Poetry With A Mission

...a thought provoking poetical exercise.


A Great Idea

I’d like you to thoughtfully consider what I'm about to say,
For I think that I’ve a great idea — one that could go a long way.
Yes, it’s really very simple, and it's easy to carry out,
So, let me cut to the chase then, and tell you what it’s all about.

For every wrong thing that you do, do something right, something that's good,
And do this because you want to, not because you think that you should.
Such will help somewhat balance or counter that wrong thing that you’ve done,
NO! — it won’t fix things, let you off — for what’s done is done, can’t be undone.

Such will simply even things up, so to speak, and even outweigh,
And hopefully — with time — far less wrong and far more right you’ll display.
But meantime, just adding a right to a wrong is very worthwhile,
So smile sweetly, go the extra mile, and where you can, reconcile.

The truth is, that we all make mistakes, do wrong things, and cause upsets,
Which most of us wish we hadn’t, and feel so bad, full of regrets.
But despite that, there's something we can do — add a right to a wrong,
By doing something that's good shortly after — yes, not take too long.

And if we all carried this out, so much brighter this world would be,
For such would sow joy where there's sadness, leave others feeling happy.
Yes, there would be a lot more sunshine than is currently shining,
Which thereby would have clouds of darkness gradually declining.

Sure it’s a simple formula, but it's a good one that can't fail,
That being, where the right attitude and a willingness prevail.
It’s one that simply won’t let a wrong have its own way, but instead,
Right over the top of that wrong thing — a dollop of good — will spread.

In other words, form a habit that will help dilute any wrong,
One that'll surround a mournful ballad with a brighter, sweeter song,
One that'll turn the tables on wrong, and get even by doing good,
Thus not letting wrong things win the day — as that’s not something we should.

By Lance Landall

Let's Not Add To Ill

I don’t like to see folk suffer, (be they good or bad), hence I’d rather return good for ill,
For any other way is flawed, doomed to fail, and there goes one’s inner peace, for all’s not well.
No, it’s better to treat everyone well, despite what they may do to us, for good returns,
Whereas evil’s to our loss, steals from our soul, and thus only trouble and suffering earns.

Yes, better to have no malice within, no desire to repay ill done, or even said,
For wrong intent and negative emotions toward others put us back and not ahead.
It’s better such folk become like us, rather than we become like them, and pay the same price,
For good leads to an inner security, unlike ill, which tosses and turns like a dice.

Evil’s an ill wind that blows us wherever, one that oft takes us where we’d rather not go,
But such is how it is when the very same baleful seeds as some evil doer we sow.
And oh, how they sprout, ruining our garden as well, where only healthy produce should dwell,
Nurtured and nourished by loving effort, which in turn, invigorates every living cell.

Yes, it’s better to have a pure heart, one that’s undefiled by wrong, and one that’s merciful,
Thus extending forgiveness to those who mistreat us, such being a more potent arsenal.
For loving kindness can oft change the errant heart, but never so, any evil returned,
A lesson that far too many, and far too late, have learnt, and thus heartache and problems earned.

By Lance Landall

For Crying Out Loud

You may not approve of same-sex sexual acts, Gay marriages, pornography or abortion,
Cults, certain religious beliefs and practices, door knockers, dope smoking or prostitution
— And that’s your right —
But for crying out loud, don’t ever mentally or physically abuse anybody,
For hate filled words, cruel acts and violence are not only moronic, but weak and cowardly.

Okay, so someone hurt you — so what? — 'cause you don’t have to retaliate, thus acting like them,
For how can you stand tall and protest when indulging in the very same thing that you condemn?
No, striking back is a mug’s game, and who wants to emulate the behaviour of fools and bullies?
For all who treat others badly are partakers in evil, suffering from the same disease.

Yes, you’ve a right to your view, freedom of expression precious, and rightful avenues of protest,
But for crying out loud, never lay hands on anybody, nor in abusiveness invest.
For sad rhetoric and callous behaviour are good friends of bigotry and persecution,
And thus always add to humanity’s problems rather than joining hands in any solution.

You may not be happy with some who’ve authority, their introductions or audacity,
Or you may have a problem with some organisation, and some underhand things that you see.
But whatever or whoever, you get to choose your response, for that response doesn’t choose you,
And whatever that response, it’ll paint you as bad or better, as one’s words and acts always do.

So for crying out loud anyone, stifle those words, unclench those fists, and shun any weaponry,
For though you’ve a right to think and feel differently, you should never mistreat humanity.
And should someone hurt you, don’t jump on the same merry-go-round, but rather, help pull on the brakes,
For the one who doesn’t becomes a party to the crime, and love, wisdom and foresight forsakes.

By Lance Landall