Poetry With A Mission

...a thought provoking poetical exercise.


All Of The Above

I would like to be an engineer, spanning gulfs of bigotry,
Bridging gulfs of hatred, suspicion, prejudice and jealousy.
Yes, I would bridge gulfs between races, religions, husbands and wives,
And between parents and children, thus changing hearts, and thereby lives.

I’d like to be a doctor, healing tortured minds and broken hearts,
Making sure that depression, fear, hurt, anger or despair, departs.
I’d make sure everyone’s needs were met, whatever those needs might be,
Spiritually, emotionally, mentally or physically.

I’d like to be a gardener, sowing seeds of encouragement,
And planting flowerbeds of cheer, which pleasing groves would complement.
A gardener pruning negatives, and just leaving what’s positive,
And a lush spread of gratitude and praise that healthy growth would give.

I’d like to be a builder, restoring damaged relationships,
Dismantling walls of separation, dissolving gripes, grudges and chips.
I’d put up fences of protection around orphans and widows,
And hang doors and windows of opportunity that wouldn’t close.

I’d like to be a surgeon, removing suffering and poverty,
Skillfully transplanting hearts full of love, compassion and mercy.
A surgeon injecting forgiveness that would flow through every vein,
Leaving behind a peacefulness, and distaste for the inhumane.

I’d like to be an architect, designing what’s best for us all,
Things that would enlighten, brighten, aid, improve, delight and enthrall.
I’d come up with clever designs that everything would beautify,
And that the potential and good in everyone would magnify.

I’d like to be an electrician, replacing darkness with light,
Electrifying the air with laughter, making joy and hope burn bright.
Yes, I’d immediately rewire the whole of humanity,
So that we would all be empowered to live harmoniously.

I’d like to be a plumber, so I could drain the world of misery,
Unblocking or enlarging closed and narrow minds that fail to see.
I’d give depth to each mind, width to each heart; and set new heights to reach,
Install showers of wisdom — and baths, that stains of the past would bleach.

I’d like to be a painter, splashing all with creativity,
Colouring each life with exuberance and spontaneity.
I’d brush away cobwebs, sand back worn grooves, leave a freshness behind,
So that new and better ways of doing things, everyone could find.

Yes, all of the above, and more, I would certainly like to be,
If I could somehow do what I’ve mentioned, supernaturally.
After all, I’m speaking imaginatively, figuratively,
Given that’s what one can do when creatively penning poetry.

By Lance Landall