Poetry With A Mission

...a thought provoking poetical exercise.


A Play On Words

Does a tapeworm inch along, do mayflies come out in June,
Are hedgehogs always prickly, does a mockingbird lampoon?
Is a springbok highly strung, do rattlesnakes really rattle,
Are bandicoots bandy-legged, do lyrebirds falsely tattle?

Do ovenbirds grill their prey, are chickadees baby chicks,
Are grizzly bears bad-tempered, do cranes get very sore necks?
Do hamsters live in baskets, are butterflies cholesterol free,
Does a mamba love to jive, do hermit crabs get lonely?

Are sloths terribly lazy, do bobcats bob by habit,
Are gulls somewhat gullible, is a hare a disguised rabbit?
Do starlings like attention, do flamingos often dance,
Are badgers always nagging, do larks fool, by any chance?

Are cheetahs inclined to cheat, do bedbugs go under cover,
Does a polecat somehow vault, do moles spy on each other?
Do buzzards actually buzz, does a swordfish slay its prey,
Are yaks forever yakking, and do mantis really pray?

Are robins quite light-fingered, do pilot whales get airborne,
Are puffins all asthmatics, do grasshoppers bypass lawn?
Do dung beetles waste away, do roadrunners follow roads,
Is a meerkat simply that, are frogs more or less just toads?

Is a pigeon pigeon-toed, do parakeets paraglide,
Are cuckoos just eccentric, are ticks in it for the ride?
Are flounders indecisive, is a hog a greedy pig,
Do fireflies light fires, do bald eagles wear a wig?

Yes, there’s nothing like some humour, aided by a witty pun,
Or two, that seemingly grew, given that they’re so much fun.
I just got carried away, but at the end of the day,
I'm sure that these little rays of sunshine won’t go astray.

By Lance Landall