Poetry With A Mission

...a thought provoking poetical exercise.

Badly In Charge

It's a given that bad leaders will surround themselves with "Yes" men,
Because such perverseness and folly happens time and time again.
Such leaders don’t like being challenged, they like things to go their way,
Hence why they silence opposition, discredit what others say.

This is why “the end justifies the means” is their guaranteed approach,
And why it is they cross boundaries, and on others’ rights encroach.
They also tend to work in secret, rejecting transparency,
And positions that some of them hold, they’ve got via skullduggery.

Many of these leaders like the limelight, are charismatic too,
And they usually have agendas which they subtly pursue.
Many of them also have issues — that is, baggage from the past,
Which has them seeking power, that somehow, others’ freedom will grasp.

Yes, they manipulate and control, are often deluded too,
And some will even agree with you, yet, the opposite pursue.
Some of them are very likeable, and can appear genuine,
Which is how so many folk eventually get taken in.

Such leaders come in various forms, and act in various ways,
But you always find that from the truth and what's right, each tyrant strays.
Hence why they don't like exposure, and hide behind institutions,
Where they trample on human rights, and disregard constitutions.

Whether they're little tyrants or big tyrants, they're pretty much the same,
Some of them oppressing via the State, and others, in Heaven’s name.
It’s simply a matter of degrees, or how far they’re up the chain,
Yes, little tyrants, big tyrants, each defending their own domain.

And there will always be such tyrants, such leaders who’ve gone astray,
Who seek to manipulate, mislead, and who indulge in foul play.
And hence why there’s a need for caution in regards to those who lead,
Lest we aid those ones that we shouldn’t, and help evil to succeed.

By Lance Landall