Poetry With A Mission

...a thought provoking poetical exercise.

Are You Violating Rights?

So much within the world today is filling folk with fear,
And is it any wonder given what we see and hear.
After all, rights are being trampled on, for tyranny abounds;
Yes, aggression and oppression many currently surrounds.

Many play with other’s lives, which they’ve not the right to do,
And within the halls of power, nowhere has this been more true.
Violating boundaries seems the order of the day,
Be that via those in power, or via others who with rights play.

There are those who are seeking a return to Church and State,
And the benefits of such, vigorously advocate.
But tragically, even here, we've seen the very same,
For the rights of so many have been trampled in God’s name.

A religious or secular power is doomed to fail
Whenever its legislation seeks to wrongly assail.
But the Holy realm’s sacrosanct, it shouldn’t be wrongly mixed,
Hence why wrong will still occur, and why present wrong won't be fixed.

No ministers of the cloth, nor any politicians,
Should endorse or aid the course of oppressive propositions.
No, no one in authority or a powerful position,
When it comes to human rights, should act in opposition.

Christians, atheists, or Muslims can’t justify using force,
To make someone who disagrees an opposite way endorse.
There’s no human on this earth who has a right to violence,
And nor have any the right to freedom of speech silence.

No one has a right to hurt via some wrong word or action,
Nor the right to hurt via their general interaction.
No parent or teacher, no caregiver, husband or wife,
No sibling, friend or stranger should violate someone’s life.

Freedom is our birthright, it’s not what others should restrict,
Nor what our conscience dictates, so long as pain we don’t inflict.
And while laws should be obeyed that have their rightful place,
Wrongful legislation isn't something we should have to face.

Even if we don’t agree with another’s view or way,
We should take into account their own right to do and say.
Freedom is a two-way street that only works when it's shared,
And such has only truly been where folk have cared and dared.

So, what is the answer them: Could it be Church unity,
Religion courting politics, better rights for you and me,
Greater accountability, more protestation raised,
Military might, peace talks, more worthy efforts praised?

No, it’s really none of these, it’s ourselves we need to change,
Yes, the contents of our heart that we need to rearrange.
We’ve strayed from the better path, we have turned our backs on good,
And we've been indulging in what love and wisdom never would.

Many say the world has changed, but that really isn't true,
For it’s not the world that changes, but its inhabitants that do.
What’s going to be will be, our earth’s course will have its way,
But we, via love and selflessness, can make a difference today.

By Lance Landall