Poetry With A Mission

...a thought provoking poetical exercise.


Affirmation - The Key

There’ll always be those who go astray, no matter what, and,
Exactly why that’s so, we may never fully understand.
But dare it be, because of what we did, or didn’t do,
That acted as a trigger, or caused something ill to brew.

It’s my belief, that less would stray by far, if you and I
Spent more time trying to prevent such, than we do asking, “Why?”
Yes, if we showed more concern, took more care, acted kindly,
And not just personally, but also collectively.

I wonder how many Hitlers, (or the likes), mightn’t have been
If those around them, earlier, had sought to intervene.
Or if in the first place, certain needs had been met, that weren’t,
Which, even today, the importance of such, some haven’t learnt.

Hence those who go astray, or give up — take their life, maybe,
Feeling mistreated, worthless, unwanted — sadly.
Yes, because of what folk did or didn’t do, (wrongly so),
Perhaps because of their own issues, which is how it can go.

No man’s an island, though some go it alone — burnt, maybe,
Or they feel like a castaway, emotionally at sea.
However, it’s together, that we were designed to be,
Doing what we can to help each other, humanity.

We need to make sure that all feel valued, wanted, cared about,
For at the end of the day, that’s what it’s all about — let’s shout.
Not possessions, not ambition, but people — yes, you and I,
Working together for the good of all, lest any go awry.

Yes, we all need affirming, encouragement — regularly,
We all need affection too, and supportive company.
Without such, we’re accidents waiting to happen, which do,
Hence why via poetry, I’m delivering this plea to you.

Who have you affirmed today?

By Lance Landall