Poetry With A Mission

...a thought provoking poetical exercise.


Adorable Scallywags

I’ll share with you the antics that Siamese cats get up to,
And this comes from an owner who’s sharing a home with two.
Then I’ll leave you to decide whether you want one as well,
Lest it be you flee your home, and somewhere else, safely dwell.

Have you any spare curtains? We’re missing a few, you see,
Which we hope will be replaced, ’though, not too regularly.
We could blame annoying flies buzzing about the window panes,
But the truth is, it’s those claws, that our curtain range soon drains.

Don’t leave cupboard doors ajar, or they’ll inspect its contents,
And lucky you, could be washing dishes as a consequence.
They’re like little super sleuths, and investigate they will,
Should you accidentally leave doors open, or food spill.

They think that they own the bed, which means you could lose some sleep,
For when the nights get cooler, further up the bed they creep.
They wake you in the morning sniffing at your bleary face,
Or stroll across your pillow, as if to say, “That’s my place.”

If like us, you buy two of them, you’ll see exciting chases
As they charge from room to room past startled sleepy faces.
You may need to have good nerves, for when strolling past a room,
Two fury little bodies right in front of you may zoom.

They know where the treats are kept, that old softies like me buy,
So, they stretch up that cupboard, when they think they’ve caught my eye.
And what does old softie do? It’s off to the cupboard I go,
But because they’ll keep it up, old softie sometimes says, “No.”

But all things considered, they’re adorable scallywags,
It’s just those missing curtains that I think might now be rags.
When they’re curled up on my knee, I forget they’re rascally,
And enjoy our little chats, man to man; they’re males, you see.

By Lance Landall