Poetry With A Mission

...a thought provoking poetical exercise.


A Close Encounter

“Help! Mayday! Mayday! Mayday!”  “Roger. Could you give us your position, Sir?”
“Oh, I’m afraid it’s very grave there is such a haze, and all seems a blur.
Acrid smoke has been filling up inside, and I'm really in a quite stew,
For I’m having such trouble breathing, and I just do not know what to do.”

“Roger. Can you not contain it?”  “No, I’m afraid I can't, as it's pouring in.
I have a loss of power as well, and oxygen is becoming thin.
Oh dear, I'm feeling very poorly, as this smoke has a horrible smell,
And it feels like it's badly attacking every organ and fragile cell.”

“Roger. You'll have to fight it, Sir, and we'll do our very best to help you,
But speaking rather frankly though, there's really not a lot that we can do,
For I am afraid that in the end, Sir, it will have to come down to you,
Therefore, you will have to get a grip, Sir, and do whatever you can do.”

“Oh, my head is feeling very foggy, and I'm coughing badly also,
And hence why my thinking and actions are quickly beginning to slow.
Yes, I'm feeling so indecisive, for it has taken a hold of me,
And it seems that I'm losing control
I’m rather spaced-out and headachy.”

“Roger. Try and hold on, Sir, for we're getting a better picture now,
However, it's still somewhat hazy though, but we will get there somehow.
It's very clear that you’re being poisoned, Sir, infiltrated chemically,
And therefore, it's hardly any wonder that we’re hearing your urgent plea.”

“Yes, things are certainly very grim, and a way out difficult to see,
Hence why I'm hoping that you'll find an answer, as I need one urgently,
For it appears that I'm about to crash
in other words, asphyxiate;
Oh, I'm really in very deep trouble, and
I think it may be too late.”

“Wait, Sir! It seems that we may have solved it, for the picture is clearer now,
Yes! Yes! You can still save yourself, Sir, for we've finally figured out how.
If you will just do the following thing, there will be a quick turnabout:
Just muster up all your strength, Sir, open up, and pull that cigarette out!”

By Lance Landall