Poetry With A Mission

...a thought provoking poetical exercise.

A Path I've Chosen

I’m grateful for what I have, as little as it may be,
Given there are many who are so much worse off than me.
Therefore, I look after what I have, acting prudently,
And don’t take things for granted, lest they be removed from me.

I keep my home tidy, and display things presentably,
For though the house’s rented, how things appear, reflects on me.
I take pride in the section, mow the lawns, pull weeds, prune trees,
So that a pleasing environment each passer-by sees.

And I repair what I break, acting appropriately,
’Though I seldom need to, as I treat things respectfully.
I deal with all my rubbish, and recycle thoughtfully,
Lest I affect others, or our planet, negatively.

In fact, all I possess, I treat with the greatest of care,
Thus, I wash and wax my car, ensure it’s in good repair.
Letting things deteriorate might suggest I don’t care,
And I — negligent, ungrateful and lazy — might appear.

But why foul my own nest, irritate neighbours, look a scruff?
No, I’d rather act refined, sophisticated, not rough.
Hence, you won’t catch me cussing, nor dressing like a hobo,
But rather, holding my head aloft, as I’m a window.

Yes, a window through which things are revealed about me,
Hopefully things that reveal what’s best in humanity.
A window without curtains, for curtains there needn’t be,
If ones life is lived honourably and transparently.

Yes, I’m grateful for what I have, I just focus on what I need,
And need wise — a little more help would ease — I must concede.
But it’s “No” to discontent, and I won’t succumb to greed,
For both lead to misery, or one’s happiness impede.

By Lance Landall