Poetry With A Mission

...a thought provoking poetical exercise.

Colloquial Folly

I’m all for reaching folk with God’s Word that we’re meant to share,
But playing with the Bible is something I’d never dare.
However, there are Christians who think that it’s quite okay,
Hence certain so-called Bibles that one sees around today.

They’re written in a manner irreverent and slangy,
Which they call colloquial, when really, it’s blasphemy.
These Bibles treat things lightly, and effectively God too,
For it’s His Word they cheapen, via this banter they pursue.

God’s called the Bible Holy, for a Holy God He is,
And it’s not ours to play with, because after all, it’s His.
He oversaw its contents, monitoring with care
Doctrine that He wants respected, that rightly, we’re to share.

It’s humanistic thinking that’s behind such foolery,
For the Lord would not condone one acting so imprudently.
The Bible’s sacred contents are messages from our Lord,
Which we’ll simply just distort if we flippantly them record.

These consecrated Scriptures we’re to treat with dignity,
And even their presentation we should treat respectfully.
Hence why black bonded leather has been used so frequently,
For somehow, it seems to elevate, and portray distinctively.

Sadly, so many Christians have just sold out to the world,
Which is why certain standards now no longer are upheld.
What’s happening to God’s Word is simply a reflection
Of a most unbiblical pagan and Christian connection.

Yes, I’m all for reaching folk with the Word we’re meant to share,
But I won’t treat flippantly doctrine God wants folk to hear.
And I will seek a Bible that’s packaged appropriately,
One that treats the King of Kings extremely respectfully.

By Lance Landall