Poetry With A Mission

...a thought provoking poetical exercise.


Christ's Telling Words

“As you did it to one of the least of these…you did it to Me” --
Therefore, each Christian should speak and act far more carefully.
In God’s eyes, it’s no small thing how we treat another soul,
That is, one of His children, humanity as a whole.

Yes, the God of love and justice takes very seriously
Any unkind word, thoughtless deed, harshness, act of cruelty.
And He doesn’t have time for lies, deceit, forms of treachery,
For these are all grievous sins — and He’ll act accordingly.

We’re the property of God, and that means each child also,
Who we are simply to mind while living on earth below.
Thus, how we treat another soul, could seal our destiny,
For how would you feel, if someone abused your family?

Our God is a God of justice, He’s merciful and tender,
And He doesn’t want Christians emulating The Offender.
It’s Satan who’s behind wrong, not the God of love on high,
Who we — via unchristian behaviour — effectively deny.

Any time we cause some pain via an unkind word or deed,
We tear the heart of Jesus, cause those wounds of His to bleed.
We re-nail Him to that cross where He showed us how to act,
That being, lovingly, unselfishly — heavenly, in fact.

We’re all to treat each other with the same regard that He
Showed that He had for us — via His blood — shed on Calvary.
We’re to see that self comes last, and that we put others first,
Which we will do if willing, and in the Scriptures well versed.

Yes, God loves humanity — as a whole, individually,
And He wants this love He has to burn in us, continually.
Therefore, He’s watching intently everything we do and say,
For love’s wedded to justice, which rightfully so, must weigh.

By Lance Landall

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Careless Words

Oh yes, careless words, how they so often cause trouble, wound and defame,
Words that one shouldn’t have uttered, shouldn’t have spread, words too late to reclaim.
Words that delight the old serpent, but not our Saviour, who notes each one,
Words that too freely flow, tales that every follower of Christ should shun.

Oh yes, careless words, thoughtlessly woven, cruelly knitted, wrongly said,
Words that should never have entered one’s mind — each just like an arrowhead.
Words that fall like bricks, words that crush, words that rapidly extinguish joy,
Words that obliterate happiness, words that far too often destroy.

Oh yes, careless words, snakebites, poisonous cocktails devilishly brewed,
Words someone said taken out of context, tales that some facts didn’t include.
Words distorted in the telling, cleverly compelling, sowing doubt,
Words awash with error, invention, that acts of treachery carry out.

Oh yes, careless words, how too often they flow — the bane of humankind,
Words that should never be uttered, words that should never enter one’s mind.
Words best left unspoken, discarded, best drowned in self examination
As one kneels before their Saviour in humble, contrite consecration.

By Lance Landall