Poetry With A Mission

...a thought provoking poetical exercise.

Blurred Vision

Could anyone tell me, please, why some folk with money to spare
Are constantly just complaining, and not content with their share?
Rather than them being grateful, and just getting on with their life,
They attack the welfare system with their penny-pinching knife.

This safety net that's so needed, they would quickly slash and burn,
Creating greater poverty, more hardship, fear and concern.
For with each slash of their cruel knife, more misery they’d create,
And many existing problems would simply accelerate.

Could anyone tell me, please, why some folk with money to spare
Are hollering the loudest, “We’re being treated most unfair?”
They say that they’re taxed too highly due to beneficiaries,
Who, via the welfare system, their salary each pay day squeeze.

Were I amongst the well-off, I certainly wouldn’t complain,
For I would count my blessings, and thus desire for more restrain.
I’d rather pay higher taxes than see others go without
The help that they’re in need of, for that’s what caring’s all about.

Yes, I’d rather there be wastage than see needed help removed,
I’d happily be short-changed if it another’s lot improved.
Yes, I’d rather see folk happy, I would rather see folk well,
I would rather see them coping than struggling, depressed, or ill.

There’re those who’re too concerned with balancing the books and saving,
Seemingly indifferent to folk suffering or slaving.
Thus, although wisdom's called for, (which should include feeling as well),
Let us not be too Scrooge-like, and on such handouts over dwell.

Countries with a safety net, one that’s generous, not measly,
Display a far greater love and concern for humanity.
And so do those well-off people who accept some loss, or give
To ensure that those less fortunate a brighter life can live.

By Lance Landall