dwindling resources, misery.
It’s time that we ended wars, infighting, joined together in harmony,
It’s time we dealt to abusers, tyrants, and halted animal cruelty.

But please excuse me if I regularly use foul language publicly,
Or recklessly race down suburban streets just wasting petrol noisily,
Or if I show my anger by rioting in the streets and torching cars,
Or if I am loud and aggressive after a night out visiting bars.

Yes, please turn the other way when I’m behaving inappropriately,
Like when my partner and I are openly behaving sexually,
Or when I’m enjoying violence or adultery on the TV,
Or when I'm perusing some porn, or listening to stand-up crudity.

Oh yes, how I so want to change the world, promote freedom and liberty,
How I so want to bring a stop to prejudice and any bigotry,
How I so want to save our forests, stop the plundering of whales at sea,
And I’m longing to see peace on earth and political transparency.

But please excuse me when I’m booing, throwing cans come soccer or rugby,
Or yelling for blood while I'm watching boxing with youngsters right beside me,
Or when I’m fiddling the books, my taxes, ripping someone off, fibbing too,
Or smirking at someone else who virtuousness wishes to pursue.

Yes, I so want to change the world, end violence and discrimination,
And it’s time that people stopped judging, circulating misinformation.
It’s time that we stopped polluting, trashing, behaving irresponsibly,
Yes, it’s time that we ended starvation, and thus acted less selfishly.

But please excuse me if I play my stereo loudly, intrusively,
Or if I drink and drive, toss my rubbish and act un-hygienically.
Yes, please excuse me if I just do what I want, 'cause it’s my life, you see,
Thus no one having a right to interfere, and nor to try to change me.

Am I missing something?

By Lance Landall

"The only way this world will change is when there's a change in hearts and minds."
The poet, author

About our planet.
Christian content or degree.

15.  Greener Than Green

Before rebellion marred this planet, there was beauty and order, perfection,
No damage, no pollution, no mess, it all meeting God’s fussy inspection.
Eden a paradise, a delight, everything working in harmony,
It’s caretakers aware of their responsibilities, and thus no less we,

'Cause we’re told that God doesn’t change, He the same today as He was yesterday,
And pointing us back to Eden, saying, “Still do your best to keep things that way.
In other words, look after this planet, 'cause those who don’t, I will punish, and
Just like that rebellious pair before, I will banish them from the promised land.”

And that land being this Earth made new, which, in the meantime, we should still care for,
It our home too, and owned by God, a planet that He won’t demolish but restore.
And this planet is a training ground where we’re to learn to think and act like Him, who,
Is greener than green, well ahead of Greenpeace, and watching what all of us do.

And rightly so, because how would you feel if someone damaged your creation,
Something you’d put lots of love and care into; so much for appreciation.
Yes, God hardly pleased, not about to let things go undealt with, for why should He,
Given that those He’s allowed to inhabit Earth have acted so shamefully.

So, get things repaired, stretch them out as long as possible, pass on, recycle,
Don’t use your car unnecessarily, but walk more, or use a bicycle.
Look after things better, be content with less, and minding any wastage too,
Buying what’s less harmful to the Earth, and minding those pursuits that more fuel spew.

And to those of you who a warring go, destroying, polluting crazily,
Or who irresponsibly foul the planet via any kind of industry,
Woe betide, and you who strip the Amazon (for example), for what a cost,
Climate change the meantime consequences of it all, 'cause Nature can’t be bossed,

And God, should never be so crossed.

Yes, God’s a god of grace, which He grants to the repentant, not those who still wreck,
Not having heeded His warning, and more so when this planet is very sick.
The need urgent, but what fool fouls his or her own nest, and then adds to the mess,
Via further lack of thought and care, which could see no one living at that same address.

But in all our thoughts for planet Earth, dare we overlook the Creator, who,
Should be first and foremost in our focus, and whom all are answerable to.
Many devoting time to saving creatures, the healing of sea, sky and land,
But hardly acknowledging their Saviour God, before whom, all will one day stand.

By Lance Landall

This poem was placed on my website on the 11 August 2019 and added to on the 12 August.

"The nations raged, but Thy wrath came, and the time for the dead to be judged, for rewarding Thy
servants, the prophets and saints, and those who fear Thy name, both small and great,
and for destroying the destroyers of the earth" (Rev 11:18, RSV).

"Because they exchanged the truth about God for a lie and worshiped and served the creature
rather than the Creator, who is blessed forever! Amen" (Rom 1:25, ESV).

About our planet.
Alternative poem.
Christian content or degree.

16.  God Is Green

If anyone cares about the environment, creatures and humanity — in other words, creation — it’s our green Creator, who terribly upset must be, given this Earth’s current situation, and that humans were meant to be caretakers, not polluters and destroyers, come problem and trouble makers, who without due though and care, and even a rebellious sneer, have gone and fouled their own nest, even trampled on God’s day of rest, who certain rhythms and cycles created, and thus His intelligence demonstrated, 'cause everything on Earth is meant to be in sync, and why before we do things, we’re meant to think, lest we unbalance this or that, and isn’t that exactly where we’re at?
Yes, too foolish for words, too clever by far, and now look where we are, and who’s to blame, and deserving of shame? Yes, humanity, 'cause just look at the sea, just look at the land, and even the sky, come the air that we breathe (and to others thus bequeath), and then we’ve the cheek to ask, “Why?”
Well, some of us anyway, who may even kneel and pray: “Please save our planet!” which habitation wise (and hardly a surprise), is simply becoming unfit, given those abuses we commit, 'cause even though our Creator is green, not so His children, going by the current scene, or are there some who may be, just a small minority — oh dear, now isn’t that just like history, 'cause looking at things biblically, there's one consistent thing we see, and that is, that those who’re truly faithful, including genuinely grateful, and thus Christ-like green, have always been a minority.
I guess that there are those who looking at Earth’s condition, might actually take the following errant position, and that is, that Christ is returning soon, so why worry, and after solutions scurry, 'cause it’s really too late, Earth in the throws of its fate, not just from its wounds, but there’s that apocalyptic end, one that just like a curtain, will soon descend.
Well, since when did Christ say to stop taking care? And given we’re caretakers, surely we remain so while still here, thus doing what we can to ease the plight of man — in other words, to ease Earth’s plight, and set things right — well, as far as we can, 'cause after all, Earth’s still in our care, and we still living here, and surely doing what’s right because we care, and given it's a caretaker’s natural routine, and also, the desire of our Creator who's green.

By Lance Landall

Such is one reason why Christians should look after everything that they have by taking good care of it (be such a home, a car, our furniture, etc), 'cause such displays gratitude for these blessings in our lives and also witnesses to others of good caretaking.

About our planet.
Christian content or degree.

17.  That Menace In Venice

Oh, those rising sea levels — yes, that menace in Venice — climate change, it’s called,
And rightly so, Nature having been bloodied, and hence those coastlines that she’s mauled.
But you know, climate change having begun with man’s fall, that foolish path he took,
And why today (after thousands of years of decay) we see a planet that’s crook.

Yes, very crook, recklessness having accelerated its sad condition,
Modern scoffers having held up clean up attempts via their hands-off position.
Yes, the indifferent too, ignoring the tide that their sandcastles will smash,
Climate change no respecter of the bright or famous, those with power or cash.

Bible wise, one of the signs of Christ’s coming is Nature running amuck, yet,
How many believe in the Bible, and why nasty surprises they might get.
Truth always coming as a shock to the uninformed or disbelieving, who
Ignore or laugh at the evidence that careful observers rightly point to.

Yes, like that menace in Venice, those raging fires, mega storms and so on
And hence those burnt out forests, wrecked dwellings, and those low-lying Islands soon gone.
And then there’re earthquakes, Earth riddled with the ongoing results of a global flood,
The Bible’s account verified by many things, like volcanic ash and mud.

Yes, climate change is real alright, and we haven’t seen the worst or last of it,
All good reason for living simply, and as if there is a God, lest fate hit.
And meantime, we doing what we can, because Earth’s still our home, our only one,
Until (as many of us believe), we’re rescued by Earth’s Creator, the Son.

Hence Christ hoping that we’re catching on, Earth on borrowed time, not to mention man,
Guilty of stripping the Amazon, fouling land, sea and sky, acting like a fan.
And that’s how it’s been since climate change first began, and here we are today, friend,
The selfish, stubborn, heedless, short-sighted creators of our very own end.

All why (if I were you) I’d look beyond this planet despite any clean up,
Or from a cup of even greater disappointment you may be forced to sup.
Thus one facing reality, society having come unstuck too, and
Not just climate change, but the rapid decay of humanity also, has fanned.

By Lance Landall

"The creation looks forward to the day when it will join God’s children in glorious
freedom from death and decay" (Rom 8:21, NLT).

About our planet.
Christian content or degree.
This poem was penned on 15 January 2021.

18.  The Answer Isn't Here

What we’ve seen in America shows how easily democracy can be lost,
Yes, Hitler-like inciting, and one side trying to get its way at all cost.
Mob rule, in other words — flags waving, a Bible too (that churchy photo shoot),
Oh, the danger of it all, a certain ingrained, home-grown psyche at work.

Yes, white supremacists, militant Christians (unlike their Lord), rioting hordes too,
Demands on every hand (or else), which sounds like “land of the free” gone askew.
And it all midst Covid Nineteen, thus aiding the rise in deaths, the misery,
As if it’s not enough having had an unprecedented presidency.

Yes, the wholesale sacking of “No” men for “Yes” men, and that cronyism too,
Those reckless, childish, get back at others texts, those twitter rants — all askew,
Hardly presidential behaviour — oh, the lies, irresponsibility,
That fuelling of racism, that division making, which no one thought they’d see.

All why my faith and hope isn’t in men, but a God and kingdom that’s to come,
This world unable to offer any hope at all, mere tokenism, some crumb.
The answer lying outside our earthly sphere, not in the hands of fallen men,
Religious or otherwise, but no, it’s that same old thing again and again.

Oh, the arrogance, boastfulness, narcissism, rudeness, even mimicry,
That inability to take criticism, truth speakers the enemy.
Everything deemed fake news, everyone out to get him — there no end to it!
His fingers pointing, but it more than clear who the cap was often seen to fit.

And you know, it all reminds me of ancient Israel, that theocracy,
Many of its kings bad — oh, how they yearned for an end to it, yet the folly,
’Cause kings they’d wanted — yes, some man instead of God, even killing their Saviour,
And given what we’re seeing today, it kind of looks like the same behaviour.

Deluded Christians defending their deluded President, but there it is,
God having condemned force and violence, and thus their foolish ways hardly His.
Christians hardly enforcers, but simply heralders of the Good News gospel,
Which their rabble ways distort, repelling rather than attracting — oh, the chill!

Some think that some global power, New World Order may be the answer, but no,
Every human a fallen creature, and thus somewhere, that potential foe.
God the only one we can put our trust in, and a kingdom that He’ll install,
Not a manmade one, nor made up of a mixed multitude, hence Christ’s End-time call.

“Come out of her, My people,” He shouts, warning of His soon return, and therefore,
We not where we shouldn’t be, nor involved in what we shouldn’t be — plus it’s war!
No, not between republicans and democrats, but a devil and a King,
And that battle’s over our hearts and minds; planet Earth much like a boxing ring.

Yes, Satan about to receive a knockout blow, but not before certain ills,
All tied in with his plan for Earth (designed to fool all with its whistles and bells).
Yes, Church and State tempting for some, but condemned by Christ, because ill lies their too,
“My kingdom not of this world,” Christ said, but as for listen — well, how many do?

The truth is, that despite any cleanup attempts, this planet’s beyond repair,
And thus only its Creator able to renew it, and hey, that time’s near.
And there lies hope like no other, but turn to earthly means most do, pointlessly,
Rather than waiting patiently, and focusing on Christ and the heavenly.

Impeachment certainly deserved here — “You’re fired!” — a message needing to be sent,
Despite any evils that lurk elsewhere; some operating without consent.
But reality needing to be faced — and that is, the answer isn’t here,
But outside of our broken, destined-to-fail-regardless and fallen sphere.

Why? Because the Bible says so, God knowing the future, those things I’ve conveyed,
Earth quarantined due to sin, rebellion naturally having to be weighed.
If we could succeed, there’d be no need of God, nor a rescue, but the truth is,
We (those who’ve repented) will have to wait ’till Christ’s return, all the glory His.

Yes, it’s no good fighting for a flawed cause, and tyrants soon turning on their own,
Inciting then condemning, rounding up, their helpers finding that they’re alone.
All why it never pays to play with fire, those who’re bad sports, those who’re astray,
And who’re sometimes but wolves in sheep’s clothing, and even having the gall to pray.

By Lance Landall

"Christendom is not the same as Christianity, as the Danish theologian and philosopher Kierkegaard pointed out.
Christendom's violence was not Christian, for the simple reason that it was diametrically opposed to what Christ himself taught. People who engage in violent and cruel activities at any time, in Northern Ireland or the Balkans or anywhere else, while invoking the name of God, are certainly not obeying Christ when they do so, whatever they may say to the contrary. After all, the name "Christian" means a disciple or follower of Jesus Christ. Following Christ means obeying his commandments. And one of those commands was the explicit prohibition of the use of force to defend Christ or his message. That command has been very well known since it was issued at a point of high tension in the Gospel narrative, the arrest of Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane. Jesus taught his followers not to hate their enemies but to love them; and he acted accordingly when the armed crowd came with Judas to the Garden of Gethsemane to arrest him. In that historic encounter he specifically forbade his disciples to use violence.
Jesus rebuked one of his disciples, Peter, who, untrained in swordsmanship, swung wildly with his sword and cut off the ear of the High Priest's servant, Malchus. "Put your sword back into its place," Jesus said, "for all who take the sword will perish by the sword" (Matt 26:52, ESV). He could not have made it more plain. To take the sword, gun, or bomb in Christ's name is to repudiate both Christ and his message. He will have none of it. Gunning for God, in the sense of taking a weapon into one's hands on God's behalf, is a contradiction of and an affront to the Christian message."
From the book "Gunning For God" by John C. Lennox.

"As Christians we are not here to provide an ethic for society or the state, but to clearly define an ethic for disciples of Jesus Christ. In the American system of government it is difficult for this stance to be understood. We operate with the myth of being a Christian nation, and we seek to interpret for society an ethic that we can bless as Christians. We need a new awareness of the pluralism of the New Testament, that the crucial issue is the difference between the church and the world, and that the church operates "within the perfection of Christ," while the world operates outside the perfection or will of Christ. Christians influence the state for good through Christian ethics and integrity, but they do not equate church and state. Only an indepth understanding of this issue can save us from a cultural and a civil religion."

Myron Augsburger

19.  Moonstruck

Given the perilous course we’re on environmentally,
Earth appears to be coming to an end, and very quickly.
Hence why those trips to the moon are taking on an urgency,
’Cause they seem to think that we’ll live up there eventually.

Well, as advanced as humans may get, one thing is very clear,
No dwellings on the moon the inhabitants of Earth will share.
To survive we would still need this planet, so please tell me why
We’re wasting money (that more than ever) we can’t justify?

To live on the moon, we’d have to live in space-suits out of doors,
Or remain inside cocoons — submarine like — with air locked doors.
And we’d still need this planet, otherwise we wouldn’t survive,
’Cause it’s only on this planet that humans and creatures thrive.

Oh yes, we might last awhile living on the moon, cocooned,
But sooner or later up there, friend, we would all be marooned.
Why? Because if this planet’s dying, we’ll lose the base we need
To hang about on the moon, and while up there, somehow succeed.

It would be somewhat like trying to survive under the sea,
Such something only possible if supplies came frequently.
But where would they come from if the Earth wasn’t habitable,
And how would people fare if certain needs weren’t accessible?

Yes, how would the elderly, or the ill, the moon’s surface share?
After all, you’d have to be pretty fit to make it up there.
All those G-forces, and the spaceship’s thrust, would finish some off,
Hence why at the whole idea, I, with justification, scoff.

And just think of all the spaceships that would be needed as well
To ferry each human (maybe creature) who’d bid Earth farewell.
And some crew would have to send the last spaceship on its way,
A crew who’d sadly be left behind, at the end of the day.

And perhaps only the wealthy ones would get to go up there,
Or just an elite few, while the rest of us remained down here.
But given the logistics, I think we’d all miss out, no doubt,
Therefore, I wouldn’t hold my breath, stay up late, hang about.

I wouldn’t get as carried away as NASA, not at all,
Besides, life on the moon would hardly excite or enthral.
It’s a no-brainer, as they say, it’s completely off the wall,
Yet, sadly, for NASA’s nonsense, some people are bound to fall.

Tragically, billions of dollars are going up in smoke,
Upon which the poor and suffering must indignantly choke.
It’s down here that we need to spend such money, and urgently,
Or we will all end up with nothing, and then where will we be?

It seems commonsense is departing as fast as those rockets,
And just as quickly too, taxpayer’s money out of pockets.
All why man in his wisdom is simply pursuing folly,
And subsequently is loosing the wheels on his own trolley.

It’s time we left the moon alone, ’cause we’ve enough problems here,
And besides, given our record, we’d make a mess of things there.
Here is where we’re meant to be, and not millions of miles away,
Tinkering with some strange planet that can only but dismay.

By Lance Landall

Searching beyond our planet.
Christian content or degree.

20.  Mars Madness

Christianity teaches that God made the world, that Satan, then man, rebelled,
Enter sin, bloodshed and death, and as a sad consequence, a quarantined world.
And thus visitors from other created worlds prevented from coming here, and
We prevented from reaching them, until Christ’s return, thus quashing NASA’s plan.

This all meaning that billions of dollars spent on finding life beyond this world
Has been wasted (and that hope for millions who’re starving has been hampered and killed).
Those who know their Bible should know this, and Darwinism just leading astray,
Because our only hope lies with the Creator God who’ll soon be on His way.

Yes, the God who made other worlds and their inhabitants, they free to wander,
But not near us, nor we near them — and given our infectiousness, no wonder.
Our planet contaminated with every ill, and a renegade race,
Who, where not repentant, nor free of such folly, a judgment will have to face.

Yes, it’s not surprising that man has lost his focus, having been fed a lie,
And that being, that there’s no God, or a God who’s blessing what’s been sent sky high.
Neither making sense, God real alright, and hardly blessing that wasted money,
Pointlessly spent and cruelly denying life, while mouths of others drip honey.

Where there’s no lights, look at the night sky bulging with stars, and then try telling me
There’s no God, as if it all happened by chance, and we all came from a monkey.
The heavens mathematically precise, the speed at which the Earth’s turning too
Nothing short of a miracle, a designer who knew exactly what to do.

Some may laugh (the Bible warning of last day scoffers who’d say, “Where’s His return?”),
But they can’t offer anything better, and why back to the Bible I turn.
’Cause there I find hope, answers and promises, things that make far more sense to me,
Than a sad dog eat dog theory that knows nothing of accountability.

Yes, plain mars madness, and as if all could escape this planet, so who would go,
An elite few, or guinea pigs, and who'd miss out seeing the last rocket go?
No, Earth’s the only planet for us, the only one designed this way, clearly,
And thus we fouling space as much as our nest, too occupied with fantasy.

Hence those little green men, say, those UFOs, and any apparition too,
Naught but the work of fallen angels, and men who aid what such angels pursue.
And that being, the misleading of humanity, which is why one can see
Truth being exchanged for falsehood, and humans indulging in greater folly.

But bear in mind too, that

A God who can create our world is capable of creating others, and
Even more than one universe, which would mean that there’d be other planets manned.
Yes, such a universe ruling Creator would hardly create just one world,
But other beings who aren’t robots, and this proven given that we rebelled.

By Lance Landall

"Hath in these last days spoken unto us by his Son, whom he hath appointed heir of all things,
by whom also he made the worlds" (Hebrews 1:2, KJV).


21.  Detective In Search Of

Name’s Jack Smith, I’ve been investigating a case of mistaken identity.
An amazing creation that someone associated with a monkey,
But that wasn’t the case, not at all, because it was clearly a human, you know,
No furriness, no tail, just a bit of aping ’round, a chump, not a chimp, so,

I reported back, the others on the case not surprised, ’cause what do you know,
Yes, they were humans as well, each one having a little pinkie and big toe.
No banana peels lying around, no under arm scratching, nothing at all,
Much like that creature I checked out, who, not surprisingly, thought I had a gall.

“What! Me a monkey?” he cried, and I had to admit he didn’t look like one,
And nothing in a state of metamorphose either, and I thought, “Job well done.”
It just someone’s mind working overtime, as if they’d come up with a theory,
But that human was too clever for words, and seemingly getting less hairy.

He rubbed his balding head and said to go. “The very thought!” he shouted at me,
And I kind of blushed, ’cause he certainly hadn’t been swinging from tree to tree.
“Not even related!” he cried, so Charles had obviously got things wrong, and
“Not surprisingly,” I thought, given his missing links, that human far too grand.

Yes, if looks could kill, he no gorilla though, so I coolly made my way out,
The odd check over my shoulder verifying things midst another loud shout.
But I let it go, because it wasn’t an evolving case, more a dead end,
There nothing to go on, and going by the files, it naught but a foolish trend.

Yes, it’s the same old story, case after case of mistaken identity,
I only finding beings uniquely special, and far from a monkey.
It all wasting my time, I not having millions of years, and there’s no cold case,
It open and shut, there nothing out there like us, not a dickybird, not a trace.

And I not interested in ape-like fossils, have come across such before,
Tampering with the evidence a crime, you know, plain monkey business, what’s more.
And too many making something out of nothing, just baboons of themselves, and
This detective left shaking his head, ’cause like I said, humans are far too grand.

By Lance Landall

Person's name fictitious.


22.  What Big Bang?

Apparently we got here by chance. BANG! See what I mean?
We never existed before, you see, just weren’t, hadn’t been.
We simply came out of nothing, just appeared, seemingly,
Or evolved over millions of years, inexplicably.

First we were amoebas, perhaps, then apes, evidently,
Downing bananas, hanging from vines, swinging from tree to tree.
And then, would you believe it, we became us, humanity,
But not before being cave men or women, presumably.

Yes, all this just happened. BANG! And here we are, you and I,
No longer downing bananas, but fizzy, pizza, pie.
My, how we’ve progressed, come so far, and out of nothing too,
And all by our little selves, over millions of years — phew!

Yes, no longer cave bound, nor club in hand, and wrapped in fur,
But civilized, not that the up and coming I mean to slur.
They being, those potential humans who’re evolving still,
And who somewhere on this planet as a something may dwell.

Yes, it’s all too untidy, full of holes, just a theory,
Surely delusional, gobbledegook, airy-fairy.
Evolution, they call it
foolishness, if you ask me,
The result of one too many
insomnia, maybe.

It hardly makes sense
besides, what hope does such offer? None.
It’s purposeless, devoid of meaning, when all’s said and done.
Yes, it’s just a big yawn, certainly nothing to swallow,
And as far as I’m concerned, farcical, faulty, hollow.

What if evolution malfunctioned, reversed, eventually,
Would we return to being cavemen or women, a monkey?
Sorry to alarm, but isn’t it a possibility?
What’s that? Evolution’s lost its appeal? Well, don’t blame me.

Mind that thing! It could be anyone.

By Lance Landall

"If the solar system was brought about by an accidental collision, then the appearance of organic life on this planet was also an accident, and the whole evolution of Man was an accident too. If so, then all our present thoughts are mere accidents—the accidental by-product of the movement of atoms. And this holds for the thoughts of the materialists and astronomers as well as for anyone else’s. But if their thoughts—i.e. of materialism and astronomy—are merely accidental by-products, why should we believe them to be true? I see no reason for believing that one accident should be able to give me a correct account of all the other accidents. It’s like expecting that the accidental shape taken by the splash when you upset a milkjug should give you a correct account of how the jug was made and why it was upset."
C.S. Lewis (1898–1963), The Business of Heaven, Fount Paperbacks, U.K., p. 97, 1984.

Christian content or degree.

23.  Darwin's Folly

Okay, so you may not believe in God, but nor would I in evolution,
For such a theory is nothing but nonsense, has no worthwhile contribution.
I mean, how could we have possibly come out of nothing-cum-no beginning?
For nothing creates nothing but nothing, including those hairy chimps that swing.

And in fact, all that evolution does is rob us all of worth and value,
We merely things that evolved and taught ourselves how and what to think, say and do.
Well, isn’t that amazing — yes, too amazing to be true, and why it’s not,
And why when it comes to evolution there’re so many flaws that one can spot.

Yes, we having no beginning and no idea where we’re heading-cum-no hope,
And I guess that’s why many have turned to gurus and are getting high on dope.
For what’s there to truly believe in, and thus perhaps anything one wants too,
And I guess that’s why most just eat, drink and get merry, no right, wrong, false or true.

In other words, there being no basis-cum-foundation for laws and principles,
But rather, such made up as we go along; one’s conscience choosing its own bells.
And hence why folk are all over the place, and others filling up prison cells,
For a missing day of reckoning-cum-God of love and justice equals ills.

Well, surely logic says so, no one answerable to anyone, clearly,
Given that we just evolved and thus who’s in charge? — all having authority;
In other words, all able to suit themselves, and many do, for who are you,
But just another object that evolved, so don’t try telling me what to do!

Get the picture? Yes, Darwin’s folly, now the biggest hoax on Earth dressed to snare,
And snare it has, debauchery and suicide on the rise, and who should care?
After all, isn’t it a case of survival of the fittest? — and thus we
Only needing to look after ourselves, not ennobled nor bound morally.

Yes, evolution doesn’t offer anything but excuses, all being why
Darwin’s flawed, sorry and borrowed theory of evolution I wouldn’t buy.
But rather, and if any, that creation account in the Bible, which I do,
For when it comes to such, and Jesus Christ, there’s far more evidence that rings true.

By Lance Landall

Christian content or degree.

"I believe that one day the Darwinian myth will be ranked the greatest deceit in the history of science."
Soren Lovtrup, Darwinism: The Refutation of a Myth

24.  So, Mister Evolutionist

If some moral code isn’t written on our conscience and sown in our heart,
Laws won’t mean a thing, and we much like a sailor without a compass and chart.
So, Mister Evolutionist, what have you got to say for yourself, ’cause you
Don’t believe in God, and thus who or what tells you what you should or shouldn’t do?

In your world everything must be permissible, no God, no absolutes,
Civil laws just based on order, and you knowing no future, having no roots.
Oh, the hopelessness of hopelessness, ’cause what have you to offer each of us,
But a hollow, empty hypothesis, no hope giving Saviour like Jesus.

No wonder many take their lives when things get rough and tough, your theory aiding,
’Cause rather than looking up in faith and hope, just knee-deep in gloom they’re wading.
Yes, you’ve effectively monkeyed around with life, made it purposeless, sadly,
And because you scoff at a Creator, you’ve removed accountability.

No wonder many also take a selfish or lawless path, and murder too,
Nothing and no one to face at a later stage, they think, when justice is due.
Laws broken where they think they can get away with it, no moral brakes within,
Thus nothing to stop them, except fear of prison, and hence why I’m a Christian.


I’d rather believe in something rather than nothing, like your empty hairy theory,
One that’s attacked Christianity viciously, assaulted humanity.
It offering and promising nothing, simply ensnaring millions of minds,
A devilish hoax, I believe, a foolish path that very crookedly winds.

And so, we spend billions searching space for what, when that money needs spending here,
Evolution leading us to one dead end after another, no one there.
Nor monkeys in a state of metamorphosis, just a theory that’s hard to kill,
One that simply gives many an excuse for any kind of evil and ill.

Hence the value of that moral code, stored in the mind and cherished in the heart,
Which, when a child has entered this sad world of hopelessness, is where one should start.
’Cause that moral code’s more important than any civil law, so too Jesus,
’Cause only He has offered anything that changes, guides and benefits us.

Embrace Darwin’s theory and you’re leaving your kids an awful legacy,
One that can’t make them noble and loving, and that may well lead to tragedy.
It’s not a Gospel of truth and promise, eye witness accounts, clear evidence,
But a purpose-robbing tale full of holes (like missing links) that’s fooled ever since.

The Bible says that death and bloodshed came about as a result of sin,
Hence why any form of evolution theory should be shunned by the Christian.
But such aside, Darwin’s racist theory that promotes eugenics should be trashed,
’Cause it’s just the ramblings of a deluded man who much hope and faith has dashed,

And whose cruel ramblings aided the actions of Hitler who millions of lives slashed.

By Lance Landall

This poem was added to 2 May 2019 and was tweaked on 18 October 2019.
Regarding hope verses hopelessness, see my page With God In Mind, Home page.

Christian content or degree.

"Science itself is steadily nailing the lid on atheism's coffin.”
Lee Strobel

25.  To David Attenborough

Dear David, I don’t doubt you’re a genuine man, but oh dear, what must God think,
All those years you’ve spent pushing evolution despite every missing link.
What a shame you hadn’t spent as much time on evidence to the contrary,
Thus showing a more balanced approach, and given there’s evidence aplenty.

Remember that global flood Scripture speaks of, water from above and below?
Well, there’s your Grand Canyon, massive fault lines, and those volcanoes that sometimes blow.
It nothing to do with evolution, but a violent event, and why
There’s all those fossils and that coal; and carbon dating often going awry.

Yes, so much attention has been given to that theory of evolution,
Yet, things hardly progressing, the ice melting, wild weather, all that pollution.
Even humans are degenerating, which has to be why Scripture declares
That as in the days of Noah, so it’ll be at Christ’s return; hearts full of fears.

Yes, it’s a very lawless, violent world now, like back then, and hence my pen,
‘Cause there’s been a huge deterioration in the lives of women and men.
Pornography rife, crime rampant, riots common, morals and principles gone,
Society obsessed with sexual antics—have you seen what’s going on?

Yes, plotters, dictators, abusers and users abounding, same as those ills,
Like super bugs, famines, extinctions, and the mass shooter who randomly kills.
But such aside, how can you attribute to evolution the complex design
That shouts there had to be a designer, no ones DNA the same as mine.

I wonder how you’ll feel, David, should you encounter God somewhere, sometime, who
As the creator of us, Earth and the universe, would hardly applaud you.
Pause for serious thought, isn’t it, given you’re the atheist’s poster boy,
Having championed Darwin’s theory, which belief in God can only but destroy.

Death and bloodshed only coming after sin, which means man must’ve been around,
Christ the second Adam who died to spare us, which in the trusted Word is found.
One having to exercise faith and trust, of course, but so much proof I have seen,
Both humans and Nature showing where only a designer’s hands could’ve been.

In six literal days (the Good Word says) God made the Heavens and Earth, and so
Millions or billions of years haven’t gone past, but around six thousand, you know.
This gauged with more accuracy than Darwin’s ramblings, and there’s that seven day week,
Scripture’s account its only explanation, and hence why further you should seek.

Think about it—we’re suspended in space, are rotating at the exact speed,
Are alone in our own universe, this planet providing every need.
Now what are the chances that this all happened by chance? Well, I’ll tell you, zero,
Hence why the Bible makes far more sense to me, the answers above, not below.

You seem concerned about this planet’s state, David, but tell me, why would that be
If we’ve just evolved out of some big bang, a freak occurrence, effectively?
There no point or purpose to our being here, so why should it matter, you see,
We destined to just live and die, there really no reason for humanity.

Hence why many couldn’t care less, and aren’t taking your concerns seriously,
Though I am, because you’ve removed the incentives that those people need, you see;
A sound reason for living, a hope filled future beyond, a God who made us,
We not having come from monkeys, but the caring, creative hands of Jesus.

In my mind, as much good you’ve done, as much ill you’ve done, although no doubt sincere,
Having been duped yourself by that hope depriving and riddled with holes theory.
A dog eat dog, survival of the fittest, not to mention racist teaching,
That you, David, via those documentaries, have effectively been preaching.

Yours sincerely,

By Lance Landall

This poem was added to on 19 July 2019.

“For His invisible attributes, namely, His eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly perceived, ever since
the creation of the world, in the things that have been made. So they are without excuse” (Rom 1:20, ESV).

Christian content or degree.

26.  Sixteen Hundred Kilometres An Hour

This planet is spinning at sixteen hundred kilometres an hour, and that
In my eyes, is a miracle, yet some still trying to prove that the Earth’s flat.
Such reminds me of the Bible and its signs of Christ’s return, all coming true,
Yet many thinking otherwise, who, like (mad) Mike Hughes, such thinking could soon rue.

That flat Earth believer wanted to prove his theory, and built his own spaceship,
Dying shortly after takeoff, and as most think, having lost his mental grip.
Flights to space (beforehand) having proven this Earth’s a ball, like the Bible states,
Its accuracy both proven and being proved, but oh, there’s still those debates.

And so, if those signs are coming true, why aren’t more taking them seriously,
They showing how things will worsen, which surely every one of us can see.
Social engineering hardly having improved things, and no surprises there,
Darwin calling the shots, not God, well aware of fools and iniquity here.

Yes, think about it, sixteen hundred kilometres an hour — yet chance, they say,
No, that’s not chance, that’s precision, something mathematically designed that way
(Slightly too slow or fast and we’d be no more), and everything else in sync,
The moon, the sun, and need I say more, yet we on an apocalyptic brink.

Yes, we having thrown things out of sync on this Earth, our nest fouled, our world ill,
There very little left now that’s still noble, righteous, wholesome, worthy and well.
Scoffers to the left, scoffers to the right, evolution making the Headlines,
Not that warning Saviour Jesus Christ, nor those almost fulfilled signs of the times,

They just pictured, not referred to as such, believers reading between the lines.

Surely we all know that love’s better than hate, so why not good better than bad,
Yet most choosing what’s bad, hence all those pressing problems that we once never had,
Or certainly not like we have today, bad called good now, and good called bad now,
Yet here we are looking at the ills and things going wrong and wondering how.

Well, it’s very clear as to how, all that wrongdoing opposite to God’s will,
It now a case of “God says, but I think,” or fewer believing in Him still.
And yet, this planet still spinning at sixteen hundred kilometres an hour,
A testimony in itself of an amazing supernatural power.

By Lance Landall

Poem loaded 9 April 2020 and some corrections made 10 April 2020.
For the signs of the times mentioned in the Bible, see my page: Prepare
which is accessed via my page With God In Mind, Home page.


27.  Silly Monkey Business

What! We all came from monkeys? Hey, you’ve got to be kidding, right?
’Cause that’s just a hairy theory, and one that’s not very bright.
I would suggest you change your mind before you’re convinced it’s true,
And given Darwin himself said that it was just a view.

Yes, it’s purely monkey business, a theory devoid of facts,
Just a very hairy theory, and one that common sense lacks.
’Cause no matter how hard he tried, Darwin couldn’t make it fit,
Not that it’s stopping others though, who’re convinced that it’s a hit.

Though I don’t think I’m handsome, I still cannot accept the view
That I somehow came from a monkey which into myself grew.
And therefore, I can’t accept that they might be my next of kin,
’Cause that’s nothing but an insult, ’though I’ll take it on the chin.

No, I’ve never seen a monkey even halfway getting there,
And I know that nothing close is ever likely to appear.
Nor that there’ll be another who will witness such a thing,
’Cause one thing we simply aren’t, is another primate’s offspring.

And don’t try to tell me also that we all got here by chance,
Via some sort of cosmic ‘big bang’ that saw life on Earth advance.
’Cause that’s just another theory that some have spawned and nursed,
And why I wouldn’t be surprised if we haven’t seen the worst.

So, when next you see a monkey, I’d take a look at its tail,
And remember that ‘evolution’ is likewise just a tale.
One that’s also very hairy, and right out there on a limb,
Yes, the musings of a man, a notion, a fanciful whim.

One that’s full of missing links that evolutionists can’t find,
’Cause they have embraced a theory that’s simply all in the mind.
Yes, it’s purely monkey business that’s completely up a tree,
Where monkeys have always been, and where monkeys will always be.

So, it’s time folk left them to it, and displayed more commonsense,
By not repeating such nonsense in evolution’s defence.
Those monkeys may be a giggle when swinging from tree to tree,
But I don’t find it funny how they say one turned into me.

Though imagining it were true that some monkey became me,
Would it have been a large baboon, or a noisy chimpanzee?
Or possibly a gorilla, or cheeky orang-utan,
That somehow metamorphosed after that so-called huge ‘big bang.’

No, I wouldn’t believe it, friend, nor repeat what such folk say,
’Cause all this silly monkey business is leading folk astray.
It’s such a foolish theory, and one that’s hiding the true facts,
’Cause it’s clear we’ve been created, which unbiased research backs.

By Lance Landall


28.  The Stephen Hawking Folk

Why are folk like Stephen Hawking seemingly so determined to depress us,
Leaving many without hope that there’s a life-giving Saviour who’s called Jesus,
And given we’ve that spiritual side, hence those forays into New Age stuff,
Many sure there’s someone or something out there, a support base when life gets tough.

Yes, the Stephen Hawking folk leaving us without purpose and point, and thereby
No accountability too, and hence why over more lawlessness we sigh.
No hope nor accountability leaving folk no longer caring what they do,
Hence why love, principles, standards, morals and boundaries are vanishing too.

So thanks, guys, we’re all the happier, aren’t we? No, quite the opposite, sadly,
Hence those kids who’re running amuck, ending up with some mental difficulty.
Enter suicide, because what’s there to live for, the unknown plain scary,
And what’s great about having supposedly developed from something hairy?

“If there’s no God, then everything’s permissible,” someone has said, and it’s true,
’Cause only God via His Word talks about law and judgment, which now, most pooh-pooh.
The Stephen Hawking folk having done a great job of trying to destroy things,
And to think that they’re even applauded, few caring what further ill such brings.

By Lance Landall


29  The Chat

Mandy quickly popped a porcelain vase on the table, then answered the knock on the door,
Surprise turning to exclamations and hugs, delight at the bouquet her kind friend bore.
If there was one thing Mandy loved, it was flowers — “nature’s jewellery,” she oft would say,
Yes, treasures for the plucking, that both natural beauty and endearing charm convey.

Mandy fetched some water and placed the bouquet in the vase that she’d popped on the table.
“I thought I’d call whilst passing,” June relayed. Mandy sighed. “Oh, I’m so glad you were able,
And such has worked out really well, given that on Tuesdays I’m usually not in.
It has been quite a while, and you should see my garden now, it’s a real little Eden.”

“A little Eden!” June exclaimed, “You haven’t gone all religious?” “Well,” Mandy began,
“It’s all very well for you to smile, but I’m convinced that there is some kind of plan.”
June feigned a frown. “What do you mean by a plan?” Both now moved to a welcoming chair.
“Well,” Mandy began again, “As far as I’m concerned, one thing’s becoming very clear:

Beauty like that found in a garden, just couldn’t have evolved, but must have been designed,
And if that’s so, then there just has to be some sort of supernatural mastermind.”
“Are you suggesting that there might be a God?” June questioned, somewhat less humorously,
And wondering what might well be coming next, what exactly had come over Mandy.

“I really don’t know,” Mandy replied, “But there surely has to be a being of some sort,
And why not a God? One capable of all this, just like Christianity has taught.”
“It would take more than a garden to convince me of that,” June replied, “Quite a lot more.”
“But don’t you see,” Mandy countered, “Could that not be our problem, we’ve lost our sense of awe?

You see, we’re always looking for the dramatic, some supernatural revelation,
When one could possibly argue that there is enough evidence within creation.”
“Oh, I can certainly appreciate just how beautiful gardens are,” June agreed,
“But beautiful or not, any garden is something that one constantly has to weed.

If there is a God, what’s with the weeds? And even evil people can look beautiful,
So I wouldn’t get too carried away, or next thing you'll be getting all biblical.”
“I can’t explain the weeds,” Mandy replied, “But that doesn't mean there’s no explanation,
And as for evil people who’re beautiful, there’s purely and simply no relation.

People choose to be evil, and due to lust or lack of control, in such will revel,
But isn’t it possible there’s an evil supernatural being too, a devil?”
“Well, if there is a God, I suppose that there could well be a devil too,” June admitted.
“And,” Mandy broke in, “A God who for some reason both those weeds and evil permitted.

Maybe something went amiss, something that we don’t really understand, but will in time,
Which might explain why in this world things oft occur for which there seems no rhythm or rhyme.
And those weeds that you mentioned, no doubt the work of that evil one, who such ill began,
Aided and abetted by erring humanity, very often referred to as man.

Yes, two forces, one producing good, the other evil, battling for supremacy,
Hence the rose with its thorns, the bee with its sting, laughter yet pain, defeat yet victory.
Yes, I like to think and dare to believe that good will conquer evil eventually,
And that the beauty I see in my garden came about purposely, not randomly.”

“Why stop at gardens?” June chimed in, seemingly coming on board. “Indeed!” Mandy replied,
“There’re all those beautiful sunsets that we see, and there’re the delights of the countryside.
And oh, look at each new born baby, a mother’s love — and love itself, let’s not forget,
And those genuine acts of loving kindness that most of us throughout our life have met.

But to me, a garden’s surely evidence enough, for there isn’t just beauty there,
But design and engineering, and surely an intelligence of another sphere.
Yes, the more I spend my time there, pottering and observing, sunny or cloudy day,
The more the possibility of a Creator with a divine plan I’m forced to weigh.”

By Lance Landall

Covid related.
This poem was penned on 8 April 2020.
See the important notes at the bottom of this poem.

"In a world now plagued with serious problems, much discomfort will
no doubt be part and parcel of many a fix."
The poet, author

"There’s a stark difference between infectious disease epidemiology and chronic disease (life style) epidemiology.
A healthy lifestyle offers little to no protection against contracting an infectious disease. This is particularly true of a silent disease like Covid."

Nathan Dunn, biostatistician and former public health epidemiologist.

"Those who foolishly cry wolf via their misinformation, endanger any fair concern or budding revelation;
and thus some conspiracy that might in fact be right, soon sneered at, out of mind and out of sight."

The poet, author


Tomorrow has never been in anyone’s hands, and so, come Covid Nineteen,
The fragility of life, and folly of putting store in treasures, is seen.
Each day to be treasured instead, so too and more so the lives of the living,
Our love and care steadfast, and thus it not about getting but about giving.

All why come uncertain times, events beyond our control, and anxiety,
We should be looking after each other, lessening the pain and misery.
In other words, helping to steer the ship of human kindness, hands on the wheel,
That we, come every distressing wave, the heart of a lion may reveal.

Yes, that bravery of selflessness midst our own needs and concerns that trouble,
And especially midst the likes of any isolating Covid bubble.
Lockdowns hard on all (one way or another), and separation a cruel thing,
Others struggling far more than we might be, and why for freedom, all caged birds sing.

Such restrictions fill some with fear, and why for me, it’s all about FAITH and HOPE,
That something that I believe in that gives me strength and ability to cope.
Many needing release from something, I having known tears and darkness too,
And the other thing that’s helped me on my journey, I would love to say was YOU.

We’re not just neighbours, but are linked via a historical umbilical cord,
An ancestry that ties us together, the departed and recently moored.
Yes, ships that move in and out of life’s harbour, the value of each one the same,
Colour, religion and gender not making any difference, nor ones fame.

Some may struggle to reach out given they’ve hampering issues, so mind those thoughts,
Such people needing greater understanding, not La-Z-Boy reclining courts.
They not indifferent, but coping in their own way, and some crying within,
Hugs needed all 'round, that physical contact, despite any positive spin.

It’s not about me, and it’s not about you, but us, we all in the same boat,
And thinking of each other being the only way that we will stay afloat.
And hence those life buoys — yes, you and I — lest some fall from the deck, get swept away,
Covid Nineteen’s squall testing us all, as we mark off each necessary day.

And so, here’s a personal call for encouragement and love, hugs from afar,
Be they via phone calls, a computer, that smile, that wave, even toot from a car.
Or a promise to call once the danger’s over, to stop and natter next time,
It all about people, ’cause what goes ’round comes ’round, such but love’s rhythm and rhyme.

By Lance Landall

The poem above can also be seen on YouTube via the following link:

We need to remember that coronaviruses have been around for a long time, and that this one is simply number 19, but more nasty. Covid Nineteen also shows us that every man for himself doesn't work now, and never did.


As far as Covid Nineteen goes, it is in fact a very real viral illness that can range in severity from mild symptons to severe shortness of breath and a fever. Yes, a viral illness that's clogging up and overwhelming hospitals like never before, creating a backlog of operations (some people dying in the meantime, no doubt), and even taking out can't-afford-to-lose medical staff, be they doctors or nurses.
There are those who recover in a few days, those who are ill for weeks, and who as a result don't return to baseline health for months, those who require hospital care, intensive care, those who as a result have long term damage to their heart or lungs, and those who die (which has included some who considered Covid to be a hoax).
The truth is that there are a number of reasons why we're seeing more crippling and deadly strains, and also why such will continue to plague us (and the Bible predicting such, by the way — Matthew 24:6-8).
A good friend of mine who was an anti-vaxxer, and wouldn't get the Covid vaccination, but rather scoffed at it all, even tried to expose himself to Covid to build up his immune system, got a shock when he got Covid. He was hit hard. His remarks: "I should have known better."

Regarding vaccines, check out the following very informative link:

Regarding Covid Nineteen and God, Covid Nineteen and Christians, scroll down to such titles.

Covid related.
This poem was penned on 14 April 2021.

31.  Mind The Hysteria

Lockdowns aren’t necessarily abuse, nor they stealing rights, but commonsense,
’Cause where lockdowns haven’t been properly introduced, results have been immense.
Yes, a prolonged and rising Covid situation, more deaths, more crippled health,
All why governments had to act quickly, such hardly violation by stealth.

It’s one thing to see ill where there is ill, but another to accuse falsely,
Some concerns having their place, some things stirring ignorantly, maliciously.
Thus fair concerns soon lost in conspiracy theories, of which there’s too many,
Not that I’m implying here that there isn’t any truth at all in any.

A life’s a life, and Covid leaves many with long term issues, tragically,
And hey, what health system can cope with being inundated so massively?
Oh, how even more suffer, needed operations postponed, and access to,
And thus worsening health issues and indirect deaths — all why act, we must do.

In a nut shell,
Covid’s here, Covid’s real, and Covid kills and cripples many,
Thus who might be behind it somewhat immaterial, but are there any?
Many things being the result of cause and effect, humanity’s folly,
We having triggered things, set things in motion — and doing nothing, plain silly.

And so, governments having to make tough decisions, the world different now,
And we to blame, not always people behind the scene who’re forcing us to bow.
Yet hysteria’s rife (evidence sketchy), and therefore, hampered we are, and,
That bad situation having got worse, and why guilty or innocent we stand.

Adding unnecessary fear to the anxiety of Covid is cruel,
Many only reading what they choose too; such the territory of a fool.
Many having benefited from that necessary lockdown, the Earth too,
But ill-informed protestors there’ll always be, I guess, ’cause there’s nothing knew.

Yes, there's a cost that comes with lockdowns, but governments in a catch twenty two,
Damned if they do, damned if the don't, and yet, something about it all, have to do.
And a worldwide lockdown making sense to me, getting on top of things, hopefully,
Rather than a runaway train killing and maiming, possibly you or me.

When legitimate professionals see ill or evil behind something, and
Speak out, with bona fide evidence, or real concerns, it’s time to take a stand.
*Nine eleven being a prime example, both architects and engineers
Providing evidence of a demolition job, not just things that one hears.

But some people seeing plots behind everything, not just where plots may be,
Thus crying wolf too many times until nobody takes things seriously.
And such making it hard for the genuine whistleblower-cum-canary
Who, seeing clear evidence of foul play, rightly seeks to warn humanity.

But plotted (as some think) or not, and as mentioned before, Covid is real and
Covid is here, killing and maiming many, causing issues in every land.
And so, act governments must and should where there’s such clear and present danger, and
Lets bear in mind how fate can quickly change whatever’s planned with a flick of her hand.

By Lance Landall

Governments certainly needed to act all the quicker where there was no vaccine, or where there was a limited supply.

Think Of It Like This:

A pack of lions [covid] somehow get out of the zoo and start making their way around the suburbs of your city, and where to next?
It’s really neither here nor there whether they got out of their cage via a faulty gate, say, or were deliberately let out of their cage (like some might think). The fact is that they’re out, and that they’re a very real and present danger.
The authorities [government] have to quickly do something given that the consequences could be unthinkable, and so, out they go in order to halt and catch those nasty lions (capable of spreading and mutating), and using the best of things at their current disposal. They at risk too, by the way.
Meantime, you (and everyone else) may need to stay indoors [lockdown], but should there be a need to go out, you should go in a car [vaccine] with the windows up and the doors locked [masks and hand sanitizer], and letting the necessary people know where you are at any given time [QR code]. That car mentioned may not be a Rolls Royce, but in the scheme of things, walking [going unvaccinated] would be a greater risk given that one would be so much more exposed to what could be a mauling [hospital stay, long term health issues] or fatal encounter [death].
If you wanted to, you’d be quite entitled to view it all as some big plan to scare people and achieve this or that end (like some might think), and you could ignore all the warnings, but meantime…..ROAR!!!!
Or could it be someone you influence who gets that mauling, or who dies?

And by the way, with the following quote in mind,

*“All three buildings were destroyed by carefully planned, orchestrated and executed controlled demolition.”
Professor Lynn Margulis, Department of Geosciences, University of Massachusetts
at Amherst and National Academy of Science member.

check out the following link (for one):

Further to what's in this poem you've just read can be seen in two Christian poems (that are further down this page):
Covid Nineteen And Christians, and Covid Nineteen And God.

Covid related.
This poem was penned in October 2021.

32.  With Anti-vaxxers In Mind

Given the corruption, criminality, evil, deceit and ill out there
(That has been and is, and just as much in high places), one thing’s painfully clear,
And that is, that secrets get out and things get discovered, though oft to be seen
As some conspiracy theory, and thus any canary laughed at, chased from the scene,

Despite their value, and that some ill may’ve been halted via eyes sharp and keen.


There are those careless, ill-informed, biased and paranoid canaries, who
See things everywhere, or where they aren’t, and who oft mislead more than a few.
All why those anti-vaxxers should mind, ’cause if they’re wrong, have they blood on their hands?
’Cause desperate situations can call for certain measures, enter certain plans.

And thus no evil involved here at all, those measures simply necessary,
Fair and right under the circumstances, but hampered by some rogue canary,
Or protesting canaries, who often trust no one nor anything, and who
Indulge in selective listening, reading or watching, thus going askew.

Yes, there are canaries and there are canaries, some correct, brave and noble,
Some sincere but mistaken, some both
dubious and errant, and hence their ill.
All hence that need for care where concerned over something, and lest truth lose out,
All because of crying wolf, provoking that “Conspiracy theory!” shout.

So please mind that you don’t mislead, thinking carefully, researching thoroughly,
Checking both sides of the story, going back and forth, thus acting prudently.
Yes, make sure that things do stack up, rather than just building a house of cards, which
Won’t help you or others; too many having left the road for some ditch.

The truth is, that bogus conspiracy theories do harm to the real McCoy,
That something that is correct, but laughed at, and scoffing oft the plotter’s ploy.
Oh yes, how that truth is rubbished, but aided by the bogus, those who cry wolf,
And this why when it comes to some pandemic, it’s all about others, not self.

By Lance Landall

Sadly, many anti-vaxxers are more focused on a perceived plot than the very real calamity of Covid Nineteen and the suffering that it has caused.

If one’s right to choose not to get vaccinated means that others may die, or suffer miserably, and even be left with distressing long-term issues, is that not a selfish misuse of one’s right, and what if the boot was on the other foot?

In general, vaccines are a blessing and not a curse. Without them, billions would’ve died. Vaccines have lessened a number of destructive and/or killer diseases (smallpox, polio, etc). Where a pandemic is serious enough, it could devastate humanity, and this being why a vaccine mandate may have its place, and thus far from some evil plot. Vaccine mandates are hardly new given that one must have certain vaccines in order to enter certain countries.
As time goes by, and worse pandemics hit us, vaccines will become even more necessary. Newer and different type vaccines can come with advances in medical and scientific technology.
Christianity wise, and midst the curse of sin and the ills that befall us, God (out of loving compassion) has provided such help via earthly agencies in order to lessen much pain and suffering, and given that our fallen immune system is no longer a miracle worker.

"There’s a stark difference between infectious disease epidemiology and chronic disease (life style) epidemiology.
A healthy lifestyle offers little to no protection against contracting an infectious disease. This is particularly true of a silent disease like Covid."

Nathan Dunn, biostatistician and former public health epidemiologist.

Covid related.

33.  A World Only Delta Can Penetrate

“We’re not getting a jab,” they say, “No way,” and then they down a class A drug, booze,
Linked to cancer like those cigarettes they smoke, and there’s even more ills they choose.
Yes, those energy drinks riddled with sugar, that junk food that they consume too,
All of it seriously injurious, but what they seem addicted to.

And many suffering as a result, or even dying from, sadly,
Yet they anti that vaccine designed to spare or save them, incredulously.
Yes, they take those selfies on the edge of some cliff, indulge in extreme sports too,
But “We’re not getting a jab,” they say, “No way,” which seems quite bizarre, in my view.

Oh, how they like their cannabis (or other), rehab a way of life today,
But “Keep that vaccine away from us. It’s harmful, you know,” they angrily say.
Yes, they’re in a world of their own, it confused, ill-informed and plain farcical,
A world that only Delta can penetrate, and there’s a high chance that it will.

By Lance Landall

Covid related.
This poem was penned 17 October 2021.
Contains Christian content or degree.

34.  Those Protesting Christians

Just as it was with Christ, all Christians are to live lawfully and peaceably,
Thereby not erring by ignoring lockdowns, or protesting illegally.
They hardly to indulge in revolts, but to follow their Saviour’s example,
Enduring until His return, aware that unChrist-like behaviour won’t gel.

No, ’cause Christians are supposed to be different, hardly agitators, nor
Aggravators — and this, no matter what they think of some government or law.
Otherwise, just like those ancient Jews who angered the Romans, so too will they
Any government of today; and thus how one’s Christian witness goes astray.

And so, Christians taking up their cross, bearing all things patiently, selflessly,
Not that they shouldn’t make their thoughts and feelings known, but appropriately.
In other words, thoughtfully and respectfully, using the rightful channels,
’Cause how dare any follower of Christ participate in similar ills.

It’s God who’ll deal with erring governments, but when He’s ready, and not before,
And thus Christians not to interfere or meddle where they shouldn’t, and what’s more,
Should mind that they’ve got their facts right when it comes to certain things, not court folly,
Nor repeat history — smallpox vaccines once seen as a conspiracy.

Where personal choice stands in the way of eradication, stifling some ill
(Like the Delta variant), vaccine mandates may be needed, which howls should quell.
Such mandates seeking to spare us greater injuries or death, not steal our rights,
And God being behind such relief, our best interests in His and their sights.

So mind the paranoia, evil hardly knocking off its own, nor “Yes” men,
But rather, dissenters, yet that vaccine for all, but “foul,” we’re hearing again.
Yes, too much thinking going on, not enough research, when grateful we should be,
’Cause without those vaccines, so many millions would have died throughout history.

Thus it’s no surprise that governments have clamped down on Covid conspiracies,
Too much crying wolf going on, and where there should be more sense and wisdom, please.
And thus freedom of expression harmed by stupidity, which should not be seen
When it comes to Christendom, whose eye should be spiritually sharp and keen.

By Lance Landall

"Consequently, he who rebels against the authority is rebelling against what God has instituted,
and those who do so will bring judgment on themselves" (Rom 13:2, NIV).

When Christians act silly, or like rebels, come the likes of Covid and vaccines, or like was seen
on Capitol Hill, they shame God and bring Christianity into disrepute, because they're soon
ridiculed or are seen as a threat.

See my poem An Open Letter To Christian Protestors which is in the orange box titled This World And Us.

Covid related.
This poem was penned on 1 October 2020.

"Be kind regardless of Covid Nineteen, but even more so."
The poet Author

35.  Be Kind

Regardless of whether you think that something fishy is going on, BE KIND
(We all in this together), and also keeping the following things in mind:
Covid Nineteen is a reality, not something that’s imaginary,
So please don’t play Russian roulette, ’cause who might be affected seriously?

For some it's nothing, but for others it's death, or ongoing health issues, which
Can take previous plans, joy and happiness, and do a life-spoiling switch.
And so, by following the rules, you may spare both yourself and others from ill,
A nasty few weeks, some long term complication, or death (’cause Covid can kill).

But BE KIND should still apply regardless of Covid, ’cause what goes ’round comes ’round,
Though surely it says so much more of us where kindness is naturally found.
Selfishness and thoughtlessness having always dogged humanity, sad to say,
We rising or sinking together, and thus Covid or us choosing the way.

Whether plotted (as some think) or naturally occurring — well, so to speak,
Covid Nineteen’s for real, and of its sad potential, we’ve only had a peek.
So please, friend, don’t let fear, anxiety (or even anger) steer you wrongly,
’Cause hitting out at others doesn’t help things, and the law reacting strongly.

And so it should, and the careless spreading of Covid being a moral crime,
’Cause whose life might be lost as a result? All why we don’t want Covid to climb.
And all why certain steps have had to be taken, ’cause it’s here and very real,
And why at any moment, your life or someone else’s, it could quickly steal,

Including that of doctors and surgeons (which we can't afford), hence my appeal.

And bear in mind that Covid aside, people are suffering everywhere,
All why those shouts for love, thought and care, that needed BE KIND, we so need to hear.
But are we listening, cries of pain and sorrow growing louder by the day,
And thus kindness needed more than ever — and lest darkness too, gain greater sway,

’Cause light is only found where there’s love, truth nestled in its bosom, that BE KIND,
Selfishness, hate and deceit knowing nothing of light, dulling both heart and mind.
Love the only way up and out, what we should live and die by, no matter what,
And so that wherever we go, that loving, kind example, people will spot.

By Lance Landall

This poem was added to on 25 September 2020.
Also see my two poems The Trouble With Tomorrow and Who Pressed Pause?
which can be found on my page The Trouble With Tomorrow.

Covid related.
This poem was penned on 24 January 2022.

36.  Thought For Anti-vaxxers

Don’t mistreat the anti-vaxxers, because whether they’re right or wrong, one thing’s clear:
Mistreating others says something about us, and how we lack love, thought and care.
It’s not about who’s right or wrong here, but the preciousness of humanity,
And that whether one’s jabbed or not, we’re still all part of the same big family.

The truth is, that the whole thing’s been difficult for everyone to take in,
And thus many anti-vaxxers being people who are very genuine.
After all, Covid took the world by surprise, we learning as we’ve gone along,
And thus all and sundry (for want of words), getting some things right and some things wrong.

Yes, it’s been confusing, some saying this, some saying that, and rules changing too,
Misinformation and mismanagement aiding, thus some things going askew.
And trust not coming easy given governmental sins; and mandates troubling,
Hence why in the minds of some people, things seem to have an agenda-like ring.

And scraping with each other doesn’t help things either, we needing to be fair,
Working together to find the truth of things, whilst displaying love, thought and care.
And we’re not someone else’s conscience, and if living in a democracy
Should respect the principles upon which it’s built, and very tolerant be.

For many it’s been an anxious, fearful time, and such oft ruling words and acts,
Hence those things that shouldn’t be said or done, worse when not in charge of all the facts.
More thought and care needed on both sides, and given the playing field’s not level,
And that we’re kind of caught between the deep blue sea and a cruel Covid devil.

Having said that though, lawlessness, rioting and nasty protests have no place,
And authority figures just doing their job, and such shouldn’t have to face.
This world’s full of surprises now, which we should face together, united-like,
’Cause scrapping and hampering simply weakens humanity’s endangered dyke.

Yes, those deaths and certain side effects haven't helped, and vaccines aren't right for some
(Who've certain conditions), but not facing reality could be seen as dumb.
However, so's mistreating anti-vaxxers and creating two classes, and so
A little less self and more sense and compassion is what people need to show.

By Lance Landall

Covid related.
Just thought I'd pop this one in.

37.  Money's Dirty?

Such naught but another excuse for that push for a cashless society,
And thus one left scratching one’s head, confused by such dodgy creativity.
Oops, there goes library books, public chairs, telephones, door handles and so one,
’Cause there’re plenty of things bearing Bertie germs — so do they want everything gone?

Oh dear, so mind those buttons on that EFTPOS machine, whole-in-the-wall machine,
It not just money to worry ’bout, but where any unwashed hands may’ve been.
Best we stay in doors forever, the world just to risky to enter again,
’Cause some kindly shop assistant might loan their well used, even chewed on, pen.

Okay, so wash your hands, they say, but most in our home we’ve touched with dirty hands,
Like the table chairs you pull out to sit on for dinner — oops, there goes their plans,
’Cause the whole world’s dirty, though only a portion of people kiss their money,
Nibble their fingernails, lick an envelope, sneeze on one — man, isn’t life funny.

Oh yes, the cashless society, I can see that playing into some hands,
But there goes another conspiracy theory, too bad if there is such plans.
“Coming ready or not!” So I’d better get on with the housework, clean my cup,
Fingerprints all over the place, and who knows what’s on my shoes — oh, I give up.

By Lance Landall

Covid related.
Christian content or degree.
This poem was penned on 4 May 2020.
See important note that's just above the title of the next poem below.

38  Covid Nineteen And Christians

The truth is, Christians live in the same pain ridden world, and therefore, suffer too,
And in fact, have been told to take up their cross and bear whatever they have to.
Sure certain blessings and even freedom from certain ills may well come their way,
But that having more to do with them having listened to what God’s had to say.

When it comes to God and Christians, it’s an individual thing, by the way,
Not all Christians meeting His approval given the false witness they display.
Thus God hardly giving them some special out, and nor might Heaven come their way,
It not a place for hypocrites, and why we’re told, “Depart from Me,” He might say.

Some Christians (and sometimes many Christians) get things wrong, but that’s life, as they say,
Except that it doesn’t do God or His Word any good, and how people stray.
Thus Covid Nineteen taking out Christians too, who suffer from murders as well,
Rapists, drunk drivers, burglars, or the likes of car salesmen who the truth don’t tell.

Yes, God’s not wanting Christians walking around feeling smugly invincible,
And if protected so, unable to show empathy through knowing no ill.
God’s followers having often suffered down through the ages, their hope to come,
That return of Christ that will end evil and pain, that beat of the devil’s drum.

Yes, miracles do happen, but God doesn’t give Christians blanket protection,
Even sometimes allowing what’s painful due to necessary correction.
Pain sometimes sorting us out, softening our heart, keeping us from something worse,
We learning before it’s too late — but in the end, all going out in a hearse.

And many earlier due to the likes of Covid Nineteen, those ills on Earth,
Every individual up against it from the moment of their birth.
Christians no exception, but their strength to endure found in God, their faith and hope,
Because it’s not about being spared from things, but about learning how to cope.

If God did remove painful things, who’d grow, and how would acceptance be learnt too,
One learning to rise above adversity, and what’s right and good still pursue.
The Christian walk all about bearing up under such, loving ones enemy,
Refraining from responding badly given the bigger picture that they see.

And that picture contains a new life, one that extends for all eternity,
And thus the misery and unfairness in ones life only temporary.
Covid Nineteen hardly to be feared, though one still singing God’s praises where spared,
He never having intended we suffer so, and midst it all, has deeply cared.

All why He’s warned of meantime pestilences, we able to strengthen our health,
Putting time and effort into looking after ourselves, not pursuing wealth.
All this the beginning of sorrows, we’re told, ’cause more will come before the End,
That returning Saviour who the sad results of human rebellion will mend.

And remember this too, that He’s not the cause of these ills coming upon us,
But both man and the devil, though the one coping it all seems to be Jesus.
He patiently waiting to clear His name, Satan’s ultimate plan still to come,
And very near, and hence why we should all be walking to the beat of God’s drum.

Yes, He’s removing His restraining hand, but that’s all thanks to iniquity,
That sinful state on Earth, and how Satan is about to fool humanity.
The world about to put him in charge of things, not that this is realised today,
Most having sold their souls, lost their way, and not listened to what God’s had to say.

All why the removing of His restraining hand has become necessary,
We needing to be awakened, and needing to catch that sense of urgency.
God shouting now, His loving advances having been rebuffed, and why we see
Those painful signs of the times, yet many still scoffing amidst their reverie.

By Lance Landall

“Many [Christians] will say to Me in that day, ‘Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in Thy name? and in Thy name
cast out devils? and in Thy name done many wonderful works?’ And then will I profess unto them, ‘I never knew you: depart from Me, ye that work iniquity’ ” (Matt 7:22,23, KJV).

VARIOUS PLACES. All these are the begining of sorrows’ ” (Matt 24:6-8, NKJV).

For more of the signs of the times mentioned in the Bible, see my page Prepare which
can be accessed via my page With God In Mind, Home page. Via this same page, another page can be
accessed called Apologetics, where my poem titled And There's No Secret Rapture Either can be found.

Covid related.
Christian content or degree.
This poem was penned on 18 May 2020 and added to in
April and September 2020.

Covid Nineteen is nothing but one of the biblical "signs of the times" in the sense that the Bible mentions
pestilences (and clearly the increase of them). Thus it has nothing to do with the “mark of the beast“ as
taught by certain erring fundamentalists. People foolishly claimed the same regarding smallpox.
 See my poem Give It A Rest which can be found in the orange box titled Karma, secular section, POEMS page.

39.  Covid Nineteen And God

If anyone had anything to do with Covid Nineteen, it would be man,
Not God, given that harming and killing us was never part of His plan.
“For God so loved the world,” it says, “That He gave His one and only Son,” Jesus,
“That whoever believes in Him shall not perish,” thus giving hope to us.

So why’s He allowing it, you ask, and why I turn to the Bible again,
Evil and ill starting with Satan, then continuing via us, hence my pen.
This world now a battle ground over you and I, Satan seeking full control,
But not God, who says, “Come, let us reason together,” I’ll return what he stole.

So what did the devil steal? Our joy and happiness, enter Covid Nineteen,
’Cause God has warned that things on Earth will worsen before His return will be seen.
He having to allow Satan’s ultimate plan to play out, that all may see,
Lest another attempted coup occur, ’cause in Paradise we’ll still be free,

Not robots!

And free from the likes of Covid Nineteen (planted or taken advantage of,
As some think, via those behind the coming global power the Bible’s warned of;
Or simply caused via folly, those unclean creatures that Scripture has spoken of,
And which others in the medical and scientific world have spoken of;
Or via that lack of hygiene that's tied in with markets, and also spoken of,

Or who knows).

Yes, bad news coming with good, or good news coming with bad, because as I said,
Covid Nineteen’s just one of the signs of the times before things come to a head.
And then Christ’s glorious return, believers-cum-followers rescued-cum-saved,
But evil being how the pathway to Hell (eternal death) is sadly paved.

The rescued getting a second chance at life, a new life, a forever one,
Courtesy of that loving Saviour who died on Calvary, the Father’s Son.
We simply having to endure the sadness and pain of the meantime (today),
Heaven’s tomorrow bringing joy untold, and hence why, believe in Him, I say.

And what have you to lose? What’s the alternative? Yes, Darwin’s hopeless theory,
No promises and hope found there, just the Bible having credibility.
Yes, a proven pedigree, backed up by witnesses and archaeology,
Mathematicians, scientists, historians attesting to its accuracy.

Yes, there’s always the scoffers (warned of too), those in the field who’ll say otherwise,
The devil having been busy from the beginning with substitutes and lies.
But Covid Nineteen conveying the pointlessness of putting faith in things here,
And those signs of the times the Bible’s mentioned ringing far louder in the ear.

And Covid Nineteen scary for those scoffers and skeptics, ’cause what hope have they?
Death their forever end, ’cause they won’t ascend, but remain buried under clay.
Christ having warned out of love, given signs as well, His creation in tatters,
All why believing in Him, and following Him, really and truly matters.

And meantime, we drawing strength from this God who’s hurting too, but who can’t rush back
Until He’s vindicated, given Satan’s deceptive and lying attack.
The whole universe needing to see what sin ultimately leads to, and us,
Hence why that restraining hand is slowly being removed that belongs to Jesus.

After all, wickedness on Earth has increased to an apocalyptic point,
Humanity arthritically inflamed with corruption in every joint.
God having to act before we self destruct, and hoping more will hear His call,
And upon hearing, respond, and therefore, very much in our hand, sits the ball.

God forcing no one, it our choice alone, even though God knows best, and why we
Need to take stock of our life, whether we deserve His reward or penalty.
Sin about to end with Christ’s coming, and our life to reflect that now, lest we
Lose that chance to have all our questions answered, and a blissful eternity.

By Lance Landall

All these are the begining of sorrows’ ” (Matt 24:6-8, NKJV).

shaken. At THAT TIME they will see the Son of Man coming in a cloud with power and great glory’ ”
(Luke 21:25-27, NIV).

For more of the signs of the times mentioned in the Bible, see my page: Prepare
which can be accessed via my page: With God In Mind, Home page.
For more on that coming global power, read chapter 13 and verses 11-18 of the Bible's book of Revelation.

Covid related.
Christian content or degree.

40.  The Other Side of Covid Nineteen

Yes, there’s that other side of Covid Nineteen, the loss of jobs and industry,
And the corresponding rise in unemployment, lawlessness and poverty.
And as things continue to get worse in the world (as they have been up to date),
There’ll be that eventual hunt for a scapegoat, Hitler having fuelled such hate.

Many scoff at how the Bible’s said that things will worsen before Christ’s return,
But given that’s exactly what’s happening, is there something here we might learn?
It warning of a coming persecuting global power too, by the way,
All why my trust and joy is placed in that soon return, that resurrection day.

Be those ills our own doing, or that of those behind the scene, or both, in fact,
Reality is surfacing, and therefore, we need to mind what horse we’ve backed.
We hurting no one, nor causing ill, and doing what we can to turn things ’round,
’Cause even if things still worsen, that way’s always where love, right, faith and hope’s found.

And so, we doing what we can to help all who’re suffering, midst our own pain,
Not indulging in anarchy too, ’cause one day, those evil tyrants won’t reign.
But you need to believe this, ’cause no hope’s found in that Darwinian theory,
And why those who follow such, are more likely to turn to criminality.

Rioting doesn’t solve things, nor fighting fire with fire, and condemned we will stand,
And possibly experiencing that coming wrath too that’ll come from God’s hand.
We called to bear our cross, whatever it be, until God gains the victory,
And He will, but not before Earth’s predicted end, when His rule will set us free.

The Twin Towers, terrorism, forest fires, earthquakes, and who knows what’s next,
Society having run amuck, hence the muck, and now so much to be fixed.
But fixed it won’t be, ’cause hearts and minds have become corrupt, like in Noah’s day,
Thus God slowly removing His restraining hand, we having chosen our way.

Yes, God only setting the repentant free, of whom there’ll be but a few,
Going by the state of things, not too many hearts seeking to be made anew.
It’s your choice, friend, ’cause all these things are predicted signs, and Christ the only ark,
And by your name in Heaven’s record books, a sorrowful or joyful mark.

By Lance Landall

Covid related.

41.  A Cerebral Coronavirus

It intrigues me how certain viruses occur at times, and in certain places,
But there is an even bigger threat today that this out of control world faces.
A cerebral coronavirus, one could say, assaulting the ears, eyes and brain,
And made up of porn, violence, drugs, Darwinism, and music that’s ill is plain.

Yes, society has been badly infected, a pandemic that’s off the scale,
Thus people succumbing by the millions, the antidote unable to prevail.
God having been exchanged for gods, and addictions and compulsions knowing no bounds,
Yet on the outside, there’s a certain air of normality, which truly astounds.

Yes, this strain of coronavirus also made up of selfishness and folly,
Most feeling that they should be able to do whatever they please, short-sightedly.
The powers that be often appeasing, votes holding sway, which is why we see today
A world that has lost its bearings, and that doesn’t want a finger pointing its way.

Well, people can’t have it both ways, it either nobility or debauchery,
Though even where one doesn’t believe in God, say, some lines are still necessary.
But those lines having been crossed, and that cerebral coronavirus taking hold,
And thus the errant, destructive and shameful apocalyptically bold.

Yes, we get very concerned about bugs that could infect our body, kill us, say,
But how many are as concerned over what could be infecting society?
One attacking the body, one attacking the soul, poisoning cerebrally,
Hence that sad self-inflicted deterioration that’s seen in humanity.

By Lance Landall

Covid related.

42.  Might Lockdown Shout Hypocrisy?

It seems there’s a certain irony in locking down a country virus wise
In order to save lives, but not doing the same thing alcohol or drug wise,
And yet, alcohol and drugs claiming lives every day — or at best, maiming,
Drink and drug drivers, wife bashing, robberies, and there’s more I could be naming.

Covid Nineteen comes and does its thing, then goes, hopefully, but not so these two
(Alcohol and drugs), which year after year maim and kill, and hell puts others through.
Oh yes, how the innocent are affected, it a plague on society,
A different pandemic, and minus protection and a vaccine, sadly.

Alcohol and drugs are as easy to get as sweets, and governments aiding,
One allowed to have these virus-like destroyers, which one should be evading.
Their harmful properties known, and thus hospital beds cruelly occupied,
Delaying or depriving the genuine patient, some having meantime died.

Yet no lockdown, those nightly News updates, countries rife with such carnage, such ill,
The death toll in the millions globally — and every day, it climbing still.
Come Covid Nineteen and one’s forced into lockdown, but not so come drugs and booze,
Which are allowed to run rampant — and oddly here, we given the freedom to choose.

Okay, I’m just making a point, not seriously calling for a lockdown,
But there is a certain irony here when in drugs and booze so many drown.
The death toll staggering, the impact on society colossal, and why
We should be taking such just as seriously if we don’t want more to die.

By Lance Landall

Why Earth's Woes?

Normally I would have placed this in my Christian section, but because Earth’s woes are affecting us all, both Christian and non-Christian, I felt that the non-Christian would benefit from this article should they be prepared to see it through given that it does contain a degree of Christian content, though via a perspective that’s somewhat in contrast to that which many Christians express. 
It seems natural for many Christians to consider Earth’s current woes as being the outward expression of God’s wrath — judgments, they call them, and often these Christians are militant, placard carrying, street marching, protesters whose behaviour is often far from true Christianity. I'm reminded of those Christians who I saw on the news (13/1/2011) who were protesting outside a church where a funeral was taking place. My, what shameful behaviour.
Rather than outright judgments, I see such woes as having something to do with God’s restraining hand being slowly withdrawn due to the rebelliousness and depravity of mankind whose time has come. But there’s a little more to this scene than meets the eye.
It’s my belief that the woes afflicting us all are largely self-made. By that I mean, the result of mankind’s folly, not acts of God. After all, the Earth has a fragile ecological system — that is to say, everything is dependant on everything else.
Who’s responsible for stripping the Amazon, denuding the Earth of trees, polluting and plundering the seas, filling the Earth and air with toxins, irresponsibly dumping waste, unnecessarily depleting Earth’s resources, creating potential slips and floods, endangering species, etc? It’s man! Enter climate change.
There’s no question that mankind has badly affected the way this planet operates and that we are reaping the results, be that unstable and disastrous weather, the melting of the polar icecaps, hotter temperatures, or perhaps even earthquakes. Earthquakes, you question? Well, who in recent history has been letting off powerful explosions under the Earth’s crust. Could such detonations have affected the tectonic plates, and/or created huge craters leading to certain underground disturbances over time?
Between 1946 and 1958, twenty-three nuclear devices were detonated at Bikini atoll, (where the bikini got its name from, by the way), and don’t forget all that radioactive contamination that resulted. Such doesn’t just disappear.
After the Second World War the United States, along with their French and British allies, frequently tested nuclear weapons in the Pacific region. France began testing nuclear weapons in French Polynesia from about the mid-1960s. Remember Moruroa atoll?
Yes, there has been atmospheric testing, underwater testing, and underground testing, and all over the world, and we wonder why we’ve problems. This Earth was not designed to handle such destructiveness, nor that radioactive contamination.
And what about those drums of nuclear waste that were dumped under the ocean? What about all the damage to the environment from all the wars that have taken place, and those chemicals that have been cruelly used. And we wonder why there are mutations, birth defects, etc.
As far as famines, poverty and starvation go, much of such can be attributed to man again, and there are those (some behind the scenes) who’ve been instrumental in deliberately creating wars, mayhem and releasing this and that upon society, and so on, for their own selfish, twisted, and deluded agenda — effectively the human agents of an evil supernatural force.
As far as health issues go, mankind has largely created such via lack of care or through outright abuse. Look at what humans consume. And then there's those drugs that are doing the rounds, etc.
Thus planet Earth has become a most unsanitary place to live in, all why Covid Nineteen should be a wake up call to us.

As far as society goes, mankind has largely created the problems that abound by forsaking those things that once held society and this world together. Therefore, it’s no wonder things are coming unstuck. In other words, we’ve been fouling our own nest, creating ticking time bombs, potential disasters, and destroying those very things that acted as safeguards. We seem to be hell-bent on selfish pursuits, show little regard for others and things that matter, and many even have their heads in the sand. To put it another way, we’ve been too busy eating, drinking, and being merry, and it’s finally catching up with us. Look at the violence, corruption and perversion that the movie industry is churning out! Nothing is sacred anymore. It seems that anything goes now. Is God responsible for sexual diseases? Hardly! Such is linked to promiscuity and same-sex sexual acts, not God.
And take a look at the Christian community. Can you tell it apart these days? No, not so easily. Tragically so, there has been a wholesale sell out here too. Many Christians have forsaken this or that, have been questioning the Bible, watering it down, altering things to suit, accommodating to please, and have been imitating and embracing all that they’ve been warned to leave alone — in other words, they’re hardly on the straight and narrow anymore, and many foolishly thinking that they’re saved when they’re not.
So I wouldn’t  blame God. He didn’t even have to provide us with a way out.
In summary, I don’t see all these things as God’s judgments in the sense of Him standing there and saying, “Okay, I’ll create an earthquake today,” or, “I’ll send a famine today,” or, “I’ll send a flood today.”
I simply think that three things are occurring:
1) We’re reaping the results of our own rebelliousness and stupidity, and the results of what we’ve foolishly been doing to the Earth. All this has had a huge societal impact, and is impacting ecologically too.
2) Planet Earth is finally breaking down under the weight of thousands of years of sin’s decaying effects.
3) And as mentioned at the beginning, I believe that God’s restraining hand is slowly being withdrawn due to the destructiveness, rebelliousness and depravity of mankind whose time has come. I'm quite sure that if it wasn't for His restraining hand, humanity would have self destructed long ago. In this sense, I guess one could talk of judgments, but we need to mind all the same. God's certainly not standing there zapping.
Yes, as far as God goes, I personally believe that He has simply been adopting a more hands-off-approach, more so as time's gone by, allowing these things to occur, and in order to get our attention. He knows this Earth is coming to an end of sorts, and that we will all be destroyed unless we repent of our foolishness, have a change of heart, and accept His escape plan. Otherwise, should He prevent these things from occurring, we would simply continue to eat, drink, and be merry, only to self destruct and perish eventually, and forever. We need to be forced to our knees, so to speak, for our own good. And sometimes we seem to need more than one shake up.

This article was tweaked on 15 November 2022.