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An Incremental Thing

Yes, dare to be a Daniel, but hey, what’s a little compromise.
Well, so seems to be an attitude that today is on the rise.
Yes, stand up for your beliefs, let the whole world know where you stand,
But what’s a little compromise, because I'm sure they’ll understand.

Yes, it’s clear to me that compromise is an incremental thing,
Fueled by that "end justifies the means” song that many these days sing,
And which all starts with that first step down the compromising track,
And which occurs when one’s thinking starts to get a little slack.

No, one can hardly be a Daniel and a compromiser too,
Because that’s an oxymoron, much like selling non-stick glue.
So, either we’re a Daniel or a Daniel we're certainly not,
Because a person can’t be both, and hypocrisy folk will spot.

Yes, when it comes to what God wants, and Scripture’s sound admonition,
There clearly isn’t room for that Laodicean condition.
So, we’re either heading upwards or making our way back downhill,
And only heading upwards will fulfill our Father’s Word and will.

If something is wrong, it’s wrong, so it’s no good saying that it’s right;
In fact, it’s called delusion, when what is black we treat as if white.
And it’s the same with compromise, because that’s kidding ourselves too,
Thinking we can be like Daniel, and questionable things pursue.

Yes, dare to be a Daniel, but hey, what’s a little compromise;
Not that I mean to trivialize, but let’s not over-emphasize.
Yes, lets sing dare to be a Daniel, but hey, not too frequently,
'Cause after all, it’s just a song, taken far too seriously.

Well, such sentiments certainly do not gel with God or Daniel,
And if they don’t gel with them, I believe that they will lead to ill.
And hence why neither God nor Daniel ever sought to compromise,
And why our own witness and their example should harmonize.

By Lance Landall

This poem was upgraded 27 March 2018.