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A Deep Conversation

Whenever you kneel to pray, friend, and converse with God in prayer,
Do you do all the talking and not the conversation share?
Thus not pausing to let God speak, nor listening carefully,
For anything that could spare you from folly or injury


“Are you grateful, son?”
  “Grateful?”  “Yes, given what I did for you.”
“Of course, Lord, very grateful, because I’d be lost but for You.”
“Well, I’m really glad to hear that, as I gave My all for you.”
“Yes, I know You did, Lord, and for such, I do truly thank You.”

“Tell me, do you love Me, son?”  “Oh yes, Lord, I certainly do,
And there’s no one that I love more, for no one loves me like You.
Hence why I can’t wait to be with You throughout eternity,
Because You, Lord, are my Saviour, yes, You, Lord, have redeemed me.”

“I’m glad to hear that too, son, it means everything to Me,
However, there’s something else.”
  “What’s that, Lord?”  “Proof I’d like to see.”
“Proof, Lord?”  “Yes, proof, son, something that shows Me that you’re genuine.”
“Like what, Lord?”  “Like obedience, that is willingly given.”

“Is such necessary, Lord? Because aren’t we saved regardless?”
“Such questions trouble Me, son, as they don’t express eagerness.”
“Ahh…well...we are human, Lord.”  “Well, I don’t expect perfection,
Just a willingness that is clear. Surely you’ve no objection?”

“No...but…”  “Do you love your wife?”  “Yes, Lord.”  “Do you like to please her?”
“Yes, Lord, I try my best to.”  “And I've no doubt you sometimes err?”
“Yes, Lord, but she understands, and she’s very forgiving too,
Knowing I’m sorry and that hurtful things I try not to do.”

“That’s what it’s all about, son, so can you see the parallel?
'Cause You show that you love Me too when My requests you fulfil.
I’m understanding also, hence why I will forgive you too,
If you’re genuinely sorry, and rebellion don’t pursue.

Though you’re saved by grace alone, grace isn't a license to sin,
Because hearts that are rebellious the Spirit cannot live in.
You see, son, sin is sin, and why sinning I cannot excuse,
Otherwise there’d be Christians who My grace would simply abuse.”

“So where does that leave someone, Lord, who still continues to sin,
Knowingly, that is, and yet, Lord, still saying they’re a Christian?
Will they be saved, Lord, given that they’re willingly rebelling,
And as I understand it, the Holy Spirit repelling?”

“Tell Me, what would you do, son? What I mean is, if you were Me.”
“Well, seems they’re not deserving of Heaven and eternity.
They're somewhat like an employee who’s still wanting to be paid,
Even though not showing up for work, but rather, in bed stayed.

So I guess I wouldn’t save them. After all, Lord, why should I?
And how could I justify that given they hardly qualify?
After all, You died for the contrite who seek to do Your will,
Given that they’re very grateful and find serving you a thrill.”

“Grace isn’t a blank cheque then?”  “No, Lord. On it there’s an amount,
Because it's a cheque that pays a debt; one banked on our account.
It doesn’t pay for sinning but for those who have died to sin,
Who the Spirit then empowers, living and working within.”

“I like how you’ve put it, son. Seems you’re getting the picture now,
'Cause sin is such an ugly thing, and why sin I can’t allow.
Hence why I’ve expectations that I must take into account
When an investigation into who will be saved I mount.”

“An investigation, Lord?”  “Yes, son, one before I return.
I’ll be going through the books, then each person their fate will learn.”

“What books, Lord?”  “Heaven’s record books where everything’s recorded,
And then all with eternal life or death will be rewarded.

So every word, thought and action I'll be scrutinizing,
And then, who's sheep and who's goats, I’ll be categorizing.
You see, I’m not just your Saviour, but also your Judge as well,
Which is mentioned in Revelation, and elsewhere, like Daniel.

I can't leave one stone unturned — I must be, and be seen to be, fair —
In case someone gets to Heaven who really shouldn’t be there.
Plus Satan would be complaining, telling others I’m unfair,
And pointing out those Christians that he thought should not have got there.

And even those I save, son, when in Heaven, might wonder why
There are certain folk up there, and how such I could justify.
Hence why some time spent in Heaven to peruse its books with care
Will help each saint to see why certain ones are or are not there.”

“But don’t the saints remain there, Lord?”  “No, son, only for a while,
Then to earth they’ll return, along with Me, in lavish style.
It will be a renewed planet where I’ll be living as well,
And there in peace and safety all eternity we will dwell.

But having said that, there’ll first be that investigation,
Where each person’s life is weighed, receives an examination.
But all those who truly love Me, and whose walk with My Word squares,
Will have Me as their Advocate, no reason for any fears.”

“When will the saved go to Heaven?”  “When I come back again, son,
As prior to My return, My investigating will have been done.”

“So they don't go before, Lord?”  “No, because that would be unfair,
And thus all the saints at the same time My wedding feast will share.”

“Will there be tears in Heaven, Lord?”  “Oh, I’m sure there will be, son,
As only on the Earth made new will any tears cease to run.
Such is recorded in My Word, and the reason there’ll be tears,
Is 'cause folk will be perusing Heaven’s books with intent stares.”

“I think I understand, Lord, as many will need time to grieve,
They seeing why some loved one eternal life didn't receive.
And that’s why You have allotted that time in Heaven above,
Wow! You think of everything, because You’re a God of love.

So You’ll help them through that process, further questions answer too,
And then You’ll escort them back to this Earth which You’ll renew.
After they’ve had time to grieve and enjoyed their Heavenly stay,
They’ll not shed tears again, but be smiling day after day.

So how could I not obey you, Lord? After all, You know what’s best,
And 'cause You never force our will, Lord — no, You simply request.
Thus effectively it’s us, Lord, who select our destiny.”
“Yes, son, and why I’m hoping that it’s eternal life with Me.”

“Oh, just one more thing, Lord”…

“Yes, son?”  “When a saved one dies naturally or by accident,
Does a soul ascend to Heaven at that very same moment?”
“No. One does not have a soul, and it's like I said before, son,
No one’s going to Heaven ’till an investigation’s done.

You see, man is soul, doesn’t have a soul. Soul’s the complete man,
And some versions state ‘being’ instead, where they rightly can.
When the breath of life has gone from somebody that I have made,
They then cease to exist, except in the grave where they’ve been laid.

It's true a few have gone to Heaven, but they were exceptions,
Like Moses, for example; so, son, beware of deceptions.
That you’ve a soul, or go to Heaven at death, is not correct.
Because such are heresies, and Satan is their architect.

They’re simply pagan beliefs (that sadly) into the Church crept,
And ever since then, as a Christian precept, they have been kept.
So, in line with the Scriptures, son, I would like to remind you,
That neither David or Lazarus (for two) up to Heaven flew.

And I’m in to restoration — hence the Earth I’ll renew, son,
Thus not making a new earth, but just restoring the old one.
And it’s the same with people, because I’ll restore the saints too,
Back to the pre-Fall state where people had flesh and blood like you.

When I arose from the grave, My body was flesh and blood too,
And that’s the way it’ll stay, son, thus My wounds the saints will view.
No, the saved will not be spirits, nor have some kind of a soul,
But will be made perfect, immortal, restoration My goal.

So, between death and the resurrection, the dead don’t exist,
But metaphorically sleep — while I, above, the saved ones list.
When I return to earth with their blueprints at hand, so to speak,
I will bring them back to life, and the angels each saint will seek.

“I guess there’s no Hell either?”  “No, not as some perceive it, son,
It certainly not a place like some have wrongfully spun.
Hell’s just a lake of fire that's intended for the wicked it’ll destroy,
Which stops when its done its work, thus not robbing the saints of joy.

No, I’m not vindictive, son, so eternally they won’t burn,
'Cause such is out of proportion, no behaviour such should earn.
Seventy-odd years of wrong doesn’t equal eternity,
Thus their destruction by fire will be over very quickly.

The devil loves to portray Me in the worst way that he can,
And Satan hasn’t ceased such since that time when he first began.
He wants Me seen as a monster who unjustly inflicts pain,
Rather than a God of love whose cruel cross bore a bloody stain.

No, son, I would never ever act in such an unjust way,
For oh, what a lack of judgment such behaviour would display.
I knowing very clearly, son, that punishment should be fair,
Lest those who're observing no longer respect Me, but fear.”

“So then, when does such take place, Lord?”  “When the saints and I (to Earth) return,
And then Satan and the wicked in the lake of fire will burn.
But first,
The wicked struck dead at My coming, and throughout history,
I will bring back to life again, and the following will be:

They will team up with the devil, and his evil angels too,  
Who were left to roam the earth while the saints those records went through.
And as the saints and I approach, Satan’s army will attack,
Only to be destroyed by devouring fire — My counter attack.

Yes, flames comes down from Heaven and a lake of fire engulfs them,
Turning them into ashes; an act that no saint could condemn.
Thus both death and sin vanquished, and Satan and his angels too,
The new Jerusalem settling on the earth that will be made new.

It’s all revealed in My Word, the latter in Revelation,
And it’s what I call My strange work, for I’m into salvation.
I’d rather no one perish. My desire is to save all,
But to each I’ve given freedom — thus, it’s effectively their call.”

“I’m extremely glad, Lord, that we have had this conversation,
As I’ve a clearer picture, a greater appreciation.
Therefore, You will have my loyalty, and my undying love,
And I’ll always be grateful for what You’ve done and do above.”

By Lance Landall

This older poem was upgraded 12 November 2017.

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