Poetry With A Mission

...a thought provoking poetical exercise.


An Ode To Poetry

It seems as if most people aren’t all that fussed about poetry,
And that it is simply the interest of a minority.
“No, it’s not my thing,” you hear people say, somewhat indifferently,
And yet, what’s the content of most ballads one hears? It’s poetry!

Yes, wed poetry to a very enjoyable melody,
And suddenly it’s popular, and loved by a majority.
Not that people consciously recognize that it is poetry,
They being so caught up in that fusion, that magical chemistry.

You see, poetry and music are soul mates, so in harmony,
Both being deftly orchestrated, and propelled rhythmically.
Yes, poetry is eloquence, and music is its finery,
Hence why when wedded, they weave a strong emotional tapestry.

Oh, how poetry waxes lyrical, and most engagingly,
Yes, it being pure sophisticated highbrow creativity.
Poetry has a certain panache, yet, respectability,
And all because it’s not just words oh no but rhythmic artistry.

Yes, poetry seduces with its charm, its rich imagery,
Lifting what is mere language from its state of mediocrity.
Oh, how it challenges one's thoughts, entertains, teases mentally,
Conveying whatever it so desires to, very succinctly.

Oh yes, all that clever rhyming that can weary poets greatly,
As they thumb through their stained thesaurus and rhyming dictionary.
But in the end, when their poem’s penned, and charged with mental energy,
They bristle with deep fulfilment and perhaps slump exhaustedly.

Oh, how they greatly battle with verse and rhyme, heroically,
Thereby attempting to pen an alphabetical symphony.
A poem that folk won’t forget, one that's inspired and visionary,
Yes, a picturesque masterpiece, all courtesy of poetry.

By Lance Landall