Poetry With A Mission

...a thought provoking poetical exercise.


Tell me, what do you dream about when lying in your bed,
While fitfully snoozing after a nightcap and book you’ve read?
Are they good dreams or bad dreams, do they please you or upset,
Are they nice to remember, or ones you’d rather forget?

Do you dream of safaris in some country faraway,
Or of trips up the Amazon where jungle creatures play?
Do the creatures you notice show same interest in you,
And sometimes that interest very rapidly pursue?

Do you dream of siestas in sun baked countries abroad,
And of lazing on beaches that the travel brochures laud?
Do you go on adventures, seek out islands unexplored,
Take journeys on steam trains, and miss hearing, “All aboard!?"

Do you dream you’re a pilot performing stunts in a plane,
Or that you’re the king or queen of a vast and rich domain?
Do you bungy jump, or hang glide, flamingo dance in Spain,
Or dream you’re on a camel hoofing it ’cross loose terrain?

Do you dream that like a bird you can cruise the summer breeze,
Or that you’re on a trapeze, swinging merrily with ease?
Do you dream you’re a captain on a schooner midst calm seas,
Or a mountaineer, perched precariously, about to sneeze?

Are your dreams sometimes funny, do you giggle in your sleep,
Perhaps make funny noises, maybe mutter, groan or squeak?
Are your dreams sometimes scary, do you sometimes from bed leap,
Disturbing spouse or children, who quiver with fright and peep?

Is your snoozing very light, is your snoozing very deep,
Do you often toss and turn, perhaps t’wards the kitchen creep?
Do you quickly fall asleep, or just lie there counting sheep,
Do you wake up refreshed, or exhaustedly, crumple in a heap?

By Lance Landall