Poetry With A Mission

...a thought provoking poetical exercise.

Careful Now

So many folk are feeling fearful, and whenever you ask them why,
They quickly point to terrorism, and how things have gone so awry.
Yes, they’re feeling very insecure, for they’ve been shaken to the core,
And one thing they're worried about, is, that terrorists have more in store.

So, because they’re feeling fearful, and are afraid of what else might be,
They're accepting certain changes that are eroding their liberty,
And thereby, are giving more Power to the ones who're holding the reins,
Which is how an even greater danger their future and freedom claims.

Yes, I believe that an evil Power will soon rule this world we’re in,
And that we in recent years have been witnessing its strong grip begin.
Hence why we shouldn’t let terrorism aid this power on its way,
For once it gains full control, we'll be far worse off than we are today.

Terrorism is ensuring that what I am saying will occur,
For security — much more than liberty — some seemingly prefer.
But such is a very bad exchange, one that something far worse will bring,
Which many people will not realize until they feel its fatal sting.

Whether it's only one person, or a number who are in control,
If they wrongfully subtract from freedom, they're subtracting from one’s soul.
And even the well-intentioned err too, when with other’s rights they play,
Simply creating pawns and puppets — casualties too, along the way.

No, our freedom of expression, and civil-religious liberty,
Should never ever be encroached upon, but defended fearlessly.
And neither should the Church and the State be joined, encouraged to marry,
For the cost of that union is something we can’t afford to carry.

Politics and religion — when they are wedded — just lead to trouble;
Such promises much, perhaps, but can’t deliver — it’s like a bubble,
For later on, it simply bursts, as such wrong unions should never be,
And besides, history has shown that they always end disastrously.

Thus, all those calls to join together for the well-being of everyone,
Are okay up to a point, but beyond that point, they will come undone,
For with all under the one umbrella, so much easier it’ll be
For some evil Power to arise that will control humanity.

Therefore, any calls for security, and those calls for unity,
Should be treated with the greatest of care, lest even worse come to be,
 For curtailing citizens rights in the so-called interests of man,
Can simply aid an evil agenda, or very misguided plan.

Oh yes, it has all happened before, and it will again, I believe,
And amidst our loss of freedom, (under oppression), we’ll deeply grieve,
For once people play with liberty, once they trade things that they should not,
They very soon become oppressed. Why? Because history they forgot.

By Lance Landall