Poetry With A Mission

...a thought provoking poetical exercise.

Away With Your Gloom!

Each Christian should be aware this earth’s coming to a close,
For after all, we’ve been warned, and earth’s predicament shows.
We also have a duty to pass this warning along,
But some well-meaning Christians are just getting things all wrong.

Yes, they seem to be obsessed with every gloomy detail,
And certain things that are occurring, regularly bewail.
Seems each time that they’re chatting, such they’ve got to let you know,
Which sees you inwardly groan, and wishing that they would go.

Awareness is one thing, duty too — but a fixation?
No. Such is never healthy, given any situation.
It’s one thing to warn others, and it’s one thing to prepare,
But quite another to just dwell on earth’s woes, foster fear.

Some are searching here and there, obsessed with finding more woes,
Hence, depressingly often, the negative from their lips flows.
Balance seems to be missing — and understandably, joy too,
For how can they be joyful when just gloom they seem to pursue.

Despite earth’s final hours, and all its troubles, (warning signs),
The negative shouldn’t always be running through our minds.
Such God never intended, even in these final days,
For how can we reflect Him just dwelling on what dismays?

What we should dwell far more on, and talk far more about too,
Is God’s incredible love, amazing grace, and what He went through.
How He took our place instead, thus offering hope to all,
That one day we all might see a heavenly home that’ll enthrall.

Yes, grace that redeems us, covers us, grace that’s there when we fall,
Grace that lifts us up again when on the Father we call.
Yes, grace, grace, wonderful grace, that lovingly took our place,
Empowering saving grace, that on His hands one day we’ll trace.

By Lance Landall