Poetry With A Mission

...a thought provoking poetical exercise.


Could You Be Adding To The Problem?

Have you seen that wounded look that’s reflected in their eyes?
For marital betrayal was uncovered with all its lies.
The one that they gave their all to, sought out-of-bounds pleasure,
Damaging the very one that they were meant to treasure.

Have you seen all those little children, (whose tears nightly flow),
Who are hurting from abuse that some think no one will know?
Those ones meant to protect them took authority too far,
Destroying trust and innocence with a self-indulgent scar.

Have you seen the heightened anxiety on another’s face,
Due to someone’s indifference that left its sorry trace?
That one who could’ve helped them, just chose to leave them alone,
Which their struggle with depression may've made more trouble prone.

Have you seen the beneficiaries who’re struggling with their plight,
Pushed and pulled by other folk in ways that aren’t fair nor right?
Some not suffering likewise have criticized and judged them,
When in fact, it's those who're knocking them, that one could condemn.

Have you seen those who’re aging, some anxious for tomorrow,
That some have tagged a burden, thus filling them with sorrow?
They’ve demeaned their contribution, even sent some on their way,
Or kept them busy working when home’s the order of the day.

Have you seen that biased reaction just because of someone’s race,
Or was it their religion that saw someone pull a face?
Why should another person who has rights like you and I
Receive subtle or blatant bigotry, (that all should downcry)?

There’re many who are struggling with one thing or another,
Hence -- what's said or done to them -- will assist or hope smother.
There're always arm-chair critics who’ve plenty of things to say,
And if given half a chance, they would do what does not pay.


Please don’t hurt those who're vulnerable, via things you say or do,
For such is inexcusable, and it won't say much for you.
One day it might well be you who's in need of a helping hand,
So careful how you go now, lest you’re close to sinking sand.

Many harmed while children, somewhere down the track, or today,
Are emotionally troubled, hence why they can oft go astray.
Their plight requires sympathy, our compassion, thought and care,
Not indifference, force, or harshness, nor words one shouldn’t dare.

We’re allowed our own opinions, but that doesn’t mean they’re right,
(Hence why there's that need of others who have deeper insight).
And if we're unreceptive, or show that we've a biased mind,
We’ll add to any ignorance and leave more hurt behind.

Much love is badly needed to replenish so much lost,
And many present attitudes would be far better tossed.
So let's not weigh up the risks, and not count how many times,
Nor ever be selective, or get hung up on our dimes.

Some want a change in others, according to how they see;
If not a change in others, how they think something should be.
But it’s the old old story that’s been seen repeatedly:
They seem to be unaware that change should first begin with, ME!

By Lance Landall