Poetry With A Mission

...a thought provoking poetical exercise.


Could I Have Saved A Child?

One dollar given daily, a starving child will save,
But where no money’s given, they’ll go to an early grave.
Hence, I can’t help but wonder how many children will die,
Just because folk keep buying that ice-cream, that cake, that pie. 

There’s nothing wrong with a treat, but more careful we should be,
For money that’s spent on treats could save children easily.
Everyone should stop and think before such money is spent,
Lest it be more children die, which that money could prevent.

Due to over-indulgence, thousands of children will die,
Just because folk keep craving that ice-cream, that cake, that pie.
Or will it be those soft drinks, those hamburgers or those chips,
That’ll see more children die while folk lick and wipe their lips.

Think of all the money spent, needlessly so, over a year,
And ask yourself the question, “Do I culpability share?”
Could I have saved a child if I had been more content,
Or displayed more discipline, and much less on myself spent?

Perhaps it wasn’t those treats, but a motorcar instead,
Just an expensive plaything that your bank account soon bled.
Yes, something rather flashy in which ego had a stake,
That left those starving children with a dreadful stomach ache.

Perhaps it was a house, friend, well beyond what you needed,
That not the cries of children, but selfish desires heeded.
Or was it something else, friend, that you really didn’t need,
Which the death of more children, effectively guaranteed.

Though this all sounds rather harsh, there’s no denying it’s true,
Hence why it is I’m asking, “What from here-on will you do?”
For your choice will seal the fate of some child far away,
Who will either slowly die or alive on this earth stay.

By Lance Landall