Poetry With A Mission

...a thought provoking poetical exercise.


I’d love to ride a lion, for King Of The Beasts is he,
But only if he promised he wouldn’t try to eat me.
I would stroke his bushy mane, run my fingers through his fur,
And as I sat astride him, I’m sure I would feel him purr.

I would love to take a slide down the neck of a giraffe,
For I’m sure such would be fun, and that such would have me laugh.
I would cling on to his neck just below his pointy head,
And survey as he cantered, so long as he stopped when I said.

I would love an elephant to help me out with his trunk
When I’m playing basketball, and desiring that slam-dunk.
And after, I’d reward him via a scrub down with a brush,
But I’d mind the affection, lest such brought about a crush.

I’d love to swim with dolphins, for they’re so much fun, you see,
I’d surf them ’cross the ocean, enjoy ploughing through the sea.
They would toss me in the air, and jostle me playfully,
And when I’d tired them out, back to the beach they’d nudge me.

I’d love to play with monkeys, but more so, a chimpanzee,
We would swing from tree to tree, locked together, naturally.
I’d teach him a trick or two, then we’d both just ape around,
We’d beat our chests and holler, that’s right, make some monkey sound.

I’d dearly love to cuddle a big fury panda bear,
Especially in winter, so that his warmth I could share.
I’d want him to be gentle, and just chew on the bamboo,
I wouldn’t want him nibbling any part of you know who.

I’d love to stroke a tiger, hug his cuddly neck as well,
But after he’d had dinner, yes, after he’d had his fill.
Perhaps I’d tweak his whiskers, or tickle his chubby ears,
But only if he’d let me, as I don’t like nasty scares.

By Lance Landall