Poetry With A Mission

...a thought provoking poetical exercise.

A Chat With A Bear

Excuse me, Mister Grizzly Bear. Why are you so grizzly?
After all, you’ve slept for months, snoozing ever so soundly.
You’ve hardly got an excuse, you should be calm and relaxed,
As after all that sleep you’ve had, you’re hardly overtaxed.

Perhaps I’m missing some facts. Did something disturb your sleep?
Did you struggle to doze off? Was your slumber less than deep?
Were you impatient for spring — arose too early, maybe?
Or is your tummy rumbling, and your limbs still too shaky?

Are you grizzly by nature? After all, you are so named.
I hope you’re not. If you are, you should be feeling ashamed.
One shouldn’t go ’round grizzly, that’s just not the way to act,
And as for those claws of yours — I take it they can retract?

Hey, I’m only teasing you. It’s just your fur that’s grizzly,
In fact, it makes you look cuddly. Oh! Mind how you squeeze me.
I deserved that, didn’t I, but go easy all the same,
For you’re so big and burly, and I’ve such a fragile frame.

Sorry, did I say burly? I meant strrrrrong — and handsome too,
You know how words slip out. No! No! Not handsome. Burly! Phew!
That last squeeze that you gave me will last quite a stretch, thank you,
I’ll phrase things more carefully — yes, my choice of words review.

You know, I can’t help thinking humans should hibernate too,
Yes, head to bed for winter, just like you grizzly bears do.
We’d sure cut down our food bill, have more energy each day,
Though some people lie in now, and can’t get up when you say.

Now that winter’s over, will the others venture out too?
I mean, you must have family, and they’ll be famished like you.
Yes, I’m sure they’ll be up soon, and looking around for food,
Which reminds me, I’d better be off, as I mustn’t intrude.

By Lance Landall

Note: Yes, grizzly bears are called grizzly bears because of their fur.