Poetry With A Mission

...a thought provoking poetical exercise.

Could Such Be So?

(See what you think.)

Imagine there’s a devil (and supernatural force),
And that this devil has evil mates — like himself, of course.
That he’s ranting and raving, firing off instructions too,
As he has chaos in mind, like all evil beings do.

Okay, here we go:

“Ever since this world began — well, pretty much anyway —
Folk have fallen into one of two camps, or with either play.
Now, this really bugs me, comrades, for at the end of the day,
I only want folk in MY camp, and on MY side, okay?”

“I’m tired of this controversy that just keeps going on,
This battle between good and evil -- thus, I WANT GOOD GONE!
So, rid the world of it, comrades — I hate it, understand?
I want nothing but trouble and heartache throughout each land.”

“And you can start with SEX — yes, I thought you’d smile knowingly,
Such has been the downfall of many a society.
Confuse sex with love, and get males hooked on pornography;
That’ll raise crime, break marriages, wreck many a family.”

“Yes, I want males and females jumping in and out of bed —
With multiple partners — and sexual diseases will spread.
See their sexual behaviour gets more and more depraved,
And ensure that lust sees women as well as men enslaved.”

“Have females seen as just objects of sexual desire,
Via subtly suggestive or strongly provocative attire.
That way they will randomly stir, and lewd fantasies spur,
And then not the moral, but immoral, males will prefer.”

“Convince folk that same-sex sexual acts are acceptable,
Not objectionable, abominable, unnatural.
That such are an enlightened and progressive evolution,
That won’t harm the family or marital institution.”

“Help prostitution grow larger, and even more degrade,
More meaning: Further prostitutes and customers who’ve paid.
Yes, see that both sexes debase themselves via such a trade,
And the consequences of such, help the public to evade.”

“Next — what folk watch and read — fill with violence, plenty too,
And midst it all, throw in sex again — a real nasty brew.
Place such in front of children too, via those adds on TV,
Or via computer games, books, magazines, or some movie.”

“And to aid all this, saturate society with drugs,
Foster a macho mentality that produces thugs.
Assaults of every nature, pimps, and drug lords will increase,
And corruption in high places, attacks on the police.”

“Oh, by the way, do all you can to discourage discipline,
And a needed smack on a child’s bottom is where I’d begin,
Yes, get it outlawed, and give discipline a dirty name,
And wrongdoing on anything but individuals blame.”

“Send innocent folk to jail, and there, don’t rehabilitate,
And the death penalty — which takes innocent lives — reinstate.
By that I mean, where it’s not already in the hands of men,
Who as is so human, get things wrong time and time again.”

“Encourage pro-lifers to endorse the death penalty,
Which of them will make a mockery — it’s hypocrisy.
Get those who have abortions shouting the opposite view,
So they’ll look just as foolish and their thinking as askew.”

“Encourage people to take extreme risks just for the thrill,
That way both hospitals and coffins they’ll rapidly fill.
Yes, get rid of common sense, and what some call priorities,
So that there will be pain, missing members of families.”

“See that such are called heroes, place them in the Hall of Fame,
That way others will be influenced, try other things, or same.
See that the risks get greater, and crazier, pointless too,
Until everyone thinks that there’s nothing that they can’t do.”

“See that wealth gets flaunted and squandered, and even withheld,
And that poverty becomes entrenched all over the world.
That the huge gap between the haves and have-nots increases,
And that more con-men — the public and individual — fleeces.”

“Yes, see that suffering and misery grow by the day,
Via calamities, wars, spouse and child abuse, and foul play.
Cause global financial meltdowns, aided by vice and greed,
So that even more so, essential services will bleed.”

“See that any material that’s contrary to my goal
Gets ridiculed, destroyed — and all dissenters buttonhole.
Yes, prevent my opponents from convincing otherwise,
Via what they call truth, sound admonition, a path more wise.”

“Lastly, there’re those Christians that I want you to attend to,
And nothing angers me more than the Christians that are true,
That is, faithful to their God both in practice and belief,
For their correct and loving witness always gives me grief.”

“Still, we’ll have it easy, comrades, for most are not on track,
And the same Hollywood stars, music and entertainment back.
Despite their God saying no to many things — they’ve rebelled,
And therefore, much of what they should be upholding have farewelled.”

“However, some of these misguided ones interest me,
For they can further my cause by working from within, you see.
That is, within their religion, for with them being off track,
It’ll aid my agenda, my trap, which they’ll misguidedly back.”

“So, raise up any Christians who are hungry for power,
And sooner or later persecution will flower.
Have them thinking God’s on their side, and introducing laws,
But have all this look lamb-like up until a dragon roars.”

“That’s right, a religious/political power — Church and State,
And that way, I’ll deal to those genuine ones that I hate.
As for anyone else — all will come under my control,
For my aim isn’t just a part of this world, but the WHOLE.”

“So, see to it that freedom and liberty go — QUICKLY,
Freedom of expression too, so debate will cease to flow.
This will make it easier for me to get my hands on
ANYTHING that I don’t like, and ANYONE I want gone.”

Could Such Be So? The Christian Bible seems to know.

By Lance Landall

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