Poetry With A Mission

...a thought provoking poetical exercise.


Blissfully Unware

The moon’s peeking through the clouds that are hiding the night sky,
Where many stars are scattered that twinkle and beautify.
A little light is present ’midst the darkness of the night,
Courtesy of a moonbeam and a streetlamp within sight.

A prickly little hedgehog, in an alleyway nearby,
Is sniffing at rubbish bags full of scraps, and piled high.
He’s looking for some dinner, hoping that he’ll find some there,
Before more hungry creatures inconveniently appear.

Prowling tom-cats roam about in the shadows of the night,
Slinking throughout neighborhoods, where catcalls, a few recite.
They quietly pass by homes housing snoozing canine pets,
Lest the still night air be shattered via cat and dog duets.

A pair of saucer-like eyes are peering out from a tree,
Looking for something tasty to approach and snatch, silently.
Once it has found its supper, sharp-eyed owl will wing its way
To where its meal is waiting, perilously on display.

Rodents scurry here and there, noses twitching as they search,
Unaware a wide-eyed owl is about to leave its perch.
They quickly cross the garden on their tiny little feet,
Well aware they could become a night-owl’s night-time treat.

A host of tiny insects attracted by the streetlamp,
All throughout the hours of dark, upon its dewy lens camp.
Other insects criss-cross tracks that a stealthy fox has made,
One that another creature is trying hard to evade.

Children snuggled in warm beds slumber fitfully ’midst dreams,
Straddling a banana moon, sliding down its yellow beams.
Afloat on candy floss clouds, they’re blissfully unaware
That outside their dreamy world, there’s another, busy and near.

By Lance Landall