Poetry With A Mission

...a thought provoking poetical exercise.


A Tragic Parallel

“These things happened to them [Israel] as examples and were written down as warnings for us, on whom the fulfillment of the ages has come” (1 Cor 10:11, NIV).

God's Holy Word paints a picture, one that is very sad indeed,
All about a chosen nation whose fate every Christian should heed.
This nation that was chosen by God, known as ancient Israel,
Repeatedly rebelled, thereby leaving behind a tragic tale.

Instead of being the light that God intended ancient Israel be,
That light of truth soon began to fade due to it’s apostasy.
And as a consequence, this lighthouse became parted from it’s Rock,
For the source of it’s light, it chose to deny, even kill and mock.

Yes, God raised up a people whom He showered with His truth and love,
And whom He blessed and protected, and governed wisely from above.
A people that He bore long with, appealed to, and frequently warned,
Yet, very foolishly so, this nation God’s final warning scorned.

And rightfully, He disowned them, and the Christian Church was thus born,
But the Christian Church also, has and is, giving God cause to mourn.
“How’s this so,” you ask? Well, it’s quite simple. I’ll tell you how and why:
It’s paralleling Israel — hence God’s End-time warning cry.

You see, just like ancient Israel, it has very badly strayed too,
Wedding what's Holy with pagan, accepting things that aren’t true.
And much that God has laid out, along with His Ten Commandments too,
It has swapped for man-made things, and swallowed a humanistic view.

Thus, it’s now a false prophet, given that much error it conveys,
For it’s picking holes in Scripture, and has adopted worldly ways.
And therefore, it’s now a poor witness, a light that’s growing more dim,
Salt without saltiness, that’s filling God’s cup of wrath to the brim.

So many Christians, and wrongly so, marry a non-believer,
Or they delight in those playgrounds belonging to the Deceiver.
Many Christians seldom read God's Word, and rarely attend church too,
And many mistake falsehood for something that they just think is true.

So many Christians have itchy ears that seek leaders who will please,
And many don’t want chastisement, but rather, whatever will ease.
And there're those who rely on leaders, hence why some are led astray,
For leaders can stray as well, even deliberately betray.

All many want today, is a type of worship that pleases them,
A worship that’s self-focused — which God will, and clearly does, condemn.
Rather than the solid Word of God, they want to be entertained,
Hence why ‘golden calves’ abound, and why much worship is hollow and stained.

"Babylon" is what God calls all this, hence His End-time warning call:
“Come out of her, My people!” for Babylon is going to fall.
Yes, He's pleading with those Christians who Israel are paralleling,
Singularly and corporately, thus prophecy fulfilling.

Yes, the Christian Church has dreadfully and tragically gone astray,
Thus betraying it’s very Head who is watching such with dismay.
And hence why there's that scarlet woman portrayed in Revelation,
Which the Scriptures say is guilty of committing fornication.

But as in ancient Israel, there’re still some who're faithful, I must say,
And who seek to witness truly, uphold God’s Word, and Him obey.
Yes, they may be small in number, but such has always been the way,
For history has shown that often the majority go astray.

By Lance Landall