Poetry With A Mission

...a thought provoking poetical exercise.

An Inside Job

As I put something away in a cupboard the other day,
I noticed a trail of ants busily making their way.
So I reached for the ant bait, leaving droplets here and there,
Knowing that this very toxic substance they would soon share.

Yes, back to their nest they’d go, infecting the colony,
Which would ensure that no ants remained, eventually.
And later, due to their absence, I made that deduction;
A sorry and classic case of unwitting self destruction.

Yes, what they thought a prize, simply brought about their demise,
And as I pondered on this, thoughts began to crystallize.
It seemed as if the Lord were conveying something to me,
And something He wanted me to share via my poetry.

You see, I thought of Christians, and how they so often stray,
Be it via rebellion, or ignorance — neither of which pay.
And I thought of Satan, who cunningly puts things in their way,
Yes, things that look good, seem right, and that are designed to sway.

Many Christians fall for such, which they then with others share,
(Just like those ants heading back to their nest, so unaware).
Thus, others get infected, through partaking of the same,
Which is how Satan, via Christians themselves, more Christians can claim.

The things he uses are many and varied — doctrine for one,
In fact, that’s what he majors in, when all is said and done.
Theologically, he’s well ahead of you and I,
And uses it to his advantage to make things go awry.

If not doctrine, he’ll use something else — like a good idea,
Well, one that seems a good idea, one that tickles the ear.
One that Christians might employ within their sanctuary,
That in time proves destructive, deceives a majority.

Hence why Christians need to be very careful — wide awake,
Lest they infect their fellow members via some path they take,
Or via their swallowing erroneous theology,
That could soon see their fellowship embracing heresy.

When the devil sees Christians busily making their way,
He too, leaves droplets he hopes will be shared, seen as okay.
Yes, droplets as lethal as mine were to those ants I saw,
That Christians are better to avoid, knowingly ignore.

Yes, Satan loves to squeeze his little tube of toxic brew,
And then watch as Christians gather round those droplets, right on cue.
Oh, how Satan must laugh, knowing what the outcome will be;
And why such we should remember, whenever ants we see.

By Lance Landall