Poetry With A Mission

...a thought provoking poetical exercise.

Better Scars Than Wounds

So many folk get wounded, and suffer along the way,
Be it via things others do, be it via things others say.
And often these wounds are deep, and extremely slow to heal,
Wounds that can drain ones life-force, and years of happiness steal.

For some these wounds prove fatal, having hemorrhaged inside,
And instead of simply scars, it’s a case of suicide.
Not that I’m defending such, for suicide’s not the way,
And leaves behind even more wounds, at the end of the day.

Yes, too many lives are shortened by this wrong choice folk make,
The result of letting resentment and pain overtake.
Often people won’t forgive, which prevents their wound healing,
For the bleeding just keeps oozing, rather than congealing.

Therefore, better scars than wounds, for though ugly, scars don’t bleed,
No, they’re simply scars, that ones happiness cease to impede,
For with the right attitude, a brighter life one can lead,
No longer a prisoner of those who wound — in control, freed!

Having said that though, wounds can be self-inflicted, sadly,
The result of wrong choices, of going astray, willfully.
Hence why wisdom is required, and why we should do what’s right,
Otherwise — just misery — our life or others will blight.

Yes, this world’s so full of wounded folk; weeping wounds, healed wounds [scars],
Those who’ve moved on, (wiser, richer), those still trapped behind bars,
Those who have let their wounds heal, those who, sadly, their wounds nurse,
Yes, those who’ve made a decision for better or for worse.

Every wound takes time to heal, but heal it will, given time,
If away from pits of bitterness and self-pity we climb.
But better still, let’s make good choices, and spare ourselves pain,
And never wound another, letting love and fairness reign.

By Lance Landall