Poetry With A Mission

...a thought provoking poetical exercise.

Carefully weigh

I was observing our cat, and feeling terribly concerned,
Thus, from my view out the window, I towards the back door turned.
I then made my way up the drive, still eyeing our strolling cat,
Who another cat had spied, that across the road from us, sat.

Our road’s a busy road, hence the concern that I was feeling,
As an injured cat and ensuing vet fees weren’t appealing.
And neither was the thought of cars screeching or swerving to miss
A cat whose wee mind was preoccupied with romantic bliss.

Thus, as our cat strolled even closer to the edge of the road,
I more quickly, and a lot more anxiously, towards him strode.
Yes, I should have held back somewhat, and called somewhat softly too,
But fear and uncertainty tend to have one things overdo.

As I drew nearer, he turned to look at me, and then bolted,
When given a car was coming, he clearly should have halted.
Well, cats have nine lives, they say, and one life was up for the take,
For just in time, the driver of that car was able to brake.

Thus, our cat survived another day — only just, I might add,
Which had me sigh with relief — and naturally, feeling glad.
But it all left me thinking, and my thoughts I will share with you,
For there’s a chance that you might also benefit from this too.

Our cat might have stopped before he actually reached the road,
And may've just sat observing — crossed later, in safer mode.
Perhaps I spurred him somehow, adding to the problem somewhat,
And due to over concern, the worst case scenario got.

Sometimes as parents we need to hold back, despite what we see,
Lest the very thing we fear, we help cause inadvertently.
Harping on, and undue interference, can worsen, propel,
Whereas, rope that's wisely held — fed here and there — dissent can quell.

We can’t wrap our children in safety cocoons, and nor should we,
And yes, the worst may happen, but that’s life, unfortunately.
Children are children, and despite sound advice, such may ignore,
And if they’re a certain age, there’s little you can do, what’s more.

If you’ve done your duty, and set an example, you’ve done well,
As you can only tell them, show them — so forget the hard sell.
Yes, up to a certain age they’re to do your bidding, but take care,
Lest once past it, they spurn what you’ve said, filling you with despair.

By all means advise them, and restrict where it’s right and proper,
But don’t cross that line, otherwise you may soon come a cropper.
And remember our cat, and how it bolted into harm’s way,
When if I'd held back, it might not have — yes, let’s carefully weigh.

By Lance Landall